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this is bbc news, the headlines at four. the five—time olympic champion cyclist sir bradley wiggins announces he has retired from the sport. the 36—year—old, who has also won the tour de france, said he had fulfilled his "childhood aspiration" of making a career out of cycling. people aged between a0 and 60 are being urged to drink less alcohol and lose weight, after a warning from public health england that they're facing a ‘health crisis'. german police have detained a ao—year—old tunisian man in connection with the fatal lorry attack on a berlin christmas market last week. one woman has died and several people are injured, afterfour accidents involving 20 vehicles on the aao in oxfordshire. a search operation is continuing off the kent coast for two crew members missing after a fishing boat capsized last night. also in the next hour, fans and friends pay tribute to the actress and author,
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carrie fisher. the hollywood star, best known for her role as princess leia, has died at the age of 60 after suffering a cardiac arrest. the five—time olympic gold medal winning cyclist, sir bradley wiggins, has retired from the sport. wiggins, who also won the tour de france in 2012, issued a statement via his facebook page saying he has been ‘lucky enough to live a dream'. earlier richard conway told is more about the statement. he reflects on 2012, the london
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0lympics we have so much success, but he says 2016 is the end of the road for this chapter. he says kids from kilburn don't win 0lympic goals and tour de france but they do now. he reflects on the success he has enjoyed over the career. he was one of britain's most decorated 0lympians. five gold medals, the first briton to ever win the tour de france. first briton to win three 0lympic medals at the same games in 2004. he is one of the country's most decorated sportsmen. but, he has decided that this is the end of the road for him and he will end his career as a professional cyclist. middle aged people are putting themselves at risk of serious health problems unless they take action to change their lifestyles, according to health officials. public health england says 80% of a0 to 60 year olds are overweight, drinking too much and not getting enough exercise. it says ‘modern life‘ is putting middle aged people at a greater risk of developing diseases like type 2 diabetes.
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here's our health correspondent robert pigott. lee parker is running for his life. aged 41 and weighing 22 stone, lee was told by his seven—year—old son that he loved him even though he was fat. it was the nudge lee needed. since august, when he changed his diet and began to exercise, he's lost five stone. it was a case of, should we just order a pizza tonight? i think you just become a bit lazy and a bit drawn out with the daily grind of routine. there are many people in lee's position. almost 80% of women aged 40—60 are either overweight, obese, physically inactive or drinking more than official guidelines. among men, almost 90% fall into the same category. among the potentially devastating outcomes of this accumulation of health risks is diabetes. it has doubled in this age group in the last 20 years and already costs the nhs in england an estimated £14 billion per year.
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we are ageing as a population but too many of us are ageing with a number of chronic diseases. the reason why we are seeing this increase in chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease is in large part because of behaviours which are adopted in the 40—60 age period. for example, still smoking or not getting enough physical activity, or perhaps drinking too much alcohol. the big impact, of course, is this will put a huge burden on health services. to get the message across, in march public health england launched a health quiz as part of its one you campaign. it says more than 1 million people have now taken the quiz and now have a route map to change their lives. and lee parker, who you saw in that report has been telling me what impact living a healthier lifestyle has had had on his life. before i started my fitness
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journey i was 22.5 stone. back in august. i have lost five stone, one and a pounds, to date. at what age were you this weight? this year, at a0. with changing everything about my eating habits and all my fitness and my running. for you it is a combination, it is changing what you are eating, what or how much and taking part in physical exercising. the exercise was a big part of it, it had to mirror the food optimisation part. without doing the prepping for work, shopping, cooking, prepping, it had to change. i had to ditch the takeaways and get back on the healthy bandwagon. what i'm so interested is that you seem to have had a lot of family support and i wonder whether that is a real clincher. if a couple are doing it together, or a parent or a child doing it together, is that beneficial? definitely, myself and my partner
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started the slimming world journey. my my partner has lost two and a half stone. we have an eight—year—old boy and he inspired me to get off the sofa because he said to me, "daddy, i love you so much even though you are fat," those words were harsh, children say what they see because they are so innocent. people say they don't have time to get out, go running, go on the bike would you say to that? you have to make the time you have to find the time in your life to change something about it. for me, coming home from work, taking the dog for a walk. the dog runs upstairs when i get the lead out because he is piped into death of going onto many walks. you have to fit it in your lifestyle as much as you can. lee parker there, talking to me a little earlier.
