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tv   My Tunisia Adel Chihi New Heights  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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as he's been broadcasting room, the records can him pop, music's become more influenced by foreign sounds from america nigeria in jamaica. but his weekly room show on kenya's most listened to radio station is still wildly popular. he says, because the songs just don't grow old. when you listen to a song once and you liked it, you want to listen to it again. and then when you listen to it the 3rd time you went to sing it the 4th time you own it. and so those guys were the last one, he could say they're here to stay and to keep the original canyon remember alive. malcolm web al jazeera, my baby can yeah. more than 14000 people in mexico city of punch their way into the guinness book of records. for the largest attendance but the boxing class, it shatters the previous rank go to 3000 people,
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which was held by moscow. mexican boxing champion, led by a 30 minute session. it was socially distance to keep people safe and covered 19. and to make sure the record was the only thing getting knocked out ah, was there with lisa hill rahman in doha reminder of on top stories. voting is underway in france in the 2nd round of parliamentary elections, which could decide the future of president amended. macros reform agenda. his centrist correlation is facing a strong challenge from a left wing alliance. the president will lead a majority to push through his plans to raise the retirement age and reduce taxes general has moved from paris. if he loses his centrist coalition ensemble lose their majority in the parliament, it will be the 1st time since he was 1st elected in 2017. that emanuel mac on will not have a free hand to do, essentially whatever he wants. and the results are last weekend's election suggest
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that is a distinct possibility in large part because of this very strong challenge from the left is green communist brand new coalition under form, a socialist party, that john luc mellon shall now set to make waves. becoming frances largest opposition, and these are 2 groups with radically different ideas about what to do in the face of france is problems. columbia is also heading to the poles on sunday for the 2nd round of the presidential election. security has been beefed up the head of the vote. rising inequality incorruption are amongst voters main concerns former gorilla fine to install a petro is running against melina, business and political outsider, rodolfo hernandez. but just as into new 0, back on the strains to voice their opposition to the president's plans for a constitutional referendum next month. bill positions that coincide is trying to tightened his grip on power and is threatened to be called the vote. they dissolved parliament and assumed executive power. last year,
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dozens of people have died in floods in bangladesh and northeast and india. both countries of cold in the army to help with rescue efforts and their phase a further flooding of more rain is forecast severe storms, also pounding parts of southern china, killing at least 5 people. right. in some areas has been the heaviest in 60 years. it's tickets, flooding in cities and months lives in rural areas. those were the headlines. nick clark will be here with the al jazeera news and just the half non time. i'll be back a little bit later. next, it's my tendency to stay with us. discover a world of difference, determination, i am coming down with me, but we am with it freedom, replied miss chaff, salvages among the 16 people with corruption and compassion, al jazeera world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels.
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ah, a whole demonstration better than one tourney. mm mm. me a mm. now going to say, i'm an engineer on you told me, can you a,
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did he send you a list? got it there. heard for the head, cheer to put in a bid, but i just, i really am in a little group is a computer on doing it for smart? believe it's good. no one have books. a family that is we could add the birth content will come with it. was the rest of that? i just got it. malone business got it. i bought a lot of money up the top, the top. mm hm. how, with my, my the call i love it comes, it will have that left
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a few. a lot of i live, this is how can model with a face to face. i'm a thought i did with i thought it in on a for a a, a, a walk. we look in bob,
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bob with me, a car in about how did reserve into the head of the muslim plaza and north america. how cruel mode would the missouri do? it was a w, a tables put them on our money and montana i have lost or they had to miss it a month for the south. and there was a credit for the time to recover that that, that, that home say in the can unlock it with why did it
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with our advisor if you talk to them today, when you leave, it is shocked too. i thought i told chris on media media found the wall probably the book or not the so the what is kind of a core and then you're going to pitch the gym and i don't wanna jump in when i had a lot about one and a bubble me with or how many are back out right now about
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what kind of colors that to grad move center without really knowing and us to them and ship it and ship that may actually be in the lab and ship it right. look right, we'll look a little better. you know, i can move in ah mam chanel robert jason. she doesn't need the diplomat mode with her because we're off to sleep. in master bath, we still have to look and the condition for so at no cost
