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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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wanting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because up the only way we can try to solve any of these problem is together. that's why i'm 0 is so important. we make those connections. we've never had a president who has literally for 4 to 5 years, repeatedly attacked our democracy. you don't lose your lair at the compliance. we don't have a narrative. i have a question. we're hitting their brain where people can't get treated and death will for even further. join me rachelle perry on up front as my guest, them around the world. take the hot seat and we debate the big talk for ethan pricing issues here on al jazeera. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah. hello, the whole rahman you're watching the out. is there a news? i live for my headquarters here in dough all coming up in the next 60 minutes. voting for francis next parliament president monro microns. coalition base is a tough challenge from a left wing blog, lead by joan duke mellon, short legal demolitions or collective punishment. indian authorities bulldoze the properties of several muslims who demonstrated against the governing b. j. p. running out of fuels for lang, pronounced as a weekly ration to address shortages that have led to nationwide protests and nearly half a 1000000 people flee ukraine's war for moldova. but is the former soviet state also and the threat it's prime minister joins us live on the program. and later in sport, who hear from the australian and peruvian coaches ahead of the crunch, woke up playoff and informing the one that will champion next the stuff and extends
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his lead in the standings of the claiming b as a b john grown pre ah welcome to the news our voters in france, so choosing that new parliament in an election that could determine if president man will not crawl will succeed in pushing through reforms. maxwell's coalition holds the majority of seats in the outgoing national assembly, but he's facing a challenge from a left wing block less than 2 months after being reelected. 577 seats are being contested in the 1st round. so let's get straight over the general hull, who's outside the polling station in paris, and there's a great deal at stake here. isn't there in this particular election. jonah there is voting as you say, on going in this 1st round of the parliamentary elections. we know, of course now who the president is, the question is, how will france's laws be made? how will the country actually be governed?
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and that's what's being decided here. and while for the past 5 years, emmanuel macro and has held both the presidency and the parliament in his hands, what happens next could be rather less clear. cut his might report. 2 months after returning emanuel macro to the presidency, french voters are electing a parliament high in their minds. the climate crisis and cost of living is about like history. so i think the essential question of our era is climate and the planet. and that important things must be done immediately of measures and needed in terms of the current situation to deal without purchasing power and competitiveness. the question is, how do we despise the current situation? keep moving forward. microns, centrist ensemble coalition faces a strong challenge from a far left alliance, built by jean luc melon, show me if the leftists greens and communists do well, they could block much of microns agenda, making france,
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as one analyst pointed out ungovernable. the country's ungovernable. if you have a weak majority, that does not mean that you can run the country and you very well have in the next month. a huge uprise of people saying, well, we are not happy with the president's decisions. we do not consider that peace can solve the problem. so where can we solve it? and you can have this st. let's say st. democracy, france has a strong tradition of st. protest like the yellow vests that made microns 1st term, so uncomfortable with their demands for economic justice and political reform. this election could provoke similar scenes. the left his coalition has its own i is about how to deal with france, his cost of living crisis, soaring inflation that alone e u policy and the war in ukraine. it is entirely possible that in the new
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parliament, the centrists could find their way blocked. at every turn, 5 years ago a manual micron completed a clean sweep of power with his centrist winning the parliament as well. his 2nd term as president could turn out rather differently. now as i said, these 2 political forces have very different visions of the future. here in france, the left is one to raise taxes on the rich raised the minimum wage, lower the retirement age. the sentries want to raise the retirement age, lower taxes, and reform the welfare system. 289 seats is the number required for any side to obtain a majority in the new parliament. but remember this, even if the left is don't achieve that figure, the system means that even a significant my minority has significant power to block, to disrupt, so that the new national assembly, when it's formed, after the run of next week look, set to frustrate, to undermine president microns 2nd term agenda general empowers thanks very much.
