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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 3, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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hello, you're watching bbc news, with me, rachel schofield, our headlines just after half past six: air accident investigators say the pilot of a vintage jet which crashed at the shoreham airshow was flying "too low and too slow" when he started a loop. their report said the display could have been aborted. 11 people died on the ground. in the northern ireland election, sinn fein has increased its share of the vote and is expected to have almost as many seats as the largest party, the democratic unionists, when all the results are declared tomorrow. cumbria police, which investigated the sudden death of 13—month—old poppi worthington has been severely criticised by the police watchdog forfailing to examine claims she was sexually abused by her father. and theresa may has accused the snp of neglecting public services in scotland because she says it's obsessed with the issue of independence. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday,
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but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll have the latest results as they come in from the northern ireland assembly election. we'll take a look inside the west bank hotel completely designed and funded by banksy. find out why it's more of a political statement than a business. and at 8:30 this evening, we're in hull for the first of a special series of programmes celebrating this year's city of culture. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster. these are our sportsday headlines tonight: managers under pressure, will one of them crack at anfield tomorrow? murray almost cracked yesterday, but there were no dubai drama today, and he's into the final tomorrow. weighing up the opposition,
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it's finally time for the gloves to do the talking. also coming up in the programme, some big shots of captain morgan have given the windies a headache in antigua. and also a cracking first day at the european indoor athletics championships. good evening. there's so much sport going on today, it feels like the weekend has already started, we'll bring you right up to date with the cricket and athletics later in the programme, but we'll start this evening by looking ahead to the premier league. the runaway leaders chelsea don't play until monday night,
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so the chasing pack could close the gap. liverpool can break into the top four and jump above arsenal if they can beat the gunners. earlier, i spoke to the former liverpool striker dean saunders about the weekend's fixtures, starting with that match at anfield, and why he thinks liverpool are struggling at the moment, with just one win since the turn of the year. marney won the game against spurs, a big game, but he won them the game. —— mane. but the performance against leicester was by klopp‘s admission one of the worst of the season. i think he has not got enough players to play the way they want to play. when you look at the bench, i looked at the bench the other night, it was stuart, the young lad, origi, who we
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does nothing is good enough, and other players that he does not rate. liverpool short of players, arsenal short of confidence, they won their last one, but defeats to watford, chelsea, that thumping in the champions league, and all this uncertainty over their manager. yeah, and arsene wenger has been a great manager over the years, and i watched the bayern munich game, and ijust think it highlighted all their problems. they have been knocked out seven times at the same stage. their problems are, when they have got the ball, they are brilliant. when they haven't got the ball, they are not very good. let's have a look at the top of the table, all quite staggered this weekend, only two side playing at the same time in the top six, liverpool and arsenal, because they are playing each other. you can see the importance of that match in liverpool's bid to break back into the top four, let's hear from the
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managers. it doesn't feel that free—flowing anymore, but that is how seasons are, maybe only one team has the same feeling still, that is chelsea, and all rest as had better or worse moments in the season. pretty obviously, we have this. meanwhile, this lack of consistency. but yeah, we cannot ignore it, because we were involved in the games, and that is the thing we have to do now. it is always high intensity, very competitive, anfield isa intensity, very competitive, anfield is a special place always, you know, the fans are behind their team, the team plays at a good pace, they are fast. so after a little break, it is important to switch on quick. we have seen that is not easy, liverpool has shown that against leicester, after a break it is important that we start the game, the rhythm of the competition, for