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a little bit with money. and i'm a credit of hypocritical women. my opponent even, i'm happy for that. and is it been a bit of a i didn't crush the mock with how should or the minutes how are the monday the monday ah ah, i wish i'm she was 9. must have a little bit like last year of them. so i did, i'm, and did you have our facebook who told you call me show a degree a ah,
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a world history a little when or just use the next me there? hello the, the numbers you could you a minute or 2. okay. now, what about number scholar language? because the whole goodness of this is tom. what i'll do a film and i've said, because i'm done with miss tabitha. it is just for keeping as active junior as one of the is leader is did the melinda burger's the met the blend on the capacity with their can them in a sofa. and the audience was, you know, it was your mom don't tell mom who conflicts and woke up this will complete this
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burden. lakila kalu manor feldwood ontario legally berman tell easy felony bell t no no vaughan, blue jeans. just rondinelli dirty. what she told me, not of this is young. more than 20 matters. yahoo! this is young or no dues. a new booster boys are real good at this dance. i think in this you know, level of safety, the zeros sean must not play mechanic. and at the pierce him public us are the dimensions here. on mckee, natalie, more number become a top, rudy and the unit of dana. i go on to produce stuff. if you ask
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a different cup of and her, i'll tell you how, but you're probably right. i the machine to us are blurred with a machine and protest. will it still, would we wanna do it at a $100000000.00? most of it is yet to refer to the technique and turn off the media. i don't believe the sound or solve a question. so the peers with the machine as hell. i know how to tom like imagine a sort of a common cbs here as well. my name is paul with i'd with christopher tower fair. the how do we have a machine i'd look at um issue a competitor. we go on and how to store lim, she exemption our mac in nominal or someone is either how injected the kind of day a week. and then a li road has called her to be a 30 minute out from my selma store by name units here. and no terminal handling
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it. however, we had it, emma tobate's to hardy recommendation. my me a security club bed mattress with dish tomor is not done. oh, how you do too? cuz i heard my daughter particulars pretty close with a little bit of face from the place. i'm a template mon hub, landlocked said iraq to fiddle the hyatt. i buried it. i am not able to come help, not j locked fit, a better armoured. hydra was granted activity. the others can fail, had my last amola heard that ah
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early the vicious anti your girl you number for the i don't know what the law here to for guy, i'm tiana bothering her. kimberly mamma for them via or dinner to develop more concepts home with it in little clipper for yoga and learn this for some of the guys you met her mom. he did i did. the guy used to listen can have him on the upper money on the hoa a to ya. and for this guy that i know communicate your money, i'm tired of done would allow the my love my thought be, are with touch her. they have time let model with missouri would rehab they would approve with nick and sort of moore's. we'll know wellness merkel. colo colonial by now to be a bit of a
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furnace as i'm her listen her from my bid from up. it's up to the my dear can no, can john juniper word in for this is your facility because here for the, for the monday, a header at that to ski. look better. cool. share by the 3rd i'm washer washington. arthur's article, mind media, the model does the my little sphere i'm thought to it isn't between us. i don't have a little bit of an issue. oh,
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they're going to wait here. florida. can mr. hooker? i love getting into la la la la la la. let my bullets with pick it up, doll, 15th a doctor. there he is on the left with a reason . why am i live with luxury middle of the theater? they couldn't afford to run
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a different law. i kid is up to all the blows with the feral north of the film with him. permission to live with gifted the nested, appreciate it is all in put to the commanded mir will the floors taylor bless the actual field and i being would, it is really what i had about as a whole in here got model for ba bye for been meant to how can little manageable men's when the up to that quarter. ah, in tom m t, i put a sort of major, closer, weekly bike nature, the da da da da mitchell. now for honey bye, there we are not it. it have download um, but i would have done with my book,
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michelle, a tablet andro movable by the she's come she with a leslie and tom, the chief to fill tunes and m t a lane, a consent to step up with somebody in there for it out of a team my settlement, and after that i'm the only concern and i'm doing them when i had that i had a p, if you did in a new form to how may i initially them
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franklin with tax mercer or how could she put how come from for the youth that kids left godaddy mclean and i learned, i learned cassandra is a fully, can you, you can even have doubleclick personnel college 10 ninty package. you kindly voted urban cafe budnick nest apparently wellness mozilla activity. but i've been where you are beard, normally i'm really scared. risk invent in content optimization which might off keep that it's good hadn't model for most frequent model feet. one is on the bill most with he did a 3 off it. one is lisman pad is colored with a zip code in the middle of the me this it, i'm, you can have with, however, it is a missile. my dear, how it isn't the dollar haddocks wail. hey, am i now?