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police in germany have detained a forty—year—old tunisian man in connection with the lorry attack in berlin earlier this month. officials have until tomorrow to decide whether to arrest him. prosecutors say he'd been in contact with anis amri, the twenty—four year—old tunisian criminal who drove the lorry at high speed into a christmas market, killing twelve people. amri was shot dead in milan last week by italian police during a routine stop and search operation. joining me now from berlin is our correspondent, damian mcgiunness. it seems this arrest came out because the number of this man was found on anis amri's phone? yes the mobile phone was found in the chalk that was rammed into the christmas market and on that mobile phone there was this number is saved. that was how prosecutors tracked down this man. in rage this morning in berlin at a workplace and various homes —— in rage. he was
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entertained. prosecutors have told the bbc that they have until tomorrow evening to detain the suspect. —— he was detained. then they have to decide whether they will arrest him or not, they cannot do so they don't have another evidence. the big question is how anis amri managed to get from palin, it seems he went to the netherlands, down to france and all the way to northern italy. —— get from berlin. prosecutors are saying that they bounce cards in his book site which could only have been obtained in the netherlands. —— sim card in his rucksack. a lot of questions are being asked about how he managed to make that journey even being asked about how he managed to make thatjourney even know his photograph was plastered all over europe. he was the most wanted man in europe, fora europe. he was the most wanted man in europe, for a while. people are 110w in europe, for a while. people are now wondering how he managed to cross europe, even though there were
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so many police officers looking for him. whether he had a support network help him move across europe and hideout. if he does, that means that other people were involved in this terrible attack. presumably, if the police obtained this man's number through his phone there will be the numbers on that phone that they will follow up, well. that is right, and what we do know is that german police officers have said that there are approximately between five and 600 suspected islamist ‘s live in germany and they down on a list with the german authorities as potentially dangerous and those other people that presumably the authorities will presumably investigate. the real question is whether so—called, islamic state are behind the attack. there are claimed responsibility and have released a bdo which is anis amri to pledge allegiance to the of iis. —— released a video. but they have no
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ha rd released a video. but they have no hard evidence that they were behind it. there are lots of questions around this attack, lots of anomalies that they fit into the jihadi attack is. that is why people, all investigators here are being cautious as to what the causes are. the big question is whether anyone else was involved in the planning, in helping anis amri escape and hide and whether those people are still potentially dangerous, because that is the big worry right here in germany. yes indeed. thank you very much. a woman has died and a man is seriously injured after a series of crashes on the aao in oxfordshire. up to 15 people with minor injuries have been treated by the emergency services at the scene. the eastbound side is being opened gradually. there is still fog in the area. i had just come onto the 840,
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come off the junction, and they went on to the outside lane and you could see they're was hazard warning lights and that something had happened up in front. as you would naturally do, i applied the brakes and i kept going. i skated across and as i tried to veer away from the line of traffic that was stationary, i kept going. and straight into it. hence, me hitting a car that had a lady and a young son and partner in it. two crew members are still missing after a fishing vessel capsized off the kent coast last night. the coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at lydd, two lifeboats from ramsgate and the coastguard rescue team from margate were scrambled tojoin the search earlier our correspondent, simonjones had the latest on the search from kent.
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the search operation has continued into this afternoon. the emergency services were first alerted at daylight when a passing boat saw the upturned fishing vessel with one of the crew members standing on it and he was able to tell them that a further two of his colleagues were unaccounted for. let's talk now to someone from the coastguard. this is a big search. it is quite extensive, there are three lifeboats still engaged in the search of the areas that we have identified. earlier on in the search there was eight uk coastguard helicopter. and also one belgian search and rescue colleagues. so, the crew member who was found, he had been potentially standing on top of his fishing boat for hours. yes, we hadn't established at what time, what ever happened to the fishing vessel happened. but, it would have
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certainly have occured during the hours of darkness, which inevitably meant that the individual could have been sitting on top of his fishing boat but quite some time. lucky to be alive? absolutely, at this time of year in the southern north sea, water temperature is about 9 degrees so a significant risk of risk of hypothermia. but he is in the proper care of the hospital authorities at the moment. hope must be diminishing as every hour goes on? yes, but we are operating to quite a body of data with regards to survivability. so, we have not yet passed the point in which the data would indicate that a person in the water couldn't survive. so, still hope? of course. there is still hope. how unusual is this? we hear about problems at sea, but unusual for someone to be stuck
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on top of a fishing vessel for so long. that situation has occurred before in my experience. the fishing industry is very well regulated, by the different national authorities. accidents can happen, but in terms of finding crewmen on up—turned fishing vessels i can recall a number of other incidents in the past but it is not an everyday occurance. what will be investigating look in to to try and establish how this happened ? the investigating authorities will examine everything and reconstruct a trip or a voyage from the moment it departed its port up until the accident point. they are very thorough. i've every confidence they will establish what happened in this incident. the fact that there is a crew man alive will help the investigating authorities. what conditions is he in? i am afraid i can't comment on the condition that he is in but he's certainly
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in the right place at the present time. the search is continuing, being coordinated from here in dover, focusing on an area along the coast from here, where life boats have been scouring much of the morning and continuing into this afternoon. the five—time olympic champion cyclist sir bradley wiggins announces he has retired from the sport. people aged between 40 and 60 are being urged to drink less alcohol and lose weight, after a warning from public health england that they‘re facing a ‘health crisis‘. german police have detained a 40—year—old tunisian man in connection with the fatal lorry attack on a berlin christmas market last week. time for the sports now.
