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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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the safe been humming and things are national. anti corruption excellence award. now for your hero. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching. the news are alive from headquarters, and del himes navigators are coming up in the next 60 minutes. at least 14 people are killed in a south african bar shooting. so when community groups say it's a massacre, processors occupy those for lincoln president home saying they will stay until the country's leaders go home close in japan's parliamentary elections just days after
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the assassination of former leader. and who will replace board. johnson, as british prime minister, will look at the growing field of contender and ford. a blockbuster of men had his final is underway at wimbledon, up the nowhere chunk of it, just bidding for a 4th consecutive title, he faces australia, curio, was going for his 1st rent. who's hello, we start in south africa where at least 14 people have been killed in shooting 9. others have been injured and taken to hospital police say a group of gunman, open fire on patrons inside a bar. and they do. hon is burg suburb of so wet to catch a lopez on the latest. the
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overwhelming pain as families are called to identify their relatives. it was after midnight when police say more than a dozen people shot dead by gunman in the bar. neutral harrisburg bodies piled near the entrance. our victims were tried to run out and escape. what we know is that the assailants, the just entered into that space. well, people entering the info from the shorter and only to them, investigators have described the shooting as a massacre. it saddens us that a new one now possesses a gun, was to try it. the account is on our communities and was to call upon communities to actually will indeed assist the police in, bring in to book a. those a paper treat as police, say, nothing was stolen from the business. now the focus turns on catching those responsible, finding out why the victims were targeted to
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a little bit. so the young al jazeera while the attack comes to us, ours, after another shooting and eastern south africa, 4 people were killed during his shoot out at a bar and peter married berg 8 others were injured. earlier i spoke to william, we do, may de, he's the executive chairperson of the democracy works foundation and was also deputy editor of the. so what's a newspaper? he says south africa needs to get a handle on gun violence. what he's very clear is africa culture violence. you know, we've been unable to tackle our culture a violence. and secondly, our culture of guns and weapons, you know, guns freely available in the country. and because the country comes from a history, r o state filings and in anti prostate movement violence and also a culture of a violent and you bring it together with guns in 3 circulation. and then,
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you know, currently a lack of effect of policing in the country brings us this really terrifying violence makes if we are not seeing the company. so as you're saying, shooting is not uncommon, uncommon in the country. i mean, give us a sense of what they're linked to and also how big problem gun crime is in the country and particularly perhaps and so when we're this latest shooting took place, you know, a gun kind really is a very big problem in our country. and we also have the other circumstances in our board is up fully police. so you know, so there's also in trucks of illegal guns and weapons from the side of africa. and then you combine, it's also to already fee of available guns in south africa. so guns are often use with knives in certain parts of the country as part of crime. and then the
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thing was, you know, the crime in south africa, which is often very violent, is often accompanied what guns did the other thing about guns also, factually. it is also, you know, in some parts of a society come past, you know, people's identity, you know, sense of power and the mattress linked to guns has become, throws in black communities. i need many what, why communities actually become. so guns have become poverty. i tend to 2 people and we've been able to this, to the associate guns, were the identity, particular male identity often in the company. so where does the failure lie in not being able to tackle this issue. and what would you like to see done? you know, the 1st part of the failure, of course, is just lack of pre leasing a breakdown of the rule of law in the company so that it becomes
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a government failure. failure if the government friendly to take the rule of law fears to because you know, rule of law impact on the country across from economic point of view from a point of view from jobs. when you associate government has not actually seen. i think the seriousness of rule of law for ability of the country. secondly, is also the society must have a conversation which itself, you know, around guns and around silence. and that we really have to make the juice of violence. must make, it's not part of the society and i must instance itself from guns and from violence the way to deal with problems. protesters in sure. like i say they will keep occupying the president home until both he and the prime minister resign. go to pyro japan, and his prime minister have said they will step down later this week. crowds storm
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the president's home and set fire to the prime minister's residence on saturday to protest against the economic crisis. then bas ravi has more on sunday, relative con, return to sri lanka. protesters remained at the president's official residence making use of facilities normally reserved for the countries elise. c strongest 22000000 people have for months been suffering the worst economic crisis. the country has seen since independence from the british in 1948. this summer, heat compounding, electricity, blackouts, fuel food and medicine, shortages and years of paralyzing political corruption. many help me and i think the one, the greatest thing the people in the use of this country has ever done is to change this man away. he was expelled, chased away, he did not resign. he doesn't have the sovereignty of the people. now, what we need to do is very simple. the people who love this country must night to
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rebuild. as protest, swelled president by a roger poxy fled his overrun, residence, and left the mainland to the safety of an offshore naval ship. yeah, how long he is? no longer the president of long, long he has been expelled by the citizens isreal and therefore this is victoria moment anytime in the official resignation from leaders for a nation in rebellion. now, little more than formalities, this is going to be an extremely critical time to ensure those political stability, as well as economic stability at a time where there's also a law and order situation erupting. so if widens is not contained, they concern that this is going to deepen the crises. so very, very important times i had for sri lanka, overseas remittances and tourism are the countries main sources of revenue. after i
