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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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in last he tried the showers furthermore, ah ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello,
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i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. and the abortion activists celebrate of the u. s. supreme court strikes down ruling giving women the right to terminate pregnancies. the decision is triggered a wave of anger across the us, where a number of states are immediately banning abortions. a powerful aftershock hits afghanistan where thousands are struggling with little food, water, or shelter. days after their homes were destroyed, and after weeks of bombardment, ukraine tells its forces to withdraw from the devastated city of savannah don. yes . and in sport, england get themselves under trouble. and the 3rd test against new zealand. johnny bare stone leading the fight back for the home side. i smashing his tanf at century
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crickets slung its form happen. ah, hello and welcome to this news. as we begin in the united states why millions of women are expected to lose access to abortions. after the supreme court struck down the ruling making it a constitutional right ah, this was the scene among anti abortion demonstrators in washington when the decision came through. a conservative dominated court voted 6 to 3 in favor of over turning roe vs wade, which was passed almost 50 years ago. in 1973, the former vice president might pens, said the right to abortion had been consigned to the ash heap of history. and republican members of congress are hailing the ruling as a momentous victory. we are entering
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a new era of freedom of freedom for the unborn, and i am proud to have always been on the side of pro my pro life brothers and sisters who stand here with me to day and all across america. we always knew we would realize true freedom for all americans. the people of one of victory, the right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless will finally have a voice. this great nation canal live up to its core principle that all are created equal, not born equal, created equal, the reaction to this principle decision by the court. it must be peaceful. and the d. o. j must step up to protect our justices their families, churches, and pro life pregnancy centers from unprovoked violence. majority of
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demonstrations outside the u. s. supreme court support abortion rights. oh wow. and there was massive disappointment for them when the ruling of a turning roe vs wade. was announced in a number of states, bonds on abortion will now come into force immediately senior members of the ruling democratic party have also condemned the decision. such a contradiction yesterday, the say the states and cannot make laws governing the constitutional right to bear arms. and to day they're saying the exact reverse that the states can overturn a constitutional right for 50 years. the constitutional right for want having the right to choose. the hypocrisy is raging, but the harm is endless. and you,
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as president joe biden has condemned the supreme court ruling as well and explained how he'll help women impacted by the decision. it's a realization of extreme ideology and a tragic error by the supreme court. in my view, as attorney general was made, clear, women must weave rein free to travel safely to another state. to seek clear the need. my administration will defend that bed rock right. then a state or local official, high or low drives interfere with the womans ex, exercise, or basic growth to travel. i will do everything in my power to fight that deeply on american attack. and the ao says the ruling was an ounce. some u. s. companies have said they'll help employees who need to go to on the states to have abortions. disney, for example, if ang, it'll cover expenses for walkers. you need to travel to access family planning care from employees, 80000 people in the state of florida. when the governor signed a bill banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, alaska airlines says,
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despite the ruling it will continue to reimburse travel costs for its employees wanting to undergo medical procedures on available in certain states. and then companies like amazon, an app will also be reimbursing employees or have to travel out of state to legally access abortions as well. so let's go live now to party kind his outside the u. s. supreme court and certainly tensions and emotions have been running high there. what's the scene like now? i can tell you the vast majority, i think probably pretty much everyone here right now is for is a pro abortion rights, a 1010. when this decision came out local time, there were a lot of anti abortion rights activists in some pro abortion rights activists. but since the wordly went out, that the decision was made that it hadn't changed merely version. the roby wade was in fact, completely overturned, receive a steady flow of people. i'd say there's probably about a 1000 people here now, respectively. many more as the evening goes on. just to give you
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a little bit of an understanding of what happened in this case, mississippi had wanted to ban abortions after 15 weeks. they didn't ask the court to overturn roe v wade. these justices decided to overturn roe v wade, and that itself is very controversial. because of the reason they were able to do that, let's not forget, just anthony antonin scalia passed away about a year into bud president obama's last term. the republican leader of the senate refused to give his candidate a hearing, saying the election would decide the next. the next judge justice to then, which is 7 a month till the election. i do, excuse me, justice ruth bader ginsburg died and then what we saw is the republicans changed their i their idea about the timeline limits. and they went ahead and got justice amy, coney, barrett on the court. and it was those moves that allowed these 3 justices to go with the other conservatives to take this really unprecedented step. and it is
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fairly unprecedented. there's been maybe one or 2 times in the history of the country where the supreme court basically said that decision was just simply wrong . so we're not going to follow it any more. also worth pointing out. and part of why the people behind me are so very angry is to get the job they had to get confirmed by the senate and across the board. they all said that rosie wade was settled law. and that they wouldn't necessarily look to overturn roe v wade, but that has in fact exactly what they've done. so what does this mean? well, 13 states of trigger laws in the coming days stage and outlaw abortion. we believe about $26.00 states are going to outlaw abortion in the coming months. and here's where it's going to get tricky. some of these states don't allow for an exemption, not for right now. for instance, not a mother's life is in jeopardy, or if there's an abnormality in the fetus. so all of that is going to have to be decided right now americans are just coming to terms of the fact that roe v wade is over and it really had a lot more to do than just about worship. abortion
