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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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there all individuals with children lives with back story is places become a complete truck. so of course, there is simply no way to put all these people up to here, all of them, and to treat them with something that's in respect. we know what's happening in our region. we know have them get the place, is that others can on i wouldn't done but own here guy by that, put it on purpose. i'm 0 had the time in it programming. go live on the, i'm go live to work. another story that may not be me, cream is happening. as i said, i'm going on with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference with this
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is al jazeera ah hello, i'm still robin. you're watching the news on life. my headquarters here in hall, coming up in the next 60 minutes. us senate to agree on a bipartisan plan, couldn't control, but the proposals full short of those thought by president joe biden. both of those places in the 1st round of frances parliamentary election. president macros coalition is a tough challenge from a left wing glock led by his own villain shoal, also legal, demolition, or collective punishment. indian authorities, bold the property, the federal must been demonstrated against the governing b. j. p. and nearly half a 1000000 people. li, ukraine's war football. but the former soviet state also and a threat, its prime minister speaks era about peter similar to the afford history created in
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gulf european with a female player when for the 1st time and informing one will champion max of stuff and extends the lead in the standing is off to claim the as a be john grand prix. ah . look into the news. our a bipartisan group of us senators have agreed on a framework for new gun control laws. now, if passed, it would be the most significant legislation, uncontrolled in guns, in decades. it follows a space of my shootings last month in 1900 children and 2 teachers were killed in the attack on a primary school in texas. and 10 people died in the shooting at a supermarket in buffalo, new york. so let's take a closer look at these proposals. they provide resources to states to help them create and administer so called red flag laws that ensure that weapons are kept out of the hands of dangerous individuals buys under 21 years of it would be subject to
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tough background checks, including mental health wrinkles. and they would provide funding for enhanced mental health services and communities and schools where was enjoyed miss ly, for us in washington dc with the very late is what more detail seems to be emerging from this document raw's. well this is basically a document that is making very, very incremental progress in terms of trying to restrict access to these military style. a are 15 guns that have been used in not just the 2 attacks that were just referenced in you've all the taxes. and in buffalo, new york, but have been used in dozens of, of mass shootings across the united states for road for years. now. what is also going to be taking place is trying to improve access to a school campuses by hardening them,
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providing more money for our school police officers and for physical security equipment to protect students and teachers and other faculty members from the sorts of math attacks. there's also some money to try to improve mental health treatment for people who possibly could be trying to obtain these weapons, as well as provide services to people who happen to be survivors of these attacks. but this is all still just a draft of a draft agreement as it were. there is no final piece of legislation that has actually been written up and introduced in the us senate or for that matter, the house of representatives. but everyone who was involved in this process is saying that this is a good 1st and very necessary step towards trying to protect the u. s. public was told in washington d. c. thanks so the update. let's continue the conversation with christina delgado
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. she's a gun reform advocate and joins me now from houston in texas. good, tough with us on the program. miss delgado. it seems that what the politicians doing at the moment is dancing around the subject without actually tackling it. yes, thank you for having me on today. you know, yes, these, these measures are really fantastic measures. they are incremental movement forward and are also vitally necessary. but, you know, be coming from a community that actually survive one of these for ripping school shootings. it definitely makes us feel like we're still left in the dark. feeling very dismayed. i mean you, you are a gun own yourself, so you understand both sides of the argument. you have also been speaking to law makers, i believe in the lead up to the, the publication of this document potentially about restrictions and gun ownership and access. i mean,
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what's the sense that you're getting from law makers that have been speaking to you, you know, very optimistic, really trying to work to find things that are going to be possible in our senate. but i do feel that we can do more, you know, as a governing family we, these, these practices that we're asking for, such as ethan ball. kimberly ball the education and they storage, the education and responsible ownership and penalty for those individuals who are acting and negligence. would not affect any responsible gun owner that i know or even my family because these are practices that we already do. so it's really kind of hard for some of us to understand why it's so difficult if you don't be, then you really define those negligent people from us, responsible gun owners. there is the argument that we're often hearing that the
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amendment in the constitution says, you know, you're going to have the right to bear arms and yet does the other argument about semi automatic and munitions, all guns an access to that? do people really need a semi automatic gun in the middle of a, an area? and as soon as you mentioned, limiting access to any particular type of gun, all the firewalls emerge from those that are from the pro gun rally. do you see that difference? do you try and talk about the difference? do you see why semi automatic guns shouldn't be on, on the menu, so to speak? we know i've had this discussion with myself multiple times over. you know, my phone, it's been going into the air force. so we are going to be a military family. and in most cases, i myself do not be a need for those types of weapons to be in civilian hands. even in the military,
