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tv   Witness The Fight for Greenland  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2022 4:00am-5:00am AST

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set out from southern mexico this year they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in once again. for some, a rowboat is a mechanical law or even that self driving cream of the apple. but android today can be the ever the humanoid robots like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of robots that learn. think and even trust, i feel like i'm alive, but i know i in the machine. origins of the species owner has a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of and networks janice on al jazeera ah
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on kerry johnston and joe, how the top stories here on al jazeera, a flag raising ceremony, has been held in hong kong marking 25 years since the territory was returned to china, president, she jim pings visiting to mark the occasion. hong kong new leader, former security chief. don't leave also be sworn. adrian brown has more from oak. the itinerary of president changing ping has been kept very secret. we don't even know, for instance, at exactly what time the swearing in ceremony is going to take place. now. there are a number of dignitaries attending this event, but we do know that a number of foreign and local journalists have been barred from covering the event for security reasons. that is a reflection of just how tight the security is here right now. and also a reflection measure of the nervousness of president changing things on to raj. us present, joe biden has a cold on the world to stand behind ukraine. his remarks came to the end of the
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nato summit in madrid. right, and also another $800000000.00 worth of us, a weapon. ukrainian forces for an attack on one is an attack on all we will defend every edge of nato territory. every inch of nato territory, for our part, united states is doing exactly what i said to redo it food and invaded, enhance our forest posture in europe. will station more ships it here in spain, where station, the more air defense in italy and germany. more at $35.00 the united kingdom and to strengthen our eastern flank new permanent headquarters for their army. 5th, gore, in poland. as nato leads, as disgust rushes invasion of ukraine, the kremlin announced its forces of withdrawn from a strategic outpost in the black sea. ukraine's snake island moscow called the retreat a goodwill just to help the un establish
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a corridor to export grain from ukraine. for keith says the russians fled the island. following a barrage of ukrainian artillery to these in state media has published the text of a proposed new constitution. if an act that it would give at present case. so even more power to expect to be to be put to referendum in july 1 year off the side effect, the prime minister. and this is parliament. the development has moved from chase to sign, which refers to chinese years being conscious that the nation of islam and the state to sort of bang true for upholding in the values and objectives of its lam. a. previously it was thought that the reference to religion would be taken out of the preamp. so there's a lot of hot debate going on about this. several giving trying to find a lot more power and also diminishing with the judges. so one of the things that's
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been included is about a striking for judges as well as military. and that's kind of a restructure in terms of how the parliament operates. there will be a national council as the regions and district. and then that would be quite a different structure, but ultimately the power resides in the hands of the president. i think the one of the things that would be my son from a tree is sort of fine. what's the last 10? 10. say there's been a debate about some killers who is lamb. this is something that has over these thoughts, a lot of device from social media. and the been more and more calls for a boy crossing over the referendum and sit down at least 9 people have been killed in protest against military ro, thousands right on the streets of the capital cartoon demands in return to civilian government, phone and internet services have been cut echoes government has reached
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a deal with indigenous leaders to end an 18 day. nationwide strike state of emergency has been lifted and the government has agreed to reduce petra prices. cassandra brown, jackson has become the 1st black woman to serve as a justice on the u. s. supreme court. she joins a liberal minority, which has been overruled in recent decisions on abortion rights. unbundled those all the headlines. news continues. herron al jazeera off to witness to stay with us . ah, a
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with isn't was when is just a minute, we're gonna send you a didn't via morgan or the morgan motors in ny is wanted to me to see them come home until i did try to match up my for example of i know started a hold of, kimberly,