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saw the bomb attacks on churches and hotels in 2019, and then the cobra, 1900 pandemic, both dried up. the united nations has warned with millions already in need of basic help. a humanitarian crisis is looming. the latest political turmoil has been a long time coming. then basra b o. d 0. plenty more had on the aisle 0 news hour, including ah, ridge against the government in argentina were staggering, inflation and amounting economic crisis has united people from both sides of the political divide. we follow the plight of thousands living in unsafe accommodation in lebanon because they are too poor to move elsewhere in sport. here, we'll hear what liverpool manager has to say about the season ahead of his team starts a tour of thailand. ah,
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but 1st polls have now closed in japan's parliamentary elections just 2 days after the assassination of former prime minister. sions, obey his liberal democratic party, is projected to cement its majority in the upper house. there was a moment of silence. as the votes were counted, florence louis reports, even before the 1st ballot was cast, many political commentators have been predicting victory for the ruling liberal democratic party or l. d. p. it's ruled japan almost without interruption since the end of the 2nd world war. it enters the poles with high approval rating, and a fragmented opposition is thought to offer little competition. these polls take place just 2 days after former prime minister shins obey was assassinated, inara city, while campaigning. our bait who was a member of the lower house and head of the l. d. p. 's largest to faction,
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still wielded considerable influence, and his assassination may result in sympathy votes for the party. i think our bay has thought a lot about this country, and i hope this election can make his efforts worth while to mean doing. you do go though, who there may be more people had been fought for the liberal democratic party of the assassination was a shocking incident. so i think people have many thoughts, but i hope they can vote based on their own decision. a surge of support will help prime minister for me. you kinda strengthen his grip on power. it may even see the l d p and his junior coalition partner co mito controlling 2 thirds of parliament, which would allow them to take the 1st steps in amending the constitution. one of our, these goals had been to revise the country's pacifist constitution, which forbids japan's offensive military capabilities. meanwhile,
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the suspect in the murder of obey has been handed over to prosecutors inara, where he will likely be detained and questioned before being charged. police have acknowledged, there were security flaws in friday's incident and have promised a thorough investigation. florence lee al jazeera, the lineup of candidates to replace boris johnson as british prime minister, as growing more crowded by the day. the former defense secretary at penny morganze has announced she's launching her beds that follows for contenders who entered the race on saturday. to the war, ukraine, russian missile strikes have caused widespread damage in towns and cities across the south and east. at least 15 people were killed in the town or shes eve. yar. rescuers fear more people are trapped in the rubble of a 5 story building. russian ground forces are pushing to take control of the entire
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donnie ask region. so when you pull through zillow, lima, she loses, what have we done to them? and one of our people done to hurt them. there was darkness. and then it all started. we ran to the basement. there were 3 hits the 1st somewhere in the kitchen and the 2nd i don't even remember there was lightning. we ran towards the 2nd entrance and then straight into the basement. we sat there all night until this morning. the metal door was blown and it wounded a woman, and then there was a man wounded over there. for more on this, let's bring an allen fisher. he's joining us from keep. so what more do we know about what happened and travis belch as if yar alan well, it happened just before dawn, there was a huge explosion around this building, which as you say, is a 5 story building. it appears that it caused the building to collapse. that because of the time it happened just before dawn, the suspect that most people were either in their own homes or in the basement
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sheltering because they may well have the alarm. so in, off in the area beforehand, they've 50, they've been killed. but as you see, the local governor expects that number to go up and to go up there quite significantly in the next couple of hours. 5 people were taken from the that with the wreckage alive. they are in touch with 3 people who are still alive in, at the rubble in the debris at. but the think there are a number of dead people in there as well. and it's also very difficult for the rescue services her. busy on the scene because they have to remove the brick piece by piece until they get to a big part. then they can bring in heavy lifting gear and move that. but this is going to be a slow process. now, the chief of staff for the president zalinski, he has said that this was a terrorist act committed by a terrorist nation, and he's called on other countries to declare russia, a state sponsor of terrorism. the russians of course, have repeatedly denied that the target civilian areas are,
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but we know that the russians have at to a degree taken a pause in the donates area at the ukrainians. believe that is they are just building up forces and building up munitions for a final push to try and take all of the dynette scary. it's just a week ago since they took over virtual control of the hands area and with lance can donates that makes up the whole of the don bass, which of course became a major military goal for the russian. so at the people in the area where this rocket attack happened, i can only stand by and watch the rescue services as they borrow. don't enter the wreckage trying to see if there are more people alive. and if they're on how many more bodies they will pull out of the rubble, sir alan, that is the situation in the east of the country. tell us about what's happening in the countries west. of course, one of the russians main objectives was to move towards kiva as quickly as possible . and that meant
