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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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it's energy consumption is such a massive step backwards. people in power investigates crypto on al jazeera, against a backdrop of syrian independence comes a story of military coups regime change. and insurgency. al jazeera well explores the life of id about you shortly achieving his ambition to be syrian president in 1953, but out maneuvered by his rivals and struck by the assassin's bullet. al, she shocked me. serious master of coups. oh, now jazeera ah 2. ready the u. s. supreme court over turns a decades old ruling known as of roe vs wade. that guaranteed nationwide abortion
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rights for women. the court literally taking american back a 150 years. it's a sad day for the country mark ah, celebrations and coffee managers in the p divided over the rights of women, terminates pregnancy. ah. alarm clock, this is on desert life. also coming up off the shocks, enough canister, raise the death toll in areas hit by wednesday is devastating earth, great. we will be live from patio and the president accuses them of trying to stage a coup, ecuador? indigenous protested. say they just want answers to their demands. ah,
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so millions of women in the us are expected to lose access to abortions off to the supreme court struck down a ruling make it a constitutional right. conservative dominated court voted in favor of overturning the roe vs wade ruling which was passed almost 50 years ago. in 1973 political haine reports from washington dc. ah, for some this is what they've been working to for almost 50 years. as the supreme court decides, access to an abortion is no longer a constitutional right now, the states can decide and $26.00 states are likely to ban abortions in the coming weeks and months. once those words were read that the decision rovers reverse, i had to kind of this mix of relief and excitement. it's really hard to describe. but a bunch of us to start bursting into tears. i outside the supreme court pro
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abortion rights activist, cried enraged at a court. many of them consider illegitimate. confronted the anti abortion rights activists. i well, both acknowledged, they had no hope of changing minds. it's hurtful, there are women in tie. there are people who are going to go to jail for things they can't control in their own body because people who make the law don't understand that i will not, not being pro white because science is on our side. president joe biden was quick to condemn the decision. it's a sad day for the court and for the country. now with ro gone, must be very clear. the health and life of women of this nation, are now at risk. this decision basically said that the robi way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent, especially one of this importance. so this court is unlikely to change its mind. now the focused turns to congress to try and get
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a law the guarantees abortion access. howard can see nothing without a demand. never has never will. do i think it's realistic that they will restore abortion rights if we sit home hell know, do i think if we come out and raise buddy hill, if we flood these streets and don't go home? absolutely, we can compel them to restore legal abortion on demand across the country and nothing less than that is acceptable poll showed the majority of americans didn't want this decision to happen. how much they care will determine if this is a permanent new reality in america. had to call hain al jazeera at the supreme court. well, it's been nearly 50 years since c. u. s. supreme court ruled on roe v wade and the 1973 decision established that choosing to have an abortion is a right protected by the constitution. 7 out of the 9 judges voted in favor at the time they ruled a fetus has the potential for life in the early stages of pregnancy. but it is not a person, therefore, does not have constitutional rights of its own. decades later,
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restrictions on the procedure vary depending on state laws, but at least 13 states have what's known as triggered laws that will immediately ban or restrict abortion. after this ruling, the state of missouri has already become the 1st state to end the abortion entirely . all republican members of congress of hailing the routing has a momentous victory. we are entering a new era of freedom of freedom for the unborn. and i am proud to have always been on the side of pro my pro life brothers and sisters who stand here with me to day and all across america. we always knew we would realize true freedom for all americans. the people of one of victory, the right to life has been vindicated. the voiceless will finally have a voice. this great nation canal live up to its core principle,
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that all are created equal, not born equal, created equal. the reaction to this principle decision by the court, it must be peaceful. and the d. o. j must step up to protect our justices their families, churches, and pro life pregnancy centers from unprovoked violence, latino from rosen, jordan who has moved from washington dc. there are many in his administration who argue that joe biden didn't really have any offers that he could put forward in the form of an executive order. that's something that would not have to get congressional approval. what he did reiterate is that so one, using the so called morning after drug or medicines used to induce a chemical abortion. those have been legalized by the food and drug administration . and so there was that re confirmation that using that medicine is still legal in
