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remain committed, bringing the city back to life across the world. young activists and organizes are on the move. okay. you know what i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city, use different tools and means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a nation wide problem. network wires, a systemic solution. generally, he change on al jazeera ah turkey offers to host another round of talks between russia and ukraine. mother efforts to glister, the blockade of grain exports. ah,
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hello, there are more, kyle, this is out there alive from dough. also coming up, sir don's military rulers and political parties hold the 1st direct talk since october. takeover will have a live update from khartoum. thousands of latin americans walk across mexico towards the u. s. border. regional need to discuss the migration crisis and juggling young dreams in the face of israeli occupation, children in gauze, alarms, circus skills. i'm a troop of italian performers. they begin in turkey, were russia, as a foreign minister, has guaranteed the safety of much needed grain shipments from ukraine. if keith removes naval mines. so i love rob is an anchor for talks with the turkish foreign minister talk. he's making a diplomatic push to get a deal in place between moscow and keith as a global food cry says limbs. those ministers say the talks went well. hm. there's
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possibility of further dialogue with ukraine and so forth. was they only put it be skewed for the roseville skew? any vessel wishing to use these corridors, either for loading or unloading grain is free to do so. we also have some d mining activities going on. but a few days ago, mr. lensky asked for weapons that can be used against russian ships. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are. but if you crane is ready to start d mining activities than we are to, we're discussing the details with turkish defense units, subtler alma songs. though garrick, the landscape in europe, there have been some distance from discussions. however, after meeting prisons, zalinski and other parties, it now seems to as that it will be possible to return to negotiations. and turkey is ready to take on the role as a facility to country. either ask a lie now to wrestle, sad, or his falling at that meeting in ankara and wrestler talking about
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a deal on there to allow the grains to leave ukrainian ports. how would that work? what would it look like? well, they're discussing their mechanism, equitable mechanism that's going to be causing more consistent off your grain. a rush up jerky and united nations according to the luminary, are scheme. so simply, the plan is to defer at the 1st stage to be mind the black. see that the better flaw, tim minds that have been left to the black sea by the ukranian naval forces peer to the war in ukraine to prevent the russian ships to warm. it's our coastal cities. now, at the foot stage, there's minds have to be cleared by the turkish ukrainian and the russian naval forces. in the 2nd stage, down to ports are going to go open, and the ships are going to carry the, that the green and also the, the fertilizers not only from ukraine, but also from russia as well. once they left the that the dead that the ports than
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the took, his naval forces are going to save. got this ships, he'll the boss for us. and once they arrived in was for us, there will be a center establish, the grain and fertilizers are going to be gathered in that center. so do night, nations is going to monitor and absorb the whole observed the whole process. and also this quadruple mechanism is going to provide the security also to safe passage for their chips as well. so the solution is quite delicate. these are the tools disorders that, that the preliminary scheme. but on the other hand, you have seen that today ukrainian part did not. uh we did not attend that meeting in uncovered, took it for the minister says that in the coming days there will be another meeting in a stumble and they are expecting the ukrainians also to be represented there. so the accusations from both sides, both russia and ukraine, are in the police. russians are demanding a partial descent, lived in order for the sanctions,
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particularly the insurance for their that the ships and the also that the payment to, to make the payments possible for russia. because russia is ms. mosley cut off from there. so we have system. on the other hand, rush also demands that all the ships that are going to leave the ukrainian port and the ship that are going to get into the ukranian fort or so she'll be chat, but the, the by the, the russian and the naval forces. this is something that ukraine violently or pause and says that this is impossible. so the talks are still on the way. as i said, there is a delicate balance of power in the backseat. drifting that the floating minds are there. and to really ensure that these 2 parts are not going to, these 2 parties are not going to attack each other is also another issue. other russia is number one and you clean is number 5 biggest grain exporters to the world . and while the world is facing a food crisis, that is definitely important that they can reach a deal. okay, russel, sada julius,
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they're from anchor on those talks. thanks very much. again now to the u. k, when the premier support shots is facing pong the 1st time since surviving confidence faith on monday, he's facing questions from the opposition leader. that guest armies just sat down, listening hit. it was an italy. no good. hey, wasn't entirely normal bars, which the whole world was on her pad and nobody knew nobody at that stage. nobody knew how to attend for it. nobody knew what the right a quarantine rules should be mister speaker. but as it happens, you pay goblin and are amazing in a chair. are amazing at a chest produced, not only approved, not an approved, but the 1st back, seen anywhere in the way. we were the 1st to get it into anybody's arms, mrs. beka. we had to proceed roller anywhere near the great would it be possible if