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let's cross over to raymond sarah l y, and she's a researcher in comparative law at the university of to lose capital goods happy with us on the program. obviously, mellon shaw has gathered together a group of disparate political groups all representing different sorts of minorities or political persuasions. just in general terms. how important is the minority vote and do such groups come out in numbers to vote? well, it's a very hard question to answer because we actually don't have official members as to for whom minority board but clearly and we have seen that in the presidential election, vulnerable minorities tend to vote for parties who actually tried to be from the interest all who are less able and mental should indeed be extremely great with minorities. now,
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it is not without critics either. these new coalition that middle shall manage to gather which by the way, also by the general less or so had some critiques from minority, saying that he did not choose minorities to actually be part of the government and to run for elections. so we have a clear picture of the 2nd round, when alliances all the islands will have to be made. so let's talk about the necessity of friends, because obviously there are different ethnic groups who feel that they are french or were french. they were born that or have some sort of colonial connection to france. do those minorities feel part of the electoral process that they are part of france and they are part of the, the process itself in being part of the country that is inclusive of them. it's you know, people of immigrant background,
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whatever that means i want to ask until when those who are born and raised in france with great grandparents were of you know, for example, north africa origin or the western african origin. and so launch can be fully confident friends, french, and i would say that minorities in branch and select the vulnerable communities just to be treated as their fellow citizens equally. and don't want to be, you know, treated in a different way. and we all know that racism and discrimination is a huge issue in friends that he'll need to be address humorously. unfortunately, we have seen that these category of people have been given franchise and, and usually they are here. they are being use this and weaponized and instrumental lives when the filtration is dire and we need them vote. so there is a lot of work to do, but it's starting to change. we see people from these quote unquote minority groups trying to run for election, but however,
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it's still very tough. but there is some hold that things might change one day. would you have to try to find a way to do that? you have touched on the far right, for example, of often demonized minority groups whose history as we say, you know, may not be from france. so, but from colonial france and links some to the french state and you say they have been politicized. i mean, a minority groups that you speak to do they get sick to death of being part of this tennis match between the left and the right. and yet they had never actually consulted or deemed to be respected enough to talk to about how they feel. yes, absolutely, and you know where the far right, of course goes after these groups, but all the mainstream parties as well, including the lead. and that's why, by the way, the lead had been so divided and, and i think there is a really frustration with the group of people don't arabic, communities to not be addressed to, to not be consulted on issues that directly affected them. because we also of all
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we talk about is secretaries of immigration in a way to go after this category of people. but you know what, they have the frame, you know, issues of the rest of the population, unemployment, you know, access to public services, higher education, and so on. and i think that's the frustration these people wants to be french and yet as to concentrate as you know, aliens in their own county. well, let's talk about this disparate group of the left wing if they are so divided, they have different opinions offices we know, but coalesce and gather around melon show how will macro exploit this if we look to run off in a 2nd round vote next week. well it's, it's a days all over again. i mean, we have seen that in the past residential election at the 2nd round when mike tried to reach out these category of people that he needs. so if you need the votes for
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them, and i think it's pretty much the same here, with the exception that this time i think that michael knows very well that for him, the left winning is a threat to his parking, which ironically speaking is not so device as well. so again, the question is with whom michael is going to have an alliance with the right wing, which also is very divided and weak. or this part of the lead the hardliner. and you know, that can raise those who actually hold the same kind of discourse. so on which side will he be and i'm, i won't be surprised if indeed feel free reach out to these people. but if you will, they will see what happens. rima aloe and from the university of to lose. thank you so much. thank you for having me. still a, had him on the algebra news out, trying to vows to fight to the end, to prevent taiwanese independence accusing the u. s. a forcing asian countries to
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choose sides will have the latest from the, at the center of the battle for eastern ukraine as firing gulf, the chemical time sheltering civilians. and, and for the defending champion, reach the stanley cup final straight. ah, the more properties linked to muslim protest as have been demolished in the indian state of pradesh, authority say that only pulling down illegal buildings rights groups have previously accused the governing b. j. p of carrying out demolitions to intimidate muslims. the destruction for those days of rallies against 2 former b. j. p. officials were making remarks against the prophet mohammed that many consider offensive a freedom. fatima is an activist whose father, david mohammed is a leader of the wealth or a party of india. the home was amongst those, demolished, joins me now from prior grudge in utter pradesh, state. good,
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happy with us on the program. can i just begin 1st? were you your father or any member of your family at these demonstrations? i'm not many months taking on friday. none of us were part of that happened in law and we were done house. it was the idea. it was trying to be really, you know, awful and we were in the house of the day. okay. a friend. so then the next question i have to ask, before we can carry on is, has your ever has your home ever being questioned as being illegally erected or constructed in any way? i can, you cannot. i mean, we have been paying our house tax, but around 20 years and not one have we received any information by any
