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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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and the 2 to the part of the discussion, this stream on out is there on the deserted streets of book that it become familiar figures, carriers and bicycles, delivering food or medicine to lockdown colombians. most of them here are venezuelan migrants got a my go my some mother of for says contagion is always on our mind. none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet. there may be a bright side people who look down on them as an skilled migrants. now say they're essential to control the virus. i received messages on the apps saying that we are heroes. i was a nurse back coolie. what i am doing is not all that different from my passion, helping others. ah,
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i sure have support from european leaders for ukraine as the commission recommends it gets you candidate status. ah, hello nick clark, this is al da 0 live from also coming up. the 3rd day violent protests designing a grows in india against the new military recruitment program. the remainder of the bullet to kill down to 0. john, the serene. i club experts say it's widely used by israeli forces. china launches its 3rd aircraft carrier and what's being described as a major military advance. so the u commission is a recommending ukraine and mold over as candidates for european union membership. it's the 1st step of many and a lengthy process before the full status within the european union can be achieved
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. in the view of the commission, ukraine has clearly demonstrated the country's aspiration and the country's determination to live up to european values and standards. ukraine before the war had already embarked on its way towards the european union for 8 years now. it had already been gradually moving closer to ours union. we got to correspondence only by for us on those her child struck for it is in cave. but 1st, let's bring an dominant cane has been following developments in brussels from berlin. so domain 1st are talk with through what this is all about. the nuts and bolts of this development. the nuts and bolts of this are pretty simple. the government in care of wants to join the european union . the commission in brussels. it seems wants to help here to the government and
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give to achieve that. but the devil is in the diesel as candidates. now the ukrainians must comply with several different criteria. but the most important ones are they have to prove that they have a stable democracy. they have to prove that they have a functioning market economy. they have to prove that the rule of law pertains throughout their country. and they have to sign up to accepting all parts of e, you legislation, and that includes joining the e u at some point, joining the euro rather when they joined the e. u, if they joined the e. u. and one huge caveat here is that this is a particularly lengthy period that they are now going to go in. there are 5 other countries until today that is now 7, including moldova and ukraine. but the other 5 countries have all been waiting as candidates to become members of the e. u for a very considerable time, and they still haven't achieved us. so what this represents right now is
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a step forward is an acceptance by the european commission, from the words of president fonder lion that ukraine has done some good work. but there is a lot still, a head's no question about last. adore, thanks for that. so. busy let's head over now to key if we can speak to our corresponded child stratford who's standing by for so and just this recommendation potentially that come through. it is good for ukraine in the long term. but what about in the short term fight? the short term war against russia. does it both the crane in that fight? i think, nick, yes, is this general sense that if this candidacy recommendation does not go through then certainly amongst ukraine and it's western backers that could potentially bolden the russian president vladimir putin. so this is certainly the beginnings of positive news as we heard from dominic there, there is a very long process ahead. in the last few minutes we've heard both from the head
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of the, the office of the president, andre yellow mack, who said, expressed how grateful the president's office is, was for this potential recommendation. he said that the european commission provides an action to start negotiations for membership. our task is to do everything as quickly as possible. we are working and then literally in the last 5 minutes present. zalinski himself has also come out and made a statement, saying that this will bring our victory closer. he said, i expect a positive results next week, referring to that e. u summit on the 23rd 24th, where we are going to see european countries say more about this and potentially voting on it. so it is a positive step. but as we heard from dominic, there are very strict conditions that are, that are being demanded of ukraine and with respect to tackling corruption with respect to the rule of law, it seems high,
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a legal system will be scrutinized by brussels and it has to, it basically has to comply with the standards that brussels sets out. so as we heard yesterday, also from the french president and the, the german chancellor, all of shots that were visiting here. they said that this was the 1st step in a very long process. indeed. and as dominic again says, there are a number of other countries that applied full membership of the you, a number of years ago. and those negotiations are still an a still happening. so a positive sign for ukraine as expressed by the prison of this country, volota, man, zalinski, or johnson, that charles stratford reporting them from keith. at least one person has died in india in protest, ever new military recruitment program. it is the 3rd day of demonstrations which are being held in several states and behalf state protest is set forth to government office office and trained carriages during confrontations with police.
