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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines at five: britain's most decorated olympian, sir bradley wiggins, announces his retirement from cycling. the 36—year—old — who also became the first british cyclist to win the tour de france — said he had been lucky enough to fulfil his "childhood aspiration." public health england warns of a "middle—age health crisis" — with eight in ten people aged between a0 and 60 either overweight, inactive or drinking too much. german police have detained a ao—year—old tunisian man in connection with the fatal lorry attack on a berlin christmas market last week. one woman has died and several people injured, afterfour separate accidents involving more than 20 vehicles on the aao in oxfordshire. a search operation is continuing off the kent coast for two crew members missing after a fishing boat capsized in the english channel. also in the next hour: fans
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and friends pay tribute to the actress and author carrie fisher. the hollywood star — best known for her role as princess leia — has died at the age of 60 after suffering a cardiac arrest. the five—time olympic gold—medal winning cyclist, sir bradley wiggins, has retired from the sport. wiggins, who also won the tour de france in 2012, issued a statement via his facebook page saying he had been "lucky enough to live a dream." with me is our sports news correspondent richard conway. earlier our sports news correspondent richard conway told us more about sir bradley's statement. a reflects on 2012 when head much
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success a reflects on 2012 when head much success but a said 2016 is the end of the journey. he reflected on the success he has had over his career. he is one of britain's most decorated olympians, eight medals, five of which are gold, the first briton to win the tour de france. he is one of the country's most decorated sportsman but he has now decided this is the end of the road for him and he's going to end his career for him and he's going to end his career as for him and he's going to end his career as a for him and he's going to end his career as a professional cyclist. middle aged people are putting themselves at risk of serious health problems unless they take action to change their lifestyles, according to health officials. public health england says 80% of a0 to 60—year—olds are overweight, drinking too much and not getting enough exercise. it says "modern life" is putting
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middle aged people at a greater risk of developing diseases like type two diabetes. here's our health correspondent robert pigott. lee parker is running for his life. aged 41 and weighing 22 stone, lee was told by his seven—year—old son that he loved him even though he was fat. it was the nudge lee needed. since august, when he changed his diet and began to exercise, he's lost five stone. it was a case of, should we just order a pizza tonight? we had food in but we couldn't be bothered cooking it. i think you just become a bit lazy and a bit drawn out with the daily grind of routine. there are many people in lee's position. almost 80% of women aged 40—60 are either overweight, obese, physically inactive or drinking more than official guidelines. among men, almost 90% fall into the same category. among the potentially devastating outcomes of this accumulation of health risks is diabetes. it has doubled in this age group in the last 20 years and already
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costs the nhs in england an estimated £14 billion per year. we are ageing as a population but too many of us are ageing with a number of chronic diseases. the reason why we are seeing this increase in chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease is in large part because of behaviours which are adopted in the 40—60 age period. for example, still smoking or not getting enough physical activity, or perhaps drinking too much alcohol. the big impact, of course, is this will put a huge burden on health services. to get the message across, in march public health england launched a health quiz as part of its one you campaign. it says more than1 million people have now taken the quiz and now have a route map to change their lives. lee parker, who you saw in that report, has been telling me more about what impact adopting a healthier lifestyle had on his life. before i started my fitness journey i was 22.5 stone. back in august.
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i have lost five stone, 1.5 pounds, to date. at what age were you this weight? this year, at a0. in 16 weeks i've lost five stone. with changing everything about my eating habits and all my fitness and my running. for you it is a combination, it is changing what you are eating, what or how much and taking part in physical exercising. the exercise was a big part of it, it had to mirror the food optimisation part. without doing the prepping for work, shopping, cooking, prepping, it had to change. i had to ditch the takeaways and get back on the healthy bandwagon. what i'm so interested is that you seem to have had a lot of family support and i wonder whether that is a real clincher.
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if a couple are doing it together, or a parent or a child doing it together, is that beneficial? definitely, myself and my partner started the slimming world journey. my partner has lost two and a half stone. we have an eight—year—old boy and he inspired me to get off the sofa because he said to me, "daddy, i love you so much even though you are fat," those words were harsh, children say what they see because they are so innocent. people say they don't have time to get out, go running, go on the bike would you say to that? you have to make the time you have to find the time in your life to change something about it. for me, coming home from work, taking the dog for a walk. the dog runs upstairs when i get the lead out because he is piped —— frightened to death of going onto many walks. you have to fit it in your lifestyle as much as you can.
