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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at two. at least 10 people have reportedly been killed after a least one explosion at a metro station in st petersburg. five people are charged after an attack in south london on an asylum seeker — which left him with a fractured skull. we'll solve the north korea nuclear threat alone, with or without china, says donald trump. madrid expresses surprise at britain over the gibraltar row — and tells it to calm down. credit card firms should do more to help customers in persistent debt, according to the financial watchdog. and the health warning over a lack of exercise from more than 20 million of us. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one.
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reports from russian news agencies say at least ten people have been killed following explosions in the st petersburg metro system. russian president vladimir putin, who is in st. petersburg for a meeting with the leader of belarus, said the cause of the blasts was not clear and efforts were under way to find out. he said he was considering all possibilities including terrorism. 0ur moscow correspondent sarah ra i nsfo rd 0ur moscow correspondent sarah ra i nsford has 0ur moscow correspondent sarah rainsford has the latest. this was an explosion, at least one explosion and there are reports of two explosions on the saint petersburg metro system. this is russia's second city and this was at least one metro station in the heart of the city. now we understand a number of people have been killed, one source is quoted on russian news agency suggesting that possibly as
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many as ten people have been killed and as many as 30 casualties, people injured in the incident. we know it happened at 2:30pm this afternoon so it would have been a fairly busy time on the underground system. we know vladimir putin is in saint petersburg today, he is therefore official meetings and has been informed. he has spoken about what has happened and has said the authorities, the security forces are looking to establish reasons behind the explosion and all reasons including terrorism are being considered, also potentially criminal causes for the explosion. he said russia will take all measures to help the victims and said his condolences to those who have died. clearly there are some people who have been killed in this explosion. and are there any eyewitness accounts coming out of saint petersburg's not that i have
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seen saint petersburg's not that i have seen yet. we have seen pictures, stills, mobile phone footage from the scene which shows at least one very badly damaged train carriage and a number of injured people on the platform to the side of the carriage so clearly an extremely serious incident and we have seen pictures from very smoky corridors in the saint petersburg underground system. i think it is fairly early on and these were people who did not see the explosion because the commentary i have seen is talking about a fire and people look fairly calm said panic hadn't set in at that point. the emergency services are there, there are fire engines, ambulances, it is a major incident and everybody has obviously responded. the president has said they are not excluding this could be a terrorist attack but at this point it has been confirmed. —— has not
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been confirmed. reuters is reporting that all saint petersburg stations are now closer this is being taken extremely seriously from the point of your safety for passengers. it is sometime is it since russia has experienced a major terrorist attack, should this proved eventually to be the case, what has happened now‘s it is. eventually to be the case, what has happened now's it is. there has been an attack on the past here in moscow and after that security was increased on the underground here. there are metal detectors at the entrance to every train station here. but it has been some time. of course since the last attack, russia has sent its troops, its fighter jets into syria, it has been fighting on the side of ashan in syria, it said it did that to fight against terrorism and to fight against terrorism and to fight against its own insurgents here,
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islamic insurgents and extremists in russia who had been going to syria to fight there. there is an islamist insurgency in russia and the have been attacks in the past which have been attacks in the past which have been blamed on those groups. at the moment we don't know who might be behind this and whether or not it is in fact indeed a terrorist attack but certainly a very serious incident. president putin has said this is one thing the authorities here are investigating at the moment. that surely the pictures we are getting here showing the immediate aftermath ta ken are getting here showing the immediate aftermath taken from a passing train in the metro station. you can see all the doors and the train is cleared after reports of at least one explosion, we understand to metro stations are in fact at the centre of the enquiries. we're talking about the snye station and we had seen pictures of one carriage with the doors blown out with casualties nearby, also hearing of
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an incident at the technological esky institute service metro and that too has been dealing with reports of an explosion so two explosions that sounds like but we have not heard confirmation of that. the news agencies reporting that the blast hit the two stations. images posted on social media show considerable damage to one carriage released. president putin as we have been hearing has been in saint petersburg and is nowjust outside. he has been having talked with the belarus president. he said i've spoken to head of our special services and they are working to ascertain the cause. the numbers of injured, first report suggesting 20, now we're hearing 50 injured. and
