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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm. the man suspected of the berlin christmas market attack is shot dead in italy. at that moment, the man got hold of a pistol and without hesitation fired towards the police officer who had asked for identification documents. i pledge allegiance to the commander of the faithful. so called islamic state releases footage showing amri pledging allegiance to them. the un security council passes a resolution demanding a halt to israeli settlement building on occupied building on occupied palestinian land. round the clock work on the railways — that means no trains on many lines this christmas. storm barbara begins to kick in. it
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is already causing power cuts and difficult travelling conditions with worse to come. 90 mph winds are forecast. salmonella dices back in management in his firstjob since being sacked as england boss. coming up: we celebrate the lives of those who died this year, including david bowery, in review 2016. we remember, part two. —— bowie. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the man suspected of the berlin christmas market attack has been shot dead by police in italy. anis amri had been missing since the attack on monday — it appears he left germany
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for france, before crossing into italy, able to move undetected around the continent, despite a europe wide manhunt. italian police stopped him in the early hours this morning at a train station in milan, shooting him dead after amri fired on them. the italian authorities say his fingerprints match those found on the steering wheel of the lorry which killed 12 people and injured dozens more. 0ur europe correspondent damian grammaticus has the latest. he was stopped by two officers and tried to shoot them. at that moment, the man, without hesitating, pulled out a pistol and fired towards the
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policeman who had asked for identification documents. the officers reacted immediately. 0ne identification documents. the officers reacted immediately. one is in hospital but his condition is not life—threatening. in hospital but his condition is not life-threatening. and this hasjust been released by the so—called islamic state, a recording made in berlin by anis amri, sometime before the attack. it is now believed that the attack. it is now believed that the 24—year—old tunisian may have been radicalised after he arrived in europe, perhaps during the four yea rs europe, perhaps during the four years he spent injail in italy. security services knew he was a threat but he talked of buying guns, not using a truck. so how did he get all the way to italy? this is what we know about his movements. at 8pm on monday, he attacked the christmas market. then he vanished but managed to get to france. from there, a train ticket found on his body showed he'd travelled to turin and then onto milan central station, arriving at 1am. finally, he took the metro to the last stop, where he was shot. at the end of this week,
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we can be relieved that one acute threat has come to an end but the general threat posed by terrorism will continue. we will do our utmost to make sure our state is a strong state. so germany is now trying to root out radical islamic networks. we visited this place today, a short distance from where anis amri's the video was recorded. this is one of the places anis amri was known to frequent in the months when he was in berlin. it's a residential complex but the reason he would come here, over in this corner, what used to bea here, over in this corner, what used to be a mosque. it was closed down vola nt became a to be a mosque. it was closed down volant became a meeting point for radical islamist ‘s. 0ne volant became a meeting point for radical islamist ‘s. one of the neighbours told us small groups of young islamic men continued to use the building. they would meet late at night, apparently discussing attacks. of course it was dangerous.
