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this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm: a second girl has died following a hit and run in oldham on new year's eve. four men are being questioned by police. funerals for victims of the istanbul nightclub gun attack — so—called islamic state says it was behind the shootings. photos of the main suspect are released by istanbul police, who say they've detained eight people. police say a 23—year—old man has been killed in a house fire started deliberately in glasgow — his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. railfares are going up by an average of 2.3%. the government says it's to pay for modernisation, but rail groups say it's a "kick in the teeth" for passengers. a union boss sasteremy corbyn could step down as labour leader if his poll ratings don't improve by the next election. also, the first wave of so—called garden villages, in england,
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are given the go—ahead. ministers say the aim is to create tens of thousands of new homes, from cornwall, to carlisle. good evening and welcome to bbc news. an 11—year—old girl has died two days after she and her cousin were knocked down by a car in a hit and run crash in oldham. her cousin, who was 21, died at the scene. her cousin, who was 12, died at the scene. greater manchester police have released one of five men they had arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. anisa kadri reports. more than 2a hours after the hit
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and run, police have confirmed that ii—year—old zaneta krokova has lost the fight for her life. she and her cousin helina kotlarova, who was 12, had been crossing ashton road in oldham when they were hit by a car which did not stop. helina died at the scene. a lot of people from our school witnessed the incident. we have had one or two similar incidents to like this in the last couple of years, and it deeply affects pupils and it is giving them that support at this difficult time, and making sure they feel 0k. if they are struggling they need to come and talk to the staff and all staff are happy to help and will support them through this difficult time. police have released this image and say they have now identified the car as a blue peugeot 807. it was found abandoned after the crash. officers are questioning four men on suspicion of dangerous driving. flowers have been laid for the girls who had just come out of a shop near their homes. they were holding hands when they were hit. yesterday my daughter was crying,
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abd i'm crying i cannot believe this happened. i cannot believe, these young girls! an evening people have been paying their respects as police appealed for witnesses. our correspondent peter harris is in oldham for us. the update you just been hearing about is initially the police believed that the girls had been hit bya believed that the girls had been hit by a volkswagen golf. it turned out this afternoon that this is not the case. it was a peugeot 807. that car was found abandoned nearby and the police have issued the pictures of that, trying to build a picture of its movement around the time of the
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accident on new year's eve. that is one of the central developments in the investigation. also that one of the people arrested earlier has now been released and dearrested. there are now four men being questioned on suspicion of causing death i dangerous driving. the news that this is now a double tragedy came this afternoon. if i walk across here perhaps you can see there are floral tributes and candles on both sides of the road. many of those who have been, especially in the last few hours, they were children of ii or 12, classmates of the girls and teachers have been down here today. given the age of these people this is a very distressing time for many people in this community. the so—called islamic state terror group says one of its militants was behind the new year's eve nightclub attack in istanbul in which 39 people are known to have died. the authorities are continuing their hunt for the suspect,
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who escaped after opening fire on party—goers. these are the latest pictures released by turkish police. officials have now identified all but one of the victims, and they say nearly two thirds of them were foreign nationals. funerals for some of those killed are being held today. from istanbul, our correspondent selin gerit reports. this is the gunman that has sent shock waves across the country. he is still at large, but now his motives could be a bit clearer. the so—called islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack at reina nightclub. in a statement, they said the shooting was carried out by a soldier of the caliphate, in revenge for the turkish's in revenge for the turkish government's strikes on islamic state in syria. eight people have been detained, but the gunman is not thought to be among them. in the area, some more funerals were held today.