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reports, and confirmed at this stage that one of the blast may have been fitted with shrapnel. metro officials say they are introducing extra security measures and the entire underground system of saint petersburg is entirely shut down. that is the latest in saint petersburg. we are looking now at live pictures there of the street outside the metro station as you can see. a huge security operation under way and ambulances there to cater for the many casualties we will time the story as soon as we have more news. you're watching bbc news. five people have appeared in court in relation to an alleged attack on an asylu m relation to an alleged attack on an asylum seeker in croydon. the teenager — who is of kurdish iranian descent — was set upon after telling a group of people that he was an asylu m a group of people that he was an asylum seeker. he is said to be in a
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serious but stable condition in hospital. 0ur serious but stable condition in hospital. our home affairs correspondent tom symonds reports. police are still looking for these two people. one man appearing slightly younger, the other older. they may have been part of the mob which attacked the 17 year code student and his friends. detectives today said come to us before we come today said come to us before we come to you. this morning the officer in charge said that in total 11 people had been arrested in connection with what she said was a horrendous assault. this is powered by numbers so assault. this is powered by numbers so there there's been an incident outside a pub, they have obviously picked on three young men. there was no reason for this attack and i believe because of the numbers involved, people have just jumped believe because of the numbers involved, people havejustjumped on the back of it and this has turned into this violent brawl where somebody has been viciously beaten and is lucky not to have lost his life. the bus behind this is releva nt‘s a bsolutely life. the bus behind this is releva nt‘s absolutely this life. the bus behind this is relevant‘s absolutely this is where it happened. people came from the
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pub and have attacked these individuals in the street and one was kicked and beaten on the ground. the victims two friends ran while he was chased by the group. he got as far as the street corner where he was found with serious head injuries. neighbours came to help, unlike billy said, some of his attackers who may not obstruct any blows they did nothing to stop it happening. at croydon crown court, five people in their early 20s are being charged with violent assault. darren and daniel davis, george and jack calder and barry potts all live a short walk from where it happened. the investigation continues. neighbours who were worried about giving interview said police had dusted cars for fingerprints. giving interview said police had dusted cars forfingerprints. there isa dusted cars forfingerprints. there is a constant police presence here. in an area where this attack has raised tension. the police investigation clearly fast—moving 7
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yes indeed and the police presence continues here. there have been uniformed and non—uniformed officers. given away only when united stank us. doing the rounds and speaking to people. there are a row of shops here, people, this is dominating the conversation. this is the bust up where the alleged attack occurred. the victim was waiting for a bus with friends when the group of up a bus with friends when the group of up to 30 came from the pub. we also heard from the police that although the victim is in intensive care they are hoping he'll be transferred to a general ward at some point today and when he's feeling well enough they will interview him. police also
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reiterating they want to hear from other people especially people with photo or video footage from friday night. it happened at 20 to midnight on friday night. anything police say that could help them. thank you ben. let's get more on the reports of an explosion. what are the figures you're hearing at the moment? the governor has spoken 50 people having been injured and we have heard from a number of sources suggesting that as many as ten people might have been killed. we have just had a statement from
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the investigative committee in russia and they said what they have identified was an explosion on one train. they are talking about an unidentified explosive device going off on that train and a saying that there are dead and that our injured so there are dead and that our injured so very serious incident. the security and the emergency services we re security and the emergency services were both very quickly at the scene. they've seen images and pictures of a numberof fire they've seen images and pictures of a number of fire engines. we understand some 17 ambulances were deployed to the scene. after what happened, president putin spoke to the security forces who are working to establish the reasons for this explosion. at the moment he says all reasons are being considered including terrorism but not excluding other ones. it does look
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extremely serious. the pictures from this are very serious indeed. looking at the timing of this. we don't know what we are dealing with but there have been a number of demonstrations in the past few weeks7 demonstrations in the past few weeks? there have been political demonstrations against corruption and against president putin and the syste m and against president putin and the system if you like. there has been some kind of very quick commentary on the liberal media saying this is some kind of attempt to distract attention from the calls for a corruption investigation and the calls for president putin himself to step down. that has been one reaction but at the moment, it's not clear of course whether there is any kind of link between the protest and this explosion. certainly in terms of terror attacks russia is not a stranger to those. there's been an
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attack on the metro in the past, in 2010, dozens of people were killed ona 2010, dozens of people were killed on a moscow metro in a bombing attack which chechen extremists then took responsibility for and saint petersburg itself whilst i remember that it hasn't suffered any kind of terror attack in the city, there was a plane of tourists flying from egypt to saint petersburg which was brought down we think by a bomb and certainly many people from saint petersburg were killed in what is believed to have been a terrorist attack. as the facts become clearer the question is going to be how president putin is going to react? his response to terror has been won the same for the entirety of 17 years in power and that is to vow a stronger response. he came to power on the wave of one insurgency vowing to deal with that. that was here inside chechnya and in the last two years his planes have been involved
