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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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to people in thoughtful conversation with no host and no limitations. this dic, it is a most consequential decade in events, is off for too many companies that are doing bad things in the front in part 2 of human rights activists. q me 19 and environmental. if we known in the teeth, the systems are not working, but the longer that you fight them, the more that things changed studio be unscripted on out his era. holding the powerful to account as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera oh you, video emerges of the moments before al jazeera journalist, sharina blackledge was killed as israel's military confirms. it won't open a criminal investigation. ah,
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on robinson, this is audra 0 alive from doha. also coming up, russia intensifies. it's offensive in eastern ukraine presidency. lensky says the situation there is like being in hell. the u. s. accuses russia of using food is a weapon of war and the conflicts with ukraine. food supply for millions of ukrainians and millions more around the world has quite literally been held hostage by the russian military. argentina opens a trial into the deaths of hundreds of indigenous people almost a century ago. ah, more than a week after a colleague shipping the barclay was killed by his really forces in the occupied
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westbank. new video is corroborating eye witness accounts. i'll da 0 has obtained footage showing the last moments before sharon was shot by israeli troops. it also shows there were no clashes at the time and that the firing came from the position where is ready patrols was stationed. oh, people are seen fleeing to the other side of the street towards the area where it really is really officials originally claimed the shooting came from oh, to let you know that i'm sure it's all on that now know. 7 $100.00 good dotala here which i did. i love god. the cellphone video was taken by a journalist who survived the attack. mujahid al sadi was one of those who
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accompanied shirlene on assignment that day. in jeanine in the occupied west bank. he's gone back to the area and he's retraced their steps. mckethan come said the clerk, woman for mother diana, we are not got dorm from here. we began to walk towards the location where a colleague sharon was murdered, as we continued to walk naturally and quietly. we stood here at this spot and myself and my colleagues will come from it. 1 well, it's m m, i know was one of them, didn't stand in front of them, so the see you but double misha, i doin oh, yes, of course we did. they originally saw us coming from the beginning of the street, and we stopped right here. we wore helmets and bullet proof precipice, and we also made sure to we're here to all safety standards. my camera was with me and i put it here to record what was happening on the street. and was the presence of the occupation forces. after a few seconds the shooting started today and the 1st bullet hit this building. and i told my colleagues that they were shooting at us, being journalists so,
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but we have to protect ourselves, had that, that there's been a but where, where you exactly. when the 1st bullet was fired, we were in this spot will be now is early military. he says it is not opening a criminal investigation into the killing of shilling apo, auckland. sharon was shot in the head by his really forces while covering a raven jeanine in the occupied west bank. the military says it's identified a soldier's wife or which may have killed her, but says it cannot be sure unless the palestinians turn over the bullet for analysis. on the day of her funeral is really forces stormed the procession and beat mourners causing pall bearers to almost drop her coffin, members of the international community. i've condemned her killing and a calling for an investigation. i'm on her. josie is the palestinian assistant minister for multilateral affairs. he says israel's unwillingness to investigate showings, killing comes as no surprise. the reason is, is as clear as 1st that there is, you know,
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the culture often community that is entrenched and improved by a multitude of international reports. second, because that will draw me against the world documented trend of behavior that is, has been conducting for over 5040 years of its cruel occupation to the occupied. but listening to the uncertainty. it is because that is really judicial system itself is another layer of occupation. and it's there in relation to the palestinians and they're all it why washed white wash, any kind of crimes committed against the senior. so the reality is that there is no surprise whatsoever. and that the insistence office is on the tension of its infinity is certainly something that we have been expecting. the police violence against mourners cheering the funeral is cited as one of the reasons a member of parliament has quit. israel's governing coalition. the resignation of
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palestinian israeli. now we as a lobby leads prime minister enough tani bennett's coalition in a precarious position with only $59.00 of the $120.00 seats in the can. acid swaby also said police violence against worshippers on temple mount during ramadan was behind a decision. she said she could not continue to support coalition, but shamefully harnesses her community. us defense secretary lloyd austin's met israel's defense minister benny guns correspondent jamal. i shall ask the pentagon if the killing of american palestinian journalist showing that block was raised. i want to talk about the me working to breakfast between the secretary of defense and guns. the readout. didn't mention anything about the killing of an american journalist shooting a bottler. obviously there was a lot of condemnation that's come from us for me because with regards to the killing of to try to list it is highly likely that she was killed using an american weapon. considering the weapon are used by the israeli military. was this discussed