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they have to go through strenuous training before ever being able to handle those weapons. and when they are on bay, those weapons must be checked in and out of the armory as well as ammunition. i don't, i really do feel that there need to be strenuous background checks and to be honest, i don't know that an every 18 year old have the capability of handling a firearm at that magnitude and capacity. i really don't understand why it is. it is such an issue to put these types of restrictions on them. and as far as the assault weapons ban goes and something of that nature, you know, going into these things, having a freeze doesn't go in and remove anybody firearms. but it just means that we will
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not mask produce even more to be sold out on the street. and truly, i really feel that the blatant misinformation coming from the gun lobby is why we have the issue. i was there at the, in our convention, i listen to the list information being given to each and every one of these members was attending informational forums. and this is one of the reasons that we've had such a difficult time being able to even come to this incremental when of finding common solutions that we can all agree on. and again, in many would say these are small steps and good steps dare i say from the next get to you might say until the next attack. and let's be honest. these sorts of shootings are a day to day occurrence in the united states here. and now, and it's frighteningly becoming the new norm as we hear about it from, from one contribute to, to, to the next taylor and al jazeera and lots of other media outlets. that we know. we look in horror whether we're living in the united kingdom or in india,
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maybe or in china that we just don't have the sort of mass shooting occurrence that we do see in the united states. you know, it's an unfortunate reality that we live here in the us, but it does not have to be this way forever. these are incremental changes that are vastly important that we do come through and pass that just does what was discussed prior to coming here to this moment. this is simply a draft, this is not the final. the final draft be passed right away. so there is still time for these members of the senate to have discussion, to really take into consideration other ways that we can improve these different titles in this bill. to be able to really start to curve this daily
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occurrence as you say, of math violence in our community. christina delgado, it's been really informative to speak to you and thank you very much for your time . and for joining us from houston in texas. thank you so much. have a great day and you to franz. now we're early estimates suggest that posit metal microns alliance, his uncle's to in the 1st round of parliamentary elections, the fun was not could determine if he can succeed in pushing through his reform agenda. let's cross over to natasha butler, who's monitoring the election forth from the french capital. and i suppose maybe we need to start looking or talking about the projections of victory. what are you hearing? yes, these are only estimated results. polls have closed here in france, in this 1st round of the parliamentary elections, 577, a seats in the national assembly up for grabs. and as you say, as far as we know from these projections, it does look as if present macros party. and it's alliance,
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i seem to be in the lead, at least with of the most amount of seeds. but what we're also saying is the new left doing alliance that is led by the far left leader shock. john mental show is very, very close behind. so it could be a tight race as last unpack. so i'm going to bring in a veteran analyst and political commentator, pierre husky, who's with me now looking at these results, appear your 1st thoughts as you see them. they are just projections. of course things could change, but how do you see there are 2 things on one side? it's a tougher race then a prison mccall could have expected. and the reason is that the left was divided in the presidential election between 5 or 6 candidates and they have united and they have only one candidate for the whole left in each consistency. so that has shown in these results are, which is very close in terms of votes are, but not so much in terms of suits. the 2nd lesson is that we'll have to wait until
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the 2nd round to know whether a prison the call will have an absolute majority, which will give him a free hand to govern. or whether he will have a relative majority, in which case you will have to find allies to get the majority and that could make his work more difficult. so it's a tough race for president michael with a very low turnout, which is not a good sign for the french political system and, and, and, and this, and much tougher. second round, that could be expected. this new lateral alliances was created as you say, after the presidential election by at the far left leaders only guinasso. he came 3rd in the presidential a race. in many ways what they've been campaigning on for the last week is they very much want to see at their parssi has a majority release, be powerful enough to have a real impact on what happens in the future in france. yes. with the presidential election show the country divided in 3 between the president in the center. the far
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right with my lavender and the far left with jolly middle shore. they were the 3 blocks of the country. these election is a bit different because my le pen didn't campaign so much the far right. doesn't like the, the sir parliamentary elections that they are really symbolic presence. and so it's been been a, almost a traditional res between the center rights are with the president and the whole left. so millichef gore, which was to be elected prime minister in a way by having a majority looked impossible. and it still looks impossible, according to the 1st estimates, but certainly he will be a powerful opposition group in parliament. and he can be expected to weigh on the political climate in the next few years. we must just imagine as well the fact that there was an historic voter turnout, less than half of people eligible to vote in france actually cast their ballot.
