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this is bbc news. the headlines at two: israel condemns a un security council vote calling for an end to settlements on occupied palestinian land. the nephew of suspected berlin truck attacker is arrested along with two other men for communicating with anis amri before the attack. a spokeswoman for the queen's granddaughter, zara tindall, and her husband mike, say the couple have lost their baby. rail passengers face delays, diversions and cancellations as work starts on a record number of engineering upgrades of the network. theresa may calls for britain to come together as it prepares to leave the eu, in her christmas message. also: big sam is back in a job. this time at crystal palace. the former england manager, sam allardyce, signs a two and a half year deal at selhurst park following
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the sacking of alan pardew. and in half an hour i will be looking back at a momentous year in science, one that saw tim mcpeak returned to earth after a six—month visit to space. that is review 2016, the year in the science. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. israel has condemned a vote by the un security council calling for an end tojewish settlements on occupied palestinian land. the us abstained rather than vetoing the resolution as it usually does. donald trump has tweeted things will be "different" when he takes over. here's our middle east correspondent, yolande knell. theseis
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these is really homes on land that the palestinians want for the promised future state. there are now some 600,000 israelis live the occupied west bank in eastjerusalem and numbers are growing. in a rare show of unity, the un security council passed its judgment on the jewish settlements. translation: 14 votes jewish settlements. translation: 1a votes in favour. describing them as a flagrant violation of international law and a threat to any peace deal with the palestinians. crucially, the united states did not use its veto power in israel's favour as he usually does. it is because this resolution reflects the facts on the ground and it is consistent with us policy across and ministrations throughout the history of the state of israel that the united states did not veto it. israel disagrees about settle m e nts it. israel disagrees about settlements built on land captured in the 1967 middle east war are illegal. at the un, it felt betrayed
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by its closest ally and was especially angry about criticism of building in eastjerusalem. especially angry about criticism of building in east jerusalem. who gave you the right to issue to such a degree of our eternal right in jerusalem. the bible contains 3000 yea rs of history jerusalem. the bible contains 3000 years of history of thejewish people in the land of israel. no wonder, no one can change this history. officially, israel rejects the resolution and says it looks forward to working with us president—elect donald trump. 0n twitter, he said things would be different when he is in office. here in bethlehem, palestinians gathering for the annual christmas parade feel they have something extra to celebrate. they are calling this resolution a victory and toby will help them in international calls. but israel says it will not change policies on settlements and is
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counting on the next us administration for support. with me is james sorene from the british—israel group bicom. good afternoon. what is your reaction? i think the reason israel is reacting this way, because they saw this as a very one—sided resolution, it's condemned israeli settle m e nt resolution, it's condemned israeli settlement building and obligated israel to do all kinds of things, but did not really condemn the palestinians or obligated the palestinians or obligated the palestinian authority to do anything and it doesn't necessarily take us back to where we want to get to, which is the creation of a palestinian state two state solution negotiated between the parties. what this resolution does is say that settle m e nts this resolution does is say that settlements on the issue, maybe the only issue, but it doesn't get us closer to a solution. samantha power said, one cannot simultaneously champion expanding settlements and
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champion expanding settlements and champion a two state solution that would end the conflict. in other words, you can't keep doing one thing you know antagonises the people you ultimately have to do business with. palestinians in the past i got close to a final peace deal and past i got close to a final peace dealand in past i got close to a final peace deal and in those negotiations, israel has made very big sacrifices that it has put on the table to say it will evacuate large numbers settlements. so it is true if it is building more homes in the that it creates a problem for israel in the future because there will have to evacuate more, but it is an issue for the palestinians. but the resolution did not like knowledge —— ican resolution did not like knowledge —— i can knowledge just how far israelis and pasta liens —— palestinians have got in reaching an agreement in the past. and the palestinians have accepted that, so it takes us back really into the past. the reason today this has been
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such a big talking point is because of what the us government has decided to do. surely not give the israeli government pause in other we re israeli government pause in other were 1a other countries he and i all agreed with this resolution, there was no hint of them abstaining, they'll run with a 100%. this is a serious rebuke for israel of the un and they must examine carefully. it shows that despite what has been agreed in negotiations between israel and palestine, the community has been strict insane these are illegal and must stop. but for the us, there is a particular sting in the tail, it is a one minute to midnight moved by the 0bama administration. if they wanted to get involved they should've done a better in the past. so the israelis think trump will be different? he wa nts to think trump will be different? he wants to be, but what he will do, we do not know. the two state solution is still, we all told, ultimately is what most parties are aiming for.