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in the strikes in syria which he has always painted as an anti—terrorist operation. he is a man who talks tough on terror. he uses the toughest possible language but of course there is the possibility that what has happened and it is only a possibility is that there'll be some kind of retaliation or the response to those air strikes. that's just a theory and there are multiple possible theories to what might have happened. for all we know for sure is there is an explosion and at least 50 people have been injured. thank you very much. donald trump has said the united states will "solve" the threat posed by north korea's nuclear programme. in an interview with the financial times, the president said the us would act alone if china wouldn't intervene. he made his comments ahead of a visit to the us by the chinese president this week. here's our correspondent wyre davies. how do you solve a problem like north korea and its growing military ambitions7 under the leadership
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of kimjong—un north korea is increasingly seen as a rogue nation, threatening enemies and conducting nuclear missile tests. china has also become frustrated and ties are strained. but donald trump wants the chinese to do even more. if china isn't going to solve north korea, we will, that's what i'm telling you. mr trump told that the ft. asked if he could succeed alone he replied, totally. it's not the first time since his election that mr trump has pushed the issue of north korea towards the top of his foreign policy to—do list, without being specific. 0bviously north korea is a big, big problem. and we will deal with that very strongly. one of those who interviewed the president said the reason for his concern is clear, ahead of his much as dissipated meeting this week with the chinese premier. at the moment, and president 0bama said this to president trump just after the election,
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this, the north koreans, will have the capacity to hit san francisco and the californian coast by the end of his first term. with repeated warnings about the missile capabilities of north korea, officials of the trump administration are talking tough. during a recent trip to south korea, the secretary of state said pre—emptive military action is an option. but it is widely believed that military action against the north korea would lead to very high civilian and military casualties. it is risky. not only because of north korea's recent advances in nuclear technology, but because it has thousands of artillery pieces pointing at the capital of south korea. even if you were able to rob all those after a first salvo, the damage, the death count, would be absolutely horrific. the premier's visit the us will be the most important yet by a foreign
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leader. from regional peace to global trade, chinese and american leaders have much to discuss. discussions which mr trump has acknowledged will be difficult. let's get more on this with our washington correspondent gary 0'donoghue. frustration for the president with china, how heavy do you think he will be with the president7 you think he will be with the president? it'll be an interesting meeting because they will be sizing one another up after something of a rocky start. if you remember early on, we only 7a days in but early on in the trump presidency decode the prime minister of taiwan which upset that tiny is immediately —— the chinese immediately, and there will
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bea chinese immediately, and there will be a lot of tension and during the campaigna lot be a lot of tension and during the campaign a lot of rhetoric directed at china and the trade policies so they will be sizing one another up but they do want to do business in north korea. donald trump certainly doesn't china is the key to that. the only country in the world that can put any pressure on pyongyang up until now that does not seem to have worked. there have been sanctions and that is not changed anything, they have tested more missiles and that in five nuclear tests, not unlike the 0bama administration, donald trump is saying nothing is off the table. that includes unilateral strikes by the sound of it this interview. but as a expert in that piece was pointing out, the problem with that as you know, thousands of people in south korea would probably die if someone struck north korea so they need to find a different way of disparaging the north koreans. it's tough talk but
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the stakes as we are saying are incredibly high. stakes are high. bit by bit they are improving technology, yes a bunch of the missiles keep falling into the sea well short of their supposed destination or at least their longevity but they are getting there. we know that they are developing an intercontinental ballistic missile that they will be trying to miniaturised nuclear technology to put on a warhead. even with the intermediate ones which are more successful, that can reach japan and potentially could rip reach qualm, the american territory in the pacific. —— qualm. that can cause havoc and devastation and there may be up to do that soon, the americans have deployed an anti—missile system in south korea and they've been threatening to do that for some time and that has
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ratcheted up the attention. it is not clear at this stage the extent to which china is prepared to rein in the north koreans. that is what america really wants them to do but it reserves the right. thank you gary. theresa may has laughed off suggestions that a dispute with spain over gibraltar and article 50 could lead to military conflict. earlier, the spanish foreign minister alfonso dastis said he was surprised by the british reaction to discussions about gibraltar‘s sovereignty. the government in the territory had criticised the eu for including it in its draft of the brexit negotiating strategy with the uk. the foreign secretary, boris johnson, said gibraltar would remain british as long as its people wanted that to be the case. our correspondent tom burridge sent this report from gibraltar. rush hour between gibraltar and spain.
