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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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mr. fagan, this a this culture to slash or to create new areas we have changed scotch. i am one of the fortunate ones who can lead and establish myself outside, but all these people and on that majority. so legal as we're talking about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors. these were hinge of refugees are terrified to be maybe forced to return to me and more ah, al jazeera with so i
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ah, hello. this is in use our on al jazeera. i'm fully back to live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a voting for francis next parliament president demanded my course coalition face is a tough challenge. from a left wing block, led by charlie, camino shown china vows to fight to the end to prevent ty, with taiwan independence, accusing the u. s. of forcing asian countries to choose sides. also this, our running out of fuel sri lanka announces a weekly ration to address shortages that have led to nationwide protests and, and legal demolitions or collective punishment. indian authorities bulldozer properties of several muslims who demonstrated against the governing b. j. p party. i'm joining real. go with the max, the staff and crunches victory the as
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a by john chrome pre to extend his overall championship lead. and a pot worth $4000000.00 action from the breakaway go series back by saudi arabia. ah, thank you for joining us, voters in france for choosing very new parliament in an election that could determine a present demand. my call will succeed in pushing through reforms across coalition holds the majority of seats in the assembly. but he's facing a challenge from a left wing block nearly 2 months after being re elected $577.00 states being contested. live to algae, here is john hall, who's outside of pulling station in paris. so john, what's at stake in these elections? well voted, goes on, as you say, in the 1st round of these parliamentary elections. we know, of course, who the president is, but how will the laws of the country be made?
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how will the country actually be governed? that's what's being decided now. and while for the last 5 years, emanuel macro has held but the presidency and upon him entry system in his hands. what happens next could be somewhat less clear. cut his my report. 2 months after returning emanuel macro to the presidency, french voters are electing a parliament high in their minds. the climate crisis and cost of living is a task like history. so i think the essential question of our era is climate and the planet, and that important things must be done immediately. georgia tech measures and needed in terms of the current situation to deal without purchasing power and competitiveness. the question is, how do we despise the current situation? keep moving forward. microns, centrist ensemble coalition faces a strong challenge from a far left alliance, built by john luke melon,
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shown if the leftists greens and communists do well, they could block much of microns agenda, making france, as one analyst pointed out ungovernable. the country's ungovernable. if you have a weak majority, that does not mean that you can run the country and you very well have in the next month. a huge uprise of people saying, well, we are not happy with the president's decisions. we do not consider that the n piece can solve the problem. so where can we solve it? and you can have this st. let's say st. democracy, france has a strong tradition of st. protest like the yellow vests that made microns 1st term, so uncomfortable with their demands for economic justice and political reform. this election could provoke similar scenes. the left is coalition has its own ideas about how to deal with frances cost of living crisis, soaring inflation that alone you policy and the war in ukraine. it is entirely
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possible that in the new parliament, the centrists could find their way blocked. at every turn. 5 years ago, the manual macro completed a clean sweep of power with his centrist winning the parliament as well. his 2nd term as president could turn out rather differently. these are 2 political forces with very different visions of the future. the leftists and the center of the left is want to raise taxes on the wealthy, raised the minimum wage and lower the retirement age. the central want to raise the retirement age, lower taxes, and reform the welfare system. 289. the number of seats required by either side when an outright majority. but even if there is no outright majority for the left is a strong minority, can still wield significant power in the system so that the new national assembly, when it's formed, looks set to be able,
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potentially to frustrate and undermine president microns 2nd term agenda. jonah, thank you for that. john hall alive, fair in paris, early i spoke to on elizabeth motel is a political commentator based in the french capital. she says the 2nd round of voting may introduce a 3rd party to the race. i think sonic middle shoals alliance because it's not his fault, he alone. but i think his alliance has got momentum and they might get close to majority. it seems almost impossible that in a country which has voted in the presidential elections for 2 thirds on right. when candidates that the left could get that closed, but that's what it means when you get your manage to organize an alliance of all the parties, even if they disagree among themselves. ok, he, i would, this is the 1st route. what's going to you really interesting is the 2nd round in a week's time. or when you've got the of the candidates that remain above 12 and
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a half percent of the registered voters, they can stay. and so it's not just going to be one candidate to get another one, like in the presidential election. it is going to be actually possibly what we and france called triangular electrons, which means that you have say, a macros. east up, you have a right when you're what's left of them and then you've got, you've got the new purse, the minute. sure thing. and that is one instance in which if they can't get to terms one with the other one in which men are short, men are sure m p 's could get in. but that's only in the, in the 2nd round next week. and emma michael's faith in himself is not at the end of the day, people will be scared of genetic menache or it may or may not. in other world news, china's defense minister way thing. he's warning that beijing will crush any move towards independence for taiwan. he made the comments on the last day of asia, tom security summit in singapore,
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the shangri la di knock jessica washington reports from the conference at a security summit in singapore. the most highly anticipated speaker of the 3 day conference took the stage with forcible words darya, durable. he. we do not bully others, but we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. but if anyone dares to attackers the people's liberation army will not hesitate to fight buck troy, a short speech that covered a range of regional flesh points all your we will resolutely crush any attempt to pursue taiwan independence. if anyone does, to succeed taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs. being quite analysts say way fung, huh. has made beijing's priorities clear. he wanted to talk to his audience about what they're doing in asia, what they expect over taiwan, and why the united states is actually responsible in china's eyes for the instability in this region. in his speech way framed washington as
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a meddling power, one that tries to create instability in the asia pacific or in his woods, one that tries to hijack countries in the region to create division. in contrast, way says china's military is a force for peace. and saw extremely is new defense minister has told out 0. there are many questions that need answers. city we are saying a very significant build up by china. i was the biggest military build up that we've seen in the world since the end of the 2nd world war. i'm at, it's really important that that occur on a transparent wise. the pacific has also been a topic of discussion at the summit and following increased engagement from the ging. we're really rich at malls since the strategy is revitalizing its relations with those countries. if we go out in specific countries to the work place, they are interested the center of aaron casement, then the risk takes care of itself. we will become the natural partner of choice.