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donald trump has urged israel to stay strong in the final days of the obama administration before his more pro—israel administration takes office. the united states abstained for the first time. the building of home forjewish settlers on israeli land is widely regarded to be in breach of international law. john kerry in a speech defended the obama administration's call on israel including contribution to the military and solution for a two state solution. he strongly condemned israel's settlement
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building programme. let's be clear, settle m e nt building programme. let's be clear, settlement expansion has nothing to do with israel's security. many settle m e nts do with israel's security. many settlements actually increase the security burden on the israeli defence forces. readers are motivated by ideological imperatives that entirely ignored legitimate palestinian aspirations. among the most troubling illustrations at this point have been that proliferation of outpost that are illegal under its own laws. they are often located on private palestinian land and strategically placed in locations that make two states impossible. there are over 100 of these outposts and since 2011, nearly one third of them have been or are being legalised. despite pledges by past
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israeli governments, leaders have advanced unprecedented new legislation that would legalise most of those outposts for the first time. it would apply is really domestic law to the west bank rather than military law, which is a major step towards the process of annexation. let's speak to our washington correspondent. he promised candid words and we got them. why is he saying this now? this is an emphatic defence of the us policy towards israel and it comesjust a week us policy towards israel and it comes just a week after the un security council vote. the us usually shields israel when it comes to the un and the obama administration has a long history of that. however, in that vote, they refused to use their veto and that is what has got israel so angry and thatis is what has got israel so angry and that is what prompted donald trump's consistent greeting. donald trump
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treated this morning that america cannot let israel be treated with such total disdain and respect and it is not just such total disdain and respect and it is notjust donald trump this way. a number of senior republicans and senior democrats relieved that the obama administration did the wrong thing about un votes of this is an emphatic defence of that. what john kerry is effectively saying is that she wants to see a two state solution. it has been the obamaobamaadministration‘s dream. that team, which john obamaobamaadministration‘s dream. that team, whichjohn kerry has worked for for four years, has that team, whichjohn kerry has worked forforfour years, has not come to fruition, nowhere near it. he only has a few days left in office and he is trying to layout a road map to show people what went wrong and what they were trying to achieve and perhaps lay down a marker to say, this could be achieved if there is work on the ground and if the diplomatic efforts
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around the world to try to put it in motion. he'sjust talking around the world to try to put it in motion. he's just talking and winding up at the moment and what he's saying is the current conditions on the ground were israel continues to expand settlements, he says that is not conducive to a two state solution to what she is insisting upon is that this is almost a rebuke to israel's claim, that the obama administration has abandoned its friend israel. he says they have supported them but now it is time for israel to do its part and pull its people together and stop building these settlements. you would be able to see this, but viewers can see pictures of construction going on on a settle m e nt construction going on on a settlement northeast ofjerusalem and this building is going on on ground that was acquired by israel after 1967. laura, you say thatjohn
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kerry was engaged in a strong defence of the obama administration's policy towards the middle east. part of a must be driven by a fear that those policies are going to change drastically under donald trump. and it looks certain with donald trump's tweets that that is the case. he told israel to stand strong and stay there until january 20 israel to stand strong and stay there untiljanuary 20 when he will be israel's friend. the obama administration, it has been a rocky relationship between obama and israel. if you look at security cooperation, the two countries have managed incredibly well and then there was the $38 million military settle m e nt there was the $38 million military settlement between the two countries, unprecedented amounts of money going to israel military force willie will be able to build new defence missiles with that money —— where they will be able to build new defence missiles with that money.
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but when it comes to the relationship diplomatically, by pushing this two state solution, president obama seems to have angered israelis. he certainly feels that that is the only solution for the israeli palestinian conflict and thatis the israeli palestinian conflict and that is whatjohn kerry is trying to say today. whether or not donald trump takes any of this into consideration, whether or not she looks atjohn kerry's road map and listens to what he's saying —— he looks, but so far there are advisers around him who are pro—israeli and and type two state solution —— anti—. police in germany have detained a ao—year—old tunisian man in connection with the lorry attack in berlin earlier this month. prosecutors say he'd been in contact with anis amri, the 24—year—old tunisian criminal who drove the lorry at high speed into a christmas market, killing 12 people.
