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an inspiring story, people trust algebra to tell them what's happening in their community in a clear and unbiased way. and i've been african, i couldn't be more proud to be part of it. for over a century american parents of entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series full plans investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part to on. i just either lou standing together against china, u. s. president joe biden needs his indo pacific allies for
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a summit in tokyo. ah, on sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall, so coming up the 1st war crimes trial of the ukraine conflict. a russian soldier is sentenced to life in prison. is seeking justice 1st. al jazeera is sharina. barclay, palestinian officials, formerly osteen to national criminal court, to investigate, had killing planes, grounded schools closed and thousands hospitalized business via sandstorms sweeps across the rock. ah, the leaders of the us, india, australia, and japan are in tokyo for the quad summit. the war in ukraine climate change
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regional security and trade just saw the issues being discussed. the informal alliance of foreign nations is aim that countering china's influence across the asia pacific region. during the meeting, u. s. president joe biden said russia's invasion of the crime shows the importance of the quote. you know, shortly before rochelle launched this invasion, my administration published aradondo pacific strategy to advance a free open, connected, secure, and resilient in no pacific. russia's assault and ukraine only heightens the importance of those goals. but fundamental principles of international order, territorial integrity and sovereignty. international law, human rights must always be defendant, ricardo's worth are violated in the world. rob mcbride says china has reacted negatively towards ken says, the motivations for summit china as china suspects that are all of the
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adversaries meeting like this in a, in a gang and effectively ganging up on it is, is meant to constrain its development and what it regards is its own back yard, especially after biden's comments yesterday, monday, when he said that the u. s. yes. would intervene militarily to stop china from invading taiwan. people are still trying to work out exactly how serious he was with that comment or whether it was a case of awkward misspeak. but certainly if china reserved beforehand, it is certainly up to now and it always regards this with deep suspicion. because when you look at the kinds of things that they are talking about when it comes to regional security, they all does seem to be aimed directly or indirectly towards china. for example, the setting up of telecommunication systems which are robust, which are secure. how do you do that with 5 g and then 6, g, a reading between the lines. it is these ally saying, how do we do that without having to call upon chinese telecommunications giants
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like choir away, for example, which it, there is a certain amount of distrust over then again, the sourcing of goods from this part of the world. how can you make sure that there is no force labor involved? again, that seems to be a shorthand way of saying, let's not buy anything from shin jang. and finally, they will be looking, for example, at maritime surveillance, at how to detect and prevent illegal fishing. well, that seems to be illegal, chinese fishing, because that they would seem to be allegedly the biggest culprits when it comes to flouting maritime regulations with its big industrialized fishing fleets across the, the pacific and indian oceans. while benomar hardy shut round, isn't a junked professor in international affairs at temple university, japan needs says regional trident security are likely to be part of the quad discussions. it is deemed to replace the p p p from which donald trump had withdrawn. and so this is a way to also kind of the war to the trade ambitions of china,
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which as we all know, concluded the, our separate treaty about a year ago or just a few months ago as a matter of fact. so there is obviously a trade agreement or trade pact that is meant to, to compete and to pose and alternative to the chinese lead economic agreement that was recently signed. this is very important for joe biden to demonstrate to the world that the commitment to the region is on a wavering this come in may have been going on for years, going back to the obama administration. but there has been, there have been doubts over the last few months given the ukraine invasion. so this is a clear message that biden is sending not only to china, but the rest of the world about its commitment to the region. her russian soldier has been jailed for life by ukrainian court for war crimes. 21 year old. she married, admitted to killing an unarmed civilian in the northeast in sumi region. it's the 1st such trial since russia invaded ukraine 3 months ago. same but probably has