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we are very full for these opportunity. the g defense minister, one of the few representatives from the pacific fielded questions about his regents ties to beijing and meeting with chinese. of course, everybody knows that we've met the americans. we met the japanese, we met the chinese, we met the australians, you name it. as organizes wrap up this year's summit uncertainty over the regions future remains intended to provide diplomatic avenues to help solve differences. it's also provided delegates the chance to wear their grievances for the world to see jessica washington al jazeera singapore. already we spoke to me a new ins who's from the international institute for strategic studies. she says a china stands on china and taiwan is clear. for this is regards to taiwan. in particular, what we saw from general away from her counselor, we from her was a reiteration of trying to stand on the issue of taiwan. and i would use
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independence. i think in some ways that was a reaction as to what we heard from president bite in a few weeks ago. in terms of the question whether or not the united states would intervene militarily in taiwan scenario. and whether or not the united states had moved on from it to t. jake ambiguity with regards to a stance on taiwan and general and of course said that strategic will signal that you hadn't changed. and of course, that there was no support for taiwan independence and that, that policy was still in place. but at the end of the day, i think general way and trying to felt the need to re emphasize and re state how strong their feelings on this point are. what i found particularly interesting though, was at the end of talking about the us position with regards to shy one. there was a small comment with regards to other countries who might support taiwan as well. and that they will supposedly also not succeed from general perspective. and that, i think pointed to perhaps other countries in the region are abroad. the concept
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here is really that the u. s. has no say in the region extra regional country, this kind of calls them aren't here to determine regional security and that it's up to countries within the region to determine that. 8 of course, of the countries within the region also have an interest in having extra regional countries and the united states at present and active and engage in the region as well. so there is a contradiction there. 20 more head on this news hour, including a russian strike in the east of ukraine, fed that chemical plant on fire hundreds are reported to be sheltering inside. new bron same french fries. mcdonald's golden arches are getting a rush and relaunch in moscow. pushkin's square and the defending champions of tampa, bay lightning make the family cup final transferred. here in a row, you'll have the details in ah
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sure lanka is limiting the amount of fuel people can bi weekly. it plans to impose rations to deal with a severe shortage, but the energy minister hasn't specified how much more terrorists will be allowed to purchase. the government is under intense pressure after months of protest against its worse economic crisis since independence. it's also coping with a shortages of food and medicine because of a lack of foreign currency. we now fernandez has more from colombo. it's a sort of a double edged sword at the moment. i mean, we've heard this announcement from the minister of energy content video saker a little while. oh, earlier today. the fact that he has no choice but to start registering consumers. and then basically giving them a guaranteed caught up a week. now it all looks good when he announces it, but obviously for consumers, it's going to mean that they're going to want to see this actually are put into action. what you see behind me is a busy precision air in the heart of colombo,
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a vis a station actually has fuel stocks. but there's an on ending line of because both petrol and diesel. there are 3 wheelers or the local taxis. there are essentially motor bikes. people who've been queueing off for hours is one gentleman who's just sitting a little bit off camera that's been here since 6 o'clock in the morning. and he still hasn't got all the supplies he needed. now people obviously have much better things to do things like getting on with their lives going and putting up, you know, food on the table earning their money or they cannot afford to spend a, you know, 234 years, sometimes 10 and sometimes as bad as 24 hours in frederick use, sometimes a fuel stations which are close. the bosses haven't even arrived yet. so things are really bad. so one thing that will happen if the rationing actually happens, the people might be able to save a bit of time. they will have a guaranteed amount of fuel that they will be able to get. but given this sort of
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kill us we have seen in recent weak people will want to see that the government is able to actually do this. while the prime minister says sri lanka may have to buy more oil from russia to ease shortages, we need the f word, and now we are negotiating with private supply. the stuff that we gwen by anything in the private supplies with us. and we buy from them, part of it that issue, he a, that does a lot of wireless going around which is, which can be source back informally, to iran or russia. sometimes you may not know what you're buying, but we are looking at the sources of oil. well, that traction sources from the middle east. we've been taking where we have been purchasing, put on joining us now from sri lanka, capital colombo, is china. done. singer who's any economists with frontier research. thank you very