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what's going on? people are just fed up with politics. but there's been a change almost a bit more than a decade ago of the political system in which the presidential mandate was reduced to 5 years. and parliamentary elections are coming just after the presidential election. so many people have the feeling that it's the president's who counts in the french system and it on care about the parliamentary election. it comes to soon after, too many a voting there's voting fatigue, you could call it that way. and the 2nd thing is, i think people are also disenchanted with the offer, the political offer, the political choice that they have. they don't find any of the political parties that really a represents them and, and that's a big problem for the french democracy or prison. mccoy, in his inaugural speech, when he was a for his 2nd mandate, made a reference to it and said he would try to renovate and rejuvenate the political
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system. but this, these are words that are difficult to transform into action. just finally, what about the political rights in france, the right wing, the traditional conservatives? it's been a bit of a story has most of the past few elections, they simply seem to have fallen away while they are under a double pressure one from the far right, which has taken a lot of votes from them, from their disenchanted voters. and the other one for my call, who has a, or almost captured or large section of their electorate. because he's taken many, a many people from their party. for example, the current minister of finance, blue, northern, there used to be one of the leaders of the, the republican party, the 2 previous prime ministers in the 1st mandate of michael, where from that party. so they have a, a problem of a line of defense definition the where do they stand? what's their purpose? almost?
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and 9 append has been trying very hard to say between mccaul and, and her, there's nothing or that the challenge for them is to show that there is something or i passkey. thank you very much indeed of your analysis. the cost of living a education, health, climate change to some of the, the issues that people have been telling us today that they are bothered by. that is why they decided to go out and vote. but as you heard, of course, many people did not. we'll have to wait until the 2nd round to see who will or not whenever joyce in this parliamentary election and will continue to follow that vote counter as the evening progresses. natasha butler forrester in paris. thank you, natasha. there are plenty more had here. all the news are including the biggest blog in iraq's parliament, resigns. after months of deadlock over forming a government, we live in baghdad with the details and china vows to the site to the end. to prevent taiwan independence accusing the u. s a forcing asian countries to choose sides and the local dutch wild stomachs. the tennis world. number 2 was maiden tall
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victory mammal properties linked to muslim protest as have been demolished, of the indian state of utter pradesh. the destruction follows days of rallies against 2 former bp officials for making remarks against the prophet mohammed. but many consider offensive victoria gayton. b reports. a bulldozer demolishes the home of a muslim politician and activist authorities in the state of utter pradesh. say mohammed javert didn't have planning commission gear. doyle, your 2 people involved in the violent protests have been identified and it was found, they had a legal constructions and bulldozers were brought him. we will also charge them under the national security. yale or javits family. say he wasn't at the protests and accused the governing b. j. p of trying to intimidate them,
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of even being our house tax. but around 20 years and not one how we received any information by any development authorities or caliber that our houses illegal. i'll let you know. i will be beaten you. i won't even get my accents in it . it was illegal. how's it eat? prophecies linked to muslim protests as were all say demolished on saturday. oh, the demolitions for a days of protest against 2 former b j. p. officials, he made remarks against the prophet mohammed that many consider offensive protest as one of them, the poor sharma arrested for hate speech. the parties headed media in new delhi intervene clue margin. dell is also accused of making insulting remarks. some protest turned violent on friday. that legal experts say authorities cannot use that as a justification for destroying people's homes. you cannot demolish
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a man's house, but prognostic. you cannot link it to the progress miracle doesn't go to get. so it is in my view, yes, it does in my view and abuse of our the b j. p says it's strongly denounces insults against any religion sector, ideology, but protest is don't believe that statement and say these demolition speak louder than words, victoria gate and be al jazeera now 30 soldiers and india also been charged in connection with the killing of civilians and a botched military operation last december. please say the soldiers used indiscriminate and disproportionate force when they shot and killed 6 miners in the northeast and state of na, garland mistaking them for an armed group. 8 civilians and a soldier dive an angry crowds confronted the troops. now members of the largest political block in iraq's parliament have resigned. it follows
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a request from that leader. the shia cleric went other and sadder the party, 173 seats in elections in october, but they've been months of deadlock of a forming a new government as good morning spy. crossing over to my mood. abdulla hid who's in baghdad. what does this all mean? will so hillary, this is till in terms of the maneuvers the statements and counter statements between the rival political factions and iraq. this has been going on for the past 7 months since the legislative elections in october. no government has been formed as of yet, no president of the state has been picked yet and now marked to that so that the leader, the religious leader of there. so there is to movement has a just called on his supporters. the parliamentarians to it is i and they've
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submitted the resignation upon his requests, and that is ignition has been accepted by the speaker of the parliament. but the question is whether or not this is final resignation. as you know that this resignation has to go through legal procedures within the parliament, according to the 2005 panel of the parliament. any resignation should not be accepted or should not be final before the designed parliamentary and spends at least one year in the parliament. and it should go through legal procedures. it should go through voting. it should go through voting and it should be accepted by the majority of the parliament to members in order to be final resignation. but nevertheless, this is all, seems at least to be a strong message from the lock to the southern whose block has the majority of seats in the parliament, 73 seats and parliament. and it's called could also be read in terms of the
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rivalries with his arrival factions. as you know, on the other hand, the iranian bag, rival factions have been also trying to put push most of them to be part of the government. otherwise, no government is elected. so this could be also, this could be interpreted as part of the, at that the debt temps by a soldier to put pressure on his rival factions to move out of the way mode move out of the way that a. so that is movement as the biggest movement and apartment they need to form the government. so it could be read in terms of the pressure being put by the southern movement on his arrival factions to either move out of the way to give way to pay way for the southern movement to move, to form the government and pick a new president of the state mahmud, that had been baghdad, thank you. the wrongs currency has dropped to its those value against the dollar.
