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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 25, 2016 2:00am-2:16am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting at home and around the globe. our top stories: donald trump says he will dissolve his controversial charitable foundation to avoid any conflicts of interest. israel's prime minister orders a review of his country's relationship with the united nations, after a vote condemning settlement building. hello and welcome. donald trump has announced that he will be dissolving his charitable foundation. the president elect says it's to try and avoid any conflicts of interest with his presidency. the trump foundation has been under investigation by new york's attorney general since september over suspected impropriety. us media says the foundation is under scrutiny over a donation it
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made to a group backing a republican politician in 2013. mr trump released a statement saying: lynn sweet is a journalist for the chicago sun times, based in washington. i asked her about the foundation and why the president—elect has decided to close its. this has been a big controversy triggered by stories in the washington post —— it. the bottomline is that donald trump does not give any of his own money to the foundation. he has done so between
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2009- 2014. so he foundation. he has done so between 2009— 2014. so he goes to other people to ask for money for the foundation. then, there is another set of controversies, which is what the attorney general in new york is looking at. and that is whether they are self dealing, you're not to use are self dealing, you're not to use a not—for—profit foundation to make political contributions or to help your business. how will it work? he says he is closing it down, the attorney general says he cannot do that while they are investigating? they can both be right. donald trump has said he is not going to raise any more money and is failing paperwork to close it down, but that doesn't wipe the slate clean. the attorney general can investigate it. how damaging as this is for donald trump or does it not matter in terms of his presidency? one of the things we have learned in this campaign leading to the presidency of donald trump is that nothing seems to hurt
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him. controversies that would take out other political figures in the united states didn't have any impact on him. he ended up getting elected and will be sworn in onjanuary 20. i think this foundation controversy is one of many dealings with his conflict of interest issues that have not been resolved, and by that, imean have not been resolved, and by that, i mean his complex web of businesses that he is yet to tell anyone how he is going to divorce himself from the family business before he becomes president. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country will re—assess its ties with the united nations. this comes after the security council adopted a resolution demanding an end to israeli settlement building on occupied palestinian land. it passed after israel's traditional ally the us abstained, which was a break with long—standing practice. mr netanyahu also praised donald trump, who's suggested
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he will reverse america's position on the issue at the un after his inauguration. translation: the decision that was taken at the un yesterday was part of the swansong with the old world, biased against israel. we are entering a new era and, as the president—elect donald trump said yesterday, this will happen sooner than people think. the passing of the resolution has been celebrated by palestinians, as our middle east correspondent, yolande knell explains. here in bethlehem, there is a festive mood outside the nativity church, but many palestinians feel they have an extra reason to celebrate after this un security council resolution, which said that israeli settlements are a flagrant violation of international law. it has been welcomed by all the different palestinian political factions and they're hoping that it will strengthen their legal case when they pursue action against israel in the international courts. for its part, israeli officials have come out and said that this is a disgraceful, shameful resolution
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and the israeli prime minister benjamin neta nyahu says he will not abide by its terms. there are more than 600,000 israelis who live in settlements in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem, that is on land that israel captured in the 1967 middle east war. and the us really feels that at the un security council it was betrayed by its closest ally, the us, which usually uses its veto power to block any resolution that is critical of it. now it is looking to president—elect donald trump for a lot more support. he has already come out on twitter saying that things will be different afterjanuary 20, which is of course when he takes office. thousands of people have started evacuating their homes in the philippines as a powerful typhoon heads towards the island nation.
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typhoon nock—ten, known locally as typhoon nina, is forecast to bring heavy rain and strong winds of up to 138 miles per hour when it hits on christmas day. the philippines national disaster agency says there are fears of wide—spread flooding and landslides. more than 6,000 people died and 200,000 homes were destroyed when typhoon haiyan hit the country in 2013. for more, here's bbc weather‘s louise lear. it's late in the season for a significant storm to strike through the heart of the philippines, but that's exactly what typhoon nock—ten is likely to do. you can just about make out the eye of the storm on the satellite picture as it continues to move in a westerly direction, and expected to make landfall during christmas day. this is going to be a significant storm. the potential for category three or four. there will be a lot of heavy rain associated with it. strong to damaging gusting winds
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and a significant storm surge ofjust 2.5 metres, that's eight foot. it will rip through the heart of the philippines close towards manila. the wider white circles show the track once it makes landfall. we will of course keep you updated. but it's a significant storm and it will cause some issues. 200—300 millimetres per day, which will result in flooding and some landslide. gusts of up to 160 mph, certainly want to keep a close eye on. how unusual is this? sadly, it is the third storm to arrive during christmas day. the last one was in 1981 and before that 1947. these were both category two and as i say nock—ten looks likely to be more powerful. you can get more on all our stories on the website. you will find full
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background analysis plus video and audio content. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: who needs a sleigh? why this father christmas has decided water—skiing may be the best way to deliver presents. security forces in tunisia say they have arrested three members of a terrorist cell linked to the tunisian who killed 12 people by driving a lorry into a christmas market in berlin. the interior ministry said one of those detained was amri's) nephew. amri was detained in the early hours of friday morning. this is anis amri, the man who is suspected of being behind the attack on a berlin christmas market, in the name of so—called
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islamic state. and now authorities across europe and the middle east are trying to piece together his extremist connections. the 24—year—old tunisian made this video shortly before driving a lorry along a crowded street, killing 12 people. now, a clearer picture of his network is emerging. officials in tunis say he was connected to a militant cell which included his sister's son. amri is thought to have sent him money to help him come to germany. the nephew now in custody in tunisia. two others have also been arrested. spanish authorities are investigating whether anis amri may have had links to an extremist in spain. hundreds of people in tunis today took to the streets to demonstrate against extremism. they gathered outside the museum that was attacked last year. translation: the terrorists damage the image of tunisia in the world and harmed expats living abroad. in recent years around 5,500 tunisians have joined jihadist groups, making the country one of the largest exporters of militants in the region. 0ur message is from the heart.