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all 50 states, and that individual states cannot band the use or the purchase of those medicines. the other thing which the administration did reconfirm on friday is that people have the freedom of transit between all 50 states. no state can impose a barrier on any person who wants to travel to another state in order to obtain an abortion. but beyond that, no executive orders, certainly one matter, protecting the patients of privacy under what's known as hipaa. that is something that possibly could have been covered by an executive order. because we have already seen in one case in texas, where a woman who was trying to obtain a chemical abortion, ended up being reported and being a rusted when it turns out that that was something that the state legally could not do and be georgia, americans believe abortion should be legal,
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but many of them are also open to restrictions. a poll conducted last month by the pew research center showed that 56 percent believe a women's stage of pregnancy should be a factor in determining if a procedure is allowed. 12 percent disagree, they believed how long a woman has been pregnant. shouldn't play a role. just say that 30 percent should say abortion should be legal in all cases. without exception. rog reynolds has been at a pro abortion rights demonstration in los angeles. california has laws that are very robust in protecting women's rights to abortion. but that didn't stop hundreds of demonstrators from gathering here in the street in front of the u. s. federal court house in downtown los angeles. they are angry, they are upset, and they are benting their fury telling stories of having been impregnated by rape and in other terrible circumstances. in this pro abortion rights crowd, people are saying it is not enough for california to be
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a sanctuary state. when other states prohibit the procedure altogether, the governor of california gavin newsome announced that tens of millions of dollars were gonna be allocated so that women in states that ban abortion can come to california to other states where abortion is legal to receive the procedure. that is likely to put a strain on the $100.00 plus women's health clinics in california because according to researchers at the university of california, as many as $16000.00 women are expected to come to the state seeking termination of their pregnancy assigned that the supreme court decision is sending out ripples all the way across the country in states that want to ban abortions and it states that will not. we spoke to lauren bluebell cappella, the vice president of government affairs, and public advocacy at planned parenthood, advocates of ohio. she explained who will be impacted by the rule. ohio is
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going to be devastated by this ruling. the 6 judges that are hostile to our freedom have really like to go higher with republican lead legislatures and governors in the hands of bel, it while ohio has well, abortion, it's still legal right now. in ohio. we are facing litigation around a 6 week band that was passed in 2019. this litigation is going to continue into next week. and we don't know if we will be able to provide abortion after 6 weeks. i'm depending on if the injunction is going to hold. and we know that the legislator is looking to be an abortion completely to the 8 here in 10 years. the people here who will be most impacted are already on the, on the margins. flag people indigenous folks to l g b to q. people. people who already have
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a lack of resources because of our health care institution, to already been the most impacted by the democrats. they are going to be most impacted by abortion bands. we already see that because some folks, even though we are working really hard with that, provide abortion to be able to make sure that patients are able to get abortions and see where it's legal. there will still be people who can't travel, who can't buy in child support, who can't leave work and therefore will have to continue pregnancy that they did not watch. since the ruling was announced, some u. s. companies have said they will help employees who need to go to other states to have abortions. disney for one will cover expenses for workers who need to travel to access family planning care. it employs 80000 people in the state of florida. the governor signed a bill banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy at alaska airlines says despite the ruling, it will continue to reimburse travel costs for employees wanting to undergo medical procedures, unavailable, in certain states. president joe biden says his administration will defend
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a woman's right to seek an abortion in another state. if a woman lives in a state that restricts abortion, the supreme court decision does not prevent her from traveling from her home state to the state. it allows it does not prevent a doctor in that state. and that's think from treating her as the attorney general was made, claire women must, we've rein free to travel safely to another state to seek care they need. my administration will defend that bed rock, right? any state or local official hire low drives interfere with the woman's ex, exercise in her basic grade to travel. i will do everything in my power to fight that deeply on american attack. also in america, us lawmakers have passed significant gun control legislation for the 1st time in 3 decades. the democrat controlled a house of representatives voted in favor of the bill
