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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 30, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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going, it with all people coming and going, it is hard to put a security ring around, so it is a porous group of people and to cause mass carnage and there is a large body of people you can, you know... armed police, duke is new and something we will all have to get used to —— armed police on the tube. it is something we are not used to. yes, of course, because in france and elsewhere police are routinely armed. that is not the same in the uk. policing with consent. we will go to the times, which i should have done before, glad you are paying attention in the back, trump side flip luiten, praising russian leader's response to diplomatic row over hacking, which was, we will not expel 35 american diplomats —— sides with putin. they can't, they could if they wanted to have tit for tat, but they wanted to have tit for tat, but they don't have a good excuse for it, and if russia did expel some diplomats they would find the american start publishing the evidence their security services
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have got which is very much point the finger at russia for having broken into the democratic party's, in particular the democratic national convention's e—mail service before the election and releasing the data, information which was damaging to hillary clinton's answers. but the republicans, many seniorfigures in the republicans, paul ryan, john mccain, think barack obama has done exactly the right thing, so it could put donald trump at odds with his own party again, couldn't it? it certainly could. some people even saying that actually he will see that he is being treated as the outsider that he is and one that he got a lot of votes for and the fact that you are a washington outsider but interesting the times chooses to say donald trump applauded president putin for humiliating the obama administration. i don't know that it is humiliating it. there is a real political game going on. the president—elect drunk saying mr putin is very smart and he always knew he was, the fact of the matter
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is president putin has again shown how skilful he is —— president—elect trump. the fact of the matter is he has reserved the right to expel american diplomats in future, he is just not doing it now. he appears to be the magnanimous, bigger man. he will not mind having a fight with the republican party. he has done that before and he has won. most trump voters have a low opinion of barack obama and vladimir putin so it will not do him any disservice with his support base at all. the arguments were doing it from president obama's side is that obviously this happened on my watch andi obviously this happened on my watch and i have until 20 january to do something about it so here we go. normally he will hope that is not something that president trump will reverse. and a new icy blast on the
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way. we have had fold and terrible conditions on the road. it is winter and it will get cold —— we have had fold. and if you want to know about great winter walks there is a guide in today or tomorrow's times. you need to grit your driveways and make sure everything is nice and clean and not slippery because no one of any age should be falling over. and check on your neighbours. that is very good advice. thank you. that is it for the papers for tonight. all the front pages are online on the bbc news website. a detailed review of the papers is that seven days a week. each night's edition of the papers is posted shortly after we have finished and it is on iplayer. happy new year. we will be here
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tomorrow, because we never close. sport coming up next. good evening. lots of sport to get through tonight, but we're starting with another chance to reflect on 2016 sporting glory, in the new year's honours list. the headlines are the knighthoods for britain's top tennis player andy murray, who has had an amazing year defending his olympic title, winning his second wimbledon, and of course ending the year as world number one. and murray isjoined by two—time double olympic gold—medallist mo farah, and para dressage rider lee pearson. jessica ennis—hill couldn't quite emulate 2012 in rio, but the nation's favourite
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now—retired heptahlete has a damehood, along with britain's most decorated female olympian, the rower katherine grainger. elsewhere, the entire british women's olympic hockey team are awarded mbes, after their dramatic gold medal—winning penalty shootout in rio, apart from their captain, kate richardson—walsh, who is given an obe. and max whitlock receives an mbe after becoming the first briton to win olympic gymnastics gold. it's a crazy feeling. i mean, as an athlete, and as a gymnast, you never expect it. you do your sport because you love it, and i do it because i want to be the best i can. by being recognised in this way, one of the highest ways possible, for your achievements, is a very proud feeling. i mean, i've worked so long for these medals and these results. and, like i said, you never expect an award like this, and an honourlike this, to come around. but it has, and it really does motivate me, and pushes me to go on for the next four
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years and eight years. so, you know, this can hopefully help me inspire the next generation to get more people involved in gymnastics, as well, because that's what it's all about, and push me to make new targets. i mean, it's completely outdone every expectation my coach had, and my family had, and i had. and it feels amazing to be standing here, because those people around me, my coach, my family, my fiancee, they're the people who supported me to get here today. and they all can't believe it, and they're very proud. so it's been an amazing journey. i look forward to going ahead. a lot of positivity, and a lot of motivation from this, and from everyone around me. there are many, many more names that we don't have time to mention. so, for a full list of the new year's sporting honours, go to the bbc sport website. hull city are off the bottom of the premier league table, but a late everton equaliser denied them a first league win in nearly two months. it finished 2—2. the bleak midwinter on humberside. this season has become ever murkierfor hull city. how they could do with a glow