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us the rhythm of the competition, for us it is vital to start strongly at liverpool. talking about that intensity that they need at anfield, talking about what it is like to be a manager as well. well, yeah, he said, and it hit me in the heart when he said it, because i actually feel like that, i have been a manager seven years, and what he actually said was, you have to give up actually said was, you have to give up your life. like a priest, to be a football manager. it's takes over your life, it takes over your head, every thought you have, when you wa ke every thought you have, when you wake up in the morning, trying to resolve a problem, you get 90% pain and aggravation, io% pleasure. he is about right. apparently he will make up about right. apparently he will make up his mind in the next month or so whether he is going to commit to another year at the gunners. let's have a look at the fixtures, the first game of the day is at old
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trafford, manchester united on an incredible run, bournemouth in freefall, let's hear from the manchester united manager. we know that liverpool plays arsenal, which is one of these weekends where you know for sure that somebody is going to lose a point, so we should win against bournemouth. but bournemouth isa against bournemouth. but bournemouth is a very tricky team, very dangerous team. a team with quality, a team with ambition, a team that is not afraid to play, 18 that normally tries to win matches. —— a team. it does not try to draw. obviously they come off the back of winning the efl cup at the weekend, but in the lead they have just been rock solid at sixth, despite this incredible run. yes, but the gap as closed completely, it was ten points at one stage, they were ten points adrift,
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but the run they have been on is testa m e nt to but the run they have been on is testament to the manager. bournemouth, for all the positive noises about them, they haven't won at all in 2017. just two drawls to their name. and i have been floods myself, you wonder where the next win is coming from, thinking, we are not going to win another game. —— andi not going to win another game. —— and i have been there myself. when we stayed up, it was because wimbledon lost the last ten games of the season on the bounce, and we managed to win the last two and creep above them. wimbledon went into freefall, so he will be worried to death, where is the next win coming from? let's hear from the bournemouth manager, see how he is bearing up. there has been no problem with the mood around the camp, very excited by this game, i think we can only be positive and only look to the future in a positive way, certainly there is no
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other way to approach this game or any othergame. other way to approach this game or any other game. this is how tight it is at the bottom. sunderland have got city on sunday. leicester were expected to be in the bottom three but bold off that incredible win against liverpool on monday night, strange how there seems to be a reaction with a change of manager. three other fixtures we have not told you about, a couple on sunday. can you see chelsea having a wobble at west ham on monday night? could be as you were, ten points clear, if they get another win. no, because of they get another win. no, because of the manager's attitude. they don't look like they can slip against anyone. dean saunders speaking to me earlier. it's quarterfinal weekend in the scottish cup. there'll be at least one championship side in the semis, with hibernian facing ayr, and on sunday, celtic face championship side st mirren. aberdeen play partick thistle, and the dons are a bit stretched with injuries at the moment.
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their manager, derek mcinnes, has been speaking to reporter richard wilson. we have had a couple of top —— tough draws, and just because we have a good record against partick over the last few seasons, we have always felt them a tough opponent. managers can use a fourth substitute in this season's fa cup quarterfinals, semifinals orfinal, if any of them go to extra time. the fa's chief executive has also revealed how next year's competition will trial the use of video technology to assist referees with game—changing decisions, like goals wrongly disallowed offside. iam very i am very happy that there is testing going on across the world that we can learn from and apply it in english competitions, so we know
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it will work. i am very happy for other people to do the testing and get the wrinkles out of the way so that we can apply it. i feel very confident, given the preparation thatis confident, given the preparation that is under way now, so they are working hard at it, so there is work and away. so i would expect to see video assisted referees from the third round of the fa cup in the coming season. england's cricketers are playing the west indies in antigua. it's the first of their three matches in the one—day series. there was a rain delay, but the windies won the toss and put england into bat. they made 296—6 off their 50 overs. eoin morgan led the way with a century. welcome to the caribbean, known more for its sandy beaches than sandy pitches. after a rain delay, england were hoping for a smooth start — they didn't get it, jason roy gone early, then new test captainjoe jason roy gone early, then new test captain joe root, jason roy gone early, then new test captainjoe root, batting at three,
