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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm BST

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‘and so he sold his car and replaced it with a grey one, one that blends in with a grey one, one that blends in with a grey one, one that blends in with a background of this famous view. but other indignant yellow ca rd view. but other indignant yellow card drivers took up the fight on his behalf. quite simply, when i saw that his car had been vandalised, and it is so angry and upset. because of the reasons why and they said was a blot on the landscape. and the five years of pensioner, i felt something had to be done. i just had a little idea and i put forward to a few friends and has mushroomed from there. and it clearly made peter's day. how do you like yellow cars? lovely. do you have a favourite? i have. the lovely finale to this is that a car company has agreed to name a paint after peter, so he will forever be immortalised in maddox yellow. now let's get the weather. in gloucester, it was not raining.
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we have had lots of showers today, april and april showers. but they tend to ease away. they should fade away overnight. the nights are still long enough for it to turn chilly. under the starry skies, temperatures will fall down to a few degrees of freezing in rural areas of england and wales. but we will see frost it in scotland and northern ireland. a bit of the first thing but otherwise sunday is very promising. stark contrast to the day's very heavy showers. good spells of sunshine, the best of that around the coast, and with light winds and the sunshine, 12—17. as for monday, it goes downhill. gibraltar‘s inhabitants are facing
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renewed uncertainty because of concerns that spain may use brexit to pursue its territorial claims. borisjohnson to pursue its territorial claims. boris johnson tweeted, to pursue its territorial claims. borisjohnson tweeted, the uk remains implacable and rocklike in oui’ remains implacable and rocklike in our support for gibraltar. a teenage asylu m our support for gibraltar. a teenage asylum seeker is fighting for his life after being attacked by a gang of youths in south london. police are treating it as a hate crime. we believe it is a hate crime prior to the attack taking place, the young person was asked weather were from they said they were an asylum seeker, that is when the attack place. research says half the people that use the government's helped by
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scheme did not need it. at least 100 people are reported to have been killed by a mudslide in southern colombia. the mud engulfed homes and roads and hundreds of families are missing. welcome to sportsday with me, 0lly foster, and reshmin chowdhury hello there, these are our headlines tonight: the premier league is back and it's business as usual in the merseyside derby with victory for liverpool. and defeat for the leaders, chelsea, gives the chasing pack hope. the blues are beaten at home by crystal palace. wasps are stung in dublin. leinster are the first side through to the european champions cup semifinals. and can konta keep climbing up the rankings? she's taken the first set in the miami 0pen final. good evening, lots coming up over
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the next half an hour but the premier league is back after the international break. we've had eight matches today, the main headline. defeat for the leaders, chelsea. we'll have a close look at crystal palace's shock win at stamford bridge injust a moment, but that is a result that will give hope to the chasing pack. that includes liverpool, who have maintained their stranglehold on the merseyside derby. they beat everton 3—1 at anfield. patrick gearey reports. difficult to imagine now, but this corner of liverpool was once everton‘s. they were anfield's original occupants in the 19th century. in the 21st, they have become overly obliging guests. no one in blue interrupted sadio mane until he delivered his punch line. it brought the house down.
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liverpool's problems lie at the other end. the red guard left their posts and there was young matthew pennington from warrington for everton, his first for the club. but anfield groans would, within minutes, turn to gasps. philippe coutinho has tailored his reputation with moments of such silk, masterfully measured. despite such style, the reds often flirt with danger. everton might have equalised. then mane, their top scorer, went off injured. but there is a reason james bond is a liverpool fan. for all the risks and mishaps, they specialise in thrilling raids on the enemy lair. daring divock 0rigi this time, goal 009 of the season. another derby victory. liverpool briefly shaken, then stirred, and are now in third. very good performance under the circumstances for both teams, with the international break, coming back. what they did today was outstandingly good.
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we got the control of the game, played really well. you have to play football, but you have to be ready for the fight. we scored wonderful goals, all three of them. we fought until the end, a great spirit, i believe, a passion, and the best part of the game after half—time, we conceded a bad goal, 3—1, a mistake in our poll position. too much space between the lines and defenders, then they will punish that, but overall, you see the stats after the game, we did everything for a good result, but it is not like that. that was the first game of the day. with more on that and the other seven, it's over the reshmin and chris latchem.