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currently, young recruits are automatically offered a permanent role, but under the new policy will be let go off for a maximum of 4 years without a pension. only a select few will get an offer to stay on more than this. let's begin. poverty, metal from new delhi and public tell us what's happening now and how the authorities respond. there is immense anger and frustration violent protests are going on across the country. as far as the security situation is concerned, one person has been confirmed dead because of the violence of dozens of people are injured. dozens of trains have been torched. this has affected hundreds of trains across the country. stations have been vandalized, roads have been blocked and protested. want the government to roll back. this new policy from military recruitment in the us military is one of the largest in the
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world. it cost billions of dollars every year. the government basically wants to reduce some of the costs and expenditure on salaries and pensions and redirect some of that money to upgrading military equipment. so instead of offering a for the 17 year tenure to soldiers, it will allow recruit bank for 4 years after which some will get that full time job, which has health benefits and has pensions. of the government believes this will also reduce the average age of soldiers. our analysts do think there are merits to this because this will more nice the troops, but they point out that the timing and the implementation of this is not ideal for one economic recovery. india has been slow and unemployment has been very high or appropriately with that thanks very much. probably mcdonald's reporting there from the deli l t 0 has excuse, exclusively obtained an image of the bullet that killed our colleague sharika of
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last month. the palestinian american was shot in the heard by israeli forces while she was on assignment in the occupied westbank. many in the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an independent investigation. as a back, as this report, the remains of the bullet that killed journalists cheering. actually, this image is been broadcast for the 1st time and shows the type of ammunition used to kill the veteran algebra journalist and the occupied west bank last month. according to experts, the green tip bullet is capable of piercing armor and is used in a m for rifle. when we simulated a green tip bullet using 3 d models and according to ballistic and forensic experts, the munition that ended shrink life was a 5.56 millimeter caliber. the bullet was 1st designed and manufactured in the united states. according to the palestinian prosecutor's office and the autopsy report, the bullet entered the lower part of cheering head to avoid ricocheted of her
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helmet and lodged itself in her head. i think another interesting fact, fact who has to be brought into consideration is the fact that there are a number of strike marks on the tree next to which terrain was standing. that indicates to me that the, there was not, she didn't die as a result of a random shot. as a result, a fight that was going on at the moment. the fact that there were a number of rounds that stopped lap tray and that she was also hit that indicate that she it looked very much like she was being targeted time. we have used 3 d models to identify the types of weapons israeli soldiers were using. in this video, we found it was a m for rifle. the type of gun that uses 5.56 caliber bullets. open source data supports the fact the israeli special unit accused of shooting sharing uses this type of weapon used in
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a non combat situation. fight by the israeli army at clearly identifiable journalist doing her job. oh, justice for sharing is yet to be delivered. accountability, still not taken place. questions remain unanswered, including if an order was given to kill her. why was she shot despite been clearly marked as a journalist and posed no threat? what made in his res soldier, target her from such a short range? all of this is further reason why the palestinian authority and al jazeera media network have demanded an independent investigation into the killing of sharon, a blackly. i said, bake al jazeera let's enough from phyllis bennett, who's a fellow at the institute for policy studies. and she thinks the u. s. can take tangible steps to stop is really impunity. it's quite likely that the both the, the, the, the rifle that was used and the bullet that was used came from manufacturers in the
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united states. the united states pays for 20 percent of israel's military budget, so it makes us complicit in what that military does. there is a u. s. law known as the way he act. that says explicitly that the united states may not provide any weapons, any training, any military support to any unit of any military, anywhere in the world. that has carried out a gross violation of human rights. the killing of sharina was a gross violation of human rights. the united states needs to start just for starters, to investigate on its own, whether the late law was violated by the unit of israeli soldiers. whether or not we know the name of the individual israelis claim they know it. we don't know. but we know that they are aware which units were deployed to the janine refugee camp on that day. were those units using weapons or bullets that were provided by the
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united states? that's the 1st question. if so, that have to be cut off the media. that could be one way of getting out from under this kind of long standing support for impunity. there's other things that the united states can and the, what the, by the administration in my view should do. they could invoke the late he act, they could investigate the question of u. s. weapons. they could also announced that they will no longer carry out the policy of attacking and isolating. and in the, in the trump years actually imposing sanctions on the international criminal court . a still had her on al jazeera nigeria in morning funerals of the health of some of those killed an attack on the catholic church. earlier this month heading the campaign trail candidates vying for seton, frances national assembly rally support, and of the 2nd round of voting on sunday.
