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tv   Newsday  BBC News  March 9, 2017 12:00am-12:31am GMT

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hello everyone. i am rico hizon in singapore. our top stories: hello everyone. i am rico hizon in singapore. ourtop stories: north korea's leader is not rational. blood words from america as the world reacts to recent lustig missile tests. this is not a rational person, who has not had rational person, who has not had rational acts, who is not thinking clearly. the white house promises to get tough on people who leaked classified information. this after of documents said to detail caa hacking tools published online is. i am karin giannone in london. islamic state gunmen dressed as manic storm a military hospital in kabul, killing 30 people. samsung's chief, jay y lee, goes on trial accused of corruption. we get the latest from seoul. —— jae—yong
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corruption. we get the latest from seoul. ——jae—yong lee. gladlyjoin us. “— seoul. ——jae—yong lee. gladlyjoin us. —— glad you could join us. in washington, they have been addressing north korea's latest missile test. and there was a blood message for north korea. —— blunt. she had this to say about kim jong on: we are not dealing with a rational person. if this was any other country, we would be talking about that, and it would not be an issue. this is not a rational person. they have not had rational acts, and are not thinking clearly. so what can tell you is the sense of the united states is that we are
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re—evaluating how we are going to handle north korea, going forward, and we are making those decisions now, and will act accordingly. malaysia is having its own problems with north korea. the two countries have banned each other citizens from leaving their countries. this followed the killing of kim jong—nam. but the private assistance lines of dramatic medication are, for the moment, still open. at the moment, they are still on, because they provide us with a channel. —— diplomatic indication. you need a channel to talk to them and negotiate with them. we go to sharanjit leyl, negotiate with them. we go to shara njit leyl, who negotiate with them. we go to sharanjit leyl, who is right in front of the north korean embassy in column four. we heard from the united states ambassador to the end, we heard from malaysia's premised, what is the latest from there? rico hizon, at the north korean embassy here in column four, the security
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presence continues to be kept out. we have the one police car that malaysia and authorities are put here for the last couple of days. essentially, that is being continued. but of course, you heard from the prime minister, there, who seem from the prime minister, there, who seem to take a more conciliatory tone with the north koreans. 0f course, he was facing the prospect of to seek the release of the ii malaysia nationals who are now stranded in pyongyang, unable to leave. and we know, as well, to some extent, at the united nations, you heard those harsh words from the us, but the chinese ally in of north korea, the chinese, they have said that they are not there to be seeking any action, or no action should be sought until after the investigation into kim jong—nam's thatis investigation into kim jong—nam's that is complete. we know those investigations continue. laich and
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authorities are seeking north korea suspects, three of whom they believe are holed up in the embassy behind me. hence the police presence. also you have the body of kim jong—nam, who and —— who is in a more care. malaysia has said that they will not hand over the body into the investigation is over. you have the rhetoric and the dispute between north korea and malaysia, and now to the equation a video that came out from the sun on kimjong—nam. —— metricon. that is right. and that continues to dominate the headlines here. —— son. it has dominated since every the 13th. the video essentially, purporting to show his son, who is 21 years old. . it was
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maida vale talk to a number of outlets, from thejohn lehmo civil defence group. they are relatively unheard of. they are relatively new. but they reportedly help people escape the country. —— cheollima. it seems that kim han—sol and fma has sought the help. in the video, kim han—sol says he acknowledges his father ‘s death. he says he is with his mother and sister. it is very short as a clip. just a0 seconds long. and it was censored. so a lot of interest in merging in these young man, and of course we have the other headlines as well. because we have some relatives, or rather one relative of the stranded malaysians in pyongyang speaking. this is the sister of the personal assistant to the immolation ambassador in pyongyang. she lives in the north of the country, here, and she is saying
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please release me sister, because of course, there is a lot of concern about these malaysians continuing in north korea. —— to the malaysia in ambassador. we have had heard assurances from the foreign minister here that they'll say. sharanjit leyl from the embassy in column four. let's here the other news. the white house has said that ricky nixon as endangered americans by leaking the caa documents. it said it should be deeply troubled by so do make these disclosures. sean spicer also said that we can lease fred national security. cheering think is very concerned about the allegations that are out there in terms of what may 01’ are out there in terms of what may or may not happen. it is an allegation and something we will not confirm at this time. but as you can