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thousands crossover for work every day and there is some uncertainty about what brexit will mean. translation: yaya toure i'm overwhelmed says this woman because we don't know what will happen and whether we will be able to continue to work. translation: maria tells us it is important that the arrangements at the border stay the same. do you think brexit will cause problems7 same. do you think brexit will cause problems? nope. why not? there is too much in both parties, it is not an either interest financially for there to be a new thing. this is currently an internal eu border but probably in two years that will change. this gives you a sense of how intertwined people's lives are over that side of the border in spain and here in gibraltar. the arrangements at the border will be
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pa rt arrangements at the border will be part of the negotiation between britain and the european union about what brexit means here. the eu says spain's voice will be heard. spain has long complained that gibraltar‘s wealth is partly down to lower taxes on the side of the border. madrid kept relatively quiet this weekend competitor rhetoric back home. this morning the spanish foreign minister suggested britain is overreacting. translation: the spanish government isa translation: the spanish government is a little surprised by the tone of comments regarding gibraltar coming out of britain. which is a country known for its composure. almost everything on brexit and what it will mean for gibraltar is for now speculation and theory. speaking at a meeting the foreign secretary again said the sovereignty of gibraltar is not up for debate. the position is very clear, the
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sovereignty of gibraltar is unchanged and it is not going to change and it cannot conceivably change and it cannot conceivably change without the express support and consent of the people of gibraltar and the united kingdom and thatis gibraltar and the united kingdom and that is not going to change. but what is changing is britain's relationship with the eu and therefore gibraltar‘s relationship with spain. two neighbours who are not the best of friends. if someone sabre rattling here7m the drafting guidelines, what has taken people on the european side a little by surprise is how quickly this is escalated and from their point of view that as a sign how easily some of these issues which will be tied up can sort of run
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away. the comments made by michael howard at the weekend invoking the memory of the falklands so we have seen everybody calling for calm today. what is important is why it was included. there were two reasons i think. 0ne was included. there were two reasons i think. one is that the eu pointed out about what happens after brexit and it will speak for spain and the other reason though i think it is important is when the uk negotiates a trade deal, spain could veto a trade deal by hiving off the issue of gibraltar into a little package if you like. the eu is trying to minimise the potential for that blocking a trade deal. there are positive deals for this but then it throws up the issue of gibraltar and
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the uk will have to deal separately with spain. well, the financial services regulator is proposing new rules for credit card companies to help millions of customers get out of long—term debt. the regulations are designed to help borrowers whose failure to settle their accounts means they end up paying more in charges and interest than the sum they originally borrowed. 0ur personal finance correspondent simon gompertz reports. what we're talking about other people who pay the minimum every month7 people who pay the minimum every month? yes we are talking about 3.3 million customers who are in what the sca recall hartley is a persistent that. they are paying as you say more interest and charges than they are on repaying credit ca rd than they are on repaying credit card debt and if they are in that situation for 36 months and providers are being required to take measures to help them repay the debt and in some cases reduced the
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interest that they owe. so you welcome that? yes. people in that position, it can be mind blowing the depressing because you see this figure going up and you do what you can, the idea of paying off the entire debt is way off isn't7 can, the idea of paying off the entire debt is way off isn't? credit cards are useful for emergency plans and spreading payments, if you don't have the option then people resort to payday loans or loan sharks. there needs to be enough transparency to customers to understand the implications of the credit they are taking out, how much it is actually going to cost in the long run, what the sca have found our people persistent that are paying £2 50 for every £1 they are repaying. that's a very significant multiple. it's a minority of
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customers in the situation, many people manage credit card that co mforta bly people manage credit card that comfortably but, where people struggle, they do need more help. there are two issues there, those in financial trouble and how to get out of it. those who are thinking about applying he might get a limit which is frankly way beyond something that they would realistically pay. that is something they are looking at as well7 is something they are looking at as well? yes the other thing that sca are looking at our at the moment, customers who have a credit card have a credit limit, your provider can write you and so we're going to increase it and itjust happens. you can turn it down but you have to proactively turn it down and what we have found is that about a quarter of people who have had their credit limit increased without asking for it, without saying it is ok have ended up spending more and getting into trouble. but the changes mean is that there will be a lot more of
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a two—way conversation and if your provider proposes a chill credit limit is increasingly have to say thatis limit is increasingly have to say that is what i want, they can still offer it and it'll be available but it'll be up to you to say yes i want that or not. what about these 0% tra nsfer that or not. what about these 0% transfer deals, are they as good as they look, is it away to give yourself a bit of a break you settle the debt is as mac it can be their cards available which 0%. and there are some that will not charge you a fee for transferring the balance over. you have to be careful about how you use the cards. if you use in a different way to how they are intended or spend on them then you're going to pay interest at quite high rates but, if you have sufficient credit to qualify then they may all can be a good solution for customers. thank you. let's get
