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tv   Al Jazeera World Rim Banna The Voice of Palestine  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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relations this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides . but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented lie just the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, but you may not necessarily have the last word. the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah, i'm tom mcbrian done with the top stories on al jazeera, iraq, she, a politician mac, tara al sabah is asking all iraqis to join protestors who are camped inside
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parliament. on saturday, thousands of his supporters stormed the building in bagdad for the 2nd time in a week that demanding a complete change to the political system. but this, she opponents accused them of trying to launch a co tools to jabari reports from the iraqi parliament in baghdad. the morning after the remnants of what's taken place here. this is the area outside iraq's parliament building now home to demonstrators for the foreseeable future. they come and go under the watchful eye of security personnel belonging to the man they follow. she a leader, mother of sutter ah, known as southerners. they're fed up with the political system. they have come from all over the country. 27 year old ali arrived in baghdad on wednesday and took part in the 1st storming of this building. the odd to say that god looks good the photo
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you promised smoke to those other to stay here as long as it takes we reject the government and want the cora politicians to be punished, including former prime minister maria molecule. we are waiting for orders from our leader said what to the us other was leadership represents reform. let me get to what the law jawad could whom who jamie is declared from that jeff. he's also been in the capital since wednesday. he teaches in one of the seminaries in the holy city, belonging to this other family and says he's helping the federal center for phil his wish for a better iraq, oklahoma, out here. what it, this is what we want a united iraqi government. we want to achieve one solid iraqi government. we don't need anything other than that. we're staying here because of demands that were presented by the representative of the iraqi people. so i had looked at our solder little so these protesters are making themselves comfortable worried if they leave and peas could hold an unannounced session to approve the candidate nominated by an
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iran back group. well, how much i also, donnie? this is the iraqi close to, to say it was passive by the americans in 2003 and individually between like 2005 is one of the main reasons is demonstrating are here today until this document is amended. fundament, i, this is a spokesman for turkeys. presidents is the 1st ship carrying grind, could leave ukraine on monday. the u. n. n. turkey broke it a deal between russia and ukraine nearly 10 days ago. it's intended to ease global grain prices, which have climbed since the russian invasion. russian president vladimir putin has signed a new naval strategy, which identifies u. s. and nice home military infrastructure as its main challenges. who made the announcement during russia's naval day ceremony? he said it would protect its maritime borders by all means necessary. over 2000
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residents in northern california have fled their homes as a wildfire rogers. the mckinney fire has scorched more than $200.00 square kilometres of land inside a national forest. it's the largest blaze in the state. this year. the fire began on friday and governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency on saturday for star trek actress the shell. nichols has died at the age of 89, but you know, with a failure. be careful what you wish for me getting nicholas betrayal of lieutenant you huda on the 1960 sy fi tv show broke color barriers, redefining roles for black actors. her son posted on facebook that she passed away from natural causes. nichols had planned to quit star trek after just one season. but martin luther king junior, convinced her to stay on in england,
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have beaten germany in the final of the women's european football championship. chloe kelly's school, the winning colon extra time. it's england's 1st major trophy and football. since 1966, those are the headlines. the news continues after al jazeera world. ah ah sure um so oh, no food. see no. for sure. okay,
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we're back. oak usa, once resided in our nasa, but see alma mater ally, let me a, the m, wyoming out of the hand column. what anthem bad faith, where your coin cutty, for me to deal with shamar he the day at the show he was there nice going away in the come on the little louder. michel ah ah ah ah . it is happening. own marriage?
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july and will not be on the bill for january or him visual and a half mile in june in the mid on see how she feels. emily and i'm better on ross's immediately test. mcduffy her. i'm not going to show the way that you had to offer the i yeah. you know, in the, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
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i the whole story started around christmas time in 2002. and i asked an old friend, so have a hoodie in jerusalem if he could help me to find a woman who cans can sing lullabies. on this album, he said, there is one woman that you should meet. her name is jim bunger. i'm sure she can sing beautiful a lullaby for you. and we went with his small blue car, off the hills to galilee. i had never heard about 3 months before and i had no expectations except that i trusted. so hale because he he is a friend. he,
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i knew his sense of quality. i met him and she was there with her 2 twins. they were babies. and we went into a small room where it was quiet not. we couldn't hear the traffic from outside on her small flats. in the bedroom where i sat down and she sat on a chair, i put my microphones there. the father took care of the twins and she was going to perform the 1st lullaby. and that was a moment. i never forget. it really touched my heart deeply when she started to seeing y'all in my at one at that moment. oh oh. michelle. oh.