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imagine from the president's previous comments, he is very concerned about this. he is concerned about this. he is concerned about this. he is concerned about the allegations and about the potential that something, if this was true, would have national security. make no mistake about it, i think the president has talked before that anybody who links classified information will be held to the highest degree of law. also making use today, firefighters in kuala mother has said at least 19 teenage girls have been killed in a fire that tore through a home in guatemala city. —— firefighters in guatemala. authorities say the victims were aged between 1a and 17. translation: various residents caused fires in two areas. volunteer fire units were sent into combat fires, and to help with medical rescue. the fire was successfully
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put out using more than 3000 gallons of water. and there ciotti five residents with first and second degree burns. —— and there are 25. and days after donald trump's signed a revised joel baden, there has been a revised joel baden, there has been a challenge from hawaii. the governor that once to add the imams from honolulu mosque as a plaintiff in the state's lawsuit. a ban in israel would ban religious institutions from using outdoor loudspeakers, and it is seen as being directed at muslims. the decision is not yet final. china has given the 0k fought 38 new trump trademarks, paving the way for his hotels and other businesses, but
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also for trump branded massage parlours. —— trump. critics say that china, granted a trademarks, raises serious conflict of interest questions. now, one of malta's famous landmarks has collapsed into the sea after heavy storms. these pictures show it before the collapse. the landmark featured on the popular tv series game of thrones. and afterwards you can see there is nothing left. it is com pletely there is nothing left. it is completely disappeared into the sea. in afghanistan, the so—called islamic state group has said it was responsible for an attack on a military hospital in the capital of kabul. at least 30 people died when gunmen, just as doctors, stormed the
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building. army commandos took several hours to regain control after ranting on the roof, as james robbins reports. smoke billows from afghanistan's largest military hospital, a small group of four or five is extremists have overwhelmed its defences and are using guns and grenades to attack both medical staff and patients. some are able to flee to window ledges, high above the ground. 0ne sends out a message "pray for us." it takes helicopters, laden with afghan special forces, to counter—attack and several hours of fighting to kill the jihadists. translation: i was in the operating theatre when a suicide bomber, wearing a white doctor's uniform, came in and opened fire on me. when he fired on me, i fell down on the ground. the attacker shot my colleague. somehow i escaped using the back exit. afghanistan's president said the attack on a hospital
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trampled human values. but the inability of his security forces to protect such an obvious target raises fresh doubts about the ability of a fragile, often corrupt government to prevail against the extremists of the taliban and is. now that isis is on the road to defeat in iraq, in syria, you've got to ask yourself — where are these guys going to go? where are these fighters, these terrorists, going to go? unfortunately, afghanistan, as long as it remains unstable like this, is highly attractive to groups like isis for relocation. which all makes afghanistan look more vulnerable than ever. no wonder america's top general there has been urging the despatch of thousands more international troops as military trainers to try to stop the rot. james robbins, bbc news. in south korea, the trial of the
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chief of samsung, on charges of corruption and bribery, will begin in the capital, seoul, on thursday. billionaire jay y lee is accused of paying bribes in exchange for political support. it is alleged that samsung paid more than $37 million to south korean president parker and hay in exchange for the government's support on a large merger deal involving samsung. the company admitted it donated money, but denies it sought any favours in return. you cannot doubt it. it is a household name to the planet. did the fact it had of the thing is up for embezzlement and bribery. he will go tojoe keyes guilty. it should be said that he denies the charge. he is not expected to appear in court later, but samsung is indicating that there will be a
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denial. the nub of this charge, or the big allegation, is that jay y lee met the president of this country, just the two of them, face—to—face, and there they agreed a deal. and that deal was that samsung paid to foundations run by the best friend of the president, a lot of money, just short of $a0 million, in return, the country's pension fund would put its weight behind a change that the samsung family wanted to make to strengthen its control. now, there are lots of allegations with lots of these conglomerates, and what they invariably say is, you know, we talk to present all the time, and we often give money to good causes as we perceive them. but that does not add up to bribery. briefly, how much ofa add up to bribery. briefly, how much of a raw nerve has this touched in south korea about the role of
