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tv   earthrise Wild Recovery  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2022 11:30pm-12:01am AST

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for a bit international intercourse and excellence award bought now for your hero, for
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hello, i'm marianne noisy and london. a quick look at our main story. now you as president joe biden says meetings with saudi leadership made significant progress on security and economic issues. on the 1st day of his trip to saudi arabia, biden says they agree to work together to extend a cease fire and yemen. this includes a raging assistance and the delivery of humanitarian aid. the u. s. also agree to work on global energy security with the kingdom of well campaign to be president biden devout to make saudi arabia a parias state over the 2018 mother of jaundice. demolish o g. by the now says, he told the crown prince directly he believes been, so mine was personally responsible for the john less matter. we discussed human rights. the need for political reform. as always, i was always do harm made clear that the topic was vitally important to me and to the united states. respect to the murder of kashodi. i raised it at the top of the
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meeting, making it clear what i thought of it in the time. and what i think of it now and most exactly, i was straightforward in direct, in discussion. i made my view, crystal clear. i said very straightforwardly for an american president to be silent . a mystery of human rights is, is consistent, inconsistent with who we are and who i am always stand up for our values. earlier biden had visited the occupied westbank, where he said the u. s. will continue to assist on a full investigation in to the mother of al jazeera janice trina, blackly. you also tell policy president my with the bus that while palestinians should have a state of their own, the ground is not right to restart negotiations. now. will are the headline, the salish, lank as prime minister rhino what we're missing on has been sworn in as acting president of to go to pirate japan to resign in the wake of mass protest,
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the new president promised to restore law and order and establish unity, government until a successor to roger packs that could be elected. and the u. k. salmon rushes ambassador over reports of the death of a british aid. what kind of breakaway region of east and ukraine. full year a was accused of being a must and re his family and the hey charge. you preside him network. say he was an aide waka, i'll be back with the news are 25 minutes time. ah ah, hello and welcome to a new series of arthritis. it's pretty com will be rather windy out here amongst
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katara mangrove forest. but there has been a real sense of urgency making this in the middle of a pandemic that's brought the welds which means and what started because we could be bringing nature to it. over 19 is just one of many illnesses that it's billed i, which was from wildlife as wait. quite frankly ponder the natural world and common to close to contact with viruses, found that a bowler, saws h, i, v aids, 3 out of 4, emerging infectious diseases come from animals and one surfaces every 4 months. that the need to safeguard wild spaces like this one and to protect nature for its survival as our own has never been clearer. but panoramic is also generated to decipher a green recovery. and that's what we're about here with arthritis solutions to the environmental crisis. we're starting a serious, violent, protecting wildlife, and that will help to prevent future outbreaks of exact origins of coven, 19 or on known investigations have been carried out into the likes of baths and pamphlets and some species that these mammals remarked. the 1000000 plants. animals
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threatened to extinction for the is hope, and yet now we meet the t rehabilitating traffic handler. and in southern india local for defending the only remaining home of one critically endangered bats. merely one in 5. my move in the world is a bat. and the rumors that surround their existence, or perhaps as extensive as the boss family itself, associations with darkness, an evil witch of and vampire of including count dracula have led generations to see these flying creatures as sinister. but the grind i toes of coal are a home to a unique batt conservation story for decades worrying devastated with land leaving its god and degraded. but that was supposed to stop when a colony of bats is discovered in a cave in these hills belonging to
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a species so rare that it was thought to be extinct. i've come to canada car in india to find out how conservationists and locals took on the mining industry to wind protected status for this land. the last remaining home in the world of the kohler league, no spot only around 200 of these spots exist here in bicola conservation reserve. it is also home to 5 other bad species. the majority of which resides in a tiny cave in the rock face. i meeting with bats biologists, roy chakrabarti and citizen scientists rogers, but just were maya. hi, i forgot to filing over, i think mm. today they are capturing bats using mishaps and collecting d. n. a. samples. as night falls, these nocturnal animals begin to emerge out of the cave flying into the soft next,
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the place of the ring from where i'm thinking the function, it will grow in 3 weeks time. mm hm. it's remarkable to be able to feed and endanger bob like the form of cloth batch play a vital role in ecosystems, including pollination and controlling beth the color leaf nose. but it's 1000 in saxony, but threats including habitat, los and hunting, have left 21 species of bats, critically endangered, globally, including this one is about 7 or 30000000 years on thank this believe we've lost touch of help them been hunting under 33. you want to compare documents. it's been proposed that back to have links, not only to coven 19, but also to other zonati diseases, which can spread from animals to human,