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much for being with us on al jazeera. how exactly is this petro rationing going to work? do you know, and do you think it will help? well, it's not very clear exactly though mechanism, which it'll look and it's supposed to be coming into place sometime in july july. while the minister will see it could help in offense if it helps to manage the kind of demand. so probably been running our fuel supply to support from india through a credit line. now that supposed to be running out this month, but once that runs out with the we have, we have to deal with payment offset. so that would mean managing the demand would be a key part of it. so it could help, but it's all very much i'll be in the bank and government as we heard from the prime minister, has approached moscow to help secure direct supplies of, of russian oil. how effective a solution is that in the, in the short and long term, and what would be the implications for sure lucky think on from what i understand
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moscow and the kinds of supplies that we might get from mosque. moscow would be limited to crew directly and from again what i understand our capacity to refine that code into the base rent these will be require isn't very large. we have one functioning, refining right now, and i don't think it's going to be a large proportion of our fuel requirements. so it will have a little bit of a positive impact that does go to a especially bit comes through at a lower cost from the compared to demetria and diesel. really be getting a premium right now. but whether it leads to a significant improvement in ration, i don't personally think that's necessarily likely. and even on the policy side, i'm not no expert on that, but also the size and the quantity being limited makes me feel that it might also be any kind of named magnitude that yeah, it's not just a fuel surprise, but also food shortages, as you know, this is true, lank is worse crisis since independence in 1914. just remind our viewers how we got
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to this point white that did this happen? well, we've had this budget have been problems and cut and take on the problems for a while. that led to us building up our debt special last 10 to 15 years in 2019 however, we instead of the tax cut and followed up, you know, bridging that the revenue shortage with a lot of money printing. monday. they show that there was a new government came in that essentially worse than the underlying problem. got locked out of capital markets, which been that we had residentially draw down our reserves down to what was effectively a beetle level number sometime in march, april this year. and i've been at that level of reserves, that's really no areas that you can go then essentially where we are right now. right now, china and india have offered credit lines that does not offer a lifeline or will it me more debt for sure. lanka. i mean, he does mean more dead. there's no question about it, but it is also a very, very critical life. life since about march of fuel supply has been mostly had to
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get credit like online, like i mentioned. so without that credit like war hadn't been there, we'd better have been to just being sometime in march of the day we had for example, $30.00 off the blackout. and that was at a point where the credit wasn't for the operation. so very much be the critical part of the country of buying right now. but that support is really running off in china, actually hasn't extend a lot of that kind of support to the extent india as of the last few months. so then the, and the question of you know, is that more upcoming from india will china step in a little bit more with other partners like japan? they say the e will they step in and how they manage from bridge? the point from here until at point at some point, maybe get them to design a program and somebody that should find it. try you dancing is thank you so much for talking to us about the thank you for sharing light on the situation in toronto . the ukraine
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says rush and shelling in severe don't yet in the east has caused a huge fire at a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians are believed to be sheltering. moscow has been focusing much of its fire power in the eastern region. the governor of lou han sc says he crane still controlled the chemical facility present voted me as landscape says ukraine will win the war, but he's asking allies for more ammunition and weapons. cha, stratford has more from keith. we came off the phone to a ukrainian deputy commander inside that city. several denounced one of only 2 cities. now that is not under full russian control in the loo, ganske region of don bass, that deputy commander saying to us that yes, there had been heavy shilling of that chemical plant. and that it was on fire. that chemical plant, a vast, great soviet built industrial complex that before the wall used to produce fertilizes and building material. it's located in the south,
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east of the city. we understand close to the river close to the river that separates the town several than exc. from the town of lucy chanced, which he tells us is also getting heavily shelled. we asked him whether he could firm reports that we've been hearing of the last couple of days about hundreds of civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plant. in several minutes, he was unable to confirm that he estimates that up to 2000 civilians may have died in several dynette amidst this heavy fighting. now this comes at a time when the ukrainians are complaining again that they don't have enough weapons from the west and those western weapons that they have been allocated or not getting here fast enough. so there are huge concerns yet again to day for room, mostly ukrainians, ability to be able to defend that city. and for the up to what we understand could be around $10000.00 civilians, either trapped inside that city or unwilling to leave. a human chain has formed in
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solidarity with ukraine outside the european commission building in brussels. people are showing their support for ukraine's e. u candidacy present. vitamins lensky signed an application for membership 4 days after rush a launch its invasion. in february, the e. u executive will make a recommendation next week on whether to grant candidate status, but the process could still take decades. the golden arches are gone, but american sol cheeseburgers are back on the menu in moscow. the 1st mcdonald's restaurant in russia has reopened under a new branding and the ownership. the chain is not called delicious, full stop, and donald channel 850 rush, not a launch following the invasion of ukraine. the new restaurants are owned by a local licensee, but the american company has the option to buy back its locations within 15 years to india and where more properties linked to muslim protesters have been demolished