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ah, the journey has begun. the, the full world camp is on its way to catch up your travel package today. hi there. welcome to your world weather update. let's get you up to speed for your forecast over the course of the weekend. now unfortunately, over the past week in southern china, at least 17 people have died from flooding. all of this triggered by the plum rains and the bulk of that activity happening from the yangtze river valley rate toward the south. now north of this, it's all about the hot sunshine. jung joe, coming in at 39 degrees on saturday, japan, you're going to duck and dodged the bulk of this activity. it's pushing out over the pacific. tokyo, we've got you in for a hiv 29 on saturday, se asia concentrated bands of rain, roland across java, into borneo and west to the ways he at. we got to be on the lookout for flooding here, where we have seen some flooding and deadly flooding is in the, in india as far northeast state of
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a psalm and still heavy pulses of rain coming here. the dark of the color, the more intense that rain is now in terms of where the monsoon rains are right now, cutting across good route, and we're seeing the rain fill in for multiple deschutes of production, blanketed in brain. a for karnataka and careless states. some very big pre monsoon storms in punjab province in pakistan. this is looking more like a hurricane. i gotta tell you, the risk is still there on saturday is to see more of these explosive storms in punjab province in pakistan. stay safe casa air with visual airline of the gene. frank assessments you've got colleagues on the ground in the can is what is the situation. there's only one doctor and one nurse for 2200 people informed opinions. how big is foreign policy figure in the early stages of a bind administration? it comes into office with a huge amount of foreign policy experience in depth analysis of the data global headlines. how will a place like give,
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get the vaccine when there's no money in all the rest? the rich countries are fighting for the inside story on al jazeera. ah ah. and again, you're watching out 0 reminder of our top stories this hour and the you commission is recommending ukraine, moldova as candidates for european union membership, the 1st step and a long process. it's all may condition that ukraine carries out number of reforms. one person is dead in a 3rd, a process in india or against change to military recruitment policies. new recruits will be limited to 4 years on the job without pension. this is and get those who are hooping to join us 0 has exclusively obtained an image of the bullet that
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killed a colleague sharina of last month. experts say it's used in an em for rifle, which is widely used. my view is rainy. military, china has launch a new high tech aircraft carrier. it is the nation's 3rd, but the 1st to be both designed and built inside china. the government is trying to overhaul its navy, which is the largest in the world. katrina, you has more now from beijing. the food general join que previous craft carriers called the downing and the shan don't net seen as a major leap forward for china's navy, which is already the biggest navy in the world when it comes to number of ships. although most of these vessels are small vessels. now, china does have very big ambitions, or when it comes to its navy, its planning, at least 6 aircraft carriers strike groups by 2035 domestically. this is being seen as a big bruce to national pride. the big step forward when it comes to china's military
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pro west, but it's also very significant when you look at the current geopolitical situation or in the waters surrounding china, specifically in the south china sea. now if you look at taiwan, for example, the growing tensions there tie one of the democratically self ruled island, beijing sees it as a robe. chinese character and chinese prison achieved in paying has said a number of times that will be re unified with the mainland, peacefully, preferably but by force if necessary. so for sure, this growing step forward when it comes to chinese navy, china navy is going to be seen as an increasing threat for taiwan. it's also significant when you look at the growing rivalry with the us, the us, the but in administration, in particular, has been moving to strengthen its ties with asia pacific countries. specifically to counter china is growing influence in the region and it's growing military life policy and officials say at least 3 men had been killed by israeli forces during
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a raid in the occupied west bank. at least 8 others were injured during the operation. crowds of mourners carried their bodies through the city of jeanine. israeli army says it was searching for weapons being made daily rates in the occupied west bank since a string of attacks earlier this year. the killed 1900 people in israel need. abraham is falling events from ramallah in the occupied west. the root cause of escalation here in the occupied bank is the continuing israeli occupation of palestinian last, which we see it manifested in daily nightly rates advise really forces to palestinian cities. this is why we've been talking to palestinians in jeanine in the past few weeks and months, and they say they have to flight israeli occupation jeanene that said it has army has weapons. but the general population here in the palestinian territories do not