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in between the 2 during the meeting, and if indeed there was some sort of an investigation that established the u. s. weapon was used to kill an american journalist, ruled there be any reprimand or sanctioning from the u. s. with regards to this, what i can tell you is the subject did come up in the breakfast and the secretary welcomed israel's intent statement, clear statement of intent to investigate this. he welcome that mandatory said they will not be actually the chemistry thing. they will not investigate if they refuse to a government of israel. it's not for the israeli military, i believe it's in their ministry of interior and they have stated a clear intent to investigate and the secretary welcome that, that investigation. and obviously we look forward to seeing what the investigation finds out, but i'm not going to get ahead of it or speculate about what the outcomes might be
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one way or the other. but you don't think that there is a bit of room for concern considering it is israel. that is accused of killing the journalist. and if it was another country that said that killed an american journalist, maybe the u. s. wouldn't be so well coming to allowing for that country to investigate itself, let's say what's wrong or if i appreciate the chance, the opportunity here to get me to speculate about investigations that haven't been started it for events that haven't happened yet. we welcome the fact that there will be an investigation. we've made clear. we want to see this investigation be thorough and transparent and complete. but i also don't think it serves anybody's per to get ahead of it when it's ongoing and it hasn't, hasn't concluded. so let's see what the investigation comes, but comes back and what it says. but it did come up in the conversation grains as at least 12 people have been killed by russian shelling in the eastern city of several. john yet. russian forces are focused on trying to capture more
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territory in the don bus region made up of don yeske and the hans which moscow claims on behalf of pro russian separatists ukrainian police have done yes good released this video showing emergency services searching for survivors after an attack in buck would, as i beg reports from there, they're not searching for supplies anymore. it's a search for the dead. 3 bodies are somewhere underneath this concrete, 2 doors were told a 2 year old boy was killed in this russian air strike. although all i'm is your favorite while i got eaten him, we've just buried my friend. he was 43 years old. we've just come from the cemetery and to morrow we're barry, members of my family are under the sound of constant artillery fire. they continue to work. the shock waves from the nearby artillery and rockets shake the already fragile building. the crucible. when it happened,
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the man covered the boy with his body. the child was in very bad condition, the head was injured. the older guy died. other people who was sitting on a bench had time to get into the basement. so they survived that i will at least a little you won't, is a little the other looking for that is is all this town of 70000 has in most of the population leave in the east the russian military have been gaining ground nowhere in voc more is safe, and many people have become desensitized to the constant sound of artillery and shall fire. but unlike other lives cities, the emergency services here are really struggling to deal with the destruction and casualties as a result of this war. another strike on a residential building. in the early hours of the morning, a missile hit directly in front of her ripping through the apartments, the mayor had told residence to evacuate. now they're in
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a rush to leave. scary and terrible. this woman says, those that remain have a choice. evacuate from the town or hope to survive the russian military onslaught . i said bake. i'll da 0. vomit against president vladimir landscape. describe the situation in eastern ukraine as being in hell. he says those responsible must be brought to justice during the civil, green and producer, the armed forces of ukraine continue advancing to liberate the hockey region. boss and don bess, the occupiers are trying to exert even more pressure. it's a hell van, and it's not an exaggeration. the brutal and absolutely senseless bombardment of several don it's there were 12 killed and dozens wounded in just one day, the bombardment and showing of other cities. this is a deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many ukrainians as possible khaki in some way that work is reopening. next week,