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in the state of alter pradesh or 40. say they are only putting down illegal buildings, but why schools have previously accused the governing b. j. p of carrying out demolitions to intimidate muslims. that destruction follows days of riley's against 2 former b j. p. officials for making remarks against the prophet mohammed that many consider offensive. when i speak to sanjay hector about this, he's a senior advocate at the supreme court of india, and he's joining us from money pa city. thank you very much for speaking to us. first of all, are these family is legal under the law? relations are legal in the last book, but they are not legal if they are meant as the price it. let's put it this way. if under the municipal, all your painting does not conform to them, then after you are given an after you have an opportunity to say that i only in the
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last instance can religion be ordered and that can be subject to review by the court. demolition cannot be ordered as it pleases, with revenge or as punishment for any criminal act. today what is happening is that protests and is suspected of organizing. he didn't know his how's the how's that he lives. even if it doesn't have to be under his ownership. sometimes comes and get a board or these action. so colleen that will be a part of the law. and i suspect that if they are challenged in court, i'm calling to fame in the future are going to come down very heavily on the indian authorities. so insist that these demolitions are demolitions of illegally constructed homes under what law and what process has to be done. you know,
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before this happened, yes, if they were illegally constructed homes, then you would have to give them a notice saying that now legally make it a phone call, whatever it is, the regulation. and if that is not done, then you give them a notice of demolition. and data, but the person confirmed has a, has a right to be heard as a right the challenge that notice. but you cannot demolish a man's house, but progress. right? you cannot link it to the focus. neither 2 different things to get them. i'm this international have say, in my view, isn't my view and abuse of power. you say it's an abuse of power and i'm the senior national has said the simulations of largely owned most of the property amounts to collective punishment, which is also illegal under international law. do do the indian stories take these warnings seriously at all?
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i don't see this late in fact, right now, the effort seems to be that in malicious anything and everything that can be the activity of know any organize that of the purpose the opposition congress party has accused the ruling b, j. p of, of exempting itself from the constitution of india to share this view will be called the constitution of india whenever they feel like, i think it could be a vector to say that i did think that the constitution of india is an option that a document thank you so much for talking to us about this. thank you for sharing of you. sanjay hague. a senior advocate of the supreme court of india and 30 indian soldiers have been charged in connection with the killing of civilians in a botched military operation in december. but he say the soldiers use indiscriminate
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and disproportionate force when they shot and killed 6 miners in northeast and fate of nag land, mistaking them for an armed group. 8 civilians and a soldier died when angry klaus confronted the troops. i time not for a check on the world whether he is romp now does placing the world yesterday was he no man unusual? you might think and i tend to agree with you, but it hit to 5049 point one hottest place in the world. but there are heat ways showing up elsewhere. one of them is in southern europe, particularly southern spain and southern portion that extends of quite a long and large area of spain. this heat wave when his temper is continuing to rise. now it's not unusual to have tempted in the forty's. angela said it's just been a little bit early this year and it's going to be once again, i think fairly persistent. the wind helps for some, even if they get married. so quarter was focused shows what were in full sunday
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monday, and she is the big, gusty, the austin. you just saw an example of that. but the record for quarter is $45.00. and we may well reach that again on tuesday. so this is just an, an early heat where he's really quite a significant one. once again said it's not just this part of the world. the same thing is happening in the us. it's quite a large area right to the plain state. does it southwest and up to california central valley, at 12000000 people under these this excessive heat warning. and even the off the central valley is quite warm. sacramento might see a bit of a temporary coating with rain coming in on sunday. but that won't last. the still ahead on the news ira holding on to hold. we live in brazil where family and friends have 2 men missing in the amazon are on culpa, cabana beach, florida, which building boom in the gambia, fueled by a surgeon the money sent home from abroad. and in sports auction from one of the
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most famous horse races in the well, the bad mon faith that's coming up with ah, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see out is laura will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. our dizzy europe. it's the you case. biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 cove at 19 patient built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites saw on the way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying