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a great deal of fighting in around the that the suburbs of keith. no, we've been to, to one place where the russians were camped out in the woods. dear bye. as a village i of a significant number of people. but the decided that they weren't going to take their chances and they decided to go. except for one quite remarkable, great grandmother. this village used to be home to around 800 people than the russians came. and there was just one that he is or you can never left as others run for safety. she stayed when there was shelling, she hid in her basement for a month. the 72 year old slept here too with just her cat for company. oh its saying, oh saying when there was heavy shelling the ground would shake and i would slightly open the door just to see if it was my house or somewhere else. when neighbors houses started to burn, i tried to put out the flames, but it was just too much,
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man. she wasn't scared, she says, a voice told her she would be safe. russell that there i saw 2 soldiers. i saw the yellow and blue stripes. i knew they were ukrainians, and i knew then i could come out of him and in a swift the devastation in motion is obvious. homes destroyed, ripped apart, and the fighting. people are no returning with one charity on hand, giving basics to people who have lost everything. we are providing medical support . we're providing food support, baby food, children, food and also various toys for the kids. it seems simple, but at the other hand, they are very expensive for these people. for the people in the village, the rebuild may have started, but the danger is still here. the used to be able to use the forest any time they wanted, but they see there is no sealed off because that our minds there are no one knows where they are. some cried when they saw the shell of the place. they called home.
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but they are rebuilding, we have no choice, this is all the have. first room will all, everything we have go to was destroyed as usual. nothing left to me and we have to start again from scratch. it will take years to assume that he is acre is glad people are coming back. she says it's nice to see old faces. nice to no longer have to hide next to no longer have a war raging on her doorstep. allan fisher, i'll just either motion you cream while the line up of candidates to replace bar. as johnson, as british prime minister is growing more crowded by the day, the former defense secretary penny more dance has announced. she's launching her bed. that follows for contender, as who entered the race on saturday. paul rece reports warning mercy. how do you follow an act like boris johnson? that's what the contenders for the job of next, british prime minister, a trying to work out. decide whether richie soon act chancellor until last week,
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and one of those whose rebellion force johnson out looks like the front runner do we can he set the tone as he launched his bed with a re slick video nation. let me tell you a story. it details indian grandparents arrival in the u. k. t via east africa. and the video is high on a motion perhaps to show his conservative party colleagues that he can relate to voters. it's your story matter moon. in the short term, it's the conservative policy which will select the next leader, long term. it's voters who will decide some people, one big personality, just like always, other people are going to be looking so many can stand on the world stage. the conservative party m p 's party members will be thinking, who's best place to win an election in 2 years time, whose personality can cut through to, to intellectual, that's often seen as pretty disgruntled and disenfranchised with u. k. politics.
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after receive soon, i get a list of increasingly unknown characters who are lining up 3 leader. that could give the conservatives the problem of how to reach voters who swayed just as much by bars. johnson's personality as they were by his politics the among those confirmed iraq war veterans home to the heart and attorney general soa braverman. sooner was heir apparent to johnson for a long time before his 1000000000. i wife's status as a non taxpayer cause problems for me and charged with handling the case finances. but johnson often proved the depth of moving on from the mistakes he made in power . soon. not cool hope he can do the same and replace his former boss. let's speak to paul, he's joining us from london. so new names in the mix today. paul, tell us about them. yes, serena. busy as you mentioned, penny more than the last one to officially confirm that she'll be running to be a concert leader of the conservative party. and by extension,
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british prime minister, she's one of the ones who really isn't a household name in this list that's down to 9 people. so fall, she's, she made a page that it's time for the, for the policy and the country to move on from the sort of personality, politics of boris johnson and, and, and, and hate these, these candidates haven't really shown a great deal of personality so far on saturday, a couple more we're. busy we're. busy we're frame sachi, javan. he was health secretary until last week, and he was one of the ones who resigned to add to spawk the downfall of forest johnson. as british prime minister johnson resigning of course, last thursday at alongside his resignation, was richie su, not who was mentioned in, in that report that he was chancellor of the exchequer. before he resigned. and he released the vice slick video to announce his candidacy. he's perhaps the front
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runner, and we are expected to see pretty patel the home secretary. decide whether she's going to run in the next 24 hours. also patel best known perhaps as a mastermind behind the decision to try and the port asylum seekers to rwanda. right. and once this actually gets to a general election poll, what are the big issues for for the u. k. voters? well, basically, it's the economy, there's several issues that are affecting the u. k. economy economy. at the moments the fall out from breck sits, they are continuing fall out from the cove. it crisis at the the effect or no energy prices are impacted by the war in ukraine. more specifically, the issue in this leadership com type contest and further on to the election looks at the moment to be tax. that's where the battle lines are being drawn in the
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conservative party leadership contest. and they look like they're being drawn mainly against richey soon act. now, when he was chancellor of the exchequer, he brought in measures at to deal with the crone of iris pandemic, including the furlough scheme that settled the u. k. with the biggest levels of borrowing since the 2nd world war and his plan to get the u. k. out of that was to raise taxes. and indeed, he suggested that that is still the responsible thing to do raising taxes is something that conservatives usually are allergic to. and his opponents in this race a saying that is not something that i going to do. they want to reverse. some of the tax rises hayes made, lower taxes overall in order to stimulate the economy. and that's why that's something that sooner has said that he's afraid, well, just increase inflation even more inflation. one of the things currently