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25 of the victims are foreign nationals. most were from middle eastern countries. a 29—year—old actor from lebanon was among those shot. he's grateful to be alive. we heard something... likea gun. shooting. after three or four seconds, we heard something like that. we slip on the floor. and he come. the man. and when we are slipping, he is on us. security is still tight in istanbul. the wounds are open after a night of terror. life is farfrom normal yet. this place used to be one of the most popular nightclubs in istanbul. now it is forever to be haunted. the gunman came by those doors and
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shot two people before rushing in. he fired up to 180 bullets, turning the venue into a scene of a massacre. now people are concerned about what might follow next. the hope is this might be the last time this nation grieves for innocent lives lost. and islamic state also says it ordered a suicide car—bomb attack in iraq in which 35 people were killed. the suicide bomber struck at an outdoor fruit and veg market in the sadr city part of baghdad — a shi'ite neighbourhood. it's the second major attack in baghdad in three days. police say a young man was killed in a deliberate house fire in east dunbartonshire, just hours after celebrating the new year with his girlfriend. 23—year—old cameron logan had been out with his partner for hogmanay before returning to his family home in milngavie,
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on the edge of glasgow. his girlfriend is in a critical condition in hospital. huw williams reports. emergency services were called here just before 7:30am yesterday. the body of a man was found inside the house. just after 11 o'clock this morning, a private ambulance was at the scene and forensic staff and an undertaker removed the body under a blanket. a 24—year—old woman is being treated for serious injuries she suffered in the fire. a man and a woman in their 50s who needed treatment for breathing in smoke have been released from hospital. fire investigators say the fire was started deliberately. they have called it targeted and wilful. police are appealing for anyone who has been in the area yesterday morning — jogging or walking past — to contact them with any information they may have seen. somebody has died in a fire
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in a house, it must be one of the most scariest things which could happen to you. i cannot imagine. it must be horrible. i really feel for them. especially, it looks as if they have lost their son. police scotland say they will be maintaining a high—profile presence at the scene. they say they are doing everything they can to trace the perpetrators and bring them to book. a postmortem examination will now take place to establish how cameron logan died. police are treating his death as murder and attempted murder for the attack on his girlfriend and parents. campaigners are calling the latest hike in railway fares "a kick in the teeth" for passengers. tickets in england, wales, and scotland go up by an average of 2.3% from today. but the government's defended the hike, as our business correspondentjoe lynam reports. if you have to pay out thousands of pounds for a rail season ticket,
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your new year has not started well. with the exception of northern ireland, the average ticket will be 2.3% more expensive. season tickets, set by the government, go up by 1.9% — still considerably more than inflation. even allowing for inflation, fares have risen by a quarter over the last 22 years. it is a disgrace, particularly as the railways aren't efficient. in terms of the increase, that's fair. it has to be paid. if that includes paying for our wages and people earn more money. the latest rises will sting commuters, who have had to put up with strikes and punctuality problems, insufficient seating and the impact of the weather. there is a lot happening. billions are being spent. nobody wants to see a fare increase, but costs rise and pay rises.
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fares are rising less fast than wages so that is a step in the right direction. there is a huge amount coming in from the passengers, about £9 billion that year. that should buy improvements without price rises. there should be more efficiencies. the investment is great, but do the prices have to go up every year? while passengers may baulk, the wider public may welcome the increases, because taxpayers are shouldering less of the cost of running the railways than they were. it means that commuters are shouldering more. and campaigners are calling for a totalfreeze in railfares, which they say has become disconnected from the service that they get. and are our correspondent laura trant has and are been outside king's cross station
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in central london for us. basically it's not the news rail passengers have wanted to get at the start of the new year because the average rise in annual railfares has gone up by 2.3% and that's off the back of the year where many passengers across the country we re facing disruption and cancellations. it does mean they'll have to pay more for theirjourneys but it depends on their train operator. the one with the highest rise is virgin trains east coast. tickets there are going up by 4.9%. the train operator is saying there are 10,000 tickets made available every week and if you pay in advance you get a discount. some passengers have told me that's no good to them because they don't have the flexibility to pre—book. in terms of season tickets, they are also going up on average 1.9%. public transport campaigners are questioning how these price rises can be justified. the rail delivery group who represent train operators
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make the point that 97p in every pound a passenger spends on a train ticket goes towards running and improving services. all of this comes on the day when there is continued industrial action on southern. day three of a three—day strike where members of the rmt and aslef unions are striking. many passengers wonder what they are getting for their money. so much so that protests are being organised at various stations across the country, including here at king's cross tomorrow morning. 0ne ofjeremy corbyn‘s closest allies has suggested the labour leader could step down if the party's fortunes don't improve before the next general election, due in 2020. len mccluskey — the head of britain's biggest union, unite — has described labour's standing in the opinion polls as "awful." earlier i spoke to our political correspondant chris mason, and i started by asking him whetherjeremy corbyn had
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any inkling these comments were coming. the honest answer is i'm not sure. we asked jeremy corbyn and his team that point and they didn't want to comment. it is hard to see at this stage how it is useful for jeremy corbyn. that a figure as big as len mccluskey within the labour movement, someone who has backed jeremy corbyn and defended him from criticism, and then backed him through the second leadership race that happened over summer, that when he now comes out and make remarks to the daily mirror that are as critical as this, openly questioning how long corbyn might last. he says if the opinion polls are still "awful" in 2019 everyone would examine that situation, including jeremy corbyn. he sasteremy corbyn is not an egomaniac, desperate to cling to power for power‘s sake.
