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this this is bbc news, i amjane hill, the headlines at 1pm. public health england warns middle england —— middle—aged england could be facing a health crisis because of their unhealthy lifestyles. one woman has died and several have been injured after four accidents involving 20 vehicles on the a a0 in oxfordshire. a search is continuing off the kent coast for two crew members missing after art fishing boat capsized last night. also in the next hour, japan's prime minister offers his everlasting condolences to the victims of the attack on pearl harbour. shinzo abe was speaking as he joined president obama on a historic visit to the us naval base attacked by japan 75 years ago. here, nearly 300 neil bowers have been in —— visited by immigration officials in a few weeks in an attempt to clamp down on illegal working. and fans around the
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world have been paying tribute to the star wars actress carrie fisher who has died at the age of 60. good afternoon, welcome to bbc news. middle—aged people are putting themselves at risk of serious problems unless they take action to change their lifestyle. that is according to public health england that says it percent of all a0 to 60 roles are either overweight, printing too much alcohol —— drinking too much alcohol or not getting enough exercise, bidding them at risk of diseases such as type two diabetes. lee parker is running for his life.
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aged a1 and weighing 22 stone, lee was told by his seven—year—old son that he loved him even though he was fat. it was the nudge lee needed. since august, when he changed his diet and began to exercise, he's lost five stone. it was a case of, should we just order a pizza tonight? we had food in but we couldn't be bothered cooking it. i think you just become a bit lazy and a bit drawn out with the daily grind of routine. there are many people in lee's position. all almost 80% of women aged a0—60 are either overweight, obese, physically inactive or drinking more than official guidelines. among men, almost 90% fall into the same category. among the potentially devastating outcomes of this accumulation of
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health risks is diabetes. it has doubled in this age group in the last 20 years and already costs the nhs in england an estimated £1a billion per year. we are ageing as a population but too many of us are ageing with a number of chronic diseases. the reason why we are seeing this increase in chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease is in large part because of behaviours which are adopted in the a0—60 age period. ageing with a number of chronic diseases. the reason why we are seeing this increase in chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease is in large part because of behaviours which are adopted in the a0—60 age for example, still smoking or not getting enough physical activity, or perhaps drinking too much alcohol. the big impact, of course, is this will put a huge burden on health services. to get the message across, in march public health england launched a health quiz as part of its one you campaign. it says more than 1 million people have now taken the quiz and now have a route map to change their lives. lee parker has been telling me about the impact that the board had on his life. i was 22 and a half stone back in august and i have lost five stone to date.
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you were 22.5 stone at what age quite a mac this year, a0. in16 quite a mac this year, a0. in 16 weeks i have lost five stones. i have changed everything about my eating habits. with all my fitness and running... but for you it is a combination, changing what you are eating, what and how much, but also taking part in physical exercise. without doing the prepping for work, shopping, cooking, prepping, it had to change, i had to ditch the ta keaways to change, i had to ditch the takeaways and get back on the healthy bandwagon. iamso healthy bandwagon. i am so interested in your experience, as well, you seem to have had a lot of family support and i wonder if that is a clincher. if a couple is doing it together or a pa rent couple is doing it together or a parent and child is doing it together, is that beneficial? definitely, myself and my partner both started. i have an
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eight—year—old boy, he inspired me to get off the city, he said to me, dad, i love you so much, even though you are fat i still love you. those words are very harsh because children save what they see. when people say to you it is great to go running, i don't have time, i have to get out on about, what is your response to that? you have to make the time, change something about your life. for me even taking the dog for a walk, he i’u ns even taking the dog for a walk, he ru ns u psta i rs even taking the dog for a walk, he runs upstairs now when i get the dog lead and because he is going on too many woks. you have to fit it into your lifestyle as much as possible. one woman has died and a man seriously injured after a series of crashes on the a a0 in oxfordshire.