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development fees open the ha ha that our house is illegal or you know, why was they think me would? why would be when it was in the legal house? indeed. well now we've got those facts very clear. let's just talk about what happened to your family. obviously you've been targeted. so just start with the timeline of when the knock came at the door. right around 8 p. m. on the 10th of june, one friday, the police came to court and talked to my father of the august him to accompany him to the police station for the dock. that is it. they did not tell us if it was a detention if it was a dance, there was no warrant, but was she going? and because obviously him talk to me him to the police station them to the police station. and my father went with them on came along where he could be leaving, but he's just been calling to talk about what and what had happened in the by
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following the progress. and then we did not really know where it took him. we did not really know why or not just wanted talk to my fargo, and then i could try to d e m o. that would be 10 to 13011th of june, 20 to a d e m. in the middle of the night. and my yes, my go on my young so well also do gained by the the how did leaking and they will be in different data environments, going with them. and it was thought, how did that make you know i, i could not even figure out that my mother had been gain i'm, she had gone by, but i could come to the gate. we had already taken her. and so we just clarify that with no we just just step by step. if we can just clarify,
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there was no arrest warrant and there were no charges puts against your father or any member of your family. so you didn't know why you were being taken into custody . absolutely not. there were no one. there was no law in giving information from part of the police as to why they would take him from. in fact, they did not with denison where they were taking them so we did not really know which we station why. 1 but nothing, we had no idea and then i turn around 2 30 am, but we need to get some sort of house and might start. no, i'm me to all through our company ran to the police station or investigation and just to gratify my father was not named in any. if i did not know if he was the dean read, he was, i mean if the police were driving him or anything, i'm to be access to come to the police station with them,
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which we denying that we will not be going to the police station because it ah, league at night and you're going to be doing it means, are you going we did in the mail and i made sure that i let them know that this would be an illegal check on, on, on their facts. and in us was 3. i'm. yeah, so of course you, you, you, it is obviously you, you didn't go with the police or 2 that the police station is such. so what was the time difference? cuz obviously we now know that your home has been demolished. am i correct night and you know my question. yeah. just let me just just tell us from the, from the moment obviously your home has been demolished. from the moment the police left you and your sister in law. what time duration was there before they came to then start demolishing your home. and obviously you have no notice of that. of course, so i joined you back. i don't put the big game and stuff to accompany them. he said,
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no, we will not be going. and then then they started off. we bought a house to come to get out of our house. you said you don't have to come to the police station with us, but just empty, your house will be tried. you think that's from our house and ready to be paid outside of our house until 11 am in the morning and. 2 funding with us to get our house and they did not dennis, why just said that there was some security and we wanted to make sure that the our feet and i if you really want us to be saved, then you should be enjoying i sort of be inside our house and not shipping us from one piece to the other. and what you wanted to your house is to man the police decided to demolish my home. okay. will you or any member of your family or your friends, your neighbors able to save any elements of your house, your belongings, your possessions. will you given any notice at all?
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we were we were in fact not doing anything. we just came outside apart how last night i den b n and the base did a notice of thought and which red badge bill would be the one thing our house the next morning at 11 am i'm we should be should leave our house by then and so what we did not know that was the brain side of the house because basically they did not even, it's like, you know, i have like they don't even inform us that they were doing something. and what is also more shocking and more of disturbing is the fact that they have used late. you know, they have lived in that ready noticed that the, that the was so the know, but i know and that there were some good case that happened and let you know. but they have not mentioned or any reference numbers. they have much mentioned the
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receiving if we were able to get when i know this about they the guy that you of our house. sure. i just want to be was afraid that we just clarify from international view is when a friend is talking about notices in india, you will given one legal notice after the next. then you have to acknowledge those notices by the court before they can then proceed to victory. you will or demolish your home. obviously, what you're saying, a free is all of this happen in such a short, short space of time. there's no way the courts could ever of approved any of this. and therefore, obviously it's all happened. you might say under a smoke screen that the police will have to try and try and try and justify at the end of the day, how. how did the community around you? reacted anybody come to your help or your age? anybody come to give you any advice i just wanted to add one thing and i dont the rest and then i also wanted to tell you but that you know,
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it was the rate of speed the way with the police gave us last night. the surveys are not doing child injured, but we did what we said, you filed an online edition again, and we think we got even go to that house for you. so for, for like, you know, i, me was with us be like, you know, it was fun to be were in the house, be supported. awesome. anyway possible, they brought us what i like, you know, many of our simpson people in the city. well, trying to find out where exactly they've taken my mother and my sister and read it back to you. my father had no back with them even. in fact, even the lawyers went on to talk to my father or my mother and, and just very quickly has everybody been released now? my mother and my son. * so let you go to d, i to down to 9
