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defines how well launched new babies were dying, and it had nothing about it's neglected babies to deck people empower, investigates, exposes, and questions for the use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera when the news breaks, the impact of the storms in honduras has been particularly devastating when people need to be hurt. no group has claimed responsibility for the shooting on the outskirts of srinagar and indian administered kashmir. people here say they're living in fear al jazeera has teams on the ground. we never ate this type of food back home. we simply don't know if we continue to bring you more award winning documentaries and live needs on air and online ah
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voting for frances next parliament president demand my cause correlation face is a tough challenge from a left wing block ned by shonda made on shore. ah, hello, i'm fully back you boy, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha. oh, so a heads. china vows to fight to the end, to prevent taiwan independence accusing the u. s. a forcing asian countries to chose size. running out of fuel sri lanka announces a weekly ration to address shortages that have led to nationwide protests. and holding on to hope we are in brazil, where the family and friends of 2 men missing in the amazon have been holding a vigil on cope on a beach in real. ah, voters ain't friends that she was their new parliament in an election that could
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determine if present demand in my car was succeed in pushing through reforms. cause coalition has major, has a majority of seats in the national assembly, but he faces a strong challenge from a new block and a new left wing brock, john hall report. 2 months after returning emanuel macro to the presidency, french voters are electing a parliament high in their minds, the climate crisis and cost of living. is it possible like history? so here i think the essential question of our era is climate and the planet. and that important things must be done immediately, measures and needed in terms of the current situation to deal without purchasing power and competitiveness. the question is, how do we despise the current situation? keep moving forward. microns, centrist ensemble coalition faces a strong challenge from a fall after lines built by zone. luke melon show me if the leftists greens and communists do well, they could block much of microns agenda, making france,
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as one analyst pointed out ungovernable. the country's ungovernable. if you have a weak majority, that does not mean that you can run the country and you very well have in the next month. a huge uprise of people saying, well, we are not happy with the president's decisions. we do not consider that the n piece can solve a problem. so where can we solve it? and you can have this st. let's say st. democracy, france has a strong tradition of st. protest like the yellow vests that made microns 1st term, so uncomfortable with their demands for economic justice and political reform. this election could provoke similar scenes. the left is coalition has its own ideas about how to deal with frances cost of living crisis, soaring inflation that alone you policy and the war in ukraine. it is entirely
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possible that in the new parliament, the centrists could find their way blocked. at every turn. 5 years ago, the manual micron completed a clean sweep of power with his centrist winning the parliament as well. his 2nd term as president, could turn out rather differently. jona whole al jazeera paris. i'm elizabeth motel is a political commentator base in paris. she says the 2nd round may introduce a 3rd party to the race. i think johnny middle initials alliance because it's not his fault. he alone. but i think his alliance has got momentum and they might get close to majority. it seems almost impossible that in a country which has voted in the presidential elections with 2 thirds on right when candidates at the left could get that close. but that's what it means when you get your manage to organize an alliance of all the parties, even if they disagree among themselves. oh he, i would, this is the 1st route. what's going to you really interesting is the 2nd round in
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a week's time. when you've got the of the candidates that remain above 12 and a half percent of the registered voters, they can stay in. so it's not just going to be one candidate to get to another one . like in the presidential election, it is going to be actually possibly what we enforce called triangular electrons, which means that you have say, a mccraney stuff you have, right when you're what's left of them and then you've got, you've got the new purse the minute. sure thing, and that is one instance in which if they can't get to terms one with the other one in which middle or short mean or sure and peace could get in. but that's only in the, in the 2nd round next week. and michael's faith in himself is that at the end of the day, people will be scared of johnny middle school. it may or may not. in other world news, china's defense minister way thing is warning that