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we live in a big problems just agreed with the culture secretary i think it was denied from from she said it's because it's true. yeah. it starts with g pays. people were unhappy with the service they were getting, picked all the pandemic. they're not enough. g pays to hard to get an appointment. that's why he promised 6000 new g pays, but his health sector admits he bo, keep that promise. despite the hard work of doctors, people can't see a g p in person. they're on happier than ever with gp services. if gp proficient was wanting an adequate before the pandemic, what is it now? i would speak, i'm afraid he simply ro because i was a about what we're doing. of course miss. we got,
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we got to clear the coated backlog and everybody understands that everybody understands everybody understands the pressure of being a chance is under, but they are responding magnificently. i can tell him or to thanks to the investments that this government has put him, or we now have 4300 more doctors. we have recording numbers. we have record numbers in, in training. all right, so that's about it. we have 11800 more nurses this year last year, ms. vega and 72072000 in training. and that is because the investment that we put in, which was opposed by the policy of the the only reason we are able to make that investments is because it, because you have a strong, a robust economy. i mr . speaker, because he talks big, but i've got a letter head to the prime minister from the honorable member from hereford and
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south hereford cheer. he said, this is you promised i i'm to you. the government seems to lack a sense of bishop. it has a large majority, but no long term plan. mr. speaking products, just big plot act is so tired that even one soil and pace don't believe in an it's not just waiting for a g pe, it's waiting for all and i just treatment. take cancer for over a decade, waiting times for cancer care, but been going off. his solution was supposed to be diagnostic cubs. the health secretary has been on a victory lap this week. but his, the rub prime minister since they were opened last year, a $135000.00 extra people are now waiting a scans and texas. can he think of a better way to describe i saw and come waiting there, ah said,
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wanting on, inadequate amidst, because it is entirely right off to the pandemic. the people are not coming forward to get their cancer tests and we have, we have to be entire staff and that is the, that is the right thing for people to do. so as a result of the community diagnostic hubs that we are bringing in a 100 of them across the country and mrs. speaker, we are able to count the times for cancer diagnosis help people to get their scans that test foster debacle. we could do that, which is speaker progress. we're hiring more radiography. we're hiring more and more professionals. and those are the scenes in the british parliament right now. it's raucous large body there between liter, the opposition and the prime minister boris johnson, spring and jonah, how he was joining us from westminster, also listening in there. i mean, heated as one would expect on these 1st days. that of this 1st time that 1st
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johnson's facing parliament after that conference based it seems that he's having to vigorously defend his reco. jenna. what i think this is probably the beginning of, of an unfolding opposition party labor party strategy. now, following the eventually of this week, when far as johnson narrowly survive to vote on his leadership among his own thies, the labor party now is he has called for a line to be drawn under the past and for his party to grasp a grand strategy. moving forward, the labor party pointing out the failures of his leadership thus far off, that will potentially be the way they choose to move forward. taking pot shots, not just the private to himself, but that he's empty promises and his grand plan as kiss. thomas said that as far as johnson is proposing, now not even his own party entirely stands behind. look,
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the reality is, this is the 1st appearance of the prime minister in commons and his party on display since those events of monday night, but really brutally wounded. he wounded his alrighty, and the opposition will relish the opportunity now to take what shots they can a rudderless government as they will see it. the majority of a prime minister diminished a party divided potentially on the brink of war with itself. but the one thing that they simply cannot get away from them is the fact that whilst they may have been a moment on monday, which could have done for boris johnson, this prime minister. it didn't, he's not going anywhere for now. and he will hope, and we saw some of this on display that he will hope for outward signs of support. from his own party, there was a big chairs. he walked into the house of commons, there emptied loudly, applauding his responses to kiss. tom, there is a thing to bear in mind is that this is political fietta. nothing brings the ruling party together more than attacks, by the opposition. there is still
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a very live rebellion within the ranks of paris johnson's party. he lost a $148.00 m fees, or rather the support of $148.00 and peace. 2 and 5 on monday night already plans afoot. how they might begin to frustrate policy frustrate his ability to act effectively as prime minister and already suggestions of a possibility that the rules could be changed in 6 months time. if he doesn't significantly change, not just government direction, but his own attitude and behavior, his own reputation, so in disrepute at the moment that they might yet hold another vote on his leadership in the autumn. absolutely, there's no line to an under this saga yet, dana, many, thanks indeed. now, sir, dan's military rulers are holding direct talks with political parties and civil society groups for the 1st time since seizing power in october. even sector general has called for good faith efforts to come to a consensus. protesters have been taking to the st regularly since the coo