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contributing to the cost of living crisis in the u. k. so when it comes down to the election in 2 years time, and the party now is going to have to decide, will the voters want to back someone who's saying, okay, let's be responsible. let's raise taxes to get ourselves out of this. i out of this crisis less not daydream, or are they going to want to say back someone he says, i'm going to put money back in your pocket pocket right now. historically, it's usually the latter kind of candid i, the voters have gone full. all right, thank you so much. paul reese, reporting from london. the rising cost of living is causing economic turbulence across latin america. in chile, inflation is forecast to hit 12 percent by the end of this year, fueled in part by political uncertainty. lucio newman reports from santiago for generations of jillions will never experienced high inflation. rising prices of
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food and fuel, our shock sales woman claudia, at an id. i says she's never seen anything like it. yes, i'm a for you. the other day i paid $12.00 for a tiny piece of meat and bones for that price i used to buy a kito, a fillet her sirloin steak. i'm not joking. this is all i have, biscuits, a capsicum to tints for the calf and another kado. i think $15.00 company looking at it on the hurdle, you know that in the last 6 months, inflation has surpassed 7 percent compared to the usual 3 percent a year. last month, the central bank raised interest rate to yet again, by 9 percent, which means new homeowners are struggling to repay their loans. and to make matters significantly worse, the u. s. dollar has reached a historic high against the gillian vessels or passing the $900.00 missile mark. in fact, experts say that it will likely go over 1000 vessels in the next couple of months.
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and this is, it's really problematic. there's 2 out of every 3 items in the basic basket of goods. the chileans consume, is imported in us dollars. chilly needs dollars to buy petrol and gas, which it does not produce fuel and food have shot up most of all, mainly due to the ukraine crisis. but they're also internal factors. the previous government overheated the economy with aggressive pandemic subsidies. it's been followed by mumps, of political uncertainty over the economic repercussions of constitution that could be approved in september by one. i would talent them and unfortunately we are in a very stormy scenario. the authorities will have to work wonders revert. the situation was shocked to her new government was elected on the platform of ambitious social reforms and promised tax hikes to pay for them. but given the economic scenario, many question,
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this week's decision to push ahead with it. a move finance minister mario marcel defense, even though it will further spook investors. one delory was from willie me though. when the states resources are limited, the government must prioritize them. the next government or minister changes that were signs, resources elsewhere and discretionary manner that ends up eroding the legitimacy of the states public policies. okay. whatever the reasons, inflation and uncertainty, both of which have been strangers naturally. i be coming every day, worked in what was latin america's most stable economy. lucy and human al jazeera santiago and in neighboring argentina. its government is facing a rising tide of demonstrators as it struggles to rain in soaring inflation and poverty protest her from across the political divide held separate rallies in the capital bonus iris. daniel schriner reports argentina united facing its problems together. that was the message to the nation given by
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president alberto fernandez. speaking in the northern province of took a man with a declaration of independence, was made 206 years ago. rifle to napoleon because there is no political future. if you don't build on and strengthen every day, the things that unite us over, ah, but that is not the message being heard elsewhere in argentina, both left him right, rich and poor, marched here in born osiris and across the country separately, demanding different things. but both unhappy with the government. what should have been a day of celebration in argentina has only served to show that the divisions in society here, here to my right in front of the government house, is a protest calling from members of the current government to be prosecuted for corruption on my left on the other side of the police, gordon, of those of left wing group and social organization said that argentina did not
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place that to the international monetary fund. i did said alleviate poverty these more to the, from the shanty towns and other marginalized communities, low paid workers calling for the government to invest in job schools and housing not to pay its crippling debt to the international monetary fund. not did enough imply that they should pay or pensioners for youngsters education, health care for our families. instead, we're paying the external day a fraudulent debt. motion t, there is this year due to pay $19000000000.00 of its debt to the i, m f. o. these protests from more affluent neighborhoods accused the government of mismanagement rupture deserving special anger for the former president, current vice president. christina, for then this, the kitch. now we're marching to get rid of this government. you can see how divided argentinean sir. christina must go depressed in moscow. they should all go analyst, predicted inflation. lithia will be more than 70 percent poverty and unemployment
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rising. the economy minister resigned last week and confidence in a divided government is waning. all this makes argentina vulnerable to the rising fuel and food prices. if you much of the rest of the world as those prices continue to rise. the divisions are like you to deepen. schlander al jazeera, one as iris. time for check on the weather. here is efferson. hello, it's very much a north south splitting the weather across the middle east at the moment. northern areas seeing the usual hot sunshine, dry and dusty condition prefer the south. a lot of cloud around the same flooding into northern parts of a mon, recently cluster of storms rolling at the southern parts of saudi arabia. that is likely to bring some localized flooding as it continues to drive its way further west was over the next few days. cool southwesterly. when's the monsoon? that's going to continue driving its way across southern parts of a man, southern pakistan, lots of heavy showers through much of, in the, at present particular cross the west and get central parts. like to see some