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a. m in the morning and they will need to change for more than t r and your father without us knowing people and your father very quickly afraid, is he still incarcerated? yes, he is. i'm just the guy he's been shipped to many prison. okay, well we will keep a very close eye on this story, a free phantom of course, talking to us from a safe house in the area. thank you so much for joining us on al jazeera. thank you very much. ukraine says russian shelling in several minutes because caused a huge fire at a chemical plant, $100.00 the civilians believe to be sheltering. moscow has been focusing much of its fire power in the eastern region. the governor of hans says, ukraine still controls the chemical facility. present law demands. lensky insist ukraine will wind the wall, but he's asking highlights the more ammunition and weapons. a human chain has been
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formed in solidarity with ukraine. outside the european commission building in brussels. people are showing their support for ukraine's e. u candidacy. residents lensky signed an application for them bishop, for days after russia launched its invasion in february, the executive will make a recommendation next week, whether to grant candidate status, but the process could still take decades. another recent applicant for membership is ukraine's neighbor to the west, moldova, the former soviet state fairs. it could be drawn into the conflict. moldova already has russian soldiers on its doorstep, about 1500 stationed in the moscow back to break away region of trans district. russia says that part of a peacekeeping agreement, trans history. you see there shows a border with ukraine. although over is one of europe poorest countries reliant on cheap rushing gas. it's government wants to change that and link. it's an tricity grid with the use in march. the country has also taken in nearly half
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a 1000000 ukrainian refugees, the highest number per capita of any european country. i'm joined now by the prime minister of mold over natalia gallery, who's here in doha prime minister. very good of you to take some time to speak to us here on al jazeera, how concerned are you that the war is getting closer to moldova borders? we are of course, concerned about her, the escalation of the war. for now we do not have any information or that would indicate that moldova is under immediate threats. but certainly we are looking for ways to keep their situation calm and also to build the resilience of the country or in various areas and to make sure that her, our citizens are not her affected the more than they already are, economically socially. and otherwise,
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moldova does defined itself as the neutral country, but next to ukraine to tell me how your country, as you say it is building up, its resilience is taking measures to protect itself. do you feel you need to protect yourself from russia? and if russia is successful in ukraine, do you not worry that you might be next? oh we do think that we need to accelerate sir our development in a way that would make us more resilient in terms of our security, in terms of our energy supply, in terms of our economy. we are the most affected country after crane, or we are have significance, economic consequences because of the disruption in logistic chains in trade in remittances. and sir, you know, we are facing very high inflation, one of the highest in europe at 29 percent already. so we are,
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of course, are doing everything that we can, both her in terms of social programs, diversifying our markets, finding alternative sources of energy, in order to maintain social cohesion and political stability. and we'll touch on those as well as we continue with this interview. but obviously the politics of what's going on in the region a so very obvious to everybody. moscow back propaganda groups recently labeled your president. my son do a pro, if he was a pro european thinker, a nazi that's a reminiscent of the way moscow termed those in the dumbass region of ukraine before invading. is this a warning shot to choose? now we hope not that we believe that or, you know, international law should be account and i, you know, every country has the right to self determination has the right for it,
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sir. sovereignty and territorial integrity to be respected. my mother has never hidden. it's a european choice, in fact that we have an association agreement for 8 years or with a you, we have a deep and comprehensive free trade agreements. we have been making efforts in terms of bringing our legislation on our standards, close to those of the european union and as ukraine we very much look forward to the decision of the european council and we hope that it will be a positive one. and moldova will also become a candidate country of the and, and it was whizzing pictures of you, shaky houses shall michelle or of the e. u. how difficult is it though to, to balance this and be a neutral countries have a neutral stance. when you're a landlocked country with neighboring ukraine at war with russia and you yourselves, have your own pro russian back to break away region within your own borders of
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trans mystery. a you have a very difficult job right now and trying to balance all of those issues. indeed sir, it is a very difficult situation. and moldova has been hit by a shock sa, multiple shocks and one after another. ah, you know, the come, the old countries were facing the consequences of the quote at van demick. in october we had an energy crisis, and sir, we were seeing high inflation even before the war. and now of course sir, are the consequences of the war are extremely dire, as you mention, we do need to, ah, you know, maintain a balance, or we are need to, ah, you know, help our people understand how to get through these difficult times and, oh,
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you know what comes next. so are we, we are very certain about our european choice, and we hope that, ah, the european union member states agree, are you in any way talking to moscow at any level at prime minister level orbits? president level about what's going on that there are discussions that are held in a through diplomatic channels. okay. russia obviously it says it's defending, it's russian ethnic speaking moldova, in trans and history. and i come back to that question that there are russian troops, us and apparently there for peacekeeping duties, yet there's never been any conflict to waive the majority of moldova and trans mistrial. so have you not told russia to remove its troops off your land?
