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this is bbc news. i'm annita mcveigh. the headlines at 6: new year celebrations are underway around the world — in hong kong a spectacularfirework display welcomes in 2017. security is stepped up for new year celebrations in major cities around the world. in london thousands of extra police are deployed ahead of the celebrations. the count down is on to london's new yea r‘s eve. the count down is on to london's new year's eve. over 100,000 people will be year's eve. 0ver100,000 people will be here to see in 2017. hundreds of ordinary people are recognised in the queen's new year's honours along with many of britian‘s 0lympic and paralympic stars — including mo farah, jessica ennis hill and andy murray. i feel more still like andy murray. it feels obviously more normal to
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me, but it is a big honour and happy with that, nice way to finish or start the new year. at least 28 people are killed in two bomb explosions at a busy market in baghdad. the so—called islamic state group say two of its militants were responsible. also in the next hour... hull prepares to take on the mantle of uk city of culture. 0rganisers say the year—long programme will change perceptions of the city forever. chelsea hold off stoke to secure a 13th successive victory. we'll have that and the rest of the day's action in sports day in half an hour's time. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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celebrations have begun around the world to welcome in 2017. this was the scene in sydney earlier, where officials say it's the city's biggest ever fireworks display. about 1.5 million people have been celebrating by the opera house. and in hong kong, a similarly elaborate display as the sky along the waterfront lit up with thousands of explosions. earlier today the city had seen pro—democracy rallies against the government, but now a rendition of auld lang syne as revellers come together to celebrate. aside from the celebrations, security has been stepped up in major cities as the world marks the start of the new year. concrete barriers are blocking off central squares in paris, madrid and new york to prevent attacks like the recent ones in berlin and nice. in cities including london thousands of extra police are being deployed ahead of new year celebrations. helena lee reports. closing off parts of london ahead
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of the celebrations — the barriersjust one part of tonight's security operation in the capital. the metropolitan police says it's not had any specific intelligence to point to an attack in london, but they have looked at berlin and nice and what happened there and adjusted their plans. we spent a long time carefully planning this operation with our partners, they include the mayor's office, westminster city council and others to make sure people can come into london and have a fantastic time. when they come to give us extra time, because there will be a search regime in place. there will be something like 3,000 police on duty in central london alone and there will be stewards as well. there will also be more armed officers on patrol around london than in previous years. many more areas too where vehicles are banned. greater manchester police and other forces say they have also stepped up crowd protection measures after the berlin attack. in other cities too
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across europe and the world, security has been stepped up. this is new york, those celebrating there will see a very visible police presence. in berlin, it's a similar picture — concrete barriers to stop another potential truck attack. in her new year's eve address the german chancellor, angela merkel, promised to do everything possible to improve security. translation: the biggest test without a doubt is islamist terrorism, which has had germany in its sights for many years. in 2016 it attacked us in two places and at the christmas market here in berlin. back in london, around 100,000 tickets have been sold for tonight's fireworks display. the police say they hope those out tonight will be reassured by the range of security tactics they will be using. in a moment we'll talk
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to our correspondent andrew black in edinburgh as the preparations for hogmanay continue, but first to jonathan blake in central london. well it is just under six hours until the celebrations kick off and welcome in 2017. it is all quiet at the moment. but in the next few hours about 110,000 people will pack out the viewing areas along the embankment to see the fireworks. around 12 minutes, synchronised to a special sound track. we are joined 110w special sound track. we are joined now by the mayor of london. happy new year to you. what are londoners in store for? it will be brilliant
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and pay tribute to a couple of great artists who have passed a i way in the last year and make sure we have fireworks where the theme is hope and optimism. i hope people who come dress warmly. it will be brilliant. many millions watching on tv too and around the world. what is your message to the public. london is open, we want the world to know london is open to business, talent, innovation, we have been a city open to talented, to people, to ideas, that won't change. and one great thing about the fireworks is it show cases our city and it is important that we enjoy the fireworks here, you can watch them live on the bbc web—site, it is as if you're here. the key is for the world to see london is open. security may be at the front of people's minds, it is