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flooding here. heavy rain to just popping up ramping up on the other side of the bourbon goal into myanmar. northern parts of tile, m b, c. i central areas of india, western parts. still seeing some very heavy rain or we could do some right into some marty, you can see a fair amount of cloud on the satellite picture, but not too much of that is rain bearing. we are going to see one or 2 showers into samaria, not too much rain, therefore kenya. the wet weather is further north. we'll see some wet weather. they're just coming into the if you have been hired as driving the way further westward. in the coming days, south of the equator, much of africa stays dry, fine and sunny with a few showers to the east. still ahead on the l 0 news, our 46 satellites are going to be blas thing off in california will explain why a long musk starlings network as both applauded on the line and we visit. they silence streets of an ancient libyan city that used to be filled with tourists in
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sport, frustration for africa's biggest tennis star in the wimbledon. final. how job story a little later ah ah ah
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safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero, oh i hello, we are going to be helpful. on the also, there are news our at least 14 people have been killed by gunman in a bar in south africa that happened in minim damo settlement and south west of johannesburg. release a group of men opened fire on the patrons just after midnight. at least 15 people were killed in russian military strikes in the ukrainian town attractive. yar.
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rescuers fear more people are trapped in the rubble of a 5 story building. russian ground forces are pushing to take control of the entire donnie region. processors, occupying the homes of lank as president and other official building, say they won't leave until both the president john prime minister set down. both have agreed to resign. after a day of protests, the country is struggling with its worth economic crisis and decades. michelle fernandez has more from colombo, a real carnival atmosphere here at the president's official residence, the great facade you see behind me, you notice the architecture. it goes back many, many decades. and this was the sight of that massive sea of people who overran this property. seeing the exit of president gore toby, roger boxer on friday. now obviously he has to resign officially. but for the protest movement that called for him to step down, this has been
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a victory. and for more sure, lumpkins that are here. they say they're not going to lose an opportunity to see how their leaders lived. this is our tax money. so i'm here because of the out. so what kind of things been done for our tax money? that's excellent, but i'm here is the maximum. so just so to understand the part of people and the sheer number of people trying to get in to see the president's house is posing a real problem. those who are part of the protest campaign who are still trying to control some of the crowds are urging people to be careful, very structural damage, obviously a very all property and just cannot handle. the sheer numbers are climbing up the staircase that has been structurally shoes. so that's posing a very real problem and the danger. and this obviously the swimming pool at the president's house of the water looking very much. 2 worse for the ware, but those iconic pictures of people are diving into this right after the protest is
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essentially over at this residence. now president go, toby raja boxer is reported to have been evacuated to safety before the protest has actually got into the property. we still haven't seen any signs of him other than to hear the statement that he has indicated he is willing and able and willing on his resignation. on the 13th of july, let so speak to helen catacombs, who's a political economist than senior lecturer at the university of josh. he's joining us from there. welcome to al jazeera, thanks for your time. so we know that people obviously are struggling to get essential is like food, fuel, and medicine in the country, but paints a picture for us in jaffe, not in the north of the country, tell us how people are struggling. their situation has been quite fresh throughout the country and it has been in the north as well, particularly for daily labouring sound is given one miller days now becoming difficult because there's no production happening in the economy. i'm not able to
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cultivate because they don't have just the fishermen. i'm not able to go to see. so this whole cycle for regime change is island white because people are feeling the pressure throughout the country. and this president and time is to have been the lead to ice throughout the country. what do you make of the, the scenes that we saw yesterday and the protest that took place in colombo, i mean, have you ever seen such scenes in the country? no. this is unprecedented, but it was also a great day for democracy and 3 lot of people around the world. but judy list with a 5 fractions going on, even in the notch. for the 1st time protest installing data to the most financially in the not as well. so it's been
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that reflects all the sort of democratic energies of the people that the big question is. what next? and how we're going to win through, particularly the economic crisis as deform an intern gotten that right. so but in terms of the succession plan, so to speak, the president and the prime minister are saying that they have the intention of resigning if and when they do so, what happens next for wine. as soon as the president had to resign, the speaker becomes an acting president and then they would have to elect another president from. among the parliamentarians has also been called for abolishing the presidency. the contrition so much power in one individual. so hopefully someone with the agreement that is going to be
4:39 pm
a symbolic president until such time that constitutional changes can be brought for them to abolish the presidency. all the parties that are not part of the government and will not be the raj boxes could hopefully form the national government. and even if it's a minority government with the support of the peoples movement, government, the country for a period of time, particularly to bring about political. but also you can mix up getting essential goods. and that is what people are really looking for. some sort of economic stability. how do you see that, that playing out? the crucial need now is the supply of fuel and medicines and food. in particular, physical food prices might even be in 2 months time.