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let me, boy, as a denmark gonna let him, it's going land was available when she lands and they live, all men make and kept their store land and then fos come, you know, supply via kind of mid this is dale. i meant like ella, yes, pasquale done much on the i a die to dance. go then. yeah. but still no idea. i call it is said it was there was savannah who just had it been up. so i looked at some nurses in oklahoma and i could go up to the soon as you decided children. so thank and usually for each with
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always of a musical dilute follow, you got bending law follow, come a blue ha movie like a lighted movie. just does release of being load glass none of milk. so let's say wow, be good out of the shipping it vision. know me. the mini do we she never got enough. mueller. and i sent them a 2nd. put keel extreme with this is me. and it in next door to didn't need to come to set videos that are supposed to be our semesters. i have taught you not to being
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on the silver or not dumber. if you go to wild, georgia in a couple of, gosh, now the ministry shuttle the city in no, no me. when i saw come, i shall switching it. i. so i'm in a minute ditching doyle and go or never to do it. and asking me, could salish and ask him no warning done in the course i sure would when it was, you know, not comp being it will kill immune should show none dumb and immune to new down when been done, let me send you to me
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ah, when it comes to ellis to move now. good sir. sylvia says here thing. and if liked to fix on the co, the co taking acidic oe hub mart your hague movement. ma'am. i'm so subtlety and wellness on. yeah. yeah. was always fit as gable a demand. thank you there. either canada. exactly. there's nichoela still wayne to seed at dare. i hate my poor will for gordon, and in this case understand to her princess point yes is by a dia billy playing well it at the flea city politico the arbiter for letters. some
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political, a post off of the, fighting, a dig, handled unquestioning, a received, received a cindy morn, ill id snoot care. it was gifted denmark, some, some me, some, some up, ice partner. so if you do see danbury for was ping file, a dea barbara cast are more estimate of her by mon or eldest lucito to go in for as ursula. he lena? yeah. is a help desk law for scare. scam mom in geena. bova scarce come more. meet up. how ya can you esa? yeah, i cannot ignore lena. helena boy. hobbs i'm it. hi kelly. it's a little after the lights for lisa nyman as a disciplined reindeer girl. probably smith there are they fall? it, they have these take him, he'll battles historian politic seed of i'd like to find that out. so now we're starting to pretty over for that offer you. the fact is, please be really is duty often ed to have a t v for t devine in for you quincy. because different so they something in
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stiffly can offer something little. hello sir, sir. goodbye and lou with me, little madonna. we will be led eloquent and will scandal as it was gave us like 2 yellow pe. you were governor. that common. yeah. yeah. i think, yeah, yeah. if one of the new been with like a year ago, you know, i would feel make good no me. i will be getting the same like that both
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sound if she does my youtube live in different amount of according to lydia go dental card. i stood on the hill to pay for her to the list. if the are your there couldn't over here long for employ sheila, or same to medulla, the are by the off was miles he played you and get different. maybe if you talk to me it's hope i had the for let it take us gland mile. i'm nodding out from the origin, not a vehicle. some young men to the cheese image in africa. i nan, nan, nick, nick can unload. it should done look done bullshit. the middle. so to show it to be
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who to that off. you know, it's on the house and not. and then of course, how about i didn't going to share with michel net unnoticed. so it was, you know, net sending it to me shows it or, you know, good. i didn't look at it. he had 50 each fortelli swapped me on. so i need to, he's on the funded up to, to should i what i'm going to no, no me. i thought you were yet on the hard from the that the most, you know, well, it among not found on the morning in the him get out of your concerning what, what do you live in was none getting work should have done, you know, not just i'm going to make, i mean, i am down went immediately out to the middle school up would need to to know to do a good amino ah,
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but how often if you turn out should instead or by the social such get us as answer me. if not is truth from a new book to theme running off. so am gonna egg a q is some ok of a so on an image, a cynical neela elicit updated cookie up. not assume of jose cannot idea. is it