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a lot of people were talking at everton‘s chances here. but there was an injury to this man here. jurgen klopp the happier of the two men. look at the liverpool faithful in the background. but it came at a cost. saudi 0mani scored a very good goal then went off injured. the way his leg buckled under his body. jurgen klopp, normally so outgoing and over the top, he seemed demure and over the top, he seemed demure and that was because he said he saw saudi owned manet, he did not look co mforta ble. saudi owned manet, he did not look comfortable. he did not give us an idea about how long he would be out for but said he would be unlikely to play for bournemouth. what about that shock defeat for chelsea? no
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one was expecting that. no one perhaps except for sam allardyce and wilfred saha, perhaps except for sam allardyce and wilfred sa ha, his perhaps except for sam allardyce and wilfred saha, his right—hand man. he and christian benteke he had the best. wilfred sa ha and christian benteke he had the best. wilfred saha scored on the break. two minutes later, christian benteke wrapped up. chelsea had so many chances. all it means is that it has allowed chelsea's rivals to eat into the lead at the top of the premier league but crystal palace and sam alla rdyce premier league but crystal palace and sam allardyce are inching away from trouble. now it is important to rest and
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prepare for the next game. but there isa prepare for the next game. but there is a bit of disappointment. we deserved at least a draw. but this is football and we must accept this result. no touchline celebrations from that man there but tottenham took full advantage. they are the closest challengers. the wind could prove important. this was the perfect storm for tottenham. wonderful assist from dele alli. he cut the ball back. eric dyer scored the first goal and it means
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pochettino's men are edging ever towards chelsea. this is a really impressive win. burnley had only lost three times at home before this one and did it without harry kane. it is massive for us because look what happened after the game. chelsea lost. we are seven points now. it was always important for us to be there if chelsea fail, and we are there, we are the fighting for the premier league, we are fighting to be as high as possible. the higherup the higher up the level you go, there are not loads of moments but there are not loads of moments but the key ones. they capitalised on a pork clearance to settle the side of the game and have come away from a poor bit of play. they are a top side for that reason. spurs consolidating their place in the top
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four. manchester united do seem to be drifting away, always in the top four. 0n the face of it, this was a 19th premier league game unbeaten for manchester united but jose mourinho is not smiling, and there isa mourinho is not smiling, and there is a reason for that. this was the 11th draw of the season. note slat and ibrahimovic or paul pogba today. ibrahimovic will be back next week. but they could not break down west brompton. the reasonjose mourinho was so brompton. the reasonjose mourinho was so annoyed is because he felt west brom turned up with some real spoiling tactics. when the team crossed the midfield line once in 90 minutes and the other team is for 90 minutes with the ball in the opponent's half, you are telling me that the team can consult each other? we did not have to defend. we did not defend. we had the ball all the time.
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david de gea was sleeping and because of that, he made that funny thing, i was laughing because of that funny thing because it is the only way to react to that. they have got real good players. every one of those front players can ta ke every one of those front players can take away from the game. you are always on your back foot. we are really pleased with the effort. always on your back foot. we are really pleased with the effortm finished goalless in the south coast derby. southampton zero, bournemouth subaru, both sides had so many chances to take this game by the scruff of the neck, none more so than eddie howe's men. eddie howe came to st mary's hoping to make history. before the match he urged history. before the match he urged his bournemouth players to win at southampton for the first time to give the supporters something to shout about. the energy did not seem
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to be on the side. southampton dominated possession. the dusan tadic both chances go begging. rodriguez finally put the ball into the net. they would have paid for the net. they would have paid for the wastefulness had steven davis not been alert to the danger. southampton sharpened up towards the interval but so too did boruc to keep the cherries in the game. the half—time break energised the site and the tempo increased. the bournemouth could not hit the target. southampton could not get past boruc. it looked like it will ta ke past boruc. it looked like it will take a moment to have luck to swing this match. ryan fraser went down. harry arter was all set to take the acclaim but then locke swung the other way. making history will have to wait until another day. that penalty, have you spoken to harry
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arter? i have spoken to him and he's disappointed but it is football, it is one of those things. no one means to miss. it was not the only chance you created though today. we had great chances in the second half. it is the most impressive thing because southampton are a good team. eddie howe looks so composed there but what an opportunity for his side. it is not seem to be working for them. harry arter missed one in the previous game, the miss two. i wonder if both managers will look at this. they are both in mid—table, southampton bournemouth. this is an important point to get towards that milestone, when you know you do not have to look over your shoulder. a tea m have to look over your shoulder. a team not looking over their shoulders for too long was leicester city, champions, but it is not going
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too well for them this season. but this resurgence has been pretty good. what a manager craig shakespeare is! he replaced claudio ranieri a month ago. he has come in four games and four ranieri a month ago. he has come in fourgames and fourwins, ranieri a month ago. he has come in four games and four wins, the only english manager to ever achieve that feat, and he joins english manager to ever achieve that feat, and hejoins a illustrious company. today, if you do get a chance to watch the highlights of these goals, you need to, because there were absolute stunners, 30 yards in the first half and jamie vardy, who forgot his scoring boots a couple of months ago, he scored a delicious volley. you are the first british manager to win the first four premier league games in a row. a celebration? may be at the end of the season. i am proud for everyone