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the rail is not afraid to get $332000.00 for the dollar. it was $32000.00 and the dollar went around reached the nuclear deal with well pounds in 2015 runs. economy has struggle since the us pulled out of the deal. so i will have to, early last week, they ask for $317000.00 for one euro. the next day it goes to 325000 to date i want to buy euro's, but it's not available at all. yes, x ray states anthony blink, and has condemned an attack against venezuela's opposition to one glide. a group of people ambush why day when he was visiting a nursery on saturday. why they said the attack is affiliated with present because madeira the ruling socialist party, it is showing a sense, consolidate. we have to call attention and demands accountability, not only from the ruling party leaders who lead a small group of violent people as happened in medical. these were armed people by
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violently attacked our vehicle. fortunately, it is a curacy vehicle precisely to prevent and for see what has been the onslaught of a dictatorship. nicaragua has authorized russian troops, planes, and ships to be deployed on its territory. for that, daniel will take a long time ally of moscow says a small contingent of russians will work as emergency responders and law enforces russia's foreign ministry spokesman says the forces will come back drug trafficking, an organized crime. the curriculum was excluded from last week. some of the americans hosted by the us chinese defense minister away saying he is a warning that beijing will crush any moves towards independence. didn't i want? i made the comments on the last day of asia's top security summit in singapore, the shangri la dialogue. jessica washington reports now from the conference, had a security summit in singapore, the most highly anticipated speaker of the 3 day conference took the state with
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forcible words. darya, your boy you. we do not bully others, but we will not allow ourselves to be bullied. but if any one dares to attackers the people's liberation army will not hesitate to fight back troy, you assure speech that covered a range of regional flesh points and your we will resolutely crush any attempt to pursue taiwan independence. if anyone dares to succeed taiwan from china, we will not hesitate to fight. we will fight at all costs. being quite analysts say way fung, huh. has made beijing's priorities clear. he wanted to talk to his audience about what they're doing in asia, what they expect over taiwan, and why the united states is actually responsible in china's eyes, or the instability in this region. in his speech way framed washington as a meddling power. one that tries to create instability in the asia pacific or in his was one that tries to hijack countries in the region to create division. in
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contrast, way says china's military is a force for peace. and so ester alias, new defense minister, has told out a 0. there are many questions that need answers. city we are saying a very significant build up by china. i was the biggest military build up that we've seen in the world since the end of the 2nd world war. i'm and, and it's really important that that occur in a transparent wise the pacific has also been a topic of discussion at the summit and following increased engagement from the ging. where really, which at mouth says estrella is revitalizing its relations with those countries. and if we go out in specific countries, do the work place, they are interested the center of aaron casement, then the risk takes care of itself. we will become the natural partner choice. we are very full for this opportunity. the g defense minister, one of the few representatives from the pacific fielded questions about his regents ties to beijing and meeting with a chinese. of course,
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everybody knows that we've met the americans. we've met the japanese, we met the chinese, we met the australians, you name it. as organizes wrap up this year's summit uncertainty over the regents future remains intended to provide diplomatic avenues to help solve differences. it's also provided delegates the chance to wear their grievances for the world to see jessica washington al jazeera singapore felt that i had had all the news running out of fuel. sir lanka announces a weekly ration to address shortages that have led to nationwide protest. also the family and friends of 2 men missing in the brazilian amazon, the hold of vigil as hope said, finding them alive and insult the defending champion, which the stanley cup final for a 3rd straight. yeah, they stories after the break. ah
