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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 24, 2016 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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some of those will push into isles. some of those will push into the north—west of england. 13, 1a celsius. then a change on boxing day, howling gales across the far north of scotland, and amber warning. beyond christmas, fog could bea warning. beyond christmas, fog could be a problem. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines. the nephew of anis amri, and two other men, have been arrested by the tunisian authorities for allegedly being part of a terrorist cell linked to monday's deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. here, a man and a woman have appeared in court in london, charged with making preparations for a terrorism attack between july this year and their arrest two weeks ago. israel has condemned as shameful a un security council vote which called for an end to settlements on occupied palestinian land. the prime minister binyamin netanyahu said that israel wouldn't be bound by the vote.
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the status quo guitarist rick parfitt has died. the 68—year—old was taken to hospital in marbella in spain after suffering a severe infection. the musician had been admitted on thursday due to complications to a shoulder injury. in her christmas message, theresa may has called for britain to come together as it prepares to leave the eu. meanwhile, the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has pledged to end rough sleeping in its first term in power. carrie fisher, who played princess leia in the star wars films, is in intensive care after suffering a heart attack during a flight. the 60—year—old went into cardiac arrest minutes before her plane landed in los angeles. now on bbc news, sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, these are our sportsday headlines this evening. there's no stopping celtic,
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they stay 1a points clear of rangers in the scottish premiership. saracens are still top of the rugby union premiership after they beat newcastle. but it's not a great christmas for the vunipolas. mako joins brother billy on the injury list and he could also miss the six nations. evening. the top two sides in the scottish premiership were playing this afternoon. both won so it's as you were at the top of the table for christmas. celtic beat hamilton 3—0 away. they are still unbeaten domestically and that was their 13th league win in a row. hannah lupton reports. it may be the season of goodwill, but celtic won't give anything away willingly.
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the champions are still unbeaten this season, and were lucky not to concede a first—half penalty. celtic battled with the wind and rain in a plastic pitch, but hamilton lost the battle with leigh griffiths, again. he has now scored against them forfive games in a row. 1—0 upjust before the break, but a man down shortly after, callum mcgregor sent off for a second yellow. not troubled by the numerical disadvantage, stuart armstrong produced a christmas cracker. teams have struggled to stop celtic, yet there was nothing hamilton could do about that. mousa dembele came off the bench to score his 18th of the season, and wrap up all three points. no win in nine for the accies, but celtic are comfortable top at christmas. now they can properly enjoy that dinner. rangers beat inverness today but it needed a brad mackay own goal to do it.
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1—0 at ibrox. celtic head there on new year's eve. there are eight premier league matches on boxing day. david moyes returns to manchester united, two and a half years after he was sacked. his sunderland side are currently in the relegation zone. asked about his 11 months at old trafford, he says he didn't get enough time. i was definitely unfairly treated. i think you need to look and say that over the piece, other managers have come and gone and it's been difficult for them, as well. i actually think whoever follows sir alex ferguson, whether it wasjose mourinho or klopp or david moyes, i think it would have been the same, i think it would have been the same, i think it would have been the same, i think it would have taken whoever it was time to change the squad around. they had great players, manchester united. there was one or two getting near the end of their career and it was going to be a little bit of a rebuilding job and it was never
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going to get done immediately. there were three matches in the rugby union premiership and with the top five teams all playing. saracens are still top of the table but wasps are level on points with them after they secured a bonus point win against bath at the ricoh arena. 40—26 the final score. it is that time of year to gather round the fire, sit back and indulge in home comfort. wasps fans, unbeaten at the ricoh, and they were quickly on their way again thanks to christian wade. what followed was purely instinctive, leaving the defence grasping at fresh air. dave attwood and ross batty pulled them to within three, but batty wasn't the only forward to show his pace as thomas youngs restored wasps' ten point cushion at the break. the director of rugby must have been pleased deep down. no mistaking the finish, wade's 18th try of the year. still, bath crossed twice more
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themselves for a bonus point, but no changing the result. wasps finishing 2016 at home as they started it, with a win. chris ashton returned from a 13—week ban for biting to score a try for leaders saracens. they won 21—6 at home to newcastle falcons. elsewhere, lith placed exeter beat leicester in 5th. one bit of bad news for sarecens and england is that the prop mako vunipola could be out for up to three months. he damaged knee ligaments last weekend against sale. a scan will reveal the full extent of the damage but could miss the start of the six nations tournament, if not all of it. his brother billy is already ruled out. mako has been a key playerfor eddiejones during their unbeaten run in 2016. now, 2017 could be a big year for football in jersey. they‘ re currently pa rt of the english football association
