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tv   Newsday  BBC News  March 20, 2017 1:00am-1:31am GMT

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i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: president trump accuses north korea of acting very badly, as kimjong—un claims a breakthrough in rocket technology. no evidence of collusion between the trump election campaign and russia, but us officials say moscow did try to influence the result. i'm babita sharma in london. a week ahead of decision day, the frontrunners in hong kong's leadership vote clash on television. on the crest of a wave, one of the world's top surfers journeys from tragedy to triumph. it is 9:00am in singapore and beijing and 9:00pm
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in the evening in florida where president trump has told reporters that the north korean leader was acting very, very badly. the reason for his irritation? the latest news from pyongyang, where kim jong—un was pictured celebrating what he said was a successful rocket engine test. the us secretary of state, who was in beijing at the time, said tensions on the korean peninsula had reached a dangerous level. 0ur china editor carrie gracie sent this report from beijing. america's top diplomat. they had intended to steady anxieties about where us—china relations are headed. but, as these players e they were upstaged by another. . . with these pictures of kim jong—un, north korea announced the successful
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test of a new rocket engine for its space and satellite programme. no wonder he declared a victory. rockets can be repurposed. he has already warned that his nuclear missiles will soon be able to reach the united states. mr tillerson was in asia to warn that us patience is at an end, asking china to do more to persuade its north korean ally to give up its arsenal. china is in a bind. it is frustrated by north korean recklessness, and anxious to find common ground with the new trump administration. but it is also sceptical about whether more economic pressure would force north korea to renounce nuclear weapons. and it is suspicious of american intentions in the region. china wants fewer americans in asia, not more. but, to meet the threat
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from pyongyang, us troops are on exercise in south korea, and the us is deploying a new anti—missile system there. to agree on. how testelg him. 7” his rocket test a calculated message of defiance, to both the us and his next—door neighbour, china. our other top story this hour: all eyes will be on the house of representatives in washington on monday, as the intelligence committee will hold an open session with the fbi director, james comey, and admiral mike rogers, who is the director of the national security agency. both men are expected to give evidence about whether russia interfered in the us election. a democrat member of the cemmifiee= circumstantial evidence,
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but the head of the panel has told us media that he has seen no evidence of collusion. i'll give you a very simple answer — no. no evidence of any collusion? no evidence. and this is after talking — getting this information from the fbi? everything i have up until this morning. there is no evidence of collusion. also making news today: malaysian police say more north korean nationals are expected to be arrested in connection with the murder of kim jong—nam, the estranged half—brother of north korean leader kimjong—un. kim jong—nam was killed five weeks ago at kuala lumpur airport. philippine president rodrigo duterte has welcomed an impeachment complaint filed against him and the possibility of facing the international criminal court regarding alleged extra —judicial killings. and thailand, three days after opposition lawmakers japanese prime minister shinzo abe has said that the european union and japan should soon reach an economic deal,
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and stressed the importance of free trade to his country. mr abe was opening the cebit technology fair, in hanover, along with german chancellor angela merkel. 3331? 1g; £53119§§§ eggi-jgiig fig} the $1 million global teacher prize has been won by a canadian teacher from a school in the arctic which can only be reached by air. maggie macdonnell was praised for changing the lives of her students and transforming her community. she created life skills programmes for students, and set up a fitness centre as well as a community kitchen. as we have been hearing, the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, has ended his first trip to asia after meeting the chinese president, xijinping. eu? mi elilffiéiieéiihégifiifl , by the issue of north korea and its rocket engine test.