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ah. hello there. it's all about the exceptional heat across europe at the moment in particular for that southwest corner. i'm western areas, but we're going to see a lot of that warmth, stretch across east as the wet weather works its way towards eastern europe now. for spain and portugal, the iberian peninsula has been sizzling under a heat weight that's been described as the worst piece. some heat way in 2 decades and temperatures here are going to be on the up if we have a look by tuesday, will be touching up towards the mid fourties. lots of sunshine and dry weather and those temperatures on only going to be on the up for the south west to spain, but also for much of portugal and further field. we'll see that rush of thunderstorms stretch its way across, switzerland and austria. some thunderstorms popping off across the balkans and down into greece and turkey. farther north of it for poland. we're going to see some wet
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weather rolling through by the time we get to choose day those storms will be sweeping across the baltic states into western russia. now what to mix bad for much of scandinavia? for britain, an island, it is an improving picture. we think lots of spells and of sunshine, and we're going to see the temperature pick up here too. if we have a look at the 3 day for london. well, we're going to be nearly 10 degrees above the average. by the time we get to friday, lots of warmth to be enjoyed. that sure weather update. ah. the reporting in the field means i often get to witness not just news as breaking, but also history as it's unfolding. dropping from serbia hungry to rep one day, i might be covering politics in the next year, i might be covering protests. but what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. heritage is era. we believe everyone has
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a story worth hearing. ah, you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own the day you decide to do something for the 1st time. i think the anything bigger. i will re case that come up with a book back here watching out there a news i with me. so he'll rahman in doha,
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reminder of all top news stories, a bipartisan group of us senators of agreed on a framework for modest gun restrictions in the wake of a series of mash shootings. under the tentative deal authorities would keep guns away from people dean to be a threat. early estimate suggest that the president manuel nyqold centrist allies on calls to wind the 1st round of parliamentary elections. that's despite a strong challenge by the new far left globe. and more properties linked to must, than protested, have been demolished. the indians say to pradesh, authorities say that only putting down illegal buildings, but rights groups have previously accused the governing b. j. b of carrying out demolitions to intimidate muslims, kenya has stepped up security along it saw the border after one police officer was killed and dozens of protest is injured during violence green tanzanian forces and mass. i heard as barbara anger has bull mass i heard
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a scatter as soldiers opened fire in leander. it's on the outskirts of the serengeti national park, a unesco world heritage site that been demonstrating against a government exercise to mark of ancestral grazing lands up to create a private hunting reserve active essay. dozens of protests as was shot and wounded . the equal b one, the lens belong to them and the government is saying that the land is the government plan. so that is really where the problem is. amber, i think then if it was to be there very clear procedures in the roster omnia or mile through how to protect the land from land or change a category land from the village lead to a resemblance. but the issues, there were procedures are not being followed after $200000.00 people visit the serengeti every year, generating millions of dollars and income. that's increased competition for land on the edge of the national park. thousands of mass i families were forced to leave
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their villages in 2009 so that an em erotic company could organize hunting trips till alejandro. that deal was cancelled 8 years later. after allegations of corruption. the government says human activity is putting pressure on wildlife in the serengeti national park. it denies trying to evict massey and says it's offered to resettle communities away from their historic homeland. but the mass, i say the land belongs to them and isn't for sale for elite tourism. barbara and groper al jazeera, unique and new is a mess i, leader, enjoys going out from nairobi. good type you with us on the program. so let's just clarify 1st, if you could tell us or have any mass i warriors in all community members been hurt or injured in this government operation. thank you very much
9:35 pm
and that is indeed the but over 30 young man, an old man as well. i've been in this operation and many been taken to a right now, some of them very serious injuries and broken leg broken limbs and total muscles because of bullets. and so many of then very, very serious injuries. ok, so the government operation, the government operation happened on an area of land that we have been reporting on . can you confirm to us who actually owns the land or who is legally allowed to live on that land all use that land by law. and i mean, lend law and local government low.
