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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 1, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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inafew in a few moments viewers on bbc one willjoin kids are voted for a round—up of the news, followed by sportsday, but now we can get the weather. we have had thunder and hail reported. tomorrow, it looks much drier. warm sunny spells for many of us drier. warm sunny spells for many of us but not before a chilly night. under the starry skies, as those showers continued to ease in intensity, sharp across eastern areas. they will ease away foremost and allow temperatures to foreclose the frost levels for scotland and northern islands. ground frost even further south. potentially mist and fog around south. but otherwise, sunday morning looks like the best pa rt sunday morning looks like the best
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part of the data sunshine. a bit chilly but it is before the shower clouds build—up. showers through sunday. those showers will be few and far between. we start the day with cloud across the north—east of england and the odd shower left over. but again, come the afternoon, they should break up. good sunshine for northern ireland and scotland despite a frosty start and the potential for valley fog but that should clear the way. very promising day, one or two showers, but they will be very isolated compared to today. the fair weather cloud builds up today. the fair weather cloud builds up into the afternoon so the best of the sunshine is likely to be around the sunshine is likely to be around the coast. temperatures on the higher side of normal, 13—17, and feeling pleasant. and what about the afternoon boat races? it looks as though it is set fair. the smallest chance of a shower but less choppy than last weekend on the thames. a
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couple of football games going on. sunshine around in swansea. a remote possibility of a shower as arsenal ta ke possibility of a shower as arsenal take on manchester city. high pressure builds on but it does not last very long because those weather systems brush rain across northern ireland and western scotland. it should not reach eastern scotland. good evening. the government has said that britain will defend the interests of gibraltar in the brexit negotiations, following warnings that spain is attempting to use the process to pursue its claim to the rock. the eu has suggested that a brexit deal won't cover gibraltar without a separate agreement between london and madrid. labour say it's vital the people of gibraltar aren't used as a "bargaining chip" in negotiations. richard lister reports. could this rock threaten britain's future relationship with the eu?
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gibraltar has been a british hands for more than 300 years but voted unanimously to remain in the eu, giving spain hopes of getting the territory back. theresa may said that would not happen this week. we asked are passed in our support of gibraltar. our position has not changed. but the european council's decision has changed. it says, after the uk leaves the union, no agreement between the eu and uk may apply to the territory to abort without the agreement between the kingdom of spain and the uk. giving spain veto rights could mean choppy waters ahead. spain has not been shy of confronting britain in the past. now its demands on the territory could be part of any future eu uk trade deal. these are draft guidelines but already we are seeing spain making moves with an agreement
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ready. and frankly, it is singling out the and fairly. but madrid does have a list of grievances, like the ball to's low tax economy, enabling the smuggling of cheap cigarettes into spain. brexit may have given the spanish more leveraged on that and the question of sovereignty. the wanton conker, takeover gibraltar. this is something many people in spain want, it is a matter of national pride to have gibraltar back. the letter triggering article 50 made no mention of gibraltar.m only talked about one land border it also made reference to government interns. the overwhelming majority
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wa nt interns. the overwhelming majority want to stay petition and on that basis, we will respect the sovereignty of the people of gibraltar. a process which spain wa nts gibraltar. a process which spain wants the gibraltar to be part of. why was gibraltar not mentioned in theresa may's letter? you are not the only person asking that question. british members are raising it, house of lords committee suggests it might have been an afterthought, and even spanish politicians who are surprised and delighted it was not entered in the prime minister's letter. the government said they never believed the sovereignty of gibraltar would be part of the negotiations with the eu and the night downing street are stressing the rock—solid support for gibraltar. but this issue will be
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raced on wednesday in the european parliament. nonetheless, the prime minister's critics showed she was not prepared enough of the complexity of the negotiations that lie ahead. the help to buy scheme was meant to support lower—wage earners in england buy theirfirst home. but it's emerged thousands of families on high incomes have also benefited asjoe lynam now reports. but for the government's help to buy scheme, lena hannon and her husband would have needed an additional five to ten years before they could afford their own place in harrow. she does worry, though, that some high earners are also allowed to use the scheme. it does bother me a bit that some people that don't really need the scheme use the scheme. but to be fair, i think that the fact that the scheme was able to help people like me, and i know that a lot of people benefited from this scheme, it makes me feel happy. introduced four years ago to encourage house—building and help mostly first—time buyers get
