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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  December 19, 2016 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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the evacuation of people trapped in the rebel—held east of the syrian city of aleppo has resumed. reports say about 350 people on board have been able to leave. and this story is trending on ceremonies have taken taken place in the nepalese capital kathmandu to mark the death of the last king of the isolated himalayan region of upper mustang. king bista died on friday aged 86. that's all from me now. stay with bbc world news. and the top story here in the uk: talks aimed at stopping a british airways cabin crew strike over christmas are to be held later on monday. members of the unite union are due to walk out on christmas day and boxing day in a row over pay and conditions. now on bbc news, all the latest
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business news live from singapore. japan and the eu try to carve out a free trade pact in a new age of protectionism. and what do people in asia want to know about? google fills us in on the top business search words in 2016. welcome to asia business report, i'm karishma vaswani. this week finance leaders from japan and the eu want to reach an agreement on a free—trade pact, it comes at an uncertain time to say the least, though, for international trade as us president elect donald trump speaks of rising protectionism and the uk decision to split from the
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european union. japan is the eu's second biggest trading partner in asia after china and together the eu andjapan make asia after china and together the eu and japan make up more than a third of the world's gdp. how important are the negotiations in light of how donald trump has been so vocal about getting the us to withdraw from the tpp? that was a question i put to richard jeremy, the chief economist from the bank of singapore a little earlier. more important they have been talking for years about this and not making a lot of progress, no sign of urgency. the us tpp is dead in america with trump. they are both looking for a new partner. at a time when it looks like free trade, globalisation, all that is on the backburner, what can they hope to achieve, these two massive parts of the world's gdp? on one level they
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are big economies and if they improve trade relations there are economic benefits from that. on another level they want to send a signal to push back against the protectionist views coming out of america and also to some degree the uk as well. looking specifically at the uk, we have heard from japanese companies in the light of brexit that some are considering moving headquarters out of london, they are concerned about passport inc writes for financial services. japanese firms are some of the biggest foreign employers in the uk, what does that mean for the uk economy and japan's prospects? it's a big risk for the uk because clearly some foreign investment into the uk has been to access the broader european market. if you lose that access or if you worry you might you will be looking to relocate your investments, and last week we saw some japanese financial institutions
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suggesting they might need to start moving some of their businesses to continental europe because they were worried about what might happen after brexit. turning to other business news, talks at aimed at averting a british airways cabin crew strike over christmas are to be held later today. members of the crew's union, unite, are due to walk out on christmas day and boxing day ina row out on christmas day and boxing day in a row over pay and conditions. the industrial action, if it goes ahead, could involve up to a500 staff. staying with the airline industry, etihad airways will be cutting jobs in some parts of the business in a restructure. the airline says a majority of those affected a re airline says a majority of those affected are through natural attrition and the vacancies will not be filled. etihad has denied to comment on the number ofjobs that will go. there's no denying 2016 was an unpredictable year, but could investors look to emerging markets
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for some semblance of stability next year? sharanjit for some semblance of stability next year? shara njit leyl for some semblance of stability next year? sharanjit leyl posed to that question to the chief executive of the international arm of goldman sachs's asset management.” the international arm of goldman sachs's asset management. i think when you look back at 2016 you see it as the year of volatility and surprises but there's a tendency when you apply volatility to emerging markets to throw out the baby with the bathwater. in some ways the emerging markets have been most ways the emerging markets have been m ost sta ble ways the emerging markets have been most stable in 2016 and we look at emerging markets as a tale of two cities. one has to look for the more sta ble cities. one has to look for the more stable markets where you see reform is progressing and the ones where you see less impact from some of the changes we saw in 2016. markets like india, where reforms are progressing and we see potential growth, select areas within china, like internet, the new economy, lifestyle, investments people are making, places like brazil where reforms and the new government might be making constructive change. a new report put out by your firm, your
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economists suggesting higher oil prices will be a boom for the global economy. we know that higher oil prices aren't good for asia, a lot of asian countries have huge oil bills. oil prices have been a commanderfor bills. oil prices have been a commander for people over the last few years. obviously when we look at it from an asset management perspective i think the signalling factor is what's important. people have started to take extremely low oil prices as a sign of poor global growth. the reflection you see here in the thought process is somewhat higher oil prices, but not at the extremes higher oil prices, but not at the extre m es we higher oil prices, but not at the extremes we saw approaching $150 or 200 us dollars, is a positive in the sense that it indicates there is global growth. we have to reflect on oil prices for two different reasons. one, it costs asian economies but the other, a somewhat marginal increase in oil prices normally means growth is improving as well. sheila patelfrom global
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sacks asset management. it's that time of year when we find out what's hot and what's not when it comes to internet searches —— goldman sachs. so what were the most popular searches in 2016? it was an event in the us that obviously had global implications. what am i talking about? the us presidential election and how donald trump ranked among the most widely searched names on the most widely searched names on the internet. robin maroney from google explained why. the idea is this represents how people are searching for a candidate in the us elections, donald trump or hillary clinton, and another topic. when we're looking at this we are seeing asia is incredibly interested in his ta ke asia is incredibly interested in his take on the trans—pacific partnership. if you look at other charts you would see asia is much less prominent on this one, jp japan, singapore, vietnam. that makes sense because those were the countries most affected and the ones
