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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  February 16, 2017 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: bayern munich add to arsenal's woes with a 5—1 champions league victory in germany. holders real madrid hit back to win their last 16 opening leg tie 3—1 against napoli. and jamaican sprinter nesta carter files an appeal to the court of arbitration for sport for a retrospective doping offence from the 2008 olympics in beijing. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with two more opening leg ties from the last 16 of the uefa champions league. holders real madrid were one of the teams in action on wednesday as they continue their quest to retain the title but it was bayern munich who stole the show with a 5—1victory over arsenal in germany. arjen robben got the scoring under way with a lovely left footed curled effort. arsenal responded before laurent kolscielny was forced off injured but robert lewandowski scored and then two goals from, thiago in the space of seven minutes wrapped the match up before thomas muller added a fifth and arsene wenger was understandably
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downbeat after the match. the real problems we faced was after the third goal i felt because we lost and what organisation and we looked mentally veryjaded and very vulnerable from that moment onwards. and after the last 25 minutes it was a nightmare for us because we looked like we had no response. i think that we started well. after that arsenal were able to organise the game. we had a little problem at the game. we had a little problem at the end of the first half. but in the end of the first half. but in the second half, the spirit was
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good, played fantastic football, real intensity, with balance and everything was ok. it's only the first half, the first half was good and then we have to play the second half in london. defending champions real madrid were also in action on wednesday scoring a comfortable 3—1 win over napoli. real fell behind to an early goal at the bernabeu but then outclassed their opponents with efforts from karim benzema, toni kroos and a stunning volley from brazilian midfielder casemiro. i think ithink our i think our goal was to put the pressure high on them, especially on the defence, and we did it. and if you can do what you want, of course you're happy after. but we know that it's a good result, but not a perfect result. nothing is done for the second leg. it will be tough in naples. after boca juniors players were filmed fighting at training there's been more ugly scenes coming out of the country. tuesday's argentina copa game in the northern province of salta
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saw talleres de perico defeat central norte 1—0 but perico won 2—1 on aggregate to advance to the quarterfinals. on leaving the pitch a steward spat at perico defender franco sosa and ran away, with sosa and team—mates giving chase. david arganaraz kicked the unruly steward in the back, but suffered a leg injury in the process and had to be helped off the pitch before security personnel restrained the offender and another man. the jamaican sprinter nesta carter has filed an appeal to the court of arbitration for sport after he was found guilty of doping at the 2008 olympics in beijing. carter tested positive retrospectively for a banned stimulant in 2008 and was last month stripped of his 4x100 gold along with team—mates usain bolt, asafa powell, and michael frater. carter is now awaiting a date to come before cas for his appeal after his lawyer confirmed it had been submitted within the 21—day deadline. the new england test cricket captainjoe root says he'll
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put his own stamp on the role, but also says he'll draw on the experience of his predecessor alastair cook who he officially took overfrom on monday. root has untiljuly to prepare for his first match as captain. our sports reporter david ornstein spent the day with the new skipper. well, joe root was confirmed as england captain on monday and today we heard from him for the first time. fittingly he was speaking here at headingley, home of yorkshire, the county that helped nurture him into one of the world's finest batsmen but now comes one of his biggest tests. i think i'm as ready as you can be. you've obviously heard you never really know until you're given the opportunity. i'm very excited about all the challenges it holds. i can't wait to get stuck into it and hopefully people enjoy coming to watch the way we go about our business. we've got a very exciting group of players, that's something that is a massive
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positive for us moving forward. hopefully people enjoy watching us perform later on in the summer. root is just perform later on in the summer. root isjust 26, he is england's best batsmen but his captaincy experience is limited to just four matches and none of them at senior international level. nonetheless he feels he has what it takes to succeed. he is also known as something of a joker in the dressing room, but he denies he has to change. he wants this england tea m to change. he wants this england team to enjoy themselves and give the public value for money. team to enjoy themselves and give the public value for moneylj team to enjoy themselves and give the public value for money. i think it's very important we keep the humour there and the enjoyment there because there are plenty of times in international sport where it isn't a lwa ys international sport where it isn't always fun and it's quite tough so i'd like to think the guys enjoy it and people at home as well when they're watching and coming to watch us they're watching and coming to watch us play, i want them to enjoy the cricket we're playing and the way we're going about things. root's work doesn't beginning tojuly when england have a four test series at home against south africa, and then
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they welcomed the west indies before they welcomed the west indies before the big one, a trip down under to face australia in the ashes. team oracle have launched their newest weapon to defend the america's cup yacht race. their defence gets under way on the 17th ofjune with five challengers fighting to go up against them prior to that. chris bokman reports from bermuda. this is the starting point for the 35th america's in the nida. all the boys will leave from just here and the starting line is 30 metres away. oracle the starting line is 30 metres away. ora cle tea m the starting line is 30 metres away. oracle team usa havejust the starting line is 30 metres away. oracle team usa have just unveiled their latest boat and it's been totally redesigned since they won the competition four years ago. what they've done is they've turned to they've done is they've turned to the aerospace industry for new ideas. why? because they say their boat hovers above the water and since planes by, why not bring engineers from the two industries to work together. as the skipper from the oracle team explained. there's a huge amount of similarities with