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amri was shot dead in milan last week by italian police during a routine stop and search operation. our berlin correspondent damian mcguinness has been following the latest developments. prosecutors say a mobile phone was found in the truck that ran into the christmas market last week and on a mobile phone which appears to be long —— belong to amari, this number was saved and that is how police tracked down this man. at a rate of various forms, he was detained. prosecutors have told the bbc they have until tomorrow evening to detain this suspect and then they would have to decide whether they're going to formally arrest are not. if they don't have enough evidence, they don't have enough evidence, they can't arrest him, but there are still so many questions open, like the big question right now, which is how amari managed to get from berlin, from the netherlands down
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through france and all the way to northern italy in milan. prosecutors are saying they found sim cards in his rucksack which could only have been obtained in the netherlands and there are a lot of questions being asked about how he managed to make that journey even asked about how he managed to make thatjourney even though his photograph was plastered all over train stations and airports all over europe because he was the most wa nted europe because he was the most wanted man in europe and people are wondering how he managed to cross europe even though there were so many police officers looking for him and the big question is whether he had a support network helping him move had a support network helping him m ove a cross had a support network helping him move across europe and also hide out because of course if he does have a support network, that meet other people were involved in this terrible attack. —— that means. presumably as the police obtained this man's number through amari's phone, they will be other people they are following up, too. yes and
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what we do know as well is that german police officers have said though between 500 and 600 islamists who live in germany and money list with the german authorities as potentially dangerous and those are the people that authorities are now investigating because the real question is whether so—called islamic state was actually behind this attack. they have claimed responsibility and released a video which shows amari pledging allegiance, but investigators say they have no concrete evidence that islamic state was involved. there are islamic state was involved. there a re lots of islamic state was involved. there are lots of questions and anomalies that don't fit into otherjihad attacks and that is why investigators are being cautious as to what the causes are. the big question is, whether anyone else was involved in the planning, involved in helping him escape and hide and
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whether those people are still potentially dangerous because that of course is the big worry right now here in germany. the headlines at five: britain's most decorated olympian, sir bradley wiggins, announces his retirement from cycling. public health england warns of a "middle—age health crisis" — with eight in ten people aged between a0 and 60 either overweight, inactive or drinking too much. german police have detained a a0—year—old tunisian man in connection with the fatal lorry attack on a berlin christmas market last week. the russian anti—doping agency says reports that they have admitted to doping a distorted. they denied it was state—sponsored. todd and take on southampton today. a win would
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put them a point behind their rivals arsenal. wales manager chris coleman is in line for thejob arsenal. wales manager chris coleman is in line for the job to replace bob bradley. a woman has died and a man is seriously injured after a series of crashes on the aao in oxfordshire. up to 15 people with minor injuries were treated by the emergency services at the scene. the westbound carriageway has now been re—opened and the eastbound side is being reopened gradually as the crashed vehicles are cleared. there is still fog in the area. nikki cowan was involved in the crash but was unharmed. she told us what happened. i had just come onto the aao, come off the junction, and as i went on to the outside lane and you could see there was hazard warning lights and that something
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had happened up in front. as you would naturally do, i applied the brakes and i kept going. i skated across and as i tried to veer away from the line of traffic that was stationary, i kept going. i drove straight into it. hence, me hitting a car that had a lady and a young son and partner in it. two crew members are still missing after a fishing vessel capsized off the kent coast last night. the coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at lydd, two lifeboats from ramsgate and the coastguard rescue team from margate were scrambled tojoin the search. our correspondent, simonjones, is following developments. the search operation has continued into this afternoon. the emergency services were first alerted at daylight when a passing boat saw the upturned fishing vessel with one of the crew members standing on it and he was able to tell them that a further two of his colleagues were unaccounted for.