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skittled for four, stumps splattered, england 29—2. what matters is the recovery, and in sam billings and eoin morgan they had it, billings with a quick 50 only to be dismissed in the next over. jos buttler was outfoxed by sharp fielding, a second wicket for ashley nurse, england in need of some treatment. capped an organ was the man to provide it, and he was not the only one finding his rhythm. —— captain morgan. ben stokes's first knock since becoming a $1 million man in the ipl, but not even he could steal the limelight from morgan, leading by example, reaching his tenth one—day century in style. job done with the bat, now over to his bowlers. you can follow that match live on 5 live sports extra or the bbc sport website. mo farah‘s coach, alberto salazar,
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may have broken rules in relation to the banned steroid testosterone. more details of the us anti—doping agency investigation into the american have been leaked. the bbc‘s mark daly has been leading the way on this story and joins me now from glasgow. evening, mark. it's almost two years since you revealed those claims of unethical methods and the use of banned steroids. what have we learned from these latests lea ks from usada? yes, we saw at the weekend, from this leaked usada interim report, which had apparently been hacked by the russian group, the fancy bears, passed to the sunday times insights team. this alleged, amongst other teams, the use of banned methods, infusion methods, and also the sustained use of prescription drugs amongst athletes, which could have
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been detrimental to their health. now, the bbc has now seen this report in full, and we can tell you a little bit more about what else usada has been looking into. now, the report describes unlawful testosterone experiments carried out by salazar and a nike doctor to see how much testosterone gel would trigger a positive test. it raises suspicions and concerns about the personal massager is carried out by salazar on his staff but, galen rupp, salazar on his staff but, galen rupp, and big races, despite the fa ct rupp, and big races, despite the fact that nike employed its own therapists. —— on his star athlete. but it also alleges that he broke anti—doping rules by failing to establish an acceptable medical justification for having the banned steroid around the nike oregon project. he claims he suffers from a
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condition which results in low testosterone and that is why he needs the medication, but let me read a bit of this report, which says that salazar has failed to establish acceptable justification for possessing testosterone, and that this appears to have been a violation of anti—doping rules. we should point out that this is an interim report which has been leaked, usada are continuing to investigate, and they insist every athlete is innocent until proven guilty. his star athlete is mo farah, who has stood by salazar, declaring that again after the first league on sunday that he is a clean athlete. do you think this latest information will test that relationship? well, both he and alberto salazar strenuously denied any wrongdoing. last year, for example, when it appeared or there we re example, when it appeared or there were rumours that the usada investigation was withering, that it
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had been dropped, mo farah said he felt vindicated in standing by alberto salazar, but mo farah himself, according to this report, remains and investigation for an alleged infusion of this supplement in 2014. he denies breaking any rules. yesterday, uk athletics, for which alberto salazar remains a consultant, said they would continue to stand by alberto salazar until such time as he is charged with a doping offence, but it is clear from this report that is exactly what usada believes it has the evidence to do, to charge him with a doping offence, and therefore questions will persist about mo farah‘s continued association with a coach that the dope and authorities seem so determined to pursue. many thanks indeed for that update. it's been a busy day for laura muir on the first day of the european athletics championships in belgrade. two races today, and she has qualified for both finals of the 1500m and the 3000m,
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one of three britons to make the final over the longer distance. this is the 1500m, which she won to guarantee a slot in tomorrow's final. and a few hours earlier she had run a very tactical 3000m, doing just enough to make sunday's final — it's all about conserving her energy. this morning it was quite difficult, there was no point wasting energy when i didn't need to, i looked at the times, i knew i was safe, enough to qualify. today i did not want to leave it outside the top two, because you don't know what the heats are going to do. hopefully the legs will be all right tomorrow. 60m hurdler andrew pozzi is also looking good for a medal. and goes in the final at about 7:10 tonight. pozzi is the fastest qualifer. spare a thought for the german florian gaul, warming up for the pole vault final. the 25—year—old escaped serious