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sir bradley wiggins has announced his retirement from professional cycling after a career spanning more than 20 years. he became the first briton to win the tour de france back in 2012 and can boast eight 0lympic medals, including five golds — and seven world titles — across track and road cycling. in a statement on his facebook page, the 36—year—old said... "i have been lucky enough to live a dream and fulfil my childhood aspiration of making a living and a career out of the sport i fell in love he went on to say... let‘s speak now to the bbc‘s cycling commentator, alaistair bruceball. he has toyed with the idea of retiring over a number of months and yea rs, if retiring over a number of months and years, if the timing is a prize for you? i'm not sure, i felt in the velodrome in the this summer,
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knowing that was going to be his last 0lympics, he went out on a high start you felt, it might not be too far away, with all these incredible sportspeople who go one years and yea rs sportspeople who go one years and years and produce these incredible achievements, you have to wonder if eventually how they can continue to have the motivation. when you do what‘s bradley wiggins has done in his career, in terms of tour de france, the world is one, one, the 0lympic medals he has won, the world hour record he has, eventually it must be difficult to get out of bed and find a reason for carrying on. he is reached that point he‘s done everything he ever wanted to do, he has achieved to childhood dreams, as is said, and he‘s decided to bow out at the top. there was a bitter controversy, wasn‘t there in the last few months kenny gives context into those allegations? this is about the use of banned substances
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byatu about the use of banned substances bya tu e. about the use of banned substances by a tu e. people might be sick to death of hearing about this, but it isa death of hearing about this, but it is a therapeutic use exemption for substance that would otherwise be banned. it transpired ali this year when sir bradley wiggins, had his medicalfiles when sir bradley wiggins, had his medical files hacked that he had used these tu es. in 2013 and other yea rs. used these tu es. in 2013 and other years. but had got the exemption for them, so british cycling approved it and the world governing body approved it. but, a lot of people thought it looked a bit suspicious. the reason he came out and decided to defend himself and the reason he gave was that he had suffered from asthma for most of his career, but all of it since he was a child and he was suffering breathing problems at the time and that was the reason why he had taken their substances. i
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think his quote at the time was, not to gain and on their advantage but to gain and on their advantage but to put himself on a level playing field. that is what the controversy was about, that evidence is out there, that discussion is out there and it is all to people to decide what they make of that. one slight blemish, if you like, but looking at his career in context, what will he be best remembered bob dickey by the british public? gosh, -- particularly bad the british public. i remember two weeks after he won tour de france, at that point he was probably the most famous man in britain, let alone the most famous sportsman. he achievements are incredible. also, his personality and the way he went about things, he would warm to sportspeople because of their achievements but also when they go with panache. he was
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unpredictable gobby spiky, could be funny. you only have to look at the popularity of cycling in this country, and he is a massive part of that. —— could be spiky. he will be remembered by his achievements and areas for a long time. absolutely, we have had some memories haven‘t we? that is all the sports now and i will have plenty more in the next hour, you then. thanks so much indeed. let‘s cross now over to washington. john kerry is delivering what is being billed as a major speech on the israeli—palestinian conflict. excuse me. but those of you who celebrate christmas i hope you had a wonderful christmas, happy hanukkah, and to everyone here i know it is the middle of holiday week, i understand. but, iwish the middle of holiday week, i understand. but, i wish you all a
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very, very productive and happy new year. today, iwant very, very productive and happy new year. today, i want to share candid thoughts about an issue which the decades has animated the foreign policy dialogue here and around the world. the israeli— palestinian conflict. go out his administration, president 0bama has been deeply committed to israel and its security. bat do out his administration. and that has guided his pursuit of peace in the middle east. this is an issue which i have worked intensively through my time as secretary of state, but one simple reason, because the two state solution is the only way to aid she isa solution is the only way to aid she is a just and lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. the only way to insure israel‘s future as a jewish and democratic state. living in peace and security with its
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neighbours. it is the only way to ensure a future of freedom and dignity to the palestinian people and it is an important way of ad fa ns and it is an important way of ad fans sing united states‘s interest in the reason. i would like to explain why that future is now in jeopardy. and provide some context for why we could not, in good conscience, stand in the way other resolution at the united nations that makes clear that both sides must act now to preserve the possibility of peace. i am also here to share my conviction that there is still a way forward is the responsible parties are willing to act. i want to share a practical suggestions, but how to create just and lasting peace that both sides do z. so, it is vital that we have an