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more on the trial from keith. what we have here is a gentleman named she marin, a 21 year old tank commander in the russian military. he was accused of killing a civilian, a 62 year old resident of a village and assuming the region in the initial days of the war. now, what marian was saying during the trial is that he was ordered to carry out the shooting of this man who was riding a bicycle near his home. he said during the course of the trial that he refused initially to carry out the orders, but was threatened if he did not. and therefore took the shot and killed the 62 year old resident and assuming region. now he was faced with the wife of the victim . during the trial, the wife of the victim asked him how he felt at the time of carrying out these orders. he said he felt fear, and he expressed regret. nonetheless, he was given a life sentence, something the wife of this victim had requested during the trial,
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either a life sentence or that this russian soldier be exchanged in a prisoner swap for ukrainian captured ukrainian soldiers in russian custody. now what we are likely to see is many more such cases as this conflict continues. we've got 2 pilots, possibly being seen in court in coming days. that's the next case. on the horizon and ukrainian prosecutors are investigating more and more cases of what they're calling a legit war crimes on a near daily basis. so this is unlikely to be the last time that we see some kind of a court case. quickly adjourned, with regards to russian soldiers being accused of war crimes. in this, in this war, a senior russian diplomat has resigned in protest over the ukraine war saying he's never been so ashamed of his country, boris on data of work that rushes un mission in geneva. in a statement posted online, he said, president putin aggressive war was
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a crime against the ukrainian and russian people. he added, the foreign ministry was now only about war. mongering lies in the hatred ukrainian president volume is the landscape accusing russia of creating a blood bath in east in ukraine. it says that have been 4 and a half 1000 miss allan strikes in the last 3 months. the vast majority and the civilian targets. lewis told me they created a blood bath and trying to destroy everything, everything, everything alive and literally was no ones destroyed dumbass on the way that the russian troops are doing. now. i'm grateful to everyone. all our warriors who hold positions and have the bravery to counter attack, what they believe should be leaving the board. the coming weeks of the war will be hard. and we need to understand this. but we've no other alternative until fighting to fight into women to liberate our land. and our people. early as the landscape
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spoke to some of the world's most powerful individuals. they one of the world economic forum in dallas. he appealed for billions, more and financial help. our diplomatic attitude, james base reports from dallas. the 1st main speaker at this year's world economic forum meeting was not in devil's precedence that sky continues to direct military efforts and keep it has not left his country since the russian invasion. he appealed for more funding for the defense for his country and to pay for its reconstruction to minimum bed. out of the ukraine needs funding at least $5000000000.00 us dollars per month. this is why we established a fund for rebuilding ukraine called united 24. we call upon everyone to join it. president lensky, called for russian assets in the west to be seized and given to ukraine. the head of a leading think tank told me it's proposal. it's now likely to be discussed in capitals . an interesting debate that will emerge soon is whether the europeans in north
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americans will move from freezing, rushed from state assets to seizing those state assets, and using put into war chest as ukraine's reparation fund. and that is the debate that we haven't yet had in the international economic community. because of co that this is dev also isn't happening in the snow in january. it was cancelled last year and postponed earlier this year. normally, russian officials attend, but this year the building used for the russia house exhibition center has been transformed to highlight human rights abuses, has been renamed, the house of russia and war crimes. the war in ukraine will continue to reverberate around dive also. meetings continue here. this week, not just the events on the ground, but the economic effects with a similar tiniest global energy crisis and global food crisis. james bays al jazeera devils. another speaker,
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the world economic forum has been the head of the world food program. they've had beasley, lisa, people don't realize how big an impact ukraine's war is having on hunger were facing the worst humanitarian crisis since war 2. just when you think it couldn't get any worse over a year ago, you had ethiopia, then you had f. candice then and then the bread basket of the world. this now got the longest bread lands of the world. and so now because of this crisis, we're taking food from the hungry to give the starvin is absolutely a crisis mode. what do you think is going to happen when you take a nation that normally grows enough food to feed 400000000 people? and you sideline that. what do you think's going to happen? so look what you see in sri lanka, indonesia, peru, pakistan. i keep going on that is only a sign of things to come. and so over the next 10 to 12 months, we probably will have a significant, as we are having a pricing problem, is a perfect storm within a perfect storm. and if we don't get the port of a desk open, it's only going to compound our problems. the un says russia's war in ukraine has