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a lwa ys the front of people's minds, it is always tight in london at such events and there are thousands of police officers on duty w the attacks in berlin and nice what, would queue say to reassure people that they will be safe? our security services are working their socks off, we always seek to learn lessons from horrific events around the world. it is striking the balance between making sure we reassure you, as somebody who comes here that you're safe, but deterring the b guys. there will be more than 3 thousand police officers and office rs thousand police officers and officers with firearms. but the key is to strike the balance and none of us is to strike the balance and none of us want to disrupt the enjoyment. we can't allow the bad guys to spoil out can't allow the bad guys to spoil our way of life. 2016 has been an eventful year politically. and brexit and donald trump being elected. how will you reflect toon last 12 months —— on the last 12
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months. my election to be mayor of my city fills me with pride. the olympics were great and i got to watch sir andy murray win wimbledon again and visiting homeless shelters, understanding the issues that people face. it has been a rolle rcoa ster that people face. it has been a rollercoaster year for me. i hope we are optimistic about the future and hopeful. my view is somebody who campaigned to remain in the eu we have to make sure we abide by the result and make it a success and make sure businesses and investors recognise london is open and our country is successful. do you have a new year's resolution. we have to address the housing crisis and make sure houses are affordable to rent
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and buy and public transport is modern and affordable. we have to make sure london is the capital of the world in culture and to businesses and to creativity and entrepreneurship. i'm pleased and proud that we will have the greatest fireworks in the world. you mentioned the problems, it will be a lavish celebration, is it worth it? it is about confidence. we have got to show the world we are confident. seem people around the world think may we will become inward looking and stop inviting talent and business and the key message is london is open. our country's been successful for many centuries and london has been a success for a thousand years. that won't change. thank you. so there you have it, london is in for quite a show. the best views are in central london,
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but you can watch it as the big ben bongs strike midnight later. thank you. let's go to edinburgh and andrew black is there. how are the preparations going? we are down on princes street in edinburgh, in the heart of the city fshs you look behind me, it is quieter than usual. ina behind me, it is quieter than usual. in a couple of hours what has become regarded as one of most famous street parties will start. events are sold out and we expect 75,000 people in princes street alone to see in 2017. all the parties will be beamed around the world to an estimated one billion viewers. with big public events, safety is a big priority, especially in light of recent events. i'm joined by kenny
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mcdonald, the senior officer in charge of tonight. first, i guess it isa charge of tonight. first, i guess it is a big operation you have in place for the celebrations tonight? yes, planning for this has been done over a numberof planning for this has been done over a number of months. notjust by the police, but the other emergency services, working with unique events and the city of edinburgh council to mick —— make sure we deliver a safe and secure event. what kind of preparations do you have to put into place for this? the significant planning put in place considering who the different bands are that are coming to play, where the stages will be set up, what the entertainment package looks like, so we can consider what the crowd profile is and we sure we deliver each event safely within the large event arena. we have heard about recent event arena. we have heard about
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rece nt ve nts event arena. we have heard about recent vents in berlin and nice this year and we have heard that in other parts of uk, security has been stepped up for hogmanay celebrations, what is the situation for edinburgh tonight? i'm confident that we have an appropriate and proportionate policing plan in place to make sure we deliver a safe and secure event for everyone coming to the street party. i guess the weather's going to clear up, it was raining, but it is going to brighten up. yes, i think the weather hmmfi up. yes, i think the weather forecast is good. it is going to get colder later. we could ask people to dress appropriately for the weather. if they're coming with friends and family, look after one another. if you're going to drink, and i suspect many will, please drink responsibly and make sure that you have planned your journey and make sure that you have planned yourjourney home. thank you. official events here are getting under way at about 9 o'clock. with
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plenty of stages on princes street and the surrounding area and we will hear from bands like the charlatans. it is all building up to the big crescendo at midnight between five tonnes of fireworks will be launched from the castle. it was raining earlier, it does look like it is going to clear up later and i think we are in for a pretty spectacular night tonight. thank you. some news to bring you from the last few moments. the uk security council endorsed the ceasefire in syria, brokered by russia and turkey. this russian resolution backed by the un security council, the resolution also calls for rapid access for the delivery of humanitarian aid.