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the city's underground metro stations have been used as makeshift bomb shelters for months with hundreds of people taking shelter. there hockey was been badly hit by russian shelling since the invasion began. many people the especially those from the north of the city, so they don't feel safe leaving or don't have homes to go back to the european union's looking for ways it could use the frozen assets of russian ali ox to fund the reconstruction of ukraine. it says it'll be an immense challenge and a defining mission for the block over the next decade and beyond. g 7, finance ministers of also be meeting in germany to discuss how to continue helping ukraine. we have to secure the liquidity oxy. green state. we are impressed by the bravery and which as you whom people are showing in there are 5 for freedom for, for all of our values. so every few responsible for the capability of euclidean state and its people to defend themselves. toby,
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on beckers, director of the stock home institute of transition economics. he says the funds will need to come from several sources. the obvious 1st sources it's use thing frozen, asked us from the russian government and think of war, reparations to, to pay quite the big part of this bill. but then of course, this would have to be supplemented by the e. u and bilateral donors, to, to provide quite substantial grants. and then on top of that, we can have some loans from international financial institutions like the i, m, f and world bank, etc. and it's not about 3 building. so get infrastructure or industries, but really to use this as an opportunity to build back better us. we have heard now also in the aftermath of the endemic, and this is certainly going to be an important part of the reconstruction of ukraine as well. we need to also understand that this is going to be a very long process of rebuilding ukraine,
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so we better start thinking about it now. so that we are prepared, and we start to move in, in the regions at the time when, when there is no fraternity to do this, it will likely require no several stages of rebuilding the country. and again, we need to start talking about that and making the plans now, so we can actually more quickly move in and start the reconstruction of the crane. and if you compare with the marshall plan after the 2nd world war, it took several years before that was put in place. i think now we have an opportunity to be better prepared for helping ukraine when the fighting and sober still ahead on orders. here we're going to tell you why 11 on won't have a new government any time soon despite an election that we drew, the political mom, kenya's, environmental disaster, nikoto continues to rise engulfing villages and forces functions from their homes. ah,
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the journey has begun. the before world copy is on its way to the catholic group, your travel package today. now they should the cold, the plum rains that they probably not going to be at the moment because they're just over the water producing a bit of rain. but this is seasonal rain, believe it or not, that will eventually produce the seasonal flooding in southern china. then central china, the korean peninsula and japan. but currently is wandering off short, my guess a significant ren taiwan and maybe some in ground. logan, even hong kong, by the end of saturday. beyond that though, it's fairly dry and it's warm and it should be it be in beijing at $32.00 bays in sunshine. both north and south korea wants to shout in the north and the shout might start developing mandate honshu on saturday, pretty wide spread daily shouts, which you might expect the most of indonesia in the philippines. they will drive
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further west shall start to think about rebuilding in su marsha, this is saturday's forecast, but mostly, and she is in the monsoon range and moving now slowly out through the bay have been gone ahead of them. there's been some flooding rain in canada and down in corolla and a big shout in the northeast of india, and they are showing a bit more impetus in the delta. but the north of india and pakistan has been very hot recently. no, there is no longer a heat wave around. temperatures are still on the high side and in pakistan in particular, they are rising again. cancer, airway official, airline of the journey. that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family. tales of those who survived is hard to believe for people who with damaging story as the polish women and children who enjoyed the siberian glass of refuge in africa, never to return again. an epic odyssey of resilience memory is our homeland
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on al jazeera. ah ah, we want you to see that reminder what top stories this are all diseases obtained new footage showing there were no clashes at the time. veteran journals, sharina blackledge was killed by is ready forces in the occupied west bank. it also shows the firing came from the position where israel patrols was station which is really mandatory. he says it's not opening a criminal investigation into children's death. it says it's identified as soldiers . rifle which may have killed her, but says it cannot be sure unless the palestinians turn over the bullets for analysis. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says don't boss has become hell as
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russian forces intensify their offense of their villages and cities across the eastern region of being shelled with at least 12 people killed in the city are settled on misc moscow says sanctions on russia will have to be reviewed if it's tricky to un appeal to open access to ukraine's black sea. ukraine is often called the world's bread basket. it produces 12 percent of the planets, wheat, 15 percent of its corn, and about half of its sunflower oil. b u. n. says 1700000000 people in more than a 100 countries have been directly affected by ukraine's inability to export grange because russia warships are blocking it from being transported by c. b. u. s. is accused russia of using food as a weapon of war. it's not only ukrainians who are suffering as a result of the russian government saxons, some $20000000.00 tons of grain, cit, unused and ukrainian sounds as global food supplies, dwindle prices skyrocket,