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injury, but he had to pull out. he got a nasty cut on his knee there. i hope he kept a receipt. andy murray was hoping for a much more straightforward match at the dubai championships after yesterday's drama in the quarterfinals, where he had to save seven match points in a half—hour tie break. the world number one was facing the frenchman lucas pouille in today's semifinal, and despite a tricky first set, he is through to play fernando verdsasco in tomorrow's final. adam wild reports. when you are the world number one, kill support, it seems, rarely tires. the question here was, would andy murray? after yesterday's marathon match so early in the season, how would you react? against lucas pouille, it appeared it wasn't affecting him all that much, winning the first three games, his support
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for the time being satisfied. but in goodbye, the frenchman has proved he is no pushover, 3—0 down, now 4—3 up, even the most partisan fans a little perplexed. resilient, certainly, for that is a trait upon which andy murray has built his career, roaring back, as he has so often before, to eventually take the first set. if there had been moments of concern, the second set was rather less troubling. murray again taking control, and this time he was not about to give it back. any effects from yesterday's exertion now rarely showing, and still time for arrest before the final. the talking is, thank goodness, over. it's been an acrimonious, foul—mouthed and generally unpleasant build—up to tomorrow's fight between david haye and tony bellew. they weighed in at london's o2 arena today. bellew is a cruiserweight world champion but has stepped up to heavyweight for the first time. haye is a former heavyweight champion and has a stone and a half advantage over the liverpudlian.
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there's no title on the line, but the clear dislike between the two men has really helped to sell the contest as a grudge match. he is prepared, ready to perform for a two—round fight, i know he is. he is a manufactured heavyweight, not a real heavyweight in a million years. aesthetically, he looks fantastic, but when you get close to him, he is trembling. he is not as confident, and he does not believe the things he is saying. i look at him, he is actually trembling. i hoped he would look a bit more physically impressive, that i would see some remnants of some abdominal muscles of some sort, but he looked very smooth. he didn't look good in my opinion. it doesn't bode well for him. i have knocked out guys a lot bigger, stronger, more athletic than him. i don't see what he can do other than get smashed pretty quick. both fighters have been warned
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about their conduct, as they have regularly clashed during their promotional appearances for the fight. this week, haye has been unapologetic in the threats he has made towards bellew. as the governing body, disappointed with the things that has been said. we have a meeting next week when we will consider what has been said. but some of the things that has been said is wrong, we all know that, we all are said is wrong, we all know that, we allare human said is wrong, we all know that, we all are human beings, it is disappointing. we have all said things we shouldn't say, and we realise, i shouldn't have said that. but to keep going on about that and saying things that are wrong, they are public figures, people try to wind them up, the media is brilliant, but sometimes the media tries to eight things on, and we have to take the whole thing in context. but as i say, we are disappointed, some of the things that has been said is wrong, and we have to deal with that accordingly.
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commentary for that grudge match will be on radio 5 live tomorrow, should be in the ring at the o2 arena about ten o'clock. sophie thornhill has won a fifth world title as great britain claimed a a gold and silver on the opening day of the para cycling track world championships in los angeles. david mcdaid is there for us. they may only have at seven weeks to prepare for the championships, but flu signs of rustiness among the gb lions is who turned up in los angeles as they won two medals on day one. —— the gb riders. gold in the tandem three kilometres pursuit. it is crazy, such a surprise, we didn't know we were having a world championship until seven weeks ago, so we championship until seven weeks ago, so we jumped on the bike, it clicked
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and we are on the top step of the podium. silver for lora fachie, but these championships are about more than medals, especially for the visually impaired riders, they are putting vital qualification points on the board head of the commonwealth games.|j on the board head of the commonwealth games. i couldn't do glasgow, so i would like to be able to go to one and say i have experienced one, so hopefully these will be enough and i can get selected. elsewhere on day one, alison patrick, who won triathlon silver at the paralympics, narrowly missed out on bronze in the pursuit, and later today it is the turn of the only solo riders in the gb squad, jody cundy and john gill day, they have chances to add medals in they have chances to add medals in the one kilometre time trial. there was an incredible finish to the first triathlon world series race of the year. great britain's jodie stimpson was just pipped to the line by new zealand's andrea hewitt in abu dhabi. they were given the same time,