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he is potentially putting a sell by date on the man he has backed thus far. the usual criticism is thrown around, that they are blairites. it is seen as a criticism on the left of the labour movement. nobody in a million years would attach that criticism to len mccluskey. in what makes it all the more striking. and because of all of that, a very public tit—for—tat has developed between mr mccluskey and one of the rivals for his job as leader of unite. and why is he saying this now? len mccluskey is on the hunt for votes. for the best part of the last couple of years he has been in the business of trying to attract votes forjeremy corbyn. he is currently trying to attract votes to len to attract votes to len mccluskey. there has been real criticism from his principal rival and the argument has been that for sometime
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he has been obsessing about westminster politics rather than prioritising the views of unite members. in the mirror, he says he is astonished at the public ultimatum forjeremy corbyn and mr mccluskey seems obsessed with being labour's puppet master. part of the difficulty about the position that the general secretary has adopted in relation to the labour party is that we have spent far too much time focusing on that. i'm running for the general secretary of unite the union, not the general secretary of the labour party. and actually this year is the most significant year for discussions about how we exit the european union, and actually it's the insecurity that our members face, not the insecurity of jeremy corbyn'sjob, that is the most important thing to me. and now, chris, len mccluskey has responded to that. he has. he's just put out a statement saying that unite's democracy would not be safe
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in gerard coyne's hands. his latest outburst is not an attack on myself as much as on our activists. he is unscrupulously remarks show his campaign is not driven by concern for unite and its members, it is to buy the failed plotters in the labour party for whom unite would be collateral damage in their political project to billing back blairism. unite is electing a general secretary not a puppet. that gives you a sense of why this matters even if you are not one of the members of unite. this is a proxy war about the direction of the labour party and the extent to which the leader of the biggest union the country should be seen to have a hotline leader of the opposition. the authorities in brazil say at least 50 people have died in a riot in a prison
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in the amazonian city of manaus. families of inmates can be seen here running from the prison after fighting broke out between rival drugs gangs yesterday. the rioting carried through the night before the situation was brought under control while an unknown number of inmates escaped. clashes between powerful criminal gangs are common in brazil's overcrowded prison system. the headlines. a second girl has died following a hit—and—run in 0ldham on new year's eve. police have arrested four men. as funerals take place in turkey for victims of the istanbul nightclub attack, police say they have detained eight people but are still searching for the main suspect. police say a 23—year—old man has been killed at a house fire started deliberately in glasgow. his partner is in a critical condition in hospital. the first 1a areas in england to be selected for so—called "garden
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villages" have been announced, in a bid to create tens of thousands of new homes. the new villages must include green spaces and good transport links. the government says that the plans will help provide vital homes. but rural campaigners have warned there is still strong opposition to some of the projects. 0ur correspondent daniela relph has been to one of the proposed locations at longcross, near cobham, in surrey. well, over the next couple of years, the idea is that this area here in longcross in surrey, close to the m25, will be transformed into one of these 1a garden villages. now, a garden village would have anything between 1500 and 10,000 new affordable homes. it would also have access to funds to develop green spaces and improve transport links. the locations announced by the government today, across england, scattered across england, from cumbria to derbyshire, stratford—upon—avon, suburban areas around london and down into devon and cornwall.
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and the idea is that they would create distinct communities. so these garden villages wouldn't just be extensions of what already exists, they would be distinct communities in themselves. and they would have access to around £6 million of government money over the next two years. now, the labour party and some of those who have looked at the housing problem are wary of getting too excited about this project. they say, yes, if delivered, it will provide much—needed new housing. but it quite simply isn't enough. the israeli premier mr has been questioned by police over corruption. he is accused of accepting expensive guest from two businessmen. reports say the initial questioning could last several hours. he denies any wrongdoing. a couple who went missing — after walking in the cairngorms ——
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after walking in the cairngorms — have been found by mountain rescue teams. a man aged 60 — and a 57—year—old woman — were reported missing last night after failing to return from a day in the mountains. rescuers say they spent the night on the hills in freezing conditions. they are now safe and well. thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of hong kong, demanding full democracy. they accuse the government of cracking down on pro—democracy legislators. helier cheung reports. activists hold pro—democracy marches every year in hong kong. but this time, there's a new source of tension. these protesters are furious that the government is trying to disqualify four democratically elected legislators. they also say that beijing's recent interpretation of the basic law has undermined hong kong'sjudicial independence. the government says the legislators gave invalid oaths, and so should be disqualified. but critics accuse the government of a political crackdown. translation: i voted for nathan law. but the government has the nerve to try and disqualify him after he's already been sworn in.