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including a bowler and stars. this is why the destruction of their habitat has potential public health consequences. it's only when people start destroying porters and directly or indirectly come in contact with bats and their habitat. that's when these 2 not diseases break out. so it's not the batted stuff, but what we do to it that actually threaten us of being 2nd bad use the technique called echo location that allows them to navigate using sound. they admit sound waves of very high frequency, which bounce off objects, enabling them to quickly establish what is in their vicinity. if you've seen small batch fly on on st. louis, you should just observe the speed at which they can say the angular respect is whether it's clear whether it's better, whether it's object or whether it's another. but so they do all these calculations in 3 to 5 milli seconds, which is really faster than any super computer. and more find out i'm
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with hearing the spread of gov in. 19 people have attacked baths around the world in march 2020, and solo indonesia. hundreds of bats in a wildlife market were called on orders of the mayor. and in may 2020 authorities issued directives to protect bats across the state of rochester in india, after more than 150 were killed there. ah, the goal, our region is one of india's grimay to mining half the miners would still be on the hill would not for the determination of bat scientist, doctor barger machine of awesome who discovered a colony of coal, r leaf, no spots inside the cave. in 2030,
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the species hadn't been spotted in several decades. we found the roasting side of the spat, and we found that the divorce mining, alaska, mining happening lots of trucks on this hill. and though mining had come to almost 100 meters near the new hosting site, so immediately the alert of the local authorities 1st and also the local communities be offered an esignature camp in the bay. religion vidarres continued, protest that you know, you need to stop mining. a ban on mining happen in january 2015. and an area of 223 acres was declared a conservation resolved in 2019. finally bringing protection to this critical bat habitat. these are the cut marks that you can notice over you, off the mining that was happening back then because it is known disturbance after the habit that is healing. and the 1st signs of healing is the presence of grasses all around us. i mean, it just goes to show the when you give
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a line the time to hear it will bounce back. have you seen a difference and number of bracken, are they coming back to the old hosting spot? the bats had stopped using these. i can read hosting sites because they were smoked out by the miners since the mining band has happened via seen that, you know, daddy are, they are coming back to doors at hosting sites and their populations have also increased wonderfully read and do you think their population will continue to grow . yes. is there kind of reclaiming last land in the sense? yes, exactly. various species of body. dia, i'm even predators like laptops and sizes in this landscape in the recent past. all because of the protection that a bat brought in to do it, and i am heading inside the cave to try recording the high frequency vocalization of the coal on leaf no spots using an ultrasound recording device will be getting
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right up close to them. the cave is less than a meter high and 15 meters deep. i'm pretty sure there are no claustrophobic bath scientists. ah. right, thanks to my face. so cool. yeah, i mean, so we are the ones who are here, but none of them are back in country to familiar belief is actually allowed, does not exist. so yes, the back detector. you can see the axis course from 10 to 200 kilo hertz. so this is frequency only at this time, so this spectrogram represents the sounds at the bottom making right now. yes,
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that's 8 to 9 times more than what we can higher than what we can you got to go down the things that the cooler leaf no spot has a distinct call which can be used identified amongst other baths in the cave to hear it without disturbance i need to put your phones on there's a couple of them calling right now. you know, when i put these phones on, i can hear these battle stations that sound almost alien. but as soon as i take them off, i can hear the sounds of the communities who live nearby, of the farmers who live alongside that. i mean, if there's any evidence of the fact that bats and humans can co exist together seamlessly. this sounds good is exactly that the,
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this resolve would not have been possible without the support of the community. some of them have become ranges and they know, but again, i just want to know what the federally market galleria, jemina, and part of that come from local farming villages around the result. it should say that it can be looked into why that is a comparison on tickets for managing perception around vilified species taken. oh, especially when public hostility to them runs high protecting bath in the 21st century. a will entail engaging with the local communities will live
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alongside bats. and awareness workshops like this with the next generation can make all the difference. if i had a bad girl who baba mother go on the know what that or the go by are that the will get back to e n o my love, what buddy? the god. where with my time here has left me with renewed optimism about the survival of the goal, are leaf no spot now that it's only home has been safeguarded for the future. if anything, this pandemic has heightened the need to fiercely protect every last corner of habitat that we're left with a newly protected areas like girl r, r a step in the right direction. me. so we're all still waiting for the offense, the kind of 19 pandemic. remember what we said earlier, that a new infectious disease emerges every 4 months. was hard to estimate there,