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rebel groups in syria have threatened to abandon a nationwide ceasefire, if government forces continue to attack areas under their control. the free syrian army have said the attacks must stop tonight. with me is our correspondent, jonny dymond. it seems on the ground a very shaky ceasefire again. yes, it has not been a total ceasefire at any point in the [io—odd hours it has been in operation. that has been part of the problem, the world greeted this ceasefire with surprise and of course relief when it was announced. it was carried out, nexted between turkey and —— negotiated between turkey and —— negotiated between turkey and —— negotiated between turkey and russia. they back different groups. and they are in
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whose name the deal was struck. there are is many different groups within syria that that left a lot of people out side. so—called is, the kurdish groups. and the problem has been that the syrian regime has pressed its fight against the groups outside of the ceasefire, some of whom operate in territory held by groups who are in the ceasefire. that was meant to be 15 or so minutes ago. but it is clearly shaky. you have explained a complicated situation well, you have got to wonder how in those circumstances, you can ever set up a process , circumstances, you can ever set up a process, a deal, that can survive the fact that there are so many factions, many who are outside the deal. it is extraordinarily difficult. you will wait for some
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groups to exhaust themselves, to be honest. that is the only way in which their war will stop. others who are picked off by various international actors, deems are done ona—— international actors, deems are done on a —— deals are done. you might see syria splitting into different zones see syria splitting into different zones of influence. at the moment it is difficult to see a total ceasefire being agreed by all the parties. and it allows certain sides to say they are trying to take action, while at the same time being engaged in fighting? yes they can do. it enables turkey to concentrate on its primary enemy, which is the kurds who are massed up in the north. and the russians can walk tall in the middle east and maintain the president of syria and enables iran to maintain influence. it is a
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cruel and dark diplomatic place, with people vying for influence in the shattered remains of syria. thank you. at least 28 people have been killed in two bomb explosions at a busy market in baghdad. more than fifty others were wounded in the blasts which happened in the early morning, near shops in the mainly shia al—sinak district. the so—called islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the headlines on bbc news: new year celebrations are underway around the world. in hong kong, a spectacularfirework display welcomes in 2017. in london, thousands of extra police are deployed as security is stepped up for celebrations in major cities around the world. the queen has used the new year's honours list to recognise
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the success of more than a hundred of britain's olympians and paralympians. there are knighthoods for andy murray and mo farrah while jessica ennis—hill is made a dame. andy swiss has the details. at the end of a glittering yearfor british sport, for five of its greatest stars — the greatest honours. first, a knighthood for the man who spent 2016 scaling dizzying new heights. commentator: wimbledon champion again — a supreme performance! after winning a second wimbledon, a second olympics and the world number one spot, it's now sir andy murray. a fitting finish to a remarkable season. i feel more still like andy murray. it feels obviously more normal to me. but it's obviously a big honour. i'm happy with that, it's a nice way to finish, or start, the new year.
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there's also a new title for mo fa rah‘s collection. commentator: gold for great britain again! the double—double. he described his knighthood as a dream come true. having come to britain as an eight—year—old from somalia, he added, he could never have imagined it. another athletic star, meanwhile, becomes a dame. london 2012 heptathlon champion jessica ennis—hill, who retired this year. there was also a damehood for rower katherine grainger. after five medals at five consecutive olympics, the perfect ending to her career. and there's a knighthood for one of britain's top paralympians. dressage rider lee pearson won his 11th gold medal in rio. among the other honours, two sporting couples. cbes for cyclists jason and laura kenny, while hockey gold medallists kate and helen richardson—walsh become an obe and mbe respectively. and after their impressive run at euro 2016, wales football manager chris coleman becomes an obe, and his northern ireland
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counterpart, michael o'neill, an mbe. just a few of more than 100 sporting figures honoured for a memorable 12 months. there were also some notable names honoured from the worlds of arts and entertainment. among them there's a knighthhood for the knotty ash funnyman ken dodd — as our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba reports. i'm full of plumptiousness. he's been one of britain's favourite entertainers for more than half a century. now ken dodd has received a knighthood. i said to the fellow, "excuse me, can you help me out?" "of course. which way did you come in?" you don't get bigger than this. i've played a lot of big theatres. but this is it, this is "the" day. i'm very, very proud. the bucket residence, the lady of the house speaking. actress patricia routledge —
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she's been made a dame. kinks frontman ray davis said he felt humility and joy to become sir ray. a knighthood, too, for award—winning actor mark rylance. bond actress naomie harris becomes an obe. figures from fashion and design have also been recognised. american vogue editor anna wintour said she was touched to be made a dame. victoria beckham becomes an obe for services to the fashion industry. the hillsborough independent panel was chaired by the former bishop of liverpool, jamesjones. he's now been knighted. obviously great pride, but mixed with sadness because of that enduring sadness of the families, who have continued to feel the loss of their loved ones at hillsborough. he's one of hundreds being recognised for their
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contribution across the uk. lizo mzimba, bbc news. the queen will decide tomorrow whether she feels well enough to attend a new year's day church service at sandringham. she's been struck down over christmas by a heavy cold. the queen also had to miss the christmas day ceremony at st mary magdalene church, which other members of the royal family attended. it's expected a decision will be made tomorrow morning. hull becomes the second ever uk city of culture tomorrow. the year—long programme will include the royal shakespeare company taking up residence, and the humber bridge being turned into a musical instrument. organisers say perceptions of hull will be changed forever. our arts correspondent colin paterson has more. hull, city of culture 2017. many were surprised when it was chosen. tomorrow, its year in the spotlight begins. and last minute preparations continue. the ferens art gallery.