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a day after the supreme court broadly expanded gun rights. the bill daunted, bipartisan support, but full short of the sweeping changes cold for by gun control campaign is it's now been sent to present by the who's expected to sign into law on saturday to lead here in our desert, ukraine tells its forces to withdraw from the devastated city threats as russia moved to take complete control of east. i mean you and concludes it is readily forces killed al jazeera journalist sharing work. ah hello, the weather is slightly set fair across the middle east as per usual. lots of hazy sunshine, baby, a little lifted dust and sand just coming down across eastern side of the arabian peninsula over the next day or so. but nothing too much to speak of. 45 celsius
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here in dough hobby, a touch warmer. as we go on into sunday, we have got some showers further north coming outs of central and eastern parts of turkey. heading towards the caucuses, wanted to those showers, maybe up to was armenia. georgia could be on the sharp side and a bit of localized flooding. a possibility, they started by the rain for afghanistan, 32 celsius in kabul, it will stay dry here unless you try to across northern parts of africa. we have got possibility of one or 2 showers just around the font west, but again, nothing too much to speak up where to where the further south typically across. so southern parts of west africa, but the show was on a creeping back into southern areas of molly into martini, maybe into senegal once again. easily waste driving those showers into the heart of africa. central africa sees him rather wet weather. northern parts of the democratic republic of congo also sings a brother scattering his showers just radish nafrica no to save as they should be still one or 2 showers into south africa. we could do with more that radius of the
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process of moving north, ah, ears from al jazeera on the go when me tonight. i'll just there is only mobile app. is that the you, this is where we dissect online to find what's going on. i guess from al, just there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still just that for it and tapped on made a new app. him out a 0 need. i don't think of it. ah ah,
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i knew what she out 0 mind about top stories to sell. oh, auntie bullshit demonstrators had been celebrating in the united states all to the supreme court voted in favor of overturning the road. the wait ruling, which made a portion, a constitutional rights almost 50 years ago. there was massive disappointment and i go to, among supporters of abortion by soft the ruling was announced. their views echoed by senior members of the democratic party. president joe biden said it was a sad day for the country. he said the decision was a realization of an extreme ideology. and that the court had taken away a fundamental right a powerful off to show cause a killed at least 5 more people in the remote area of afghanistan that was hit by devastating earthquake on wednesday. at least 1100 people died, including a 121 children. an entire villages were destroyed. people in packed, take
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a province, a desperate for food, shelter, and drinking water. as ali la tv, no reports there little hope of finding any more survivors after wednesday's earthquake. now, the grim task is to recover bodies under the rubble and bury them again. thousands of on have been killed or injured. on friday morning, another job killed 5 more people in the southeastern district. abdullah mon was not home. he says, all his family's dead and his home is no more. the food will go over the middle and they were here. the quite suddenly happened at night. houses were destroyed, 12 people of our family were massive. a couple of bon officials have reached the worst effected areas and assured people of support with limited helicopters, destroyed roads and a lack of essential. there isn't much they can do beyond assurances. after decades
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of corruption, mismanagement and roar, there is a lack of everything including equipment, hospital supplies, and even wrote on sunday or humanitarian crisis has worse than because of sanctions and lack of fund after the tyler bond took over. last year, i have been appointed by the stomach, emily to be in charge of the aid coordination. we would have to use the wounded and the people whose homes were destroyed as hospital struggled to cope and thousands are made homeless. humanitarian aid has slowly started trickling into the remote provinces, of course, and practical. go it go good. when you go out of the items are being given out according to the domestic needs of the people. there's flower pulses, sugar, and obviously they're in a situation where their houses have been destroyed. so we've included all types of food items according to the needs of the families. many have cross than to neighboring. polk county medical help and aid convoys are arriving from the western