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denouncing military room or from wellness. oscar like to have a morgan in that car to him and have a what are we hearing from these talks? i talk while these are procedural talks, according to the u. s. special representatives here in sudan with the aims of finding a consensus between the various political parties and the army that states a takeover last year ending a t, a transitional government that was meant to lead to down to democracy. now most of the senior officials who attended today's talks have left to the venue already. all those are still inside, but these are political parties. those who attended today opened a couple parties that. 2 largest scene is aligned with the military because prior to the take over, they had been requesting the army to, to, to, to take over power. and is all the government that was headed by prime minister optima. hm. don't. now was spoken to some of those officials and they said that the so father optimistic about the talks, despite the fact that many people who are invited by the united nations,
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i'm by the african union and the regional i got locked have both points of the talk saying that the environment that was created is not conducive, especially in light of the fact that the military continues to arrest protest because on the streets and continues to detain political activists and have a huge okay, we, we can had chance going on in the background. becca new phyllis in on what's happening? oh, well, yes, the body that is known as the resistance committees have been by party. the talk since was thought. now, while this is the direct talk that, that is causing between the military and political party, there has been direct talks in which the, the united nation has tried to bring together the various our groups as well as the resistance bomb bodies that have been staging protests against the military since october last year. they say that they don't want to give the military and they get to missy. and they don't want to negotiate and don't want to compromise with the army. so they have white part of today's talks along with the forces of freedom and change coalition. that's the coalition that represented the protest movement. and
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we've signed a power sharing agreement with the government. so those major groups that being absent from the top has led to the u. n. and the african union here saying that they're not really optimistic about the top telling this may not produce results, despite the fact that it will go on for weeks and even months. they said that unless everybody's on board including the resistance committees and before the freedom of change for alicia, and then having a consensus between the political parties to and to dance political deadlock will be difficult. okay. hello morgan. bring us to see that from khartoum as those talks get on the way. thanks very much. have a now a car has driven into a crowd to in berlin, killing one person that's according to the fire brigade and other people have been injured at the scene. please say the driver has been detained as go straight to don't that cain, he's also in berlin for us. and dominic, what's the latest that we're hearing from the themes? what you can see behind me here is the wreckage, as it were,
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all what happened in this incident? what we know is that in the middle of the morning, so that would be $1030.00 local time after 3 hours ago. now a silver clear which was traveling in the, on the road behind me, came into contact with the 1st crowd of people when it did so it's impacted upon 9 people. now the thing to say is it is that when at least one person has been killed in this incident, there are 8 others who did not 30, as originally, had been suggested 8 others of which 5 are described as being in a life threatening situation that took place behind all the vehicles you can see here. and then after having made contact with the crowd of people being silver clear when carried on, perhaps a 15200 meters down the road eventually flew in, crushing into a shop front window. at that point,
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the onlookers could obviously seen what happened, stepped in and apprehended if you want to put it that way before the citizens arrest as it were on the driver who was like injured in the incident. then of course, the police arrived and were able to take the driver into custody. the thing that is important to say here is that the authorities have not been able to tell us yet. because they said they just don't know whether this was a tragic accident or whether that was something more towards about what took place . and what is important, sir? is this geographical location where we are, is very close to we're a terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of people back in 2016, just before christmas at the christmas market. that takes place exactly where i am standing, which explains why many people when they've seen what's happened today. it will be remembering what happened in 2016, dominic cambridge,
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the latest there on that. a tragedy there in berlin, thanks very much on there. now diplomats, the in the u. s. south korea and japan are gathered insult, discuss north korea's latest weapons test. they want to coordinate. their response of grey has launched to 18 ballistic missiles in recent weeks and as expected to conduct a nuclear tests soon, several 1000 refugees and migrants from latin america. i headed north through mexico towards the us. they left the city of tampa, tula on gosh manas border on monday activist. say the group traveling in what's referred to as a caravan could be one of the largest migration movements in recent, he is many have spoken of getting themselves and their families to safety in the u . s. and finding work for most of the my grants refugees come from venezuela. cuba, haiti, and guatemala. troy city will settle with this journey, has been really tough. we left columbia because of the homophobia we both got