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associated with the football club, especially the players. we know there is still a lot to play for. we are full of confidence but we have got another tough game against sunderland. we have always had these two home games could prove important. let's look at the bottom. key when the batman and for hull city. it is tight. important win. they came from behind to beat west ham. they remain in the relegation zone. just on goal difference, the game tomorrow. swansea middlesbrough could really affect the bottom of the table. how will be watching that with bated breath. what is really important is the present and the future. really good numbers. this is work, the secret is work. it is
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important. until now, you do not wa nt important. until now, you do not want nothing. we need to continue to do our work and to keep this because it is important. good progress for hull. sunderland's mystery continues. they looked lost, they look like they are drowning, another defeat today the watford, and the mystery continues at sunderland for david noyes. we knew it was a game to get the results and points we need, we have to try and win. the players gave everything they could and we will try to do it again on tuesday night. do you have the belief you can keep up still? of course we can. let's take a look at the table. we start at the bottom. sunderland drowning. it is really
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tight. it is, apart from sunderland. we say the magic a0 points keeps you up. they have only got nine games left. i do not think that will happen unfortunately the whole's when lives level the swansea. burnley without a win now since the 3ist burnley without a win now since the 31st of january, started to get sucked back into it, but bournemouth edging back towards the top half. that top four looks like it is starting to take shape. really crucially tomorrow, arsenal against manchester city. a really big game, and a really big game that will affect four or five teams. that might be in the everton. liverpool keeping tabs with tottenham but it is tottenham now who will sense blood because chelsea, perhaps they lost their aura, especially at sta mford lost their aura, especially at stamford bridge. very interesting,
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as ever. newcastle a re still top of the championship after they beat wigan 2—1. they are ten points clear of third. two of the teams in the play—offs were playing each other this evening. reading havejumped above leeds into fourth after beating them 1—0 at the madejski stadium. yaan kermorgant with the first—half winner. these are the rest of the championship results. sheffield wednesday's play—off push stuttered with a draw at barnsley. ipswich—birminghman was also 1—1. bristol city are a point above the relegation zone after losing at brentford. brighton are still a point off the top after their 1—0 win against struggling blackburn. huddersfield are still third but lost 1—0 against burton, who are now four points above the relegation zone. celtic will win the scottish
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premiership tomorrow if they beat hearts, there were four games today hamilton are off the bottom of the table after a one nil win over stjohnstone. the winner coming in the 89th minute. stjohnstone had two of their players sent off at the break for fighting with each other. inverness are now bottom after a 1—1 draw with kilmarnock. rangers and motherwell drew one all at ibrox. rangers are now 10 points behind
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2nd placed aberdeen — they played last night — beating dundee seven nil. tennis now, and british number one johanna konta has won the biggest match of her career, beating caroline wozniacki in straight sets to win the miami 0pen — her third and biggest wta title so far. against the former world number one, wozniacki — who's currently 1ath in the wta rankings — she began well, breaking serve in the first game. it was a bit of a nervous first set, both players dropped serve several times. but konta came through to take it by 6 games to a. konta made the breakthrough in the middle of the second set, breaking the dane's serve to go a—3 up at that point. she needed to hold her servejust twice more but in the end she didn't need to, breaking wozniacki again to win it 6—a, 6—3. big win, and what a yearfor
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johannesburg on to. she has had the most extraordinary two years and after last year with such an amazing season for her there was feeling she would struggle to to reproduce the form but she is doing so because she is thoroughly deserving to be a top ten player. this year, she will be second in the race to the wta championship finals which take place in singapore at the end of the season, and she has won one of these big four titles for the first time. she was a deserved winner. there we re nerves she was a deserved winner. there were nerves on display. £950,000 for the winner but it is the prestige of winning this miami open title and to
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beat someone who has been number one just shows how far she has come. what next? clay—court season is almost upon us. it is her least favourite surface, she said diplomatically. if she can at least play to her ranking in those events, she will be in very good shape to make sure she qualifies for singapore. the important thing about winning in miami is that it is the perfect dress rehearsal for a winning in miami is that it is the perfect dress rehearsalfor a grand slam. you have to win six matches of the ten days against the other best players in the world. in a grand slam, you have to win seven matches. she has passed that test. absolutely no reason why she cannot be a serious threat at wimbledon. she has proved she can be on the hard courts of the australian and us open. we've had the first
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of the champions cup quarterfinals. three—times champions leinster were facing the two—time kings of europe, wasps, in dublin and it was the irish who made home advantage count. leinster into the semifinals after winning 32—17. maz farookhi reports. the aviva stadium does not hold fond memories. a fortnight ago, this was where dreams were broken. today leinster threatened early on to give wasps that losing feeling. the visitors failed to make any impact early on until they finally managed to put the passes together, or so they thought. william le roux grab the ball. the loss of control inexplicable, the wasps head coach the last chance and explode.