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oh dear. oh she, i, the recording became beautiful and of course it's on this album that, that we made that is called la la vice from the axis of evil. oh. and after we came, i came home i, i recorded one more song over hymns and we compile the song scarlet marquilla or toilets with the deer, with the quality. but in this and the weeks she singing who made a duet together by the name of the salt and when he leased it quite soon afterwards
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. her. oh yeah. oh oh ma'am i oh slow am i better let to style my us a little bit in there is a on the fish often of him on me is maddie im battery finally i believe she stole amana maha. it's been all have but you can guess if that a c ds had matter. i mean i deal
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with ah, we had already worked for 5 years together. but no, she wanted to make a children. so she said to me that my 1st album in palestine was that trip in san and i'm famous for singing children so's she, she'll complain about the quality of those 1st albums that the recordings were not so good. so she wanted to re record all the salts on the new album, and then we made april blossoms, which is her children seldom. and her idea was to bring these songs out into the refugee camps in and around palestine. and i got
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some support again from the norwegian church aid to do so. and they made it possible for us to print a number of copies and to go together with a name to refugee camps to give the for free to the front. oh, i with
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hulu. the latest news, as it breaks the country will work on monday, one a controversial constitutional referendum, which is why to be expected to both present cause slaves or tort detail coverage. the cost of fertilizer has more than doubled the season. that's largely due to the warren. you crate from around the world. all of these cows are infected with foot and mouth. disease, say a dairy cat, but then your production has dropped by more than 70 percent. take half a ganga media censorship and the rise of all their italian rule. you wake up one day, the system has been turned from an electoral democracy into a competitive authoritarian shame. i looked at the loss of power in hungarian to the experiences of those who live in every day. that is a pressure on us, but we have to be very careful, of course,
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and we have to be brave enough to support that question how democracy dies. democracy may be on al jazeera, they watch us, they gather evidence with. so can we, an american cyber activists develops and tap used in brazil to monitor the police. we have more cameras than they do, because where the people, a bigger brother rebel peaks on a job 0, lou. until mccray in doha, the top stories on al jazeera, the chief of mine mas military june, to has extended
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a state of emergency for another 6 months to june. to 1st issued the decree off to taking power from the government of unsung sushi. in february, last year to achieve remains detained and has been charged with several offenses. monitoring groups say more than 2000 people have been killed, and 15000 have been arrested since the crackdown. the spokesman, the turkeys president says the 1st ship carrying grain could leave ukraine on monday. russia and ukraine, a major wheat supplies to the global marcus. the you in and turkey broke it a deal between the countries nearly 10 days ago. it's intended to ease grain prices, which have climbed since the russian invasion. russian president vladimir putin has signed a new naval strategy, which identifies us and nasal nato military infrastructure as its main challenges. putin made the announcement during russia's naval di ceremony in st. petersburg. he
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said russia would protect its maritime borders by all means necessary. he also said the delivery of new hypersonic cruise missiles, will happen within months. over 2000 residents in northern california have flipped their homes as a wildfire righteous. the mckinney fire has scorched more than 200 square kilometers of land inside a national forest. it's also raised at least a 1000 homes. it's the largest blaze in the state. this year. the fire began on friday and governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency on saturday. will start trick actress michelle nichols has died at the age of $89.00. well, you know what? they say. be careful what you wish for. you make it nicholas betrayal of lieutenant you who wrote on the 1960 sy fi tv show, broke color barriers, redefining roles for black actors. her son posted on facebook that she passed away from natural causes. nichols had planned to quit star trek out to just one season.
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but martin luther king junior, convinced her to stay on england have been in germany in the find a lot of the women football championship, chloe kelly school, the winning goal and extra time. it's england's 1st major trophy in football since 1966. those are the headlines. the news continues after al jazeera wells. her. 00000000, [000:00:00;00] i found a box that i shined. huh. hm. and her putting a gina in should,
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england. i. and if you hate and his lady mad sir, ha caught him latest. we'll have to feed busha foreseeable. hey candace, how kaya? that added nemo had gone to quit. he had the lowest for li, the to laugh even with the to the film. the whole acumen on her hamlet. oh, when faster did that. i need any there is a 3rd all a g a color bonus had that
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a toner. her again, a daniel harsh ah a me ah, [000:00:00;00] with a good evening for many a skinny matt. well, besides that nicholas hickey, you, well i do my mom and nicole and how you like, haven't seen it. ham austria whether asi, whether mac, i saw you done. i know a debt a la city, me unless you call sophia sophie lucy, nettie. matt. why them and i guess i you them on a digital bit at him,
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but when he heather, ma'am, over hot up the wessy market, matthew body shop us thought the article will be anna and, and he met a lot on a year. well, how quickly? yes. got mosher with the m a. he'll us welcome. i'll see mom with ya. but so the promo judah wiley to send me the father of the the fee. get the high one. how sham b o. r y? uh huh. got a
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a watch as well. i'm going to have a oh man, annoying, been turned off on friday to more holic team with me that they know lumpkin watson led on. i've been little faint with the money, but among the melodic one with a humbling, didn't be cool. i don't of. so you, i miss you for the kind of my whole thing through are shipping from a name can paid for player by check label. can a fat, again, regression
