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tv   Team Refugee  BBC News  December 30, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm GMT

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with stunning scenery and rare wildlife, 19 million people visit them every year, but england's national parks have had their funding cut in recent times, down by a quarter since 2010. areas loved by many and described by the government as national treasures simply aren't getting the cash they used to. figures show the grants given to nine out of ten national parks reduced by more than £10 million overfive years. with inflation factored in, that's a real—terms cut of up to a0%. in a statement, the department for environment, food and rural affairs says: there are efforts to bring in more money by bringing in more visitors. there is a government plan for encouraging school trips and overseas tourists. campaigners, though, point to information centres closing, bus services being axed and staff
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cuts in some national parks. they say there will need to be more cash so the beauty of the parks can be enjoyed by generations to come. the latest weather forecast. fog has been causing problems across england, and across central england into east anglia and the south—east, some patches will linger all day, with poor visibility. difficult travelling conditions, the risk of transport disruption. there are some breaks, the best of them in north—east england. wales, northern ireland and scotland it stays cloudy. transport could be affected by these fog patches that will linger through the afternoon and well into the night—time. the focus overnight across east anglia and south—east england duty that poor visibility. further west, a lot of
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cloud around. that should help improve visibility through the night. northern ireland and scotland, it will be relatively mild, but we have some rain sinking its way southwards. there continues to new year's eve. eventual sea wet weather crossing into the belt and northern ireland during the afternoon. the breeze picking up, so the fog will lift. it will turn milderfor the fog will lift. it will turn milder for a the fog will lift. it will turn milderfor a time, with the fog will lift. it will turn milder for a time, with temperatures reaching 10 degrees in london. that is the weather. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 12.30. president putin says he will not expel anyone in response to president obama's sanctions against moscow, for interfering in the us election process. he was originally asked to expel 35 years to come out from the country. russia's foreign minister, sergei lavrov, has asked a nationwide ceasefire appears to be largely holding in syria, although some clashes have been reported. islamic state fighters and militants linked to al-qaeda are not part of the deal.
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17 people — including the driver — have been taken to hospital, after a coach overturned in thick fog on the mao in oxfordshire. the vehicle came off the slip road near thame in the early hours. the government is considering plans to allow learners to drive on motorways. they'll be given access for lessons under plans to improve road safety. now on bbc news — as part of our lookback at big stories of 2016 — catharina moh followed refugee athletes from around the world hoping to compete in the ioc‘s newly created team of refugee 0lympic athletes under the olympic flag. all eyes are on rio as the world's most elite athletes hope to make their countries proud. and for the first time, the international olympic committee have announced that there will be a new team created for refugee athletes. we will welcome these refugee athletes to the olympic games,
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with the olympic flag and with the olympic anthem. we are all touched and moved by the magnitude of the current worldwide refugee crisis. 43 refugees have been identified as hopefuls. 0nly ten will be selected. i will be following the journeys of some of those athletes in germany, kenya and here in brazil. this is notjust about winning medals, but a chance to reclaim their identity and save their families. we are going to rio to show the world that through sport, peace can be achieved. last year, germany received almost half a million asylum applications.
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but officials said at least a million people have arrived, seeking refuge across the country, including here in berlin. many of them from syria, forced to leave because of the civil war. yusra mardini and her sister ended up in a refugee camp on the western outskirts of berlin last september. she inspired me from the first time.
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she told me about her dream of a gold medal at the olympics and i said, well, well, well! look at your best times, you did not practice for two years. she said, i can do it and the year will give me time to practice. we started really slow in the first weeks. now we're on a normal level. she has each week around about 30 hours of training and in intensive weeks, more.
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what is the goal for rio? for rio, it's a goal to be there, to take part and to swim her personal best. that is a realistic goal. whilst yusra's father is not her official coach, he still comes to the pool every day. tell me how difficult it was to train through the war. after much persuasion from his daughters, he eventually agreed to the girls leaving syria. yusra was just 17
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years old at the time. in kenya, tegla loroupe is putting her runners through their paces. most of them are refugees. she held time trials in the country's two largest refugee camps and selected the fastest to develop them into elite athletes. it's early morning.
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rebecca and the other athletes are preparing the training camp for an important visit by the ioc. she is one of 30 people living here. most of them have left theirfamilies in the refugee camps, and have since had little contact with them. my goal is to make sure i succeed in life so i move my family to somewhere they can feel safe, somewhere my siblings can go to good school and also this running thing. i will work harder for it, maybe it can take me somewhere bigger. to have a refugee status is not easy. you're a nobody. as an athlete i realise there is so it helps that the new president of the 10c, dr thomas bach, who is a friend of mine, he loves humanity, he loves this idea to set
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up this camp. she told me this is when she went to the refugee camps, hoping that out of the hundreds of thousands of people, she could find a handful with enough raw talent to turn them into top runners. the ioc finally arrive with athletics kenya to assess their progress, and to start short listing athletes for the refugee team. they've been in there for about two hours now in a closed meeting. we don't know the outcome of what will happen, but everyone is just waiting in the sun, waiting to see what happens. i have some videos from the camp.