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wasn't always controversial in the united states. it was legal when the country was founded up until what they called the quickening when the mother could feel the baby around 4 months. but by the 18 eighty's abortion was outlawed across most of the country. it stay that way until the sixty's, as the woman's movement came into force, pressure mounted on the court. first it's struct at a law, the ban, so in birth control to married couples. then later for unmarried adults, family planning information services. then murphy way to 973, change the lives of millions of women, allowing all abortions in the 1st trimester and some restrictions in the 2nd. a decision reaffirmed several times since by the supreme court, before the decision on ro, wealthy women could travel out of the country for the procedure. but for lower income women getting an abortion often meant going to unsafe clinics. in 196517
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percent of all dust due to pregnancy were the results of illegal abortions. and after row there was an economic impact. women could choose to stay in the workforce . they could start, for example, on an advanced education program. they could get accepted in just such a program because a school would say, i find incredible that this woman will actually complete her education and not drop out because she'll be able to plan it, allow women to invest in careers as opposed to just jobs because they they can follow paths that involved investment rather than being viewed by employers as people who are sort of here today gone tomorrow. studies have shown that women who leave their job to care for their child even for a short time rarely recoup their earning potential. and many can afford child care in this country, which now cost an average of $14000.00 per year. there are some economic studies that say there is also a link between legal abortions and a drop in crime. this reversal will now mean half of the women in the country are
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a bell to find out what my was like before. roe v wade a half a century ago, especially for women with little means have a child. they don't want or risk their lives to legally get an abortion and of course, this doesn't just impact women in the country, but men will be impacted as well. i want to introduce you to caspar della ruth. he is a just graduated graduate student in public policy. you live in washington, d. c. now, but what made you decide to come here today? i think i really want to, sir, and i'm for my friends. are both women and people with tutor says to i think it's such an important day and we all need to show up and show out for a product of rights. one of the reasons, one of the things that the way the court made this argument is they basically use the same argument that they use to ensure same sex marriage, access to contribute contraception. you are
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a part of that community. how concerned are you? i'm very concerned i think are definitely going to come for you know, algebra 2 right next door to come for on reproductive rights contraception. odds you know, interested in terms, sorry, interracial marriages that's on the line, which is also why we need to know your support today. people say you need to come a more than once. you're going to be back. yes, absolutely. yeah. thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. i appreciate it. and it is another concern for the people here because some of these state law legislatures have taken what some recall extreme steps, basically saying that they can't they can't use certain kinds of contraception because that would violate this new rule. so the states are going to really have to figure out what they're doing and then the courts in those states are after figure out if they're constitutional. but right now, what the supreme court has done is left it wide open for them to say no, no it's,
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there's no constitutional right, an assay box or an international audience at that is trying to understand the story . can you explain why this is such a polarizing issue? there in the u. s. why there is such sharply conflicting views on both sides of the debate? a lot of it had the a lot of the movement to get rid of robi way came from a the religious community that catholic church had a lot to do with that. and then it became a republican issue. so it really has been a driving force for republican voters, not so much for democratic voters because the right was there, it was constitutionally guaranteed. so one of the questions now and joe biden is said, if you want to change this, you have to show up and vote. the question is, is this kind of energy going to be able to carry them to november when the mid terms are up? when he is, has the potential to lose seats in the house, lou seats in the senate, there is
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a bill that would make abortion accessible for every one in the country. it just doesn't have the votes to pass in the senate right now. the problem for joe biden is his poll numbers aren't friendly, low gas prices are incredibly high. it's really, really expensive to shop at the grocery store. and so people tend to punish the president for that. now, as i mentioned, democrats, this hasn't been a driving issue for them because they had the right now that they don't, will it become their number one issue? well, that's what the democrats are hoping. all right, thank you so much. as you're as pat time reporting to us from washington with our, our protested demonstrations following this unprecedented, his party was saying supreme court ruling. well, a majority of americans believe that abortion should be legal and many also open to restrictions. a recent poll by the pew research center, so it shows at 56 percent. but if a woman's stage of pregnancy should be the deciding factor in whether or not the procedure is allowed to go ahead, 12 percent disagree. they believe how long
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a woman has been pregnant shouldn't play a role just of a 30 percent, say abortion should be legal in all cases. and that should be without exception. ok, well i don't know that we were just there and you know, i can just describe seen that for us. what have you been hearing from members of the public who are turning out to demonstrate today? well he's here, we're hearing anger anger at the supreme court decision, even though it was expected because as we been mentioning, the decision was leaked a few weeks ago. there is still a lot of anger that this day has finally found. the reality is really sitting in here. this is a protest right now in union square and new york city, i'm going to have you walk up this direction just a little bit to get a scene of what it's like, i'm sorry about that. hundreds of people here right now, and this is just the 1st of what is going to be several protests here in new york
