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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  February 23, 2017 9:30pm-10:00pm GMT

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this is outside source. the battle for mosul steps up a gear as the iraqi army retakes the city's airport. the bbc is on the front line. in the last few minutes so—called is have been attacking this position just further ahead. just over nine months of one of the greatest triumph in football history leicester city have fired their manager, claudio ranieri. we will bring you the latest from the french elections. marine le pen remains in front. cute macron be the man to beat her? —— recurred. —— could macron be the man to beat her? and we also have the latest on the german elections. and the latest research is that we need to be eating ten portions of fruit and vegetables in order to stay healthy. we will be bringing you regular
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updates on the french presidential elections with the first vote just two months away. lots has been going on today. we can show you some of the pictures. here you can see the far right candidate marine le pen, she has been talking about foreign policy. the centralist, emmanuel macron, has picked up the support of france while —— francois bayroux. the police have been firing tear gas at students who have been protesting against a member of the police force who raped a student. there have been suggestions that marine le pen will come top of the first round. i asked james reynolds for more about marine
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le pen‘s she has been talking about foreign policy. we know a lot of her positions. she would like an alliance with russia's president. she wants france to leave nato. she wa nts to she wants france to leave nato. she wants to hold a reference mick —— a referendum about france's membership of the eu. and she also wants to talk about deporting criminals. we know a lot of her positions. she's faced problems recently in her campaign. the anti—corruption police have placed under formal investigation one of her senior aides. investigating whether ron not that aid did a job —— whether or not that aid did a job —— whether or not that aide did a job for marine le pen. the anti—corruption police are looking at the inner circle which may provide a lot of attention in the coming weeks. that is the far right candidate. if we look at
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emmanuel macron, who is more centrist, what is going on with him and his prospects? he's a centrist, running as a centrist and outsider. in the last 2a hours he's picked up the endorsement of a man who knows exactly what that is like. francois bayroux ran as an outsider and centrist in the last three presidential elections. didn't win any of them, but picked up significant small portions of the vote. he has decided to endorse emmanuel macron. that is important in the short run because it adds some weight and substance to his campaign. he says he has a french political heavyweight with him, he can flush out some of his positions. emmanuel macron‘s immediate aim is to get through to the run—off in may. he and the other mainstream candidates are betting on this, if one of them can get through then all of the other parties will support that person against marine le pen. that is what has happened in the past in france. but, of course, the
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past in france. but, of course, the past may not be prelude to the future. why has there been so much anger visible on the streets of paris where you are today? these high school students, several hundreds of them, blocked the streets. they were campaigning in solidarity with a 22—year—old man who was the subject of a brutal attack by a police officer. tear gas was used. this demonstration illustrates a lot of the underlying bad relations between sectors of the young population, including students, and the french state represented by the police. let's ta ke represented by the police. let's take you out to the french countryside for a different perspective. lucy williamson has been talking to voters in burgundy. the rural idyll is france's national brand. governments might change but the countryside, as the story goes, doesn't. and at election time every politician wants to be the, ‘s
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friend. this small town sit in the corner of burgundy will stop with its grand heritage of food and wine. —— this small town sits in the corner of burgundy with its grand heritage of food and wine. since 2010 the far right front national has doubled its share of the vote, both here and the surrounding almost 30%. -- both here and the surrounding almost 30%. —— front national. the maher puts it down to the lack of support to the rural economy, which he says is creating a two tear france with jobs and people moving to the cities. —— mayor. translation: there is a great feeling of disappointment. people feeling of disappointment. people feel abandoned. we've seen one government after another and none of them have reversed this trend. people don't believe they have a future in the countryside. this has an impact on the their vote because they are fed up and say they do not believe in the traditional parties.
