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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 22, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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pa rd ew gets pardew gets the push at palace. who is upfora pardew gets the push at palace. who is up for a relegation battle? sam alla rdyce is up for a relegation battle? sam allardyce the favourite to take over. an archery still on top despite losing all their olympic funding. alan pardew has been sacked as manager of english premier league side crystal palace, after nearly two years in charge. he leaves the club one point above the relegation zone. palace has the worst record of all 92 premier league clubs. we spoke to the club chairman shortly after the
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announcement. he said the relegation is so costly that crystal palace simply had to act. he also said something interesting about the style of play at crystal palace. everybody had bought into playing a more expansive style of football. that has not worked. now it is time to wind the dye you'll back the other way which suggests they will go for a more conservative style of football. they released a statement placing on record their sincere gratitude for the tremendous service of pa rd ew gratitude for the tremendous service of pardew who of course led them to the fa cup final where they were narrowly beaten by manchester united. they talked about his hard work and dedication and that he improved many areas in the club. pa rd ew improved many areas in the club. pardew thanked improved many areas in the club. pa rdew thanked supporters, underlining the efforts of the
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players, steve paris and the board but not making any mention of the american owners. they probably gave the thumbs up to the decision. they finished in the top half in 2015 at when you look at 2016, they form is absolutely the worst of all 92 premier league and football league clu bs. premier league and football league clubs. one win in 11, in that sequence was a run of clubs. one win in 11, in that sequence was a run of six straight defeat. they sit one point above the relegation. this time last year, crystal palace were six in the premier league, outside the champions league places by goal difference. remember how strong their defence was under tony pulis and it has gone the opposite way. people at the club saying they have been unlucky with refereeing decisions and that the spirit is
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still high and whoever comes in as manager would like to continue the spirit but improve results. who is likely to come in? they have gone one way, the book is stashed sam alla rdyce one way, the book is stashed sam allardyce 4—1 on. one way, the book is stashed sam allardyce 4-1 on. some say an agreement has been reached in principle. we do not have any confirmation of that as yet not he would seem to fit the bill in the sense that he is available, following his short limped rain as england manager. he likes to keep a tight defence and crystal palace are keen on that. he has proven to get results. he seems to be king and he is one of the candidates, others include roy hodgson, chris coleman, another crystal palace player. as things stand, sam allardyce is the
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main man in the frame. some good news for tottenham, as the captain has signed a new contract to keeping at the club until 2022, a three—year extension. he is in the latest of the first—team stars to commit to the first—team stars to commit to the club. it shows again how much i believe in the project and hopefully the best year is ahead. champions manchester city women have made their first manchester city women have made theirfirst signing manchester city women have made their first signing of their tra nsfer their first signing of their transfer window, they have completed the deal with birmingham for the midfielder melissa lawley. it is an undisclosed fee. dave chizzy chisnall had a scare the night but he has made it through to the second round of the world darts championships at alexander palace. he almost went to sets down to the
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22—year—old from austria but he wrapped it up with an 11 dart leg. george north will not play for northampton against sale tomorrow. they say he will continue with a full train is scheduled to ensure thatis full train is scheduled to ensure that is fully prepared for first—team action stop here is not played since her head injuries sustained in the game against leicester earlier this month. northampton were heavily criticised for allowing him to play on even though he appeared to be briefly knocked out. the club escaped punishment after an investigation. london welsh has been given a temporary licence to play the next two championships game games after going into voluntary repayment —— we re going into voluntary repayment —— were confident they are big enough
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to have a enough squad. the former london welsh player and one of the great wales captainsjohn gwilliam has died at the age of 93. he led his country to two triple crowns in the 50's. he was also in the last wales side to beat new zealand in 1953 the england rugby league team have cancelled their pre—season trip to dubai next month. a number of club coaches had expressed concerns about the timing of the two week camp. the trip, with 17 super league players set to be invited, was seen as an important part of wayne bennett's preparations for next year's rugby league world cup. alastair cook has been named captain of the international cricket council's test team of the year, fortunately for him the icc were looking at the 12 months up to september. because they have won just the one of their last 8 tests including a drawn series against bangaldesh and a a—nil drubbing in their series against india.