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a weather update. it is beautiful and there. beautiful sunshine. not for everybody. it is on the countryside across some parts of the uk. here's a picture earlier on front wales. now is weather there are turning lazy. here is a picture from the highlands. it is very different story. the cloud rolling in of the atlantic. here is the weather front bringing the raina to western scotland. it has moved through northern ireland and will reach western wales very shortly. we have cloud bubbling over the midlands and the south—east. 0verall, midlands and the south—east. overall, it now is afternoon for england and wales, not necessarily in western areas. weather fronts will push through the uk overnight. rain and drizzle and tomorrow it is looking pretty disappointing. across this corner of the country, this cloud will be very sluggish. not
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much wind to push it out of the way, so it could hang around a the midlands, east anglia and the south—east. if you live in yorkshire, the north—west of england, northern ireland and western scotland, sunshine for you and it was a pleasant. hello, this is bbc news, the headlines: at least 10 people have been killed in an explosion in an underground station in st petersburg. five people have been charged in connection with an attack on a teenage asylum seeker in croydon. donald trump has said the united states will solve the nuclear threat from north korea, with or without china's help. downing street has dismissed the idea that the uk might use military force to defend gibraltar against spain. time for the sport. the sunderland
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manager, david moyes, says he deeply regrets telling a reporter that she might geta regrets telling a reporter that she might get a slap. he apologised to bbc radio five live reporter vicki sparkes and asked if the owner's presence at the match against burnley made moyes feel as if he we re burnley made moyes feel as if he were under pressure. he responded no. after the interview you wanted to be careful. just getting a wee bit naughty at the end. watch yourself what you might get a slap, even though you are a woman. careful the next time you come in. he has since offered an apology, which was accepted. this is what he said at lunchtime. it was in the heat of the moment and i deeply regret the comments i made. certainly not the person who i am. i accept it was a mistake. i spoke to the bbc reporter
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who accepted my apology and hopefully we can all move on. also in football, luke shaw has been told to put his finger out if you want to save his manchester united career. that was said by the former defender, phil neville. his future is in doubt after itjose morinho said the england international isn't even deserving a place on the bench, claiming he lacks commitment, focus and ambition. i cannot compare him with other players, i cannot compare the way he trains, the way he commits, the focus, the ambition. i cannot compare. it is a long way behind. mark sampson has named his squad for the women's european championship in the netherlands with a few surprises. the top scorer from last season, enya lugo, has been left out when four affairs have been selected for the first major
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tournament. demi stokes from manchester city and nikita paris are there as well as millie bright from chelsea. england play scotland in the first match in july and the england captain, steph 0rton, believes they will be well prepared. it is important that we take the togetherness from off the pitch onto the pitch and prove to people we are a winning england team and that is the next step, to win as many football games as possible and announcing the squad earlier allows us to be the best prepared team in europe and we have ten weeks to focus on the first game and focus on the things we can improve on and make sure that every area is covered, the first game. shelley ca rrott covered, the first game. shelley carrott says she is extremely proud and honoured to be named as the new coach of scotland. she is a former boss of arsenal ladies and became the first female manager in men's forgot when she took charge of stirling university in 2014. she will take over after the european championships in june. american
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golf, lexi tolson —— lexi thompson was given a fourth penalty while leading the final round of the first major of the season and then lost a play—off. an eagle eyed television viewer spotted this infringement during her third round. viewer spotted this infringement during herthird round. she viewer spotted this infringement during her third round. she seemed to misplace a ball on the green. the issue was only raised during the final round with thompson leading by two shots with six holes to play. final round with thompson leading by two shots with six holes to playlj played well today, probably my best golf all week. i wasn't expecting that on whichever hole that was. i did not intentionally do that. to the officials or whoever called in, that was not my purpose. i didn't realise i did that. ifought hard come in and i didn't give up. i knew i could still win, but so many players played great so congratulations. that is all the squad for now. i will be marked with
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more in the next hour. news agency reports are sent ten people were killed following an explosion on a train carriage between two stations in st petersburg. with me is yuri maloveryan from the bbc russian service. early reports suggested two explosions, it was only one. yes. the two exclusion report was understandable because the explosion took place between two stations. people from both stations reported they heard the explosion. in the end it was only one explosion. terrorism must be up there as a possible reason for this. yes. russian politicians, of course it looks like an act of terror. russian politicians now commenting on it as if it has been established that this