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on the ladder, 250,000 people have bought property using the help to buy schemes. but research suggests that existing homeowners from wealthy households have benefited as well. using official data, research found that around 4000 households in england earning more than £100,000 used to the helped to buy equity loan scheme, and 20,000 households used it even though they weren't even first—time buyers. this scheme, in place, playing a valuable part in helping people get into the housing market for the first time, should only be there for first—time buyers, and really shouldn't be there for people who are earning over £100,000 per year. itjust doesn't make sense. the help to buy equity loan scheme offers buyers up to a fifth of the cost of a new—build home so they only need to provide a 5% deposit. the government says almost 400,000 people have been helped and £8.6 billion has been promised for it in england until 2021. the fact that the help to buy
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scheme has helped existing and sometimes wealthy households will worry some economists. they have long seen concerns about consumer indebtedness, rising house prices and savings at an all—time record low. if the cost of living continues to rise as it has in recent weeks and months, that will make the problem even worse. bbc news has learned that only 5% of prison staff in england and wales will be entitled to new pay allowances of up to £5,000. the payments were announced by the ministry ofjustice two months ago. they were aimed at tackling claims that low pay and morale had led to a recruitment crisis. the prison officers' association has described the situation as "totally u na cce pta ble". a mudslide in southern colombia has killed more than 100 people and injured many more. swollen rivers and heavy rains sent mud onto homes and roads in the city of mocoa.
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the governor told local media that whole neighbourhoods have been swept away. nottinghamshire police are appealing for help finding a woman who's suspected of abducting her two young sons. it comes after a family court warned that samantha baldwin, who's 42, posed a "risk of harm" to them. peter harris reports. this is samantha baldwin, not seen since monday. she is believed to have abducted her two sons in the hours after a court ordered they be removed from her care. the police say nine—year—old louis and six—year—old dylan are at risk of harm from her and they are asking the public to help find them. samantha quek missing, having left court shortly after 11am. we are working on the notion that they remain together. we are concerned that samantha poses a risk to the boys and we have a 100 strong team of dedicated officers working around the clock to trace her and return
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the children safely. the two boys have been made wards of court. this is now an abduction enquiry. samantha baldwin was last seen here in nottingham city centre on monday. the police are not ruling out the possibility that somebody else might be involved and could be harbouring her. two women arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender have now been released on bail. in the premier league, liverpool have won today's merseyside derby. the victory over everton moves them up to third place in the table, ten points behind leaders chelsea. patrick gearey reports. difficult to imagine, now, but this corner of liverpool was once everton‘s. they were anfield's original occupants in the 19th century. in the 21st, they have become overly obliging guests. no one in blue interrupted sadio mane until he delivered his punch line. it brought the house down. liverpool's problems lie at the other end. the red guard left their posts
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and there was young matthew pennington from warrington for everton, his first for the club. but anfield groans would, within minutes, turn to gasps. philippe coutinho has tailored his reputation with moments of such silk, masterfully measured. despite such style, the reds often flirt with danger. everton might have equalised. then mane, their top scorer, went off injured. but there is a reason james bond is a liverpool fan. for all the risks and mishaps, they specialise in thrilling raids on the enemy lair. daring divock origi this time, goal 009 of the season. another derby victory. liverpool briefly shaken, then stirred, and are now in third. now, you may remember the story of the brightly—coloured car that's causing consternation in certain quarters for spoiling the view in the picturesque cotswold village of bidbury. its elderly owner peter maddox was criticised for parking outside his own cottage. today, a 100—strong convoy
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of fellow yellow car owners from around britain have driven through the village in a very bright show of support for the 8a—year—old. we are back with the late news at 10:15pm. now on bbc1, it's time for the news where you are. goodbye. now for a full look at today's sport on bbc news with me, reshmin chowdhury. eight matches in the premier league today and a shock defeat for leaders chelsea, who lost 2—1 at home to crystal palace. it cuts their lead at the top to seven points. all the goals came in the first 15 minutes. the blues with a great start from cesc fabregas but palace hit back straight away through wilfrid za ha and a lovely dinked finish from christian benteke. it's only the eagles' third
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premier league win against cheslea and lifts them four points above the relegation zone. it is a very sweet three points to come to the champions of the premier league for me. and actually win. of course, for everybody, this is what the premier league is about, there can be a shock anywhere, any time, and we have made everyone sit up and go, wow, what result that is. and from the players' point of view, it is a well earned and well—deserved victory. now it is important to rest and prepare for the next game. but there isa prepare for the next game. but there is a bit of disappointment for the final result. we deserved at least a draw, but this is football. we must acce pt draw, but this is football. we must accept this result. tottenham made the most of chelsea's slip up with a 2—0 win at burnley.
