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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 6, 2017 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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capsized just outside zebrugge harbour. a crew member had left the bow doors open and water surged in. she tookjust 90 seconds to roll over. a cross—channel sailing became a mid—channel disaster. below there was chaos, people clawing and fighting their way up, injured and freezing cold. in the grim night of horror and loss that followed, 193 people died. day—trippers, lorry drivers, crew. all the lights went out. it was completely pitch black dark. we could hear the inrush of water. brian gibbons used his watch to tap on water pipes to alert rescuers. seven hours later they came. with the screams and the shouts and everything else, unfortunately some people didn't make it, and the reason i'm talking to you today is i think people need to know what happened because of the 193 that didn't make it. sorry, it gets me a bit.
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three decades on, the legacy of the herald's loss is its capacity to fill a church with family and friends. 193 victims. 193 names read out. among them the aunt and uncle of kim spooner, then an eight—year—old girl, but still able to recall her family's night of anguish. oh, my goodness, i remember it so vividly. i didn't really process what it meant at the time, to be honest. but sitting up all night waiting to hear them called, waiting, hoping they would get in touch and it didn't happen. to the lasting regret of kim and many families no—one was ever prosecuted for the herald disaster. but the impact was so great, entire fleets of ships were redesigned to make them more stable. today the herald's salvage bell was finally returned to the harbour
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that she had set sail for but never reached. duncan kennedy, bbc news, in dover. recalling the terrible events of 30 yea rs recalling the terrible events of 30 years ago tonight was duncan kennedy reporting there. newsnight is getting under way on bbc two. here's evan. tonight we're visiting the netherlands, famous for its tolerance, liberalism and funny coffee shops. but an election next week could get the right—wing populist vote, a shock to the system. here on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. welcome to sportday. it was a good monday for chelsea. chelsea have re—established their 10 point lead at the top of the premier league after a 2—1 victory over west ham at london stadium. it's seven games unbeaten now for antonio conte's side as they close in on the title as hannah lupton reports. clea n
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clean hands, clear mines. sometimes little things make a big difference when marching toward the title. west ham didn't give chelsea a sniff early on but the league leaders have players like a n‘golo kante, able to click a devastating counter attacks. and players like eden hazard, able to reach a top gear a few have access to. this his 11th league goal of the season. can anyone put the bra kes of the season. can anyone put the brakes on the chelsea season? it looked as though has ordered's would punish their london rivals again. twice the western defence kept them out. somehow it was just 1—0 at the break. not for long. diego costa, 2-0. break. not for long. diego costa, 2—0. right place, right time, right quy- 2—0. right place, right time, right guy. sometimes it is that simple. costa was denied his 50th premier league goal by a fingertip. some fa ns league goal by a fingertip. some fans will have missed manuel
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lanzini's injury time strike. too late. chelsea are ten points clear again. they're much to the title might soon become a stroke. the deserved to beat us. it is very simple. if you want to beat chelsea, you have got to hope for them to make mistakes and use their mistakes and then you have a chance, but if it is the other way around, if you are the one who makes it the m ista kes are the one who makes it the mistakes against them, it is very hard. it is very hard to come back in the game. manchester united's zlatan ibrahimovic and bournemouth defender tyrone mings have both been charged with violent conduct following their premier league match on saturday. mings appeared to catch the head of the player with his studs as he lay on the ground. the striker then caught the defender in the face with his elbow moments later. mings could be faced with a longer ban above the standard three matches, after the fa said the standard punishment would not be fit in his case, if found guilty.
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both incidents, were missed by the match officials, the two players have until tomorrow evening to respond to the charge. the arsenal manager arsene wenger was forced to deny reports striker alexis sanchez was involved in a training ground row in the lead up to saturday's premier league defeat to liverpool as speculation surrounding the player's future grows sanchez took part in training this morning having only featured in the second half of arsenal's 3—1 defeat. it's believed the incident was behind his omission from the first team, something wenger dismissed. com pletely completely false, but i understand that you have two feed the newspapers and we respect that and when you don't win the games, it is not always down to real stories. we have to accept that. sanchez has 15
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months on his contract, so the decision will depend completely on the football club, not on anybody else. chelsea are ten points clear in the premier league. goes from diego costa and eden hazard, let's hear from the manager, antonio conte. we must think we are able to take 26 points to win this title, but we will have to go step—by—step. it is important to see it game by game, to dream is good, but it is important to keep our feet on the ground. the football association have tabled a series of proposals to reform the organisation. they include reserving three places on the board for female members and adding eleven new members to the fa council to better reflect the diversity in english football. here's the association's chairman greg clarke.
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i think it is very important that the fa is representative of society. we need ethnic and gender diversity and there is a lot of workjoined the boards that are diverse and more effective. throughout the business world as a driver for diverse because they make better decisions and that is true in football as well. there'll be no champions league football on terrestrial tv from the start of the 2018 season after bt sport secured the exclusive rights for both live matches and highlights. it has cost bt, £1.2billion for a three—year deal, and includes all champions league and europa league live games, highlights and in—match clips of both competitions. the bbc has secured the rights for the 2019 women's world cup. more than 12 million people watched on bbc tv last time round in canada, when england finished third. they will attempt to succeed the usa as champions in two years‘ time. in snooker news ronnie 0'sullivan is through to the second round of the players championship in wales after a five frames to one win over liang wenbow.
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the rocket who's a five time world champion was rarely troubled as he eased through to a second round clash against either judd trump or mark king in a tournament which sees the world's top 16 players take part. former heavyweight boxing champion tyson fury has suggested he could make his comeback on the 13th of may. the 28—year—old who hasn't fought since beating wladimir klitschko in november of 2015 and has twice withdrawn from rematches tweeted in the past few hours that he‘s ‘working on an opponent‘ and that more news will follow. now to cricket and the england women‘s team will make history when they play the first ever day—night ashes test against australia in november. the match will be played in sydney starting on the 9th of november and the series will also feature three one day internationals and three twenty20 matches. the winner of the multi—format series will again be decided by a points accumulation system as england look to reclaim the trophy they lost in 2015. that‘s all from sportsday.
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coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me will be the former labour party adviser and comedian, ayesha hazarika and the conservative commentator, tim montgomerie. the i says national insurance rates could increase for self—employed people as the chancellor phillip hammond seeks to raise up to three billion pounds to fund social care. the financial times leads with comments from peugeot‘s chief executive, who said a ‘hard brexit‘ that incurs import tariffs could be a ‘nice opportunity‘ for the company to develop their suppliers in the uk.
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scientists could be able to develop a single pill to help regulate blood pressure, the express says, after their research showed a link between the brain and hypertension.


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