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pushed the number of forcibly displaced people around the world. more than a 100000000 for the 1st time ever. uh huh. val has more the united nations has sounded the alarm bell on the issue of world refugees. it says the number has exceeded 100000000 for the 1st time on record. in the words of the u. s. h e r. commissioner philippi granted. the figure is sobering. and alarming in equal measure, since the war broke out in february, the rate of refugees and displaced people has been accelerated as early as march 2 point 5000000 ukrainians left our country. the u. n. is expecting the figure to exceed 8000000 by the end of this year, grantee says the new crises should not distract us from the old ones. i think an important message and you mentioned it yourself is that there is not just ukraine,
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that we should not forget all the rest. first of all, because ukraine has an impact on many other fragile situations, making it more for making them more fragile food security, energy crises, price increases in stability. and then this, in turn, can cause more displacement by the end of last june, the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide rose to word 90000000. it's the result of violence in ethiopia, or can a fossil myanmar nigeria, afghanistan, the democratic republic of the congo and other countries. as the number of refugees across the world increases relief agencies become less capable of handling the situation. the un humanitarian office, o. c, h, a warns nearly 18000000 people are going to face severe food shortages in the next 3 months across the african side region. the offices appealed for $3800000000.00
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for relief, has generated less than 12 percent of that amount so far in palestine. one of the oldest refugee crises goes on with no end in sight. other refugee crises have been around for decades as well. governments and international organizations. what now need to think of a new way to address this amending problem hammered fun. i'm busier, go still ahead on al jazeera very catches fire in the philippines, killing at least 7 people. health experts trying to understand where the monkey pox is becoming more transmissible. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to catherine group. your travel package to day. hello,
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we got more that hot and dusty weather across much of the middle east. scotty. dry and fine winds will pick up as we go on through the next couple of days. so the chance of a shamal coming in across that to eastern side of the arabian peninsula, 41 celsius here in doha with the lifted dust and sand. let's put further north. we got some unsettled weather coming out of turkey just around the caucuses between the backseat and the caspian. so some showers always a possibility over the next day or so, as is the case to into afghanistan. paterny dry here. by the time we come to weddings stay further west, where we do have large, dry weather across northern parts of africa. it is essentially settled and sunny syria cloud here just around to her. that may will even produce one or 2 spots of light rain for a time for the south it see the dusty weather makes its way across new jersey to northern parts of nigeria because an officer seeing some of that, some showers once again all the way from sierra leone, right, across garner, pushing across into good part of nigeria. cameroon,
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and over to was the riff valley. but on the other side of the rear valley, it's still disappointingly dry. there's a chance of one or 2 showers in eastern parts of kenya may be into somalia, but not as widespread as i should be. to the south that is jen retry fine, sunny and pleasant cats are airway official airline of the journey. join the debate. wonderful. as it is this, the pl magic language, it really means nothing on the ground, on or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of date because she's done absolutely nothing. well, the country white man, whereas the progress i haven't seen enough racial, i do see sports journalist. i look like me. you need to listen to those voice perspective. even when it's hard when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, the dream on now did there. ah, ah
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the ah, watching our time to recap on headlines, the leaders of the quad nations are meeting in tokyo to discuss security and trade . aiming to temper china influence across the asia pacific region russian. busy soldier has been jailed for life by ukrainian court for war crimes. 21 year old, but she's not in admitted to killing on the anom civilian. it's the 1st such trial since russia invaded ukraine. 3 months ago the head of the u. n. world food program is asked billionaires to step up and do their best to address global hunger. david beasley says russians war and ukraine is a perfect storm. planets is facing its worth. 2 military crisis will to rush out of
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blocks, ukraine's force, which is struggling to explore crane and other essential supplies. the mirror of culture as cold for journalists, lives to be respected, no matter where they come from. i'll just or a journalist in a box, i was fatally shot by israeli forces on may. the 11th, sheena will outlet at christine palestine in american journalists, was killed 2 weeks ago in palestine, and then robbed of a dignified barrier. she was covering the suffering of the palestinian people for decades and our hearts are broken. her death was just as horrific as the 7 journalists continue crane. since march of this year, and 18 other journalists killed in palestine since 2000.