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i feel furious about this. i feel like i can't just sit at home any more. if you're sitting at home, you might as well come out and protest. hong kong's unpopular leader, cy leung, will step down next year. but protesters argue that without democratic reform, there is no guarantee the next leader will be any better. we do notjust want to disqualify cy leung. but also, we are asking for a fundamental revamp of the system. public opinion in hong kong is split. some argue that pro—democracy groups haven't achieved anything and are distracting the government from more important issues. but these activists say they are determined to fight on, so hong kong is likely to see more protests over the coming year. helier cheung, bbc news, hong kong. in just over a fortnight,
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the eyes of the world will be on washington, as donald trump is sworn in as us president. so what will life be like living in america under a trump presidency? our correspondent nick bryant has travelled to atlantic city where the president elect has made a number of investments — to gauge what people think the year ahead holds for american politics. donald trump promised to make atlantic city great again and in the 1980s opened a string of casinos to make it an east coast rival to las vegas. the trump taj mahal, he boasted, would become the eighth wonder of the world. but it's decay, rather than decadence, that greets you now. we are at the centre of the trump taj mahal... local guide levi fox runs a trump tour, telling the story of how the billionaire's companies went into bankruptcy here four times. he didn't ever achieve his promises, and it makes me wonder whether he can achieve that for america,
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although at this point we all hope that he can. his old casino empire was opened with vintage champagne and vintage trump showmanship — he took michaeljackson on a guided tour. but the city never did come to rival las vegas, and he got out of town seven years ago. since then, he's taken action to have his name removed from his old casinos, fearing perhaps they'd be seen as monuments of failure. i think he was one of the causes of atlantic city being the way it is today. from his boardwalk buggy, freddie isaac watched his rise and fall. well, in the beginning, he was doing good, and then later on, well, put it like this, if you have four casinos in atlantic city and now you have none, what does that tell you? when he says he can make america great again? i don't think so. things have gotten so bad here that the state of newjersey took over the city to save it from bankruptcy. even the pawn shops aren't doing much business because people here
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have little left to pawn. inside, we met a building contractor, tony mcmahon. contractor, danny mcmahon. trump's years in atlantic city, he says, offered proof that all that glistens isn't gold. trump used to run this city, i used to watch him not pay his bills and screw everybody over, pay pennies on the dollar and take them to court, and i understand that's the businessman aspect of it. but you're screwing the little man. two years ago, we interviewed donald trump about atlantic city, and he blamed its decline on local politicians — and the fact that he left town. i decided years ago to get out, and it was a good decision, but it's also a decision, very interestingly, it coincides with when atlantic city started going down. but i still have a warm spot in my heart for atlantic city, because i did great there for a long time. but does atlantic city still have a warm spot for him? the verdict was delivered
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on election day, where here they voted for hillary clinton. nick bryant, bbc news, newjersey. here's the weather. it has been a fine and bright today. a bit of cloud across the north west of scotla nd a bit of cloud across the north west of scotland one or two coastal showers but for the most averse it has been clear and dry. sunshine by day. leading to cold night to come. temperatures will be plummeting quickly once the scum goes down. we will see misting is falling here and there and some ice and untreated surfaces. if you are heading back to work on tuesday bearing mind it will
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be cold and in the countryside we could see temperatures as low as “11 oi’ could see temperatures as low as “11 or minus five degrees across central and southern england. tomorrow, by eight o'clock, we will have cloud moving in across scotland with patchy rain moving in. quite windy too. further south it will be mostly dry and fairly cloudy, so milder start here. further south we still have clear skies so cold start with frost. mr too. there will be wintry sunshine across the south coast and south wales. it's a bit of a split. from the northwest increasing cloud, patchy rain around the coast and hills, quite windy for the north of scotland. but further south and east dryer with temperatures of five or six and eight or nine in the north. high—pressure mainly holding on into
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the middle of the week. towards wednesday the east of scotland will be quite breezy. if you are exposed to the breeze retinal seacoast it will feel chilly but further inland it is another pretty decent day. dry for most of us. increasing sunshine later in the day. temperatures all in all tween about four to 9 degrees by wednesday afternoon. high—pressure stake in charge. mostly settled in dry through thursday. increasing cloud by friday. rain in the west and temperatures not quite as chilly at the start of the week. new pictures of the wanted gunman emerge. he's been on the run since the shootings on new year's eve. the funerals have been held today of some of the victims. most of those who died were foreigners.
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we'll be live in istanbul with the very latest. also on the programme: a second girl has died after a hit—and—run on new year's eve in oldham. new year, new rail fares. prices rise above inflation again, with the government saying it'll help pay for modernisation. and plans for new garden towns and villages take root across england.
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