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philippe has been a dairy farmer here for 25 years and his parents before him. but with growing competition over milk prices he has been running at a loss for years, and he says some here are quietly turning to the fn government a nswe i’s. translation: if the ritz one idea that spark interest, it is the idea of turning inwards, closing the borders, protectionism, limiting the movement of people. you do not see very many fn voters. rural votes are a key battle ground in the selection, especially in right—wing areas like this. a crisis in french farming dwindling public services and, now, a financial scandal in the centre—right republicans party is pushing some voters to the fn. that's true even if you travel west
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from burgundy to some of france's left wing areas. francois hollande was once mayor here. they are so attached to the centralist leader they wanted him to run again. even so, the fn they wanted him to run again. even so, the fm 27% of the boats in the last regional election and it is not difficult to find people who understand why. translation: it would be good thing to talk about immigration. —— votes. we ta ke to talk about immigration. —— votes. we take care of immigrants who have just arrived here better than our own citizens. there is good and bad things with marine le pen. with her we rediscover a france worthy of its name. but marine le pen scares people a little. let's see. these days old french traditions do not stay in the villages, accordion is made here and find their way to china. globalisation is now the
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great dividing line in french politics. it is seen as stealing or delivering france's future. translation: we sell to china, even though our accordions are taxed at 35% because they want to protect their market. i say yes to globalisation because we had to compensate for shrinking sales in france. and the fall in buying power and confidence here. farmers here say politicians like their countryside traditional but want the benefits of globalisation, too. marine le pen's chance of victory is still slim but to some her message is alluring, that europe is the problem, and france's model does not need to change. france is not the only european country holding elections this year. in september germany goes to the polls. and this man, martin schulz, former president of the eu parliament, has emerged as a real
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challenger to angela merkel. look at this tweet from foreign policy calling him the folksy martin schultz. —— schulz. we have been finding out more about him. carnival season in an election year. time, perhaps, for something com pletely time, perhaps, for something completely different. there is a new print in town and he mightjust take angela merkel‘s crown. translation: i think he is good for his party. he is close to the people. i actually like him. his party. he is close to the people. iactually like him. but his party. he is close to the people. i actually like him. but he still needs to prove he can lead to germany the way angela has. and there will be the better chance. she has more experience. i would be happy if martin schulz went into coalition with her, they could bring europe forward together. critics say
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martin schulz is more brussels than berlin, but questions over his eu expenses and conduct don't seem to have damaged his shot at germany's topjob. in his hometown he is known asa topjob. in his hometown he is known as a man of the people. he left school without qualifications, had a football career cut short by injury, and beat alcohol addiction to become the local mayor. translation: as a football player he was not the best technician, but he had lots of characteristics which make a good politician. he was a tea m make a good politician. he was a team player. his willpower drove us to success, even against superior teams. germany, say some, is tiring of angela merkel. her new rival has yet to unveil his manifesto but he has already promised generous and controversial welfare reforms. translation: martin schultz, the
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political competition has returned. —— schulz. we have missed that. he is driving a process that will help make the party ‘s more distinct. germany's political story is changing. a ruling coalition of left—wing parties no longer out of the question. —— parties. schulz‘s polls suggest he is the most popular chancellor. i'm surprised it is still going on, this impact he has, but i still think it is a long time until big elections in september. i think it will be hard for the social democrats to keep that running. month ago you could predict, with some certainty, that angela merkel would win the september election, albeit having ta ken would win the september election, albeit having taken a hammering from the right wing a ft. now, almost overnight, she faces significant opposition for the first time in yea rs opposition for the first time in years from a different political direction. —— right wing afd.