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unless agriculture production is encouraged and the needs of the people are met through reading. this is not the time for it from on the fonts. you would have to get a fresh mandate, the new job. and then before we just go for a moment to form immediately, there can't be it will auster and she should be getting ready to be able to survive . i economy would be shrinking as much as by attend this year. so it's very nice to to us. ok, thank you so much for speaking to us from draft not in sri lanka into space x, a set to launch another 46 darling satellites is faith. the falcon, 9 rocket will be jetting off from california, vendor berg space force base on monday. and if all goes to plan and the satellites will be deployed into low earth orbit about an hour after a lift off, let's talk about this. with justin caspar, who's a professor of climate and space sciences and engineering at the university of
4:41 pm
michigan. he's joining us from washington, d. c. welcome to al jazeera. so talk us through the significance of this launch. this is space x is 50 if one ship startling spacecraft. once this launches successful, they'll be about $2500.00 operational starling spacecraft circling earth accounting for nearly half of the operational satellites and orbit around are really a stunning accomplishment. right, and what is the ultimate aim then to have all these orbiting earth? so earth is being surrounded by a mash of these small satellites. they can pass internet data between satellites and then they can communicate to whoever's underneath each of those satellite. so as more and more of the spacecraft, orbit earth anywhere in the world. if you have a small satellite dish, you can have broadband quality internet access. so we'll, we'll, every, i mean this is, this is a broad question, but will everyone then have access to this type of technology? how does it work?
4:42 pm
that's very interesting, right now. star link is opening access on a country by country basis and the satellites pass over every country in the world . so it's up to space x and startling to decide which countries they allow subscriptions into. but we saw just a few months ago with the flip of an electronic switch, they were able to enable access to ukraine. that's exactly what i wanted to ask you about next. in fact, because talk to us about the evolution of sterling because as we're seeing, it seems to have evolved from commercial use into as you just reference ukraine and providing ukraine with 1500 sterling kits which allowed the ukrainian military means of communication. yes, that's right. you know, it's, it's a means of communicating and sending information. and so any kind of information can well in this, in anyone that startling allows to, can use it. so i think this is a really interesting new mode of communication that
4:43 pm
a lot of countries are following. you can't firewall or block the satellites. in fact, we saw there were attempts to jam the startling spacecraft over ukraine and they were able to defeat that jamming technology very quickly. so how serious though is the concern that nasa raised a short while ago in fact saying that the starling satellites risk collision in orbits with other satellites. and in fact, they had approach dangerously close to the chinese space station last year. that's what the chinese had said. that's right. you know, as this accounts for more than half of the spacecraft orbiting the earth, there are more and more frequent potential collisions between these subtle it's starling says they use information about known spacecraft to automatically maneuver to avoid collisions. but as we have more and more debris in space,
4:44 pm
just from old spacecraft or roll or from old ample satellite tests, there's a concern that you can have a series of collisions that could generate significant debris and these orbits. all right, we'll leave it there. thank you. so much for speaking to us from washington to see thank you, justin casper. now fast moving fire in the u. s. state of utah has burned through hundreds of hector, as of land around the town of fillmore firefighters. have been spraying the surrounding hills with flame retardant. they've also ordered evacuations of nearby properties. thick black smoke filled the skies over the italian capital room on saturday. it came from a wildfire inside the channel, chelly r k, a logical par, just east of the city center. the cause of the fire has not been confirmed. thousands of people in lebanon's, northern city of tripoli are living in danger because their homes are at risk of collapse. the city has suffered from decades of government neglect, as well as instability. but hundreds of families are living an unstable structure
4:45 pm
