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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 1, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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watford's odion ighalo heads to china. what more did sebastian coe know about doping. the head of world athletics comes under scrutiny. hi there wherever you are around the world. welcome to sport today. it was a wet wet night across most of england so it was a good night to snuggle up in front of the television and watch some football. there were seven games in all, including league leaders chelsea and liverpool. despite their missed penalty chelsea boss antonio conte was happy to leave anfield with a point. ade adedoyin reports. an incident packed match but 1—1 was probably a fair result although the liverpool fans will be happier with the result when you consider the month the club has had, three straight defeats at anfied coming into this match and to get a draw against a chelsea side that have beenin against a chelsea side that have been in fine form is a decent result all things considered. chelsea took the lead through a david luiz
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freekick which caught mignolet napping, while liverpool equalised on 52 minutes and diego costa could have won it for chelsea but his penalty was saved with 15 minutes to go. sadio mane, who arrived from the african cup of nations on monday, came on as a substitute but couldn't change the result. pedro and firmino could have won late on. liverpool will hope to build on this result when they go to hull at the weekend. as for chelsea, another top four side as they go to arsenal in the london derby on saturday. arsenal were beaten 2—1 by watford with the damage done in the first 13 minutes. younes kaboul was first to score followed by watford team—mate troy deeney. arsenal hit back in the second half with a goal from alex iwobi but they came up short and the loss means the gunners slip to third on the table. tottenham go second on the table after a goal—less draw with sunderland. spurs fans will be disappointed not to come away with the three points after their team dominated possession with 72% for the match. tottenham had 11 shots at goal but eight were off target. here are all the results
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from tuesday in the english premier league. bournemouth were beaten 2—0 by crystal palace. burnley got up 1—0 over leicester city. middlesbrough and west bromwich albion finished 1—1. swansea city defeated southampton 2—1. in the coppa italia, lazio beat inter 2—1 in a fiery quarterfinal. felipe anderson put lazio in front with a first half goal. miranda was red—carded for inter and lucas biglia slotted the penalty to make it 2—0. marcelo brozovic scored to get one back for inter. the first football transfer window of 2017 has closed across most of europe. for all the details on the big moves, here's our sports reporter david ornstein. well, the biggest day on deadline day saw odion ighalo garlepp become the latest player to move to the chinese super league. the nigeria striker has joined from watford for
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$25 million. but as one forward leave the inglis premier league, one arrives. southampton have paid napoli $18 million for the italy international gabbiadini. meanwhile another new clu b gabbiadini. meanwhile another new club for emmanuelle adebayor. a free agent since leaving crystal palace last summer, the 32—year—old coca leaves has signed in the turkish super league. in germany bayer leverkusen have snapped up bailey from ghent. it is worth $16 million and a five—year contract for the young jamaican winger. china was the destination for 0 gollob and it is for pato. still only 27, the brazilian will hope to rediscover his goalscoring touch. —— figallo. mamadou sakho went to crystal palace on loan from liverpool. he hasn't played since april but palace will
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still cover his salary and a $2.5 million the. jordan knight who has gone from aston villa to swansea city. a swansea player has gone the other way. it shows transfers can still be done even when you're playing at the african cup of nations. the head of world athletics, sebastian coe, has denied he misled a british parliamentary committee investigating doping in sport when appeared before it last december. new e—mails have been released which appear to show that lord coe was aware of corruption allegations in athletics, before they were made public. here's our sports editor dan roan. there's some flash photography in his report. as both athlete and administrator, lord coe has been at the very top of his sport for decades. but tonight fresh concerns over whether he misled mps about what he knew and when over allegations of a russian doping scandal. when he appeared in front of a parliamentary select committee in december, 2015 he was
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askedif committee in december, 2015 he was asked if he knew about the corruption crisis before it became public the previous year. corruption crisis before it became public the previous yearlj corruption crisis before it became public the previous year. i was certainly not aware of the specific allegations that had been made around the corruption of anti— doping processes in russia. but since then there's been evidence he may have no more than he initially suggested. first the bbc‘s panorama programme last summer reported allegations he been alerted to the scandal months before it became public. did you mislead parliament? lord coe? the programme revealed former world championship distance runner dave bedford had sent code about the e—mail scandal but he said he hadn't opened attachments detail the allegations. today a twist. in this e—mail sent by lord coe to the iaaf ethics chief in august, 2014: looking at the evidence we have before us today, it is clear to us that he was far more aware of
