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tv   Al Jazeera World Rim Banna The Voice of Palestine  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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a witness difference is witnessed. change. witnesses, happiness. witness. witness. sunlight. witness de la. witness. loss. witness. charity witness. you can witness clarity, witness family. i'm witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness. life witness. when out you through the latest news, as it breaks the country. woodward on monday, one a controversial constitutional referendum, which is why the expected to both present cause sides or tort detailed coverage. the cost of fertilizer has more than doubled the season. that's largely due to the warren, you crate from the around the world with these cows are infected with foot and mouth. disease say a dairy cattle, but then milk production has dropped by more than 70 percent. ah.
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hello, i'm darn jordan and dough. the quick reminder, the top stories here on al jazeera, the lead of al qaeda. i'm and also, while hurry has been killed in a cia drone strike and afghanistan in a televised address announcing the strike president joe biden said us intelligence officials, trunk to wall hurried to a home in downtown cobble where he was hiding. so while harry was a solid, ben lawton, 2nd in command, before us forces killed him back in 2011. from heidi, he coordinated al qaeda's branches and are all around the world, including setting priorities. we're providing operational guidance that call for inspired attacks against us targets. he made videos including the recent weeks calling for as follows, to attack the united states and our allies. now, justice has been delivered in this terrace leader is no more. lama jam june has
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more now on the man who led al qaeda for more than 10 years. john amen. and so he had long been a deputy to osama bin laden, but after the u. s. killing of the thin and tired, the leader in 2011. so he took charge of the armed group attempting to expand its reach while never engendering the kind of loyalty afforded his predecessor while he did inherit the the mantle of leadership. he did not inherits was on, but led his legitimacy as a will. jack had needa all his a credibility and legitimacy on karima amongst the various which i had in groups born in egypt in 1951. so i came from a distinguished family, studied medicine, and became a surgeon. in 1973, he joined the egyptian islamic jihad group. the assassination of president unwise said that the nation $81.00 for which the group was blamed, proved to be a turning point for so heavy. while he was not charged in connection with saddam killing, he was imprisoned on conspiracy charges,
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one of thousands of religious activists jailed and tortured after the assassination . many analysts say that experience would eventually lead him to violence after his release from prison. so i had he left egypt for per shower in pakistan, where he worked as a doctor treating afghan fighters. then it was on to afghanistan where he fought against the soviet occupation and where he began his partnership with ben latin. within a few years, both men would become part of the core group that became al qaeda under their leadership, the armed group accused the west of waging a modern day crusade against muslims and set as its ultimate goal, the establishment of islamic rule throughout the world. and of card as ideology, along with its international campaign of violence, culminated in the 911 attacks. washington offered a reward of $25000000.00 to bring the wiley to justice off shoots of the armed group in yemen. somalia and algeria are widely believed to be his work of the windows and the beloved and was assassinated and aim of the why he took over. you
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can see the fracturing of the organization becoming more and more apparent once the syrian civil war began. so i had, he found that as far as dominance was being increasingly challenged by isolate which had carved out territory for itself in it up syria and libya, and had fighters in yemen in 2016. so id urged afghan fighters to rally around the taliban and reject isolate branch in afghanistan. the u. s. had long insisted. there is a relationship between the taliban and al qaeda. but taliban leaders have denied that. the rule is clearly loosely me. when i call upon the brotherly muslims, angie hotties in general, and in afghanistan in particular, to get behind the jihad in the patient and the steadfast emerald, and not to respond to the cause aimed at dividing the ranks of jihad himself and the death of a minutes. why had he brings an end to one of the most turbulent times in recent international security? the world will now be watching to see how al qaeda handles the death of its 2nd prominent leader. media outlets and taiwan are reporting that us house speaker
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nancy pelosi will visit the island, but there's no confirmation from her office. she's on a tour of asia. mand has just landed in malaysia capital column. poor china has won the u. s. of serious consequences of policies visit to taiwan goes ahead. beijing considers the island a part of china. they had a bronze atomic agency says his country has the ability to produce a nuclear bomb, but doesn't plan to madell salamis remarks came out before the u. s. announce fast sanctions and entities and both in iran, oil trade. those were the headlines. the news continues here now to 0 after i was able world station. thanks so much bye for now. ah ah
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the fit management for i shall twice. i feared below the in the hall. now i feel of hopefully a manion official on said need for looked local. hi, mom, i'll be up in the summer. when the club 1000000000 been up says, well, yasamin, we're back. oak usa. once does not have it in our less habits. jamara ally, let me a, the m, wyoming, out of the hand column. what anthem bad faith, where your coin cutty, for me to deal with shamar he the day at the show he was then nice going away in the come on the little louder, shall i? ah,
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ah ah, it is happening. own marriage? i couldn't, i didn't have to come and if he can and the thought and then denied guitar issue the fellow mamma hardy. as sure some mecca when the we who now will that only to whom in hell i'm the mother natalie. yeah. and the more is that live a soon? hello, i'm a good one. them open house. you see massa la that the only year will hannah, can our land land. mm.
