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tv   HAR Dtalk  BBC News  February 10, 2017 4:30am-5:00am GMT

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a federal appeals court in california has refused to reinstate president trump's ban on travellers from seven mainly muslim countries. jusdges said the government produced no evidence for the urgent need for the executive order. it was suspended last week after lawyers argued it was unconstitutional. donald trump responded with this. he also told reporters that he thought the decision was political and would be overturned on appeal. japan's prime minister shinzo abe has arrived in the us for talks with president trump. the meeting will focus on strengthening trade and security. there will be other issues to talk about after donald trump accused japan of manipulating its currency last week. japan are |anipulating japan are 51 headlines. its cur it|cy last week. japan are 51 headlines. for yslcgme ts héfigtglkfwm
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i'm stephen sackur. working relationship ; i think a good relationship is always important and is strategic for any nation and any economy when you are dealing with the most powerful, the largest economic, market in the world. so, it is important. very important. but sometimes you cannot
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take your own decisions. all of a sudden appears donald trump. he is disrupting everything, and not for the better, he's willing tof'ght! he will never win against the world. yeah, but he's only been in office for two weeks. on the campaign trail, to antagonise him and take him on as much as you can. and in so far as you are an extraordinarily powerful voice in mexico, a former president, do you think that was wise? well, we have three issues that have to do with mexico and the united states‘ relationship. start with the wall.
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é‘fifii’fiiili 2; i313 51; igggagfcegrfl . .. .. .. .. .. wall that you want to build." build it if you want with us taxpayer money. that is the only source of money he might get. he is not even sure he will get it because many republicans do not agree with him. many state governments do not agree with him. because all of them
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live out of the trading that we have through nafta. mexico and the united states. let me stop you right there. that is a very powerful statement that you have just made. they are all ways to make mexico pay. he has to get the wall built with congress funds, but he will put tariffs on you, he said 20% maybe. he will charge you more to send remittances back home. he will find all sorts of ways to make the mexican people pay for his wall. let me tell you, every action has a reaction. if he taxes imports to the united states coming from mexico, we will tax exports of the united states to mexico. as you know, we have an even—even situation on trading. we sell every year to the united states close to 300
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billion us dollars‘ worth of goods and products. and they sell to mexico almost the equivalent amount. so, nobody will win in a trade war. everybody will lose, starting with the us consumer, that will have to pay 20% more for the car he's buying, 20% more for the guacamole that he's buying, 20% more for the tequila that he's buying... i dare say that americans can live with a little less guacamole and a little less tequila. but the fact is your economy is, per capita, more dependent on your trading relationship with the united states than the united states is on you. so, when it comes down to that raw thing about leverage, the us has the leverage, you don't. yeah.
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you're right. we all lose. but look at this, we have a trade agreement with europe. we have a trade agreement with britain including with the european union. if britain gets out, still, we can put together a trade agreement. is larger than the grosspreduct so, we just have to look to outside. we have a trade agreement with asia, we have trade agreements with latin america. so mexico is the trade economy that has more trade agreements than anyone else.
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so far in this interview we've had "crazy," "dumb," and "stupid," all applied by you to donald trump. i mean, the geography of this is simple, you and the united states will be locked together forever whether you like it or not. and that other word, the "f—word," which you have used about your refusal to pay for the wall, there is something about using the appropriate tone and establishing a dialogue. it seems to me that you, with your attitude to donald trump, are making dialogue impossible.
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you know what? yes, yes. if he wants respect, he has to start respecting others. he has not shown that. and my worry is that president pena does not have enough courage to stand against him like we did when we nationalised the oil 100 years ago. like mexico has done when we were invaded by their army. he is saying, he proposed to pena, that he is willing to send the us army. go to hell, trump! mexico does not admit in its territory by constitution no armies coming from anywhere in the world. use your army, trump, to stop the consumption of drugs, to stop drugs circulating all over the united states every day. in every single corner of the united states, there is drug consumption. and he complains about mexico.
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why doesn't he stop drugs circulating in the united states? where is the dea, the fbi, the cia, where is the us army when we are speaking about drug consumption? i promise you we will get to drugs later in this interview. one more word about donald trump. you said this to a tv network in relation to donald trump a few days ago. "when i saw today's gathering of the republican party in their retreat with donald trump in the middle, it reminded me of hitler addressing the nazi party." that is the most extreme language. are you saying that apart from anything else, donald trump is an out and out racist when it comes to mexicans and mexico? yes. absolutely. yes, him. but let's maybe not blame him, let's blame his followers. like the nazi party, the republican party, the congress and the senate, they follow him blindly. they do not question him.
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vicente fox, you cannot bandy around this word lightly. i mean, we all know what the nazi party were responsible for in the 1930s and ‘40s. donald trump, the many millions that elected him to the office of the united states, you cannot, surely, you cannot label them nazis. excuse me. a congressmen, a member of the parliament in england, is elected by the people to serve the people in any democracy, not to serve his political party. that's what i think is blind on the side of congress,
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men and senators of the republican party in the united states. you don't follow a false prophet when he's taking you to the desert. you think on your own and you make your own free decisions. and that's what i was referring to in my comment. just... i want to move on. and i want to think specifically now about the immigration issue, which, of course, donald trump campaigned on and won millions of votes on securing the us border. we have talked about the wall he wants to build, but isn't there a fundamental hypocrisy in mexico, when you criticise donald trump's plan to secure america's border with mexico, you in your country have consistently, under your leadership and other presidents too, failed to secure your southern border, with the result that hundreds of thousands of latin americans from central america come into mexico, many of them wanting to get into the united states, and exacerbating the immigration problem. it's time sorted out your
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own border security. let me go one by one. fiumdet'dfie] ”we wsheeeeeej e. de se . and their citizens. but not the way he is trying to do it. the wall, let him build whatever wall he wants. if he wants to construct a useless wall like the chinese people did against their enemies, the mongols and the manchus, it did not work. they jumped the wall, they invader china, they conquered china. then the wall of berlin, it happened very close to britain. that war could not retain anybody away from freedom. so the wall had to be torn down. if he wants to build a wall, it is already there. but today, we do not use the stick, we use intelligence, we use wisdom, we use negotiation, we use, like you say, speaking to each other.
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but when he uses a stick, like the old us empire, imposing their will in the world, putting in and taking out governments, that cannot be the future. that is the past! so, we need a new way! i understand. you have critiqued donald trump during this interview, but i am asking you to critique yourself. let us look to the south. one of the reasons the migration problem is so profound is because you guys, i'm now quoting the washington office of latin american studies, they are saying that your hardline policies on migration issues in the south of your country have proven consistently ineffective at deterring immigration, they have violated human rights, they have exposed migrants to about abuse, corruption, and violence. and that's on you!
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that's on mexico. that's nothing to do with donald trump and the united states. when there are people suffering, when there are people running away from violence, like the syrians, you use your compassion and share it with others. that is the way we think in mexico. we do not use a stick. we are not only about money and economic growth. we consider the human side of people because of humanity, and listen. hejust said, the world does not belong, it belongs to humanity, it does not belong to trump and united states. nations belong to citizens. our border in the south is not what it should be
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because there is hunger, there is poverty. there are also abuses, systemic abuses carried out by your security forces and there is corruption. sure. all that comes from maureen meyer who has researched this from the washington office of latin america. mexico has a problem, would you agree? if we have a problem, we have to correct them. but that does not give trump the right to intervene in our internal public policies. that does not give him the right to treat inhumanely most people from anywhere of the world. mexico has to correct, yes, the problem of drugs and violence and we are going to legalise drug consumption so that we take away
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