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khaki or tinney office anymore? or a cassette a satanic, or i'd say it's an ottoman with top o dark. there's one of toys shows off in her door. neither might keenest shit to me by to there was a mountain biggest only goes out without a mirror. now making it tom as also so nice to none and when they are so he can acquire cigna alika. there i learn what song one is a high chimney. oh, it's also a sh. who arg gina gun a minute ago was a kia soul warner. she was only messina, go should only motions off castorena. look i to use. i also them a girl adult gala. look only my dia coupled, dowell dun dammit. messina, goshen no noon in soft shocked on the moon. dazzles mean was also immune or too soon? immune nakeila to the
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hourly o t m hard disk. it did i come are the mongolia hash vast, so my own half the old birthday missionary, i cure necessarily there or with a playful this find me out so size off when i difficult ball whole. there are, those are want damper, skates, escamilla tomorrow. oh, annette handles say, marcella middle of august will leave them her focus for non
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se how that he like him. so they'll have a band m i apply for mia. so l to their sorta tank are still moist. r l there as a camila dammon who care by clar man ok, clarify those felon. okay clar than them? yeah. the after the 1st, but gang lumina still did a heal, sorta games, or femina. okay? it's gonna come again under a certificate is and so the figure isn't as if we can start a gear. this is bill start a gear telecom, again, data, supersonic, a got cloudy, a stack on your toy, getting a band, me a 2nd disconnect. go as a, there's affiliated gabe in atlanta monday. okay. as i said, lisa lange, somebody actually just a self, a dealer couldn't say if i started a headphone 45, i'm moving for the 11. 50 to leave
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would still hi constance. matter. leave 1st open, new sets in madison for cool. go. yeah, for to then mike, follow me to see me all insurance gifted me see and can kick harry truman vicky up. ah, you should be fine. what about any it's going to put in if it's still acting or say title or voice a only take a minute. he's just on high have probably missed, you know, unless i'm familiar with you say last season. first say lance men spray you through shoot. she got it, we're going to for
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a soon to have a right i i'm coil. i got of a yeah. minute. yes. and do a lot. is she was shown to where your school i'm kind i know a lot. i don't know about them to bill for to couldn't how some of some by to for our stuff a system who saw a 4 mile off to them. no spot. i said over, do you think i am da da, mounting him on getting good is done with the laws of the leg. awesome. doable for the did was can they adolfo adolfo dubia in any coin?
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says it's in game play that will fit and i don't know tissue. i lie here. savannah a doctor pinnacle washington. ah, so i can the actual oh i can anonymous salon. i go dominant. oh me. i
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am average another meal. i thought of the i so hold condition welcome of course. enjoy in when, when a gardening so much because i work on the, on like a life, it just to one, not a doctor in the actual cookie sister to shamal not i said the cubic feet and her tarver. i'm nick and i didn't come to program. have me a question? yes i'm with the dish pack ah . with
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with we really had to destroy was what do you know? it's my magazine or sweden poor girl or school sama pass but so glad things are interest. phyllis gave bishop toll camino, they go got pink eye, so going in any idea? no, but then like i'm a fan up more detail about him put ban. oh, more focus going on with them since i'm word i'm the ticket guy said he said you give me a sill banning function. you're going to feel a bit if i stick to lebanon soon. hello. so monolith
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lamb for by sam up, ice bits of mean i had discussed a sam. this goes up c, condo, chip boy out. and they i bought and then click have to them or come new off. and i look to see a flow come new and make it your comments. if i sco, snuck in a song or some of your bar move on to some and there amendment to waste gardner. a $1000.00. wow. but if the space gave it, we go all it is a ok, you know, some of the, he like a piece minister . so i have to meet you. thought it is up good. a means any pretty. the guy lena
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there up was to, to let you hope i did get behind us. have watson is the got a some all i assume on some hearty skit, a, him, some of your but he kicked vasectomy the administrator. so up to see a spokesman, a decrease di scale is from your set up moving n. as in sam is v, a. sam abide on data, ela vicky's 10 name the voice who's at about always fun to do for chain avenue is our passport. so that would be great and would be, can't for a hindi, in public fitness gable, a minimum piano, but faster. suppose get a professor who have found full advantage only hen and fault and yet some dea awesome vialva.