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it was goalless at halftime and they had also lost victor wanyama and harry winks to injury, but a much brighter second half saw them make a deserved breakthrough. eric dier stabbed home the opener inside the last 25 minutes and heung min son came off the bench and made sure of the points with a tap—in. that's four league wins a row now for mauricio pochettino's side, but the injuries are beginning to stack up. look what happened after the game. chelsea lost. we reduced the gap. we are seven points now. it was always important for us to be there if chelsea fail, and we are there, we are the fighting for the premier league, we are fighting to be as high as possible. the day began with liverpool maintaining their impressive record in the merseyside derby as they beat everton 3—1 at home. they haven't lost this fixture for over six years and 1999 was the last time everton won at anfield. after scoring the winner
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at goodison park in december, sadio mane gave liverpool the lead this afternoon. matthew pennington‘s first goalfor everton in front of the kop, no less — made the scores level. phillipe coutinho's mazy run was followed by a superb finish to restore liverpool's advantage on the half—hour mark. and he turned provider for substitute divock origi to grab all three points. very good performance under the circumstances for both teams, the international break, coming back. what they did today was outstandingly good. they got the control of the game, played really well. they have to play football, but they are ready for the fight. they scored wonderful goals, all three of them. we showed until the end,
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a great spirit, a belief, a passion, and the best part of the game after half—time, we conceded a bad goal, 3—1, a mistake in our ball position. too much space between the lines and defenders, then they will punish that, but overall, you see the stats after the game, we did everything for a good result, but it is not like that. manchester united's hopes of a top four finish have suffered a setback after being held 0—0 at old trafford by west bromwich albion. united had 75% possession against the visitors, butjose mourinho's men couldn't find a way past ben foster in the baggies goal. marcus rashford had a late free kick saved by the former united keeper whilst darren fletcher hit the bar for west brom after david de gea almost dropped his shot into the goal. it's united's11th draw of the season — their eighth at old trafford. when the team crossed the midfield
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line once in 90 minutes and the other team is for 90 minutes with the ball in the opponent's half, you are telling me that the team can consult each other? we did not have to defend. we did not defend. we had the ball all the time. david de gea was sleeping and because of that, he made that funny thing, i was laughing because of that funny thing because it is the only way to react to that. we're into the second half of the late game — the south coast derby at st mary's between southampton and bournemouth. jay rodriguez had a goal disallowed in the first half for southampton. but neither side could have scored. at the other end, southampton could
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have gone ahead before half—time. this time, rodriguez forced a great save from the goalkeeper. leicester city boss craig shakespeare has set a premier league record after their 2—0 win against stoke. he's become the first british manager to win his first four games in the league. the other managers to have achieved that feat are pep guardiola, jose mourinho, carlo ancellotti and gus hiddink. wilfred ndidi and jamie vardy scored the goals that moves the champions up two places to 13th. you are the first british manager to win four premier league is in a row, a little celebration? i don't know. maybe at the end of the season. i am proud for everyone associated with the football club, especially the players. we know there are a lot of points to play for. we are on a good run and full of confidence but we have got a tough game against sunderland. hull city's push for survival
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continues after a great comeback against west ham, 2—1 it finished. they trailed to a first half—andy carroll goal but turned it around with an 85th minute winner from andrea rannochia. andrew robertson had equalised for hull early in the second half. that's 2 wins in three for them and they are only in the relegation zone on goal difference. for me, the important thing is the present and the future. but that gives confidence for me. the secret is work. it is important. until now, we have not won anything. we need to continue to do our work and keep this promise because it is important. sunderland remain rooted to the bottom of the premier league after a one nil defeat away at watford miguel britos' scored
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the only goal of the game. his first in watford colours to end their four—game winless run. they're now up to 10th in the table. sunderland meanwhile have now failed to score in five consecutive games and are seven points from safety with nine games remaining. we knew it was game to get the results we needed. the players gave everything they could to do so. can you still believe you can keep them 7 you still believe you can keep them f you still believe you can keep them up? of course we can. we will definitely keep going. and win games we need to. celtic will win the scottish premiership tomorrow if they beat hearts. there were four games today. hamilton are off the bottom of the table after a 1—0 win over stjohnstone. the winner coming in the 89th minute. stjohnstone had two of their players sent off at the break for fighting with each other. inverness are now bottom after a 1—1 draw with kilmarnock. partick thistle came back from behind to beat ross county 2—1. rangers and motherwell drew 1—1 at ibrox. rangers are now ten points behind second—placed aberdeen.