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to close, extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any won't float. ah ah ah, you're watching the news are on al jazeera with me fully battle. or reminder of our top stories. voters in france are casting their ballast in the 1st round of parliamentary elections president demanded. my course coalition holds the majority in the assembly, but he's being challenged by a left wing block led by john luke made on shore. china's defense minister way fund her has warned that foreign interference in taiwan is doomed to fail. addressing
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a top security conference in singapore, he said b jane would fight to the end. if taiwan try to declare independence and sri lanka is imposing a weekly coulter to limit the amount of fuel people can buy, it's suffering, it's worse. economic crisis isn't since independence with severe shortages of food fuel, and medicine. now to brazil, where a vigil is being held on cobra carano beach in rio de janeiro for 2 men who went missing in the brazilian amazon, bruno herrera, a well known defender of indigenous rights and dom phillips, a british journalist disappeared last sunday. please say there found what appears to be human remains in a remote area where the pair was last seen. let's bring in monica and i kid who's at the vigil income book, a banner for is tell us about the mood there. monica and people still hopeful that these 2 men can be found. well,
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this vigil was being held right here and got back up on that were dom phyllis used to paddle serve. ah, his mother and lives here. don phillips is married to a brazilian, and we spoke to her, we spoke to his ah, to his brother in law as well. his mother in law has, is not very hopeful that they will find ah, the remains or that they will find them alive. at least they want them to find them, no matter how. but they're not hopeful that they will be found alive. the remains are being studied right now. in our, in the amazon they were taken to a lab. there are no, they were found in the river close to where both dom phyllis, the journalist, and, but a little bit it out who's the indigenous specialist. one of results are most that knows the area the most he, he's a specialist in an contacted, tries will close to that area. those remains were found. the searches continue,
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then very all my hands on deck. there were the journalists helping as well. and the mood here is, let us keep this alive. let us put the pressure because it's not just these 2 people. it's the amazon itself, which is in danger indeed. and so what's the latest in the investigation into how and why they disappear while they were in an area, this area is huge. it's the sides of morocco are it has the largest number of characters and contacted tribes in the world, but they. c weren't there right now, it's funny because, i mean it's, it's sad because our dance said that he was going to do the last interview for a book that he's writing are called to save the amazon. so it was, it would be his last trip to the region. now they were not found on indigenous territory. they were found further down close to these are villages on the river,
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where people live from fishing and they were following an illegal fisherman. so the people that were threatening, but on a video that was the indigenous guy was accompanying don. they were threatening him because they were bringing to the attention of the, of the authorities that there was no patroling going on. and that there was a lot of the league or says she related to drug trafficking cartels. and so that's why they were being threatened. thank you for that, monica, monica in ocoee of live there in rio de janeiro. reporters without borders is calling for an end to impunity. in regard to the killing of al jazeera journalist sharing apple, actually, it says that a proper investigation into her death has still not been carried out. although it's been one month since she was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment engine in the occupied west bank. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm,
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the procession inserted beating warners, causing forebears to nearly drop her coughing. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from watching through occupy these shows them to take on in her funeral and burial members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an independent investigation to re novel actually was. busy arches air of a 25 years covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine, a hundreds of marches her feet held across the us to call for tougher gun laws. they follow a series of mass shootings recently including one at a primary school in texas in another at a supermarket in buffalo, new york last month. my can, a report from washington. rain kept away merely but did little to diminish. the spirit of the thousands that came to protest about more than 19000 people in the united states had died in gun related violence this year alone. and after the
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recent massacre of elementary school children and you've all the texas, those here insist that enough is enough. we're not asking for a lot washington dcs mayor summarizing the feeling of all at the rally. what demanding change your demands in change now. we needed to american a majority of americans whose share a bow used to let their senators know that they need either need to make change now or get out of our way for too often. we've had so many mass shoes across the country and we're not gonna sit around our houses in just let it happen . we're gonna come out, we're going to, so congress and everyone, one of our elected officials, and we need them to do their job many traveling from out of state to attend this reli. tallulah came from massachusetts to attend this rally. what do you want to
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see? why did you come, you know, i came here because of my school and they found bullets like bullets in the bathroom, the boys bathroom. so it made me feel like i needed to be here for that reason and cause that this gun violence is becoming a huge problem. oh, the rallies took place across the country. i really want real god including buffalo, still reeling from a racially motivated attack in may. that took the lives of 10 black people at a local market. it has shredded or our very existence. people are scared to go into stores. our kids are scared to go to school. it was the day on which hundreds of thousands of americans came together with one common message. mike, hannah ultra sierra washington. the average price of petrol in the u. s. has hit