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physically and verbally attacked. we had to cross the darren gap and trails through menus xenophobic countries. in some others, people were nice to us, but a lot of things happened in this journey. lady again, i tell global leaders that this has been a very difficult journey, but that nothing is impossible. we had to go out there and fight for our families in the better future of correspondent, money rapp. hello. as following the caravan, we're in southern mexico walking among thousands of migrants. the estimates that we've heard are anywhere between $4.50 migrants that are making their way from southern mexico, with the end goal of reaching the southern united states. the vast majority of people that we've encountered are from venezuela. there are also people here from cuba, from countries and central america and elsewhere in the world. but again, one of the reasons that we're seeing such a mass mobilization of people is because of this idea that there are safety and numbers. there are immigration authorities that have been moving up and down the
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road throughout the course of the day. but they've, for the most part, simply allowed people to make their way north this migrant care van taking place right now. also happens to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place in the city of los angeles this week. this is something that is very much on the minds of the migrants that are, that are walking in this and is punishing heat of southern of southern mexico. but again, unlike previous migrant caravans, this one is very homogenous, made up almost entirely of venezuelan migrants, all of them saying that their goal is to reach the united states. the us actually have st. has spoken about media freedoms ahead of the summit of the americas. during a question and answer sashon, anthony blanc him was challenged about america's response to the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina black clay. i deplore the loss of the serene. she was a remarkable journalist, an american citizen, as you will know, and there too. we are determined to follow the facts and get to the truth of what
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happened. i know they have not yet, but know they've, i'm sorry with respect they've not yet been established for looking for they've not that we are looking for an independent credible investigation. when that investigation happens, we will follow the facts wherever they lead. it's it's, it's straightforward is that that has not yet happened, but it's something that we very much want to see happen. while out there, a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of sri and black and the occupied westbank. she was shown in the hedge by israeli forces walked on assignment in jennine on the day of her funeral. israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, closing pull barrels to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. lemons have in social community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. i will echo with, with al jazeera, for 25 years, covering the story of the israel occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. he was dr. matthew mac on a,
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he has made an emotional appeal to congress to tighten gun controls of the last month. school shooting in his hometown vall, day in texas, in that president joe biden at the white house where he spoke to journalists. i think call haine has more from washington familiar, but her rous exceeds school children run to safety and you've all the texas as a gunman murdered 19 of their classmates and 2 of their teachers inside. after this gun control advocates at this time, it would be different after matthew connie, he came to washington to meet with lawmakers, the president, and then the press to try and make sure that is true, made a war green high top converse with heart, she had hand drawn on the right toe, because they represented her love of nature. camilla scott, these shoes can you show the shoes or these every day bring converse with a heart on the right to be the same green converse
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on her feet. that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting that he was born and you've all day. and he has spent the last week there talking to families of the victims, bringing their stories to washington and pleading for change mechanics, calling for raising the legal age. when you combine assault weapon from 18 to 21, he wants to see increase background checks, new laws that make it easier to take guns away from people. considered unstable. there is a bipartisan group of senators working on proposed legislation, but it is not expected to go anywhere close to as far as that the house is taking legislation to do those things. but 1st, they will hear on wednesday from a little girl who was here in the classroom. she took blood from her murdered friend and spread it all over herself. in order to play dead, it would likely be shocking. hard to listen to testimony from
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a traumatized child. another attempt to make sure this time. it actually is different. particle haine al jazeera, washington, belton king and queen have attended a wreath laying ceremony in the congolese capital kinshasa. it's the 1st time about one. it has traveled to the form a belgian colony and more than a decade. king philip has previously expressed regrets about the suffering inflicted during belgian rule. but he is not issued a formal apology. millions of congolese were killed or mutilated during that time. hospitals in southwestern nigeria are running out of supplies to treat survivors of sundays attack on a church gum and kill dozens of people at catholic worship has gathered from bass and on the estate. armies of the victim say they didn't know why the service was targeted. did and wolf reports. oh, shouting from the top of their lungs. women in the southwestern, nigerian town of o, condemned the gruesome sac. scott, people who i could add it throat. why?