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president trump had already accused earth eerie? leaner: 7 kim jong—un, of acting very, very badly, and said china was not doing enough to help. i asked our correspondent in beijing, stephen mcdonnell, whether mr tillerson's visit to beijing had changed anything. well, you know, ithink that the chinese government would probably agree at the moment that north korea is acting very badly. i mean, north korea is supposed to be some sort of an ally to china, and on the very morning that president xijingping is meeting with the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, inside the great hall of the people in beijing, north korea comes out and says we've just tested a new engine for missiles. that's obviously, from pyongyang, a bit of a slap in the face to beijing and relations are —
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do seem to be going a bit downhill of late between'ci'nifii and north korea. you know, donald trump has accused china of not doing enough with north korea. but this sort of behaviour from north korea, you would think, is indicating that it shows the limits of their influence there. as to whether these two have come to some sort of breakthrough deal, or anything like that, there's no indication of that publicly. you know, these meetings are kind of a show, really. however, on the sidelines, imagine the officials who set these meetings up, they‘ re having their own little discussions on this and that, and, you know, maybe there are things we're not privy to, discussions that have been had between officials from washington you know, maybe they're there, but certainly nothing's been announced that would give us any indication that there is such a process under way, not officially at least. and stephen, you mentioned
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these kind of meetings are a show, and even though china and the united states have their differences, you have president xijingping having warm words for the us secretary of state? thick skin. it's amazing, the capacity... president donald trump, he belittles china on these of his secretary of state's rival in beijing. publicly, it's like water off a duck‘s back for the chinese government. they just think they have to get on with things. to his home audience. goodness knows, they do the same thing with their own propaganda. but you have to think they're not too happy about that. but you're
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right, the meetings take place, one thing they are both clear on is they think it is a dangerous developing situation on the korean peninsula, and they need to co—operate to prevent conflict there. briefly, before we let you go, stephen, is there any certainty now between this plannedsummzit i don't know about the exact dates, but it's definitely going ahead because i think president xi jinping wouldn't have spoken about it, and rex tillerson wouldn't have said his little comment at the beginning of one of those meetings you in the coming... i forget his exact turn of phrase but it shows that this meeting between president trump and president xi jingping will go ahead.
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less than. a week. before the election! this year's election has attracted a lot of interest, analysts believe it will be a fight between carrie lam and john tsang. 0ur correspondent in hong kong, juliana liu, told me more about the issues raised in the debate. last night was the last of three televised debates between the contenders, carrie lam and john tsang, and it was significant because it was the only one organised by the people casting their ballots next sunday. the debate took about 2.5 hours, in the convention centre near the airport, and the exchanges were quite tense and testy at times. the subject really ranged from democratic development, to even the tiananmen square crackdown in 1989. let me just give you a sense of how this has been covered by the local media. the south china morning post headline, you can see, poll frontrunners dodge the 4june issue in bruising debate. carrie lam and john tsang mix sarcasm, humour and outright attack as they trade blows. the two frontrunners, i have to say, mr tsang and ms lam, didn't dodge a question about
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the tiananmen square crackdown, which is still very divisive in hong kong. let me show you a photo here. i think there was one subject that really got the attention of people on the internet. that was when ms lam said that she saw mr tsang's desk and it was quite clean, and that hers was full of papers. i guess the implication is that she is quite hard—working, when he isn't. so people on the internet have responded to this by sharing photos of global leaders around the world, ranging from xijingping, the chinese president, to the former us president barack 0bama, with very clean desks. so that was a real talking point on the internet last night. imagine, when you're campaign manager, when you're trying to get your policiesforward clean your desk is. let's move on. there was an activist poll, an unofficial referendum. tell us about what happened? that's right, babita.