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let me be very clear, ah, we need to have international law upheld and we need countries to be certain that their sovereignty and territorial integrity is protected under international law and the current multilateral framework of corporation. and moldova has used this framework or to constantly and consistently called for the withdrawal of the russian troops from the mold of and territory. there has been an agreement on this, or under the o. c auspices. and this has not happened, and i, you know, we continue to say that the troops are stationed on our territory illegally. and we continue to appeal to the international community to support us in their
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shoring. that international commitments are upheld. we are and neutral country. and this neutrality is not only enshrined in the constitution but is largely supported by our population. but of course we do have to consider, you know, what other guarantees of this neutrality and how this helps moldova, to maintain it, sir, for security and stability. but beyond a neutrality, if international law is not a pounds than there, you know, even guarantees like of the nature that had been given previously to ukraine, do not. they assure security and stability. your country has been very generous in accepting many ukrainian refugees. how much of a strain has that put on your infrastructure and what sort of help have you had from your european neighbors, all the international community to meet the needs that you require.
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you know the mold of and people have really shown in the last 3 months that we are a small country with a big heart. oh the very 1st wave of refugees that came in. okay. my through moldova, at some point. mold overhead to the highest number of refugees per capita of any european country. we had half a 1000000 refugees that have crossed the border between the ukraine and moldova, and about 80000. i still, in moldova, majority of them are children. of course, this was only possible because it wasn't just the government that it was the entire society that has mobilized them. we had thousands of volunteers. we had a non governmental organization,
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private sector organizations working to provide help to ukrainian refugees. we are now looking into ways in which these refugees can be integrated. we have taken very swift decisions under the emergency committee to allow for example, the right of work their right to education and health services. but as you mention, this does a put a strain on our already limited resources. so we have a cold or for assistance from our you partners, but also from ah, other international partners. recently we had a donors conference, sir, which was, are organized by germany, france, and romania. and we have received some budget support from the
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european union. we have received a all financing ah, through their ah, international monetary fund. and so, ah, you know, loans from our partners or on concessional terms such as poland for example. but of course, if we need that much more, or you know, we need equipment or we need training for our teachers and doctors with goods ah, medication if. and that's if we're talking about education and her health sector and, and prime minister for all of that to work he sibling, as you say, you have limited resources. you've had a donors conference, it all sort of circles back to what's happening right now. doesn't it? because for your country to work like any other country at the moment in the world, you need energy, any energy to switch the lights on to have those computers working. you need fuel
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for transport in all sorts of forms to get around the country. so we come back to the fact that moldova does import much of its gas from russia. and that supply has often been threatened to beat, switched off by moscow in this last couple of years, or certainly the last couple of months or, or other countries of trying to find alternative solutions to their energy needs. are you in that same boat as well? looking for different alternatives and, and where are you looking indeed? oh, we do have for a problem with energy security and security of supply both of gas and electricity. and even though we have a long term contract, a disputed death issue and puts this contract on the threat. and in terms of electricity, we actually are currently an important thing,
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electricity from ukraine and from the separate this transistor and the region, the end of these contracts are monthly. so every month we have to renegotiate the terms for our electricity supply. under the circumstances, the government puts a lot of effort into our finding ah, alternative sources of supply in the energy crisis that happened in october, moldova, for the 1st time in its history, accessed the sport market, and bought some con, to quantities on the market. but of course, sir, the prices are extraordinarily high, even with a long term contract that now with gas from the tariff has increased by a 6 times for our consumers. the price of electricity has gone up
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40 percent already and we don't know how much longer we can maintain the current, the current contracts at current terms. and so we are looking for either alternatives. her including her here in katara. we are particularly looking for building up strategic reserves. ah, for at least 23 months of supply. in case we face an extraordinary situation. but we are also looking for diversifying or sources in the long term. both in terms of the countries from which we important but also in terms of the type of energy that we produce. and we are rapidly reforming our regulations on our policies in terms of renewable energy. unfortunately that we have to leave it to prime minister natalia garcia of moldova. thank you so much for your time and