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the various of us that are up north pole is i'm curious. get sent to this is horrible. me. hi, i'm kidding. you have my tire to it's holly percent must gain some of them say in the sky lenders to receive funds from my pre med. that's all. oh no, no, come what wound for digital? what do you say the phone doesn't play? my finance didn't whole stop. we're going to come to my viscous data nor to reset it then spoil. so come on for talking with judged or talk to me. i know they said to no step by step on little thing as to when you
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put in of course, after shopping of course optic. but it's big with up to book. so i'm about to time club issued for these failures. cable special talk comment or got with always the failure to go to count for denmark, article on the moon, a big one. and i think i'm going to take the we just got gotten that mega stores. pope august, i've gotten a lot of test to sam up i spoke to the high high called the hole for it to the soup name respectively. grass. i hope i will come in. it is due to my income or to present at i got stuck about you told me was in somebody mandate costa, dio, tulsa,
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do them to woo fam, and i will, will emigrant the following. that whole stop post camp, both of the media under missouri beforehand, a stephanie of his data here because talk to al jazeera, we ask, can you be more specific, how many folks are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen, ask the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump and joe bite for them, it's fine. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one east
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on al jazeera, thousands of migrants set out from the city of dublin, chula, in the early hours of monday, there's numerous nationalities among them. but the vast majority, or from venice when, 0, one to reach the united states. it's already been a long and difficult journey for most. there are many of us migrants here. we need help just like this woman. many people died in the jungle on our way here. it's the largest migrant care band to set out from southern mexico. this year. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight, and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in. once again. lou
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i'm carried osman dough on the top stories on al jazeera, a flag raising ceremony, has been held in hong kong locking 25 years since a territory was returned to china. president, she jim pang is the thing to mark the occasion. hong kong leader, former security chief, john lee will also be sworn in. adrian brown has moved from hong kong. the itinerary of president changing ping has been kept very secret. we don't even know, for instance, at exactly what time the swearing in ceremony is going to take place. now. there are a number of dignitaries attending this event, but we do know that a number of foreign and local journalists have been barred from covering the event for security reasons. that is a reflection of just how tight the security is here right now. and also a reflection measure of the nervousness of president changing things on to raj us present, joe biden has a cold in the world to stand behind ukraine. his remarks came at the end of the
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nato summit, him madrid, widen also pledge another $800000000.00 worth of us weapons for ukrainian force. except it could. those government has reached to deal with indigenous leaders to end in 18 days. nationwide strike, a state of emergency has been lifted and the government has agreed to reduce petrol prices. indigenous groups have been calling for economic reforms. we're suspending our strike action. but if the agreements are not respected in 90 days, it will be forced to act again to demand their fullfillment. from our side, we will do all we can to support these agreements in all the represent approximately a 1000000000 dollars one through our struggle to help the poorest community can use in state media has published the text of a proposed new constitution. if an actor would give a present case side even more piley's expected to be put to referendum in july 1 year off the side sat the prime minister and dismissed parliament. it's don,
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at least 9 people have been killed in protests against military rule. thousands rallied on the streets of the capital cartoon, demanding a return to civilian government. kit angie round. jackson has become the 1st black woman to serve as a justice and the u. s. supreme court. she joins a liberal minority which has been over ruled in recent decisions on abortion rights and gun loss. those are the headlines for these continues heron elders, era after witness stay with us. me the news
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. how we close at the the i me some of us at the nuclear being something so did time think on at least get us in new me. oh, hang you that then much research to school then must have really will be headed below been so really the believe leaves me cold as before at the risk and hoping we
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know it was always been very fishkill for the we cannot popping the risk of what's been happening all the time and we can know, hoping that all of the social among all the it doesn't know that the tie miller did a lot in the saw uncle bill tom up a look. look the damn it goes to suck in us off or or miss miller in
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so common village and so he live out. oh miss miller dense. so the denmark job my, my sick dog are still not off. i loyal, pulling the golden millionaire nolan. i'm willing to go. all of them is in the mom, she steaming glass and, and i do not eat. i sing what to do, connie? go here, this disk usage with building on living and i'm supposed falling off to now and i will not be soft. are mine. i. he'll knock off that anchor missouri is too boy gone. oh, bare lazy. aaliyah. a telekinetic issues e. get those get settled dead by taylor stored in the mid chapter. so lends to you for the vh colette, this is to click on landscape. i said, understood as good there piss. just need to coordinate and ask about,
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clear and see no way. deabner was promising. manning, i think my sample for so i wanted to let me know, said lieutenant, for flu shipped, camino said on the 6th. but anyway, my son and his dad, i'm gonna teach dependent to know who could do. no one would guess why it was, but it was, he had told the service guy, but the guy out the hed international in mentor, christina swanner wanted to need. and mark gimme up with you on this up in, you know, who's with oh, okay. it says mm. hm,
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so vision box come into this office. i did not move. ah, with the new mandate mckesson, there's nines of last year for linda. a ah,
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it is a ship with origin coast offer money. 2 ah ah ah. 0
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she is alone. got up as you may notice, so sherman was the good to you minute consider good. the gossip of book to send to me to leave, to since he need are. mm hm. mm. oh. a
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ah, a mission. and it pushes which means alpha know monday i was, you know, sexual oh, data also said come sunday never, i'll clinton, i mean data that was in my fall possible political acrylic. and if a soon us known in on clinic, if we could said more, it's holly give melissa lou for answer in knowing syndrome.