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as you know, this sunday's coming election is often called a small—circle election, because less than 1,200 people will be casting their ballots, and hong kong has 3 million registered voters. so benny tai, who is an academic here, who started the idea that eventually became the umbrella movement 2014, decided to organise an online and offline mock vote. so the idea is that members of the public would have a say, would take a look at who the general public believes should be leading hong kong, and vote accordingly. so the results came out last night. there were 65,000 ballots cast online and in—person, and the vast majority, 92%, supported john tsang, the former financial secretary. he is seen as one of the two frontrunners. but the real strong frontrunner is actually carrie lam. but interestingly, she won only 1.5% of the support during this poll. woo kwok—hing, the retired judge,
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received 27% of votes. politician, got the vast majority of votes, and certainly the organisers are hoping that the electors will vote for him come sunday. you are watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: behind the shock tactics of the philippines war on drugs. also on the programme: the race to save the unique kristang today we have closed the book on apartheid and that chapter. more than 3,000 subway passengers were affected. nausea, bleeding, headaches
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and a dimming of vision. fifi gt inns esq—fail? ijy the trophy itself was on the pedestal in the middle of the cabinet here. this was an international trophy and we understand now that the search for it has become an international search. above all this was a triumph for the christian democrats of the west, offering reunification as quickly as possible and that's what the voters wanted. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon, in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. our top stories: president trump accuses north korea
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as kimjong—un claims a breakthrough in rocket technology. "no evidence of collusion" between the trump election campaign and russia. that's according to the head of the panel investigating the claims. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world: we start with the south china morning post, which carries the story of the us secretary of state rex tillerson's visit to china. the paper says that the chinese president and the us secretary of state agreed to build constructive bilateral ties but steered clear of sensitive issues such as north korea or trade. japan times says that the trump the possibility of a nuclear—armed japan. according to the paper, secretary of state rex tillerson appeared to say in an interview that, with all options on the table regarding north korea, circumstances could evolve in terms of tokyo
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acquiring atomic weapons. president rodrigo duterte had his fight against drugs. the paper says that he vowed that his war on drugs will be sustained, and it will be "brutal" despite the president facing an impeachment complaint and efforts to bring him before the international criminal court. more on that coming up in a minute. an infamous name in india is sparking discussions online? well rico, the bbc news website has a story of an unlucky person in india who has been refused many jobs, supposedly because of his name: saddam hussein. the marine engineer has been refused a job on more than a0 occasions and has concluded that employers are reluctant to hire him became of his name. m changed to sajid. the staggering death toll
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since president duterte launched his anti—drug campaign in the philippines it's believed more that 7,000 have been killed with a further 700,000 people have surrendered to the authorities. but amidst the carnage there is an urgent need for rehabilitation facilities. when the drug campaign started, there was a sudden increase in the number of cases here. the first reason why they are here is because of fear. they were scared that they could either be incarcerated or some may even be killed. from the previous average of around 1000 cases at any given time, the adjustment period is really difficult for them.
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the first two months, of course, you are here, having a structure in your life, from the previous time, they could do whatever they want. now they have to follow a certain set of rules and regulations. so what behaviours they learn here, they bring it home, and then from there, it actually helps them out, be more organised in life and hogefullvstagawag fromdrugsr we believe that drug users should be helped. killing them is not
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a way of helping people. every drug user should have their day in court. to an amazing comeback story now and in 2015 surfer 0wen wright was a world title contender until he suffered a near—deadly brain injury while taking on one of the world's most dangerous waves. fast—forward to today, and owen has just won the first event at the world surf league's championship tour. hejoined us from australia's gold coast and i asked him how it felt to make such a comeback. oh, i'm a little bit shocked. i completely surprised myself. than what was predicted by doctors and myself, and yeah, just my thoughts, really. a remarkable win in so many ways, but particularly so because of what happened to you in hawaii in 2015. and for our viewers who don't know,
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would you mind just sharing with us what happened? yeah, in 2015, i was at a wave called pipeline, in hawaii. and a massive wave landed on my...landed basically on me and i got really shaken up and i suffere a brain injury, and a big concussion. and yeah. = rollercoaster ride for most of 2016. you had to learn to surf all over ain? you had to learn to surf all over again? you struggled with co—ordination. mentalaspects. trying to learn to surf again was
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pretty challenging but a lot of it all came back for me relatively quickly and something must have been remembering in my muscles and i stuck to it and when i came through it surfing well on the - side of it surfing well on the other side of it. {egg is an understatement. it. good is an understatement. pretty impressive from what we can see. friends and families have said what a remarkable comeback it has been. tell me how you're feel about winning, i know you have quite a way to go, a number of months yet for this tour to continue, but to win the first event, what does that mean to you? oh, you know, before the event started, i did an interview and they said. what are ~ ~ , and my little baby son. and yeah, to do it in the very first event, it was just like, so, like, i did not expect that at all, and i wasjust
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kind of shocked, to begin with. and then when i finally got that embrace from my partner and my little baby son, when i got to the beach, i was just like full of emotion. i was bawling my eyes out and laughing. sometimes i was crying. just the event itself, my very first heat, it was an emotional experience, just to be back doing the sport that i love, and, it very nearly could've been taken away forever. we often feature on the programme stories of conservation, with activists fighting to save species or environments. today we want to bring you something a little different. a group of volunteers here in singapore are trying to keep alive the old kristang language — a legacy of the portuguese empire in the malacca. so we are trying to teach
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the language to a new generation of learners, so that we build a critical mass and these new learners pass the language on to their children, so that the language continues for future generations. we use social media like facebook and youtube to try and reach out to the younger generation, and keep the language relevant, to ensure that the younger generation cares enough about the language to keep it going. there are gaps in the language because it's critically endangered. what we are trying to do is create new terms that fill those gaps and make the language of relevant for modern life. you have been watching newsday.
