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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 23, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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any of my family are watching... of course they are, they are all watching. you are all sorted, then, are you,james? watching. you are all sorted, then, are you, james? absolutely, i did christmas shopping, i do all the cooking, just because i do, not because i am a man. frantic fellers will blitz shops. i willjust park myself on the high street and do a little straw poll. it is early to dismiss this story out of hand, but if they do, it is not because of the contents if they do, it is not because of the co nte nts of if they do, it is not because of the contents of their trousers, it is because society has trained them to think that shopping is for women, and therefore christmas is for women. we are victims, at the end of the day! i would so like to carry on. let's take this outside, shall be? that's it for the papers. james, matthew, condiments of the season james, matthew, condiments of the season to you both. we will see you in 317. i am back on 29 december. coming up next, it is newsday.
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hello. i'm olly foster. these are our sportsday headlines. big sam is back. crystal palace bank on allardyce to get them out of trouble. aberdeen stay third in the table but they are still along way behind rangers and celtic. and after a difficult weeks for saints, they beat sale to move up to sixth in the premiership. good evening.
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sam allardyce is the new maanger at crystal palce. he's signed a two—and—half—year deal. in a statement that club say this. "they are fortunate someone of sam's calibre and experience was available." they sacked alan pardew yesterday with the club one point above the relegation zone. allardyce lost his job with england after one game in charge for conduct deemed "innapropriate." but as a club manager, he has never been relegated. his task is to beat the drop again and also rebuild his reputation. patrick gearey reports. and i must warn you, there's flash photography coming up. sam alla rdyce sam allardyce will be used to these photocalls. not even six months ago he was doing publicity shots as england manager. that ended with his sacking after just england manager. that ended with his sacking afterjust 67 days. he has gone from the push to the palace and the lower reaches of the premier league. with my experience you generally get a job quickly. i will
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try to get a few more results on the board especially over christmas and new year to make everyone feel co mforta ble. new year to make everyone feel comfortable. this is three months after his england departure following an english sting where he offered advice on how to get around fa rules. he has had a chaotic year. same with palce. —— palace. they lost the match and their overall record since the start of january is the worst of all, 92 league clubs. relegation has been a growing menace. the drop is a price no one can pay. palace have turned to a survival expert. sam alla rdyce can pay. palace have turned to a survival expert. sam allardyce has spent much of his career on unforgiving terrain during spells at bolton, west ham, in sunderland. he has always played the pragmatic man for a crisis. he has good experience. he has been successful and he knows the game and how to set
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his teams up. he did a greatjob at sunderland. the way he saved sunderland. the way he saved sunderland from relegation last season sunderland from relegation last season will be the template for palace. their new boss can tell them there is always a way back. patrick geary, bbc news. aberdeen have moved to within three points of second placed rangers in the scottish premiership thanks to a 3—1win over motherwell at fir park. both sides were awarded penalties in an incident filled first half, but motherwell missed theirs and niall mcginn put the game beyond them in the final minutes. there were four games this evening. fourth placed hearts were beaten 3—2 at dundee. they threw away a two—goal lead. stjohnstone won at kilmarnock 1—0 and partick thistle ended a seven—game run without a win and move off the bottom of the table after a 3—1win at ross county. world rugby‘s ruling body aren't happy with how northampton saints dealt with george north's apparent concussion in a match at the beginning of the month and they also want an explanation as to how the rfu and premiership rugby investigated the incident and failed to sanction the club for not following head injury
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protocols and removing him from the game. north is still sidelined and missed tonight's victory against sale. it ended a four—match losing streak for saints and they are up to sixth in the premiership they ran in three tries. the first from ben foden. sale did manage one of their own, scored by new signing from rugby league denny solomona. but they've now lost seven in a row. we've had a couple of matches in the pro 12. ulster are up to fourth after beating connacht 23—7. stuart mcclos key scored the first of their two dries. in the night's other match between the bottom two, treviso beat fellow italians zebre. petra kvitova has left hospital and vowed to return to tennis. the double olympic champion was the victim of a knife attack in her home and needed a four hour operation on her hand. the surgery was successful but doctors say she won't be able to play again for six months. ben croucher reports.