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cook is considering his future as skipper after a chastening few months. england have more players than any other nation in the team of the year — withjoe root, jonny bairstow and ben stokes also included. grand national winning jockey john buckingham has died. he was 76. he was best known for riding the 100—1 outsider foinavon to victory at aintree in 1967. his was the only horse not to be affected by that pile—up at the 23rd flight because he was trailing so far behind at the time and found a way through that fence still bears the winning horse's name. after losing all their funding over the next 4 years to the tokyo 0lympics in 2020, british archery are considering an appeal.
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as it stands, the archers, who are based at the national sports centre in shropshire, will have to getjobs to allow them to carry on training. four other sports have also lost their funding. nick clitheroe reports. she has been to four 0lympic she has been to four olympic games are ready and now she is coaching and seriously considering another shot at a mental in tokyo but our troop will no longer be funded. there is quite a few people and for them to be able to train at university and to get a job is going to be tough. there will be less best time and any spare time will be working. it is tough and it will give you mental resilience. tough
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choices had to be made and it prioritised sports with real prospects of winning medals. they are saying that. we would dispute that. we have been on that trajectory. we have one of the world ‘s leading coaches to back us up on that. archery are not alone in, wheelchair rugby has lost its £3 million funding as well with £3110 million funding as well with £3110 million to be shared among 41 sports, there are always going to be winners and losers. gymnastics has seen a winners and losers. gymnastics has seen a rise by more than £2 million. the car archery teams saw their fund rising by £1 million. badminton and fencing also lost all their money. if the target is still to be as successful in tokyo as in rio, small sports like ourselves will need to play their part. behind the scenes,
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archery will have to cut costs and that could mean redundancies. the tough choices lie ahead. don't forget the website for more reaction to our top story that alan pa rd ew reaction to our top story that alan pardew has been sacked by crystal palace. from all of us, goodbye for now. today was the quiet before the storm. storm barbara, only the second named storm of what has been a quiet winter season so far, is lurking and gaining strength of the atlantic. it is heading towards the northwest scotland. you can see how tightly packed the isobars become. the tightest rain heading towards the northwest of scotland through
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friday afternoon. a windy start or northern ireland and scotland. south—westerly winds, temperatures rising. they should not be too many visibility problems but we will have rain and gale force winds on friday morning heading across scotland and northern ireland. we could also get squally winds may be 70 mph gusts. a bright start across eastern counties of england. the band of rain working across towards eastern england through friday evening. it is not the rain causing problems, it is the winds. through the west, the strongest winds. through friday evening also. the met office have issued an amber warning. winds could reach 90 mph which meant they could be damaging and potentially destructive and transport will be affected. through friday night, it was a very windy. colder air seeping
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m, was a very windy. colder air seeping in, and the return of showers and snow across the high ground in scotland. for christmas eve the england and wales, a decent kind of day, bright with sunny spells. not bad for travelling out and about. northwest, it is still blistering. wintry showers in the northwest of scotland. across northern ireland and scotland, a band of rain coming in off the atlantic. what about the big day itself? well, we are stuck in between to weather fronts. in this form sector we will have cloud, drizzle around the coast and hills. it will stay quite windy but the big wedge of yellow is mild air so that is what we have for christmas day. temperatures up to 15 degrees stop it will not be a white christmas but a warm one. a band of rain pushing through late in the day and that means over high scottish mountains,
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as we go through the night—time, we could see a bit of snow returning to the high ground. hello everyone. the headlines: shock, as donald trump tweets that the united states needs to expand its nuclear capability. police say they have foiled a plot to mount a series of terror attacks in melbourne on christmas day. five men are under arrest. philippine president duterte is to be investigated for human rights abuses after claiming he killed a drug suspect. and we look at the lengths that people go to in search of a white christmas in singapore.
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