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when the men sit here and fantasise about carrying out attacks, yes, i was worried. children my family live here. with the immediate danger a p pa re ntly here. with the immediate danger apparently over, berliners gathered for a more real this evening, by the brandenburg gate. no matter what, we are all one. our people come together and think of the victims. the berlin people, we have to be. germany as a country is now confronting the reality interface is new and hidden threats. let's get more on this tory — major general chip chapman is the former head of counter terrorism at the ministry of defence. he joins us via webcam from warminster. thank you forjoining us. first, what other questions that germany needs to be asking and the changes
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it needs to be making? a number of questions. the first one is the technical aspect of the competence of the security agencies. the second one is the procedural aspect about how theyjoin things up between police forces and their security agencies. and there is a big clinical one to do with both germany and the wider thing with the schengen area. he was able to go across a border into france and back into italy. 0f across a border into france and back into italy. of course, there is no common border between germany and italy. if you believe in a political union, then shannon is a good idea. if you believe in the free movement of goods and time is a resource, it's a good idea. if you want to geographically contain security incidents, it's not a good idea. but that's a policy debate across those macro issues which will have to go on across europe. what extent was this a security failure though,
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given that resources are finite and with the best will in the world, you can't track everyone? there is no such thing as absolute security. we know that he was on the radar but you have to put this into perspective. there was always a prioritisation grid and the worrying thing for me is that you're busy came off near the top of the prioritisation of the ever was. there are people in germany who are a higher threat and he was perceived to be. it's that suppression of a threat which is going on a daily basis, both in germany and in the uk. we know that 12 plots have been foiled in the uk in the last three yea rs. foiled in the uk in the last three years. what do you make of how the situation was handled in the aftermath of the attack? very badly. you've got a golden 2a hours when you've got to get your message straight and make sure you've got the correct intelligence and that you've given what is going on so people believe you are credible. if
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you lose your credibility in those 24 you lose your credibility in those 2a hours, it's way difficult to recover that. the original arrest of the pakistani man, which again at the pakistani man, which again at the populist movements going berserk, was a big, big mistake. they needed to be very careful about when they released the data of his id card and i assume they only did that have to date fingerprinted widely in the truck. will those things leave a test of they don't know what is going on and it erodes the police in germany. how likely do you think it is that he had support? i think it's absolutely sure that he had support. you just need to look at the chain of events. from my view, how did he get to the truck? secondly, where did he get a weapon from? thirdly, where did you get ammunition from because that you can come from different places. fourthly, how was he able to extract from the scene of the incident and
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go dark for three days to get to italy, where he may have again been meeting up with a handler because it was a chance encounter, not an intelligence led operation. it's a sad thing in a sense that there was a shoot out at the end because you get far more intelligence benefit from having him blocked off and the intelligence debriefs of who he knew and who he met. thank you very much for your time. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered evening in the papers. our guests joining me tonight are political commentator james millar and author and journalist matthew green. extensive rail engineering work starts across britain tonight, with 200 different projects being carried out over the christmas break. the biggest re—signalling scheme in the network's history will close the line between cardiff central and the valleys. and several stations — including paddington in london — will be either partially or completely shut for several days. 0ur transport correspondent
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richard westcott has sent this report from paddington where trains will stop at midnight tonight. this was the m6 today. and it's a popular time to fly away for the holidays. here is stansted. so why do they always pick christmas to close the railways? we have a huge programme of works we have to deliver as part of our upgrade programme and some of that workjust cannot be done on a live railway. we have to shut the railway. ‘s christmas is the best time to do because it's one of the quietest times of year. 24,000 engineers will work on 200 sites across britain. 0ne work on 200 sites across britain. one of the biggerjobs they are doing this christmas is to open up