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have access to weapons. and these really forces are saying that that car, that had the 3 men has shot at the horses and they lead through from the and shot killing the 3 palestinian, one of them 23 year old use of the law. his brother was killed also by is ready for his fire, but he was. 1 imprisoned by israel in his ready jail. so that gives you an idea. who is the party is that is throwing up the situation and causing escalation. and this comes with a time before an expected visit of the us president to bite into the area. and we've heard that report to be the u. s. has asked this rule to dial down tension and escalation in the occupied with bank with the killing of the palestinians. we know that these really forces are not heading towards a calm situation at all. the u. k. government is approved, the extradition of wiki licks founder julian us on to the us to face buying charges
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. wiki league says the move represents a dark day for press freedom and that assange will appeal for more than a decade. he's either been in prison or in diplomatic refuge, the u. s. is pursuing a song for his role, releasing hundreds of thousands of classified military documents. the earth house committee investigating last year's attack on capitol hill has heard the life of former vice president mike pence was put at risk by donald trump. when it says had been testifying that pence refused to support trumps a legal effort to remain in power. i to jo castro as this president trump said i have the right to overturn the election. the president trump is wrong. the 3rd hearing of the january 6th select committee focused on the pressure faced by former vice president mike pence from his boss and pens. his refusal to comply will fortunate for mr. prince's courage. on january 6th,
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our democracy came dangerously close to catastrophe. multiple witnesses testified that trump wanted pence to ignore state electors casting boats for joe biden, and simply picked the president himself. an action that, according to this conservative former federal judge would have plunged america into a revolution within a constitutional crisis. i would have laid my body across the road before i would have led the vice president overturn the 2020 election. the proposal described by son as a blueprint for a cou, was crafted by former trump attorney john eastman. he would later admit his plan would not survive a legal challenge. and on thursday, lawmakers revealed he saw a presidential pardon and other former trump attorney, that eastman's plan left him. a gast, i said, are you out of your f in mind if you're completely crazy. so you're going to turn
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around and tell $78.00 plus 1000000 people in this country that your theory of this is how you're going to invalidate or vote because you think election was on. other witnesses said on the morning of january 6, trump cold pence to once again push to overturn the election. white house aides and trumps daughter told investigators they overheard trump's end of the call. either he called him a whim. i don't remember who said you are when the conversation was, was pretty heated. apologize for being and polite. but do you remember what she said? her father called him the p word. trump would then appear on stage at a rally near the capitol. ab living these comments about his vice president and mike pence is gonna have to come through for us. and if he doesnt, that will be a sad day for our country chums, followers loosened oh, and erected
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a gallows outside the capital. witnesses said trump was informed of the growing violence and urged to calm the situation, but instead he tweeted, mike pens didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution. the riders surged immediately after and secret service moved pens to an underground location, barely missing rioters by meters. he would shelter from the mob for more than 4 hours as more than $100.00 police officers were injured and several rioters died. finally, he would return to the senate floor joining congress to finish certifying, jo biden's. when does all trump has called these hearings treasonous? at least another 3 are planned. the committee saying they will focus on trump's efforts to corrupt the justice department and his actions to summon the mon, i to jo castro, al jazeera washington. you as president joe biden, he says the recession is not inevitable. i made the comments in an interview with
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the associated press. they pointed to america's low unemployment rate as a reason for optimism. the u. s. is dealing with record high gas prices and inflation recently hit a 40 year high funerals are being held for some of the people killed in this hut, kona church nigeria earlier this month, at least $41.00 people died including children and i must shooting at the st. francis catholic church and oh, in the southwest, the government's has blamed an iso linked group. police have launched an investigation. ahmed address report now from o. the services being attended by a cedar government officials, a religious leaders from both christian and muslim communities, traditional rulers, families, and survivors all survived. that must okay, richard, on the 5th of june, now the movie some by within the church and in the larger community, when we arrived here late last night, people was really, really struggling to come to tough school. what's happened?