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up up to 15 people with minor injuries we re up to 15 people with minor injuries were treated by the emergency services at the scene. i have been talking to ben starkey, an hgv driver who witnessed the aftermath of that crash. they have opened a pa rt of that crash. they have opened a part of the central reservation for vehicles to get out. this morning it was obviously foggy and i, there was a collision ahead of me with two vehicles facing towards me. upon getting out of my vehicle and taking a further inspection, there was a more serious accident where the lady had somehow got out of her vehicle and been collided with by another vehicle. i obviously offered my first aid to anyone that needed it. then i saw there were a lot of
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accidents kindly. i continued down to those, and saw there was another serious accident, a car had collided with the rear of an hgv, which i think was the lady who did not make it was involved. then, you are looking that matter we are looking at your photos that you sent through this morning. —— we are looking at your photos. you talk about it being foggy and icy, was their limited visibility when you set out quite a mac yes, i was finishing a delivery in brize norton, visibility was around 15—20 metres, i would say. i noticed a car ahead of me so i was able to stop in time. there was a lady ina able to stop in time. there was a lady in a high viz vest on the grass verge. the car beside me it skidded and hit the central barrier. i went to see the lady to see if she was ok
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and wasn't having any health scares 01’ and wasn't having any health scares or anything. upon walking further up to the main accident ahead of me, it was black, really icy on the road. ben starkey, who saw the aftermath of those crashes talking about conditions on the a a0. two crew members conditions on the a a0. two crew members are conditions on the a a0. two crew members are still missing after a fishing vessel capsized off the kent coast last night. the helicopter has scrambled from lydd, and coastguard teams from margate and coastguard teams from margate and ramsgate are all taking part in the search. let's get the rate is mac the latest from our correspondent, simonjones, monitoring that operation. —— let's get the latest. it is being coordinated from dover, huge operation that began around 7:30am when one of the crew members was spotted on the overturned
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fishing vessel. he was able to tell the emergency services there were two of his colleagues unaccounted for. let's get the latest from a representative from the dover coastguard. what is happening now clashing mark the search will continue until such time as we have established the whereabouts of the missing crewmen. we now have three lifeboats from the rnli and asset will continue. the man who was arrested early this morning, he had potentially been standing on this fishing boat for a number of hours. yes, at this time of year, you know, sunset is quite early, so whatever awkward with the vessel happened during the hours of darkness which meant he would have been sitting in obviously quite cold conditions overnight. weather conditions overnight were relatively benign, winds were not terribly strong and the sea had been calm. either way, it terribly strong and the sea had been calm. eitherway, it is terribly strong and the sea had been calm. either way, it is still the north sea and the winter and would
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have been very cold. and pretty frightening, knowing that two people were unaccounted for. absolutely. when you have been involved in that sort of situation it can happen very quickly. in the past, incidents with fishing vessels, the incidents have awkward very quickly. —— have occurred. we will establish at some point what has happened in this instance but in james being able to prepare oneself 01’ james being able to prepare oneself or potentially a lengthy spell of exposure, it is difficult to prepare ina exposure, it is difficult to prepare in a short space of time. —— in terms of being able to prepare oneself. for the two missing crewmen there is still hope crusher mac of course, there is always hope. there is a survivability of up to 15 hours at this time of year in terms of water temperature, we're not at that point yet. we will continue to search. at some point we will
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conduct a review of the search and what other effort we can allocate elsewhere. the search is very much ongoing, a focus on the north foreland area near ramsgate. the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister, binyamin neta nyahu has intervened the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu has intervened to delay a vote which could have seen hundreds more settlement homes built in east jerusalem. last week the un security council called for an end to israeli settle m e nts council called for an end to israeli settlements on occupied land, a decision that unusually was not vetoed by the us. our middle east correspondent yolande knell gave me the latest information from jerusalem. it isa jerusalem. it is a significant move, this was expect it to be the first approval of new homes, about 500, since the controversial un security council resolution which the palestinians have warmly welcomed and which israel says it completely rejects.
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it has called it disgraceful, shameful and absurd. originally, the head of the municipal committee, the israeli head of thisjerusalem community, had said he plans to press ahead on these new settlement instructions —— constructions but we we re instructions —— constructions but we were told by a committee member after the vote was cancelled earlier that it was the prime minister himself who had made the call to ask them not to strain relations with them not to strain relations with the obama 0rd —— administration ahead of a crucial speechjohn kerry was expected to make later on the israeli— palestinian conflict. nail bar in south london, one of 180
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in recent weeks tackled to follow the slave trade. three people arrested at this business all well vietnamese. the nail bar industry is the latest to be targeted in this operation. 68 businesses were warned they could be fined for immigration offences. there were 97 or arrest as michael arrests. officers identified 14 michael arrests. officers identified 1a potential victims of slavery. many were brought here illegally and then force into servitude to pay off massive debts to the traffickers. people were not kept in dungeons or anything like that but there was a lwa ys anything like that but there was always a control element, they are being controlled by traffickers, theirfamilies are being controlled by traffickers, their families are being threatened