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city over the next couple hours an hour from now. there will be another one that it's expected to be even larger in union square park, just about a kilometer to, to the south, the where i'm at now. this is one that's happening now. there's another one happening at 8 pm here, local time, various groups from all sorts of different organizations and, and what have you have been needing to get their voices heard here. and what everyone keeps telling us is the same thing, is that they feel that they have to get out and protest so that their voices are heard out on the street. you can see that it's a lot of young people, but also we have middle aged people as well. people from different races, new cities and backgrounds. it is new york city, clearly the most diverse city in the united states. so it's not surprising to see that, but you really do see a lot of young faces here, and it really shows you how this is an issue that is really galvanizing young people here. now,
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new york state and new york city are places where abortion is very much legal and the mayor of new york city, eric adams said that he will protect that right here in new york city for people that want to get an abortion good to go ahead and safely continue to do that, but clearly one of many protests we planned throughout the evening here in new york city. all right, thank you very much. will that is for me, oak. gabriel is on the with the reaction there to the supreme court ruling. now, governors, the governors of 3 us west coast state, washington, oregon in california, and will put out a joint video statement condemning this decision and offering to help women effective by reproductive freedoms are under attack. red states and republican stat courts have rolled back the rights of americans today, the supreme court ruling to overturn roe vs wade. more than half the states and united states ban abortion outright or severely restrict access to abortion
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services. that's why california oregon and washington are building the west coast protect patients access to we would work with legislators with our providers, with a patient advocate. we will continue to protect patients from any state who come to our states or worship here. so let's go live now to rob reynolds, his in los angeles, where of course we hearing about said california moving to strengthen abortion right. how is this decision being received while you are? well, many people are very outrage over this decision, and i'm standing right now across the street from the federal courthouse in downtown los angeles. there's a crowd of several 100 people here who are expressing their outrage and their dismay over the supreme court decision. let me just step out of the way. you get
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a little bit of a view of what this the crowd looks like. you're mostly young people, men and women, are many people who are a saying that this is a, an affront to women, all over the united states and many people, all. so talking about how the, the next item on the agenda as it were for the, the conservative supreme court majority might be a, it legislation that it's rides gay rights l, g, b, g, t, u rights as well as some of the same sex marriage. so that is of concern there you just heard of the governor of california talk about how his state is going to try to support people who come here uh for of for terminating their pregnancies. and the state itself has very robust protections. the
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right to abortion is enshrined in law and newsome wants to put it in the constitution of the state of california as well. um abortion is available on demand here and it is also ah, paid for by most insurance plans. but the, although there are over 100 plant heritage clinics in california, that may not be enough because people here are expecting an influx of women from states like oklahoma or texas, where pete, where abortion is going to be ban and criminalize, in fact, a study by the university southern california predicted $16000.00 additional women would come to the state of california, seeking abortion services. 10000 of those in southern california alone. so you could see that today's decision, unprecedented decision overturning. 49 years of subtle law by the supreme court is having ramifications and ripples far beyond those states where women are going to
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be prohibited from having abortion. mariam. all right, thank you very much for the reaction from los angeles, rob reynolds. so i'm now joined by lauren bloomfield, copeland, his vice president of government affairs and public advocacy at planned parenthood . advocates of i am just been hearing about states that will move to impose trigger bands and then obviously other states, a democrat lead states that want to try and preserve and strengthen abortion rights . how is this ruling going to affect a higher thank you so much for having me. ohio is going to be devastated by this ruling. these 6 judges that are hostile to our freedoms have really left states like ohio with republican lead legislatures and governors. i. in the hands of zealots, while ohio has well, abortion is still legal right now. in ohio. we are facing litigation around
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a 6 week ban that was passed in 2019. this litigation is going to continue on into next week. and we don't know if we will be able to provide abortion after 6 weeks. i'm depending on if this injunction is going to hold. and we know that the legislature is looking to ban abortion completely. so the 8 here continues and foot people. it might not be familiar with the work of planned parenthood. what does that mean for your organization and how it changed the way you you work and you function? absolutely. planned parenthood is the largest reproductive health care provider in united states. we have 21 health centers here in ohio, 3 of which provide abortion. we also work with independent abortion providers. so we provide abortion, we advocate or abortion, or reproductive healthcare. and we also are the largest sex education providers that this decision believe is a yes i go to say, did the decision come to a as
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a shock? you always have as a leak, there are indications that was, it was going to happen. it was expected, but what was your, what was your initial response when you heard the news? even though the decision was expected, we saw the leak. we've seen the writing on the wall. we are devastated. we are heartbroken, but we are prepared. we are defiant and we are going to fight for access to abortion here in ohio and across the country. which communities are going to be most affected by this. we hear that it could result in 60000 both the urine among women who can't get an abortion which communities which ethnic groups will be most impacted. the people here who will be most impacted are already on the up on the margins like people, indigenous folks, algae be to q people. people who are already have a lack of resources because of our health care institutions who have already been