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5 millionjust been imprinted. it's great. one of its most famous residents is very excited. we always thought culture was rugby and fish and chips! now we're seeing it's more — it's art, its history. it's a wonderful feeling, it's new buildings. it's a new confidence that people in hull are proud to say, come and see us in hull. hull is promising at least one cultural event every day of 2017, with £32 million being spent. what are you hoping the city of culture will achieve for hull? i want, nationally and internationally, people to see that this is a fantastic city with great stories, great people, and a lot to offer. because every city deserves its moment in the limelight. and 2017 is ours. it all starts tomorrow afternoon. buildings will be used as giant screens to retell the city's history, with one turning hollywood into hullywood. people here have recreated famous movie scenes. and later in the evening
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there's going to be a giant musical fireworks display. that is what is going to be set off. and those are bigger than those that were used in london's new year's eve celebrations. as for the soundtrack, every single song is by an act from hull. it's hoped that in 2017, one million people will visit hull. and this has caused a problem. the city only has 1000 hotel rooms. hello. hi there, come in. so a campaign has encouraged locals into the bed—and—breakfast trade. it's a great role, really. it feels like an unpaid ambassador. so i can welcome people into our home, and really help them to understand a bit more about the city. they might come with a negative perception, but i really feel they will leave with a much more positive perception after they've stayed here. and another bonus — the bbc has decided that every time the tv weather map appears in 2017, hull will be on it. the city of culture has literally been put on the map. colin paterson, bbc news. if you're staying up tonight, you
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will have longer to wait. because a lea p will have longer to wait. because a leap second has been added because of the earth's rotation. the change is needed because standard time lags behind atomic clocks. this new year you have a tiny bit longer to enjoy celebrations. it is because of a slight wobble in the earth's rotation. the planet speeds up and slows down and while a single rotation is one day, some days are a tiny fraction longer or shorter than others and the earth's time drifts
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out of a sync with the clocks. so an extra second is being added. it is the 27th leap second since they were introduced in the 1970s. but calls have been made to abolish them. computers rely on precise time—keeping and some say that having to pre—programme an extra second puts them at risk. others say without this, over thousands of yea rs our without this, over thousands of years our clocks will grow off kilter and one day your watch might say it is midnight as the sun is starting to rise! now time for the weather. the final day of 2016 has been a cloudy and mild one with some rain in the north. here was the sun
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set earlier on, taken by a weather watcher in york. we have rain for some parts tonight. we have rain across northern ireland and southern scotla nd across northern ireland and southern scotland for the next few hours. that cold front will sink south as we head closer to midnight. newcastle and manchester, it will be raining by midnight. further north some wintry showers and the risk of icy conditions on the roads in northern scotland. in england and wales, mostly cloudy, we will see a band of rain creeping in, bringing rain to the north—west wales and england. to the south of that, a lot of cloud and there could be some mist and murk. but dry if you're heading ute to see the fireworks. things will turn colder. as the cold front slips south on new year's day, we will see a return to the colder weather. here is new year's day, 9
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o'clock we will see rain in the south—west of england, wales and the midlands and east anglia. but the far south—east dry to start the day, although the rain will move in. brighter to the north across cumbria, northern ireland and the southern half of scotland. crisp, frosty and cold with wintry showers continuing across the north of scotland. if we look at the day, we will see that rain lingering for a good part of the day in the midlands and the south—east. and elsewhere a return to clearer conditions with wintry sunshine and also the risk of showers turning wintry, particularly over the hills of scotland and the north york moors. over night we will lose the wet weather from the the south and we are in the clearer skies with the sold arctic winds bringing wintry showers to north eastern parts and a widespread frost heading into monday. monday a dry and bright day after the morning
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frost has cleared. we will still see wintry showers in the north—east, but most places dry and bright and in the sunshine temperatures of three to six degrees. bye for now. hello. this is bbc news with anita mcveigh. the headlines at 18:30pm. in hong kong, a spectacularfirework display welcomes in the new year. as the world marks the start of the new year, security has been stepped up in major cities.
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in london, thousands of extra police are being deployed ahead of the celebrations. there's something like 3,000 police officers on duty in central london alone, and there will be stewards as well. the queen's new year's honours list is dominated by britian's olympic and paralympic stars, including lee pearson, mo farah and andy murray. from me and the rest of the new year's eve team in the newsroom, a very happy new year. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. the headlines this evening.


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