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for joining us here on 20. thank you very much. now the golden arches are gone, but american style cheeseburgers on the menu in moscow. again, the 1st mcdonald's restaurant in russia has reopened, and a new branding and ownership chain is now called delicious. full stop battle. she has all 850 russian app. it's in march, falling the invasion of ukraine. any restaurants are all owned by a local licensee, but the american company has the option to buy back its locations within 15 years. sir lanka is limiting the amount of fuel people can buy per week. they plans to impose rations to deal with a severe shortage. however, the energy minister hasn't specified how much motorists will be allowed to purchase . the government is under intense pressure after months of protests, against the worst economic crisis, and independence is also dealing with shortages of food and medicine due to a lack of foreign currency. michelle fernandez has moved from columbus. it's
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a sort of a double edged sword at the moment. i mean, we've heard this announcement from the minister of energy content of jessica a little while. oh, earlier today. the fact that he has no choice but to start registering consumers. and then basically giving them a guaranteed caught up a week. now it all looks good when he announces it, but obviously for consumers, it's going to mean that they're going to want to see this actually are put into action. what you see behind me is a busy patrol station air in the heart of colombo, at this station actually has fuel stocks, but there's an on ending line of vehicles, both petrol and diesel. there are 3 wheelers or the local taxes. there are essentially motor bikes. people who've been queueing up for hours is one gentleman who's just sitting a little bit off camera that's been here since 6 o'clock in the morning. and he still hasn't got all the supplies he needed. now people obviously have much better
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things to do things like getting on with their lives going and putting on a food on the table, earning their money at. they cannot afford to spend a, you know, 234 years, sometimes 10 and sometimes as bad as 24 hours in patrick used sometimes at fuel stations, which are close. the bosses haven't even arrived yet. so things are really bad. so one thing that will happen if the rationing actually happens properly, people might be able to save a bit of time. they will have a guaranteed amount of fuel that they will be able to get. but given are the sort of chaos we have seen in recent weeks. our people will want to see that the government is able to actually do this. reporters without borders his calling for an end to impunity in regard to the killing of alger agenda serene. i will actually, it says that a proper investigation into serene staff has still not being carried out, although it's been one month and she was shot in ahead by the force as well. an
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assignment in jeanine on the day of her funeral israeli forces stolen the procession and started beating mourners, causing pulver as any to drop her coughing. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied jerusalem to take part in the funeral and burial. members of the international community of condemned to killing and continue to call for an investigation. a boy clay was with al jazeera but 25 years covering the story of the israeli occupation. and she was known as the voice of palestine. chinese defense minister way thing is warning that beijing will crush any move towards independence in taiwan. he made the comments on the last day of asia, stop security summit and singapore. the shangri la dialogue. jessica washington reports now from the conference, had a security summit in singapore, the most highly anticipated speaker of the 3 day conference took the stage with forcible words. they at your elbow he. we do not bully others, but we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. but if anyone dares to attackers the
6:42 pm
people's liberation army will not hesitate to fight buck troy, you assure speech that covered a range of regional flesh points and your we will resolutely crush any attempt to pursue taiwan independence. if anyone dares to succeed taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs. being quite analysts say way fung, huh. has made beijing's priorities clear. he wanted to talk to his audience about what they're doing in asia, what they expect over taiwan, and why the united states is actually responsible in china's eyes for the instability in this region. in his speech way framed washington as a meddling power, one that tries to create instability in the asia pacific or in his was one that tries to hijack countries in the region to create division. in contrast, way says china's military is a force for peace. and so ester alias,
6:43 pm
new defense minister, has told out 0, there are many questions that need answers. city we are saying a very significant build up by china. i was the biggest military build up that we've seen in the world since the end of the 2nd world war. i'm and, and it's really important that that occur in a transparent wise the pacific has also been a topic of discussion at the summit and following increased engagement from the ging, where really, which it miles says estrella is revitalizing its relations with those countries. if we go out into the pacific, allan countries do the work place their interests, that the center verification and then the rest takes care of itself. we will become the natural partner choice we have in full for this opportunity. the g defense minister, one of the few representatives from the pacific fielded questions about his regents ties to beijing and meeting with the chinese. of course, everybody knows that we've met the americans. we met the japanese, we met the chinese, we met the australians,
6:44 pm
you name it. as organizes wrap up this year's summit uncertainty over the regions future remains intended to provide diplomatic avenues to help solve differences. it's also provided delegates the chance to wear their grievances for the world to see jessica washington al jazeera singapore. the corolla has authorized russian troops, planes, and ships to be deployed on its territory present. daniel ortega, a long time ally of moscow, says a small contingent of russians will work as emergency responders and low in forces . russia foreign ministry spokesman says the forces will combat the drug trafficking and organized crime, the crime you who has excluded last week. some of the americas hosted by the us a vigil is being held on kopeck about the beach in rio de janeiro, the 2 men who are missing in the brazilian amazon brilliant pereira, a well known defender of indigenous rights, and dom phillips, a british journalists disappeared last sunday, please say they found what appeared to be human remains in
