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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 19, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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hello. i'm geeta guru—murthy with bbc world news. our top stories: "no evidence of collusion" between the trump election campaign and russia. that's according to the head of the panel investigating the claims. he also rejected the president's accusation that trump tower was wiretapped on barack obama's orders. was there a physical wiretap? no, but that never was. iraqi forces push on in the battle to retake mosul — now the mosque where islamic state declared its caliphate is in their sights. could this man be the next chancellor of germany? martin schulz officially becomes the number one challenger to angela merkel for the top job in berlin. ami ifi'spgrtifggr' six were in action — we'll reveal who had the best day in the chase to close the gap on leaders chelsea. there is no evidence so far that
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president donald trump's campaign team colluded with russia during the 2016 us election — that's according to a top lawmaker. devin nunes, head of the house of representatives intelligence committee also said there was also no evidence that barack obama had ordered wiretap surveillance of mr trump's headquarters, trump tower. let's get more on this with laura bicker whojoins us live from washington. first of all on the statement about collusion with russia what have we heard? when it comes to the accusation that russia meddled in the 2016 us presidents election the question is did they do it and what
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the donald trump and his aides now? 17 intelligence agencies have come forward and said they have evidence that russia tried to meddle with the election and many of them say they did so to help donald trump win so that brings you to the second question, the donald trump or his aides know anything about it, did they collude with the russians? so far we have heard evidence to say there is nothing to say that donald trump or his aides knew anything about that and that is what we have heard from the represent of this morning on fox news.” heard from the represent of this morning on fox news. i am going to be very simple, no. no evidence. and this was after getting this information from the fbi? after everything i have this morning. no evidence of collusion. russia has a lwa ys evidence of collusion. russia has always denied being involved in the 2016 election and donald trump has
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a lwa ys 2016 election and donald trump has always denied knowing anything about it. but there are some democrats who also sits on this intelligence panel who say there is some circumstantial evidence that something took place and they want it continually investigated. here is one representative from texas. this will be an opportunity for us to have an open discussion about this investigation, i am sure we will not hear everything because we are not ina hear everything because we are not in a classified setting but i think there are a few things i'm hoping to hear. firstly whether any americans are being investigated for cooperating are conspiring with the russians who interfered. second are the scope of that investigation and third time i bark resolving it. what about the allegation president obama somehow ordered a wiretap on trump tower? leading republicans and democrats have said they had seen no
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evidence of that. however what some are asking for is an investigation is to weather wire surveillance was ordered on the trump campaign and why. all of these questions will be a nswered why. all of these questions will be answered hopefully on capitol hill at this panel hearing because all eyes will be on the leading directors of the national security agency and the fbi as they give evidence to the intelligence committee. we will bring everyone more on that tomorrow, for now, thank you. iraqi forces are pushing forward in their operation to drive so—called islamic state militants out of their former stronghold in the northern city of mosul. there are reports of fierce fighting in areas of western mosul where troops have been battling is for the past month. iraqi authorities say 180,000 civilians have fled the west bank. conditions for those who remain —
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estimated at more than 550,000 — are increasingly dire. from the outskirts of al mansur district in western mosul, 0rla guerin reports. in the clamour for help many go empty—handed. the gunfire from iraqi soldiers try to control the crowd at an age distribution. survivors of the caliphate. now at risk from hunger. troops not keen for the chaos to be caught on camera. in the distance, smoke from at is car bomb. the front line is just a mile away. those who flee the fighting here end up those who flee the fighting here end up in overcrowded camps. there are no good options. for the people of western hymn mosul. you can see the
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utter desperation in this area, local people tell us this is the first aid supplies that have come here, they say they have no running water or electricity, no access to medical supplies. people in the queue are afraid the food is going to run out before they are able to get some. iam crying, i am crying, she says, because my children don't understand why we have no food. they don't accept my excuses. is took our money to buy weapons. i hope they will burden. —— burn. this woman has suffered a double loss. is killed two of my
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sons she says. 0ne double loss. is killed two of my sons she says. one had just got married. as the troops keep watch, there is tension in the crowd. with there is tension in the crowd. with the frustration building, the security forces are compared to theirformer security forces are compared to their former oppressors. what is the difference between the is police and these guys he asks? the is police beat us and they beat us, just asking for food. is this deliberation may have brought us? nearby some are returning to this battle scarred neighbourhood. like abdul, an ice cream salesman. his home was occupied by is for three months. he says they threatened to
