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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  December 21, 2016 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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hello, i'm marc edwards, and this is sport today from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: two—time wimbledon champion petra kvitova is injured in a knife attack by a burglar in her home. real madrid will be able to sign players next summer as their transfer ban is partially rescinded on appeal. michel bourez is master of the waves as he surfs his way to victory at the 2016 billabong pipe masters. the former wimbledon champion, petra kvitova, says she is fortunate to be alive after being injured in a knife attack at her home in the czech republic. the world number 11 had an operation on tuesday after suffering an injury to her left hand following a confrontation with a suspected burglar. our sport reporter, david ornstein, has more. this attack happened at one of petra
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kvitova's property in prostejov and a hospital spokeswoman from that town has confirmed they have treated petra kvitova and that she underwent surgery, petra kvitova and that she underwent surgery, all hours of it. she is now ina surgery, all hours of it. she is now in a stable condition and they have now let her leave the hospital. this relates to an attack that took base this morning when she opened the door to a man claiming to be there to ta ke door to a man claiming to be there to take the gas metre reading. he we understand it not know who she was until she opened the dot and there was then a struggle in the bathroom and a night was held to her throat. in defending herself, she sustained a severe cuts to her left hand. all four fingers a severe cuts to her left hand. all fourfingers and a severe cuts to her left hand. all four fingers and that is her playing hand. that in fewdays said to have run away and we heard from a police
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spokesman in that town who says that this attack took place at the hands ofan this attack took place at the hands of an unknown man, describing him as suspicious and saying he then escaped from the place of the attack and that suggests he is now on the run. petra kvitova is a two—time wimbledon champion, 2011, 2013, she is ranked at 11 in the world and won the bronze medal at the rio 0lympics. in germany, the bundesliga is holding its last round of matches this week before their four week break for winter so plenty of time for borussia dortmund to reflect on their sluggish form so far this season. they were held to a 1—1 draw at home to ausburg. which means dortmund have only won one of their last five matches. that point, though, does mean they move up to fourth. eintracht frankfurt meanwhile jump from sixth to third with a 3—0 home win over mainz. there was a much needed victory for wolfsburg who pull away
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from the dropzone. they are now three points clear. the remaining matches will be played on wednesday. there's a top of the table clash between bayern munich and rb leipzig. while the only remaining unbeaten team in the bundesliga, hoffenheim take on werder bremen. at 29, their coachjulian nagelsmann is the youngest manager in the league's history and has proved an unbridled success since he took over in february. we caught up with him at the club's training ground. translation: a new that if i was going to be manager, it would happen relatively early on but that it has happened this early is still a surprise. it is an incredible moment to stand on the sideline, pursuing
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your passion to coach. pushing a tea m your passion to coach. pushing a team to play successful football. it is an honourand team to play successful football. it is an honour and there are moments when you have to give thanks and be happy you have the opportunity to experience such things. it is about stabilising our performance. even though we are undefeated after 1a games, there have been times in games we did not follow the plan or fell into a pattern we did not want. 0ur follow the plan or fell into a pattern we did not want. our focus to use to stabilise performances over weeks and months. if you do that, the team has the potential to finish ina that, the team has the potential to finish in a strong position on the table.