6:45 pm
a remote area where the pair were last seen. look again, a kid has more from re edition ero, this mitchell was being held right here in copper cabinet were dom phyllis used to paddle serv. ah, his mother and lives here. don phillips is married to a brazilian and we spoke to her. we spoke to his ah, to his brother in law as well. his mother in law has is not. * very hopeful that they will find ah, the remains or that they will find them alive. at least they want them to find them, no matter how. but they're not hopeful that they will be found alive. the remains are being studied right now. in our, in the amazon they were taken to a lab. there are no, they were found in the river close to where both dom phyllis, the journalist and bruno period are who's the indigenous specialists. are. one of results are most of that knows the area the most he, he's
6:46 pm
a specialist in an contact of tribal, close to that area. those remains were found. the searches continue. they're very all my hands on deck there with the journalists helping as well. and the mood here is let us keep this alive. let us put the pressure because it's not just these 2 people. it's the amazon itself, which is in danger. a ship carrying 16000 sheep has sunk off. the su kane port in suit on the ship's crew has been rescued. it's not clear how much livestock actually survived. local media reports the vessel was overloaded. rescue teams are trying to bring the ship to harbor or worth trying to bring the ship to harbor when it submerged. shopping christ's, the amount of money sent home by guardians, living abroad is fueling an investment boom. it's a sign of hope for an economy battered by the pandemic. and as emma did just reports from bon jewel influx of cash is drawing some back to that country,
6:47 pm
lunch time approaches. how much i mindy and how staff are getting ready for it has now become a routine, getting swamped by customers. orders stop coming by for 2 hours before lunch. yamuna ought to restaurants and is already planning more with money she saved up in the united states. coming back home, it's like the best thing for me and yeah, it was good going. what i've learned, i learned over there because i never got no video that i just wanted to bring all of that knowledge. and then do share with people that you can really make it back home. but really status having the biggest slice of remittances from gibbons aboard . this us based real estate developer has sold dozens of properties in the computer and is building a set of 36 bungalows yet have very no troubles sell it. and again,
6:48 pm
the reason is because people have loaned me in this business, we have known it overseas and i'll do an in here from real estate to hospitality and retail diaspora. remittance is a key to the local economy. it's one of the most significant sectors of ha, could i mean it's as much as almost 50 percent of our g d p. meaning that a lot of gambit and set out overseas, send money to support their families and more increasingly also to develop real estate. i'm send their family and children to school with a population of 10000000 people. the gumby i received an estimated half a $1000000000.00 in rem mitosis from citizens in the diaspora in 2021 that jumped quite 50 percent on unprecedented $778000000.00. this quantity cannot be fall out from copied 19. now these ones help to transform the economy of it's small, what's public education,
6:49 pm
and it's people operators of these online trading platform, settle organic home gold, groceries to gabby of support. but we wanted to get a portion of that limit healthmarket and carried them to i mean, food health, not only food, what healthy food, organic food, it house the local farmers as well. or them flows expected to grow, as the economy recovers from the impact of copied 90. officious are hoping romito says, we'll have returned lost jobs during the pandemic, and create even more jobs of the growing number of unemployed computers. army decrease al jazeera by june the gambia. well, have to break hail the news, our it's sport with peter, and we'll have news of a local dutch wildcard that stunned the tennis world. number 2 was made toll victory. ah,
6:50 pm
a with i discover a world of difference determination. i'm coming down with iep, we are with it freedom shots, soldiers, and ominous 16 people with corruption and compassion al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels.
6:51 pm
ah ah, book about time full the sport now his peter, thank you. so we start with formula one and defending champion max for stopping has extended his lead in this is dr. is champing off to win that the as a beige on grand prix, the red bull driver started from 3rd behind. he made sergio perez with ferrari shaw, like they're going from pole. but perez took the lead off the start line and there was bad news for laclare whose call suffered an engine blow out. he's now made it for straight poles without a win for stopping. took the lead from paris to clinch a red bull one to fish, mercedes, george russell, complete the podium and
6:52 pm
a little bit of a different strategy when over the tires compared to ferrari. but then of course they, they had their issues. so from there was, it was just free road for me, but i think overall the paste was was very strong today. why london lived, you know, he was miscommunication that really comes to today because i think we were to be on the differential technica things would have been a lot simple and yeah, unfortunately with in, in the, in the end team we have pretty maximize on think of any event reports so high of that from, from that side and we just keep getting the points in the bullet. but ultimately we need them. symbol will member to daniel made for dave has been stunned. the in the fine will be a t p event in the netherlands by the world number 205. what's more fun, right oven. that's ok. of maybe they've been straight fits in sunday. final the match last the just 65 minute. right over here in a while and before this week,
6:53 pm