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hang his wife because she dared to oppose them. she head in the fields to survive. is knocked through the wall so they could move unseen from house to house. their reign of terror has destroyed the fabric of his neighbourhood. we can never live again with those who collaborated with is he says. if i catch the man who informed on my wife i will cut into pieces. the battle for mosul may be in its final phases, this ancient city emerging from modelled ancient city emerging from modelled a barbarian is. when the caliphate crumbles there will be much to rebuild including a divided community. there's been fighting on the edge of the syrian capital, damascus,
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where rebels have launched a major offensive that's brought them close to the old city. syrian government forces responded with an intense bombardment ofjobar, around two kilometres east of the old city walls. 0ur correspondent ben james is monitoring the fighting from beirut in neighbouring lebanon, and he sent this update. this assault has been launched from thejobar part of the city this assault has been launched from the jobar part of the city where opposition forces still have some strength. it's been a battle ground for a couple of years, a pocket of all. this happens, it began at 5:20am this morning, monitors from the syrian 0bservatory for human rights from the uk said there were car bombs, suicide attacks to begin this assault. syrian state tv also talks about secret tunnels being
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used to launch the attack. who is involved? used to launch the attack. who is involved ? 0ne used to launch the attack. who is involved ? one group used to launch the attack. who is involved? one group that has brought under the free syrian army banner but also thejihadi under the free syrian army banner but also the jihadi this is who incorporate the group formerly known as al nusra front. there have been rebranding is and redrawing of alliances. in response government forces have deployed warplanes, there have been air strikes, more than 42 monitors. tanks have been seen heading into the areas in preparation for a counterattack. germany's center—left social democratic party has confirmed martin schulz as its new leader and the man who'll run against angela merkel in the country's general election in september. a former president of the european parliament, mr shulz was given an unprecedented endorsement from the party base — winning all of the 605 votes. boot, the leader after the second
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world war got 99.7 but that is when he was trying to unite the party. nobody has done anything like that since then. how much of a threat is he, where is he in the polls if they can be trusted ? he, where is he in the polls if they can be trusted? he was declared they chan did it for the chancellor back in january. since then chan did it for the chancellor back injanuary. since then there was a 12 point gap between the parties and he has closed it entirely, they are 110w he has closed it entirely, they are now neck and neck. not only that he has brought in 13,000 new members. a considerable achievement. germany, so considerable achievement. germany, so much of the political focus, angela merkel and donald trump, events like that, battles germany is taking on an migrants within nato, with america, with the new leadership in america, how is that affecting potentially the election?
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nato is one area he could make some gains because he is distancing himself from this commit —— commitment nato have made, he says it's the wrong way to go, he does not want more spent on armaments and less on social welfare. that will be a distinct platform when the election comes around. tell us more about who is martin schulz, is he that well—known? about who is martin schulz, is he that well-known? they know him as the president of the european parliament in germany. he has been in european politics since 1994, he was mayor of our small town on the border with belgium and the netherlands where he grew up. he's making a bit of a feature of that because he's a man the people. he is a book—seller, 61—year—old book—seller before he a politician. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: they were rescued from pirates — we'll reveal what the crew
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of the oil tanker which was saved from somali hijackers think about their ordeal. today we have closed the book on apartheid and that chapter. more than 3000 subway passengers were affected. nausea, bleeding, headaches and the dimming of vision. all caused by apparently organised attack. it was on a pedestal in the middle of the cabinet, this was an international trophy and we understand now that the search for it has become an international search. above all this was a triumph for the
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christian democrats of the west offering reunification as quickly as possible. that is what voters want. the latest headlines, the head of an american congressional committee on intelligence says he's seen no evidence that donald trump's team worked with russia during the presidential election campaign. and iraqi forces fighting to recapture mosulfrom iraqi forces fighting to recapture mosul from so—called islamic state are closing in on the great mosque where they declared their caliphate in 2014. the german defence minister, ursula von der leyen, has rejected a claim by president trump that germany owes nato and the united states vast sums for the defence of her country. it follows a tweet by the us president which said "germany owes vast sums of money to nato, and the united states must be paid more for the powerful,
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and very expensive, defense it provides to germany". von der leyen responded in a statement, saying "there is no debt account at nato. defence spending also goes into un peacekeeping missions, into our european missions and into our contribution to the fight against is terrorism." well, america's former ambassador to nato, ivo daalder, is among those who felt the need to correct mr trump, and he's live now from chicago thank you forjoining us. why is donald trump incorrect? he is saying all nations sued contribute 2% of their budgets to defence and that doesn't happen. he is correct in saying all countries - to do more saying all countries need to do more on defence, that the europeans in particular over the last 15 years or so particular over the last 15 years or so have been cutting defence at a time when in fact more spending is