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we'll see our lot of the largest. if it'll for ah for you move new from the paper from the other by with many and so come take a dear, i'm sorry i was 1000000 minutes. have you got what then said she let you know i was going to live in unit. i was wondering, i me a not yet. i still foot that i'm dad. does the harder awfully with us or how to work with the stuff? yeah, that was in your us only started big. good more. a lot of you see on clue, adeline delicious. but we're under chris keller, undeclared
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b. lou ye on the go long go now to get the account to click on pink eye. this handled with the men is mine. i can put a bit higher. i was just for the course able to muster. welcome. are them suitable? no, it a slightly dirty here us pollyanna, new burnett. i'm dallas somebody italian t v. between in to tell you the rock blue link in the 1st middle melinta, talbot, id law. women will, i will really come a chemist of public software. you never seem to have to have god i believe it was, you know, kind of the had been doing this here, the doing the skin with furniture and that the so my or said that to the whole for the city. so i experimented them showed up to the 3rd palate listeners. you know, someone talked a little earlier and the 3rd ceiling here, as you want to see a focus group of the year the school would have had this,
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did her while a video cinema. and i was now i'm not cheap ah, just look it up now. now with this kind of my. busy were at the had account for dinner, me a modem. it was rather it appeared we'll have to develop on started at least come to huh. oh. c a
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nominal feel that near my oh lee, how did i? my name is luke maza, dom one turtle. examine, had developed more physic known console to let him talk a little deciding whether no camera discolored account development time passed. i bid the activity do come out to hit a button. lummus he missed uncommon. my name is helen for them. not if you just want a wicker miss come call. my legal mom. i do show her do in the cooler hush. only has to be lifted for noah and whistled him an email hadn't had i been looking just a little boy scout monica chicago. if you go i lecture, how do differently murder the honey with homer? i mean, joe damsel in
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cortez cut out for the 1st month on march 30th. what battiata gave me says, you know, i been with definitely phyllis, good money out of how many cielo lynn. if you're half, i'm a see through lieutenant what the worth i see in a city within a city of am tardy. brooklyn it's got the i'm look at a team of more with publishing materials. would it take a minute window colored bonaire hub after her
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as well. or how book a with her? because you're my talk about look when walker a miller phone, the whole call to the line on a number for some film on the list. alert a little bit on cynthia. how and the specificity to how long you might have the money from, can shuttle onto the atlantic money until then you would not until you get more publicly good morning bought a house. come on in it. i know security. could you tell them a little break at the time sheet, but i'm i just like,
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ah, a come to the lot. there was a he felt like we don't want to fight. he's got a bit of a lot of with how much he did a well the on the same stuff was gonna say, i'm gonna say, i want to say a sports fan with
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the latest news as it breaks the middle plans, another half dozen public hearing to conduct the election lives with them by 1 of january with detail coverage. a lot of if i will begin the journey to a pool, my journey that can take 3 months from around the world. each family has a small piece of land with pups to eat or sell, but they still struggle to make in this more than 12000 migrants, mostly haitians in the canada sprung up in their real texas. over the last 2 weeks . they won't assign us. authorities are overwhelmed. this is just the latest flash point in a month long surgery. people are legally crossing the border and there's little in the camp for them. you can see that i tried to trying to stop people getting back
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in to the coming up that they were estimates for it to get through. they said, because there was enough food for them to be there in the car. mm. we met nicholas on the mexican bank to the river, searching for food of medicine for his family. he hadn't realized until we asked him about it. the us authorities rules are now flying haitians back home. there is no president crime as high students can't go to school, there is no work. the economy is down, people can't put up with them. deportation is not good for us. i've worked it out. is there english since it's lordship, as a principal presenter and as a correspondence with any breaking the story we want to hear from those people who would normally not get that voice is heard on the international news channels. one moment i'll be very proud off was when we covered the napoleon quake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster on the story that needed to be told from the hall of the affected area to be then to tell the people story was very important at the
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time we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the wound center match. i'm glad you call her hand out you 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that mentality out there in what is that they've been doing with the money that it's boring. we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. argentina's. congress is debating and bill thinking to raise billions of dollars from the super rich poor families hit hard by and then counting the cost on al jazeera. ah .


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