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the most impacted by the pandemic. they are going to be most impacted by abortion bands. we already see that because some folks, even though we are working really hard with states that provide abortion to be able to make sure that patients are able to get abortion in states where it's legal, there will still be people who can't travel who can't fly in child support who can't leave work and therefore will have to continue pregnancies that they did not want. lauren at global copeland, vice president of government phase and advocacy at planned parenthood. thank you very much. thank you. us all makers have passed the most significant gone safety legislation in 3 decades, democrat controlled house of representatives voted for the bill a day after it was passed by the senate now been sent to prison. joe biden, to be sign into law. gun control has long been a device of issue and other device of issue in the united states. many previous attempts failing. you would then use our lie from london much more still to bring
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you on the program. the un concludes the israeli forces not palestinian fight is killed al jazeera journalist during apple upgrade. and now the protest her is killed, dozens injured as anti government demonstrations in ecuador move into that 12 day board. it's been a rough day for i found the dull days before he begins his wimbledon campaign level, a tennis action a bit later ah, a powerful off to showcase killed at least 5 more people in the remote area of afghanistan that was hit by a devastating of quake on wednesday, at least 1100 people, including 121 children, were killed and also entire villages destroyed. left thousands of people now desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. as ali latifah reports,
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there is little hope of finding any more survivors after wednesday's earthquake. now, the grim task is to recover bodies under the rubble and bury them again. thousands of odds have been killed or injured. on friday morning, another job killed 5 more people in the southeastern district up de la mon was not home. he says, all his family is dead and his home is no more to go over the middle and they were here. the quite suddenly happened at night, houses were destroyed, top people of our family were massive. holla, bon officials have reached the worst effected areas and assured people of support. but with limited helicopters, destroyed rhodes in a lack of essential there isn't much they can do beyond assurances after decades of corruption, mismanagement and war, there is a lack of everything including equipment, hospital supplies, and even wrote avalon,
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san dyer, humanitarian crisis has worse. and because of sanctions and lack of funds after the taller bond took over last year, i have been appointed by the stomach, emily to be in charge of the aid coordination. and we would have to use the wounded and the people whose homes were destroyed as hospital struggled to cope and thousands are made homeless. humanitarian aid has slowly started trickling into the remote provinces of hosts and practical joy. good, good. when you know these are the items are being given out according to the domestic needs of the people. there's flower pulses, sugar, and obviously they are in a situation where their houses have been destroyed. so we've included all types of food items according to the needs of the families. many have cross and neighboring pockets on to seek medical help and the aid convoys are arriving. from the western border. iranian army plains have brought aid including hundreds of tents, lincoln medicine, and a team of iranian red, crescent workers,
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and aid workers face a challenge. since entire villages have been wiped out the best that these people can hope for. if some kind of a temporary housing or if they're really lucky, a chance to move to another area, potentially less affected by such natural disasters. it will take years for these very destitute communities to recover. not only from the tragedy of losing entire families, but also on how they could rebuild is michael holmes, motor homes that were the investment of lifetime phase mala, just expect more aftershocks after the shallow earthquake. but for those who already lost everything, survival remains the biggest fear. fee packed province al jazeera, still had on his knees out from london ranges. and kimberly's soldiers are accused of a brutal campaign to drive an indigenous community from
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a national park. the time to endanger guerrillas after suffering a double election blow questions by minister defense. his plans in deport migrates . are a wonder, a commonwealth summit in kigali install. it sat down. so this driver's hopes of winning the safari rally lab ah with hello. we have some tearful sunshine, it's a scandinavian moments clear skies. lots of warmth around here. in fact, the warmth does stretched out across eastern parts of europe, all the way across into italy. further west, it's a little more unsettled. it's a little cooler bands of cloud and brain areas of low pressure rolling in some blustery showers coming through as we go through the next few days, hedge temperatures. there are the low twenty's here all the way down into s 8 in
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fact, but there's that heat across eastern parts. berlin, 30 celsius 29 there for war. saw me to the high twenty's there for scandinavia that he comes all the way down into a good part of italy where we do have red warnings in force. and you can see wife stays very hot, roam, could touch 38 celsius by sunday, milligrams heat, staying very much in place as we go on through monday, a 35 in berlin. at that stage, we have got the where to whether the blustery showers pushing in from western parts system. wet weather coming into republic of ireland across a good part of the u. k. still some live and funding showers. large hail damaging winds, affecting parts of france, and still a scattering a showers down towards that southeast corner of europe. they modest, large, dry across northern parts of africa, some heavier shouts, pushing into west africa all the way up into a good part of southern molly. ah, the fool,
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he got in contact with montgomery ideals, the french republic, islam proclaimed. but just what is modern? france in a 4 part series, the big picture takes an in depth look. the trouble with france episode won on al jazeera when the news breaks, people having to my whole breaking decisions on whether to leave behind their homes and loved ones. when people need to be heard. and the story told in the home we hope to return one day with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, al jazeera has teens on the ground. president biden needs to contain fuel prices with way to bring you more award winning documentaries. and live nice lou