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necessary. nato agreed in 2014 after the russian invasion of ukraine and the russian invasion of ukraine and the annexation of crimea to take the 296 the annexation of crimea to take the 2% guideline and make it policy and said countries not spending 2% of gdp on defence should do so by 2024. all nato countries agreed including germany and as chancellor merkel in her press conference on friday reaffirmed, that commitment. we must have that commitment implemented, some of us would like it sooner rather than later. that's not the same as saying anyone rather than later. that's not the same as saying anyone owes rather than later. that's not the same as saying anyone owes the united states vast sums of money. as the president put it in his press conference and then this tweet. we owe to our countries to defend ourselves, everyone makes a national decision about how much defence is going to be done within nato. there is no kitty in which people pour
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money so they can pay the united states or anyone else for that. but if you are sitting in america are paying taxes, why should you feel you have been subsidising europe's security and why should nations not have a much tighter deadline by which they have got to put the money in? on the deadline we can have that discussion. when it comes to the nato summit donald trump may try to change the deadline from 2020 42 something sooner. but let's be clear why the united states on defence and why the united states on defence and why it has troops and capabilities in europe. 0ver why it has troops and capabilities in europe. over the past century the united states has fought two active wa i’s united states has fought two active wars and one cold war in europe because we believe the security of europe and the freedom of europe, the prosperity of europe is fundamental to the national security of the united states. we do not think it is a favour to the germans
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anyone, we are in europe because it's important for the united states and our security. it is important to prevent the kind of conflict we saw in the world wars at great costs to americans and of course europeans. do you feel, just briefly, that nato is under real threats now from this current administration? no, ithink we have seen re—commitments by the president and the vice president and others but if we are starting to condition our security commitment to europe on particular outcomes with regard to defence spending then we are in uncharted waters. we have been here since 1949, we should continue to be here, it is important to us. we want europe to pay more, we have been saying that many years, but fundamentally nato is not about just securing europe, it's about
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securing the security of the united states. thank you so much for your time. let's take a look at some other stories now. brazilian police have arrested a number of employees of the meat—packing company brf over allegations of exports of rotten meat around the world. they're investigating alleged bribes to health inspectors to overlook unhygienic conditions. three major meat—packing factories have been closed. brazil's president michel temer is due to hold crisis talks. the socialist candidate for the french presidency, benoit hamon has told supporters at a rally that "everything begins today" in an attempt to boost his campaign. a poll published on sunday showed him dropping four points in two weeks. since he won the socialist primary injanuary, the 49—year—old has failed to unite the party behind him. jessica creighton has all the sport. we start with football, the teams
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chasing runaway premier league leaders chelsea have been in action, third against fourth as manchester city drew 1—1. afterjames milner‘s opener, sergio aguero equalised for city, and he'll be disappointed he wasn't able to convert his chance in injury time to grab the winner. it means city have fallen back in their pursuit of chelsea. they're now 12 points behind. it's one of the more special days of my life because after defeat on tuesday, wednesday was so tough for us. tuesday, wednesday was so tough for us. then recover how we recovered today with his mentality to play and attack an attack, we could not attack an attack, we could not attack more often because liverpool isa attack more often because liverpool is a top team. i want to stay with these guys for a long time, do not wa nt to these guys for a long time, do not want to change anything, in terms of the club i want to stay here and help the squad to make a step forward. between 50 and 65 we could have decided the game and we didn't have decidedrthe game—rand we—didnflf thatis have decidedrthe game—rand we—didnflf that is may be our- but how so that is may be our fault but how can we speak today about faults and
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mistakes? i said before the game if somebodytefi me you would get a somebody tells me you would get a point at city ok. i would not take it immediately but you would do, you ta ke it immediately but you would do, you take it. and today we have to would take it. and today we have to ta ke would take it. and today we have to take it and that's what we did. te? a?“ f§§e§ tiffi%?fi%7 .,,,,, and they've reduced chelsea's lead to ten points after beating southampton 2—1 at white hart lane. there was much talk before the game about how spurs would cope without injured striker harry kane. this man, christian eriksen, put them ahead. dele ali doubled their lead. before james ward prowse celebrated his england call—up by pulling one back for the saints. iam very i am very pleased, and happy with the performance of the whole team. 0bviously the performance of the whole team. obviously it's a big impact when you miss, you miss europe main striker i think ithink our i think our offensive players but i think our offensive players worked very well, working very hard, our offensive line. and i think the