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stay with us. and before we go, let's take a look at these pictures. the successful return to earth of the space x dragon ship. hello there. big changes on the way over the next couple of days. we got some weather fronts moving thrmgh: ’ f" ,. f" once they do, we start to get this cold north—westerly wind, and that it could to bring some much colder air across our shores. that will be most noticeable later on on monday and into tuesday in particular. much colder air. it is go to be quite a chilly sort of feel to things on tuesday, particularly in the wind. and there will be showers around, and some of those could be quite wintry for some of us. before we get there, though, it is wet and windy starting the day, today.
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temperatures up for most places first thing this morning. in fact, for the southern half of the uk, temperatures of around about the double figures. a bit lower than that in the north of scotland. but generally speaking no real problems with the temperatures this morning. but it will be quite wet and quite windy. a fairly messy picture. got quite a lot of isobars on the charts, so it is quite windy. and there is a fair bit of rain to be had as well. in fact, in the western side of scotland, we are going to see pretty strong winds through this morning. that will'nush thatrainever— ~ but still some wet weather in the north of scotland. but something a bit drier beginning to develop out west. but some showers are never too far away. sunny spells and showers in northern ireland through the morning. a fair bit of rain across northern england and that gets all the way down towards lincolnshire, east anglia, through the midlands, to wales and the south—west. but largely dry, really, any south—eastern corner. but cloudy and windy. don't have to go too far west to find the wetter and windy weather.
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so a large area of wind and rain across much of england and wales through this morning. not a pretty picture on the roads, with a lot of spray and surface water. so fare care 01’ e e ipionlca mute. so take care for the morning commute. that wind and rain makes its way to the south—east for the afternoon, with some in a little brighter coming along behind. but with some showers. relatively mild in the south—east, 13 or 1a degrees, but with the wind in the rank are temperatures will get back into the single biggest towards the north and west. that rain to the lower temperatures continues through monday evening, and as the sun goes down, we start to see wintry showers going down to lower levels in scotland, northern ireland, and into northern england, as well. further south, it will be quite cold, but essentially dry. there will be a touch of frost in the north of wales and northwards, with icy stretches and some snow hazards as well, first thing on tuesday. it will be a cold day on tuesday, cold and windy. lin ifite weenesegg 5m, . ere wk. ,5 again, with a touch of frost away from the south—east, where be quite wet.
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elsewhere, a scattering of showers. i'm babita sharma with bbc world news. our top story: president trump has again accused kim jong—un of acting very badly. it comes as north korea claims a breakthrough with its latest rocket test. the us secretary of state said tensions on the korean peninsula had reached a dangerous level. us officials say they believe russia attempted to influence last year's presidential election, but find no evidence of collusion ,;:f—tt .:..~ : z, 7 and this video is trending on the $1 million global teacher prize has been won by maggie macdonnell, a canadian teacher from a school in the arctic which can only be reached by air. she was praised for changing the lives of her students. that's all from me now. stay with bbc world news. and the top story here in the uk: police have arrested a man
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on suspicion of murdering a one—year—old boy at a flat in north london.
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