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a doctor in comb. terrible. wish i had my analytical a bit of done with black on it. the following, 2nd, like an on the phone, a little motif fee and then should land the la henry. i will let them know what feed on holly and i'll actually a 50 and my dad, my math. i attended the fall. we met fat lead with the heck, the fire a little higher. as you do midnight in a selma a. do you not a marcella. london min the and the 0. the said 30 min man, no, we yet the her jani. unable on top to get that done, and then you said it up to you, maddie, him
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a one harder man. a we young were married as early weather can, and the mercer the hatley a burbs is stuck. but let me be empty, sir. met the hell ma huda. what? because mattie huck lieber, let the gun at that you meant what i did to her? fish out to be know and mina met none. and the has a little a said a hollow salty her would akin. who lim you a city island? i know we yet to her. why let you know that the her while her at it he said a send me a letter from elect domain? she couldn't, emma can in turn a tug hub. what you lay my can humble a fall ha message. let the shannon for holly on the kilt already while janet other movie and get taught him to the school and bottle charl. charles thought that he
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encountered a fundamental thing a shallow good lot. a kid, no helium villa shot kind of took lumbered on with on the top. they shall also michigan. so kindly get high level help them. so most any of them that allow was to spot on bomb laden and as he got to learn how you set that up. m militia that, what did walmart militia to plan last a v at the bathroom and then for sure that you couldn't really show from
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a ham last year or. hm. yeah, the i have a is she had a a phone call from me and, and i had leslie, but i'm the looking up on the oh, the stock off and then that he'll mccall me. i live in la la
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mobile 3 this fall to photos with beer and beer. the captain, it's a like in the line of me on a body is allowed they can me, she santa h o h will i know i live in from being an ah, let fan with anybody that's set up on a sunday allan, to come up that i should be betty, in the show, back to let to let on. dylan has a philistine set on the deal with committed mom and all me. oh my daddy. ah, shanisha. thompson passed the phoenix that he calling them all in amsterdam. i saw, however, i found the lesson, henry liddy at dinner. i sanded them hottest deed williams died d little harmon, with header leafy as on that mash up when heb. what's the matter?
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ah, the other looking at the healthy jimmy at the model for lemme deluxe anyhow. what the latter knew that even embellish allows him show a lovely golden mode and as yet be fairly abilene nash, who can, with nathan, he, i managed, a cleverly motto then, when son in the milken age, dekessa was muddled in the whole monkish. if as you see him, hadn't she, she didn't, sure. could you? you are fight and your poems and the way you performed them would be an inspiration for new generations of palestinians. and people from many countries in the world. every way the fight for freedom goes um your memory will remain in power and peace forever through your songs. and through the example you shall to all of us i wrote
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and i signed it for your true friend. and i good maids. i asked bella found to read it to her. i know she did.
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we are a oh a ah no i. i just wanted it. yeah. and the he had that how you think it was a, an issue that it can to him up
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a mile and they were in the house with somebody can give me a call when they when we're stuck with finished 30 for the i can answer lee nod mon, a m memory for libby, for to lemme financed vehicle and clarity on bob's and lee, but has no fee. if you must see you mama would he, mike? but the law was to her the la scene for it's vicky done with bethany castillo, hey, listen me. well, let me look. i was, oh,
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college in that oh, [000:00:00;00] i a the 19th sixty's was a period of change around the world, including the middle east and north africa. nanette, we dreamed of the fair and democratic society, which means every revolution. the 1st of a 3 part series out as they were well explored, the regional events, people and forces that shake the decade. i don't what our dreams were. many, we start to with great dreams, but ended up with sad set by the sixty's in the arab. what politics on al jazeera,
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ah and he voice is heating up the airway. lot of chinese listeners with kimberly here, but i really think in their own country shifting power of a case, the rise of citizen journalism has pains everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war is very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. the listening post dissect the media on al jazeera hello there. let's look to north america. there's more heavy rain to come for areas of the us that's that need, don't need it. that southeast corner states like missouri and can tucking st, drenching down pause as that stagnant system slowly moves its way. it's now by
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tuesday we are likely to see some of the heavier falls effect western areas of kentucky. but also some of the gulf states in the u. s. going to see some severe storms rationally away from the east, with the risk of flooding. we could also see some flooding effect. the 4 corners states as the monsoon rains continue to fall across south western states of the us, but for the west coast. it is a largely dry picture of muggy weather, around temperatures in the northwest, finally coming down after extensive heat. but they are going to continue to rise. some of the southern states like new mexico as well as arrazola and texas, dallas nearly touching 40 degrees by tuesday and was moved to central america. certainly hot from northern areas of mexico, hot and dry with showers, stretching down to more southern areas. heavy rain once again like pico for panama and costa rica by monday, but showers and sunshine across the caribbean in the days ahead. that sure weather
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. ah, august own out, is there any braces for a title contested votes as the country goes to the poles and the elections that will shape its future? the listening post examines and dissects the wealth media. how they operate to the stories they cover. 5 years on the since me, on mars, muslim minority were forced from the country. we look at the plight of the rowing. i'll just say we're well showcase is the best documentary from across the network, including a new 3 part series, the sixty's in the arab world. as protest continue following the swearing in the


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