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let's talk now to ken beasley from the coastguard. this is a big search. it is quite extensive, there are three lifeboats still engaged in the search of the areas that we have identified. earlier on in the search there was a uk coastguard helicopter and also a belgian search and rescue helicopter. so, the crew member who was found, he had been potentially standing on top of his fishing boat for hours. yes, we haven't established at what time, what ever happened to the fishing vessel happened. but it would have certainly have occured during the hours of darkness, which inevitably meant that the individual could have been sitting on top of his fishing boat but quite some time. lucky to be alive? absolutely, at this time of year in the southern north sea, water temperature is about 9 degrees so a significant risk
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of hypothermia. but he is in the proper care of the hospital authorities at the moment. hope must be diminishing as every hour goes on. yes, but we are operating to quite a body of data with regards to survivability. so, we have not yet passed the point in which the data would indicate that a person in the water couldn't survive. so, still hope? of course. there is still hope. how unusual is this? we hear about problems at sea, but unusual for someone to be stuck on top of a fishing vessel for so long. that situation has occurred before in my experience. the fishing industry is very well regulated, by the different national authorities. accidents can happen, but in terms of finding crewmen on up—turned fishing vessels i can
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recall a number of other incidents in the past but it is not an everyday occurance. what will be investigating look into to try and establish how this happened ? the investigating authorities will examine everything and reconstruct a trip or a voyage from the moment it departed its port up until the accident point. they are very thorough. i've every confidence they will establish what happened in this incident. the fact that there is a crew man alive will help the investigating authorities. what condition is he in? i am afraid i can't comment on the condition that he is in but he's certainly in the right place at the present time. the search is continuing, being coordinated from here in dover, focusing on an area along the coast from here, where life boats have been scouring much of the morning and continuing
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into this afternoon. back to the news that sir bradley wiggins has retired from professional cycling. we are joined from hertfordshire by the cycling commentator phil liggett. how much ofa commentator phil liggett. how much of a surprise is this? it's not a big surprise, because at the end of another successful year, bradley a lwa ys another successful year, bradley always said, that's it for me, and he was intending to announce his retirement in a six—day race in belgium in november but then he got s0 belgium in november but then he got so many good vibes and accolades, and he said how can you walk away from this atmosphere than these people? but i think he has been rethinking the last few weeks at 36
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and a0 at the next olympics, it may be tend to go at the top of his career. be tend to go at the top of his career. how would you assess his legacy to british cycling? there's no doubt he has been the greatest cyclist britain has ever produced. his father would be proud because he was a professional cyclist. he was the first british cyclist ever to win the tour de france which began in 1803 and he was the first british cyclist to the more they look like winning it and with chris, together they took the race by the scruff of they took the race by the scruff of the neck. his coveted track record last year is very special and he has all these olympic medals, five of them, and he's also got eight world championship medals. he's been a very best. i suppose as well as his
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undoubted phenomenal success, he's also somebody who cut through, isn't he? somebody people knew as a character even if they weren't that interested in cycling. absolutely right you could always rely on bradley wiggins saying something different to everybody else. i remember when he won the bbc sports personality of the year and they called him on stage to give a speech andi called him on stage to give a speech and i saw his wife saying, please don't! because you never know what bradley is going to say but he is loved by the people and he's a man from kilburn, aged from kilburn who has won olympic and world medals —— a kid. kids from kilburn can now do it. he's been a people's champion, that's why we all love him, and an entertainer, notjust a world—class cyclist but somebody who did it his way and made us all think and laugh and you never knew what he was going to say next. thanks for your time.