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germany, like much of europe, was edging towards the political right, 110w edging towards the political right, now it is just as likely to turn, instead, to the left. and after a year of global political surprise there is a sense here that anything could happen. stay with us on outside source. we will bring you much more on the breaking news of the hour that le i ceste r‘s breaking news of the hour that leicester's manager, claudio ranieri, has been sacked. after three years of protest and much debate the first phase of the controversial high speed to rail project has been approved by the government. construction will now begin on the line. —— hs2. burton green, imrul village in warwickshire with almost 300 homes. hs2 will
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travel straight to the middle of this place. today the project's london to birmingham route has been given the green light. some here believe it not happen soon enough. this is where we live, just here, this is our site... like alan marshall, a man who worked in railway transport for more than 25 yea rs. railway transport for more than 25 years. the west midlands as a total region is booming at the moment with huge developments, especially in the car industry, particularly land roverjaguar. this will help continue progress in access. it'll help people get to places of work more quickly. and with the speed more quickly. and with the speed more people will travel because speed always attracts. the trains are expected to be a lot quicker with speeds of up to 225 mph. the entire journey with speeds of up to 225 mph. the entirejourney time will with speeds of up to 225 mph. the entire journey time will be cut by more than 30 minutes. the line will be by 2026. this
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used to be a zbgtsed to'be a grid to'be a the hs2 line. will be replaced by the hs2 line. now the plans have been given the go—ahead construction will begin in the spring. the centreline of the railway is approximately 160 metres from our boundary fence... but many here are furious. and those who the line from happening are now changing their focus. line from happening are now changing theirfocus. mike phillips 160 metres from where the new railway track will be. from our point of view, the only thing we can... the only two things we can campaign for, without feeling that we will be a nyway without feeling that we will be anyway successful, is mitigation, some form or anyway successful, is mitigation, some form oi’ measure anyway successful, is mitigation, some form or measure that will reduce the potential noise levels, and also the seven years of inconvenience while they are building it. the cost of the entire project, including phase two, will be £56 billion. for those who've
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been against this from the outset today's news will be difficult to digests. brake bra ke forces brake forces have ta ken brake forces have taken mosul import from the group that calls itself islamic state. this is a important step in driving the militants from the city. —— rucking forces. since president tom's inauguration there been angry scenes across the united states. people had been demanding that the new administration is held to account. over north america correspondent has been to iowa, that supported from president. give me
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one word or two words or something... there is frustration. most have come to vent their anger over the policies of president trump. gun control, national debt. immigration. iam trump. gun control, national debt. immigration. i am from a muslim country. who will save me here? things got heated. i asked him, not you, so shut your whole. the most contentious issue was health care. don't you dare give me a big politician answer. if it wasn't for obamacare, we couldn't afford insurance. i've got a present for you if you wanted. it's called heartburn that medicine. we met
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chris at his pig farm in iowa. it's not just from supporters chris at his pig farm in iowa. it's notjust from supporters that i disillusioned with the political class. this man voted for hillary clinton. people are waking up. that's the only thing you can say positively about president trump. people are waking up. we are tired of being screwed. at a later event, the pressure was still on. it is time to put country over party. that isa time to put country over party. that is a demand hurt as town halls across america. seems like there is reminiscent of the tea party in the early days of the obama administration. conservatives packed out town halls to put pressure on their congressmen and women to put pressure on the obama
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administration. how will you take this back the president trump?|j will take this back to my colleagues. i don't think you should see this as challenging trump, you should see this is me doing myjob and the president doing hisjob. should see this is me doing myjob and the president doing his job. the job is challenging and it's about balancing the agenda of president trump with the photos that keep him and —— in office. let's go back to the breaking news in sport. claudio ranieri has been sacked as the manager of leicester city. he led the team just nine months ago to the premier league title, the club's greatest title in its history. are you finding any more about how the sacking and folded? well, there was a statement today after vestiges of the last note in the champions league. they played quite well in the second half with an away goal from jamie vardy. this
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isa an away goal from jamie vardy. this is a stark reminder that there is no sentiment in football. fairy tales don't exist in football. forget le i ceste r‘s don't exist in football. forget leicester's premier league title. the harsh reality is that in the premier league and the spectre of relegation comes to bite. they are just one place away from the relegation zone and the worst record of any of the 92 premier league clu bs of any of the 92 premier league clubs in england this season. it's harsh and you have to remember that for claudio ranieri, he stayed loyal to leicester when he had a chance to manage his national team, italy. he stayed loyal but it hasn't worked out for them in the follow—up season after the honeymoon. so, mike, you we re after the honeymoon. so, mike, you were saying that life is brittle. who is in light replacing? of course, the difficult thing is that
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they cannot sign any new players because the transfer window is gone. maybe another italian, the former manchester city manager, he took city to the title but was then sacked as they went to the fa cup title. would she have the same relationship with the players? there was that special bond that got them to that incredible achievement, 5000-1 to to that incredible achievement, 5000—1 to winning the title. can any other manager have that relationship? well, mancini is one name that is in the frame. whoever ta kes name that is in the frame. whoever takes over, but have one hell of a job filling claudio ranieri's quits. we will move onto boxing now.