9:36 pm
all of that land belongs to the villages and villages means locally established villages, where people he saw ah, the right one of the land as a communities in. so tell us what sort of conversation have the mass i had with the government over taking over this land has ever been a conversation about the government taking this land back. the government is for a long time. wanted to take this land for the claims of conservation and in their way they read this division a long time ago. and the community has always been saying,
9:37 pm
we have not been consulted or as to by the speech as much. and so the, there is not been a very open dialogue between the community and the government. when you are the recently in 20162018. the government actually asked the people to presenting opinions, how on the vision can be done. and the community actually presented in to the government. it is never been implemented. and also this year or about 2 weeks ago, the community presented and proposed to the government or now this can be sold. the conflict conservation and community levels can be more accommodate. and the government has not given it back yet until when we have seen this operation taking place. how do you think so? how do you think, sir, this is going to be resolved?
9:38 pm
if you're saying that the community has offered suggestions and solutions, and the government itself has not come back to you in any form of conversation or in written word. how do you see this actually being resolved? one, the government must actually take into account and consider very highly their community recommendations for low. the government must stop this operation, which is going on in your own room and a message so that they can pop in on how to do so. but generally the community needs discipline. they have already given that waste and get you in 1959 for the vision. they know they need this land for the bible. and the only way that it can be done if by actually asking the
9:39 pm
people how they should do it. so one thing that government my sees operation and the much open the more broadly. but also that she does that the community really is lend for the label or she'll keep very close eye on the story for the moment. janik new. thank you for joining us. thank you very much . ukraine says russian shelling and several dinners because caused a huge fire at a chemical plant where hundreds of civilians are believed to be sheltering. moscow has been focusing much of its far apart in the eastern region. the government of the hunt says ukraine still controls the chemical facility, because a lot of his zalinski insist that ukraine will win the war, but he's asking allies for more ammunition and weapons. a human chain has been formed in solidarity with ukraine. outside the european commission building in brussels. people are sharing their support for ukraine's
9:40 pm
u candidacy. presidents lensky signed an application to membership 4 days after rush a lot to us invasion in february. the ear executive will make a recommendation next week whether to grant candidate status, but the process could still take decades. another recent applicant for even bishop is ukraine's neighbor to the west, moldova, the former soviet state phase, it could be drawn into the conflict. moldova already has russian soldiers on its doorstep, about 1500 a station in the moscow backed breakaway region of trans. mr. russia says they're part of a peacekeeping agreement, trans destroyer. as you can see here, shows a border with ukraine. moldova is one of europe's poorest countries reliant on cheap russian gas. it's government wants to change that and link its electricity grid with the use in march. now the country has also taken nearly half a 1000000 ukrainian refugees, the highest number per capita of any european country. well, earlier i spoke to mold open prime minister natalia,
9:41 pm
and i asked her if it's difficult for her country to maintain its neutral stones. we believes that ah, you know, international law should be upheld and i, you know, every country has the right to self determination has the right for it sir. sovereignty and territorial integrity to be respected are, moldova has never hidden. it's a european choice. in fact, we have an association agreement for 8 years or with the you. we have a deep and comprehensive free trade agreements. we have been making efforts in terms of bringing our legislation than our standards close to those of the european union. and as ukraine we very much look forward to the decision of the european council and we hope that it will be a positive one. and moldova will also become a candidate country of the it is
9:42 pm
a very difficult situation. and moldova has been hit by a shocks or multiple shocks, and one after another. ah, you know, the kind old countries were facing the consequences of the quote had been demick. in october we had a, an energy crisis. and a, we were seeing high inflation even before the war. and now of course, the consequences of the war are extremely dire. we do need to, ah, you know, maintain a balance or we need to, um, you know, help our people understand how to get through these difficult times and or, you know, what comes next. so, are we, we are very certain about our european choice. and we hope that are that european
9:43 pm
union member states agree, russia, obviously it says it's defending its russian ethnic, speak moldova in trans mystery. and i come back to that question that the raw russian troops, us, and apparently bad for peacekeeping duties. yet there is never been any conflict to waive the majority of moldova and trans mistrial. so have you not told russia to remove its troops off your land? we need to have international law upheld. and we need countries to be certain that their sovereignty and territorial integrity is protected under international law and the current multilateral framework of corporation. and moldova has used this framework to constantly and consistently call for the withdrawal of the russian troops from the mold of and territory. there has been an agreement on this, and this has not happened. and i, you know,
9:44 pm