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harrison ford has led tributes to carrie fisher, who has died at the age of 60, calling her "one of a kind". the actress, best known for her role as princess leia in star wars, had been in hospital since suffering a cardiac arrest on a flight from london to los angeles last friday. our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba looks back at her life. clever and confident... what the hell are you doing?! somebody has to save our skins. ..occasionally caustic... will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way? carrie fisher's leia wasn't your typical princess waiting to be rescued. for luck. what appealed to me was that george lucas, who wrote it and directed it, didn't want a damsel in distress, didn't want your stereotypical princess, you know. the galactic princess grew up hollywood royalty, the daughter of ‘50s movie legend debbie reynolds. throughout her acting career she battled drug addiction and mental illness. writing about it was a form
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of therapy for her. people used to ask me, you know, right after i got sober, initially they'd say, so, are you happy now? i would say, among other things, happy is one of the many things, the many emotions i will go through in a day. i love you. an instantly recognisable face after star wars, from time to time there were appearances in other films, like when harry met sally. her mother has led tributes, saying... per star wars co—star mark hamill tweeted. .. harrison ford said in a statement... on initially meeting carrie, i didn't see carrie fisher
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the actress, i saw princess leia before me. that was initially how i met her but i got to know what a kind and fun person she was to be around. in 2015 she reprised to her role as princess leia in star wars: the force awakens, and that's how millions will remember her. earlier, my colleaguejane hill spoke to anthony daniels who played c3po in the stars wars films. he described working with carrie fisher on the new star wars carrie fisher on the new star wars film, which will be released in 2017. we were on set together quite a lot and it was wonderful to be back with her.
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we'd been together an episode seven, but she wasn't born when the prequels happened, so in eight she had become, as she got older she has become a general, she is a very graceful figure. she was full of authority, charm and that face. her face had serenity that perhaps it didn't have before. i am enjoying remembering her. it is a gift to come and share this. what was she like to work with, to film with? she was everything, depending on the day! but always crazy, always warm and friendly and giving. she was a wonderful icon, not all icons have the ability to look into you and be safely there and... i have very happy memories of her, working with c—3po. to work with a gold face that twitters at you, she did, i'm remembering,
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kind though she was, she did switch me off at the end of the empire strikes back. harrison ford said, thank you! she thought that was a joke? it was in the script, she found the off button. in terms of her acting did she career, mind that she was defined as princess leia, i know she referred to herself as a writer. and that became part of her life. ritchie except that that had been a gift that came along at the age of 20? what a gift, 20 for a0 years. a good question because some actors do resent the being known... do i mind being known for c—3po? i'm so proud and grateful for the gift, that she got and i got back then from george lucas. so, i don't think she minded from minute. now let's get the weather.
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the fault has already had some impact. i think it will be a real problem tonight and indeed across england. not so much for scotland and northern ireland. there will be some areas waking up to sunshine. generally, a lot of fog, freezing fog, slippery surfaces so take it easy on the road. it will be milder for northern ireland and scotland, but otherwise, some dry, bright weather. no wind to use shift that fog. —— no wind to shift that fog.
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drier and brighter across eastern parts of england. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 5:30pm. britain's most decorated olympian, sir bradley wiggins, has announced his retirement from professional cycling. the 36—year—old has won eight olympic medals, five of them gold as well as the tour de france in 2012. 80% of middle—aged people in england are overweight, don't exercise or drink too much, experts have warned. public health england says the medical system is facing a crisis because of unhealthy lifestyles. a woman has been killed and a dozen people have been hurt this morning after a number of collisions in ice and fog on the aao in oxfordshire. around 20 vehicles were involved police in germany say they have
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detained a a0—year—old tunisian man in connection with the lorry attack on a berlin christmas market earlier this month that killed 12 people. will somebody get this big, walking carpet out of my way. friends and family pay tribute to the star wars actress carrie fisher, who died four days after suffering a heart attack on a transatlantic flight. now time to catch up with everything in the world of sport. sir bradley wiggins announced his retirement from professional cycling this afternoon after a career spanning more than 20 years. he became the first briton to win the tour de france back in 2012 and boasts eight olympic medals, including five golds, and seven world titles across track and road cycling. in a statement on his facebook page, the 36 year—old said: "i have been lucky enough to live a dream and fulfil my childhood aspiration of making a living and a career out of the sport i fell in love with at the age of 12."