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samsung and conglomerates'slj south korea about the role of samsung and conglomerates's i think it has split the country down the middle. there are big demonstrations. there are pretty big demonstrations. there are pretty big demonstrations in favour and against president park geun—hye. what we'll see tomorrow is a decision on whether president park geun—hye should be kicked out of office. and thatis should be kicked out of office. and that is how we are all owned up in this business. if park geun—hye is kicked out of office, there will be demonstrations in her favour. kicked out of office, there will be demonstrations in herfavour. if she is not kicked out of office, by the high scores in the land, there will big big demonstrations the other way. —— there will be big. it has split the country down the middle, and whichever way the decision goes will open that rate, there is no doubt about that. steve evans their speaking earlier to us. you are watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: we report
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from the indian state of uttar pradesh, western elections are under way. but it is a campaign that is worrying the region's was a minority. first, the plates slid gently off the restaurant tables. the number of dead and wounded defied belief. the worst atrocity on european soil in modern times. in less tha n european soil in modern times. in less than 2a hours the soviet union lost a n less than 2a hours the soviet union lost an elderly sikh leader and replaced in with a dynamic figure 20 yea rs replaced in with a dynamic figure 20 years hisjunior. we heard these gunshots. then they started firing at hearts and we were all petrified. james earl ray sentenced to 99 years and due for parole when he is 90. he travelled to nashville prison in an eight car convoy. what did feel like to be married at last? it feels
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fine, thank you. will it change your life much? i don't know, i've never been married before. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon, in singapore. our top stories: the us ambassador to the un nikki haley says north korea's leader is not rational, as the united nations discuss how to respond to pyongyang's ballistic missile tests. the white house has promised to get tough on people who leak classified information after thousands of documents said to detail cia hacking tools were published online. it's being called one of the greatest comebacks in football. barcelona have beaten paris saint—germain 6—1 at home, to reach the european champions league quarterfinals. the spanish champions had lost the first leg of the tie
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with psg by a—0. a jubilant barcelona now go on to the semi—finals after winning six—five on aggregate. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. there's new intelligence analysis of north korea's latest missile tests in the japan times. the paper reports that the hypothetical target of one of the missiles launched on monday was a us airbase near the city of iwakuni, on the japanese mainland. moving onto the new york times and it has this intriguing piece about a unique place to stay in manhattan. it's an airbnb apartment located inside trump tower. the article notes that it's "a chance for travellers to book a room in a building housing the president's family, one of the most secure buildings in the world, at the click of a mouse". and the south china morning post
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takes a look at the continuing national people's congress in beijing. this image of women in traditional dress is on the front page., —— page and the paper notes that women in china are granted a half day off work on international women's day, which was on wednesday. staying with the theme of international women's day, it was one of the top stories yesterday? yes, and so many people have been talking about it. donald trump and melania included. visitors to wall street in new york may notice something a little different. it's this statue of a little girl, now facing the famous charging bull. it was commissioned to draw attention to gender inequality and the pay gap in the corporate world. she does not look intimidated either full. --
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she does not look intimidated either full. —— by that bull. donald trump has often spoken of his desire to give jobs back to americans. that means sending home foreign workers and notjust those who are illegal, but also those who have have permission to work. tens of thousands of indians are employed in the us in the it industry. now, indian tech firms are worried about what a clampdown might mean for business back home. 0ur south asia correspondent, justin rowlatt reports. she graduated from a top us university. she's worked as a software engineer for microsoft and facebook. but ridi mattel isn't sure she would be welcome in america any more. i can't believe engineers like me are being pushed out of the us today. it's really unfortunate. president trump has made no bones about his intentions. we will bring back ourjobs.
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we will bring back our borders. we will bring back our wealth. and we will bring back our dreams. and the fear is that will affect india's dream of a growing it sector. there has been talk of cutting back the 150,000 temporary work visas the us issues to professionals like computer programmers every year. india is overwhelmingly the biggest beneficiary of those visas, it gets 70% of the total. a key reason why the indian it sector is now worth $150 billion a year. that's almost 10% of india's entire gdp. yet rudi mattel is not worried.
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her bangalore—based online finance business is thriving. she thinks fewer us visas will be good for her and good for india. now i couldn't be happier. we're developing. we're going to grow exponentially over the next decade. there's just a confluence of macro factors and trends which is going to be wonderfulfor here and we need smart people here. the indian government cosmic small business and tech champion acknowledges there will be costs in india if visas are restricted, but he also believes india's it sector is strong enough to survive and grow. india is growing at 7.6% per annum. it's an oasis of growth in the midst of a barren economic landscape.