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and test these new lines between the concrete blocks there. critically, they and blocked a bottle net between trains from heathrow into paddington station. it will hit services across the country. paddington station will actually close for six days after the last train leaves tonight. services at other big stations, including london bridge, charring cross and liverpool street, will be severely affected. there will be no trains late on christmas eve between cardiff central, bridgend, newportand christmas eve between cardiff central, bridgend, newport and the valleys because they are resignalling the whole area. valleys because they are resignalling the whole aream valleys because they are resignalling the whole area. it has affected me because i've taken an extra day off work. the replacement bus service is not good enough for me. i understand the work needs to be done. it's the time of year when families want to get together and they've not seen each other for a while. and then they are disrupted. totally inconvenient. there are a lot of commuters over the christmas period, shopping as well between christmas and new year. as ever,
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leave ten plenty of time and double track your train is even wanting. —— running. britain is braced for the arrival of storm barbara, which is expected to bring winds of up to 90mph to some parts of the country. these pictures have been sent in by our bbc weather watchers today showing the weather picking up from the gare loch in argyll, to port talbot in west glamorgan. the met office has issued severe weather warnings for much of the uk, with scotland expected to bear the brunt of the storm. regions there have already seen power cuts, school closures and tough travelling conditions. bbc reporting scotland's aileen clarke, sent us this report. by by noon, storm barbra was making her presence felt. passengers from rothesay could only watch and wait. they haven't managed any crossings at all today to rothesay and that's because on the pier, it is gusting up because on the pier, it is gusting up to 70 mph already. some crossings
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came back on in the afternoon but these intrepid visitors decided it wasn't the day for a quick trip to a scottish island after all. you surprised by how bad it is? from the last three days, i'm here, and i'm facing these surprises! whenever you go out, every day there is a new surprise! today is the fourth one! all along the west coast, all the services were cancelled for the day. many people travelled earlier but for those still trying to make it to family and friends, it is fingers crossed for a break in the weather tomorrow. we are looking after three o'clock tomorrow however, we cannot guarantee people will sail tomorrow. it might be that there are no boats before christmas. maybe but we will put announcements act. on the railways, if you more west coast services run than had been expected
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although flooded lines caused some problems. for those driving, the fourth bridge, like many others around the country, was closed to high sided vehicles. in the highlands, more than 100 schools started their christmas holidays a day early. and on the east coast, barbara brought the edinburgh christmas market to raise stop, until she blew through. it has been on lewis and the other western isles where the winds have been showing their strength, reaching 75 mph. this retired power station was pressed back into service. with animals safely inside, there was time for battling through the burials in stornoway with christmas gifts. i've done everything i can. i've moved live clock —— livestock and there is no debris. the hens are locked down now. they are safe. hopefully, i will sleep soundly over the next couple of nights. i've
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living i can. storm barbra is expected to clear tomorrow but following her is storm connor.m will cause disruption, likely to be located in the northern islands, 0rkney and shetland, but also touching the tip of caithness. that's likely to come on boxing day. but before that, tonight, in the northern isles, they are still bracing themselves for the worst wins of the current storm. the headlines: chancellor angela merkel says she'll speed up deportations of failed asylum seekers — as she thanks italian police who shot dead the berlin terror suspect. the un security council has passed a resolution demanding israel halt holding on palestinian land. 0n resolution demanding israel halt holding on palestinian land. on a shift of position, the us refused to use its veto. a record number of engineering works are beginning on the rail network, that will mean no trains on many lines this christmas.
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the sport now and a full round—up with 0llie foster. sam other dice is the new manager at crystal palace. he signed a two and a half year deal. in a statement, the club say they are fortunate that someone the club say they are fortunate that someone of his calibre and experience was available. they sacked alan pa rdew experience was available. they sacked alan pardew yesterday with the club one point above the relegation zone. a la dice was sacked after one game in charge of england, after conduct which is deemed inappropriate. as a club manager, he's never been relegated. his task is to beat the drop with another club and rebuild his reputation. there is some flash photography coming up. from the push to the palace. tonight, some a la dice has a new job, less than three months after losing his dream job. there was no lengthy sabbatical after his dismissal as england manager.