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surely the palestinian reservation must now be that there'd been so many new settlements and the expansion of so many existing ones that when that state if it ever happens is created, it will be a patchwork quilt of areas where the israel is still have control? there haven't been any new settlements for quite some time. there is a natural growth for some of these communities, but a lot of that is in areas that in negotiations between israel is an palestinians they have agreed to stay in israel. we are talking more about the outlying ones. the real issue here is, i think, the parties need to talk and get back to where they were a a few yea rs get back to where they were a a few years ago. they israel, it doesn't get them closer, but the palestinians get closer to condemning israeli international institutions, but that doesn't help either thank you. the authorities in tunisia have arrested three people suspected of being part of terror cell connected to the berlin market attacker, anis amri. 0fficials claim the cell consisted of individuals aged between 18 and 27.
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one of them is thought to be amri's nephew, who communicated with his uncle through encrypted messages, and who also pledged allegiance to islamic state. what all the authorities saying? on the interior ministry website, tunisian officials say they have arrested these three people and one, they say, is the nephew and the bbc has spoken to anis amri's family in tunisia and they've confirmed the arrest of the nephew. we are told that anis amri had sent his nephew money so he could come and join him in germany. but what's we don't know is whether there is a link between these three people arrested in tunisia and the specific attack on the berlin christmas market. we are
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still waiting to see whether that is the case. we have also heard from officials in tunis saying there has so far been no request by germany for these three people to be extradited. the expectation is they would stay in tunisia for now, but that official said they were keen to cooperate with german authorities. and factor at this stage is how big a cell may be that had some sort of connection with anis amri? certainly, one of the focuses of the german investigation at the moment is whether or not anis amri had help us is whether or not anis amri had help us here in germany, whether he had helpers in italy, which is of course where he was shot dead by a police officer in milan yesterday. was there a wider circle here in europe? we don't know what the moment whether these three people who have
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been arrested in tunisia had anything to do with this specific attack. there are other questions for the authorities here in germany. how was he able to leave the country? how was he able to cross into france and then to italy? so, many, into france and then to italy? so, any into france and then to italy? so, many, many questions for them and they are continuing their work over they are continuing their work over the christmas period here in germany. a word about the politics in germany since these events. angela merkel obviously feeling to an angela merkel obviously feeling to a n exte nt angela merkel obviously feeling to an extent vulnerable as a result over what has happened. what's more on that has emerged? certainly she is under pressure to come up with some results here. she has asked for a detailed analysis of this case and said they will review the security set up to make sure things like this don't happen in the future. there is the pressure from her sister party in bavaria and also from the anti—migrants party, which want to
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see the whole security regime here tightened up very much indeed. the migrant —— anti—migrants party have accused her bring it in everyone. 0ther germans say no, we mustn't react in too much of a panic, we have to wait and see what kind of balance we can strike between our security needs on one hand and our free society and freedom of movement on the other. thank you. the queen's granddaughter zara tindall and her husband mike tindall have lost their baby, a spokeswoman for the couple has confirmed. equestrian champion zara and former england rugby player tindall announced at the end of november they were expecting their second child. in a statement the spokeswoman said: "very sadly, zara and mike tindall "have lost their baby. "at this difficult time, we ask that everyone "respects their privacy." extensive railway engineering works are starting across britain today,
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with 200 different projects being carried out over the christmas break. passengers in london, manchester and cardiff are expected to be the hardest hit by the work. one of the biggest stations in the capital, paddington, is closed, with passengers being told to go to ealing broadway and our correspondent, smitha mundasad has been there. here at ealing broadway, we've seen a steady stream of passengers coming into the station with their bikes and christmas presents and insight, there are queues. lots of people asking questions. this is not the journey they would have expected to make. they would have gone from paddington. there is disruption across the uk. also in manchester and cardiff. network rail says the reason they are doing this is because this is the best time to do this kind of thing. there's half the number of people who were normally travel on the railways, so less disruption. they said the improvements are
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needed because the rail system dates from the victorian era and overtime, passengers will see better capacity unreliability of trains. many wouldn't argue with that, but some will say surely there is a better time to be carrying out these improvement works when they are making significant journeys over christmas. they advise is to check the train times and details before you set off today. theresa may has urged britain to "unite and move forward" in herfirst christmas message as prime minister. mrs may said the vote to leave the eu would offer britain the opportunity to carve out a bold new role in the world. in his christmas message, the labour leader, jeremy corbyn promised to do more for people sleeping on the streets. here's our political correspondent, iain watson. the people have spoken and the answer is we're out. the eu referendum divided not just politicians but communities and families. so, against this backdrop,
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it's perhaps not surprising that in her christmas message, the prime minister appeals for unity. in a separate message recorded for the armed forces, theresa may tells them that the government is on their side. because i want you and all your families to know that this government is on your side. jeremy corbyn says his thoughts are with those experiencing loneliness and despair at this time of year. he recently visited a homelessness charity in london and uses his christmas message to repeat the promise he gave them. labour has pledged to put an end to rough sleeping in our first term of government. we would do that by doubling the number of homes available for people who have been sleeping on the street. labour has pledged to put an end to rough