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whilst the meeting goes on, rebecca tells me about her past. i was born in a refugee camp in ethiopia. later we were repatriated home and war broke out where my dad was killed. where is your mum? my mum is in south sudan. i don't know exactly where she is. war happened when she went away and i was with my grandmother and siblings. we ran away together so we don't know where she is. was that hard, leaving her? it was really hard and as for some years back we thought she was actually dead. rebecca was one of 4 million people forced to flee because of the sudanese conflict. she has been living here in the largest refugee camp in the world. the majority of the refugees
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there are from somalia and we south sudanese, burundian and ethiopian, we are the minority and most of us are christian, so we are really facing challenges due to those religious differences, and also the al—shabab. it's really horrible for us. sometimes, a lot of bombing and sometimes they will come and threaten our people in the community, especially when you have a shop. many ladies from refugee camps, they end up giving up on life. every time we wake up we think we have to thank god, at least we have seen a new day. it's the day after the ioc visit
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and rebecca and the others are training hard. they've been told that as it stands, no one's running times are good enough to qualify for the refugee team and they have a week to resubmit new ones. rebecca must shave four seconds off her personal best if she's to qualify. qualification, we are struggling for them to qualify, but the last group to be selected will be the best to go to rio. these people are refugees, and if they were in their countries training, they could run better. we are not going to rio to run for medals, we're going to rio to show that through sports, peace can be achieved. with the help of a scholarship given
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by the international 0lympics committee, yusra mardini is able to swim and go to an elite sports school based at the olympic park. her english and german have improved, and she is ever more determined to make it onto the refugee team. it's sunday. a rare day off from training. after my mum had three german lessons with her, and she said she is the same age, you want to meet with her. we went to a 60s diner. we ate a burger and since then we were friends. you can move his eyes. what did you think of each other when you first met? she is crazy like me.
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i thought she is crazy and i would have a lot of fun. for the short time she is learning german... she's quite good. sometimes it is hard to pronounce some words. strasse. that is a famous shopping street. schloss strasse. yusra is settled in germany but she misses syria. she tells me about the day she left. yusra told me the engine had stopped and the overcrowded boat was sinking. so she and her sister had
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to get out and swim, whilst others bailed water from the boat. after three hours in the water, yusra and the others made it safely to lesbos. from greece they made their way, like the thousands before and after them, through europe. it took them 25 days to get to germany. in brazil, yolande mabika and popole misenga are within reach of the olympics. they are refugees living and training in rio dejaneiro. yolande and popole both came
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from one of the areas worst affected during the congolese civil war. when they came to rio in 2013 for the world judo championships, they escaped from the team and made a bid for asylum. a local charity stepped in to help them continue their training here in brazil. they train in a favela west of rio.
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the facilities are basic. but their coaches are among the best. one of the biggest challenges for sensei geraldo was having to change their approach tojudo. that was the last day yolande saw her family. she doesn't even know if they are still alive. popole is now married with a one—year—old son. he is the stepdad to his wife's three children. now they both have just one mission.
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make it onto the refugee team and, perhaps, theirfamilies back home will know they survived. with just weeks to go, training has intensified. she does on average 240 lengths per day, including one hour in the gym on top of homework and school. there is little time for much else. it's quite great coming here to watch yusra train because now,
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when i see her like everyone else, on the tv, i think i will feel proud watching what she has achieved and how far she has come. for the past seven months, the ioc has been following the progress of 43 refugee athletes around the world. like yusra, they have all somehow overcome huge personal adversity and found hope along the way. now, ten will go to rio to represent the 59 million people who have been forced to flee their homes. yusra mardini. popole misenga.
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yolande mabika. they have qualified for the olympic games. rebecca did not make the team. she remained four seconds short of the qualifying time. but five runners from the kenya group have been selected. and their coach has been chosen to lead the team of refugee 0lympic athletes to rio. the weather has been causing a few problems today. across scotland, northern ireland and wales, it will stay cloudy today. in england, two types of weather. either sunshine, all fog. and that fog is extensive, it will linger throughout the day today in a good number of places.
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0ne today in a good number of places. one of our weather watchers spotted foggy conditions at heathrow, with flight foggy conditions at heathrow, with flight delays and cancellations. it will linger across south—east england and east anglia in particular, and parts of the middle east an central and southern england too. some sunshine. some of the best of that and clear blue skies today will be across north—east england, so a fine afternoon in prospect here. northern ireland and scotland, it stays cloudy, but relatively mild. temperatures pushing into double figures. fog will continue to linger throughout this afternoon and is likely to reform and we sicken overnight, particularly across east anglia and south—east england, —— and second overnight. there could be disruption to travel plans through the night. elsewhere, it stays cloudy. a band of rain continuing to very gradually sink southwards across scotland, rain becoming more extensive than the highlands, but most wet weather staying away from the central belt overnight. a different story for new year's eve, because that will very slowly sink
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southwards, so by the afternoon it will be turning wet in glasgow and will be turning wet in glasgow and will see rain edging into northern ireland, too. england and wales, a lot of cloud around. the best of any brea ks lot of cloud around. the best of any breaks randall b to the east of the pennines. so we could see sunshine here. otherwise, cloudy and turning milder. for new year's eve, towards the run—up to the celebrations, the rain sinks southwards. weather—wise for midnight? well, chances are across well the northern england, you may well get wet outside during the midnight hour. two of the service, a lot of dry weather, relatively mild, but the cold air is sinking. the cold rain continues to go southwards on new year's day. for new year, we have rain to start 2017 across east anglian south—east england, slow to clear. sunshine elsewhere, but showers across scotland, telling into snow as it
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becomes colder. —— turning into. this is bbc news. i'm simon mccoy. the headlines at one. president putin says he will not expel anyone in response to president 0bama ordering the expulsion of 35 russian diplomats over the us election spying row. the syria ceasefire between the government and rebel groups appears largely to be holding, despite reports of isolated clashes. drivers are told to take care in fog and freezing conditions, as a coach overturns on the mao in 0xfordshire, injuring 17 people. also in the next hour — learner drivers could be allowed on motorways. it's part of proposals to give learners a voluntary target for a minimum number of lessons before taking their test. and newly released government files reveal that guards at faslane naval base were ordered to shoot suspected intruders in 1990.
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