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instead, he moves into his third hot seatin instead, he moves into his third hot seat in six months. even by 2016 standards, he's had a chaotic year. it's been a funny 12 months for crystal palace. in may, they went up in the fa cup final. they lost that match and their overall record since the start of january is the worst of all 92 league clubs. alan pardew, a hero as a player, has left them with relegation a growing menace. palace have turned to survival expert. he's spent much of his career on unforgiving terrain. he's always played the pragmatic man for a crisis. he's an experienced premier league manager, isn't he? you knows the game, how to set his team is up. he had a greatjob at sunderland. the way he saved sunderland last
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season will be the template for palace. their new boss can tell them there is always a way back. joey barton has been charged by the football association for breaching their rules on betting. it is alleged he placed 1260 bets over a 10—year period up to may this year. he was also charged by the scottish football association for betting. he was given a one match ban which you will see that burnley after re—signing for them this week. he has until january five re—signing for them this week. he has untiljanuary five to respond to the charge. there is a full fixture list in the scottish premiership over the next couple of nights. four gamers this evening: a few matches in rugby union tonight. northampton saints have been in the headlines recently over how they dealt with george north's head injury. world rugby have got
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involved tonight. they want an explanation of the incident and why the club escaped punishment. north isn't playing against sale. they are winning their wet franklin gardens. the demolition man darren webster has continued his great form at the pdc darts world championship, securing a place in the third round with ease. he knocked out stephen the bullet bunting earlier in the week and tonight it was the turn of the 17th seed, the wizard simon whitlock. webster didn't lose a set, winning four—nil in only 40 minutes. next up though, he could face a tougher test, possibly a match up against the world number one, mighty mike micheal van gerwen. i've got some good nicknames for ben
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and chain earlier. for martine, it has got to be marked, the dart, crocs all. you have to be careful with that. i will have to think of one for you! the united nations security council has demanded a halt to israeli building on palestinian land. the vote passed after an abstention by the united states. israel says it has been abandoned by the us. our correspondent is in washington. the building behind you is a giveaway! tell us more about what the united states have said about the decision to abstain. the really significant decision in one sense because it reverses this long—standing practice of detecting israel's back at the security council no matter what. the us
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usually vetoes any resolute resolution against israel. the ambassador did say it had not been a straightforward decision. she said precisely because of the venue, the un is biased against israel in fact. it has many more resolutions against israel and countries which does way worse things. but she said, and this was a reflection of the entire feeling around the security council table, there is great concern about the viability of eight two state solution, which would have a viable palestinian state as part of the peace process. this is due to israeli settlement building. she felt under these circumstances, the us didn't feel right using its veto. this is what she said. it is precisely our commitment to israel's security that makes united states believe we cannot stand in the way of this resolution as we seek to preserve a chance of attaining our
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long—standing objective. two states, living side by side in peace and security. let me briefly explain why. the settlement problem has gotten so much worse that it is now putting at risk the very viability of that two state solution. the number of settlers in the roughly 150 authorised israeli settlements east of the 1967 lines has increased dramatically. since the 1993 signing of the oslo accords, which launched effo rts of the oslo accords, which launched efforts which made at conferences and lasting peace possible, the number of settlers has increased by 350 5000. the us ambassador to the un. tell us about the reaction from the israelis, palestinians and the president—elect. the palestinians are very pleased. they are calling it a victory. they fought very hard to get this resolution and there hasn't been a resolution and there hasn't been a resolution on the israel and palestinians for nearly eight years. for them, it's a real achievement, especially given the laptop ——
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last—minute kerfuffle. it has passed so they are pleased. the israelis fought very hard not to have a veto. they pulled out all the stops. they put pressure on egypt. they called donald trump into the issue, saying we cannot have the us reversing its policy of not vetoing resolutions critical of us. some have said the us has abandoned us now. it's something they didn't want to see because it isolates them in the international community. that isolation is going to be full mr trump has made clear he will take a different approach. he's very strongly supportive of the israeli government positions. he did intervene, treating that the us should not veto this resolution and he has now treated again and said things would be different after january 20, when he takes office.