we continue to say that the troops are stationed on our territory illegally and we continue to appeal to the international community to support us in ensuring that international commitments are upheld. we are a neutral country and this neutrality is not only enshrined in the constitution but is largely supported by our, our population. but of course we do have to consider, you know, what other guarantees of this neutrality and how this helps our moldova to maintain it. sir, security and stability. but beyond neutrality, if international law is not upheld than a, you know, even guarantees like of the nature that had been given previously to ukraine, do not insure security and stability. the golden arches are gone,
9:45 pm
but american sol cheeseburgers are on the menu and moscow again. the 1st mcdonald's restaurant in russia has reopened under the branding and ownership. the chain is medical, delicious, full stop, mcdonald shut, all 850 russian outlets in march, following the invasion of ukraine and the restaurant for all owned by a local licensee that the american company has the option to buy back its location within 15 years. so lanka is limiting the amount of fuel people can buy per week. they plans to impose rations to deal with a severe shortage. however, the energy minister hasn't specified how much mattress will be allowed to purchase the government under intense pressure. after months of protests against the worst economic crisis is independent, it's also dealing with shortages of food and medicine due to a lack of foreign currency. but also that this has more from colombo. it's a sort of a double edged sword at the moment. i mean, we've heard this announcement from the minister of energy content of jessica
9:46 pm
a little while. oh, earlier today. the fact that he has no choice but to start registering consumers. and then basically giving them a guaranteed caught up a week. now it all looks good when he announces it, but obviously for consumers, it's going to mean that they're going to want to see this actually are put into action. what you see behind me is a busy patrol station air in the heart of colombo, a vis a station actually has fuel stocks. but there's an on ending line of because both petrol and diesel. there are 3 wheelers, all the local taxes. there are essentially motor bikes. people who've been queueing up for hours is one gentleman who's just sitting a little bit off camera. that's been here since 6 o'clock in the morning. and he still hasn't got all the supplies he needed. now people obviously have much better things to do things like getting on with their lives going and putting, ah, you know, food on the table earning their money and they cannot afford to spend a,
9:47 pm
you know, 234 years, sometimes 10 and sometimes as bad as 24 hours in patrick used sometimes at fuel stations, which are close. the bosses haven't even arrived yet. so things are really bad. so one thing that will happen if the rationing actually happens properly. people might be able to save a bit of time. they will have a guaranteed amount of fuel that they will be able to get. but given the sort of chaos we have seen in recent weeks, our people will want to see that the government is able to actually do this. they sounds good and still produces, says it stopping production at some cities because of a truck. a strike. pasco says it has nimble space to sol, finished products truck is demanding an extension to pay subsidies set to expire this year. the guaranteed minimum wages are still prices rise. the strike is also prompted. production cuts by automaker high and on reporters without borders is calling for an end to impunity. in regard to the killing of al jazeera gen machine,
9:48 pm
actually it says that a proper investigation into serene staff is still not being carried out. although it's been one month since she was shot in the head by israeli false as while on assignment in jeanine of the day of a funeral is ready for storm the procession and started beating more as causing pull barriers to nearly drop her coffin that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied in jerusalem take part of their funeral and burial members of the international community of condemned killing and continue to call for investigation. she was without reserve for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. and she was known as the voice of palestine, a vigilance being held on kopeck upon the beach in rio de janeiro for 2 men who had missing in the brazilian amazon brunette pereira, a well known defender of indigenous rights. and dom phillips, a british journalist, disappeared last sunday. please say they found what appeared to be human remains in a remote area where the pack was last seen. monica has more from the vigil in rio
9:49 pm
de janeiro. this mitchell is being held right here in copper cabinet, were dom phyllis used to paddle serv. ah, his mother and lives here. don phillips is married to a brazilian and we spoke to her. we spoke to his ah, to his brother in law as well. his mother in law has, is not very hopeful that they will find ah, the remains or that they will find them alive. at least they want them to find them, no matter how. but they're not hopeful that they will be found alive. the remains are being studied right now in our, in the amazon they were taken to a lab there or no, they were found in the river close to where both dom phyllis, the journalist, and bruno period our who's the indigenous specialist are. one of results are most of that knows the area the most he, he's the specialist in an contacted, tried,
9:50 pm
will close to that area. those remains were found. the searches continue. they're very all my hands on deck there with the journalists helping as well. and the mood here is, let us keep this alive. let us put the pressure because it's not just these 2 people. it's the amazon itself, which is in danger. years present, joe biden is promising a federal funds for new mexico after the largest wildfire in the states history. the fire has destroyed hundreds of homes and burnt across 1300 square kilometers of land. the claim started as a controlled firm but quickly spread. some people assuming the foreign service to get more information about the government's role both and says those affected will be fully compensated. i think we have a responsibility as a government has to deal with the communities who are put in such jeopardy. and today, managing the federal government is covering 100 percent of the cost to