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b j will crush any move towards independence in taiwan. he made the comments on the last day of asia top security summit in singapore, the shangri la dinah, jessica washington reports on the conference at a security summit in singapore. the most highly anticipated speaker of the 3 day conference took the stage with forceful words darya, durable. he, we do not bully others, but we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. but if anyone dares to attackers the people's liberation army would not hesitate to fight buck troy, a short speech that covered a range of regional flesh points all your we will resolutely crush any attempt to pursue taiwan independence. if anyone dares to succeed taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs. quite analysts say, way fung her has made beijing's priorities clear. he wanted to talk to his audience
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about what they're doing in asia, what they expect over taiwan, and why the united states is actually responsible in china's eyes for the instability in this region. in his speech way framed washington as a meddling power, one that tries to create instability in the asia pacific or in his woods one that tries to hijack countries in the region to create division. in contrast, way says china's military is a force for peace. and sorry ester alias, new defense minister, has told al jazeera, there are many questions that need answers. city we are saying a very significant build up by china. i was the biggest military build up that we've seen in the world since the end of the 2nd mobile. i'm and, and it's really important that that occur in a transparent wise the pacific has also been a topic of discussion at the summit and following increased engagement from the ging, where really richard miles says estrella is revitalizing its relations with those countries. if we go added sift galling countries, do the work
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a place their interests at the center of our engagement, and then the rest takes care of itself. we will become the natural partner of choice. we are eventful for these opportunity. vgm defense minister missed a few representatives from the pacific. fielded questions about his regents ties to beijing minister for that meeting with a chinese. of course, everybody knows that we've met the americans. we met the japanese, we met the chinese, we met the australians, you name, it organizes wrap up this year's summit uncertainty over the regents future remains intended to provide diplomatic avenues to help solve differences. it's also provided delegates the chance to wear their grievances for the world to see jessica washington algebra singapore. me a new in this from the international institute for strategic studies. she says china has made it clear that he doesn't want the us involved in taiwan. quite nice with regard to taiwan in particular,
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what we far from general away from her and so comfortably from her was a reiteration of trying to stand on the issue of taiwan and wendy's independence. i think in some ways that was a reaction to what we heard from president bite in a few weeks ago. in terms of the question whether or not the united states would intervene militarily in taiwan scenario. and whether or not the united states had moved on from it to t. jake ambiguity with regards to a stance on taiwan and general and of course said that strategic will signal that you hadn't changed your course. that there was no support for taiwan independence. and that, that policy was still in place, but at the end of the day, i think general way and trying to felt the need to re emphasize the re state how strong their feelings on this point are. what i found particularly interesting though, was at the end of talking about the us position with regard to taiwan. there was a small comment with regards to other countries. you might support taiwan as well, and that they will supposedly also not succeed from general weight perspective. and
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that, i think pointed to perhaps other centers in the region are abroad. the concept here is really that the u. s. has no say in the region extra regional country, this kind of calls them aren't here to determine regional security and that it's up to countries within the region to determine that. 8 of course, of the countries within the region also have an interest in having extra regional countries and the united states at present and active and engage in the region as well. so there is a contradiction there. sri lanka is limiting the amount of heal. people can bi weekly plants, impose rations to deal with a severe shortage, but the energy minister hasn't specified how much motorists will be allowed to purchase. the government is under intense pressure after months of protests against where c can make conditions. the worse crisis since independence is also dealing with shortages of food and medicine because of a lack of foreign currency. and now fernandez has more from colombo. it's a sort of a double edged sword at the moment. i mean,
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we've heard this announcement from the minister of energy content of jessica a little while. oh, earlier today. the fact that he has no choice but to start registering consumers. and then basically giving them a guaranteed caught up a week. now it all looks good when he announces it, but obviously for consumers, it's going to mean that they're going to want to see this actually are put into action. what you see behind me is a busy patrol station air in the heart of colombo, this station actually has fewer stalks, but there's an on ending line of where he goes both petrol and diesel. there are 3 wheelers, all the local taxes. there are essentially motorbike people who've been queueing up for hours is one gentleman who's just sitting a little bit off camera that's been here since 6 o'clock in the morning. and he still hasn't got all the supplies he needed. now people obviously have much better things to do things like getting on with their lives going and putting of food on
