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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 5, 2017 7:30pm-7:45pm GMT

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marine le pen is the answer. the front national is running in the name of the people, it says, and in this election, there are many candidates from many different parties claiming to do just the same. after days of street protests in romania, the government there has withdrawn a controversial decree that would have reduced some penalties for corruption. we can show you live pictures from the capital. in bucharest, thousands are celebrating the government's decision. many say that the u—turn is not enough and they are calling for the resignation of the government. the government should be stripped of responsibility for overseeing
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rail companies‘ franchises — according to mps on the transport committee. their report criticises whitehall forfailing to hold rail companies to account. the government says it's already implementing many of the mps‘ recommendations. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. if you're a regular train user, you'll know all about the disruption at southern rail, the above—inflation ticket rises and carriages bursting at peak times. how do you feel about rail franchises, though? i live in halifax so i always get the northern line to manchester or to leeds and it's always late. there's, like, two carriages for a million people. it's very expensive, that's why i don't normally use them because i can drive much cheaper. i think there should still be franchising but it needs more regulations in place to punish the train companies. i tend to travel on virgin, i tend to prefer them over the other ones. they tend to be very reliable. the transport select committee which oversees the government says that taxpayers are still on the hook when things go wrong on the railways, and the department
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for transport should no longer control and monitor rail franchises. that should be handed over to the independent office for road and rail. the cost of running the railways hasn't gone down. the system doesn't work together very well. and in reality there is actually very little competition. but the transport secretary said he is aware of the problems and is solving the issue of different parts of the sector not connecting very well. they say there's not enough coordination between network rail, the infrastructure operator, the track operator and the train companies. i agree with that. before christmas i set out plans to start to reunite track and train step by step. train operators say that franchising, which has been around for 21 years, has been a success story and passenger numbers have doubled. but with satisfaction dwindling and overcrowding soaring, reform might be coming down the track. let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather. chilly tonight, tomorrow morning
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nippy as well, some mist and fog and later in the days rain. let's look at the short—term. pretty turning cold, in the blue hues you can pick out mist patches developing overnight into monday, these are the city centre temperatures, imro areas it will be colder, rain coming out of the west as so often, west country and wales and eventually northern ireland as well whereas if you live across eastern areas of the uk it will stay dry through the afternoon. try in london and norwich, wet in cardiff and belfast on monday. on monday evening by rush hour that rain will spill into the midlands, maybe even some snow across the upland areas of northern britain. hello. this is bbc news with
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me, martine croxall. the headlines at 7.34. research by bbc news shows the number of patients in england waiting for more than the official target of eighteen weeks for surgery has risen by 163% in four years. passengers from countries subjected to america's travel ban seize the chance to fly to the us, as judges refuse to reverse a suspension of president trump's controversial order. the conservatives signal a shift away from home ownership for all, a policy which dates back to margaret thatcher's time in office. ministers have pledged fresh measures to encourage renting. france's far—right national front leader, marine le pen, has launched her campaign to become the country's new president. she has promised to eradicate terrorism and abandon the euro if she wins. a scathing report is published into the way britain's train system is organised. mps say it lets down passengers and isn't "fit for purpose". now on bbc news, sportsday.
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good evening. the headlines, wales have a scare in rome, injury troubles as well but they are still top of the six nations table. a good day for manchester in the premier league, both clubs winning, jesus saving city against swansea. and the davis cup tie against canada isa and the davis cup tie against canada is a nailbiter, with dan evans fighting back against pospisil. good evening. after yesterday's tight matches
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at twickenham and many feared it was one—sided in rome, that's how it looked on paper as wales beat italy 33-7. they are top of the six nations standings on points difference but they missed out on a bonus point although they will be more than satisfied because they trailed at half—time. a couple of points of concern before they play england next weekend in cardiff, injuries to george north and down big. patrick gearey reports. the italian national anthem asks dov‘e la vittoria? where is victory? something that the rugby team has often had to ponder, italy's place in the six nations has sometimes been questioned which might have influenced their team talk, their first try was a robust response. you can be too robust of course and giving away penalties meant giving away the lead because leigh halfpenny was wales's fullback. what was begun with his reassuring boot was continued with quick hands and an italian was in the sin bin
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as jonathan davies got the first try for wales. mirror image on the other wing seven minutes later, liam williams this time getting the try. a new tournament rule means teams get a bonus point for scoring four tries so george north set off after the third. he's had hamstring troubles in the past and this was a fitness test, he had enough fuel. italy by now running on empty and that extra point was within wales's grasp, they came this close to it. they have six days for the bruises to heal. it's england next. patrick geary, bbc news. obviously it was disappointing to lose dan biggar with his rib injury, we are not sure how significant that is, but sam davies came on and showed some lovely deft touches, putting players in space, it's nice to come away from your first game having won. a shame about the bonus point at the end but i'm delighted with the application in the second half which will give us more