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causing more around the world to experience food insecurity. towson pity is the global spokesperson for the world food program, and he says, the world of the war is having a huge impact on ukraine's food production. the countries are to be critical cross road and they have not been any movement in terms of, in terms of actually being able to ship out much of the approaches. this is a power house which is a country that has the ability to excess of 400000000 people worldwide. but because of the war, much of what they last season is still stuck in massive brain, silas across the country that you to do to fighting what, what, what it means now is that, oh, so even if they were able to produce now, it would not have adequate storage facilities let alone they will not even be able to ship the approaches elsewhere. the black c region is the gateway to the rest of
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the world in terms of shipping at scale, we're not talking about just moving out of quantities. we have talked to moving massive quantities of food, enough to feed 400000000 people worldwide. there's also of course, the operational costs and the logistical side of things. when you sheep, it tends to be slightly cheaper and it helps this as well in getting tooth to, to, to places that are going to using either all the lend modes of transport. but that is the biggest issue. they do not have access to class of ports i in the or did reach the parliament, her election in lebanon, law sundays. redrawn the political map official results conform iran back has bala and its allies lost their majority. but new political partnerships have yet to take shape, and there are concerns of instability while talks to form
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a government dragon zenato reports would be root. there's so much of the past in today's lebanon front lines, from the civil war that ended in 1990, still separate communities, a divide that continues to play out in the streets and the political arena. now, 2 of the fiercest adversaries are the main players and the newly elected parliament . samira, sasha, the head of the christian lebanese forces, who has been the most vocal critic of, has bella accusing its military wing of undermining the lebanese state and implementing a ranch agenda. i didn't know 0 mahler mitchell as he is, we are not ready to compromise with our political platform. we will coordinate with the property farmers and others in the opposition to charge the way forward. judgment has below which says its weapons are to defend lebanon from israel. and other threats was stripped of its majority in parliament. its leader has on the
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throne. acknowledging that monopoly and mal effect, the priority should be issues affecting people's lives. and this can't be done without cooperation and partnership, because alternative is chaos and backing them in mind that the mass but negotiating a deal on the makeup of the next government won't be easy. hezbollah has made clear it won't accept demand by the opposition, for a cabinet of experts to rescue the collapse economy. it insists on political representation has been, has many enemies, chief among them, semi or shot us rela, has repeatedly accused of wanting to start a civil war. but in his 1st post election speech, not rela, called for calm and called on his supporters, not the chance with terry and slogans and not to provoke others who have different political views. not too long ago, blood was spilled onto the streets for hours, has the la allied fighters and supporters of the lebanese forces turned part of a route into a battleground. now we have to put our hands together as beneath them
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because as the results of the election shall no one can eliminate the other $2.00. as well as weapons dominated political campaigns before the vote, which the group called its most important political battle. it may have lost this round, but it is still the main power broker. here senator elisha zita, beirut, the veteran independence leader as nobel laureate hosea morsa ramos horta has be sworn in as president of east timor by moss hoffa, called for national reconciliation. and unity. as he took the oath of office was hotter, execute, overwhelming support during elections in march, to fitting the incumbent francisco terrace to little hotel. to all parties, both inside and outside parliament, i will continue to have dialogue with all i will always go to pull him into speak. my door is always open for dialogue, both formal and informal,
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to work together in the national consensus to continue to strengthen peace and democracy and reduce poverty and mel nutrition and overcrowded boat carrying migrants has sunk off the coast of chin. izzy, killing at least 4 people. it happened close to lose. so in the provinces, facts, they were trying to cross the mediterranean into italy. 10 people are still missing . 44, others have been rescued. the number of people displaced in their own countries has reached a record high, a joint report by the internal displacement monitoring center. and the norwegian refugee council shows that conflicts persecution and natural disasters pushed the number to 59000000 last year. more than one 3rd of all internally displaced, people come from just 5 countries, syria, democratic republic of congo, columbia, afghanistan, and yemen. the worlds fastest growing movement of people was in sub saharan africa, drought in ethiopia, and fighting in the to great region displaced more than 5000000 people. that's the