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the smell of green old i'm coming came i became a lot of people children. i remember. i do do fun. i with jonathan money, refunded i yeah. well, yeah. as mckesson we are, you probably would be poor poor. we are here to said that they're not, they're not in a region unfamiliar with religious conflict. this grieving husband is facing life as a single father of 5. his wife took 2 of their children to church, only the boys returned home. both. he's also like somebody off to house on there called want police say the gun man who attack the st. francis catholic church disguised themselves as congregants. streaks of blood, still mark the church walls with and detonated, improvised explosive devices on the ground. the local hospital is still treating
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survivors, but supplies are running low, forcing families to rely on the kindness of strangers. victims of the attack still coming to terms with what they saw, they didn't come to to lead ethan, they didn't go to k number, anybody, but it just doe logo would kill and destroy africa. most populous country has grappled with severe problems of violence in criminal. the in the north for more than a decade, but millions may be forced to flee nigeria if the internal conflict move south. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. as 7 days of national morning, continued, chile wolf, al jazeera, the palace anal 30 says it still can't afford to pay full salaries to most of it's 150000 employees. the finance ministry announced people will get 80 percent of what they're owed, laming, israel for withholding tax revenues it collects on their behalf. since 2018 israel
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has been reducing how much it transfers to the p a. a group of italian circus artists as entertaining and training children in the besieged gaza strip. as part of the green hopes garza project funded by the italian government una l site went to meet some of those involved in the project. this is god's his 1st and only circus tent. it's the handiwork of a group of italian volunteers, circus performance, skateboarders and artists. their training, young palestinians, enquiries activities under a papa is known here as a possession. he and his truth are in high demand. beggars avionic when he had shaved. our goal is to come to garza and train the children because unfortunately they can't get out of here shovel for. i will continue to come and bring the circus to them in the coming years until this land is liberated. once in a palace to be people in general, and the gardens, in particular, need to obtain their freedom and live in humanity and obtain their rights. and
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pretty much i will continue to come because simply they can't leave well officially jobs. he talked of a hi luke to juggle 8 years ago since then. this youngster has continued training on his own. he dreams of touring the world with an international circus some day. although manor, as a 1000000000 given, when the italians come to gaza, we learn something new every time because of the see each other. we can't get casa to learn these skills elsewhere. there's a lot more that i want to learn, like about sex balancing and stilts. at the port, they built a skate park where both girls and boys are learning to master the board. it's not the 1st time these artists have visited godsa. their training sessions have become popular among young people as they offer a rare opportunity for the children of the beast in claim to play and have fun. the group is here to bolster sports and entertainment, which are restricted by ease rails attacks. several facilities across garza had
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been destroyed in israeli bombing, slowing the development of projects for children. everybody in the war the can remember and can see gods the just the when there is a war. not the in any other moment. thought we there through. i was project that through our exchange on gods of re sy in lay. we want it to show all the people that that are coming here and want to meet the day. all the people are in all over the word, but many of these artists say that they will keep coming back to god. so to draw a smile of the faces of its young ones in the theatre. elsie's 0 gusta ah, this is al jazeera, these are all top stories. russians foreign.


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