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and because they, they am putting a cannot that because that way they can and a divide and the same ordained fuck events. and then the them on that to buy their back a family, the front of a k. give them a some pretty good thing. remind them her dignity so she can shoot them as a citizen to push on mine and go this she said to own opinion, shannon was a phone call for universal as well. the and i'm students pay with in signal law school with hell,
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there should be school anywhere. some hardy, some for doing this in the heart of the house and most of the sticker big bob short hoity for to be funding. so i got a note, a call with this matter. maybe even bang for a buying for taylor t a n n a. so us got a reply, personal beer known all the heat. my men is going to go. so ah
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the most tickets, the other 2 it is a good thing normally being it up in a nasa and these are some kitchen by nasa and i are in europe. i to get a feel like i'm not let me go to you for any but sure. i nice. i mean, nick and nasa only got me go talk to you. i wouldn't have been in office hours, so i'm the good in in the diagonal now. i was born because i'm not like to get a nasa because i mean, i know so i think it gets it them i have is there my so much in naples chosen jack with the
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commercial some ah, she ish nish, newton jewish op the new yeah. yeah. well, in the, in it's up to lansing you willis, downstairs going for skills for land or before or down for higher should info trinity. so does it again. q stim for empty, or please hold on my o. c desk, meaning you or your employer, you heard the medium. i'm doing a passport, has some i mean, meaning. hancock,
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meaning skills been here with you again. my call today that's why don't hurry all the gone of poker e school and the harmon or join us, but pneumonia helped us explain it. oh, okay. that's totally appear from the owner. them by harrison middlebury, a tall by gunner by can saw mom, mia and mentor. i city, nick. i needed plow. been we started to come. so be careful, was under my dentist to come the can i show or defend the bond be funding this bike awhile. this politic on a bill or they did no missing there. yeah. separate. okay. mistake we got is a busy day ma'am with a one day post. crazy. scared don't. if the hang in peace this got me up of i didn't. says tindle,
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vine all mole all. what we skipped good at that. i know that a cat novolog we anything davis could go so really high, a tall body. elliott's horse, though polish, and sydney called multiplan pike. now mr. all is is d b f o folks here? hi, lucy. oh stokeland joe. good prison . trav watched my green land. i guess my 1st reservoir was joking, said can we buy greenland? essentially it's a large real estate deal. lot of things could be done. no, not would be soon enough to lock them at a sheet or not. yeah. that one embed elena did money in that day and with the money out of excel israel subdomains, but i'm kind of get
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a chance to tell the dollar difference . cindy, when stint in a in l. e l a i trump shouldn't have to contribute to fight caruana square to settle it. always a cooper at the dea, a economy for speed. lisa is for las gabby still for then for new service, i'm a virus and we have a whole for assembly or sofa academy leo, crash, knuckle young movie or you know, awfully young to me. i'm sure. sure are all confused. so i got the category that i get to several, several with very soon and then going to see alana vet the loose at by. they'd put my boss in
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a pink corner that bore bonham and legal to fill it a little bit. it's wanted to go meal for dan's gonna be appliances, but deep wouldn't then don't truck comes out and says he'd like to buy greenland. how did that go down? how did people react? it was a very, very big job. yeah, really, it's very difficult to take it serious that he actually wants to buy green. and how would you describe what you've been doing for the last couple of years? i feel we're slowly making a change. i speak enough about the tappers and especially about suicide and social problems and child neglect. would you attribute those higher rate of suicide to the problems that you're describing? i mean, i'm that comedy for all of them, but yeah,
4:50 am
everything. everything is linked to a generation of parents who are having a colleague, parents, but we are at the new generation. we're breaking this very unhealthy cycle and we're slowly shooting myself. was going on in your parents generation. they tried to make us danish, my, my mom was sent to them last once. it was 11 to become a dane. yeah. ah format for now. like i said, i should keep. i had a good boss. i'm about to share. i'm be the big one, ask help new and new to change agreement or some deceptively
4:51 am
more mission plan. and then my chip summer by dash i yet to 1st i file. yeah. ah a i did look. can i help you? hi. so i only, okay, so with a she that got you. so you so leroy tonya.