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back home. it is those circumstances we have to try and overcome to include people to come forward, tell us include people to come forward, tell us about experiences and bring the traffickers to justice. another raid on another south london nail bar. two people were arrested here, a fourth had been deported. the government said modern slavery is our barbaric crime and is sending out strong message it will not be tolerated. richard lister, bbc news. the time is just richard lister, bbc news. the time isjust coming richard lister, bbc news. the time is just coming up to richard lister, bbc news. the time isjust coming up to 1:15pm. these are today's headlines. people aged between a0 and 60 are being urged to drink less alcohol and lose weight after a warning from public health england they are facing a health crisis. one woman has died and several have been injured after four accidents involving 20 vehicles on the a a0 in oxfordshire. search teams off the kent coast are continuing to look for two
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crewmembers missing after a fishing vessel capsized last night. it is time to catch up with today's sport news. russia's anti doping agency, rusada, says that remarks reportedly from its acting director general about doping were distorted and taken out of context. in interviews with the new york times, it had seemed that for the first time, russian officials had admitted the existence of a doping operation. now they say the words were taken out of context. began speed to our sports correspondent richard conway for more. what has been said and what is happening? these comments came in a piece for the new york times. the current head of russia's anti—doping agency is reported to have told the new york times it was an institutional conspiracy, seemingly the first time
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any admission has been made by a russian official over those allegations of widespread doping amongst its sportsmen and women. there has been a quick reaction from russia today, firstly from the kremlin who said they would investigate and then said there was no state involvement at all, reiterating that line, of any doping by russian athletes. there was then a statement the comments had been taken out of context and has reserved the like that matter they have reserved the right to take legal action. nevertheless, these claims sure once again that russia remains on the fringes of the international sporting community, given the very strong claims and evidence outlined in professor richard mcevoy and's report earlier this year in which he outlined, in his words, institutional corruption had taken place within the russian sporting firmament and that 1000
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russian athletes had been involved ina russian athletes had been involved in a cover—up. lots of backtracking, as you say, but where does that leave russia at the moment in terms of global sport? russian track and field athletes are still banned from international competition by the iaaf. that remains in place. there seems to be some doubt about when they will be reintegrated, the world championships take place in london in 2017. you'll have to see if they will be back in time for that. we have two high—profile winter sports events removed from russia in recent weeks, that is a sign of the pariah status some sports federations hold russia in now. russia has to be integrated self but there is seemingly no contrition, given the evidence against it, so we will have to see how the state takes it forward from this point. it is
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maintaining it has no state involvement in doping and any problems were at an individual level. the sporting bodies are taking a different view. thank you forjoining us. swansea city hope to have a new manager in place by monday — with manchester united legend ryan giggs and current wales manager chris coleman the leading candidates. it follows the sacking of bob bradley last night. the new manager will be the club's fourth of 2016 and giggs has been linked with the club before. ryan giggs was interviewed for the job and bradley was appointed in october so was overlooked on that occasion and we do understand that swa nsea still clea n on the manchester united legend. he has not managed in his career yet but he has some coaching experience with manchester united. the other candidates and wales manager chris coleman and former leicester boss nigel pearson and the x birmingham boss.
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ryan giggs is the early favourite. the fifa president gianni infantino says the world's football federations are "overwhelmingly in favour" of plans for a a8—team world cup. earlier this month, the head of the sport's governing body outlined his vision for an expanded tournament comprising of 16 groups of three teams. the top two in each group would progress to the knockout stages. a decision is expected injanuary but even if approved is unlikely to take effect before 2026. that is all of the sport for now, more later this afternoon. japanese play ministers shinzo abe has offered his see and everlasting condolences to the victims of his country's attack on pearl harbour in 18a1. speaking after a visit to the uss arizona memorial, mr abe said the horrors of war must never be repeated. while japan correspondent reports. voiceover: it has taken 75 years
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for ajapanese prime minister and us president to come here to pearl harbor together. inscribed on the walls in front of them, the names of the 2,a00 americans killed injapan's surprise attack in december 19a1. outside, they cast flowers into the waters where the wreck of the uss arizona still lies. the battleship exploded under a reign ofjapanese bombs, taking most of its crew with it. many of their remains still lie in the water below here. prime minister abe spoke of his sadness at the young american lives cut short, of their hopes and dreams left unfulfilled. translation: when i contemplate that solemn reality, i am rendered entirely speechless. rest in peace, precious souls of the fallen. voiceover: for 75 years, americans have been taught
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to remember pearl harbor, but today president obama called on americans to take a different lesson from this place. even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward, we must resist the urge to demonise those who are different. it was a directjibe at his successor, donald trump, who has been accused of stoking hatreds against everybody from muslims to mexicans. for mr abe, too, there is deep concern about what will happen to japan's most important partnership when mr trump enters the white house in 23 days' time. nhs hospitals have made more money than ever
