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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 28, 2016 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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and tomorrow. freezing fog continues to expand across the heart of england and into eastern wales. northern ireland and scotland are getting away with it for the most part but first thing in the morning it doesn't look pretty across parts of england and east wales. it will be sunny to start the day in some areas but inland, expect some of that freezing fog. some icy surfaces. there is a warning from the met office. the odd pocket of frost across eastern scotland but generally milder in the north, the odd patch of drizzle across scotland. the odd breeze and that will continue through the day. otherwise, brightness at times for england and wales. inland, the fog will not lift and there will be low cloud around. mid single figures typically, one or two places a great deal more. this is bbc news. the headlines at
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6:30pm. britain's most decorated olympian, sir bradley wiggins, has announced his retirement from professional cycling. the 36—year—old has won eight olympic medals, five of them gold, as well as the tour de france in 2012. 80% of middle—aged people in england are overweight, don't exercise or drink too much, experts have warned. public health england says the medical system is facing a crisis because of unhealthy lifestyles. a woman has been killed and a dozen people have been hurt this morning after a number of collisions in ice and fog on the aao in oxfordshire. around 20 vehicles were involved police in germany say they have around 20 vehicles were involved. police in germany say they have detained a ao—year—old tunisian man in connection with the lorry attack on a berlin christmas market earlier this month that killed 12 people.
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will someone get this walking carpet out of my way. friends and family pay tribute to the star wars actress carrie fisher, who died four days after suffering a heart attack on a transatlantic flight. now time to catch up with everything in the world of sport on bbc sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me tim hague. sir bradley wiggins waves goodbye to cycling and announces his retirement from the sport. mauricio pochettino returns to southampton this evening, but can his current club spurs close the gap on the premier league's top four? and will the welsh wizard, ryan giggs, be conjuring up a spell as new manager of swansea city? we'll bring you the latest. a good evening to you. merry
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christmas and a happy new year. sir bradley wiggins announced his retirement from professional cycling this afternoon after a career spanning more than 20 years. he became the first briton to win the tour de france back in 2012 and boasts eight olympic medals, including five golds, and seven world titles across track and road cycling. in a statement on his facebook page, the 36 year—old said: "i have been lucky enough to live a dream and fulfil my childhood aspiration of making a living and a career out of the sport i fell in love with at the age of 12." he went on to say "i have worked with the world's best coaches and managers, who i will always be grateful to for their support." joining me now is brendan gallagher who co—wrote bradley wiggins‘ autobiography. he says he has a unique personality.
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he's a little bitjekyll and hyde. he's a little bitjekyll and hyde. he can be wonderful to interview but also stonewall. he's a dreamer, very much a dreamer, he says that in his statement. he was an endlessly interesting guy to write about. this translated itself well to the glory years. there are many, many dimensions to him. earlier i spoke to the bbc‘s cycling correspondent alistair bruceball and i began by asking him if the timing of the announcement had been a surprise. you felt it couldn't go on. you have two wonder eventually how you continue to have the motivation,
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when you've done what he's done in his career. the titles he is one, the medals, the world hour record he's got. it must be difficult to get out of bed and find a reason to go on. he's done everything he wa nted go on. he's done everything he wanted to do and achieve his childhood dream, so he's decided to bow out. could you give us some context into those allegations? people might be sick to death of hearing about tues, therapeutic use exemption and it transpired that earlier this year, bradley wiggins had his medical files hacked, and he had used a couple of these ahead of his races in 2012 and 2013, he had used the substances but had
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got exemption from them got exemption for them and the world governing body had approved it, but people thought it was suspicious. he decided to come out and defend himself. he said he had suffered from asthma for most if not all of his career and was suffering from breathing problems at the time. i think his quote at the time was not to gain advantage but to put himself on a level playing field. that discussion is out there and i guess it's for people to decide what they make of it. one slight blemish, if you like. a slight one at that. what will he be best remembered for particularly by the british public?