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border. iranian army plains have brought aid, including hundreds of tents, gets medicine, and a team of yawning, red crescent workers, and aid workers face a challenge says entire villages has been wiped out the best that these people can hope for is some kind of a temporary housing or if they're really lucky, a chance to move to another area, potentially less affected by such natural disasters. it will get years for these very decided you'd communities to recover not only from the tragedy of losing entire families, but also on how they could rebuild. is michael holmes. motor homes that were the investment of lifetime phase more just expect more aftershocks after the shallow earthquake. but for those who already lost everything, survival remains the biggest fear. we can gross live to alley. now with the latest
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from the eastern province of pectin. allie said, dealing with this is an enormous challenge, but it does seem as if some aide is getting through some aid is definitely getting through. and the real concern right now is what aid is needed? where? because as one, you know, female volunteer told me she's like these people lost their entire livelihood, right? she's like, they need everything from say, like pots and pans and pillows and blankets to food and water and some kind of temporary shelter. so really what all of these agencies, whether it be something like the i or c or the un, or whether just be groups of local young avalon from con daughter have author wherever, going to help the people, what they're all doing is trying to do some kind of an assessment to understand what specifically needed is the need is needed in each village so that they can really targeted and get people precisely what is needed. and so at this time, when money is so hard to come by, and so hard to bring into the country that nothing is wasted,
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that everything is valuable to them and that only the best and most proper materials are given to them in this time of need garcia grade is compounded a problem that was already deep, right across the country. and in this region, many people are struggling with a food supplies and so forth. exactly. not only has there been massive food sorted in the country, you know, something like 22000000 people could face to food insecurity in the next year. it's also very difficult to get money into the country, which is something of lawns abroad who have started collections online, are trying to figure out now how to take that money that they've raised online and make sure it gets to the communities on the ground as easily as possible, without having to go through all of these weird question, the western union and money, graham and other services that seemed don't really seem to have a very concrete policy in terms of their actions. and i want it done,
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or that he thinks that update on that if you this reporting from impact to your province in afghanistan, the governor of ukraine's east in the hands greek and says his forces will be withdrawing from the city of sierra de nancy, a russian troops are now in control of most of the city and close to surrounding it says the city of miss a chance. both cities have been under intense bombardment for weeks, many of the ukrainian forces in spirit, and that's a hold up inside the as ot chemical plant, where hundreds of civilians have been sheltering from russian air strikes. charles stratford reports now from keith. this is the adult chemical plant in civil done. it's gone. ukraine's eastern front line, hundreds of civilians including women and children, are reportedly sheltering in its bunkers after suffering. some of the heavier spiting and most intense artillery bombardment since the war began. 4 months ago,
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ukrainian forces have begun retreating. city, lin, yoda, unfortunately our boys will have to be withdrawn for, but there is no need to talk about so called betrayal law as nobody's going to abandon the watch on. no one will let the russian forces surround them what nearly every building in several minutes is partially or completely destroyed. it's a similar situation in neighboring lucy chanced. as the shelling gets heavier, the relocation of remaining civilians who wants to leave gets more arrows by the day. there is reportedly no running water or electricity, but still some people refuse the offer of safe passage to the ukrainian side. i'm only was my mother now. i do not want to leave, i think we need to endure a bit more. and everson, roby. okay. sure. ukrainian army released footage believed to have been shot at least a week ago, showing ukrainian soldiers laying minds and then blowing up one of the 4 bridges connection severed in its with lucy chance to the south. a tactical move to slow
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down the russian advance. the russian ministry of defense released video, it says, shows ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner in the nearby town of the latte is ukrainian military vehicles, are heading south from lisa chance. but russian forces a shilling the main road out in an effort to cut off a major supply, an exit route for the crane, an army and civilian evacuated. russian forces are pushing into several the nets and towards neighboring lacy chances from the north, the east and the south. they also control lodge areas to the west. the regional governor says that ukrainian forces are pulling back in what he describes as a tactical withdrawal. but the news suggests a potential defeat the ukranian army in one of the last 2 cities in lou ganske region under their control. cha, strafford al jazeera, give moroccan authorities say 18 migrants have been killed while storming the