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12 days ago, still, the government said, i soul is responsible for carrying out that attack. but there are a lot of other questions that remained to be answered. people are asking why this attack happened in a densely populated area of a war. why it is supposed to be more secure. and then these attackers is kate before we finally, before we learned later. but some people have been arrested in connection with that attack. so the mood is a very, very tense as it is now. it's somebody, it's tense and of course obs there are concerns of this could escalate into protest, lied to protest in the community and probably in the larger society because people have been demanding houses depending. government takes action to rein in this escalating balance. the people are more concerned about the spread of values. these attacks were largely, are restricted to the northern parts of the country, the northwest, the north east, and no central partial nigeria. now we are witnessing these are expansion of the
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theater of operations of these attackers into the southwest, which is consigning for many people. a level 3 heat alerts is in place for london and the south and east of england friday is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far in britain as a heat wave sweeps across europe, temperatures in the united kingdom is said to hit $34.00 degrees celsius and temperatures in central and south western parts of the united states have also hit rick with levels the heat and humidity are being blame for the deaths of thousands of cattle in kansas and states. environmental agency says that number is expected to rise as a heat wave continues. the herd was worth around $400000.00. ran to the french parliamentary election is set to take place on sunday. president manuel mack wants majority is hanging in the balance. his political block is facing stiff challenge, a stiff challenge from a new left wing block natasha butler reports from the merge one of the battle
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ground cities. last was her english local danya mo day is campaigning hard with just days before the final round of frances parliamentary election. he says, there's no time to waste. what on alone? does anything go wrong? an activist and candidate for france is new left wing alliance in the southwest and city of the merge. he's trying to rally support in an area where many people abstained in the 1st round because they're fed up of politicians. but he says he'll be different. israeli with civic on top, oscar, i come from here and i want to see empties that are actually represent ordinary people because that's not been the case for 5 years. there is this hope that we finally have a real, a position to michael, and that we can do something new on issues like climate change. moody's leading the race in this constituency. if he wins, he will oust the incumbent and n p with president emanuel mack cross party. a final round run off between candidates form the new left wing alliance. and my cross center is block is taking
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place in nearly half of francis parliamentary constituencies and could upset the president's chances of obtaining the absolute majority. he needs to push through with his agenda, with things, looking on certain macro, made a rare appeal to voters this week that on the 29th, when he was so rude, madrid to ensure stability, both outside and inside or borders. nothing could be worse than to add chaos in france to the chaos into work. concern over climate change, health and inflation has fueled momentum for the left dis block at lee mosier historical food market. the cost of living is never, far from pitas. mines is on general. been said here, people salaries haven't changed, but everything's going up by 5 percent or even more for fuel. we saw people worry about the future about getting to the end of the month with costs going up. people ask us if we're going to put our prices up today, says that if elected, he would focus on improving health services and work to help people who struggle
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financially so far. the left and centrists on neck and neck in terms of folks nationally. but it's estimated that macros alliance will win most seats. the numbers may be hard to predict, but those here hope the times are changing. oh, tasha butler al jazeera lee, most france a thailand bids removing its pre registration process for foreign visitors next month. as it eases its covert 19 restrictions. it's the tourism industry has long complained that the amount of documents required from visitors has been hurting the sectors recovery thailand will also no longer require masks to be worn in public. a little nudge in the direction of our website, al jazeera dot com is the address plenty of comment analysis and all the stories recovery writer.


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