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they played last night, beating dundee 7—0. tennis now, and british number one johanna konta is in the final of the miami open right now, looking for her third career wta title. she's facing former world number one caroline wozniacki. we've had the first of the champions cup quarter finals. three times champions leinster were facing the two time kings of europe wasps in dublin and it was the irish who made home advantage count. leinster into the semi—finals after winning 32 points to 17. the visitors failed to make any
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impact early on until they finally managed to get passes together, also the thought. willie larue failed to the thought. willie larue failed to the ball. the loss of control was inexplicable for the wasps head coach. leinster did not need another invitation to move further ahead. but when wasps came out after the break, they played like a different site. suddenly they were finding an extra burst of speed. it was lei nster extra burst of speed. it was leinster though who found the crucial point to put the result beyond any doubt. wasps and larue left to reflect on the costly mistakes. better news for bath,
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they are through to the semi—finals of the european challenge cup after beating french side brive at the rec by 3a points to 20. elsewhere warrington have picked up their first point of the super league season. they drew 22 all with hull fc. wakefield trinity ran out winners. benjones wakefield trinity ran out winners. ben jones scored wakefield trinity ran out winners. benjones scored twice in the opening 16 minutes. wakefield are up to six. there were three super league games today. and widnes beat leigh 37—24. tomorrow looks like the drier half
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of the weekend but today has brought fabulous weather watcher pictures because of the shower clouds brewing. these are just a couple. here we are in durham through the afternoon. tomorrow, it looks much drier, warm sunny spells for many of us drier, warm sunny spells for many of us but not before we have had at unite. under starry skies, as those showers continued to ease down in intensity, sharp across eastern areas. but they will ease away from most and allow temperatures to foreclose the frost levels for scotla nd foreclose the frost levels for scotland and northern ireland. potentially mist and fog around across the south through the morning and the north—west. but otherwise, sunday morning looks like the best pa rt sunday morning looks like the best part of the day the sunshine. but it
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is before the shower clouds build—up. showers through sunday or fair—weather cloud, i should say, because those showers will be few and far between. but we should start the day with cloud and the odd shower left over from what we have seen shower left over from what we have seen today. the afternoon, it should break up. good sunshine for northern ireland and scotland despite the frosty start. but that should clear away. very promising day. one or two showers possible in eastern england but they are very isolated. the fair—weather cloud builds up into the afternoons are the best of the sunshine by ben is likely to be around the coast. temperatures on the higher side of normal, 13—17, and feeling pleasant. and what about the afternoon boat race? it looks as if it is set fair, the smallest chance of the shower, but less choppy than last weekend on the thames. a couple of football games
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going on. sunshine around on swa nsea. going on. sunshine around on swansea. very rumoured possibility ofa swansea. very rumoured possibility of a shower as arsenal take on manchester city. high pressure protectors not last for very long because those weather systems brush rain across. for monday, different complexion to the weather. it should reach eastern scotland, sunshine for cardiff and london. more on the website. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 7pm: britain promises to stand up for gibraltar after the territory accuses spain of using brexit to forward its territorial aims. a teenage asylum seeker is fighting for his life after being attacked in south london in what police are treating as a hate crime. we believe it is a hate crime. prior to the attack being taken place the young person was asked whether from, when they said they were and asylum seeker, that is when the frenzied attack took place. nearly half of people who used the government's help—to—buy scheme to purchase a house did not need it, according to new research. a pay rise for two million people says the government as the uk's national living wage goes up.
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