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americana is going to be fighting someone. the player on the left appears to be listed. retweeted that his team appears to be in negotiations with amir khan over the next fight. how about this for everything? a group of japanese men have about this for everything? a group ofjapanese men have been celebrating their boldness with a unique game of tag of four. members of this club used suction caps to attach the rocks their heads. the first to pull of the other‘s couple of wins. the idea is to view boldness in a positive manner and to brighten the world with our shiny heads. another bright story, we know that eating the fruit and veg is
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good for us but the latest research says that we might need to eat as many as ten portions a day. they say that this study shows eating so many greens and reds and oranges could prevent as many as 7.8 million premature deaths each year. i asked our health editor if this goal is realistic. i spoke to a couple of people today. you can see my tweet on that board. i found two be provided. one was a vegan and one wasn't. the only way you can do it is by thinking about fruit and veg every meal of every day. their philosophy is that they have salad vegeta bles philosophy is that they have salad vegetables with every meal. people tend to plan e—mail a friend put it. maybe you just need to have this big shift in focus. one of the interesting things is that it does
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not dismiss the five day that people have been talking about, this shows that if you go beyond five day, is even more benefits to be had. how do we get there? i don't. one of the problems is that as a child you are not taught how to cook and how to deal with fresh food. that is one of the big problems. i must apologise to one of my old university friends, he did just how make instant noodles. —— he did not know how to make instant noodles. there is a lack of education about how to properly prepare and cook food. there is an increasing reliance on processed food. that is seen as a meal. there is a push in many countries to reverse that and get more fresh fruit and veg into school meals and get kids to learn how to get early. if you intervene early, maybe that will last a listing. get early. if you intervene early,
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maybe that will last a listingm must become a habit and become exactly, j can't just ingrained. exactly, you can'tjust decide that you are going to... you know what, tomorrow i will turn my life around completely. where would you even start? you must start young alone piece by piece. one piece of advice i was given by one person that converted the life was to start by one a week. today say i will have a meat free day. it forces you to think, how will i eat all of my meals and travel method and veg?|j will meals and travel method and veg?” will leave you with this thought... the wind certainly peeling a few cobwebs away as well as a few trees.
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is the weather settling down? not completely. there is still a lot of clout and win in the atlantic that is heading our way. the worst of the weather, storm doris is out of the picture. remnants are affecting central parts of europe. actually, we see a spell of better weather for friday. there is some high pressure that will knock on the door and give some sunshine. across north—western areas, the weather will go downhill through the course of the day. no stormy weather expected but windy later in the day. we are in for some rain in places like belfast and glasgow. the vast majority of the country is getting some sunshine and crisp in the morning. friday night into saturday, please see the wind started to become the game in the south—west. these are mild and south—west. these are mild and
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south—west. these are the early morning cabbages on saturday. no frost. a fair bit of rain. as the bar is equal wind and there are many on this map. the mania message —— the main message is that the rain will be strong around coasts and health. outbreaks of rain. particularly across the west and north—west we are in for some rain. east and south—east, the weather will be drier. this is saturday night into sunday. one weather front clues away and another is coming in. you see this pattern again. this is the next weather front here. this will bring outbreaks of rain again. much, much better across eastern and southern areas of the uk. sunday night into monday, one weather front
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clues away and sure is another one. quite a few isa —— wind lines. when the course and not necessarily inland. temperatures are at killing off. temperatures dipping away. monday and tuesday, possibly into western state, it will be cold in. that is the theme for the week ahead. really unsettled and changeable. temperatures on the cool side. the 1st of march is the start of meteorological spring. spring equinox starts on the 20th of march. early march will have a active jet stream. whenever we see that, that
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spells unsettled weather. quite cold weather at trends. some frosts in the morning. some winter we weather across the hills. sunshine around as well. really unsettled and spills of rain in early march. a touch of frost on the way. in the short—term, no storms in the forecast, at least not now. we report from the frontline, as iraqi troops make a major breakthrough against so—called islamic state. after a huge military operation, iraqi troops secure the airport in the country's second largest city. over there, it's the iraqi flag that's flying on the airfield again. this is a landmark moment. iraqi forces now have the islamic state group on the run. we'll be looking at whether this is a turning point in the battle to drive is out of iraq. also tonight: a lucky escape for one driver, as storm doris wreaks havoc across the uk. what a difference nine months makes.
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leicester city sack claudio ranieri. migration figures are down — but some industries worry they'll be left without enough staff. a special report into the widespread sexual abuse perpetrated by un peacekeepers against the children they should protect.
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