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they did not need another invitation to move further ahead. they touched down but when wasps came out after the break, they played like a different site. suddenly, they were finding an extra burst burst of speed. two quick tries brought them back into contention. it was leinster though who found the crucial score to put the result beyond any doubt. wasps and le roux left to reflect on the costly mistakes. leinster‘s rivals munster will be joining them in the semi—finals, they beat four time european champions toulouse at toe—mond park —john ryan bundling over for the opening try in the first few minutes. another forward added their second — cj stander sneaked over in the second half,
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and two tries in the final four minutes sealed it — a1—16 the final score. bath are through to the semifinals of the european challenge cup after beating brive 3a—20 at the rec. it was all bath in the early stages, two tries for taulupe faletau of wales help give them a commanding lead of 27—6. but the french side fought their way back in to contention, their pack was instrumental in both their tries — bath's lead cut to just seven points. the game was still in the balance when england wing semesa rokoduguni went over for his second try of the day. that sets up a meeting with 0spreys or stade francais in the last four. gloucester play cardiff blues at 8:05pm. in super league, warrington wolves remain winless but picked up a first point of the season with a 22—22 draw against hull fc. in the day's late kick—off in perpignan, wakefield trinity ran out 38—18 winners over catalan dragons. benjones bishop scored twice in the opening 16 minutes and added a breakaway try for his hat—trick to help wakefield up to sixth. there were three super leagues games today. the other one saw widnes beat leigh 37—2a. britain's charley hull is three
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shots off the lead after the second round of the first women's golf major of the year, the ana inspiration, in california. bad weather on day one meant she had to finish her first round before immediately starting her second. this birdie at the 18th completed a round of 68. the world number 16 then carded a round of 72, ending with a bogey. hull is three shots behind norway's suzann pettersen, who leads the way on 7—under. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. there have been disruptions to some
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of the smaller football matches today thanks to the weather. we have had hail and thunder and also beautiful weather watcher pictures. the showers are starting to diminish but we have potent ones in southern counties and eastern counties of england and scotland but the trend will continue for those showers to ease down in intensity and ease away from most parts through the night. that means under starry skies it will be chilly. a touch of frost and the glens of scotland and more rural areas, chilly to start. if you get up areas, chilly to start. if you get up early enough, early mist and fog. you can see the best sunshine of the morning, the cloud bubbles up in the afternoon. 13—17, like winds and sunshine will feel pleasant. the best sunshine can be found around the coast. it is not lost in the
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monday for northern ireland and scotla nd monday for northern ireland and scotland but it does for england and wales. this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm: britain promises to stand up for gibraltar after the territory accuses spain of using brexit to advance its claims to the rock. a hate crime investigation as a teenage asylum seeker is left fighting for his life when he was attacked by a gang of youths in south london. we believe it's a hate crime. prior to the tactic in place, the young person was asked where they've were from and when they said they were an asylu m from and when they said they were an asylum seeker, that was when the frenzied attack took place. nearly half of people who used the government's help—to—buy scheme to purchase a house did not need it, according to new research. a pay rise for two million people, says the government, as the uk's national living wage goes up. also in the next hour:
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johanna konta wins the biggest tennis title by a british woman in a0 years, beating caroline wozniacki


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