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command bullshit to our show mom, power me a or to learn from the soleah with the money couldn't hey, i shut the best approach at theora, sheffield. if we're pretty comfortable, a shut in, i will in the mat in the show, my not mccall one me a bit. that's all one. but that them and then been a little slave can can. now montage in for the money model, someone, martha collins, 3 in decision listed in the slightly father of him and tell him liable has to be things you matter. had severe the thought of her lee and she'll for, for me and unlawfully it's marian been now among confess, configure and half an hour off,
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and i come to the phone now to salt. my and the fish to fish is set. come out for in a hurry in the left and no additional declaration. medea defeated, the fellow with hartford were actually in depth to proceed vollmer a thorough lee and will not feel that he does he have any history and been out of july and will not be on the bill for january, your him visual and a half mile in june in the mid on see how she feels, emily and i'm better on ross's immediately to mcduffy her. i'm not going to show
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that i'm in the office and had to offer the i yeah. you know, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, i the whole story started around christmas time in 2002. and i asked an old friend, so have a hoodie in jerusalem if he could help me to find a woman who can say can sing lullabies on this album. he said there is one
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woman that you should meet. her name is him banner. i'm sure she can sing beautiful a lot by for you and we went with his small blue car after his to galilee i had never heard about him before and i had no expectations except that i trusted. so have because he is a friend. he knew his sense of quality. i met him and she was there with her 2 twins. they were babies. and we went into a small room where it was quiet. you couldn't take the traffic from outside of her small, flat. in the bedroom where i sat down and she sat on a chair and i put my microphones there. the father took care of the twins and she was going to perform the 1st lullaby. and that was
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a moment. i never forget. it really touched my heart deeply when she started to seeing y'all in my uh at that moment. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh oh michelle, a husky. oh dear. oh she, i, the recording became beautiful and of course it's on this album that,
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that we made that is called la la vice from the axis of evil. oh. and after we came, i came home i, i recorded one more song over hymns and we compile the song scarlet marquilla or toilets with it here with the quality. but in this and the week she's singing who made a do it together by the name of the song and when he leased it quite soon afterwards her ah, ah, ah alicia. i also am a bad debt to sol. my us a little bit in there is a on the fish often of him on me is maddie him battery. finally, i believe she stole amana maha. it's been all you have,
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but you can guess it out. as c ds had no matter. i mean, deal with ah, we had already worked for 5 years together. but no, she wanted to make a children's up. she said to me that my 1st album in palestine was that trip in san
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and i'm famous for singing children so's she. she'll complain about the quality of those 1st albums that the recordings were not so good. so she wanted to re record all the songs on the new album. and then we made april blossoms, which is her children seldom. and her idea was to bring these songs out into the refugee camps in and around palestine. and i got some support again from the norwegian church aid to do so. and they made it possible for us to print a number of copies and to go together with a name to refugee camps to give the for free to the front.