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through the gloom. six minutes in, up from the back, a beacon of amber and black. michael dawson, captain, with hull's first goal in more than three matches. a rare and fragile lead, it might have soon shattered, everton's seamus coleman less than the width of the post away. fortune doesn't seem to linger long around hull city. just before half—time the everton equaliser came, the telling touch an errant elbow from keeper david marshall, own—goal. while marshall's right arm had cost the goal, his left saved them. he somehow got in the way of romelu lukaku's deflected shot. the furniture did the rest. the goal frames were taking a battering, struck once again by a free kick from robert snodgrass. we had to wait for another go. ten minutes later, slight adjustment, 2—1. a moment of gold, after weeks of grey. butjust a moment, for hull couldn't hold out. with four minutes remaining, ross barton arrived,
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and everton were level again, just as it seemed the humberside fog was lifting. newcastle united are back on top of the championship after the night's games were blighted by fog. brighton dropped to second in the table after their game against cardiff was postponed and reading's match with full was abandoned midway through. there was one game in the scottish premiership tonight, with third placed aberdeen winning i—o premiership tonight, with third placed aberdeen winning 1—0 at hearts. the goal came in the 66th minute. the third placed dons are ahead of hearts, who are fourth. tennis, and andy murray has started his new season with a surprise defeat. britain's world number one lost to david goffin in the semi—finals of the world tennis championship exhibition event in abu dhabi. rob heath reports. for someone who has achieved so much, andy murray has plenty of unfinished business. his appearance in this exhibition tournament is part of extra
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preparation ahead of the australian open, a grand slam he has never won, despite appearing in five finals. david goffin soon ensured murray was putting in the hard yards. nothing separated them in the first set, until goffin nosed ahead in the tiebreak, the first time he had ever taken a set off the new world number one. in the second, murray produced tennis that seemed to justify that new status, cruising into a li—2 lead. but, with the pressure off, goffin suddenly hit rare heights of brilliance. this was a true exhibition, and he reeled off four games in a row. murray simply had no answer, but he will happily put this down to experience, especially if it means lifting the australian open trophy at the end of january. goffin will play rafael nadal in the final. he won his first match since returning from injury yesterday, and carried on that form in the first set against milos raonic.
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but raonic, a finallist at wimbledon this year, fought back in the second and set up a decider. nadal won that, though, and is through to the final as he tries to put an injury—ravaged few months behind him. wasps are top of rugby union's premiership after a topsy—turvy bonus point victory at newcastle tonight. wasps were 12 down after five minutes and looking vulnerable but danny cipriani scored the first of theirfour but danny cipriani scored the first of their four tries with this superb individual effort. they are five points clear of sary ‘s, who play leicester on sunday. —— sarries. good evening. well, it has been a day of contrasts today. we are closing out the year with some contrasting weather. look at the south—east corner, temperatures here struggled, only around two degrees. not much to be seen from the london eye. by contrast, further south and
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west it was a glorious afternoon in cornwall, st ives hardly a cloud in the sky and temperatures got to around 12 degrees. mild weather further north and west but some rain and the forecast, moving into scotland. i contrast again the high pressure is built in the driving seat further south, and that is till causing some issues with this fog. it will be here all day and night and linger into the morning. we still have weather warnings in force here. it means it is best to check your bbc local radio stations. traffic and travel problems could be an issue. temperatures still only a couple of degrees above freezing first thing in the morning. so another cold, bleak start to the day across east anglia into the capital, and anywhere south of the m4 corridor as well. further north of that, not looking too bad across wales and much of the north of england. a little bit of brightness to the east of the pennines. a breezy start the day through northern in scotland. the wet weather chiefly to the north—east of the great glen but it will sink
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south and arrive as we go through the afternoon. some wet weather pushing across the central belt into the scottish borders, eventually into northern ireland. some sunshine across the east of the pennines and hopefully with a bit more of a breeze that fog should lift into the afternoon. but low, grey cloud from any across england and wales. nine to ii any across england and wales. nine to 11 degrees the higher but for the all—important new to 11 degrees the higher but for the all—importa nt new yea r‘s to 11 degrees the higher but for the all—important new year's eve celebrations, it does mean a pretty wet affair for celebrations, it does mean a pretty wet affairfor northern celebrations, it does mean a pretty wet affair for northern ireland, celebrations, it does mean a pretty wet affairfor northern ireland, for northern england and north wales as that weather front continues to sink south. much colder air digging that weather front continues to sink south. much colderair digging in behind but i suspect for the hogmanay celebrations it looks as though it is going to be cold with some showers. some of them snow to lower levels and maybe some ice on the roads. for the south of that rain band, it is not going to be too bad in the evening so if you are heading down towards london to watch the celebrations, very nice indeed. cold airdigging in the celebrations, very nice indeed. cold air digging in behind them once that weather front sinks south. it does mean the england and wales on new year's day it could be a pretty
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disappointing day. that rain pushes into the south—east corner and behind it will turn quite wintry. for a time colder with some showers developing. four orfive for a time colder with some showers developing. four or five degrees for a time colder with some showers developing. four orfive degrees in the north, 79 degrees in the south. that's it, happy new year. welcome to bbc news. our top stories: as the us expels 35 russian diplomats, president—elect donald trump praises the russian president's response not to retaliate. after 2a hours syria's ceasefire is generally holding. the guns have fallen silent but all sides remain on alert. china vows to shut down its ivory trade. it could bea shut down its ivory trade. it could be a lifesaver for elephants on the brink of extinction. and it is the last day in the office for ban ki—moon as he prepares to step down as the head of the un. millions of
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people will be watching as i lose my job.
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