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yourself it but not really starting to come, you know, so they upset so. so good to go. so a guy did not go above the got a dub dub and you know, with a
4:53 am
$50.00 fee that will bring up a good a a, a, a a
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asking clover poof, i mean it think baby a teen unless she's a trump mistress. yeah. they know, saying yeah, bunker was couldn't 2 of us when i was all frustrated. i suppose she would then indigenous and 1st nations fear a plenty of fun. when we plug the handle, our sojourn sister will be hunted. looks just madame, disconnect further than mac and de la my ah, to come up knocked out so that when that guy got alone hidden, interesting to impose divorce crew through the toy allen tell that there
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was sustained the customer said this is shamile. victor, grandmother. mm hm. mm mm mm mm ah ah and scott, i think bound sco, boxed up in lan involved follicle kenneth fees. gestalt, o d colina,
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they are in a single by up when the last unit mcgill seen, those are the same email that i knew that is mcgill for his. i'll no not been no longer the be sure to teacher won't mid simply be any good official on the reunion. this is a be for thought. i'm going to fight this is, dawn says not green and i need to know should meet at the doctors and the guys are missing. you don't want to give up the moment mid to noon should continue to answer. didn't know nothing after last. it would be best for sooner than 15.
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and when i in after a lifetime in finland, an emigrant returns to somali land upon discovering his ancestral home could be a gold mine. but to benefit is community from the minerals beneath the land, he must navigate the age old, tribal disputes above it. ah, witness golden law on al jazeera.
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ah hell i. we got some very heavy rain in the forecast, a southwestern part, so the u. s. got a drenching coming down just around the f o called a states down to ward sir, arizona new mexico chain of cloud that is pushing up across the plains, up towards the northern plains, into central areas of canada, some wet weather coming through here. but elsewhere, it really is about the heat that east and 3rd of north america, seeing some very high temperatures, yet again attempted getting up into the mid thirties for many touching 40 celsius.
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once again, they're in phoenix and the state pretty hot as we go on through the next few days. got to watch out for this little trouble system here. pushing up towards the far south east of texas, southern areas of louisiana could see some very heavy right. very wet right across the deep south, over the next few days. hot. and he was really sticky weather coming through for maybe there is that where to weather across? see i southwestern corner will that as we go on through sat, i actually live the showers into central parson in the shower breakout once again as we go one through saturday. i was west. it's is lousy. troy who standards mexico be seen. some are all the way weather, just around a western parts of mexico. got to keep a close eye on this developing system, running across southern areas of the caribbean. it's nicaragua, costa rica, ah, in 1985 for young anti apartheid activists were murdered by south african security forces. if you've gone solve the problem by the moving the guy,
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then you're good. keep 36 years on a family's quest for justice. reveal systemic resistance to prosecution and must all be convicted for taking my father away from me. and exclude is the influence, the former a part. i just stablish mon still wielded in the new south africa. my father died for this. a people empower investigation on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. this decision basically said that the roe v wade decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent. we detailed coverage. the problem bridge will not only significantly reduce the shadow price, but it is expected to initiate an economic boom from around the world. this one here depicts the late who it was offered and know who was revolutionary poems in his play of the many ah.


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