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ah, ah, welcome back. a look at the main story this our, ah, you as supreme court has struck down any 50 year old ruling, recognizing a woman's legal right to an abortion. anti abortion activist gathered outside the court to celebrate the 6 to 3 vote of a ton rove us as weighed all huge demonstrations as well in support of abortion rights outside the court. millions of american women and our expect it to lose their access to an abortion with the decision triggering immediate bands in some states and an off to show because they are gonna start killing at least 5 people,
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3 days after the earthquake that killed at least $1100.00 people, including a $121.00 children. monetary aid is arriving, but is proving how to get essential supplies to remote areas. a governor of ukraine's eastern hans christian says his forces will be withdrawing from the city of savannah. donny ask russian troops and now in control of most of the city are in a close to surrounding its neighboring city of las a chance. both areas have been under intense bombardment for weeks now, many of the ukrainian forces. it's a very danielle to hold up inside the assault chemical plant out there as charles stratford reports on these developments from cave. this is the adult chemical plants and civil done that's gone. ukraine's eastern front line, hundreds of civilians including women and children, are reportedly sheltering in its bunkers after suffering some of the heavier spiting and most intense artillery bombardment since the war began. 4 months ago,
12:34 am
ukrainian forces have begun retreating from the city to the lender. unfortunately, our boys will have to be withdraw her, but there is no need to talk about so called betrayal law as nobody's going to abandon or joan. no one will let the russian forces surround them. what nearly every building in several minutes is partially or completely destroyed. it's a similar situation in neighboring lucy chanced. as the shelling gets heavier, the relocation of remaining civilians who wants to leave gets more perilous. by the day. there is reportedly no running water or electricity, but still some people refuse the offer of safe passage to the ukrainian side. i'm only was my mother now. i do not want to leave. i think we need to endure a bit more and everson will be okay. sure. ukrainian army released footage believe to have been shot at least a week ago, showing ukrainian soldiers laying minds and then blowing up one of the 4 bridges connection severed in it's with lucy chance to the south,
12:35 am
a tactical move to slow down the russian advance. the russian ministry of defense release to video, it says, shows ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner in the nearby town of the latte. these ukrainian military vehicles are heading south from lisa chance, but russian forces a shilling the main road out. in an effort to cut off a major supply, an exit route for the crane, an army and civilian evacuees. russian forces are pushing into several, their nets and towards neighboring. lucy chanced from the north, the east and the south. they also control lodge areas to the west. the regional governor says that ukrainian forces pulling back he what he describes as a tactical withdrawal. with a news suggests a potential defeat the ukranian army in one of the last 2 cities in lou ganske region. under their control, chaw, stratford, al jazeera keith and you and finding suggest that the israeli military fired the
12:36 am
shot that killed al jazeera john listerine, a black line. sure he was killed while on assignment. and janine in the occupied west bank on a smith reports from west harrison. oh, the circumstances of sharing a bo atlas killing on may. the 11th had been investigated by several international news organizations. all came to the conclusion. it was a bullet fired from an israeli rifle that killed the al jazeera correspondent and injured her colleague, ali some moody, as they covered a military raid in the occupied west bank. i'm so busy now. the united nations agrees at around a half past 6 in the morning. as 4 of the journalists turned into the street leading to the camp. wearing bullet proof helmets and flak jackets with press markings, several single seemingly well aimed bullets were fired towards them from the direction of the israeli security forces. one single bullet injured elisa moody in
12:37 am
the shoulder and another single bullet hit a black lay in the head and killed her instant her. israel military says the investigations into sharon's death are biased and that the journalist was in no way shot intentionally. and it is not possible to determine whether she was killed by palestinian gunmen who fired uncontrollably at his surroundings or by an idea of soldier by accident. ah, israel's military also says the palestinian authority should hand over the bullet the kill touring and take part in a joint investigation. but the palestinians say they can't trust these rarely, military to conduct a transparent investigation of itself. as a clara at aris, a memorial service, the palestinian prime minister said that instead, these railey should hand over the rifle that its military admits may have been you that are. you and human rights chief michelle bartlett, wants israel to open a criminal investigation into sharing avo atlas death. and 24 sentences won't
12:38 am
present joe biden to get the us involved in its own investigation. bernard smith, outer sarah, west harrison, one person has been killed and dozens injured in ecuador capital, quito, on the 12th day of protest against the government's economic and social policies. demonstrations have been taking place all over the country with indigenous votes, demanding cuts to fuel prices and price clap. some food. clashes between protest as in security forces obtain increasingly violent over the past few days might have brazilian indigenous expert. bruno pereira has been laid to rest in a funeral, lead by indigenous tribes. a 41 year old and british journalist on phillips were shot dead earlier this month. the room in a remote region of the amazon rain forest. the men returning from reporting trip, when it's alleged local fishermen attack their vote. really, pereira was shot, 3 times. 3 men are in custody, but police is still searching for others. they believe to help dispose of the body
12:39 am
o coordinated campaign involving gang rape, murder and ethnic cleansing is taking place in unesco, listed national park in the democratic republic of congo. this, according to an investigative report, vica who's the be again, national park is a vast rain forest home to a critically endangered gorilla species. investigative journalists say violence has been directed at its indigenous community since 2019 to drive them out. there. a port alleges the park rangers and members of the congolese army are responsible, although a commission looking into the claims, clear, national park staff of committing atrocities were. joining us now is robert fleming felt investigative journalist formerly based in the democratic republic of congo, and he joins us now. first of all, this is a country with an abundance of natural resources. great nash, great natural beauty. tell us about this vast ines go listed rain forest at the heart of this story. sure, thanks for me unmarried. so going to be