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is an act of terrorism. it is not yet. the official agencies, the fsb, the prosecutor ‘s office, the police, they are being more cautious and they are making the standard statement that they consider all the possible theories. president putin said he spoke to heads of security services. all eyes will now be on him and how he reacts. we only have a reaction from his spokesperson and he only says as much as the president has been informed. many people speculate that this incident could be a message to putin because it is his home city and he was there, farfrom it is his home city and he was there, far from the spot, it is his home city and he was there, farfrom the spot, in it is his home city and he was there, far from the spot, in the outskirts, none the less he was there. the speculate whether it was a message or not, you first need to establish who sent the message, if it was a message. you pick a busy
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time only busy metro station and there are a lot of casualties. yes. the latest figures, ten people killed and up to 50 injured. as a result of all of that, the heightened security, the metro is closed down now. the traffic has been sealed off around the station. as people report from st petersburg, the city is literally brought to a standstill. there have been attacks on the metro in moscow, but not in st petersburg. i can't recall any major attacks there. i've worked in moscow on those terror attacks in 30 yea rs moscow on those terror attacks in 30 years ago, but they were with much more powerful explosive devices, by the way, compared to this. the reporting st petersburg is supposed to have been 1000 g of tnt. there
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we re to have been 1000 g of tnt. there were much more casualties in moscow. in st petersburg i maybe wrong, but i cannot recall any major like this. st petersburg is a city that many tourists, many foreigners might well go to. it is the historic centre of st petersburg. it is good if you can come and talk to us about it. thank you very much. breaking news now, we are hearing that members of the aslef trade union have rejected a deal aimed at ending the long—running dispute about driver only trains on southern real. that news coming in. there have been months of delays and cancellations as a result of that dispute and the latest attempt at resolving the dispute appears to have come to nothing with members of aslef now reportedly rejecting a
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deal aimed at ending the long—running dispute about driver only trains. richard westcott, are transport correspondent is here. commuters are probably thinking, no great surprise, here we go again. this is the second time that members of aslef have rejected a deal the union has recommended. this has been going on for weeks. they were in talks for books. the unions but they had what would please the drivers and the drivers are voting against it. it is very close, virtually 50-50. 17 or it. it is very close, virtually 50-50.17 or 18 it. it is very close, virtually 50—50. 17 or 18 drivers voted the other way and it would pass. critically, what we are told by the union is they are not going to call more strikes. they are saying we will go into more talks. we don't think this is the end of the matter. the company wants to keep talking as well. we are not going to get more driver strikes imminently, but it is another blow in this dispute which is going on for ever. there are a
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number of disputes. this is southern, but there are strikes planned which will hit the grand national over the same issue. 0ther unions involved as well. it is a messy picture. it is a fight for the future of the railways. automation is potentially come in so drivers don't need two people to operate them. they only need one in theory. it isa them. they only need one in theory. it is a long—term battle. the rmt, the other unions involved, their strike action has ever stopped. 0n the 8th of april they are going on strike on several lines. if you are going on the grand national, the more services on, but i think you have to leave before the last race if you want to go back on a northern train. they last one leaves liverpool at half past six. aslef, the drivers, that is different. they are not as militant of this, they are not as militant of this, they are not as militant of this, they are not going on strike in other regions yet and they are not calling for more strikes on southern yet. when drivers go on strike, that is
2:42 pm
when you could be devastating stoppages because you cannot run a drink—drivers. the rmt is more of the conductors. it's about staffing, it is about the second person, whether you have to have a second person at all and who does the safety stuff like closing doors which is a critical safetyjob and there was always a threat this would spread around the country because people buy nutrients, they are more modern, the driver tends to do the 7o modern, the driver tends to do the 70 staff and the unions don't like that. they said we want a second person on board. you say it was a tight result, talks go on, no more imminent strike action. as is the positive. no more imminent strike action from aslef, the drivers. they could and is more strike days if they wanted, they have demanded. they said they would do that, they wa nt they said they would do that, they want more talks. they think they are close to finding something their members likened the company likes. the rmt is a different story they
2:43 pm
are further away from agreement and thatis are further away from agreement and that is the rmt who are striking in different parts of the country. thank you for the clarification. a charity claims more than 20 million people in the uk are classed as physically inactive. the british heart foundation says the average person spends over 70 days a yearjust sitting. it warns that inactivity puts people at risk of heart disease, and presently costs the nhs more than £1 billion a year. here's graham satchell. harriet had no warnings, no symptoms. she was climbing the stairs at home when she had a heart attack at the age ofjust 44. it was like having the rug pulled from under your feet. i have a very young family. i have a very demanding job, which i loved. to suddenly be struck by such a traumatic incident was very difficult. i didn't make time for activity or exercise. i think looking back on it now, i was fairly sedentary. harriet is not alone. the most inactive part of the uk is the north—west of england, according to research.