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confidence and belief to go into that england game. we won't get away from the fact that we have this type of slow starters, that was probably proved right in the first half, we spent a lot of time in italy's 22 but didn't get a reward. we will look at that, but it's not a case of a team trying to play down a decent performance, it's a team realising it's the first game in a long line of fixtures to come. there were victories for both manchester clubs in the premier league this afternoon. city at home to struggling swansea although they left it late with both goals coming from their teenage striker gabrieljesus. on his full home debut he scored the winner in injury time. the freshest face in manchester,
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gabrieljesus already making a name for himself among city fans. they had to wait five months for their young brazilian to appear and now it seems there's no way of getting of him! as swansea found out to their detriment. a second goal in city colours, but more importantly a first in front of home fans. yaya toure has scored many in front of them, but not this one. a long afternoon for paul clement as he stood and watched city's 19—year—old brazilian come close to a second. but after the break a different story, gylfi sigurdsson pushing caballero to full stretch, encouraging and swansea did not stop there, keeping the pressure until finally a breakthrough. only one man to do it, a third in as many games for gylfi. but as pep guardiola started to panic guess who saved the day. in manchester a new city star is born. translation i adapted not ioo%, quickly adapted to their country, it was my
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first time outside brazil, i thought it was going to be more difficult, not only the football but also the weather, the culture, the city itself, but thanks to my family and team mates and to the club for the welcoming, it has been really easy for me. that's how i got adapted really quickly. we didn't play well in the first half. we were under the cosh for massive amounts of that first half. you stayed in it. that's what we said, however bad things are, stay in the game, and when it is half—time, if it is 1-0 you can regroup and go through some tactical, mentalthings. the players responded brilliantly and they were deflated to concede late on. but we have a lot of things we can take from that game that will help us in the future. manchester city are up to third in the premier league, one point behind spurs, ten points behind league leaders chelsea, after a late goal earned them a 2—1 win over swansea. leicester are one point above the relegation zone. two teams who know what it's
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like to be premier league champions but for whom their glory days seem so long ago. it's turning into a struggle at either end of the table, manchester united struggled with direction and intensity for most of the first half, intensity directed in the right way at least. united were lucky that mata stayed on the field and lucky when the leicester defence dissolved to allow henrikh mkhitaryan to burst through and fire them into the front. although the game is played over 90 united did the damage in 90 seconds when they picked up the ball again and gave it to ibrahimovic. the game was done and dusted just three
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minutes later, mata finding more space behind the champions's defence with the same result. leicester haven't even scored in the league this year, four defeats in a row for the defending champions, and they are staring at a relegation scrap, 15 without loss for united although the title may be a bit too far off. second chance, a goal, third chance, a goal, fourth chance of the goal, and that makes totally the difference. i'm happy with my guys, they play well week after week. they haven't had a defeat in the premier league since october we are doing very well, if we could transform the unlucky draws into wins we would be in an amazing position. after we conceded the third goal it was very, very difficult because they are champions, they keep possession, they can change the tempo, it was very difficult for us. let's see how the table looks.
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chelsea are still sitting very pretty, as you can see, city into the top four. manchester united still keeping in touch although some way off those champions league places. liverpool against spurs the big match next saturday. it's getting interesting at the bottom. a real dogfight. defeats for swansea and leicester today, a point above the relegation zone, they face each other next weekend. at the bottom, six teams separated by just two points. it's going to be a dogfight, the relegation scrap until the end of the season. into the championship huddersfield have lea pfrogged west yorkshire rivals leeds united into force after beating them 2—1. the game was spoiled by a late incident that saw both managers sent off. the winning goal had been scored in the 89th minute and that sparked jubilant huddersfield celebrations with manager david wagner tearing down the touchline to join in.
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on his return to the dugout he clashed with leeds boss garry monk. both were sent to the stands as huddersfield held on for the win. the manager said that he held himself with dignity! brighton missed out on the chance to return to the top of the championship. they drew 3—3 at brentford. the bees scored after 94 minutes to lead 3—2 but brighton equalised in the 97th minute. they are now one point behind newcastle. celtic are now 27 points clear at the top of the scottish premiership. they came from behind to beat stjohnstone 5—2 at mcdiarmid park. the hosts were leading 2—1 at half—time after goals from watson, moussa dembele came on with half an hour to play, turned the match with a second—half hat—trick, helping his celtic now have 19 wins on the
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bounce and the league. the africa cup of nations final is underway in gabon. egypt and cameroon have 11 titles between them. egypt are leading against the lions, thanks


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