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sleeping in ourfirst term of government. we'd do that by doubling the number of homes available to people who've been sleeping on the streets. lib dem leader of tim farron filmed his message at a centre for child refugees in france and he called for more tolerance. the least traditional message was from the greens. they say 2016 was rubbish, or words to that effect, and they hoped next year is better. but there's one thing most politicians can agree on and that is to wish their voters a happy christmas. iain watson, bbc news. the star wars actress carrie fisher is in intensive care in hospital in los angeles, after suffering what's believed to have been a heart attack on a flight from london. she fell ill, minutes before the plane landed. her condition isn't clear. come on, we've got to get out of here! it is the role that made carrie fisher a star. beautiful, resourceful, tough. she played the pa rt resourceful, tough. she played the part in the first star wars films and again in the force awakens,
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released last year. here she is just a fortnight ago on the graham norton show, promoting her new book based on her teenage diaries. we brought all these things up, it's funny. that didn't happen. we now know she boarded a plane from heathrow to los angeles tomorrow. 15 minutes before landing, she was taken ill with a suspected heart attack. 0ff landing, she was taken ill with a suspected heart attack. off duty medical staff and cabin crew came to her help. paramedics transferred her by ambulance to the intensive care unit here. initial reports suggested she was stable, but current medical condition known. how you feeling? good! ish! the last two years have
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been a steady round of publicising her latest memoir and films. in the past, she has been candid about her health problems. co—stars have taken to social media to wish her well. peter mayhew wrote, thoughts and prayers for our friends for everyone's favourite princess. mark hamill wrote, as if 2016 could get any worse. sending all our love to carrie fisher. the headlines on bbc news: israel condemns a un security council vote calling for an end to settlements on occupied palestinian land. tunisian officials say they've arrested the nephew of the suspected berlin truck attacker along with two other men for communicating with anis amri before the attack. a spokeswoman for the queen's
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granddaughter and her husband said the couple have lost their baby. the president of nigeria, says the army has captured a key base of the islamist militant group boko haram. muhammadu buhari said the camp in the sambisa forest in the northeast nigeria was taken to days ago. he said the group now had nowhere to hide after being forced out of what he called its last enclave in what was a key stronghold. you may recall that last year the president of nigeria said the war have been technically won against boko haram, but they have been able to carry out attacks, including suicide bombings over the last year or so. suicide bombings over the last year or so. what is clear and we don't have any specific details on this
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latest announcement, but what is clear is over the last year and in the last few months, boko haram have been forced out of the areas and territory they controlled. so they are on the run as it were. but they have still been able carry out attacks in cameroon and various neighbouring countries. it has become more of the regional threat the nigeria specific one. the search has been called off for an elderly british woman who's presumed to have fallen overboard from a cruise ship off the east coast of the united states. she was a passenger on the cunard liner, queen mary ii, which was sailing from new york to the caribbean. the ship changed course to help the us coastguard look for her, but is now heading for the island of st maarten as planned. the british—born astronaut, piers sellers, has died
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of pancreatic cancer at the age of 61. originally from east sussex, he then became an american citizen, which allowed him to join nasa's space programme. he took part in three missions between 2002 and 2010, spending a total of 35 days orbiting earth. the wait is almost over for fans of sherlock which has been described by writers at the darkest year. rumours of possible storylines have been flying granny into night that the show‘s stars and crew have managed to keep it a secret. tim fit went along to the set to see if he could tease anything out of the cats. —— the cast. when you see a sherlock script for the first time, what happens? firstly how imaginative it is. then you start picking other details that relate to the original stories and
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then just beautiful character arcs. some remarkably long term in their planning, so we get payoffs in this series that to do with how this began. sorry, what? all you do his clean-up a baby's rest and pat them on the head. there are crowds outside the set. does that affect production? we have a respectful group of core funds to understand we are there to doa funds to understand we are there to do a job funds to understand we are there to doajob and funds to understand we are there to do a job and essentially, it is like they are in our version of an office. whilst the first series was a hit in the uk, no one predicted quite what a global phenomenon sherlock would become. in china at least 90 million people are thought to have seen the last series. the show gets a reaction unlike anything
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i've ever seen or been in. i've been involved in a few big things fingers like this. how will the survey your character number you're a father? the stakes get higher in a different area in his life. we agreed we would never bring her out on a case. it would be quite so much of a show if it was just a domestic bliss. so the bromance is not going to be broken up? not at all. there is no way this show could operate without our friendship, way this show could operate without ourfriendship, no. i'm supposed to just go home now? shall we take him with us? it is much darker this series. in what way? it is very intense. and when we read the three episodes we went, oh, my god! what
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is it like when you're writing it? how does it play out your mind we'll are putting these ideas down on the page? more lines! bigger lines! it's not true. there are certain clues all plot points all spoilers that we literally never write down in case they get out. i'm often the one who says they're not. ijust said on the day, so they are never present in the script. there is no danger of them being leaked. what's the very worst thing you can do? to your very best friends? tell them you darkest secret. the fourth series of sherlock begins on new year's day at 8:30pm on bbc one.