the 25 year old had never won a match on a will move up an incredible 99 places. $160.00 and then the women fun, like i said in the legs under the defeated, tough seed at in a sub, a lanka in straight fits the russian one. the last 9 games of the mash, the claim has sickened w. j. ty, who neither will featured wimbledon in 2 weeks because russian and delusions players are banned by the all england club, australia pay peru on monday for a spot in the fif of world come play to this year in casa, the venue for the inter continental playoff is been ali stadium in dough, which has been especially both forecast 2022. the 2 teams last mint at the russia woke up 4 years ago with peru winning to know south american football. ready eyeball is so technically good, ma'am. unpredictable. so you've got to be, we've got to be ready for any think that individually to peru throw at us. but
6:54 pm
look, i just really believe in applies and, and making sure that applies. are ready for okay. get him what his general shooters he, what we want is to keep growing as attain. we've known each other for 7 years now, and it's a squad that's gone through some tough times and we've managed to overcome those moments. we know the road is hard, but that's what we want to live. it's what we're ready for. we're all prepared for these types of matches. masters champion. patrick reed is the latest big name golf at the sign up for the saudi arabia, back lab series. he'll join later this month in the us following shall swanson lucrative victory at the inaugural tournament. david stokes reports i a tap in put with full $1000000.00 south africa show sort. so lead from start to finish to claim the 1st and my live series tournament. when and with the biggest
6:55 pm
prize in go history, a flight a full week of, of hard preparation. and i think it's, you know, for the amount that's at stake. what lovers put up um i could see myself doing that form was all the events to really trying to prepare. like i did for major sna. my decides to come early and be real prepared because you got 3 rounds. nice. you don't have 4 rounds to maybe catch up with you were behind your 3 rounds. you have to play well. all 3 rounds, otherwise you weren't 137 year old short so also on the team events at the centurion club. so walked away with 4750000 overall is compatriot. any? do plessy finish 2nd for just over 2000000. to put that in context before this week, it had taken him $32.00 events from the european talk to and just they were full $100000.00. see, ah, with such huge prize money and big signing bonuses on offer. it's not hard to see
6:56 pm
why the saudi arabia back venture has attracted several big names, including phil mickelson and dustin johnson. the more established pga tour in the u . s. as responded by suspending all of its members that have taken part. but it hasn't stopped others signing up major. when is bryson to chicago and patrick read the latest stars to put pen to paper. i'm super excited just just the thought of being. i'll be a part of an evolution in a change in golf for the better for me, just a dumb, believable, and been watching all weekend and the format and just the way everything is i'm, i'm super excited and can't wait to be a part 20 players have not affected to the live series, but for now most of the top 10 is staying put with several of them competing at this week's canadian opened on the pga tour guys can do as they wish. if they want to go, they can go if they want to stay, they can stay for. i wish it wouldn't be taking away from the great story lines and things that are going on on a tour that's been around for a very long time and can in his,
6:57 pm
in the one of the best places it's ever been. and dom at, you know, it's just a barbara that those guys won't be a part of it. ah, the divided will gold seems set to continue for some time yet with 7 more live series tournament. still to come this year short. so and his fellow rebels get another shot at $4000000.00 in the u. s. at the end of this month at the pumpkin ridge golf club in oregon, david stokes al jazeera right, rory mcelroy chaise. believe that the canadian opened going into the final round. the northern irishman, who's the defending champion, called at 6 bernie's to sit alongside american to any for now who had a day to remember, tying a career low round with a 60 to 2 time defending champions. tampa bay lightning or heading back to the stanley cup finals. the one the last 4 games straight to pull off a big come back over the new york ranges and when the eastern conference series for to captain steve stamp costs school twice. says they clenched game $6.00 to $1.00
6:58 pm
temper. bay face the colorado avalanche for the stanley cup in game one in denver on wednesday. and in colorado. probably the best team in the league, so as you progress through the playoffs, each, each round gets tougher each upon and gets tougher. there's a reason why there's 2 teams left, and that's because there's 2 best teams in lee. so um we're going to have our, our handful for sure, valuable small things again later, sir. thanks very much peter. and you have the, what's the al jazeera news? i'll have more news on the other side on the break, but until then from peter myself on the whole, nissan rti, thanks very much for your time. at your company. ah. something was going to change as anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we're in a race against covariance. no one say to we are all that we're looking at the world
6:59 pm
as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line on al jazeera. mm. you want to help save the world? sneeze into your own. the latest news, as it breaks, the durn estimated. $20000.00 lead gold miners just in the younger mom, the reservation with detailed coverage and the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate thing lives are being put in danger from around the world . president zalinski says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected renew defensive in the east. this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political up seed was some of
7:00 pm
those we talked to elsewhere as saying that they fled after hearing that other villages had been attacked. what we do in al jazeera is try to balance the stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, tell it as it was, and leave the people who allow us into their lives, dignity, and humanity. ask you to tell their stories. something was going to change, has anything really changed? this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against po the variance. no one say until we are all that we're looking at the world as it is right now. not the world we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line on al jazeera. mm mm. ah.


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