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he went on to say "i have worked with the world's best coaches and managers, who i will always be grateful to for their support." joining me now is brendan gallagher who co—wrote bradley wiggins boaty mcboatface autobiography. i wanted joining me now is brendan gallagher who co—wrote bradley wiggins' autobiography. what was it like to work with bradley wiggins? he was a hard-nosed pragmatist, a realist, a grafter, a very observant guy. even if you
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thought he wasn't listening, he was a wonderful mimic, and he would pick up a wonderful mimic, and he would pick up on everybody, everything you'd say or do. he was ultra sensitive to things like that. he was an endlessly interesting item write about. —— guide to write about. endlessly interesting item write about. -- guide to write about. do you think he became more guarded as a person because of the success he achieved? almost certainly. 20 years as achieved? almost certainly. 20 years asa achieved? almost certainly. 20 years as a professional, a cyclist, and it was rare he didn't win some sort of global event. he was always in the limelight and i do sense he retreated in on himself. i think he
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was either loving the limelight or wanting to get out of it and disappear. certainly, in recent yea rs disappear. certainly, in recent years he's become a little bit more reclusive. there's been some allegations this year which have been tough, around him and british cycling, and he broke his silence to doa cycling, and he broke his silence to do a couple of interviews, but he's gone to ground. team wiggins has been launched. do you think this will be his focus or she will he stand back? i think he will always write his bike. —— ride his bike. he was on twitter the other day, that will be of interest but it won't be all— consuming. also, he's got his rock use it, his dart playing and i
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think you will see samora that. earlier i spoke to the bbc‘s cycling correspondent alistair bruceball and i began by asking him if the timing of the announcement had been a surprise. could you give us some context into those allegations. people might be sick to death of hearing about tea you ease, therapeutic use exemption and it transpired that earlier this year, bradley wiggins had his
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medicalfiles hacked, year, bradley wiggins had his medical files hacked, and year, bradley wiggins had his medicalfiles hacked, and he had used a couple of these ahead of his races in 2012 and 2013, he had used the substances but had got exemption from them and the world governing body had approved it, but people thought it was suspicious. he decided to come out and defend himself. he said he had suffered from asthma for most if not all of his career and was suffering from breathing problems at the time. i think it's quite at the time was not to gain advantage but to put himself ona to gain advantage but to put himself on a level playing field. one slight blemish, if you like. a slight one at that. what will he be best remembered for particularly by the british public? one that comes to
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mind is sitting in the hampton court throne having won the olympic time trial less than two weeks after winning toured france. i think by that point, he was probably the most famous man in written, let alone the most famous sportsman. also, his personality, the way he went about things. he did this with a little bit of panache. he could be spiky, very funny, and you only have to look at the popularity of cycling in this country, he is a massive part of that. people have always warmed to him and he will be remembered for a long, long time. with all the top four winning after christmas, the onus is now on tottenham who are away at southampton tonight, as mauricio pochettino
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returns to his former club. a win would take spurs to a point behind fourth—placed arsenal. and their captain hugo lloris believes the club need to ‘keep the focus' over the busy festive period. at this part of the year, it's too early to know what's going to happen. wejust early to know what's going to happen. we just need to carry on, we know with the christmas period, oxime day, it's a period where you can lose points, so it's important to stay focused and be ready for the battles we are going to have. swansea city hope to have a new manager in place by monday — with manchester united legend ryan giggs and current wales manager chris coleman the leading candidates. it follows the sacking of bob bradley last night. the new manager will be the club's fourth of 2016 and giggs has been linked with the club before. giggs was interviewed for the job went bradley was appointed, though he was overlooked on that occasion. we do understand that swansea are still keen on the manchester united legend. he's not managed at all in
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his career, but he does have some coaching experience with man united. chris coleman, nigel pearson, and the ex—birmingham manager, but some names in the frame, but ryan giggs, the favourite. the everton manager ronald koeman says he is looking to do business in the january transfer window. reports have linked the club with a move for teenage charlton forward ademola lookman and they've also been linked with manchester united's morgan schneiderlin. at his press conference, the dutchman was asked if he'd be active in the window. yes, of course. we are working on that, and we have some certain interest in some players. ok. but that's what we need to keep inside. some names are through, and some names are not through, but that all speculations. the fifa president gianni infantino says the world's football
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federations are "overwhelmingly in favour" of plans for a a8—team world cup. earlier this month, the head of the sport's governing body outlined his vision for an expanded tournament comprising of 16 groups of three teams. the top two in each group would progress to the knockout stages. a decision is expected injanuary but even if approved it would be unlikely to take effect before 2026. eoin morgan hit a half century for sydney thunder but was unable to stop them from losing their big bash t20 against brisbane heat in dramatic fashion. after the big bash league, morgan willjoin up with his england teammates for the one—day series against india in january. brisbane won the match with just two balls of the innings to spare thanks to some big hitting from australia's chris lynn — from australia's chris lynn. it means brisbane heat now top the league having won two from two. that's all sport for now. you can keep up to date with all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's and i'll have more in sportsday at 6.30pm. for me, goodbye for now.