12:40 am
a national park was established in $975.00 at the behest of a foreign conservationists white belgian who came in and said that the protected area should be set up to protect the bio diversity. the problem was that the area, the relevant perio, is inhabited by an indigenous community indigenous back to our community who were in 1975, expelled at gunpoint. their villages burned down so as to create the park. several decades there after after decades of landless, mister marginalization members of the community decided to return in 2018 and rebuild their villages inside the par, sparking the campaign that our team documented of 3 years again burned down. the villages correspond file and it gunpoint with the organize that route. but let me ask you about that because the allegation is that have been these operations since
12:41 am
2019 involving a coordinated campaign of gang rape and various the trustees tell me about the evidence you found, of this violence and brutality against the indigenous people. sure. so while our team was investigating, we visited multiple villages, days after they were destroyed, to say we visited them literally while the villages were still smoldering. literally, while bloodstained greenery was still drying and the sun, we collected shell casings from weapons used kalashnikov even belt said machine guns as well as containers from heavy weapons used against the villages. 60 millimeter mortars as well as rockets visited the freshly dug grades are they're well one member. the community was buried, saw the photos of corpses, corpses that had been mutilated, and also spoke to hundreds of eye witness sources, as well as some perpetrators part guards and soldiers. who describe the campaign as
12:42 am
well. so you visited these places in the aftermath of the attack, and you've gathered photographic evidence and what would be then the motivation for these crimes? well, at the end of the day, the park is set up on a rigidly violent, neo colonial model for conservation. that's bobo all around the world. it basically says that a communities can not inhabit national parks, cannot have it protected area. everybody from the government government, which provides substantial material and financial support at the park throughout the period in which this campaign was conducted down to the park. authorities agree that people can't live in side regardless whether they're indigenous, whatever. and you know, people are living inside. well, something needs to be done about that. in this case, the campaign of violence is organized to expel them. and rob it, let me ask you because and then in july 2021, you, you produce a preliminary report, but you alerted the congress, the government and german government partners involved in the parks operations.
12:43 am
what was the response? well, the response level of the german government was remarkable. days after receiving. as you noted this preliminary note describing by 12 being killed, execution style family members were forced to watch. multiple villages entirely break down people in the german government who had been notified, organized a visit to the park headquarters, not to investigate, but rather to smile for a photo opportunity with the perpetrators with the park authorities who we believed at commission the attack and to reassure the park of it's of the german government steadfast support. and that position, of course, changed pretty dramatically when we later in april of this year made our report public. and the german government said it was outraged and shot. and it would set up this commission to, to investigate our reports findings. yeah. alright,
12:44 am
thank you very much for sharing your work with us and explaining a bit more about this report rather fund felt joining us that appreciate it. thank you. thanks our controversial migrant deportation deal. between the you can wander is threatening to overshadow the commonwealth heads of government meeting, which is on the way in kigali, both british prime minister, forrest johnson, and the case prince charles are attending. johnson has defended his government's plan to deform migrate trolanda while prince charles has reportedly criticize stealing private host nation or wander is also facing scrutiny over its human rights record. meanwhile, boris johnson has been told to resign by a former leader of his conservative party. after, at last to crucial by elections, double blow has already prompted the parties chairman to quit johnson that someone will take responsibility. journal reports now from tevington,
12:45 am
previously save conservative seat in southwest england. across these fields of rural devon, the conservatives have held sway for a 100 years. until now i do have, i declare that richard jones ford is truly elected. yeah. voters in the normally rock, solid, conservative constituency of tibbetts and 100, to elected a liberal democrat. m. p. instead, in a historic swing against the tories, a rejection of the party and the government because thinks it's a whole different thing so far. we've had so many years the current governance and thinking and i just think with all the recent things including that behavior with covert, it's a lot of people i think it doesn't fit right with. and i think this is the best
12:46 am
chance of getting them sending a message really facing them, sending a message to the conservatives that you know, we're not happy and other last less surprising but no less significant. in wakefield in west yorkshire. this is traditional labor country. the parties working class red wall that crumbled in 2019 forming part of bonus. johnson's majority now labor has shown it can take areas like this back. johnson himself was out of the country at the commonwealth heads of government meeting in rwanda, we've got to recognize that there is more that we've got to do, and we certainly will. we will keep going, addressing the concerns of people until we get through this far away, but in no way insulated against what has happened here. boris johnson has vowed to carry on as he did when he lost the support of 40 percent of his fees in a vote of no confidence less than 3 weeks ago. as he did when the police find him
12:47 am
for breaking the law over lockdown parties in downing street, could this be the moment when his party, thanks again. in the early hours of friday, one of his most loyal if tenants in government quit now for my party, chairman all of a doubt and said they could no longer be business as usual. others may now conclude that paris johnson is no longer the vote when he once was, and that the time has come for him to go. jo, al jazeera tipton, east, devon and mir katara as arrived in egypt on his 1st visit after years of difficult relations between the 2 countries. she asked, i mean, been hammered. fanny was greeted by president of photography. egypt was one of 4 countries that imposed a long running blockade on cattle, which ended last year. visit comes weeks off to catch us. government announced that would invest $5000000.00 in egypt, struggling economy. sedans, right?