9:51 pm
merge the protective measures for the next critical months of the rooms. recovery. syria has confirmed runways that damascus international airport suffered major damage during israeli ass drunk from friday, monitors say, a control town. several hangers and reception rooms are also effected. the airport is now out of service and lights are being diverted to aleppo. israel is carried out hundreds of strikes against government to allied troops and serious since the civil war began in 2011 a ship carrying 16000 cheap has sunk off the can port in sudan. the ship's crew has been rescued is not clear how much livestock survived. local media reports, the vessel was overloaded. rescue teams are trying to bring the ship to harbor. when it submerged. well, still had on the nissan or sport of history crated in gold european toll with 1st
9:52 pm
female women pizza will have those details straight after the break. so that go like ah ah, ah ah ah ah,
9:53 pm
ah, ah ah oh, i would like tons of thought on his teeth. thank you said will stall before the one and defending champion next to stop and has extended the lead in the fuse drive is championship off when that the as a beige on grand prix, the red bull driver started from 3rd behind may 3rd period with ferrari shaw mcclay going from pole, but paris took the lead off the stock line and there was bad news for the clay
9:54 pm
whose cause suffered an engine blow out. now made it full straight poles without a win for stuff and took the lead from paris to clinch rate bull one. to finish the fading, george russell completed the podium and the level of a different strategy went over the tires compared to ferrari. but then of course they, they had their issues. so from there, there was just free roads for me. but i think overall the paste was, was very strong today. why london lives? you know, he was miscommunication that really comes to today because i think we were to be on the ritual. technica things would have been a lot simple and yeah, unfortunately with in, in cost us it was like in the end team we have pretty maximize on think of any event reporting so high of that from, from that side. and we just keep them getting the points in the bullet, but ultimately we need them symbol history on golf's european. so with
9:55 pm
a female winning an event for the 1st time, sweden's lin grants claiming the scandinavian mixed tournaments now known as the d . p will to her, as is the only event of the season when men and women compete against each other. the 22 year old shot an 8 under past 64 when the fine ran to win by 9 strokes and 14 clear of the next woman. her grandfather and father play professional golf to will number 2, then he'll med with dave has been stunned in the final of the atp events in the netherlands or the world number 205. what's more terms from the rate of amended air in straight sets is and a final and that's law for just 65 minutes from the writer than was given a wildcard for the tournament. and before this week, the 25 year old had never won a match on the full atp tour. the doctrine will move up an incredible 99 places to 6 in the rankings. i'd like to show my use respected on you. i mean, you're a great layer of was shown t v many times. ah. and how to play you myself?
9:56 pm
i mean it's, for me is it was already a dream to play you anna. to be playing this well against you was just amazing. and so, yeah, it was an honor for me to share the course with you. and in the women, the final that katerina alexander of a defeated cedar in a sub elaine came straight, said the russian when the last 9 games of the match to claim her 2nd w. c. a title. neither will featured women into fun because russian and delusion players are banned by the all england club at the atp events and stood god and the marines hopes of winning his 1st titles and 2019 were ended by matthew bettina teddy and kathy with a successful return of the missing since march, following a hand operation, australia play peru on monday for a spot in the fif, woke up later this year in kata the venue for the inter continental path. it's been on the stadium in dover, which has been specially both for cost at 2022. the 2 teams last met at the russia
9:57 pm
woke up 4 years ago with peru winning to know just american football overall is technically good. unpredictable. so you've got to be, we've got to be ready for any think that individuals that through throw at us. but look, i just really believe in applies and making sure that applies. are ready. joke again was a central shirt royce. he, what we want is to keep growing as a team. we've known each other for 7 years now, and it's a squad that's gone through some tough times. and we've managed to overcome those moments. we know the road is hard, but that's what we want to live. it's what we're ready for. we're all prepared for these types of matches. 2 time defending champions, tampa bay lightning are heading back to the stanley cup finals. they won 4 straight games to pull up a big come back over the new ranges and released them. content seems to catherine steve stam costs the school twice as they clinched game 6 to one temple. they faced
9:58 pm
the colorado avalanche for the stanley cup and game one in denver on wednesday in colorado. probably the best team in the league, so as you progress through the playoffs, each, each round gets tougher each upon and gets tougher. there is a reason why there's 2 teams left and that's because there are 2 best teams in league so um we're gonna have our, our hands full for sure. that's all the sports news, sir. thanks very much peter. my colleague lauren taylor will have more news while london, the center of the other side of the bible and to let from peter stevenson meets how rahman, on the news, our team, thanks very much for your time and your company ah, teaching you can watch out to see were english streaming light peachy channels plus thousands of off programs award winning documentaries and death news reports
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