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more than $5.00 a gallon the highest since 2008 prices a while above that in some states field in california is costing $6.43 per gallon. the rises being blamed for driving americas high inflation rate in 40 years cable is under, has more from buffalo, new york. the price of just about everything is going up in the united states, including the cost of petrol for the 1st time in 20 years, one gallon, or about $3.00 leaders of petrol. its averaging more than $5.00. here at this gas station in buffalo, new york, it's just under that at $4.99 a gallon. just in the last month. the price has gone up about $0.63. and in the past year about $2.00, there's a whole host of reasons on why it's going up so fast, but it's primarily comes down to 3 things. it's the sanctions on russia due to the
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war in ukraine. there's also just more people traveling by car this summer here in the united states as well, pushing prices up, and then even the threat of hurricane or a tropical storm, reaching the south east of the united states this time of year. it's fairly common that shuts down refineries and also will drive up prices as well. but the bottom line is, is that gas is becoming much more expensive in the united states and really everywhere around the world. but people here are really feeling it, their pocketbooks. townsend, he has signed a gas exporting agreement with any giants shell and when or if implemented, the deal would see a new liquefied natural gas plant built in the coastal town of lindy. by 2029. it's point of time to me as efforts to export in natural gas. the government says the projects will significantly change its economy. kenya has stepped top security along its southern border after deadly violence between mass i heard is,
4:40 pm
and authorities in towns near the mass side were protesting against land being marked how to create a wildlife reserve. in leon door, near the serengeti national park, a policeman was killed in active is say, some demonstrators was shot and injured. they say communities are under pressure to leave their and federal lands to make way for private hunting expeditions. time korean government says it wants to protect the region from human activity. edward pearl choir is the director of pain, goes form and organisation working to defend the rights of indigenous people in times in the year. he says the government hasn't followed proper procedures. the lender and the old and then we didn't like the marcell simply now in is really and many of these be made years have been purchased by their landlords. but unfortunately now the lend, he's also in the students was bill with natural resources have that right. we're
4:41 pm
going to add new so there have been, are local governments see, and i think they have never been in one said, telling that part of the story. and the bad thing is that the court date is the case. the court in the start from justice, which is due on the 22nd. and by before even munition vacation, the government plan to be on the land and basically threat to pass that productivity to teams. very difficult to get all the information on our area because nobody is free to talk about because of the unforeseen. but i thought i would be very issue that we belong to them. and the government is saying that the land is the government plan. so that is really where the probably me, i think if it was to me, they're very clear procedures in the local or how to,
4:42 pm
how to protect and learn from or changed categories from, learn to reserve land. that the issues there were, procedures are not being followed. a 2nd round of talk seemed at resolving sedans. political crisis has been postponed indefinitely. the main civilian block has refused to take pont, seeing the meetings legitimize last year's military coup, have been more protests in several cities to demand a return to civilian ro, keeping forces 5 gas in car 2, while demonstrators burned ties and barricaded streets on thursday, delegates from the main pro democracy alliance met military leaders for the 1st time since the call we believe there's an opportunity to end the coo and ensure a safe exit for both the military and the people towards democracy, justice, and a new society. now we didn't go to these talks to reinstate a new partnership,
4:43 pm
but the military went to put an end to any partnership military forces. she returned to their barracks to do their job. this is obvious, this is the peoples de mamma, and the democratic regime should be established. the real civil authority even ship carrying $16000.00 sheep has sunk our fee. so cain port in so dawn, the ship's crew has been rescued, is not clear how much livestock survives local media reports. the vessel was overloaded, rescue teams were trying to bring the ship to harbor when it's submerged. now to the gambia, where a sharp increase in the amount of money sent home by gambia and living abroad is shooting an investment boom. it's a sign of hope for an economy battered by the crone of iris pandemic. and as i'm a dangerous report from bon jewel, the capital influx of cash is drawing some back to their country lunch time approaches. j. mindy and stuff are getting ready for it has now become
4:44 pm
a routine getting formed by cost of us order stock coming by for 2 hours before lunch. yamuna owns 2 restaurants, and he's already planning more with money. she saved up in the united states. coming back home, it's like the best thing for me and yeah, it was good going. what i've learned, i learned over there because i never got no very i that i just wanted to bring all of that knowledge and then do share with people that you can really make it back home. but really status having the biggest slice of remittances from gabby and support this us based real estate developer has sold dozens of properties in the gum piano and is building a set of 36 bungalows here. how i mean no troubles sell it. and again, the reason is because people have known me in this business, we have known it overseas and i'm doing it here from real estate to hospitality.