12:48 am
see, stay is home t anesco natural world heritage site. his coastal watches are also home to a huge variety of marine species. the climate change is threatening the regions, coral reefs, and people the hope tours and can bring much needed attention from policy down on the red sea. hipaa. morgan reports we here of the coast of the eastern city of port sudan is where us, man, edris usually comes to dive. this, bought nearly 15 kilometers off. sure is known as ambria and is his favorite. it's named after an italian worship that was scuttled here during world war 2 to avoid it being captured for decades, it's been home to coral reefs and a variety of marine life us man says for him. these other real underwater treasures . and the reason he enjoys diving here, sir, i'll be all cured. the marine nature is diverse. there are different types of fish of different sizes, as well as different types of corals i saw in the colors are what makes it special,
12:49 am
as well as the density of coral reefs in a small location. you can find a lot of quarrels that you can't find in many parts of the red ceiling effect. or it's a dance coastal water is to have long been a source of escape and pleasure for the people who live in the city. many come to its shows during the summer months, but to accompany say, very few dived to explore below its waters. and how it is i know it in as in my head, we try to show people that the sea has many types of activities, not just fishing. there's diving, there are islands to explore. they can camp on the coast to you. there are many activities that can promote tourism in the right. see, and we want to show people that radical ha, this lighthouse is called sanguine iep. it's the unesco natural heritage site. it's one of the spots where 2 companies usually take tourists, but the company say less than a 1000 tourists come each year. so they hope that by exploiting the corals beneath these waters more will come. the low number of tourists has helped preserve this
12:50 am
part of the red sea. now with climate change threatening marine life, and the region marked for its ability to support coral reef. 2 companies are hoping business will improve, but attracting visitors here has its challenges. for a while before high up so high on it, there's not enough docs for yacht and tool boats to docket and and, and the services provided to tourists are not according to international standards in or for diverse to half full comfort. while practicing through diving hobbies and sometimes those put to take care of the sector on not those who have the experience in tourism. with coral reefs threatened around the world. many hope that the natural beauty of those thriving here will attract more visitors and their livelihoods will thrive alongside them. he but morgan al jazeera, on the red sea of the coast of port sedan. how work is on the way to her so on his lap, his most famous mosques. serious 2nd says he was battered by 4 years of fighting
12:51 am
between raffles and government forces. it's old says he is a unesco listed world heritage site and home to the a. my mosque who's 11th century minarette was reduced to a pile of blocks in 2013 sonata while the sport went far in doha. thank you so much. mariam. a 10th a test century from johnny barrow so has helped england get out of trouble against new zealand in leads. home side were in disarray on 55 for 6 in their 1st names. after dismissing the black caps for $329.00, vera so and every time jamie overton managed to rescue the situation, they plundered a $200.00 plus and beaten partnership with their sto, smashing $21.00 boundaries to finish on 130, not out of england now trail by just 65 runs, they already have an unassailable to nail lead in the 3 match series.