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although this was a significant rebuke from the americans to their close israeli allies, it came at the end of the 0bama administration and therefore at this point, is largely symbolic. two british men have been found guilty of using aid convoys to send thousands of pounds in cash to extremists in syria. the court heard how high profile muslim community—led convoys became unwitting participants in a plan to fund terrorism. one of the infiltrated aid missions included alan henning, the taxi driverfrom eccles, who was subsequently kidnapped and murdered by so—called islamic state. dominic casciani reports. britons have donated millions to those caught in the crossfire of syria's conflict. three years ago, these convoys were at the heart of
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these convoys were at the heart of the efforts. these two men have been found guilty of infiltrating them. they used the aid missions as cover to send cash to fighters. 0ne they used the aid missions as cover to send cash to fighters. one was sent these pictures by his nephew, fighting with a group affiliated to al-qaeda. he advised him to behead his enemies but not mutilate them and sent £4500 over to unwitting convoys. the convoys were infiltrated and the goodwill of charities was abused by taking money and goods from the uk out to syria to help terrorists. today's verdict is the first formal finding that the convoys is the first formal finding that the co nvoys we re is the first formal finding that the convoys were exploited for terrorism. but there were also tears in the public gallery for two men who were acquitted. tears that highlight how complicated and emotive issues raised by the syrian conflict have been for muslim communities. alan henning, taken hostage by so—called islamic state
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in december 2013, and murdered nine months later. he went into syria on one of the convoys accused by the guilty men. this man was today cleared of funding terrorism and was on that same convoy. he publicly appealed for mr henning's life. we beg you to tread the path ofjustice and show compassion. under pressure from the government and police, the convoys from the government and police, the co nvoys ca m e from the government and police, the convoys came to an end after mr henning's kidnap. the hijacking of a libyan plane to malta has ended peacefully. the two men who seized control of the aircraft freed those onboard and surrendered to the authorities. the domestic flight with 118 people on board was hijacked in the morning after taking off from sabha, bound for the libyan capital tripoli. as david campanale now reports, it appears the hijackers are supporters of the late former leader, muammar gaddafi. the hijacking of a libyan state
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owned airline appears a political stu nt owned airline appears a political stunt rather than lame terrorist incident. this airbus was forced by two men on board to divert to malta. they told crew they had a hand grenade and threatened to blow up the plane. probe gaddafi claims were made by the hijackers, with one appearing and waving a plain green flag, resembling that of qaddafi's now—defunct state. after hours of talks, a promise was given to free those on board, if unspecified demands were met. the passengers we re demands were met. the passengers were then taken away, with the flight were then taken away, with the flight attendants following. they we re flight attendants following. they were asked to surrender any weapons in their possession. they were found to be in possession of a hand grenade and a pistol. nevertheless, the armed forces of malta are currently conducting a full search on the aircraft and a second pistol has been found so far. the search is
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ongoing. the hijackers were apprehended on the tarmac and taken into custody. libya's internationally backed government say they wanted to set up a probe gaddafi political party. they will be wondering how the men got a grenade and guns on board the plane, evenif grenade and guns on board the plane, even if replicas. in tripoli, families are waiting for their loved ones to be flown home. it is evident that in libya, airport security is as lax and chaotic as the country's politics. time for the weather. more windy weather in the next few days. northern parts of the uk will get the worst of it. this evening, the winds will peak in northern scotland. maybe 90 mph. amber wind warnings expire at midnight. squally wins with this reign as well. clearer skies following to england and wales. windy further north. frequent showers, more snow is over
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scotland. treacherous conditions around. still windy across many northern areas on christmas eve and more frequent showers, again wintry in scotland. if you showers coming southwards. further south and east, dry and quite sunny. tunbridge is perhaps into double figures. further north, much colder in all that wet and windy weather. rain coming into the north west later, driving across northern areas during the night. christmas day will be very mild but very windy. some gusty winds around. later, some colder conditions in the north and scotland could bring a white christmas. this is a bbc news. the headlines, at almost 8:30 p.m.: the man suspected of the berlin christmas market attack is shot dead in italy. at that moment on the man got hold
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ofa at that moment on the man got hold of a pistol and without hesitation fired toward the police officer who had asked for identification documents. i pledge allegiance to the commander of the faithful... so—called islamic state releases footage showing him pledging allegiance to them. 200 different rail engineering projects will be carried out over the festive break, meaning no trains on many lines this christmas. 90 mph winds are forecast in some parts of scotland as storm barbara brings power cuts and difficult travelling conditions across the uk with worse to come. now on bbc news, some of those who died this year and whose lives are celebrated in a review of 2016, we remember: part two.


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