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border. separating the spanish enclave. amelia, from morocco, spain said about a $130.00 migrants, succeeded in breach in defense, often around 2000 and made the attempt at dozens of people were injured. in the president of ecuador, his accused indigenous leaders of seeking to overthrow his governments. the national assembly will hear a request for his removal later on saturday. demonstrations had been taking place all over the country for the last 12 days, with indigenous groups demanding tuts to fuel prices and price caps on food, or latin america editor. you see a newman as this? oh, this is what's left of the military convoy that was attacked in the town of san antonio . 17 soldiers were injured no longer madonna, earlier, a civilian was killed allegedly by the army. as if the noise give whistle or effect is not the convoy was attacked for nothing, isn't the army was shooting pallets and t,
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a gas and killing people all along the road. this area is called the middle of the world because it's right on the equator. it's a place where tourists usually come, but as you can see, it's the epicenter of the latest acts of violence here in ecuador. the question now is, who provoke this? army says the kindly was attacked without provocation on its way to the capitol. we're good residents who said they witnessed the event have a different version. they got on the not military, the military robbed and attacked us without warning. they began shooting tear gas canisters from a helicopter, and one of them killed a resident. and that caused outrage. they noted, by all accounts, nearly 2 weeks after a nationwide strike began violence in ecuador has become difficult to contain. authorities concede they no longer control the amazonian city of bull hill is pamela perente. i own global, we are facing a group of delinquents on the front line,
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putting the lives of police at risk. i think the minister said international criminal organizations, presumably, mexican drug cartels. active in ecuador, are also involved. the police claim they've infiltrated the confederation of indigenous nations who are leading the strike. the confederations leader agrees outsiders are infiltrating their ranks to speak, violence, and vandalism. they must be as important, but he told me they're mainly members of the police wanting to discredit their cause. but i me the things you before the rest and a couple of our radical processes nested me captain urging me to pluck our highway . i kept on telling them to come dung, they turned out to be the very sim, 2 agents who were the police when they arrested me, they give me amend the chaos president. he had more lasso, has announced he'll use all the means at his disposal to crush unrest. and we're throwing mano, he'd be hannah, indigenous brothers, and farmers who have been tricked into coming to quito. ask you to return to your
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communities for your safety and that of your families for me. hours later, the police came out in full force to shell, the president means business. lucy newman, al jazeera, kito, ecuador, the modern brazilian indigenous expert. bruner pereira has been laid to rest. he and british journalist don't. phillips were shot dead in the western amazon region of brazil. they were returning from a reporting trip when it's alleged local fishermen attack their boat. police have 3 suspects in custody. the united nations has concluded that israeli security forces fired the shot, the killed al jazeera journalist, sharina worked serene, was killed while on assignment. janine in the occupied westbank, but as with reports now from west truth, oh, the circumstances of serene abu atlas killing on may. the 11th had been investigated by several international news organizations. all came to the conclusion. it was
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a bullet fired from an israeli rifle that killed the al jazeera correspondent and injured her colleague, elisa moody, as they covered a military raid in the occupied west bank. i'm so busy and now the united nations agrees at around a half past 6 in the morning. as 4 of the journalists turned into the street leading to the camp. wearing bullet proof helmets and flak jackets with press markings, several single seemingly well aimed bullets were fired towards them from the direction of the israeli security forces. one single bullet injured elisa moody in the shoulder and another single bullet hit a black lay in the head and killed her instantly. her. israel's military says the investigations into sharon's death are biased and that the journalist was in no way shot intentionally. and it is not possible to determine whether she was killed by palestinian gunmen who fired uncontrollably at his surroundings or by an idea of soldier by accident. ah,
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israel's military also says the palestinian authority should hand over the bullet the kill cheering and take part in a joint investigation. but the palestinians say they can't trust these railey military to conduct a transparent investigation of itself. law and aris memorial service, the palestinian prime minister said that instead these railways should hand over the rifle that its military admits may have been you. that ox, the, you and human rights chief michelle bartlett, wants israel to open a criminal investigation into sharing about atlas death. and 24 sentences won't present joe biden to get the us involved in its own investigation. burnett's mit outer sarah, west jerusalem wildfires that started 3 days ago and southwest and turkey of finally under control that according to the local mer, 4000 actors, woodland were burned. a dozens of helicopters and planes were used to douse the flames.


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