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sailing in general, it's all about lift, drag, a well set up boat is like a well set up playing but now it's become a lot more 3—dimensional, the fact the boats literally do fly on small wings that are in the water, the fact the boat is powered by a rigid carbon fibre, what looks like and is exactly like a plane wing in the air. sailing and flying have come together and there's so much to be learned together. though nowjust 100 there's so much to be learned together. though nowjust100 days together. though nowjust100 days to go intel the race gets under way and while the engineers are all huddled together looking at the data coming of the different sensors on the boats, the crew are either out here on the water or in the gym working out and going through all the different types of simulations they'll face for real when they're out on the boat on what's likely to bea out on the boat on what's likely to be a very gruelling competition. jo—wilifried tsonga is into the quarter finals of the rotterdam open after a 6—4 6—2 win over luxembourg's gilles muller on wednesday. the frenchman who's seeded sixth in this event didn't encounter too many concerns and moves through to a match up against either marin cilic or borna coric. dustinjohnson or hideki matsuyama
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can reach the top of the world rankings for the first time this week if either of them can win the genesis open in los angeles and other players slip up. but one man who is hoping to continue his great start to the season isjordan spieth who's fresh off a win at the pebble beach pro—am on sunday. ijust i just feel loose, i feel free—flowing. you feel like that kind of burden of the yearjust to grab one is off my back and i feel like that's going to free me up a bit the rest of the year. it wasn't like it was my first win, but at the same time each new year you want to start it off and get something done early like that. it just start it off and get something done early like that. itjust changes the mental approach a bit. but at the same time, you know, and it's also very cool walking through and i've got the guys on tour saying congrats
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and the caddies saying contracts and equipment guys and everyone. it's just a good feeling on the range. then by the time you get to about tuesday afternoon, it's forgotten and it's time to go for the next one. ben hermans has won the second stage of the tour of oman to wrestle the red jersey away from alexander kristoff. on a day for the overall contenders the sprinters dropped away on the final climb leaving the belgian to ride away from rui costa and jakob foolsang and take the race leaders red jersey. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's if you're an arsenal supporter, look away, if you are a bayern munich supporter, you beat arsenal 5—1 in the opening leg of the last 16 of the opening leg of the last 16 of the champions league! and also real madrid came back to win 3—1 against napoli. you'll find that all that
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all on the website. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello. wednesday was a real mixed bag of a day right across the british isles. for some, after a dull start, it turned out to be a really glorious day, dare i say, almost springlike. for others, my word, you had to wait. eventually in the east some saw some brightness after a thoroughly miserable day. it depended on where you were in relation to the weather front which started life in the south—west and moved ever further to the north—east. into the channel islands, eventually brighter skies into the south—east. it won't be a cold start to the day. given all the cloud around, the front has not quite disappeared. we still have a vigourous area of low pressure close by to the north of scotland
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to start that day. notice the isobars squeezing together. that could well signify some gusts of wind around 30, if not a0 miles per hour to start off the day. and you will have some rain and blustery showers, especially so in northern and western parts of scotland, and maybe the odd bit close by in northern ireland. the odd rogue shower getting across the border into the north of england. further south, some brightness in the heart of wales, the midlands, towards east anglia into lincolnshire. further south, again, lots of cloud around and quite a bit of hill fog. that will give you a grey and murky start. that will take some time before it lifts away. but things improving widely in the greater part of england and wales. rain returning to northern ireland eventually push into the north—west of wales. maybe the odd shower may getting into the south—western parts of england and scotland. all the while, the breeze will be noticeable in northern areas. the top temperatures, 10—11 degrees or so on the day. and that's a trend we'll see continuing on into the weekend. that puts us above the average for the time of year, closer to eight or nine
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depending on where you are. through the course of the evening and overnight, a ribbon of cloud going across the irish sea into the north of england. then, come friday, it will leave behind a tail of cloud south—west to it diagonally, the best of the brightness on either side. on into the weekend, staying mild. there will be some sunny intervals around. quite a bit of cloud as well. rain at times, especially in the north. this is how we start the weekend. quite a few isobars. so, breezy. this weather front will weaken as we go further south. it's this area of cloud and rain that gives that wet prospect for northern areas. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: president trump reignites his public feud with his own intelligence agencies, and the media, over the resignation of his national security adviser.
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he also seems to have changed decades of american foreign policy in the middle east, with one sentence to the visiting israeli prime minister. north korea asks malaysia to hand over the body of the man thought to be kimjong—nam, half—brother of north korea's leader. a helicopter pilot is killed, and hundreds of homes in southern new zealand are evacuated, as wildfires burn out of control.
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