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from parking charges and fines. figures from 89 health trusts across england suggest £120 million was raised parking fees last year — that's up five per cent on the year before. patient groups have criticised rising parking charges and the department of health said it expects trusts to put concessions in place for disabled people, carers and shift workers. the film industry and fans around the world have been paying to be too carrie fisher. she had been in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest on a flight suffering a cardiac arrest on a flight to los angeles last friday. phil star wars actor, mark hamill, called the news downright heartbreaking. harrison ford described her as brilliant, original and emotionally fearless. i have been talking to anthony daniels, who played c3p0 in all of the star wars
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films. we were on set together quite a lot and it was wonderful to be back with her after we had been together on episode seven. she was not born when the pickles happened, so in eight she had gotten older. —— when the prequels happened. she is obviously a general, a gracefulfigure, full of authority, charm, and that face had a serenity that maybe it did not have before. i am joining remembering. it is sad to be here, but it is kind of a gift to be able to share this. quite she like to film with. she was always crazy. —— what was she like to film with? she was always warm and giving, made wonderful eye contact. not all actors have the ability to look into you and be safely there. i have
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happy memories of her working with c three po. i am not dress like this in the movies. —— working with c3p0. to work with the gold faced... she did, i am remembering, to work with the gold faced... she did, iam remembering, she switched me off at the end of empire strikes act. she thought that was a joke! it was in the switch —— script, she found the off button. in terms of her acting career, she also referred to herself as a writer, and that became a big part of her life come in terms of the acting, did it bother her or did she accept it had been a gift that came along at the age of 20? yes, what a gift, 2a the next a0 yea rs. yes, what a gift, 2a the next a0 years. it is a good question, some actors do resent being known for something back in the day. do i mind being known as c3p0? i am so proud
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and grateful for the gift she and i got back then from george lucas. we both made it our all in different ways. i don't think she minded for a minute. she was quietly proud and more satisfied, i think, because she was a very skilled writer, of her writing. maybe going back to the origin, the early days, i suppose having a female character, who had something about her, that was very unusual then, maybe still is today. yes, i remember the film barbarella, backin yes, i remember the film barbarella, back in the 60s, there was jane fonda being a space kitten, a strange, rather wonderful movie, fonda being a space kitten, a strange, ratherwonderful movie, but carrie was much more grounded in whatever planet we happen to be on at the time, she could do this in spate of the something silly hairstyles she did not always liked.
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occasionally she would forget and pool 20 minutes of hair out of the week. i think she was not sure about the bikini in return of thejedi. of course, she became every young man's crush for ever. it is important to remember, when you see a movie back when you're younger, particularly star wars, people maladies, when you're younger, particularly starwars, people maladies, grown men, remember those days, and all of the fans who were there. it has become part of people's family and i feel the loss of a family member if i think about it. was it hard for her to deal with that? we all age, it is the natural process yet there is the pressure for people to look the same all those years later and of course we all change. ido! all change. i do! outside. the greatjoy i never
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realised is that i will forever be young as c3p0. carrie i think really accepted, i think, who she was. she was becoming... i'm not good to see a better person but she was coming out of her skin by the end, doing her thing and people delighted in her doing that. they saw her happy behaviour, she said what she wanted to say and she said it with great truth. she seems to go everywhere with her beloved dog, as well. gary! after one of the read—throughs, we were in a posh restau ra nt read—throughs, we were in a posh restaurant with mark hamill and his wife, christina, and me and the dog, gary. you would always see pictures of the dog with his tongue hanging out. she adored the dog and gary went everywhere with her. a great companion. that was the actor anthony daniels
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remembering the many times he worked with carrie fisher. he played c3p0, of course, in star wars, remembering carrie fisher, who has died at the age of 60. just to tell you some news coming through from germany in the last few moments. police are saying they have arrested a man, a a0—year—old tunisian man in connection with the lorry attack on the berlin christmas market earlier this month. persecutors in germany are saying the man they arrested had been in contact with the burning lorry attack, the man who was shot dead later, believed to have carried out that attack on the berlin christmas market that killed 12 people. police in germany saying in the last few minutes they have arrested a a0—year—old tunisian man who had beenin a0—year—old tunisian man who had been in contact
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now it is time to kick a look at our prospects. —— know it is time to ta ke prospects. —— know it is time to take a look. the fog is lifting inland, most of the fog patches into the afternoon, most areas bright and misty and there will be some sunshine, too. a little more mild for scotland and northern ireland, we have more of a breeze, more in the way of cloud, some sunshine perhaps. sunny skies away from the fog in england and wales. the fog develops more widely in england and wales tonight, some frost as well, particularly in the countryside. further north for scotla nd countryside. further north for scotland and northern ireland, with the south—westerly breeze, most areas will be cloudy and frost free. some rain sneaking into the far north—west of scotland on thursday.
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otherwise dry, probably more grey and cold across england and wales, fog tending to lift into low cloud. not as much sunshine around, milder with the south—westerly winds are not. —— further north. hello good afternoon you are watching bbc news, i'mjane hill, here are today's stories. a woman has been killed and a dozen people have been hurt this morning at aao in oxfordshire where up to 20 vehicles were involved were involved in four accidents — within a mile and a half stretch. 80 percent of middle—aged people in england are overweight, don't exercise or drink too much, experts have warned. public health england says the medical system is facing a crisis because of unhealthy lifestyles.


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