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well that comment came as the palestinian of foreign ministry announced its formerly asked international criminal court to investigate the killing of selina barclay. israel's military prosecutor has called on the army to conduct an in depth investigation. can they that abraham reports from ramallah? no, i'd westbank the posted in foreign ministry has said that it's referred the file of should in a black, las casing killing to the international criminal court. we know that in 2021, the prosecutor of the i c. c has said that it's opening an investigation into potential war crimes in the palestinian territory. and palestinians say that the killing of should in a broccoli is a war crime indeed than that has pushed that file and referred to the i. c. c. in addition to dozens of other fires that have been filed over the past a year or so, including extra to show killing the indian is really settlement and a palestinians hope and say that the international criminal court could be the only
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way to get justice for serene and other israeli crimes. now these really military prosecutor has said that it be his radio. we should be conducting an investigation urging one this. does it mean that an investigation would be open or that it has already been opened? this only means that the circles within the israeli army are talking about the potential of opening an investigation from our experience. it's been very rare that these really military opens investigations into killings of palestinians. and in their rare cases it does. it almost never leads to an indictment and when it does lead to an indictment, the light at the sentence is usually light and palestinians say it's this proportionate to the crime. that's why they're hoping to get justice from the international criminal court. a group of graduating students in the u. s. stage to protest in honor of shutting the box on saturday, they carried photos of her as they were awarded their degrees in georgetown
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university in washington, dc. demanding and independent investigate investigation into killing palestinian american student carried the palestinian flag and refused to shake the hand and the graduation speaker. us secretary of state antony blink, and all that student neuron hamden told al jazeera what prompted her action. we were protesting, not only the incompetent u. s roll and the region, and the frankly tooth rest, toothless remarks that united states has in regards to someone who is an american citizen being murdered by a foreign army that we are supposedly allies with and bankrolled by the millions and billions of dollars. it was not just the statement about shooting of a martyr. it was also a larger statement about justice for palestinians and to the occupation and post to the liberation more generally. and given the response and given the fact that we
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can actually confronted us at the end of commencement, it looks like the message was heard myself and my peers are calling for an independent investigation. not because we believe that there is any facts left to find. we know the israeli military murdered shooting, but per her family's request, they are requesting an independent investigation because this kind of thing going on the global record is important. it's a step to holding israel accountable. now when that accountability will happen, certainly not in today's current world and certainly not with the current bite and administration, but it's still important. and so my exact response in that moment to the secretary of state was we know the truth should he was murdered by these are in the military that we bank role. we need to stop funding these really military with american tax dollars. a sandstorm has blanketed parts of the middle east, more than a 1000 people in iraq have been hospitalized as a result and 14 schools were closed and several cities. this is the night found
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storm to hit iraq soon, mid april coin, syria, iran and cut also be affected. otherwise, reports from bank that life is getting back to normal in that discrete follow and give the sand this form that hit the country. on monday, forcing a closure of a to spaces in airports, also forcing a closure of the state institutions, schools, universities, and many other state facilities. now, many people were sent to hostile to receive medical treatment because they suffered from supplication because of the dust, tons of in fact, dozens of phones of dust were carried over by the disband, over many provinces across iraq. this is the lines sound, the storm to hit the country since the beginning of april. it has been worsening in
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iraq for many reasons that is related to the climate change dissertation. also lack of rain at lack of or shortage of water level because of the damage problem programs by both any iran that have the spring of the main sources of water and iraq. this group and euphrates rivers. now dozens of passengers have been rescued after jumping into the water when a ferry caught fire in the philippines. 7 people died. jemila alan dorgan has more . the philippine coast guard says it received a distressed call around 6 am on monday and naval vessel called em theme were craft to carrying more than a 130 people had caught fire near the water as a result has an province north of the philippines. and by midday, more than a 100 people were rescued, including 8 of the boats. crew members,