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ido want i do want to win a title as manager. of course, i am ambitious but first i want to play a good season and develop the club more. we have a lot of potential and we want to realise that but i want to win the champions league one day and work with one of the biggest clubs in the world, whether it is in england or spain or wherever, it is not a priority but should one of these clubs come calling, i would consider it. my dream is to lift the champions league trophy. if i can manage that, i will be a very happy manager. villarreal are through to the last 16 of the copa del rey after completing a 4—1 aggregate win over toledo on tuesday. villarreal, who were 3—0 up from the first leg, drew 1—1. as did real sociedad they go through 11—2 on aggregate against valladolid. atletico madrid crushed third tier side guijuelo. but second division cordoba with the shock of the round. they've seen off top tier
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malaga 6—3 over two legs. real madrid's transfer ban has been halved from two windows to one, after an appeal to the court of arbitration for sport. the reigning european champions, along with atletico madrid, were punished for breaching rules on the transfer of under—18 year olds. both failed in appeals to fifa in september but now sport's highest court has partially upheld an appeal from real. it means they cannot sign any players in january but will be free to do so in the summer transfer window. atletico have also appealed to cas but no decision on their case has been announced yet. india have beaten england by an innings and 75 runs in the fifth and final test in chennai. it completes an impressive 4—0 series victory and fifth successive test series win for india. behind by 282 runs, it was always going to be a tall order to salvage
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a draw but england started their second innings well: the tourists were 103 without loss at one stage. but then came the collapse. they lost four wickets for just 26 runs as india closed in on victory. ravindra jadeja was the pick of the indian bowlers, claiming a career—best seven for 48. respectable innings from keatonjennings and alistair cook settled some early nerves for england. the last six england wickets though went for just 15 runs. to add to the indignity england's first—innings score of a77 is the highest by any side that has gone on to lose by an innings. but the victory confirms why india are the top ranked test team in the world. i would say it is a complete performance, from the time we were put under pressure in the first game
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to come back and win the test matches and coming from behind in all four games. we lost four tosses and event winning three games out of thatis and event winning three games out of that is very satisfying. as a captain, ifeel that is very satisfying. as a captain, i feel it was a complete series for us and everyone contributed at different times. the lower order stands out for me. well earlier on former england captain michael vaughan came to see us in the bbc sport centre and he thinks india were simply a better team throughout the series. the rat coley has got that energy about him. he has quality in the spin department. —— virat kohli. there was the triple century. the pace bowlers have been quicker than the england bowlers which i do not think anyone would have said that at
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the start of the series. they have just been a better team and conditions that suit their style but, overall, they did all the boxes better than england have. michel bourez of french polynesia has won the billabong pipe masters — the final stop of the 2016 world surf league championships tour after defeating american kanoa igarashi in the final this was bourez‘s best result of the season this was bourez‘s best result of the season and only the second time the frenchman has made it into the final series this year. he was flaweless in picking up the third championship tour victory of his career and means he finishes the 2016 season in 6th place. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. 0ur our top story: petra kvitova
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fortu nate to our top story: petra kvitova fortunate to be alive after being injured ina fortunate to be alive after being injured in a knife attack. see you soon. you have probably heard already, but as we go towards the christmas weekend, it looks as if things will turn exceptionally stormy, especially in the northern half of the british isles. i will show you why injust a second. by the weekend, we will show you a pressure chart with more isobars on it than this. a breezier day on wednesday than many of us have seen for a while. two whether fronts to deal with. a lull in proceedings. this more northerly feature will drift away out of the western side of scotland where it will produce a bit of rain. it will weaken as it comes into the north england and england and wales and into the south—west. by the afternoon, maybe the cloud will thicken again in southern parts
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of england and wales to produce a really miserable end to the day. it is the shortest day, of course, and i think it will get darker awfully quickly in the afternoon given the amount of cloud we will see. temperatures are at least 10—11 degrees. something of that order. brighter skies behind. as it comes to scotland and northern ireland, cold air dominating the scene. the added strength of the wind here. wintry showers will fall to low levels. showers will keep going in northern ireland and scotland. this area will gradually move off to the near continent allowing a bright and crisp start to the day across the greater part of england and wales. another blustery one for scotland and northern ireland, wintry showers falling to a low level. it will feel very fresh indeed. eventually showers will go up through northern and western parts of both england and wales as well. generally speaking, further south, a decent day in prospect. although not overly warm.
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and then it is on into friday where we bring in the second named storm of the season, this is storm barbara. and notice the number of isobars in northern and western parts especially of scotland. that is why the storm has been named and why we have the amber warning from the met office. the strength of the wind. how strong? look at this. close to the centre of the storm could see around 90 miles an hour. to the south, england and wales, the gusts could reach 70 miles an hour. that is disruptive and possibly damaging at the same time. as we move towards christmas day itself, the exact track of this storm is in doubt at the moment. that is why we are just giving an indication. it could produce some severe gales and therefore some disruption. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories. so—called islamic state says one of its militants carried out
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the lorry attack in berlin — which left 12 people dead. police have released the sole suspect. explosions tear through a fireworks market in mexico — at least 26 people are killed and dozens more injured. the body of the russian ambassador killed in turkey is flown back to moscow. six people are detained — as the investigation gathers pace. and — president 0bama bans oil offshore drilling in the arctic — for five years. it could spark a showdown with donald trump.
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