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that had the most to lose in a situation where donald trump did pull out of the tpp. exactly, this meant a lot to asia and other topics that mattered a lot to other countries, like the us, europe, the uk, things like brexit and even black lives matter got more searched in europe and outside the us. but not so much in asia. tpp was the only topic asia was searching when it came to donald trump searches. fascinating. let's move on to south asia and india in particular, a really important year in terms of the economy, reflected in some of the economy, reflected in some of the search phrases that we saw. tell us more the search phrases that we saw. tell us more about this. this is a big yearfor india in terms of us more about this. this is a big year for india in terms of world financial markets. at the start of the year everyone was focused on the chinese stock markets when they had that incredible meltdown but beyond that incredible meltdown but beyond that indian stocks began to rise on the world stage and that was something people were searching for but that got thrown out of the window when they decided to do monetise and say you have to have
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certain cash in certain amount is. look at that figure, up until that moment, we start seeing those keywords being searched. -- amounts. they have to get their cash sorted out so they are rushing to the cash machine to get it figured out. what's interesting is that gold is the de facto savings of india along with cash, and what you saw is at the same time people are looking for cash machines, you're looking for gold as well. on the one hand people are trying to get their cash back into their account and putting into their other form of savings, into their account and putting into their otherform of savings, gold. looking at the final chart, smart phones, what about this? it says apple is the most searched brand for smart phones in the world. what you would have seen in another year is also this is the year the chinese brands came in. far behind apple but coming in. robin maroney from google with a look back at the year and the
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search words via the search engine. uber has said it will defy demands to ta ke uber has said it will defy demands to take its self driving cars off the road in san francisco. the company the road in san francisco. the com pa ny started the road in san francisco. the company started testing the vehicles this week but the us department of motor vehicles has said the firm must have a test permit. uber said it didn't need one as they have a safety driver at the wheel. other companies testing autonomous vehicles like google and tesla have applied for and been given the permits. abu dhabi has become one of bp's biggest shareholders under a deal which gives the oil company a much bigger stake in the emirates oil output. bp will take a 10% share in ad code, which owns onshore oilfields that account for most of abu dhabi's production. in return abu dhabi's production. in return abu dhabi's production. in return abu dhabi will receive a 2% stake in bp, worth almost $2.5 billion. a quick look at the markets here in asia today, asian markets this monday looking like this, they have
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steadied from friday when we saw a lot of time in asian markets. we have also seen the japan leyte down a tad. —— chaos. all eyes on the us dollar and what it impact it will have on emerging markets. that's it for me. thanks forjoining us. i'm kasia madera. the top stories this hour: the philippine senator who's calling for the impeachment of president duterte, leila de lima, has told the bbc that she now fears for her life. under mounting international criticism, the leader of myanmar, aung san suu kyi, has agreed to an emergency meeting of regional foreign ministers on monday to discuss the growing rohingya crisis. he's done it again.
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andy murray has been voted bbc sports personality of the year, the first person to win it three times. this year murray won wimbledon, secured olympic gold and finished the season as tennis world number one. the ceremony was held in birmingham, from where andy swiss reports. and the bbc sports personality of the year 2016 is andy murray! applause it was an ovation that echoed all the way to florida. at his training base in miami, andy murray receiving that famous trophy from lennox lewis, as he beat alistair brownlee in second and nick skelton in third. it was the perfect end to his near—perfect year. a second wimbledon title, followed by a second olympic title, followed by a winning streak which took him to world number one. tonight, once again, he proved unbeatable,
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despite it seems, the best efforts of his wife. i've got a bit of a bone to pick with my wife because she told me about an hour ago that she voted for nick skelton, so... not smart from her with christmas coming up. it's been an amazing year for british sport. i'm very proud to be a part of it. so thank you and i hope you all have a great night. applause well, 2016 was certainly an incredible year for british sport. tonight was all about celebrating that success and once again, there were plenty of winners. it proved another memorable night for leicester city. the 5000—1 outsiders who won the premier league. they took the team award, while manager claudio ranieri was named coach of the year. i can say only thank you again to my players, to the chairman, to all my staff but of course, without our fans, it was impossible to win this title. applause
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there was also an emotional reception for the american swimmer michael phelps, who retired this year after a record 23 olympic titles. the duke of cambridge presented him with a lifetime achievement award. but the night belonged to andy murray. with 250,000 votes, twice as many as anyone else, britain's history maker has done it again. andy swiss, bbc news, birmingham. that is impressive. congratulations to him and congratulations to everybody. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter, i'm @ kasia madera time now for all the sports news in sport today. hello. i'm tolsen tollet, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre.
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coming up on this programme: manchester city stage a fight—back to beat arsenal at the etihad. a blaster from costa sends bayern back to the top of the bundesliga. and parrott has all the moves, as he wins the big air on copper mountain. i wish i had moves like that. hello, and welcome to the programme, where we start with the english premier league, where manchester city came from behind to beat arsenal 2—1 on sunday. that win means they leapfrog their opponents and liverpool to go second, seven points behind leaders chelsea. but there was some controversy surrounding their winner which was scored by raheem sterling. earlier, theo walcott opened the scoring for the visitors five minutes into a first half they dominated. leroy sane equalised for city just after the break. arsenal stay third but have lost their last two league games, 2—1, despite taking the lead in both matches.


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