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but hewitt was given it on a photo—finish. stimpson won this race last year. she missed out on qualification for the olympics last summer and has switched coaches, but this should bode well for the season. the men's race is tomorrow. no brownlees taking part, jonny is injured, alastair is going to concentrate on the longer ironman competitions this season. i guess there is a chance i could never be at the olympic games again, but to say i would never do it again is impossible, the olympic games is just fantastic, and i would definitely love to be there. it will be interesting to see the course in tokyo, it is going to play a big pa rt tokyo, it is going to play a big part in whether i feel like i can go and win, i guess, whether the relay is in it, there is the potentialfor two medals on the line, that could play a part. it will be a case of sitting down, probably at the end of 2018, and weighing it up, and i
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enjoy the long distance stuff? do i feel like i could be competitive to wina feel like i could be competitive to win a medal in tokyo? and how i achieve what i want to achieve and long—distance, i am achieve what i want to achieve and long—distance, iam happy achieve what i want to achieve and long—distance, i am happy with that, is it really what motivates me, the short distance stuff? i will have to sit down and really decide. i have won two olympic golds, and i never thought i would win two olympic gold when i started triathlon, so it has been fantastic. just because i am a professional athlete does not mean i don't want to do these other things, and it gives me a great opportunity to try other things, without necessarily hurting my chances, if thatis necessarily hurting my chances, if that is what i wanted it. i technically want to run a marathon at some point, perhaps in the not too distant future, but we will see. the obvious thing is cycling, making a wholehearted jump into trying to bea a wholehearted jump into trying to be a professional cyclist. that is
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possible, i am very wary in that arena, and the running arena, you know, maybe i can be good and get to a level where i can be professional as such, but i'm never going to be the top level to win stuff. you still feel like you want to win stuff? i still feel like i want to be the best at what i am doing, so thatis be the best at what i am doing, so that is why i am choosing things that is why i am choosing things that i feel i can win, i suppose. alastair brownlee talking to tom fordyce there. and you can see coverage of the men's race in abu dhabi on the red button and bbc sport website starting at 11:45 tomorrow. a quick update of what is going on in the cricket, in antigua england have got a wicked! chris woakes has just taken their first wicket in the one—day international against the west indies in antigua. west indies are currently 37—1, they need 297.
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next week we will be live from cardiff with insider six nations, when the rugby union championship resumes, katherine downes will be there. much more sport with lizzie greenwood—hughes on bbc news throughout the rest of the evening. whatever you are doing this weekend, however you are watching sport, have a great weekend. from all of us at the bbc sport centre, it is goodbye for now. keep the brollies handy this weekend, there is some rain in the forecast, and at some stage we will all season, a fair bit working north across much of england, wales and northern ireland. lots of showers falling behind, and that will continue northwards over the next few hours, really quite wet in northern ireland, and once that rain gets into the eastern side of scotland, it will be there for quite some time. with a lot of cloud, most
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places four to six degrees, so no real places with frost. through tomorrow, a pretty miserable day on eastern side of scotland, cold, wet and windy. northern ireland and rise up and windy. northern ireland and rise up from the south. any rain in eastern england doesn't last long, central and eastern england, a decent day, top temperatures in double figures across much of england and wales. sunday, a bit of a role reversal, england and wales seeing wetter weather followed by sunshine and scattered showers. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven o'clock. results are flooding in as the first members of the new northern ireland assembly are elected. sinn fein is having a good election. those are the words of the dup leader arlene foster, with 37 out of the 90 seats declared. air accident investigators say pilot error and ineffective safety measures caused the shoreham airshow
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crash which killed 11 people. theresa may criticises the scottish government accusing it of "tunnel—vision nationalism." that is over calls for a second independence referendum. the number of people on controversial zero hours
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