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the table, earning their money. they cannot afford to spend a, you know, 234, sometimes 10 and sometimes as bad as 24 hours in frederick use, sometimes at fuel stations, which are close. the bows haven't even arrived yet. so things are really bad. so one thing that will happen if the rationing actually happens properly, people might be able to save a bit of time. they will have a guaranteed amount of fuel that they will be able to get. but given are the sort of chaos we have seen in recent weeks. our people will want to see that the government is able to actually do this. on the prime minister says, sri lanka may have to buy more oil from russia to ease shortages renewed before and now we are negotiating with a private supplier. you start that week when buy anything, it's a private supplies will give us and we buy from them. part of it that
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issue here is that there's a lot of ways going around which is, which can be source back informally, to iran or russia. sometimes you may not know what you're buying, but we are looking at other sources of oil. was traditional sources from the middle east. we've been taking where we have been purchasing foot still ahead on al jazeera, a russian strike in the east of ukraine says the chemical plant on $500.00 reportedly sheltering inside and a building boom in the gambia field fire surge in the money sent home from abroad ah, awe
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than the last day or so. so much has been a good focus of heavy rain. less so up in cambodia and vietnam and i think that sort of repeatable. so from central sumatra, through quote number to singapore and to walters western side, a born years where the heavy rains likely. but it is fairly widespread threat indonesia and the philippines. just a little less so on the mainland. but still you've got the daily shows in house, you mean city for example, which occur in the afternoon and it turns up a bit gusty. other was, the wind is very light humidity's, quite high. the seasonal rains in china are repeating themselves, but edging ever slowly southwards. they do catch q should in chicago, but not home shoe tokyo's walk that 27 will just see a bit of a dropping back to 22 on tuesday. and this rain to be found rent, beijing and g. now in the yellow sea, this is daily shower rather slow moving. i have to say. but on tuesday, from the yangtze south was, it's largely dry with the exception of shanghai. and if you follow that line, the same monsoon front when we call to course southwest sponsored in india,
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has reached mom by the showers ahead of it. brick yet in gujarat, in rochester, most of north india of course, is still dry, hot and dusty that goes to pakistan too. but there are occasional showers breaking out to relieve the heat. ah, what happens the in new york has implications all around the world. it's the home of the united nations. it's a center of international finance, international culture to make these stories resonate requires talking to everyday people to normal people. not just how are those there's and that's where i'll just get the mayor of the city. and i said you doing away with that was it was to get everybody on this international perspective with the human touch zooming way in and then pulling back out again. oh,
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the me a recap of our top stories on al jazeera voters in france were casting their ballast in the 1st round of parliamentary elections president demanded. my course correlation holds the majority in the assembly, but he's, he's being challenged by lecturing brock. led by john the command. i'm sure. china is defense minister away from hair has warned that for an interference in taiwan is due to fail. he was resting atop security conference in singapore and said beijing would fight to the end if taiwan tried to declare independence and sri lanka is imposing weekly hotel to limit the amount of fuel people can buy, it's suffering, it's worse economic crisis since independence with the shortage of the food fuel and medicine
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ukraine says russian shilling in a severe jeanette skin. the east has caused a huge hire at a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians, i believe, to be sheltering. moscow has been focusing much of its fire power in the eastern region. the governor of lou hands says ukraine still controlled the chemical facility present. go to me as landscape says ukraine. well, when the war, but he's asking allies for more ammunition and weapons. cha, stratford has more from keith. we came off the phone to a ukrainian deputy commander inside that city sivilton ask one of only 2 cities. now that is not under full russian control in the loop. ganske region of don bass, that deputy commander saying to us that yes, there had been heavy shilling of that chemical plant and that it was on fire that chemical plant, a vast, great soviet built industrial complex that before the wall used to produce
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fertilizes and building material it's located in the south east of the city. we understand close to the river, close to the river that separates the town several. the next from the town of lucy chanced, which he tells us is also getting heavily shelled. we asked him whether he could firm reports that we've been hearing of the last couple of days about hundreds of civilians sheltering underneath that chemical plant. in several minutes, he was unable to confirm that he estimate stood up to 2000 civilians. may have died in savannah the next amidst this heavy fighting. now this comes at a time when the ukrainians complaining again that they don't have enough weapons from the west. and those western weapons that they have been allocated are not getting here fast enough. so there are huge concerns yet again to day for room, mostly ukrainians, ability to be able to defend that city. and for the up to what we understand could