4:45 pm
and retail dias for a remittance is a key to the local economy. it's one of the most significant sec, plaza, me. it's as much as almost 50 percent of a g, d p. meaning that a lot of cabins that are overseas, send money to support their families and more increasingly also to develop real estate. i'm send their family and children to school with a population of 20000000 people. the gumby i received an estimated half a $1000000000.00 in romito says from citizens in the diaspora in 2021 but jumped quite 50 percent. one unprecedented $778000000.00. this quantity cannot be followed from coverage 19. now these ones help to transform the economy of it's mode, what's public information? and it's people. operators of these online trading platform said organic home gold, groceries to gubbio support. but we wanted to get
4:46 pm
a portion of that remittance market and carried them to i mean, food health, not only food, what healthy food, organic food, it house, luke, and pharmacies as well. or them flows expected to go, as the economy recovers from the impact of copied 19, officious, a hoping remittances will help return lost jobs during the pandemic and create even more jobs of the growing number of unemployed carpios. i mean, increase al jazeera by june. the gap you still ahead on al jazeera, replanting the rain forest, we visit colombian communities trying to revive their environment and the formula one, well, champion extends his overall ease with a win in azerbaijan. that's coming up in sports with joe. they're showing the state ah, freefall precision. these athletes are experts in the art of jumping out of planes
4:47 pm
. more than 40 military, parachuting teams have descended here to the desert of guitar to compete for the world championship title. the competitors are all active military members and have been training for years to get here. most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately. but under the same flag, you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blur below, it's time to free fall. ah
4:48 pm
ah ah welcome back fiji facing its biggest threat from climate change. that's the warning from its defense minister who addressed asia top security summit in singapore, pacific islands are seen as some of the most vulnerable in the well to changing weather patterns. in fiji, we are not threatened by geopolitical competition. in our blue pacific continent, machine, guns, fighter jets, gray, ships and blue battalions are not all primary security concern. the single greatest threat do our very existence is climate change? it does cousins already hopes and dreams of prosperity.
4:49 pm
human induced, devastating climate change. us president joe biden is promising federal funds for new mexico after the largest wildfire in the states, history defies, destroyed hundreds of homes and burned through long stretches of land. they sounded as a controlled bird but quickly spread. some people are suing the fire service to get more information about the government troll biden says those impact aid will be fully compensated for hundreds of thousands of hector's, of colombia as amazon rain for is being destroyed each year to make space for mining cattle, ranching and drug trafficking in the 2nd part of our series, i'll just here is alex 100 p t visits cop reach a where people are trying to change things for the better route. mitchell is stopped cutting 3 or 5 years ago. like everybody here. she used to log and burned the forest to make space for cows and farming despite it being protected lane. but
4:50 pm
now she tends to are growing plant nursery part of a community forestry program aimed at changing the ways of farmers living in the colombian, amazon. and i last, i called it, they always have new life nursery because it's about giving new life to the trees that many have cut, mistreated and burned in the project financed by norway, along with columbia. foundation for conservation and sustainable development involved over a 100 families living in the northern areas of the colombian, amazon. they promised to end logging in exchange for sustainable alternate if they also former coca the farmer own. ms. garcia is leading a number of these projects. we met him as he was working on a live fence made of trees away. he says to rebuild connections between parts of the for it is thought about it that all these trees grow, they stick together and monkeys and other animals will use them to cross from one section of the forest to the other. it's just an example of the change in mentality
4:51 pm
of how we can live protecting the forest. most of these projects were created following the signing of a piece deal with 5 gravels, 5 years ago. the 4 stations sword. as the gallery you left the territory, opening up more land for cattle ranching and other damaging activities. but it's an uphill battle. criminal groups are destroying huge swats of the forest deeper into the jungle, while many local farmers who abandoned profitable coke of farming after the peace deal said they need more land for food. not far from route to be farm, we found people planting seeds in a recently cleared area. lonely, come on in the only way we have to survive is cut. tumble and plant what you see. duco, corn planting. we don't have an alternative. gobby no support from the government. they made many promises. we got rid of cocoa, but nothing happened in exchange. but almost say the real enemies are powerful
4:52 pm
businesses that are clearing much larger plots of land. he cautiously take us to another huge devastated area. and yet we haven't, i mean knowing aqona until the government arrives with technical assistance and land titling an organization in a way that protects the population and the environment. unfortunately, the for station will continue the community for as the program is small and does not offer a long term answer, but it shows that there are alternatives to the devastation of the rain forest. and that those who live here can be part of the solution for future generations. allison and as you guys capital and catch up on sports his jo, fully thank you very much for we start with formula one and defending champion macs the sap and has extended his lead in this. she is dr as championship after when at the as a by john graham pre. the red bull driver started from 3rd behind teammate sergio perez with for is charles kirk going from po. but perez took the lead off the start
4:53 pm
line and there was bad knees. villa kirk, whose car suffered an engine blow out, is now made at 4 straight poles without to win the sap and took the lead from paris to clinch a red bull one to finish mercedes, george russell, completed the podium australia play peru on monday. in a, when it takes all match for a spot well cup encounter the team's face each other in an inter continental player . for the act had been alley stadium in doha, which has been specifically built for cat are 2020 to costa rica and use it. and play at the same venue on tuesday, australia have a history of coming through playoffs when it matters. but the last time these 2 met at the well cut 4 years ago, peru came out on top. we're looking at about of yours in this type of match. it's going to be very difficult. nobody has the advantage, australia and peru are really prepared for this game. it's going to be the match of our lives. looking at him what his answer to royce, he, what we want is to keep growing as a team. we've known each other for 7 years now and it's
4:54 pm
a squad that's gone through some tough times. and we've managed to overcome those moments. we know the road is hard, but that's what we want to live. it's what we're ready for. we're all prepared for these types of matches. masters champion. patrick reed is the latest big nangle for to sign up to the saudi arabia back lived series. he'll join later this month in the u. s. falling. charles schwartz was lucrative victory at the inaugural tournaments. david stokes reports ah, a tap in put with full $1000000.00. south africa show support, so lead from start to finish, to claim the 1st ever lived series tournament, when and with the biggest prize and go history. played a full week of, of hard preparation. and i think it's, you know, for the amount that's at stake. what love is put up um i could see myself doing that form was all the events really trying to prepare?
