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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 30, 2017 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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some people who succeed and prosper. some people who have argued for brexit have criticised the existence of the european union saying it is not an institution which serves western europe well. theresa may did not say that at all. she said she wants the eu to succeed and prosper and if that happens, that will serve the uk post brexit very well. she also said she aspired to have a seamless, frictionless border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. she said a hard border would have negative consequences, in fact both of them in as many words said just that. more recently, they were both asked questions about donald trump and his new restrictions on immigration. theresa may said we have a different approach in the uk, enda kenny said, ido approach in the uk, enda kenny said, i do not agree with him. they are now back to talking in english. that
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it should be trouble—free, friction free and as seamless as possible. in respect of the american presidency, it is more important than ever before to speak directly to the president about the plight of 50,000 undocumented irish. i disagree with the policies introduced by the american government and we will speak to the president and vice president. mr flanagan is talking to speaker ryan tomorrow. we hope that out of that we will have an outcome in respect of continued good relations with the united states. finally i have asked for a review of the situation insofar as preclea ra nce the situation insofar as preclea rance so the situation insofar as preclearance so far —— as far as dublin and shannon are concerned. and with that, both leaders had out
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stage right to continue their day's work. just tell you a little more about what both of the irish and british leaders said about donald trump's new restrictions on immigration, restrictions on people coming in from seven countries, three in africa, four in the middle east, well, the irish leader, enda kenny, was explicit, he said, i disagree with the policies of the us government. but he was asked if he would go to the white house and he said yes. if we want to disagree with the us, we should still have a close relationship and i will be going there and will be communicating my concerns about some of these policies. he said it would not be appropriate not to go. theresa may said, look, i was home secretary for a number of years, the uk takesa secretary for a number of years, the uk takes a different approach. she did not go further and explicitly condemn the ban. that is all from me
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for the moment. thank you for watching, i will be back in a couple of hours. 0k, of hours. ok, thanks to my colleague, and 0utside source for coverage of that joint press conference from theresa may and enda kenny, the taoiseach in dublin. i suppose the main point to come out of that press conference was the fact that both leaders, once a brexit occurs, are adamant they will be working for the continuation ofa will be working for the continuation of a soft border between the north and south of ireland. 0nce brexit ta kes and south of ireland. 0nce brexit takes place, remember, northern ireland will leave the european union but the border will send the frontier separating ireland, which will remain in the european union, they want no return to a hard border between the two areas. they have made it clear that in the talks that
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will be taking place over the next few months, to move brexit forward, they are looking to maintain a sea mless they are looking to maintain a seamless and frictionless border. that probably the key finding out that press conference. also some comments from theresa may on donald trump, she says the invitation stands for him to come to the uk on his state visit later in the year. enda kenny made it clear that he would also be going to the united states, despite the issues concerning the president's travel ban. he will be in the united states for the st patrick's day. so all that therefore you after that press conference and we will get more from oui’ conference and we will get more from our correspondent chris buckler. now it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jessica creighton. coming up this evening: sutton and lincoln will find out their opponents in the fifth round of the fa cup, with the draw in under an hour. mps want more answers from british cycling — now a former coach is invited to give evidence at a doping inquiry.
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and a six nations boss says there are no plans to introduce relegation to the tournament, despite italy's poor record. good evening. all of that, plus a busy day for sunderland as the football transfer window draws to a close, and a look ahead to england's decider with india in their twenty20 series. but we'll start with football, and the fa cup, where the draw for the fifth round will take place in the next hour. it's the first time two non—league clubs have made it to the last 16 since the foundation of the football league in 1888, after sutton united and lincoln city both pulled off giant—killing acts. actually, there were a number of shocks over the weekend, which some have put down to the raft of changes made by a number of clubs.
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alex gulrajani reports. tradition and history, the oldest cup competition in the world. lifting it is still celebrated by players and supporters alike. but in this era of the game, have attentions turned elsewhere? the premier league and league football have somewhat still in the fa cup‘s limelight when it falls than the priority list. the bubble, winners of the trophy seven times, made nine changes to their starting team against wolves. —— liverpool. and it did not work out forjurgen klopp. against wolves. —— liverpool. and it did not work out forjurgen klopplj explained why i took this line—up andi explained why i took this line—up and i am responsible for the performance. i thought we are ready for this game, obviously we were not. it does not feel too good. he was not the only one ringing the changes. southampton made ten for
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their 5—0 defeat at arsenal. watford, who lost to millwall, made seven. those choosing the premier league did the same, three of the top four clubs in the championship also coming to lower league sides. newcastle fans endured a nine hour round trip to see their side lose 3-0 to round trip to see their side lose 3—0 to oxford. but the manager back his decision to make ten changes to the starting team. we wanted to do well but it has to be with this squad, with the number playing in the championship, you cannot play two games a week at this level with this intensity. getting back into the premier league is his and newcastle's target and the same goes for brighton and leeds, but what of southern united, who beat garry monk's tim? they go into night's fifth round draw for the first time in the history and four than the competition still means something. from using the prize—money to fix a lea k from using the prize—money to fix a leak in the clubhouse or dream of