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it is a panic wave and you need to understand, tunisians are afraid but we will not stay silent. we are standing by our country. this was how anis amri met his end, shot dead in an exchange of fire with the police in the italian city of milan. 0ne police officer was injured. he is now recovering in hospital. what began as a horrific attack here in germany has become an investigation that spans europe and beyond. the german officials want to know if amri had supporters, people who may have helped him plan the attack and his escape. as the city shuts down for christmas, the authorities are still working. a man and a woman have appeared
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in court in london charged with making preparations for a terrorism attack. the pair, who are in their thirties, appeared at westminster magistrates court. our home affairs correspondent, dominic casciani has more. arriving at westminster magistrates court after a fortnight in custody, two charged on christmas eve with preparing a terrorist attack in the uk. they are 35—year—old munir hassan mohammed from derby and rowaida el hassan, whose 32 and from northwest london. they're accused of one count of preparation of an act of terrorism in a case that relates to the alleged acquisition of chemicals for explosives. mr mohammed faces five more charges including membership of daesh, or the so—called islamic state. ms el hassan is also accused of possessing information useful to terrorists. the two appeared in the dock flanked by five police officers. they spoke only to confirm
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their names, dates of birth and home addresses. neither indicated a plea and there was no application for bail. the charges come after a significant operation led by the north—east counterterrorism unit. 0fficers conducted extensive searches at properties including homes in derby. four other men arrested at the same time were released this week without charge. mr mohammed and ms el hassan have been remanded in custody and nex appear in court at the 0ld baily in january. the queen's granddaughter zara tindall and her husband mike tindall have lost their baby, a spokeswoman for the couple has said. equestrian champion zara and former england rugby player tindall announced at the end of november they were expecting their second child. in a statement, the spokeswoman said: very sadly, zara and mike tindall have lost their baby. at this difficult time,
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we ask that everyone respects their privacy. nick witchell is our royal correspondent. buckingham palace saying nothing, saying that this is a private matter. zara always in an ambiguous situation, she is a grandchild of the queen. they are members of the working royal family and the queen. they are members of the working royalfamily and have the queen. they are members of the working royal family and have carved out distinguished careers in their sporting fields. they married in 2011 and have one child who will be three next month. this pregnancy was announced exactly one month ago and it was thought that the baby would have been born in the spring, so it is thought she would have been around for months pregnant. the medical risk to her, but as you say, very sad for the family. theresa may has urged britain to "unite and move forward" in her first christmas message as prime minister.
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mrs may said the vote to leave the eu would offer britain the opportunity to carve out a bold new role in the world. in his christmas message, the labour leaderjeremy corbyn promised to do more for people sleeping on the streets. here's our political correspondent, iain watson. british people have spoken and the a nswer british people have spoken and the answer is, we are out. the eu referendum divided not just politicians but communities and families. against this backdrop, it is not surprising that in her christmas message, the prime minister appealed for unity. ina in a separate message recorded for the armed forces, she told them the government was on their side. the armed forces, she told them the government was on their sidelj the armed forces, she told them the government was on their side. i want you and all your families to know that this government is on your side. jeremy corbyn says his thoughts are with those experiencing loneliness and despair. he recently
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visited a homelessness charity in london and used his christmas message to repeat his promise. labour has pledged to put an end to rough sleeping in our first term of government. we would do it by doubling the number of homes available for people who are sleeping on the streets. the libdem leaderfilmed his message and called for more tolerance. the least traditional message was from the greens. they say 2016 was rubbish, 01’ greens. they say 2016 was rubbish, or words to that effect, and they hope that next year is better. there is one thing that most politicians can agree on, and that is to wish their voters a happy christmas. president 0bama has delivered his last christmas message from the white house. sitting alongside his wife he said it had been an honour to serve as the president. merry


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