4:55 pm
like i did for majors and i decided to come early and be real prepared because you got 3 rounds. nice. you don't have 4 rounds to maybe catch up with you were behind you or 3 rounds. you have to play well. all 3 rounds, otherwise you weren't 1. 37 year old short. so also on the team of end to the centurion club. so walked away with 4750000. i've rolled his compatriot any do plessy for the 2nd for just over 2000000. to put that in context for, for this week, it had taken him $32.00 events from the european, talked and just over $400000.00 with such huge prize money and big signing bonuses on offer. it's not hard to see why the saudi arabia back venture has attracted several big names, including phil mickelson and dustin johnson. the more established pga tour in the u . s. is responded by suspending all of its members that have taken part. but it hasn't stopped others signing up major. when is bryson to chicago and patrick read
4:56 pm
the latest stars to put pen to paper. i'm super excited just just the thought of being. i'll be a part of an evolution in a change in golf for the better for me, just a dumbly rural and been watching all weekend and the format and just the way or thing is i'm i'm super excited and can't wait to be apart. 20 players have not affected to the live series, but for now most of the top 10 is staying put with several of them competing at this week's canadian opened on the pga tour guys can do as they wish. if they want to go, they can go if they want to stay, they can stay. so i wish it wouldn't be taking away from the great story lines and things that are going on on a tour that's been around for a very long time and can in his, in the one of the best places it's ever been. and dom at, you know, it's just a barbara that those guys won't be a part of it. ah, the divided will gold seems set to continue for some time yet with 7 more live series tournament. still to come this year short. so and his fellow rebels gets
4:57 pm
another shot at $4000000.00 in the u. s. at the end of this month. at the pumpkin ridge golf club in oregon. they'd stokes al jazeera right, rory mccory shun the live series so far, but he shares the lead at the pga tours canadian open going into the final round. and all the irishman who's defending champion caught it's 6 buddies. just sit along on american tony fi now. who caught an eagle and 7 birdies? tito, under venting champ, his tampa bay lightning, a heading back to the stanley cup finals. they won the last 4 games straight to back off a big come back over the new york ranges. and when the eastern conference series, captain stevens, dumb classical, twice as a clenched game 6, tampa bay faced the colorado avalanche from stanley cup and game one on wednesday. in colorado. probably the best team in the league. so as you progress through the playoffs, beach each round gets tougher, each a pony gets tougher. there's a reason why there's 2 teams left,
4:58 pm
and that's because there are 2 best teams in league. so i'm going to have our, our hands full for sure. and we'll finish with one of those famous holes races in the world. the 154th running of the belmont stakes with $1500000.00. it's part of what's known as the triple crown. along with the kentucky derby and preakness stakes, the pre race favorite mo donegal, was the when i had of nest his 2nd, both trained by the same man took fletcher. it was purchased 6 victory in a triple crown with rice. all right, that is a useful for now. we'll have both relate to fully. joe, thank you very much for that. that's it for this news our on al jazeera, but to stay with us. i'll be back in just a few minutes with more debases thanks a lot. ah ah
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ah, al jazeera, with ah, al jazeera, with the coveted beyond wells. taken without hesitation, fulton died for power defines al, wild, and honestly,
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babies were dying and it had nothing about its neglected babies to deck people empower, investigates, exposes, and questions to the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera. when the news breaks, the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating. when people need to be heard, no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar and indian administered kashmir. people here say they're living in fear, al jazeera has teams on the ground. we never ate the sty for food back home. we simply don't know if we can t p to bring you more award winning documentaries and live nice on air and online. ah.


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