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lifting the trophy for rear —— for real. well, i'm delighted to bejoined now by somebody who played in their share of fa cup fixtures during their career, with the likes of norwich, blackburn and chelsea. chris sutton, thanks forjoining us. first of all, i want to get your thoughts on the team selections we have seen by some managers. this kind of debate has been rumbling on. do you think it diminishes the value of the fa cup because managers are making so many team changes?” of the fa cup because managers are making so many team changes? i think some of the changes are understandable. i think it does devalue, i do not know whatjurgen klopp was playing at but liverpool had gone out of the league cup and this was the opportunity to win a trophy. i think they will not win the premier league now. maybe liverpool fans will disagree. i was shocked at his selection. that has derailed their season as such. but some great stories as well, lincoln city, brilliant, sutton united, the national league clubs, but is
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fantastic to see them in the last i6. fantastic to see them in the last 16. we have seen so many of the bigger clubs making all these changes. does the fa cup mean as much as it used to? i do not think so. much as it used to? i do not think so. it is all about money and greed and staying in the premier league, but as worthy priorities seem to lie andi but as worthy priorities seem to lie and i think it is a massive disappointment and i think there are a lot of football fans around the country who feel that way and feel really strongly about it. the other side of the argument is that by making similar changes, it gives the younger players a chance to break through and shine. i think that is a load of rubbish to be frank! if the younger players are good enough, they would get the opportunity anyway. i do not get that argument whatsoever. liverpool should have been going all out to win this cup this season after the disappointment of getting knocked out of the league cup. look, with the likes of
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brighton and newcastle thomas 0ar much at stake with them, i can understand why they made changes, —— so understand why they made changes, —— so much at stake. but watford, lova ble, so much at stake. but watford, lovable, bournemouth, ifi so much at stake. but watford, lovable, bournemouth, if i was a fan of them, i would be disappointed. —— liverpool. well, you can see the draw for the fifth round live on the bbc. who will non—league lincoln and sutton face? it's live on the one show on bbc one at 7:20. there's also coverage on bbc radio 5 live. england manager gareth southgate will be among the guests. with the transfer window closing tomorrow, sunderland have had a busy day, bringing in bryan 0viedo and darron gibson. the pair team up with manager david moyes once again, after working together at everton. 0viedo has signed until 2020, while gibson's is an i8—month contract. moyes has brought them in a day before they face tottenham in the league, which is also transfer deadline day. ido i do not think it is great planning by the premier league, i think it is pretty poor, the weird has worked
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out. i think they could either have shut the window tonight or kept it open another day but i do not think it is ideal, because we have a programme but that is the way it is. and earlier, sunderland sold patrick van aanholt to crystal palace for an undisclosed fee. the dutch left—back has signed a four and a half year contract. the 26—year—old will be reunited with sam allardyce, having previously worked with the manager at the stadium of light. hopefully his impact is instant. he was instrumental in ourfight hopefully his impact is instant. he was instrumental in our fight to stay, get out of the bottom three at sunderland last year, and of course, not just as a sunderland last year, and of course, notjust as a defender but also as a very good attacking fullback with his assists and his goals. meanwhile, leicester striker leonardo ulloa has made his intentions quite clear, after handing in a transfer request last week. ulloa tweeted this, in the past hour: this comes after the manager ranieri said this earlier:
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yes, i know he is very anxious but we do not change our mind. for us it is important that we do not want to sell him. you do not want to sell him? also i do not want, because i have slimani, a target man. another target man. dmitiri payet has been paradedd by marseille today after completing a £25 million transfer to the french club. it's left a bitter taste in the mouth of west ham's owners, because according to david sullivan, payet did not show commitment or respect to west ham. in a statement, sullivan also said that they would have preferred for payet to have stayed in order to make an example of him, as no player is bigger than the club. burton albion manager nigel clough has turned down the managerial vacancy at championship rivals nottingham forest. clough had been given permission to speak to the club, where he played more than 300 games and scored 13! goals. his father brian, of course, led the club to unprecedented success
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in the ‘70s and ‘80s. six nations chief executive john feehan says relegation from the tournament will not be introduced in the short to medium term. georgia and romania have both been pushing to be included in the annual tournament. italy were added to the old five nations competiton in 2000 and have propped up the table 11 times in the 17 tournaments since, including last season, where they lost all five matches. but feehan has no plans to relegate the italians, who open their campaign against wales, next sunday in rome. we will always look at scenarios with various nations that common goal. at the moment, it is only 2000 since italy came into the championship, and you could argue they are still acclimatising a little. so it does take a little bit of time and effort. we have to be
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consistent. you cannot just of time and effort. we have to be consistent. you cannotjust have one good team disappear overnight and suddenly they are being walloped every week. we just have to be careful about that, how it unfolds over time. at the moment, we are going to remain as six, but we do a lwa ys going to remain as six, but we do always review these things. staying with the six nations, england propjoe marler will be fit for their tournament opener against france on saturday. the forward is back in full training, after making a quick recovery from a fractured leg. great credit has to go tojoe, he has been incredibly diligent, he has done everything that has been asked of him to encourage the healing process , of him to encourage the healing process, to ensure he is in the best physical shape possible so he is ready to play test match rugby, and thatis ready to play test match rugby, and that is what he has done. the man who delivered a "mystery" package to sir bradley wiggins six years ago during a race has been invited to give evidence at a doping inquiry. simon cope travelled from manchester in 201! to hand a parcel to the team sky doctor richard freeman on the final day of the criterium de dauphine in france.
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mps have said they are concerned with the evidence heard in previous hearings — the team's principal, sir dave brailsford, has previously said the package contained a legal decongestant. a postmortem examination of 2015 grand national winner many clouds, following a success at cheltenham on saturday, has concluded he died as a result of a rare pulmonary haemorrhage. vets say that the horse was suffering from no significant underlying health issues, and despite receiving immediate care from racecourse vets at the time, he was unable to be saved. england will wrap up their tour of india tomorrow in the third and final deciding t20 international in bangalore. attentions will then turn to the tour of west indies in march. moeen ali will fly home with the rest of the squad later this week, with a mixed assessment of the team's fortunes in bangladesh and india. from a team point of view


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