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the headlines on bbc news: sir bradley wiggins — the first british cyclist to win the tour de france —— retires from the sport saying he had been lucky enough to fulfil his ‘childhood aspiration‘. people between the ages of forty and sixty are being advised to change their lifestyles to avoid type two diabetes. public health england says eighty per cent of that age group are overweight and inactive. german police have detained a forty—year—old tunisian man in connection with the fatal lorry attack on a berlin christmas market last week. now on bbc news, it‘s time for the travel show. hello, and welcome to the last travel show of 2016 with me, ade adepitan, coming from the amazing monuments of petra injordan. exploring the ancient city was one
5:44 pm
of the highlights of my year — and what a year it‘s been. the team has visited over 70 countries and had some incredible adventures, so why don‘t you sit back, relax, and see if we‘ve picked one of your favourites, as we look back on 2016. now we get to have so much fun working on the travel show. we fly all over the world, we meet incredible people, do cool stuff, but most importantly we get to share our adventures with you, and those adventures don‘t get much more spectacular than rajan‘s trip to china back injune — where he got to explore some amazing destinations that even the guidebooks don‘t seem to know about. 500 square kilometres
5:45 pm
of sandstone and minerals, the dazzling colours were formed by water erosion. they were created during the same geological shift that formed the himalayas some 80 million years ago. as spectacular as the rainbow mountain range is, what is almost as incredible is that until the turn of the millennium, hardly anybody in china, let alone the rest of the world, had even heard of it. and that is an unlikely story in itself, which begins at this man‘s house. one day, a photographer passed by mr lei as he was carrying
5:46 pm
out his normal farmer‘s chores. so before 2000, then, no one recognised that this was a beautiful natural wonder? soon, other photographers latched onto this undiscovered gem,
5:47 pm
and their photos caught the eye of famous film director zhang yimou. he shot a remake of the coen brothers film blood simple here, and its success in china made the mountains famous. that was rajan there getting off the beaten track in china. fantastic! now, the rest of us have been busy all year bringing you the best stories in travel, and here‘s some of my favourites. first up, a story from right here in petra, where i was lucky enough to join a team of archaeologists searching for ancient treasures. this is the temple of winged lions, a religious complex built in around ad 27.
5:48 pm
i‘m liking your office, glen. i like what you‘ve done with it. no, this is a beautiful place, this is... glenn is in charge of the site, and tells me how the problems here started in the 1970s when the temple was first excavated. they uncovered this cool monument, but didn‘t do a wonderfuljob with doing the things necessary to preserve it for future generations. whenever you excavate a monument, you have to pull a lot of the earth out of the ground in order to reveal it. and so the earlier project dumped a lot of that earth and so, as you‘ll see, we‘re trying to re—excavate those earlier archaeological dumps. we have specialists who come and actually work and train and work with the local community. and the idea is that the locals then train tourists to help out too. ok, i‘ve got some skills, man. have you got a digger here or something? yeah, we‘re ready to go. ready? ok, stand back — let the master get to work!
5:49 pm
any scorpions? is that cool? i‘m terrible. i can‘t find anything! well, i might not be having much luck, but over the last few years they‘ve found all sorts here. painted pottery, coins, lamps and decorations from the temple. it‘s crazy to think that these amazing bits of jewellery and pottery have just been lying forgotten in a pile of earth. now, as more pieces are retrieved and catalogued, it‘s hoped we can learn more about the everyday lives of the people who built this incredible city more than 2000 years ago. next, the waterways of kerala in india.