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some of those injured were taken to hospital. the fire has been put out, but authorities are also checking for traces of oil spill. and usually the sender on the far circuit of the engine room, but ill try to get to the office. we hug that all the passengers, including the go, oh, we have to stop already the search and rescue operations. and we just probably proceed to the destination. this company, or another incident in sometime in 2017, at least 6 other vessels help the coast guards, search and rescue operations. the vessel is being towed towards bellucci island in 2017. another vessel owned by the same company was carrying more than 250 passengers when it capsized in the same region. 5 people were killed. the
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philippines is an archipelago, more than $7000.00 islands, often battered by frequent storms and poor enforcement of safety rules, which have led to several maritime disasters. in recent years, jamal ali dog and al jazeera in the la. so lanka has increased petrol prices by up to 24 percent and diesel by up to 38 percent countries going through its worst economic crisis since independence. and there's a critical shortage of medicine. berlin smith explains for many patients that shall anchor's main cancer hospital. the recent economic crisis has become a matter of life or death. 80 percent of medical supplies are imported, but there's hardly any foreign currency to pay for them. if i an acute for fuel, ultimately the people will lose a few fuel than the queue for the guess. ultimately, they lose the guess that if the essence her on queue for the ducks,
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they will lose their life. doctors at the hospital said they've been forced to suspend tasks and postpone procedures and even critical surgeries, happy thing, and my mother in law our lives are at risk because of that we are always living in fear. we don't know whether we will have medicines or not saying the hospital is short of injections for dialysis patients. some cancer drugs and medicines for people who have had organ transplants, foreign donors including japan and india helping. but it'll take 2 to 4 months for the drugs to arrive. much of the blame for sure. lank is economic collapse is being laid at the feet of president got a by roger pac, so he's on the right is swearing in new ministers under his family shall anchor, borrowed heavily to fund a large bureaucracy and military and vanity construction projects. elder brother may hinder roger baxter resigned as prime minister nationwide for ha ha,
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in his place, renelle whitlock, i'm a singer, has been appointed tasked with forming a unity government with grandma singer said that when the roger paxis returned to power in 2019, there was $7500000000.00 in foreign reserves. now, the government says there's nearly nothing left. bernard smith, algae 0, now cases of monkey pokes continue to rise around the world with some countries introducing strict isolation measures for anyone exposed to a confirmed thanks and expert say quick action is needed to prevent a global outbreak. jo, holler, force scientists and health agencies are trying to understand why monkey pox is suddenly spreading more widely than ever before than well, studied in the african region. we've seen a few cases in europe over the last 5 years just in travelers. but this is the 1st time we're seeing cases across many countries at the same time,
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in people who have not traveled to the, to the endemic regions in africa, endemic parts of central and west africa. in the past, it was generally confined to isolated cases outside that region. now with evidence of community transmission via close bodily contact across many countries, they'll be investigating whether the virus has become more transmissible. not feeling so good luck on loosen up as will be. the question is whether it will develop like previous monkey pox outbreaks. we must take into consideration that the way the volume spreads could mean it changed. so we must react quickly and decisively now to contain a global outbreak. and listen, the symptoms are generally mild if unsightly, and often clear up on their own. but there are higher risk groups among the young and immunocompromised. so the european center for disease prevention and control is warning member states to gear up for possible vaccine distribution using remaining
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supplies of the vaccine that helped eradicate smallpox in the 1980s. the only concern, however, no one is signaling alarm for the broader population, the likelihood of breath is very low. however, the likelihood, the further spread of the wireless through close contact, for example, during sexual activities among persons with multiple sexual partners, is considered to be high in a world still racked by the code with 1900. pandemic societies have an advanced understanding of viral spread and protection, testing contact tracing, self isolation, and basic hygiene our household concepts, so containing a disease like monkey pox should be relatively easy. jona whole al jazeera. now research is nods and tina have discovered a new species of pets. a saw that's a flying reptile, but coexisted with dinosaurs around 86000000 years ago.


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