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be around $10000.00 civilians, either trapped inside that city or unwilling to leave. a human chain has formed in solidarity with ukraine outside the european commission building in brussels. people are showing their support for ukraine's e u candidacy. present vitamins lens. he signed an application for membership 4 days after rush in. no rush and launches. invasion are in february. it will you, executive will make a recommendation next week on whether to grant candidate status, but the process could still take decades. in russia, the golden arches are gone, but american style cheeseburgers are on the menu in moscow. again, the 1st mcdonald's restaurant has reopened under new branding and ownership. the chain is not cold, delicious for stop mcdonalds chant, all 850 russian outlets in march following the invasion of ukraine. the new restaurants are all owned by a local licensee, but the american company has the option to buy back its locations within 15 years
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to india. now where more properties linked to muslim protesters have been demolished in the states of water pradesh. authority say they are only pulling down illegal buildings, but why schools have previously accused the governing b. j. p. of carrying out demolitions to intimidate muslims. a destruction followed phase of riley's against 2, former b. j. p. officials for making remarks against a profit in homage that many consider offensive. 30 soldiers have been killed in a hurry. 30 soldiers have been charged in india in connection with the killing of civilians in a branch military operation in december. please say the soldiers used indiscriminate and disproportionate force when they shot and killed 6 miners in the northeast in state of not land mistaking them for an armed group. h civilians and a soldier died when angry crowds confronted the troops. in brazil, a vigil is being held on copa gabana beach in ridge nero for 2 men who went missing
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in the amazon. bruno perrera, well known defender of indigenous rights and dom phillips, a british shown this disappeared last sunday. police have found what appears to be human remains in a remote area where the pair was last seen. one k and cave has more from the vigil in real. this mitchell is being held right here in caught back up on our dom. phyllis used to paddle serve ah, his mother and lives here. don phillips is married to a brazilian and we spoke to her. we spoke to his ah, to his brother in law as well. his mother in law has, is not very hopeful that they will find ah, the remains or that they will find them alive. at least they want them to find them, no matter how. but they're not hopeful that they will be found alive. the remains are being studied right now in our, in the amazon that were taken to a lab there or no, they were found in the river close to where both dom phyllis,
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the journalist and bruno period are who's the indigenous specialists. are. one of results are most of that knows the area the most. he is the specialist in an contacted frightful close to that area. those remains were found. the searches continue. they're very all hands on deck there with the journalists helping as well . and the mood year is let us keep this alive. let us put the pressure because it's not just these 2 people. it's the amazon itself, which is in danger, reporters without borders, this calling for an end to impunity. in regards to the killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina blackberry, it says that a proper investigation into her death has still not been carried out. although it's been one months since she was shot and killed in the head by israeli forces. while an assignment in jeanine on the day of her funeral is really forced on the procession and started beating warners causing pall bearers to nearly drop her
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coffin. that didn't sound thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied easter. was them to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an independent investigation. sharina barclay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine, a 2nd round of talk, same that resolving sedans. political crisis has been postponed indefinitely. the main civilian bronk has refused to take pont, seeing the meetings legitimize last year's military call, in nor protests in several cities to demand a return to civilian ro, security forces 5 gas in the capital cartoon, while demonstrate his bra and ties and barricade histories on thursday, delegates from the main pro democracy lines smith, military leaders for the 1st time. since the cool as ship carrying 16000 sheep has sunk off the sir cain port in sudan. the ship's crew has been
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rescued. it's not clear how much livestock survived. local media reports the vessel was overloaded. rescue teams were trying to bring the ship to harbor when it submerged. hundreds of marches have been held across the us. confir tough a gun laws. they follow a series of mass shootings including one at a primary school in texas and another at a supermarket in buffalo, new york. last month. my kind of reports washington. the brain kept away many, but did little to diminish the spirit of the thousands that came to protest about more than 900000 people in the united states have died in gun related violence this year alone. and after the recent massacre of elementary school children in new fall the texas, those here insist that enough is enough. we're not asking for a lot washington dcs mayor summarizing the feeling of all at the rally. why