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oh, i more with pool ah ah, ah ah ah ah, ah,
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with all through a like time within the walls, a been a rainy and soon a bengal tiger horizons us suddenly whiten when she lands an unlikely role in a feature film. but how long can how bitter, sweet freedom last? when crisis strikes the zoom? ah witness meyer a tiger tail on al jazeera ah diet. define who we are. but new are we. if we don't know what we're eating in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people in power reveals long hidden, scandalous practices that have infiltrated international wholesale markets and supermarket chains and asks,
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what's really on our plates. food in glorious food. hot one on al jazeera. ah ah, hello, i'm down jordan dough with the top stories here on al jazeera, the leader of al qaeda. i'm an elder law. harry has been killed in a c. i. a drone strike in afghanistan in a televised address announcing the strike president joe biden said us intelligence officials tracks a winery to a home in downtown cobble where he was hiding. so while he lit al qaeda for more than 10 years, he was a, some of them. lawton, 2nd in command before he was killed, back in 2011. from heidi, he coordinated al qaeda's branches and are all around the world, including setting priorities. we're providing operational guidance at call for
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aspired attacks against you as targets. he made videos including the recent weeks calling for as follows, to attack the united states and our allies. now, justice has been delivered in this terrorist leader is no more. will this video purportedly shows the aftermath of the strike in kabul, which kills of a hurry on the weekend, the afghan interior ministry denied reports on social media about a drone strike. the taliban, who control afghanistan have condemned the u. s. action as a violation of afghan sovereignty. media outlets and taiwan are reporting that us house me can nancy pelosi will visit the island though there's no confirmation from her office closes on a tour of asia. allison malaysia's capital column pool. china has warned the u. s. of serious consequences if below his visit to taiwan goes ahead. beijing considered the island a part of china. rival protests had been held in iraq's capital, bagdad, thousands of protest as backing ship politician. look that asada. i come to inside parliament. a storm the building on saturday and are refusing to leave until lesson
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overhauled of the rocks. political system and constitution on arrival, group known as the chord nation framework, has held counter protests against what it calls a suspicious who has been a heavy security presence to keep both sides apart. ahead of barons, atomic agency says his country has the ability to produce a nuclear bomb, but doesn't plan to ma'am at islam is remarked m alice before the u. s. announce fresh sanctions and entities involved in iran's oil and petrochemical trade. and for the 1st time since the war and ukraine began, the ship filled with grain has left odessa under a deal ukraine and russia signed with a you. and in turkey, the rezone set to renee stumble for checks on tuesday. so those are the headlines.
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news continues here now to sierra off to al serra well statement that's a water a ah
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the left because the is a power i'm saying you almost city already him can it was your mother mendoza and the fullest and e. okay. how do you follow me about the 2 semesters yet? and eli husband, amanda, have a lot, i was the are elevators can with the financial stackable or little photo sort of the, are elaborate with coffee or been out in the, on the shirts for the like the feeling in the with doing the show what are on the hub will log fall with us
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a little too badly when all seattle shahrokhi was the daughter because we are all clamour. ha ha. ronnie. connect you to rob taylor. oh, [000:00:00;00] i still have to be shuttled within more feet. camaro fee charge. she could pass on the on a friend of mine with america jani, which is said, the young lamb no. can. i can so much natasha only been going off. so i'll have a
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lot of buffle the episode out. if miss harvey, the neg, willow. shabby thought of haig, without a dollar alo, so be full sunny, few limby for a few minutes show of mama, i mean hardly any sill felicity in me. and she wants to like ohio, cuz i need a ah,
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a that eddie. but a dash tom in a mighty mac. 8th movie. any mush ed morris? i had the hook i had a need. let me help you. hi didnt. hey angela latoya in memphis ne, william and phoenix. nicole, im gonna i and if you hate and his a lady mad sir. ha. cut him. hate from hire dorothy busha foreseeable. hey kent tuck hyatt. there at
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[000:00:00;00] with a i guess evening for many a skinny matt. wow. beside that nicholas hickey, you, what i do, remember nicole and how you may have met at ham austria whether asi, whether monica saw either a debt, a la city, me and must equal sophia sophie. lucy had pretty much what i had them and i could tell you been on a digital, but at even been when he had the mama of a hot up the wessy market matthew bye to shop us. but the article will be anna, and kelly met a lot on a year. well, how could it be a set up god. mosher with a can the heal a swath of fema lithia,
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but so the promo judah. why leader in me be fodder leafy, get the high one. how some the law thought why i got up e a m mm a b i o b a k s my guy eli. he lemme him out if not. no,
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he murray. the thought it can submit being a been a mom, a promotional munition in charlie's head and has a watch won a with me. oh, male annoying been turned off on friday for more holiday team with me than watson. i have been
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middlefield with the money among the melodic one with huntingdon b. cool. sam. alan of so un mission that got out of my whole thing through are shipping from my name can paid for player by a shake label can a for the camera cushioned has anybody i can talk about when get a terrible wish. i had my analytical i bet i've done with black on the fall, a 2nd. like an honest, a mental mom of these feel that should land militia henry our less the yeah. less than i'm the what feed on holly and i'll actually a fee of not
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a bit the fall. we mid lead with the fire a little higher as of midnight in a suicide. madame a, do you not a marcella. london min the and as he already said, 30 min manner will yet to her. yeah. un unable until you get done and then you so i'll talk to him. audi him, a one harder man, a we young. we're married as early. we're lookin and the mercer the hatley a bird is stuck. but let me be empty sir. the hell ma huda would because mattie huck lieber, let the gun at that you meant what i did to her for shouted to be know and mina met none and the has a little a said a hollow salty her would econd who will m u. a city island,
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i know we yet to her why i let you know that he her, well, i look at it. he said, a send me a little mulatto man. she couldn't him a can in turn, a tug hub. what you lay my can humble a fall ha message. let this young fellow holly on the kilt already while g in another movie and get taught him the muscle and bottle charl. charles thought that he encountered a fundamental thing a shallow did not a kid. and he, leon, blush, all kind of took lumberton with on the top. they shall also ms. shit on the so kindly get high level help them from austin. heathens. at allah was touched on mom and he got to the han cetera.