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a 1700000 virus has yet to be discovered in mammals and birds, and around half of though you could cross over to human. now when that happens, it's really down to us. any given species of animal has viruses and bacteria that circulate within that population of animals. these are viruses that have grown up with that animal over evolutionary time. the point where they've come to an understanding and through normal interactions, different animal species might exchange viruses or bacteria. those pathogens are able to jump from one animal to another. human activities, like agricultural, intensification and expansion of farming systems, deforestation, and land use change even the wildlife trade or moving wildlife out of their natural environment and moving them around the world. these are the types of activities that bring people into closer contact with wildlife and create opportunity for those viruses that normally would circulate within wild animal populations to make the jump into people. and that can happen directly or via domestic animals. and
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once a virus successfully makes the jump from animals and the people, then it's able to spread from person to person and has the opportunity to do that through social interactions locally where a local outbreak might occur. but really because we're connected globally more so than we ever have been in history, all it takes is a person getting on an airplane and carrying a new, do an audit virus. and that virus moves from one location to many locations. and that's how a localized epidemic becomes a global pandemic. it's almost guarantee that we're going to see another large scale up a demick or even a pandemic, whether it's a corona virus or another type of do an audit virus. as long as we're continuing to do the types of activities around the world that allow these viruses to jump from wild animals into people, we need to stop thinking about epidemics as random chance events that were victims of. we are directly influencing and have the power to prevent pandemic from
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recurring. we need to make better choices and do things to protect ecosystems and the natural environment around us, which is ultimately going to protect our own health and security. now the global wildlife trade, as we've heard, is one of the things increasing the risk of animal viruses coming into contact with humans. and since it's out of the pandemic, the cause to panic to become louder. but no regulation of course will stop the illegal wildlife trait, and that's estimated to be worth up to 23000000000 dollars each year. and it's driving a number of animals to extinction on ac stopped vietnam to meet conservation is protecting one of the traffic things most vulnerable victims. ah, angland have been roaming the earth greatly 45000000 years, but now they are threatened with extinction. despite and international trade ban, nearly 1000000 have been trafficked over the past few decades, with many of them being used in traditional medicines or served as highly prized to
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meet one of the better for the phyllis, a trade. and i'm here to visit a team of confirmation that we're racing again prior to say the world's only through a fairly manual. annoy the bustling capital of vietnam thought removed from the natural habitat of a shy, sensitive, wild animal. but behind closed doors, illegal trade and penguins continues here. even with the countries tough wildlife protection laws and the prime minister, calling for their strict enforcement after the colbert 19 outbreak. i'm on my way to the center of hanoi, a popular destination for people looking for traditional chinese medicines. i hear it's not hard to find the animal scale here for a range of health issues from arthritis to lactation, problems and going under cover with our producer who's got a hidden camera. we'll tell the shopkeepers i'm seeking remedies for my sister was
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just had a baby and is having trouble with breastfeeding. which i sick stores. shopkeepers either tell us they don't sell scales because it's illegal or say they have them but get suspicious. then we find so many of my uncle and later when am i bless out a follow up on the same like wait a bit. they love the bill of lading that you wow. i love you. i think that it was about to get from the last week the bang, glenn is one of the world's most traffic wild mom. vietnam is home to 2 of its 8 species. the chinese and assumed up angle in both are critically endangered globally. and their numbers are thought to have fallen by 80 percent or
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more in recent decades. wild life trade monitoring network traffic estimates that between 201620 nearly 90 tons of the animal scale sees globally were linked to vietnam. but there is still hope for this disappearing mammal. i am traveling south, annoyed to go from national park, where local n g o is working tirelessly to rescue and release penguins. so i so be at tyler, delphi, which i knew alex hi, i'm douglas of your thumb like ty and his team have returned nearly a 1000 penguins to the wild since 2014 and are preparing to release another 7 over the next few days. they are currently 20 at the center all rescues from trafficking networks but in vietnam and other southeast asian countries. many of
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the animals that come here are weak d. hi treated and have serious injuries like this one angle in 1588 identified by the last few digits of his coat number at the center. the 7 year old lost part of his front paw after being caught in a track. he's now ready to be released. no cable to bed. 18th. i picked the day and i do come now. tom's helpful colleague, sunday by so data man, logical book by one of the other part about the sam mangrio chow had not been given good. i'm good. no boss, hope um mobile and karma. why? because of my long valley. got there night. a little cold. i path out there yet. from vehicle cameras. man, i how i'm get the glam. not when did you google? i don't what you did then i don't what hung up with nam the down be suzette brown.