5:50 pm
henry headed there injanuary to explore the labyrinth of canals, rivers and lakes that twist through the state. kerala‘s calling card is its unique backwaters. 25 years ago, the houseboat industry didn‘t exist, but in 1991 a tour operator saw the potential in modifying defunct cargo boats for tourists. it was an instant hit and revolutionised tourism here. from just a handful of boats in the 90s, there are now more than 1000, offering people a unique insight into village life along the waterways. time for me to take the helm... a little bit of throttle... there we go. i‘ve noticed it‘s quite
5:51 pm
loose but then there‘s a little biting point. it‘s not that easy. it isn‘t. sitar music. in october, carmen headed deep into the andes in search of one of peru‘s best kept secrets. tucked away in the eastern andes, cuispes didn‘t feature on the tourist map until fairly recently. but a few kilometres away lies a spectacular discovery that has changed all that. hidden in these rainforests are some of the tallest waterfalls in the world. yumbilla is split into four almost sheer drops, and i‘m going to try an abseil down the bottom section —
5:52 pm
with a lot of help. so this is where it starts. i‘m going to rappel down here, into this little waterfall, about ten or 12 metres into a pool, and then from there we‘ll abseil down the rest of the waterfall, which is about a 70—metre drop. and i‘m one of the first people to do this. an attached to a harness and instructed on the safety apparatus that will allow me to control my descent. your legs, carmen — 90 degrees. 0k. hold them, but lean backwards. taking off is terrifying. so far, so good, but halfway down i‘m in for a shock. it is slightly unnerving that we‘re going to lose the rock now — we‘re going to go into freefall. ok, i can do this...
5:53 pm
we reach the last part of the descent, and i‘m so relieved to finally get to the bottom. i know it‘s crazy. i didn‘t expect quite so much water! that was amazing. what a rush! 2016 was also the year that i got to play one of shakespeare‘s most famous characters. at last! but soft, what light through yonder window breaks? it is the east, and juliet is the sun. romeo, romeo! wherefore art thou romeo? deny thy father and refuse thy name; or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and i‘ll no longer be a capulet...
5:54 pm
comic record scratch sound. well, if you put it that way, love, i‘ll be up there. a00 years on this year and still going strong, william shakespeare — although i‘m not sure what he would make of my acting. i did give it a little bit of depth, though! ok, well that‘s it from us for another year, and we‘ll see you again next year, and i do hope you enjoyed following us on all our travels in 2016, but for now in the meantime from me, ade, and all the team, we wish you a happy and healthy 2017. happy new year! as you may be aware, the fog has
5:55 pm
been causing some problems in the country today. it‘s only going to become more problematic in the night, quite extensive and dense trees night and indeed tomorrow. some warnings from the met office so ta ke some warnings from the met office so take it easy on the road. there‘s bound to be some travel disruption. patches of fog have not lifted all day, parts of england and wales. for the most part, northern ireland and scotla nd the most part, northern ireland and scotland get away with it. some of us scotland get away with it. some of us waking up to sunshine, some coastal areas and hilltops experiencing this, but if you are moving around the heart of england this morning, the aware because there is some nasty patches and slippery surfaces. generally, temperatures mild in scotland and above freezing. the odd bit of drizzle coming in to the west of scotla nd drizzle coming in to the west of scotland and some mild winds. it‘s
5:56 pm
going to take a long time to shift. mid single figures, in some places milder than that, the north west of scotla nd milder than that, the north west of scotland doing pretty well. we may struggle to get above freezing in birmingham. by friday, the fog will lift into low cloud, it won‘t be too much of an issue at the lower levels. some wetter weather in the north—west of scotland. quite a lot of rain, so keep an eye on that. further south, dry, of rain, so keep an eye on that. furthersouth, dry, chile. there‘s an persistent and heavy rain on new yea rs an persistent and heavy rain on new years eve. it doesn‘t last, because
5:57 pm
it‘s a cold front. behind that, another shot of arctic air and temperatures will plummet through the early part of next week, with snow showers in the lower parts of scotla nd snow showers in the lower parts of scotland in particular. all information can be found on our website. sir bradley wiggins — britain‘s most decorated olympian — has announced his retirement from cycling. he won eight olympic medals, including five golds, and was britain‘s first tour de france winner. and a woman is killed as 20 cars are involved in a series of accidents in fog on an a road in oxfordshire. how four in every five middle—aged people are overweight, drinking too much or not doing enough exercise. good evening.
5:58 pm
britain‘s most decorated olympian and tour de france winner sir bradley wiggins has announced his retirement from cycling.
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