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serious allegations around doping and corruption in athletics than he let on when he came to the committee in december 20 15th. he denies there is any discrepancy between his evidence and what the e—mail says he knew and he wasn't asked specifically by mps about when he first heard of the corruption. lord coe agreed to release this e—mail after demands for him to be recalled to the parliamentary select committee to give more evidence. but the pressure on athletics‘ most powerfulfigure is the pressure on athletics‘ most powerful figure is intensifying the pressure on athletics‘ most powerfulfigure is intensifying and tonight yet more controversy, his former right—hand man kicked out of the iaaf in disgrace. nick davies, who served as his chief of staff, admitted accepting secret payments from the governing body‘s... he was cleared of corruption but sacked with immediate effect. lord coe has vowed to salvage the credibility of the sport he now rules but the past continues to blight his attempts to look to the future. dan roan, bbc news. an australian rugby league star,
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who was banned for using cocaine, has been allowed to play rugby union for toulon in france. ben barba won the grand final with the cronulla sharks last year before testing positive to the banned stimulant days later. he was banned for 12 matches by the national rugby league. but while he is serving that, barba has flown to france to play for toulon in the french top 1a. australia‘s nrl has no control over other global sporting organisations. he won two stages of the race last year on his way to the overall victory. dutchmen dylan was second with britain‘s mark cavendish third after suffering an early puncture. the 181 kilometre stage has finished. how passionate are you about your sporting team 7 would you ride thousands
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of kilometres on your bike to see them play? well, liverpool fanjungyu lee has chosen pedal power to prove his passion. he‘s cycled 17,000 kilometres from south korea to liverpool to see his favourite team in their home city. ian haslam reports. this is jungyu this isjungyu lee, also known as june. you'll never walk alone! he'll never walk alone but cycling alone‘s fine. this is the wrong ground. the right ground, asjun knows all too well, it‘s across stanley park. the bubble has been his team for 20 yea rs. bubble has been his team for 20 years. everyone says you're crazy, why don‘t you take an aeroplane or a train? —— liverpool has been. but i decided to use my own muscles. come
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on, liverpool! jun left to south korea on june ten. on, liverpool! jun left to south korea onjune ten. hisjourney on, liverpool! jun left to south korea onjune ten. his journey took him through parts of asia and europe and he‘s got the photos to prove it. eventually he and his bike made it. he hasn‘t decided how he‘ll get home and when he‘ll get there. hopefully liverpool give him lots of tickets. a reminder of our top story. chelsea have extended their lead to nine points at the top of the english premier league. antonio conte‘s team had to settle for a point at anfield against a much—improved liverpool. david luiz opened the scoring for chelsea before georginio wijnaldum levelled the scores at 1—1. the big shot of the night, arsenal going down to watford 2—1. that‘s it. i‘m nick marshall—mccormack. see you soon. goodbye. it's
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it‘s really soggy outside right now, particularly eastern areas of the uk. many of us had the worst of the rain hours and hours ago but through the early hours of wednesday it‘s going to stay damp wherever you are across the uk. talking a little bit about the future, we‘ll see more storms forming across the atlantic, coming out of the us actually and moving across the atlantic and heading in our direction. lots of cloud and lots happening and towards the end of the week that‘s when we‘re concerned there is severe weather heading our way. in the short term we have the rain in eastern areas, six, seven, 8am. notice how some of the northern and western areas brighten up a little bit later in the afternoon and then it will probably go downhill again second time across the south—west and but southampton, 0xfordshire, around here, birmingham, manchester, the north—west, getting a bit of
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sunshine. the far east cloudy with some rain. little bits and pieces of rain in northern ireland and then brighter, drier and brighter across scotla nd brighter, drier and brighter across scotland so a messy picture across the uk on wednesday. be prepared for sunshine... be prepared for the rain but expect a little bit of sunshine. how‘s the rest of europe doing compare to us? well, it‘s going to turn unsettled from spain into france and the uk, all these weather systems piling into the uk, quieter in the mediterranean and quieter in central parts of europe. here‘s a closer look at this burst nasty area of low pressure that comes in. this going to bring a lot of windy weather to ireland and western parts of the uk, southern coasts and gales in many areas and outbreaks of rain. really blustery wet day. this is the first bigelow, quite mild, won‘t feel like it in the wind. 0nce first bigelow, quite mild, won‘t feel like it in the wind. once this big low starts pulling away, another
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smaller but more intense weather system is going to develop. this one could do one of two things. it could either be quite nasty still and moving to france, this is probably going to be less severe for us. the other scenario, the other computer model suggests this will affect south—western areas and track towards the north. this is actually the more likely one and the colours are there to distinguish between the two tracks. the thinking is right now, this might change, rain and severe gales in south—western areas but stayed tuned to weather updates on this one. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name‘s mike embley. our top stories: president donald trump nominates neil gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the us supreme court. judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous
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discipline, and has earned bipartisan support. the 49—year—old federal appeals courtjudge is not expected to call into question high—profile rulings on abortion and gay marriage. standing here, in a house of history, acutely aware of my own imperfections, i pledge that i will do all i can to be a faithful servant to the constitutional laws of this great country.
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