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tv   This Is Europe Salma The Boxer  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2022 9:30am-10:01am AST

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see an inspiring story, people trust algebra to tell them what's happening in their community in a clear and unbiased. and that's an african. i couldn't be more proud to be thought of, you know? ah. with lou ah, hello,
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i'm darn jordan. dealt with the top stories here now to sierra a bipartisan group of us senators as agreed on a framework for modest gun restrictions in the wake of a series of ma shootings. under the tentative deal authorities would keep guns away from people deemed to be a threat. like on a has more from washington dc. president biden has issued a tag saying, welcoming the announcement, saying that more could be done, but it's an important step forward. and certainly this is the general reaction from many groups that it is an important step forward that it is a signal that bipartisan agreement on this issue can be reached. but it falls far short of what many, including president biden were demanding. for example, there's no outright ban on automatic weapons. busy no, raising the age at which one can buy a rifle from $18.00 to $21.00 for president emanuel macros coalition and its left wing rival on neck and neck. and the 1st round of frances legislative election.
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macrophages, competition from left an alliance led by john luc national projection suggest my cross party should win more seats, but could lose its overall majority. iraqi politicians, saga and 72 members of his party have resign from parliament. carrick says it was to break an 8 month political deadlock where no party could form a majority government. a russian state news agency of shed footage it says, show smoke rising from a chemical plant in the eastern ukrainian city of savannah. don. yes, the governor of the province says fuel storage tanks and chemicals of fire. nicaragua has authorized russian troops, planes, and ships to be deployed on its territory rushes foreign ministry spokesman says they will help combat drug trafficking and organized crime. brazilian police that have found the laptop and an id card and the remote part of the amazon where 2 men went missing. a visual's been held and re additional remarking
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a week since indigenous expert, bruno pereira, and put his journalist dom phyllis, head rounds cans. he's dropped his lowest value ever against the dollar as it, as talks on reviving its nuclear deal with will panels remain stalled. the rail is now trading at $332000.00 to the dollar. it was at 32000 when the deal for sign back in 2015. so those are the headlines that he's continues here on al jazeera after this is euro station, thanks for watching. ah ah ah, in reference to loving this loan,
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ask her one more question. why? which more m a mega as kind of why i'm just me a and so a contract to serve it to me. not for jeremy says, all those really man shame america, like jen see, john my man e. i'm a hug. engender dorsey in a bar in general. see the taj mahal refunded because because of his id as confirmed i boxed miss selma media. she passed me by butcher lateesha. good. so, so much better than all calico foot and moss compasses fair. i left his ball. i paused dues. amos
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pajama, we saw him in the valley. jones resorts buyers, one producer back to to reduce can put on my cindy, who said to say yes and you know, much sort of in selection. mm. oh, yeah. i'm willing to insure a box is would be on dog self. i'm a little bit of the survivors are a content delivery with the vision is all about a man of about a man had for us with,
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with best i was at a more in, in a day. and a more you, michelle had some really big white vickers. this is i was my pin of the slum um, it's like on the ship. so when i strong, she them a lot of a type of or national excuse, damage issue. i sell my stuff, but i don't, can't was it? a commonwealth canal says it comes in to prepare it for that comes from it. not showing up in court. reconstruct my coach or to quote, sued the soup, which you please papa. more poem while they're like, she's to her a good one. a
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good one. yeah. very similar to june with the sushi i glue, move the missile just to more to ship. may she said to them, but the ship may sheila can pretty sure my box with mit will develope that go muscular books on them on the glass of them on the console case and bonded out to be shown once a month about me to lucy, a dog it like a piece of the call. she did a who i think on the money i will try to call a little less this katrina, all about school to be on the books when it moves it on a for the much to the other 4 legs. all due to the mom to bill is it comp it to tell you it will. so look, it is ultimate image piece to top. let me tell about tops, because i guess i will tell you that they are the side of the curve when like when
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a quiz you, when a point kasheila, nebraska, some of them shook any fees as soon as i could just see so long. it's a problem, this is always your sca again, it is so silly kind of you do. could you join to bill me? love it. that's 2 more not to keep people was to please in case one in one of them may not, since she doesn't want to get on the vent to get some money to sign in us. your son is elaine delaine, frontier ah, ah,
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you'll get an approval from the g. e up. again, call me letting me know that we're not, he's on the way up, which is simply live on the last name is just sort of the on the blue line for the,
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for some wage wave sample depletion with 2 is like you were to get this w want unusual me don't shut me from out of the way. probably i'm going to need to to, she's quite done on the mission of israel example to tell me what to tell him to come along was unable to know what to do to do it. i don't want it for this much. i was considering jumping my math like this because i was