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team, we running a fantastic position for us. keep going. manchester united are up to fifth after a 3—1win at middlesbrough. maroune fellani put united ahead before the break, then a stunning strike from jesse lingaard put them 2—0 up. after rudi gestede pulled a goal back, it looked as though boro were going to mount a comeback. but a terrible mistake from goalkeeper victor valdes gifted antonio valencia a goal. the spirit is fantastic and the good thing is that we have two doors still open for champions league football. so we are going to try europa league, we're going to try the fourth position in the premier league and let's see what happens. there are five matches from spain's la liga to update you on. the pick of the ties is barcelona against valencia, which is under way at the nou camp. there's about 20 minutes to play, and what an eventful game it's been. barca have come from behind, they're currently winning 3—2. in the other games, atletico madrid increased their chances of champions league football next
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season, beating sevilla 3—1 to consolidate fourth place. towards the bottom of the table, sporting gijon beat granada 3—1. it's 0—0 between leganes and malaga. deportivo couldn't follow up their shock win over barcelona. they lost 1—0 to celta vigo. looks set to be a tight finish it looks set to be a tight finish to the arnold palmer invitational in florida, with no fewer than six players within two shots of the lead. 0vernight leaders charley hoffman and kevin kisner have both dropped shots today, but are one clear of the field on ten under par. they've just been joined by four—time major winner rory mcilroy. marc leishman has just made an incredible eagle on the 16th to move to 11 under. and elena vesnina has defeated fellow russian svetlana kuznetsova in three sets in the women's final at indian wells. the crew of an oil tanker hijacked by pirates off the coast of somalia say they feel as if they've been
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born again, after being freed by somali forces. the seizure of the aris 13 — the first hijacking of a large merchant vessel in almost five years — had raised fears that somali pirates were back in business. janey mitchell reports: heading for calm waters, surrounded by somali forces almost a week after being seized. the boat is crewed by eight sri lankans, now relieved and grateful for their release. everybody here helped us a lot and saved our lives, which is important. what i can say is we are dead and born, all i can say, dead and born. at 68 years i am, i am dead and born. the vessel was hijacked by gunmen as it made its way from djibouti to mogadishu, reportedlyjust 18 kilometres from the somali coastline. it was forced to change course and head towards alula. a fierce firefight then followed between the coastguard and armed men on board a skiff believed to be taking supplies to the hijacked vessel.
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a number of civilians were injured by stray bullets. and the puntland coastguard had threatened to use force to retake the ship if negotiations with the pirates failed. the circumstances of the ship's release aren't clear, but the authorities say no ransom was paid. the incident had raised the spectre of a return to the days of the rampant somali piracy which disrupted a major international shipping route and cost the global economy billions of dollars from 2005. armed escorts and other anti—piracy measures finally ended attacks on commercial vessels in 2012, and there are hopes that the crisis is now water under the bridge. janey mitchell, bbc news. thank you for watching. we've been watching a week weather
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front slowly slipping its way south across the uk so far today, it extends quite a long way out into the atlantic and is coming back into the atlantic and is coming back into the south—west overnight. increasingly wet here, it'll get across to the south east and east anglia, another area of wind and rain moving into leicester and scotland. the cold overnight. it will be turning a bit colder through the day on monday, quite windy and it looks quite unsettled particularly through the morning. quite a wet start and windy as well in the western side of scotland, gust of wind could get blustery as the rain moves its way from west to east. for the rain in the north through the morning, northern ireland into sunny spells and showers, quite a bit of rain across
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northern england down to wales and on towards the south—west, blustery winds to go with that. be grey along the south coast and windy but largely dry and the south—east should start the day on a reasonable zero in terms of rainfall but a lot of cloud. that rain is on the move, west east, we will see wetter and windy weather for a time in the south—east as things brighten up further west. showers getting going on and turning quite wintry higher ground. in the north and west temperatures dipping away back into single figures and that's the trend as we go through the rest of this week. monday evening as the colder air moves in, wintry showers getting going, colder air which will slowly creep its way across all parts as we get on into tuesday saw a big drop in temperatures, doing much colder particularly in the wind and a good
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crop of showers around. - will crop of showers around. tuesday will start cold with widespread frost and a risk of icy patches in the north and west. big feature of the day on tuesday, some sunshine but also showers, not just showers, notjust. over wintry showers, notjust up over higher ground, could get down to lower levels at times. cold start to the day on wednesday, further dotted around and colder showers dotted around and colder again to start the day on thursday. the latest headlines from bbc news. i'm geeta guru—murthy. the head of a us congressional committee on intelligence says he's seen no evidence that donald trump's team worked with russia during the presidential election campaign. devin nunes also said there was no evidence that former president obama ordered wiretaps of trump tower. iraqi forces say they are closing in on mosul‘s great mosque as they fight to push islamic state out of the city. the mosque was where is announced a caliphate, and its recapture would have great symbolic importance. rebels have launched a major offensive against syrian government
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positions in the east of the capital, damascus. the armed groups are reported to have used secret tunnels as part of a suprise attack. germany's social democrats have chosen the former president of the european parliament, martin schulz, to lead them in their country's election.
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