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for many people, cooking christmas dinner can bea for many people, cooking christmas dinner can be a bit of a chore, but in lancashire, it is being used that it improves people physical and mental health. a group of young cooks in fleetwood have taken on the challenge of dishing up a turkey dinner for some challenge of dishing up a turkey dinnerfor some of the challenge of dishing up a turkey dinner for some of the area's elderly residents and it has brought a whole host of surprising benefits. all correspondence has been a follower that out for the last year as they tackle the health challenges. get that on the tray. put it out. 0ver there. the frantic, last—minute rush of a christmas dinner. that one? 0n the westviewe state in fleetwood, these young cooks are experiencing the heat of the kitchen. doing really well. i am proud of them. they are doing better than me. can you warm up the soup, then, please? but providing lunch from more than 30 elderly people isn't just about cooking.
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this is a chance to strengthen a community and develop some broader skills as well. i'm sure i am doing something good. for the community. and, like, it is a warm feeling. it is good because i get to socialise with everybody and make new friends and build my confidence and everything. and that is important in town like fleetwood, where a strong sense of community can help overcome some serious economic and health challenges. those lessons are being reinforce at school, where young cooks kieranand esme are building up their culinary skills. this is one of the school's most popular options at gcse level, and it is taking these young people notjust how to cook, but the value of cooking. and the difference a good diet can make to their health. and the teachers here see notjust the physical benefits to a good diet, but better mental health, as well. kids cook at home and bring the pictures in on their mobile so we can see. they are still cooking at home and they really enjoy it.
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a lot of kids also say it destresses them if they cook. i like to cook at home because i don't feel i am under pressure. and what i produce, everybody is happy with. a community where a poor diet contributes to avoidable health problems such as type two diabetes and heart disease, educating the next generation about how to cook and what to cook isa key part in creating a healthier fleetwood for the future. back at the westview community association, the cooking is finally over, and dinner is served. i'd definitely come again if they are doing another one. yes, it is lovely. well appreciated. with roast spuds, yorkshire pudding and stuffing, it is true that christmas dinner is perhaps not the healthiest meal of the year. but the skills these young chefs are learning here about cooking and working together and community...
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# good tidings we bring... #. ..are notjust for christmas. # we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year #. climate scientists say is unseasonably warm weather patterns in the arctic region are directly linked to man—made climate change and it follows a summer during which arctic seas reached the second lowest extent ever recorded by a satellite. quite a bit of weather going on. that is relevant if you are up in the northern isles of scotland, because there you've seen the very
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worst of barbara. no great complaints in staffordshire, but that's the sort of thing that indicates how cold it is in scotland. further north than that you are picking up on the wind, 75 mphjust recorded you are picking up on the wind, 75 mph just recorded in the last off an hourin mph just recorded in the last off an hour in shetland. that is the temperature profile, so you see this out is doing quite well. thanks to the south westerly breezes. more cloud over northern britain and some rain around. this is how we start christmas morning. no sign of a white christmas with those sorts of temperatures. it will be a breezy day and there will be mist and murk and cloud with bits of rain on the western shores of england and wales. the weather front goes to scotland and northern ireland. quite a gusty affair. to the south of that, exceptionally mild. just falling behind, there could be a bit of a is about proceedings. good afternoon, this is bbc news.
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israel has condemned a un security council vote, calling for an end to settlements on occupied palestinian land. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said that israel would not abide by friday's vote. tunisian officials say they have arrested the nephew of the berlin truck attack suspect, anis amri, along with two other men, for communicating with amri before he drove a lorry into the christmas market on monday. a spokeswoman for the queen's granddaughter, zara tindall and her husband mike, say the couple have lost their baby. they announced at the end of november they were expecting their second child. in her christmas message theresa may calls for britain to come together as it prepares to leave the eu. labour'sjeremy corbyn pleads for an end to sleeping rough. the search for an elderly british woman missing from the queen mary 2 ocean liner heading to the caribbean is called off. a 74—year—old had been reported missing in the early hours of friday.
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sam allardyce is back in football at crystal palace. the former england manager has signed a two and a half year deal at selhurst park following the sacking of alan pardew. now on bbc news, rebecca morelle looks back on the year in science, from british astronaut tim peake's adventures in space, to a discovery that will transform our understanding of the universe. that's review 2016: the year in science. from the mission of a lifetime, this was the year british astronaut tim peake spent six months in space.


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