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erin millichef, what did walmart militia to, to him and lashed the bathroom and then for sure, if you could only show from the ham last year or. hm, yeah, i have a, a, a,
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[000:00:00;00] a, [000:00:00;00] a, a, a, a, a plan and let's walk off a call $92.00, unlock mobile 3, walter puddles with beer and beer, the captain it's say like in the line of me on property as a law, they can the she santa h o h will i know i live in from being, ah, let stand with anybody that's set up on
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a sunday. allan to come up that i should be daddy. in the show, back to that to lab sutton. denial has a from a theme bomb to deal with me. did mom and all me, did i oh my daddy. ah, shanisha thompson passed the phoenix that he calling them all in spanish. ma'am. as actually after cassandra, she, henry, lydia didn't know ascended them. hottest deed m sad de la harmon would help defeat us on that masha. when heaven, what's the matter? ah, the other knocking at the hot jimmy the model. phelan with the laugh anyhow, with the latch, i knew that even a militia lodging shall a lubbock woman martinez. yet be fairly abilene nash, who can at natasha. i managed
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a cleverly motto then when san in the milken age. dekessa was muddled in the hall monkish if as you see him, hadn't she? she didn't, your mcwilliam, your fight and your poems. and the way you performed them would be an inspiration for new generations of palestinians. and people from many countries in the world. every way the fight for freedom goes um your memory will remain in power
9:56 am
and peace forever through your songs. and through the example you showed to all of us these that i wrote and i signed it for you. true friend eric and i good maids. i asked bellas on to read it to her i i know she did. we
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are for oh, a ah i. i think one of the he had that how you think it was a, an issue that it can to him up a mile and they were in the house with somebody can give me a call when they when they were stuff like finished up hurting. but
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a kinessa lee nod, moaned a m. my mom $41.00 will be fulfilled. i live in finance. please call and let you out of bob in the but hm no fee. if you must see you wish mama would you like, but the law was to her. the last name is vicki dunn with miss me. well, miss melvin, look, i was won college in that c o a ah hello, that we've seen some severe flooding effect uganda. but before we get to africa, let's have
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a look at the middle east and unsettled weather here of the past week caused flooding for some of the gulf states as well as southern areas of iran. now it is an improving pictures you can see on tuesday. we still got that heavy rain effecting western areas of saudi arabia. we could even see one or 2 showers in riyadh, but certain places like yemen, seeing wessa weather does the remain while the cloudy for some of the gulf states looking a little bit cooler here. and we do expect it for this time of year, but lots of heat still dominating the levant with temperatures in places like q weight as well as the rock likely to touch 50. certainly by the time we get to the end of the week, it is heating up not remains very hot across more than areas of africa. but for that wet weather we have to had to move central areas. and this was the scene in easton, uganda, off to full rivers, both their bank. thanks to to renshaw, re now what is the wet season with the rain has been falling rather heavily here
10:00 am
than we usually see. you can see on shoes and certainly to the end of the week, kampala in uganda expectancy thunderstorms. we've also got thunderstorms, affecting southern areas of namibia rolling into southern botswana and northern areas of south africa. we will see that rain edge in to cape town by friday. ah, talk to al jazeera, we ask for the rebound you speak of is clearly coming at a high cost for airlines and the industry. what's going wrong. we listen, your heart of the i'm struggling in the 19 seventy's if you have any regrets. no, we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter. on al jazeera, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires


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