is because they're too poor to go anywhere else. zayna 100 has more in just a few moments. highly deco lost everything. the 3 story building where his family used to live collapse. the tragedy in lebanon 2nd largest city tripoli has scored his 6 year old son was the for his younger sister's humana died under the rubble of yeah, in movie for, for, you know, a country the government doesn't care about us. we knew the building needed repair, but we couldn't afford to move up. another thousands of families are living in danger because of the poor state of buildings, temporary fixes to reinforce the foundations are not permanent solutions for families live in this rundown building. was either going to go look at these stairs, they are about to collapse. it will cost us $3000.00 for repairs. we don't have
4:46 pm
$4.00 in our pocket on the job. you. local authorities estimate up to $10000.00 housing units are at risk of collapse. they say there's only so much they can do without the central government addressing the economic collapse that's forced much of the population into poverty that they're asked by had on there been mo, quote, there's a ticking bomb and tripoli we the mu spell the are doing our job by warning people to evacuate, but assertion is the responsibility of the government. any solution requires money and the lebanese state is nearly bankrupt. but even before the current economic crisis, tripoli was neglected. the united nation says this city more than any other in lebanon, is in need of social housing. there has been no development or investment for decades. many of the buildings are old and haven't been maintained. some more damage during the civil war that ended in 1990 and the political violence. and the
4:47 pm
ensuing years. others were built illegally with poor quality materials. humans to invest that, how can you blame those who can't afford construction materials or restoration costs that were already poor and they have become poor with the collapse of the local currency. many here know their buildings aren't safe, but they have nowhere else to go. all they can do is wait for the next tragedy. then they're elisha's, either tripoli, northern lebanon, muslims, around the world have been celebrating the festival very de la, in the iraqi city of mosul. prayers were held at the annuity mosque, the 1st time since security forces regain control of the city in 2017. the most famous had batman erect was blown up by i phone during the battle to defeat the army group. in india, hundreds of worshippers gathered at the 17th century german, how much shed mosque the offer. prayers muslims traditionally marked today by
4:48 pm
sacrificing livestock. they then give it as gifts to family members, friends as well as the poor. a desert oasis in the libyan city of damis has supported generations of settlers for years. it's also been a major attraction for foreign tourists, but conflict in libya has left its ancient alleyways empty. now there's hope there is more stable conditions will be drawing visitors back. malik, tree, and reports will have them as in libya as northwest the dennis is nicknamed the pearl of the desert. it's crown jewel. this waist is called to her, so many in head of the valley is believed to be more than 4000 years old. water tunnels, fed by little suv, stretch throughout the city, have supplied houses, moss and forms for centuries, a sleuth and a letter after the gusto was found, the city became an economic hub for caravan trade, connecting countries across africa,
4:49 pm
lou and it came under control of the roman and byzantine empires. but later islam flourished throughout north africa. this mosque is 1400 years old. the old city is one of 5, eunice, go world heritage sites and libya that are on its endangered list. click back and forth as adding an attempt to people have good armies were surprised and have suffered greatly due to the unesco decision to enlist the old city to its endangered list. the cities economy relies on tourism, so we hope that unesco takes us off the list, so people feel safe to come and visit people here say thousands of foreign tourists used to come and visit. but the years long conflict and libya has had a devastating impact on the tourism sector. formerly a thriving city, it's narrow alley ways are now mostly deserted. what some domestic tourists still come. these men are from the 2 arctic tribe and visiting from
4:50 pm
o body. deep in libya's south cancer, we were in a nearby village, so we decide to visit this historical city. as libyans, york city links our history to art and present and future. it is when the honor to visit the city and to see our friends from good armies. it's beautiful to see that the local community is trying to preserve it separately. for centuries, adamus thrived it's markets and alleyways visited by people from around the world. but for more than a decade, conflict and libya has kept foreigners away. now, people here hope their return if peace can be achieved in libya, and the pearl of the desert won't be forgotten. malik, trina, al jazeera adamus, still ahead on the else. is there a news our, the quote, a final line up is set at the women's africa combinations. we'll have the details coming up with.