2:44 pm
47% of adults don't take enough exercise. in northern ireland, 46% are inactive. in wales it is 42%. london and the west midlands, 40%. and in scotland, 37%. we estimate that on average most of us spent 78 days of our life each year in a sedentary position. physical activity is important. but you also need to reduce the amount of time each day that you spend sitting at your computer. harriet has now changed her lifestyle. regular exercise, walking, playing with her kids. but inactivity is fast becoming one of the leading causes of premature death. graham satchell, bbc news. you saw him in that report, with me now is doctor mike patton from the british heart foundation. i expect
2:45 pm
you were not surprised, it is a lot of people. we reckon a 20 million people are not exercising as much as they could to protect them from a range of diseases. that would be ha rd to range of diseases. that would be hard to disease and stroke, diabetes and some cancers as well. when we say sedentary, what does that mean? that is less than half a mile a day or none at all? physical activity is about that, cycling, running, walking, swimming. sedentary activity is what we are doing at the moment. two fifths of a man's life will be spent in a secondary position, 78 days. there is often not much they can do about that. there is a lot you can do to mitigate. i would suggest getting some walking in on the way to work and at lunchtime. don't eat your lunch at your desk. simple things like this, get up every couple of hours and wander around. there are a lot of things you can do to reduce
2:46 pm
secondary activity and modern technology is helping us well in terms of reminding people how many steps they have done or how much sedentary time they have spent. when somebody describes the lifestyle to you, you probably don't need them to be honest, you already know, do you? yes, you can assume to some extent that most people could take more physical exercise than they do. the chief medical officer says you should do 150 minutes per week and while that is a useful guideline, for most people, it is meaningless. what i would usually say is whatever level of physical activity you are doing, if you could increase at a little bit, but will not only improve your long—term prospects but you will feel fitter and better and brighter as a result. work more quickly, or a bit longer? yes, make the journey longer. 0ne quickly, or a bit longer? yes, make the journey longer. one thing we are doing at the heart foundation is running the think of my marathon. i
2:47 pm
would never run a marathon in one 90, would never run a marathon in one go, but over the course of the month, you can and we are hoping that people will get sponsored for that people will get sponsored for that and last year we raised about £1 million for our life—saving research. there is a win— win — win. we are improving people's health, it is fun and we are raising money. you have got a lot of reaction to this report. yes. given the magnitude of the challenger, it is good that people are interested. it is a relatively simple thing to do. if i could put it in a bottle, i would prescribe to most of my patients. we will keep working on that. he very much. 0ur headlinesjust after 0ur headlines just after a quarter to three. the latest reports suggest ten people have been killed and dozens injured following an explosion on the st petersburg metro system. five people have been
2:48 pm
charged after an attack on south london on an asylum seeker which left him with a fractured skull. donald trump says the us will solve the north korea nuclear threat with or without help from china. there could be more relief on the way people stuck in a debt spiral. credit card interest ‘could be waived' if cardholders pay more in fees and interest than their original borrowing amount. that's just one of the recommendations laid out in new proposals from the financial conduct authority, aimed at helping the millions of people across the uk struggling to find their way out of money trouble. the chips are down. shares in uk chip designer imagination technologies have plunged almost 70% after apple said it would end a deal to use its products in about 15 months to two years time . the move by apple, imagination's largest customer, means the loss of lucrative royalty payments. shrinking to grow. lloyds bank has announced plans to shrink hundreds of its branches in size,
2:49 pm
in some cases boarding up the old counter sections. the new micro branches will be staffed byjust two people, helping customers use self—service machines like pay in devices. lloyds says the move reflects our changing banking habits with many more of us moving online. let's return to one of our top stories. shares in imagination technologies are back on track for the biggest one—day loss on record. the dramatic fall comes after its biggest customer, apple, said they would stop using the graphic chips technology from the company in a couple of years. the country says apple. couple of years. the country says apple, which accounts for half its revenue, has been developing its own chip design. it says abbott might have violated their intellectual property rights to achieve this adequate evidence to the contrary has been requested but not provided. so, shares plunging by around 70% at
2:50 pm
one point. i'll have apple investors been reacting to this. apple is coming offa been reacting to this. apple is coming off a strong quarter which ended on friday. if you look at the last three months of the year, apple is up 24%. this comes right after the election of president donald trump. technology shares have taken a hit them, but we are seeing that has gone and people are interested again in technology shares. with regards to imagination and the impact on apple share prices, it has not had any impact. markets opened about 20 minutes ago and apple shares are trading higher. imagination technologies are hinting at possible legal action. 0ur apple prepared for that? yes. apple is a
2:51 pm
giant in the world of technology and it isa giant in the world of technology and it is a giant american company. so, imagination is certainly within its rights to try to go after apple in terms of making sure that they respect the patent it technology, but apple are prepared for any kind of battle. they are a giant in this space and right now, what apple themes is that they can develop the chips for themselves, rather than having that outsourced to another company and likely they feel they have the technology to do that and they could do it in a more cost effective manner and one that is better for the company can have it but by another company. this does seem like another example of apple trying to take control of the whole manufacturing process. absolutely. that is part of the theme these days for apple, to try to maintain more control. this is a company which is