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demanding change your what demand thing change? now? we need to american a majority of americans whose share a bow used to let their senators know that they need either need to make change now or get out of our way for too often. we've had so many mass shoes across the country and we're not gonna sit around our houses in just let ahead, we're gonna come out. we're going to, so congress and everyone, one of our elected officials, there we, we need them to do their job. many traveling from out of state to attend this reli . tallulah came from massachusetts to attend this rally. what do you want to see? why did you come, you know, i came here coast. oh no school. and they found bullets like bullets in the bathroom, the boys bathroom. so it made me feel like i needed to be here for that reason and
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cause that this gun violence is becoming a huge problem. oh, the rallies took place across the country. i really want including buffalo, still reeling from a racially motivated attack in may. that took the lives of 10 black people at a local market. it has shredded or our very existence. people are scared to go into stores. our kids are scared to go to school. it was the day on which hundreds of thousands of americans came together with one common message. mike, hannah ultra sierra washington. the average price of petrol in the us has hit more than $5.00 a gallon the highest since $22008.00. price is a well bumped van in some states fuel in california is costing $6.43 a gallon. the rise is being blamed for driving americas highest inflation in 40
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years. gabrielle is under, has more from buffalo, new york. the price of just about everything is going up in the united states, including the cost of petrol for the 1st time in 20 years, one gallon or about $3.00 leaders of petrol is averaging more than 5 dollars. here at this gas station in buffalo, new york, it's just under that at $4.99 a gallon just in the last month. the price has gone up about $0.63. and in the past here about $2.00, there's a whole host of reasons on why it's going up so fast, but it's primarily comes down to 3 things. it's this sanctions on russia due to the war in ukraine. there's also just more people traveling by car this summer here in the united states as well, pushing prices up, and then even the threat of a hurricane or a tropical storm, reaching the south east of the united states. this time of year it's fairly common
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that shuts down refineries and also will drive up prices as well. but the bottom line is, is that gas is becoming much more expensive in the united states and really everywhere around the world. but people here are really feeling it, their pocket books, a sharp increase in the amount of money sent home by gamble ins. living abroad is fueling an investment. val, it's a sign of hope for an economy batted by the current of ice pandemic. and as i'm a needs race reports from the capital, one jewel, in tracks of cash, is drawing some back to their country. lunch time approaches. emma jane. mindy and how staff are getting ready for it has now become a routine, getting swamped by customers. orders start coming by for 2 hours before lunch. young aunt to restaurants and is already planning more with money. she saved up in the united states. coming back home. it's like the best thing for me
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and yeah, it was good going. what i've learned, i learned over there because i love got no video that i just wanted to bring all that knowledge and then do chill with people that you can really make it back home . but really status hugging the biggest slice of remittances from gibbons aboard. this us based, realistic developer has sold dozens of properties in the gum. yeah. and is building a set of 36 bungalows yet how i mean, no troubles sell it. and again, the reason is because people have known me in this business, we have known it overseas and i'm doing it here from real estate to hospitality and retail diaspora relatives is a key to the local economy. it's one of the most significant sectors of ha kami. it's as much as almost 50 percent of a g d p. meaning that a lot of cabins that are overseas,
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send money to support their families and more increasingly also to develop real estate. i'm send their family and children to school with a population of 10000000 people. the gumby i received an estimated half a $1000000000.00 in romito says from citizens in the diaspora in 2010 to $1.00 that jumped by 50 percent. one unprecedented $778000000.00. this currently cannot be fall out from copied 19. now these funds help to transform the economy of it's more what's public and making. and it's people. operators of these online trading platform said organic home gold groceries to gabby, us abroad, but we wanted to get a portion of that remittance market and carried them to remedy food health, not only food, what healthy food, organic food, it house, luke and pharmacies as well. with inflows expected to grow as they couldn't be recovered from the impact of copied 90 of.


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