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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 26, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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more than 65 million years ago. by measuring how they changed over the years, researchers worked out how they are related, and how they evolved. but a new reassessment published in thejournal nature, which suggests that that theory which has lasted 130 years, maybe wrong. the current theory is that there are two main groups of dinosaurs. one, which includes the stegosaurus, and another, which has two branches. the vegetarians such as the brontosaurus, and the meat eaters, such as the savage tyrannosaurus rex. it turns out that the meat eaters are in the wrong group, and should be with the stegosaurus. it also shows that the very first dinosaurs did not originate in what is now east africa, but much further north, possibly in an area which is now britain. we've taken dinosaur origins, which originally were thought to be southern hemisphere, and brought them into the northern hemisphere, and it could well be that dinosaurs originated even
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within britain itself. what we have here is a key specimen in this analysis. and here is the fossil that led to this shock finding — a primitive dinosaur the size of a cat was found in lossiemouth in scotland. it was an animal like this that led to the creatures that dominated this planet for 165 million years. the new family tree will mean that we will have to rethink our ideas of how they evolved and spread across the globe. this is a fairly major change to our knowledge of dinosaurs. we have had a system in place for 130 years, we thought we understood the relationships of these big groups of animals, but it may be that we have a major rearrangement of the dinosaur tree. this re—evaluation of fossils challenges a theory that has been accepted since the victorian era, and so will be controversial. but if it is proved to be correct, textbooks on the subject will have to be rewritten. let's take a look at the weather.
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overnight it is turning chile under the clear skies. now clodagh riding of the north sea as well. from —— for some other north—westerly and there could be a touch of frost and it could be chillier in the south. don't north—east wales and the east midlands, cloud could mid—dash—mac linger through the day. —— linger throughout the day. high temperatures and the high ones. signs of rain on tuesday. more cloud
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also. largely dry the worst the south—east, with some sunshine and it will be on the whernside. increasing amount of cloud through the week, the threat of rain and decent temperatures for the time of year. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: the home secretary says intelligence services must have access to encrypted messages. khalid masood is thought to have been using whatsapp moments before he killed four people. residents forced out of their homes by a suspected gas explosion on the wirral have been warned it could take several days before they're allowed back. dozens of people were injured, two of them seriously, in the blast last night. more than 700 people are arrested in moscow as police clamp down on anti—corruption protests held across the country. russia's main opposition leader is among those detained. sinn fein says it's the "end
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of the road" on power sharing in northern ireland as talks break down ahead of tomorrow's deadline. now on bbc news, sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm jessica creighton. our headlines this evening. jermain defore scores on his first start for england in more than three years, as they beat lithuania 2—nil in their world cup qualifier. what does the future hold for gordon strachan? his scotland must win against slovenia. northern ireland are well placed to reach the play—offs. they're second in their group and welcome norway. —— they're third in their group and welcome norway. and vettel victorious.
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ferrari's man wins the opening f1 grand prix of the season, ahead of hamilton. good evening. lots of football to bring you, but also another win for konta in the tennis, and a medal for scotland in the curling. but first, teams continued in their bid to reach next year's football world cup in russia. for england, they enjoyed a 2—nil win over lithuania. jermain defoe, on his first appearance for his country since november 2013, got himself on the scoresheet. andy swiss was watching at wembley. a day to put the ball firmly in perspective. armed police on duty as wembley struck a poignant note. outside the flags at half—mast, inside the teams are moved out by
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five—year—old cancer patient bradley likely before a tribute to the victims of wednesday's terror attack. 80,000 fans fell silent. the match itself seemed straightforward for england. it certainly began that way. the recall did defoe is moving ahead. an error by the keeper almost gets capable of doing it you equaliser, but england jimmy vardy kept his cool, to extend england's advantage. it was a career—high weight of the humdrum directory. after all the emotion before the match, this was a subdued performance from england but the one that keeps them firmly on course for next summer's world cup. that result sees england stretch their lead at the top of group f to 5 points over slovenia, who play scotland shortly.
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and there's arguably most at stake for scotland, who are fifth in that group. if they don't beat slovenia, their hopes of qualifying would look very slim. their game kicks off in around 10 minutes or so. northern ireland are well placed heading into their match with norway. they're third in group c, eight points behind germany, and a win would keep them on course to clinch a play—off place. to women's football, where fa cup holders arsenal ladies have been knocked out of the competition, after losing to birmingham 1—0 in the quarter—finals. elsewhere, chelsea beat sunderland 5—1, liverpool were 2—0 winners at home to notts county, and manchester city got a last minute 2—1win against bristol city. the draw for the semi—finals will take place live on bbc radio 5live at quarter to 3 tomorrow. lewis hamilton believes mercedes have a fight on their hands with ferrari, after watching sebastien vettel win the opening race of the formula one season, at the australian grand prix.