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the smallest of smiles after the most terrifying of traumas. with scars from her ordeal, petra kvitova addressed the public for the first time after the knife attack they could have cost her career and maybe more. i am here to tell you that i am doing well. the medical staff, the police, my government and my team, have all provided me amazing support in the last couple of days in this difficult situation. i want to thank each and every one of them for what they have done for me. for the important role they have played. on tuesday, she was at her apartment when she was attacked by an intruder with a knife. in the struggle she is sustained lacerations to her playing hand. her nerves and tendons were
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damaged but her resolve is unbroken. i will do everything i can to return to the sport i love as soon as possible. petra kvitova is one of the poster girls of world tennis, a likeable personality, infectious smile, and at 26, in the prime of her career. the world number 11 has twice got victory at wimbledon, with £18 million in prize money. for now, though, her victory is on a different scale. yesterday morning, during the session with the doctor, i was able to move my fingers on my hand. that was the greatest christmas present i could have wished for. her surgeon says she will not be able to pick up a racket for the next three months and her return to court will have to wait until next year, a year that will see a fighter in petra kvitova like we have never seen see a fighter in petra kvitova like we have never seen before. ben
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croucher, bbc news. the defending pdc darts world champion gary anderson is safely through to the third round at the alexandra palace. the "flying scotsman" fired in six maximums and didn't drop a set in his win over andrew "goldfinger" gilding. checkouts of 134 and 132 helped him secure victory four sets to nil. he plays "big ben" benito van de pas in the next round. the man anderson beat in last year's final adrian "jackpot" lewis is also through. the 2011 and 2012 champion also had a 4—0 whitewash as "the rockstar" joe cullen neverfound his rhythm. he could face another former champion next, raymond van barneveld. "the demolition man" darren webster sailed into the third round with another four—0 win over the 17th seed, "the wizard" simon whitlock. he secured victory in style with a 140 checkout. tougher tests lie ahead, next up a possible match up against the world number one michael van gerwen. "might mike." for former england cricketer, james taylor, 2016 has
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been particularly unkind. diagnosed with a serious heart condition he had to retire from playing at the age of 26. a defibrilator fitted inside his chest has already helped to save his life. angela rafferty has been to see him. it was a day that changed his life forever, the day he nearly died, but somehow, against the odds, survived. a lot of these cases are found in postmortem. that is the only real way they detected. it is like my body did itsjob way they detected. it is like my body did its job and way they detected. it is like my body did itsjob and my way they detected. it is like my body did its job and my heart certainly did itsjob. and, so, yeah, iam certainly did itsjob. and, so, yeah, i am very lucky, but also unlucky in many ways. i cannot dwell on what could have happened and what should have happened. no one could have predicted how it turned out. he was in his cricketing prime, playing for england, living history. alli
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wa nt to for england, living history. alli want to do my career was to play for england. i fought so want to do my career was to play for england. ifought so hard and had so many ups and downs. ijust grabbed life with both hands. it came good. then it was all taken away from me again. the best moment i have ever had in my life was one of the last days i ever played in cricket for england, catching a ball and winning a game for england. there were some great guys in the team. to play for my country, it does not get better than that. i achieved it. my country, it does not get better than that. iachieved it. i my country, it does not get better than that. i achieved it. i did it. just a lot less than i imagined and hoped to put coming to terms with life after cricket has been tough for this man, who believes support from social media helped him through the darkest days. i would be lying in bed being a bit cynical thinking, ifi in bed being a bit cynical thinking, if i did die, i wonder who would miss me. it was like i died and it was overwhelming. i mean, i had to do6 was overwhelming. i mean, i had to
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do 6 million tweets, to me and about me, in the first two hours. the positivity coming my way, it is unimaginable, i needed that support. i thought i was good at cricket, one of the best, but then i realised i was not invincible. that is one of the things i realised through this, life is not too bad, that is for sure. and that is all from us. from all of us at the bbc sport centre, good night. today's whether is obviously dominated by storm bra bra, the second storm report of a few communities losing power. there was transport disruption as well from fierce
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winds. storm barbara is done. out to the west, we are looking at the next named storm, connor. that will bring strong winds to scotland for boxing day. before we get there, windy overnight. plenty of showers in scotla nd overnight. plenty of showers in scotland and northern ireland. does it showers in scotland and over the hills will be falling at snowy, most above 200 metres. some could perhaps get down to 100m. either way, a few icy patches. northern ireland, the showers will come in thick and fast during the morning. england and wales, a decent start to the day. ripe with sunny spells. a few passing showers for the north—west of england and the majority getting off toa of england and the majority getting off to a light start. it will take most of the day for the gale force winds to slow down. the best of the dry weather further south. england and wales, temperature—wise, highs at around 8—7 decreased. colder than
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it was yesterday. contrasting in scotland, 4—6. that rain will go east overnight. behind the band of rain, the airwill east overnight. behind the band of rain, the air will be mild. christmas day, temperatures well up into double figures. christens itself will be cloudy. quite breezy for most of us. this front will be bringing outbreaks of rain into northern england and the north of wales. ahead of that front, that is where the milder air is. north of that, that is where the cold one is. in the high kinds of scotland it is not out of the question that late in the day some could get into christmas, but not many. boxing day, the main concern is about connor. it will bring strong winds to the northern isles of scotland in particular. deep met office have issued an amber warning for 80 miles an hour. a similar strength to storm barbara. the gales will be widespread in the north of the uk.
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the dry and bright weather further south for england and wales. turning colder. in the weekend, the weather welten quieter. nighttime frost will return but equally more sunshine as well. that is your weather. welcome to bbc news. our top story: the un security council demands an end to illegal settlement building by israel. the motion passed up to the united states, in a major change of policy, refused to exercise its veto. the united states has been sending a message that the settle m e nts sending a message that the settlements must stop, privately and publicly, for nearly five decades. the main suspect in the berlin market attack is shot dead, but germany is still on a state of high alert. and the star wars actress carrie fisher has had a heart attack in los angeles.
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