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but they want to join uefa, and be able to compete in their own right. next year they take their case to the court of arbitration for sport. patrick gearey reports. many‘s the visitor who's touched onjersey‘s shore and left a mark. this is an island of influences but with an independent streak. an identity they want to display on the football field as a full member of european football's governing body, uefa. thejersey fa wants these young players to represent their island on the international stage, to play countries, not just counties. but there is a barrier. uefa's rules say membership is only open to countries recognised by the united nations as an independent state. jersey don't fit the bill. what we are saying to uefa is that we want to challenge that independence. we are independent here in many, many ways and more independent than many of their current members. we are saying to uefa judge us on our footballing capacity, our footballing ability. jersey argue that uefa already
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includes a number of non—un states, look north to the faroe islands, part of the kingdom of denmark, or down on the mediterranean, gibraltar, a british overseas territory. then there's the complicated case of kosovo, accepted as a uefa member this year, but still not fully recognised by the un. jersey want what they have, a chance to play in the biggest competitions for club and country. it will be massive, i think that's where senior football is lacking because you are playing against the same people week in, week out. even funding at the moment, i think uefa would bring funding for teams to expand and have better pitches and facilities. officially, jersey are only suggesting trips to european football's rocky outcrops, like san marino, lichtenstein and malta in a pre—qualifying tournament. but why not let the imagination wander? do you have a dream fixture in mind? jersey against germany for me. how do you deal with muller and marking him?
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just foul him! the referee that matters right now is the court of arbitration for sport that will consider the case to have the application discussed. what happens in courtrooms on distant shores will decide just how farjersey football sets down this particular channel. that's it for this sportsday. more sport throughout the rest of the evening. for now, goodbye. so, welcome james so, welcomejames paterson. so, welcome james paterson. thank you. what are book shots? well, hopefully, they're a revolution in reading and the way we look at books. at the least they're going to continue an evolution. they're under 150 pages. relatively inexpensive and hopefully impossible to put
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down. it's like one of my regular books, at like 145 pages, very tight. you can get on the train, you go to work, you get on the train going home and you have read one. so you have accomplished something which is kind of cool. the slogan is all thriller, no filler. is that what makes you think somebody will pick up one of these rather than a magazine or go online? it's like reading a movie. there's no fat, it's all story. you know, hopefully with good characters. if you like alex cross, here is one you haven't read before but itjust happens so quickly. here in england we are going to start with six. it's kind ofa going to start with six. it's kind of a category. there will be a alex cross, a zoo, one about the royals which is fun. there is one about a big heist, a diamond heist. recently i was interviewed in my office and i
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pulled out these eight very deep drawers and i have 107 of these book shots that are either finished now 01’ shots that are either finished now or in process and of the so 7 i would say 80 are stories that i created. it's like, oh, my god, the person that interviewed me over there went like this is insane. this is crazy, isaid, like this is insane. this is crazy, i said, great, like this is insane. this is crazy, isaid, great, this like this is insane. this is crazy, i said, great, this is insane. but i think for readers this is going to bea think for readers this is going to be a real boon. because they are addictive. you have written some of them but like yourfull—length novel, you employ a team of co—writers, tell us a bit about how that works, in practice? i wrote last year over 2000 pages of outlines. my outlines are always three or four drafts. it is an insane amount of writing. and usually when i co—write a book, i write an outline, for these it may be 30 pages and it is chapter by chapter. and what i will do with the co—writer
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is give them the outline, i will say please contribute to the outline because that is useful and it gets the co—writer feeling involved in the process. the template for the bookshots is every single chapter moves both the characterisation and the story forward and turns on the movie project in our heads. so if that isn't happening, meaning you can't see it, you can't feel it, and taste it and smell it, if it is not moving forward and i'm not interested characters i will say, hold it, we have lost something here. then i will make suggestions and occasionally i did not figure out the outline correctly or more often it is the co—writer...! we will of course correct. if you look at them, they are smaller, thinner and hopefully on the trains and planes you will see
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people reading this smaller book. i have read that you work seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year, is that true, do you not even take a day off for christmas day? christmas i would say would be a very light day but generally it is seven days a week. somebody said you are lucky if you find something you like to do and it is a miracle if somebody will pay you to do it. and that is my situation. doing these bookshots, it has been the most fun year of my life, because i love to tell stories and i was blocked with the books i had because i had the alex cross series and the woman's murder club and it was like we don't need any more hardback, so there was no place for me to let my imagination go and now there is.
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