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a badly—timed pit stop cost the british driver, as vettel won in melbourne. nick parrot reports. those of you who thought formula 1 in 2017 was called to be another mercedes cakewalk, think again. lewis hamilton started on pole position but he had constant pressure “— position but he had constant pressure —— pressure from sebastien battle. and in the correct strategy call ended up getting the ferrari driver effectively. for sebastien battle, has effectively finger hadn't been seen for 18 months until today. mercedes have dominated formula 1 for the last three years, lewis hamilton the favourite to win the race. when he emerged from the first corner in the lead, many might have thought all bets were off. new rules have been brought in to make the course pastor and the sport more exciting, but this race was won thanks to a
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tactical error with vessel pressurising hamilton, mercedes brought was hamilton in. she committed theft and got stuck in traffic. sebastien fettle paint has stopped the profession. he came back it in front of hamilton and mercedes knew their challenge was over. the german cruise to the chequered flag, winning by more than nine seconds. blasting the won the opening race was in 2011 when he beat the —— when she went on to become champion. was hamilton has been warned. she went on to become champion. was hamilton has been warnedlj she went on to become champion. was hamilton has been warned. i thinkl was a bit, yes, too nervous. i thought you were going to do it. i had a slip off the line but lewis hamilton was better. i had a decent exit and after that, i was trying to keep the pressure on to make sure that they get the message that we're to fight and obviously got a bit what the when lewis hamilton came out in traffic. we struggled with
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the tyres towards the end, and i had to stop a lot. i ran out of clap. —— grip. overall, good point to the team and look at this crowd. grip. overall, good point to the team and look at this crowdm grip. overall, good point to the team and look at this crowd. it is difficult to tell from those comments from the guys whether mercedes gifted respectively to ferrari or other variety actually won it on merit. what we do know is that going forward we will have a classic battle between two great teams. finally the oldest and most historic team in formula 1 versus mercedes, who had been opened and awful long time in racing but only really ca m e awful long time in racing but only really came back to formula 1 properly in 2010 with their own work scheme. hamilton versus sebastien fettle, we haven't got long to wait until the next race which is in china in two weeks' time. tennis, and british number one johanna konta eased past pauline parmentia of france in straight sets in the third round at the miami open.
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konta needed all three sets to win in the previous round but the world number 11 looked sharper in this match, she got the first break and went on to take the first set 6—4 against parmentia. konta came flying out of the blocks in the second, taking two early breaks. she was in no mood to hang around, claiming the set 6—0. it took herjust over an hour to dispatch parmentia. up next for konta is either madison keys or lara arruabarrena in the round of 16. two games in the rugby union's premiership today, and wasps have moved five points clear at the top, after a a0 points to 33 win over worcester. wasps had been behind during a frantic end—to—end first half. winger christian wade scored just before the interval to level the match at 19—all at half time. with the game finely poised, worcester were reduced to 1a. winger bryce heem shown a red card for taking out willie le roux in the air. wasps made the extra man count, running in three more tries
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in the second half to seal the victory. elsewhere, saracens are still in with a chance of a top two finish in the league, thanks to a bonus point win over bath. scotland winger sean maitland scored one of their three first half tries, five more followed in the second half. chris ashton scored two of them to wrap up the 53—10 victory. saracens stay third in the table, nowjust a single point behind second place exeter. scotland beat sweden to win the bronze at the world women's curling championship in beijing, as canada took gold. skip eve muirhead and her team won 6—4 against sweden and muirhead was delighted with such a strong team performance, with the winter olympics in pyeonchang coming up next year. i'm looking forward to the olympic games. great britain we still have a
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selection to happen so everything is not certain. but we know that great britain has a spot. we have secured our spot britain has a spot. we have secured ourspot in britain has a spot. we have secured our spot in the olympic games. it is exciting to know that the games are around the corner but we will have to keep practising hard and training ha rd to keep practising hard and training hard so that we are even better as the olympic games. world number one dustin johnson is through to the final of the wgc match play championship. the american beatjapan‘s hideto tanihara by one hole. johnson plastohn raam from spain. he beat bill haas 3&2. the tournament is one of the final events before next month's masters. britain's adam yates finished just outside the overall podium places at the volta catalunya. in today's final stage alejandro valverde ensured he claimed his second title in this event crossing the line first. he won byjust over a minute in the seven stage event. yates finished in fourth, a minute and 31 seconds behind valverde, while chris froome had to settle for 30th place. kenya have dominated at the world cross country championships
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in the ugandan capital of kampala. in the men's race, geoffrey kamwaror won gold, adding to his world half marathon title from last year. but for a long time, it looked like he might be denied by the home favourite. uganda's joshua cheptegei had an 11—second lead going into the final lap of the course, before breaking down with exhaustion. in the end, he needed all the encouragement he could get just to cross the finish line. the women's race was won by irene cheptai, in a kenyan 1—2—3 finish. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport on the bbc news channel throughout the evening. driving in india is an experience. the roads are crammed and the horn
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is omnipresent and the rules are... well, they're there somewhere, i'm sure. the and that's why we will not be doing a story about self driving cars in india any time soon. and despite the fact that it seems like everybody here owns a car, that's not true. many people choose to travel by train instead.


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