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one that comes to mind is him sitting in the hampton court throne having won the olympic time trial less than two weeks after winning toured france. i think by that point, he was probably the most famous man in britain, let alone the most famous sportsman. also, his personality, the way he went about things. he did this with a little bit of panache. he could be spiky, very funny, and you only have to look at the popularity of cycling in this country, he is a massive part of that. people have always warmed to him and he will be remembered for a long, long time. tennis player and ivanovich—mac ended her career at the age of 29. the russian anti—doping agency
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appears to have back—tracked on comments in which it appeared to admit to a doping programme. in an interview with the new york times, it was reported that rusada's acting director general, anna antseliovich, had acknowledged doping, but denied that it was state—sponsored. this evening though, officials say the words were "taken out of context." the second mclaren report, published earlier this month, claimed more than 1,000 russians benefited from a doping cover—up between 2011 and 2015. officials now say their acting dg was misquoted. with all the top four winning after christmas, the onus is now on tottenham who are away at southampton tonight, as mauricio pochettino returns to his former club. a win would take spurs to a point behind fourth—placed arsenal. their north london rivals, of
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course! and their captain hugo lloris believes the club need to ‘keep the focus‘ over the busy festive period. at this part of the year, it‘s too early to know what‘s going to happen. we just need to carry on. we know with the christmas period, boxing day, it‘s a period where you can lose points, so it‘s important to stay focused and be ready for the battles we are going to have. you can hear the build—up with that match on bbc radio five live. swansea city hope to have a new manager in place by monday — with manchester united legend ryan giggs and current wales manager chris coleman the leading candidates. it follows the sacking of bob bradley last night. that was after 85 days in charge.
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despite making history as the first american to manage a premier league team, the swans have had a direct call. they have won just one out of 11 games and conceded 29 goals. fans we re 11 games and conceded 29 goals. fans were chancing for bradley to be sacked with half the premier league season sacked with half the premier league season still remaining. the swans did just that. hugo jenkin season still remaining. the swans did just that. hugojenkin said with the club going through such a tough time, we have to find the answers to get ourselves out of trouble. radley believes the contentious way that control was taken at the club, angering supporters, didn‘t help him. the way things were done left a bad taste. i was caught between a rock and a hard place, but in life, you‘ve got to be willing to take chances and go for it. there was a
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approvalfor his chances and go for it. there was a approval for his sacking. he was a nice guy, but he was out of his depth —— depth. nice guy, but he was out of his depth -- depth. i don't think he knows enough about the bill in this country, i think. ryan knows enough about the bill in this country, ithink. ryan giggs is tipped to replace him, he missed out after being interviewed for the job earlier in the season. the question would be whether ryan would want the job after knowing he was second place originally, but premier league management is few and far between. alan pardew was recently sacked by crystal palace. the birmingham manager was impressive. nigel pearson kept leicester in the premier league to seasons ago. and
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then there is the wales‘ manager, chris coleman. his stock is high after leading wales to the semifinals in the euro 2016 matches. the worst defence in the premiere league, and only one of the bottom of the table in goal difference. they have recruited well, so the january window, for the next manager, it will be crucial for them staying up. alan curtis and paul williams the coaches will be in charge. the everton manager ronald koeman says he is looking to do business in the january transfer window. reports have linked the club with a move for teenage charlton forward ademola lookman and they‘ve also been linked with manchester united‘s morgan schneiderlin. at his press conference, the dutchman was asked if he‘d be active in the window. yes, of course. we are working on that,
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and we have some certain interest in some players. 0k. but that‘s what we need to keep inside. some names are through, and some names are not through, but that all speculations. but that‘s all speculations. crystal palace winger wilfried zaha has been named in the provisional squad for the ivory coast for next month‘s africa cup of nations. zaha has played two friendly matches for england but last month he applied to fifa to switch his international football allegiance to the ivory coast. other premier league players in the squad include manchester united‘s eric bailly and stoke‘s wilfried bony the fifa and stoke‘s wilfried bony. the fifa president gianni infantino says the world‘s football federations are "overwhelmingly in favour" of plans for a 48—team world cup. earlier this month, the head of the sport‘s governing body outlined his vision for an expanded tournament comprising of 16 groups of three teams. there are currently eight groups of
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four. the top two in each group would progress to the knockout stages. a decision is expected injanuary but even if approved it would be unlikely to take effect before 2026. still a fair way to go before we see 48 teams. eoin morgan hit a half century for sydney thunder but was unable to stop them from losing their big bash t20 against brisbane heat in dramatic fashion. after the big bash league, morgan willjoin up with his england teammates for the one—day series against india in january. they were whitewashed for nail in the test series. they were whitewashed 4—0 in the test series. brisbane won the match with just two balls of the innings to spare thanks to some big hitting from australia‘s chris lynn. it means brisbane heat now top the league having won two from two. that‘s all sport for now. we‘ll be back at 8:15pm with more sports news. until then, we‘ll be back at 8:15pm with more sports news. untilthen, goodbye. the headlines on bbc news.
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sir bradley wiggins the first british cyclist to win the tour de france retires from the sport saying he had been lucky enough to fulfil his ‘childhood aspiration‘ people between the ages of forty and sixty are being advised to change their lifestyles to avoid type two diabetes. public health england says eighty per cent of that age group are overweight and inactive german police have detained a forty—year—old tunisian man in connection with the fatal lorry attack on a berlin christmas market last week. now on bbc news, it‘s time for reporters. welcome to reporters. i‘m phillipa thomas here at the bbc‘s headquarters in london.


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