12:52 am
that up women's basketball league in united states has strongly condemned the u. s . supreme court decision to overturn federal abortion rights. the w and b a released the statement calling the decision out of touch with the country and any sense of human dignity. meanwhile, us women's soccer star megan repeat. i would describe the ruling as sad and cruel. i wish that we could just talk about soccer today, but obviously with the ruling on roe v wade, that takes precedence over everything. i say this all the time, but pro choice means that you get to choose pro choice allows other people to be pro life if that is what works for them, or that is what their beliefs are. or if that is where they're at in their life pro life doesn't allow anybody to make a choice. 22 time grand slam champion roughened dallas preparations for wimbledon,
12:53 am
have taken a hit. the spaniard has been knocked out of a warm up event in england. he was defeated by canada as he likes under allison, a on a tie break. fidel is chasing his 3rd grand slam title this season after winning both the australian and french opens. 36 year old, whose participation at wimbledon has been in doubt because lake chronic foot problems. we playing at the all england club for the 1st time since 2019 meanwhile, well, number 6 step now said to his preparations remain on track. the greeks are beat frances benjamin ball. the in straight. that's teresa funnel and me orca. will face robert. good of thing for the title. serena williams has been drawn to face harmony town of france and the 1st round at wimbledon. williams, a warmed up for her grand slam, returned with 2 double appearances of the born international. 40 year old hasn't played a competitive singles match since she was injured at wimbledon last year. the 3rd grand slam of the season starts on monday. i'll tea time. when will the champion
12:54 am
pasture can that of our has advanced to her 1st gras court, a final in foreign ears should be beatrice had admired to reach the final at east point. evade of our faith? 2017 french open champion. elaina also hank health of his hydro power bank. hara was the center of attention at the n b a draft. the 19 year old was the number one overall pick out an event that the launch pad for top level basketball career's. andy richardson reports the orlando magic select palo bank, her hello barn. kara was a man dressed to impress on the biggest nights of his basketball career. so for the teenager from seattle is heading to the orlando magic is the surprise number one overall pick at the embassy a draft. the 1st 2 years of his contract. we'll see him earning more than $20000000.00. this is one of those moments of my life. i'm super excited. and now i
12:55 am
couldn't be happier. you know, to be a member in orlando magic. this isn't even a dream lifeline is is like a fantasy like i dream of being in ambia arm, but being an m one overall pay you notice is crazy clay with traveler's select abroad jane. he's joining an elite list. look, ron james was inside pick in 2003 layer. the draft is an annual event when teams from north america's top league get the chance to select new players from us colleges. international competitions, teams that fail to reach the playoffs in the previous season, get to choose 1st. i'm going to go earlier. dyson daniels was the highest international pick. the australian is on his way to the new orleans pelicans. i want to have my man phone number hot jobs and as his dream come, true, i jump to this now for as long as i can remember to finally be here. a lot of hard
12:56 am
work that i've just been isn't, gets up trinity because you're a starting point on a career path. although selected will be hoping one day leads to them winning the n b a championship. andy richardson, al jazeera, and off european gov's, leading tourists find in suspended players. he took part in the 1st event of his saudi back to break away competition. the dp world tourist as any of its members, he played in the live series opener band from the upcoming scottish open statement added that participation in other conflicting tournaments without the required releases may incur further sanction. the several of our members willfully broke our rules and regulations on the conflicting tournament regulation that is in the membership handbook that they have signed. and it's not a new role it's, it's been around for some 30 years. and in speaking to many of our members, they were disheartened. they felt disrespected disrespect to the tour for the
12:57 am
members that did wilfully break these rules and regulations that are there to governor, to are, to protect themselves, to protect the sponsors and the stakeholders. and at the end of the day, the action required a consequence. and we think we made a fair and proportionate move. world championship leader collie roland para has taken control of the safari rally and tanya finished driver bag. 3 stage wins on friday and has a 22nd plus advantage. sebastian o chair who was fastest and thursdays is super, a special saved from a puncture and is now more than 2 minutes off the pay sitting fixed overall. and before we go, a brazilian forward has scored one of the most impressive patrick's you'll ever see . this effort with one of 3 grey goals by pager power for bill f c. vietnam say secure to win in asia, secondary club competition. the a f c cub. the 2nd goal was equally as impressive. he then completed the high trick
12:58 am
with a chip. i was good enough to impress any brazilian legends. okay, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marion in london. all right, thank you very much. a lot to the news. i will be back in one with a full bullet, including of course, of the latest reaction from washington on an unprecedented on historic ruling from the u. s. supreme court over turning roe vs wade moral. not a ah, the thought it was so i will follow up a lot of them. why is one on the how do you to visit with counsel the philistine bitten the from the stuff for. yeah. and about the for sierra that kind of little
12:59 am
sob. is it done well, i can get the shower in the cod, there's topics here that it was thought not only by the middle of coffee and like in the past on mckinley, on, in and out of fi, colleena is like a month to help audi. i mean, for the 2nd law in english, i feel when you wander on either before the book. mm. mm ah and a on counsellor cost central banks take decisive action and bring in aggressive rate hikes to try and bring sort consumer prices under control. but what more can be done was we take
1:00 am
a look at what's in store for the aviation industry following the global pandemic. counting the cost on al jazeera, too often of canister, is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film archives spawning for decades, reviews the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part one, the birth of afghan cinema on a just 0 ah, a and he abortion activists that.


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