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the data much on the environment. donaldson, be much, much older home to very about lamb d 2. doesn't me much, nikolai? i don't, but look, we name my my with numbers plummeting. each bangle in baby offers new home. yet their survival rate at the center is low, with many born prematurely to females that arrived pregnant. but injured and stressed. ready ready ready since 2014, only 10 out of 23 made it this female. now 3 months old is a welcome. me, the man he land line and one mileage which i know number one, he might have to invent id some would not give jam. ready but okay, just a way to get him in being here to take him in when every time i'm in town alone
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with him, let me think i'm in that job. i think this is the only baby at the center right now. ready growing more independence by today, she'll be able to breed herself within a year to take on the link one of the now and i thought of when i opened up with you can give me a call back and let me know what you mean that, you know you probably wouldn't use angle ins are mostly nocturnal and at night it's time to prepare their 1st meal. cognitive like, no, i think you got to kind of got it done by some gram good night. must hit the think all pain and that then you can pay more look in. although dawn of watching quick one, what was that and then do the home can. so i built my leg. okay. like i
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am, i'm joining 1588 for his dinner or rather breakfast amputated penguins don't always recover well enough to be released. so he is one of the lucky ones, not many meals to go here for. he has to find his own in the wild st. vietnam's wildlife release, his penguins in protected areas, which are controlled by forest ranger team. these need to be on constant alert to ensure the animals don't fall prey to their most dangerous animal poachers. but there is another threat. the rangers will need to look out for pathogens. no evidence has been found that cobit 19 originated from penguins, but some have been known to carry corona viruses related to the one behind the disease. today the rangers are being trained to take samples from animal encounter
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in the while to aid ongoing research efforts on the potential spill over of disease . the specimen for today's training is a dead stork. oh, all along. when cumberland busy this and i'm going back, you know, look at that with you. he go out there to put in the book, didn't on. yeah. he marked in full on the people that do that. they don't. he took off with back at the center. it's the big day. final health checks have been done. microchips attached and penguin, 1588 and 6, others are ready to be released. calking him to come when they know that that will come with double click on it, did they, they tar larvae to do so. thought, wow,
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auto dot glow, some of the questions that we're going to begin or 5, our journey to a national park and central vietnam where the penguins are going to be released under tight security tonight. ah. ready think almost to some so from look, i think on the line i think gotten yeah. the pieces? no. okay. so with the 1st spangler, we set free is $1588.00 more . get on 10 windows icon in the new boy by clicking on it. when i'm talking
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i've only been here for a few days, but during that time i've really seen how vulnerable these creatures are. so this is a really special moment. i just hope they don't end up as trafficking the test that we're so feel penguins left in the world. every one that survives in the wild really count. ah, the coffee 19 panoramic has revealed only chick lady how our health depends on the planets. but it's also shown that nature can thrive given half a chance during lot dance weld over. there was sightings of animals reclaiming open spaces as we retreated into our homes, dolphins falling in the bus for a slip sample in turkey. seamless crowds who santiago, chile, mountain goats roam the streets. the welsh had landed in the u. k. beaches emptied out threatened titles lasted an unusually high number. the u. s. highland talking
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and tear and cut up. these glimpses of nature at ease were relatively common during lockdown. they served to remind us we must, we negotiate our relationship with an actual quote quite the lives of our fellow creatures on earth. they bought. i'm depends on it. this is coded. my teen has shown us. they really do the great thing about being in these presenter, the network like al jazeera, is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here a, you're seen news from parts of the world that other networks just don't come up. you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many correspondence in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera too often of con, astonished,
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portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the confused, modern history. the forbidden real part for the era of darkness on a j 0 ah al jazeera when ever you oh. ready


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