4:51 pm
ah, europe's oldest muslim, undertakers working here is 7 days a week job that's grown with a community. my father purchased a black and blue sky and started to do the funerals in london and a family. we saw a stopping program in georgia and began business partners. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who did them. jeff is such a level of nice, sure. east and undertakers. this is europe anal to sierra the latest news as it breaks. this decision basically said that the roby way decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent with detailed coverage. the problem bridge will not only significantly reduce the problem, but it is expected to any shadid economic boom from around the world. this one here
4:52 pm
depicts the late poets without what a no up pose revolutionary poems in his play. the many lou ah ah, hello again. time for the sports is for is for during thank you so much mens wimbledon singles finals underway with top seed. novak jock of ich facing will then be $49.00. carry us along on the line to both these players job which is chasing his 21st grand slam title australia is nick, curious is chasing his 1st joke, which has never been curios in their 2 previous meetings. curious has taken the 1st that early respect to australian tennis commentator cried gabriel about curios in his controversial reputation. i know nick since he was 1517 years
4:53 pm
old and he's a very good guys, a very generous person. but sometimes there's antics on cold or not even in the best possible life. i. busy busy sent me, he has the kids flocking to him, they adore him. he's very good with kids is very good with charity. busy and that people have started to see that and i think things the opinion of nick is turning. and i feel that some of these past grades cash just recently came out. absolutely slamming curious for some of his behavior early around. i need to just remind them about their own behavior when they. busy were playing and when they were in they had a people have got short memories, likes or pat cash or john mcenroe. lenise. tasha whatever seems to be but got pretty easily and they think that nick is the only one who blows up during the
4:54 pm
match. the relationship was colder than the in traffic. to be honest, it is that the improve, i'm and i think a lot of the change in australia in january and i spoke with odds this year at that time about joke of joker, which is issues and his is coming into australia and then the of the deportation to find it was one of the very few players. busy actually stood up for him and it novak was very appreciative of that and it stand in his respect to nick, nick said the other day that it's almost developed into a bit of a bro mass which novak. busy so i'm not sure about that yet, but they have been exchanging messages on social media and i think whoever wins might be up to. busy pain, a few drink bills. elaina ivan keena is in a women's or wimbledon champion. she beat almost a bird to become the 1st player from cassock stand to win. a grand slam title
4:55 pm
vanished reports. ah, the biggest moment in her young career, 23 year old elaine on her back in a winning the wimbledon final to secure her maiden grand slam title a 1st for a player from kazakhstan, our super nurse before the my doing the mice in them. honestly happy that the thing is to be honest because i have never failed something like this in, i just wanted to say big things to the crowd for the subordinate was unbelievable. history was said to be made regardless of the outcome of this final, with tennessee, as owns jobber. aiming to become the 1st are player to win and may to title or back in may. the nervous start as jabber broke early in the 1st set and dominated the opening exchanges. with her
4:56 pm
opponent struggling, deborah seized the opening sat 63. i mean, the momentum of the match shifted quickly in the 2nd set. it was now are back in a hitting the important winners. a jabbers rising frustration was all too obvious. we're back in our power her way through the set and took it 6 to the match was going to a decider deciding so well, number 2 was unable to feedback the initiative and we're back in. i held her nerve to become the youngest singles champion at wimbledon in a decade. i ran to day so much so i don't that they need for the fitness anymore. oh and also want to say thank you for the royal box. i mean, i'm paying for some in the,
4:57 pm
it's an honor to me here to play in front of you. thank you so much. and he just. 6 i transfer, thank you. i love this tournament so much and i feel really sad, but i mean it's, it's still there is only one winner. i'm really happy that i'm trying to inspire, you know, many generation from my country. i hope this is the new school boone lifting the trophy in a year when organizes had banned russians from playing at wimbledon in response to the countries invasion of ukraine. son, a moose, i'll dizzier cameroon, or through to the quarter finals of the women's africa captive nations. after beating tennessee had to nail and casablanca, they joined zambia, who were also through to the last 8 zambia thrash togo for one on saturday to finish up a great deal with at 7 points. so go,
4:58 pm
have been eliminated from the competition. okay, and that is all your sport back to you during his so much and thanks for watching the news. our on our 0, we're back in just a moment with much more off the days. see you then ah the short it difficult. a lot of them. why is one on the, how do you to visit well, cancelled a philistine with la from such fear and about the fisa? cannot little salvage done well, i can get the shower in the car. there's other thought they're not valuable from the look coffee. i'm looking on a path on the macedonian data fee. is like a month, mariani to the son in law, in the cool size of his will you wonder even this will fucking the hug
4:59 pm
she easily see teaching up the airway. lot of chinese listen actually was kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting power they faced, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. their listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. under cover reporting, i was working for exclusive stories, explosive results, al jazeera investigations. ready too often of canister as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary
5:00 pm
film, archives spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the countries modern history. the forbidden real part 3, the rise of the machine, he deemed honor jessia. ah, at least 14 people are killed in a south african bars shooting. so what so community group say it's a massacre. ah, you're watching all 0 live from a headquarters in sal heim, daddy obligate also a heads. russian missiles had an apartment block in eastern ukraine, killing at least 15 people. protestors occupy the ser lankin president ho.


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