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honest clear eyed conversation about the uncomfortable truths and difficult choices, because the alternative that is fast becoming the reality on the ground, is in nobody‘s interest. not the israelis, not the palestinians not the region. and not the united states. i want to stress that there is an important point here, myjob above all is to defend the united states of america, to stand up for an defend our values and our interests in the world. and if we were to stand idly by and know that in doing so we are allowing a dangerous dynamic to take hold, which promises greater conflict and instability, to a region in which we have vital interest, we would be derelict in our loan responsibilities. regrettably, some seem to believe that the us
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friendship means the us must accept any policy, regardless of our own interest, i own positions, our own words and principles, even after edging again and again that the policy much to change. friends need to tell each of their the hard truths. and friendships required mutual respect. israel‘s permanent representative to the united nations who does not support a two state solution said after the vote last week, "it was to be expected that israel‘s quakers ally would act in accordance with the values that we share, and vetoed this resolution —— greatest ally. " i‘m compelled to respond that the united states did... in accordance to our values, just as previous us have done in
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previous security councils. they fail to recognise that this friend, the united states of america, that is done more to support israel that any other country, this friend that has blocked countless efforts to delegitimise israel, cannot be true to our own values delegitimise israel, cannot be true to our own values or even delegitimise israel, cannot be true to our own values or even the stated democratic values of israel, and we cannot properly defend and protect israel, italy ally out a viable two state solution to be destroyed before our own eyes. —— if we allow. the vote in the united nations was about preserving the two state solution, that is what we were standing up for, israel‘s future as ajewish standing up for, israel‘s future as a jewish and democratic state living side—by—side with its neighbours. that is what we are trying to preserve, for our sake and for theirs. in fact, this administration has been israel‘s greatest friend
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and supporter with an absolutely unwavering commitment to advancing israel‘s security and protecting its legitimate seat. on this point i wa nt to legitimate seat. on this point i want to be very clear. no american administration has done more for israel‘s security than barack 0bama‘s. the israeli prime minister himself has noted our "unprecedented military intelligence cooperation." military exercises are more advanced than ever. 0ur assistants have saved cou ntless than ever. 0ur assistants have saved countless israeli lives. we have consistently supported israeli rights to defend itself including actions in gaza. time and time again we have demonstrated that we have israel‘s back. we have strongly opposed boycotts and sanctions targeting israel in international fora will stop whenever and wherever
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its legitimacy was attacked and we have thought for its inclusion across the un system. in the mitts of our own financial crisis, and budget deficit, we repeatedly increased funding to support israel. bat in the midst. in fact more than one heart of our entire military financing goes to israel. —— in the midst will. that will invest in cutting edge metal defence and sustain israel‘s military edge or years to come. that is the measure of our support. —— military defence. this commitment to israel‘s security is very personal for me. i my first trip to israel as
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young centre in 1986, i was captivated by a special country. —— a young senator. 0ne captivated by a special country. —— a young senator. one that i soon grew to love. 0ver a young senator. one that i soon grew to love. over the years, like so many others who were drawn to this extraordinary place, i have swu m this extraordinary place, i have swum in the dead sea, driven from one biblical city to another, i have also seen the dark side of rocket storage facilities just across—the—board in lebanon. luckily the exhibits at the hell of the holocaust. i have piloted an israeli jet over the tiny airspace of israel, which would make anyone understand the importance of security to israelis. 0ut understand the importance of security to israelis. out of those experiences came a steadfast commitment to israel‘s security that has never wavered for a single minute in my 28 years in the senate or my 40 years as secretary. i have also often visited west bank
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unities. —— my 14 years. where i met palestinian struggling but basic security. past by military checkpoints that can make the most routine trips to work or school and ordeal. had from business leaders who could not get the payments that they needed to get their products to they needed to get their products to the market, families who have struggled to secure permission just to travel the needed medical care. i have witnessed first—hand the ravages of a conflict that has gone on forfar too long. i have ravages of a conflict that has gone on for far too long. i have seen israeli children whose playgrounds to have been hit by rockets. i visited shelters next cools, the kids had 15 seconds to get to after a warning siren went off. i have seen the devastation of war in the gaza strip where palestinian girls played in the rubble of a bombed out building. no children, israeli or
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palestinian, should have do live like that. so, despite the obvious difficulties, but i understood when i became stec taste eight, i knew that i had to do everything in my power to end this conflict. —— when i became secretary of state. and i was grateful to be working for president 0bama he was deeply committed to that effort. like previous us administrations, we have committed our influence and our resources to try and resolve the arab— israeli conflict, because it would serve american influence to stabilise a voluntary region, and secure america‘s commitment... despite our best efforts over the yea rs, despite our best efforts over the years, the


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