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highest figure ever registered for a country in a single year. siding in the great lakes area and kenya has force tens of thousands of people from their homes. a salma tassel reports from lake nikoto water levels. i've been watching for years. lake and i could, i used to be inside a national park just behind those trees. not extends beyond the parks boundaries, king and say they have seen the lake rise over the years. been at the beginning of 2020, after particularly heavy rains in king as highlands the lakes expansion accelerated . they saw it coming. the water started coming slowly by slowly, slowly, day by day, day by day. deal. it covered all at this place. it does, it, it did not come. why not to us? it took, take kenya's lakes are vital to people, wildlife, and economy,
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but tens of thousands of canyons had been forced to move from the homes. no one knows we're sure what caused the water to rise so quickly in a short space of time signed to think it could be a number of factors including climate change before people hear their maintenance and isn't so much what caused this. they want king us government to do more to help them. david, a horror show as to what's left of the house. he built. he was planning to leave the family home to his children one day. like other families, he still waiting for compensation promised by the government on the club for why he's taken a bank loan to start again. but he's only just enough room for his family and a few animals. it's not what is used to. i was traumatized. it affected my life so much. you to changed everything. i don't even when i don't be buried there. the pharmacist speaks the water is contaminated because if it's salty, taste and murky color, whatever religious con, grow much any more. and culture lands had become fishing grounds. welcom income for
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some young men who couldn't find work, but for many others, the changing landscape means their way of life has gone. they have to adapt if they hope to survive, had a matessa out to sarah. nicola king, nearly 4 decades after one of the worst massacres and peruse history, the families of victims of finally receiving the remains. peruvian authorities handed over the bones of people killed by the army. in the 1985 aka marco massacre . soldiers rated the town during the height of its battle with a rebel group, killing $71.00. people including $23.00 children. argentina has opened on landmark trial, 98 years after hundreds of indigenous people were killed in the northern province of cheko. it's the 1st court case to delve into the persecution of indigenous peoples. in argentina, visible reports we want to status memory healthy. my loss was brought to an aside
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from the northern province of chuckle when she was a child. she's a member of the comm indigenous community. her family was escaping poverty. she says discrimination has been part of her life, me one and delivery stain for my children. it's difficult to accept that they call us indians or they leave us aside. we are not animals but cannot come and tell us what to do. they cannot kill us when they want the one. last month, you know, i didn't, tina some survivors, and descendants of the com and mccoy people took part in an unprecedented trial of a case that goes back nearly a century ago. in 1924, hundreds of members of the ethnic groups were killed by renters and security forces for protesting, for better working conditions in cotton field in that i'll be in the province of jackal. on thursday, judge acknowledged the complexity of the origin kind state in the killings and ordered a series of measures to assist the community to day trial for the massacre in that
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by show the serious abuses that indigenous community suffered in this country. only 1000000 of the 45000000 people in argentina consider themselves descendants of the original indigenous group. most of them live in poverty and continue to fight for survival back while the n leaves not far away from nap, i'll be in check. he sold for a member of the com indigenous community. he says his people have to struggle for food and work and remembers when the police beat him and accused him of stealing beef 2 years ago. his grand daughter juliana, was there. because anyone has any mental abuse, they accuse me of having beef in my house, but i had nothing. it was a lie. the police make mistakes and blame it. but those who do things and never detained. i, testimonies of police abuse of frequent among indigenous communities. this video went viral, you in different demik resources, entered
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a neighborhood in the province of chuckle and beat the men and women inside the house. go my foot or not, but you will be, i is a prosecutor in the province. he says, a trial of natural peace, important to fight the discrimination that continues to exist to day one for when they casually institution violence against indigenous groups is very common. there's races among security forces and not all the cases are investigated and as impunity. one of the objectives the trial has to do it is putting an end to racism in the state and among security force. and i didn't. tina has long prided itself if you are being heritage one that often neglected and persecuted indigenous groups that trial of not by piece a step to revise history and give indigenous communities the place. they have been denied for too long. several cedar when scientists. ready ah.


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