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but when these people come here, india will probably start growing at 9—10% per annum. so no issue at all. we welcome people, but the loser will be america in this case. india increasingly offers all the amenities of california, including craft ale. that makes it more likely the visa clamp—down will backfire. indian it professionals who return are more likely to stay, and to develop businesses that will compete with us companies. justin rowlatt, bbc news, bangalore. india's prime minister narendra modi is facing a major test as key state elections get underway. one has been held in uttar pradesh, which is home to 220 million people and the most politically important state in the country. the political battle is making the
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muslim minority notice. darren mackie, on the banks of the ganges river. —— varanassi. a holy city, revered by hindus. now the scene of a critical political battle. it is the city of varanassi and the state of uttar pradesh that propelled narendra modi to his magnificent victory in the elections of 201a. that's why he is so keen on a strong showing in local elections, because it's believed that if you have a political grip over uttar pradesh you have power over india. 0n the last stage in an election spread overfour weeks, 0n the last stage in an election spread over four weeks, an enthusiastic turnout. the campaign has been intense and nasty, as narendra modi's party faces stiff challenge from opposition parties. at the main hindu temple in a
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neighbouring town, the prime minister has plenty of support. they wa nt minister has plenty of support. they want him to crack down on terrorism and the spread of radical islam, a major issue here. translation: muslims follow sharia laws which guide them. a number of muslim boys from here have been led astray. they need to be educated, to think of india's progress. in the past few yea rs india's progress. in the past few years the number of young muslims have been arrested here over terror charges. the community makes up 18% of the state's population and it says it has been unfairly targeted. this man's sun is in prison, arrested over an alleged terror plot. his father said he was an enthusiastic cricket player who has been wrongly indicated. translation: the police represented hundreds of witnesses and not one of them has
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identified by son. -- interviewed. none of the testimonies have stood up none of the testimonies have stood up in court. there's a sense fear 110w up in court. there's a sense fear now among the muslims here, especially the youth. translation: no one wants to send their children outside here because they are so frightened that they will be arrested and labelled as a terrorist. translation: there's a growing divide between and muslims. this happened only after narendra modi came to power. everyone is waiting anxiously for the result of these polls, but also concern over what might happen if the divide is not breached. that's it for newsday. see you again at the top of the hour. good morning. yesterday was a funny day. mild for some of us but not
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that much in the way of sunshine. favoured spots northern ireland and northern england. a beautiful weather watchers picture from bjork, with the daffodils shining brightly. despite the full bloom in the south—east corner there was quite a lot of cloud around. temperatures peaking at 50 degrees, so a mild albeit dull day. —— 15. at times there were showery outbreaks of rain. showers continuing up into the far north and they will continue through the night tonight. at the same time the weather front to the south slowly drifts up into the near continent, but it takes its time in doing so. that means we keep the cloud and we keep some drizzle to the south of the ma corridor. poor visibility and coastal and hill fog. a few sharp showers continuing. here it will be chilly enough for a touch of snow to the tops of the mountains, a mild into the south. we start off on a drab and damp mud in
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isles of scilly and the foot of cornwall. here it is likely to stay disappointing all day. a bit of cloud around the south, but it sta rts cloud around the south, but it starts to break up through the day. largely dry, with sunshine, through much of wales and central and northern england. a beautiful morning into northern ireland as well. a scattering of showers continuing into scotland first thing. some of them should ease a touch into the afternoon, but still driven along by the brisk breeze. further south cloud will continue to break up and we have sunshine coming through. cornwall may have a little bit disappointing —— stay disappointing. temperatures responding with the sunshine. a beautiful spring day for many. 9— 15 degrees. some could see highs of 16, 60 one fahrenheit. in the friday eastern areas could see a bit of light frost under clear skies. at the same time the cloud gathers to the same time the cloud gathers to the west. a change to comment on
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friday. still a southerly breeze. it will still be mild, but showery outbreaks of rain crossing the country. 7— 13 is the higher. real trains will come into the weekend. we lose the southerly flow. —— the real change. isobars are squeezing together. the breeze will dry in cooler air. noticeable difference into the weekend. there will be sunshine. rain at times. not all doom and gloom, a feeling a bit cooler. take care. hello. i'm karin giannone with bbc world news. our top story: the us has blunt words for north korea as the fallout from the country's missile tests continues. us ambassador nikki haley said the north korean leader is not rational. flanked by representatives from japan and south korea, she warned that all options were on the table when it came to america's response. a fire at a care home in guatemala has killed 19 teenaged girls. many other children were injured. and this story is trending on one of malta's famous landmarks, the azure window rock arch, has collapsed into the sea,
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after heavy storms. the limestone arch was popular with tourists and it featured on tv series game of thrones. it is notjust the top part which has fallen off — even the stacks have gone. that's all from me now — stay with bbc world news. now on bbc news it's time for hardtalk.
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