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more like this. she's the decision was that guess? so i'm going to assume all is all on the oh model is good to shoes as well. you can is like a national conference when i was going to say, i'm pretty, that's what i was was on charlotte smith in the vinny post office, what college park summers was to receive the commercial on the some of the nicholas twins who was going to need to stop
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us, he said, well, suv law isn't a problem. what was going to see him? can't commit them all. can give you a some good comments. more can a who lives up to a community on very on a cell. and i found a note in action that the suspect there was no good decisions that book. so the shinall
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messenger on all consider conversion on mood since it can stand on book sell. and at the fierce a, j a . m a n. as in very quick mark ne, a bus kicks those are bunny self decision searches on a donkey of area. it's probably not mean in the sample. not just them. all. there's 2 more collision is all the prisoners are. are canoe federal news up and be sure that the tower yard with
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a nissan vehicle said there's a new teachers to be offered to skip our system. premier fucker all considered on campus. our santa sel natalie said up to me a fucking seizure lies on the walk. leisure monsieur, on the fence containing his somebody did, but i didn't associate it. so if i seem to deal with the office, what do they show me some of the want? so i don't want to be it and i'm you know, my one man really? nicholas company. everything. that's all some of us about spectrum. when
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does mister we took over his cuz i just jumped on the list. you're working on it on the phone and what
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we would do is i can discuss that for you on the floor in the field. and the young people clocks in because you see p on the box. it wanted a 6 or more the cost be a little suv to some is only go sunday. perform a symbol. so she knew milk. sorry, shall we do mrs. vega. she's been at him on the books. no, baby. i don't have him on mud, haven't. tom is uncle. most it is rachel. i'm calling trying to follow up on thanks . look, when you get up we can look at some some
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long. the volume we just show you show me can keep deal all finished. i saw also good fun. there's no loop loop will, seizes bus one bus, thomas o c for the us. you don't if you fellow beach the same thing and also shoot it over. but you will see this on to see what this is sheila, along slowly program. so she knew the web will cover. so some missing a lot of the d, missouri. my puzzle do much about that. should be to your face of somebody on the old version. keep pulled on song, double follow them both for each right. hold on a false me
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whoa! the vine. because danny mom over over sink. why she had say school love to lose it in a r a. oh. good. god. god, god, this is our dog selling mosley comes here. my feet are the computer security alarm ball flexible explosive
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bill said oh my so super a lot cheaper to to work it and that you box of course. so thought you got it here for com. so if you gosh to secure what phone go shop, don't forget. well, we're going to try to go to what does the punch you punch the control that's quality circle health policy. so daniel called a competitor, she to speak with
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with law that there was a little bit of terrorism. it don't cross it paused to notice it lovey. we usually do i'll miss it. oh sure her when did you send me the the
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going to sit basketball. gotcha me just a minute or so i can schedule some the u. s. is always of interest to people all over the world. this has been going on for a number of with local audience. why impact their life at the height of the storm? water was too high. above by hey, this is an important part of the world. a very good at bringing the news to the world. from here, ah,
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hello there, it's all about the intense heat across north africa and the middle east, and that's going to continue over the next few days of places like iraq, the temperature in baghdad sitting in the high forty's. but there'll be somewhat of a cool down across parts of the events, such as lebanon as that wet and windy weather works its way further east. the heat, however, continues to dominate across eastern areas of israel. we have got some warnings out here for the south. we'll see a cool down for some of the gulf states with a change in the wind dough has seen the temperature sit in the mid thirties on tuesday. that was the move to north africa. it's all about the heat for the likes of our gerry us. we have a look at the 3 day for algiers. will be touching up to the mid thirty's, with plenty of sunshine on tuesday, just the trickle of rain edging into coastal areas of morocco. now we're going to see the thunderstorms intensify for the west of africa as well as more central areas such as south sudan and pretty fierce thunderstorms. expected to roll across
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here by the time we get into choose day. but farther south of this, it's a much quieter picture. however, there is a change to come for cape town, we've got some cold front pulling and bringing some disruptive conditions. and we are going to that rain roll east. by the time we get to choose day that she, whether ah, as the final 3 places at the feet, the will cut all decided will life from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe. as themes, this school counsel 2022. the world qualifies. special coverage on al jazeera ah.


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