2:52 pm
a lwa ys control. this is a company which is always wanted to keep a tight wrap ona always wanted to keep a tight wrap on a lot of information regarding their newer technologies, brad bringing it more in—house. they do get to retain more of that control, which is essentially what apple was like today. we talk about new products. what is the talk around the stock exchange, amongst investors, about what those new products could be? the new products from apple? there isn't much talk on the floor of the stock exchange about new products from apple. that is more of a people focused on the technology industry who would be chatting about it. that isn't the focus of the people here on the floor of the new york stock exchange. many thanks. a quick look at some other business stories we're following today ineos have struck a deal to buy the north sea pipeline for £200 million. it can spread to £250 for a day,
2:53 pm
around 40% of uk production. it is one of the oldest in the sector, having started operating in 1975. electric car firm tesla has just announced a record quarter delivering 25,000 cars in the first three months of the year. that's up 70% on the same period in 2016. tesla is about a launch a new slightly cheaper car, the model 3, costing £28,000, their current models are both priced at more than £56,000. and consumer giant reckitt benckeiser could be getting rid of some of its food brands. it's carrying out a strategic review which could result in brands like french's mustard being sold off, saying they're ‘non—core'. reckitt also makes cleaner cillit bang and the pain killer neurofen. let's ta ke let's take a look at the financial markets now. it has been a choppy day so far. the ftse 100 just dropped and negative territory
2:54 pm
there. burberry group is significantly. that is after it announced that it was licensing its beauty business to the us group coty. it will bring in around £180 million, plus royalty payments in the future. there has been a rally in oil stocks with bp on the up thanks to crude oil edging higher and news of the deal to sell the winfield, that has gone down well amongst investors. amongst the losers, financial stocks of the biggest drag on the index. as soon was saying, the dowjones hasjust opened. it is the trading the moment. that is because investors are looking ahead to donald trump's first meeting with the chinese president this week. let's get the latest on the breaking news. 0ne explosion on the metro in st petersburg has not resulted in the deaths of at least ten people with
2:55 pm
50 reported injured. it happened in between two stations. it is in the old part of st petersburg, in the centre of the city. these images show only the immediate aftermath and the rescue operation underway as the metro station and the entire metro itself was shut down. we have been hearing from the national anti—terrorist committee. they have been saying the evacuation has been completed at the metro. the injured we re completed at the metro. the injured were receiving treatment and specialists from the fsb are working alongside bomb technicians at the scene together with investigators. he doesn't think it will be long before the establish what has happened. all necessary measures are
2:56 pm
being taken to ensure the security of citizens. ten dead, 50 injured after one explosion on a train on the st petersburg metro. as our main story and we will have more on that when we come back at three o'clock. now we will catch up with the weather. it isa it is a bit mixed across the country right now. we have a fear that some can have thrown in as well and some rain on the way. let's look at some of your pictures. this one is from leeds in west yorkshire, earlier on today. here is another one from greenwich. this one is eitherfrom this morning were yesterday was this one is definitely from this morning. it was misty for some of us across one or two areas. the pollen today is very high. if you have been squeezing it is high across england and wales, not so much across the
2:57 pm
north of england, scotland and northern ireland. the winter since creasing and we have some rain on the way. this is the mist and the low cloud and some fog that we had this morning. that is out of the way so the weather for the afternoon, the second half of the afternoon, around rush hour, we have rain living in to scotland. this stage, it is splashing its way through the lowlands. most of it will have gone through belfast at this stage. just about nudging into anglesey, saint davids, around a temperature and just about into cornwall. ahead of it, the sky will get cloudy and across central and eastern areas we are talking about a fine second half of the afternoon. a lovely sunset therapy for these weather fronts push through. they will bring a lot more cloud toward the east and south so here it will turn overcast. some blobs of blue there. that is reinforced. temperatures tonight,
2:58 pm
fresher in the north, four to 6 degrees. more than 9 degrees further south. tomorrow, disappointing, it will be this portion of the uk, east anglia and the east midlands, south east down to the south coast could be grey and cloudy all day with a little bit of rain. they get to wales north west, and they were northwards, a different story with more sunshine. not so great for portsmouth, london or norwich. the rest of the week, a big clive rose m, rest of the week, a big clive rose in, sticks around and that means a lot of settled weather, lots of dry weather, it doesn't mean it will be all that sunny across the uk. there will be a fair bit of cloud around but the cloud with regard to allow for a bit of sunshine to come through. temperatures depend on how much cloud would get but it will be on the fresh side this week. this is bbc news. the headlines at three. ten people are reported to have been killed in explosions on the russian underground metro in st petersburg —
2:59 pm
50 people are said to be wounded. investigators say the explosion happened on a train travelling between two stations in the city centre. president putin said all possible causes were being considered, including terrorism. five people are charged after an attack in south london on an asylum seeker which left him with a fractured skull. donald trump says the us will solve the north korea nuclear threat, with or without china's help. madrid expresses surprise at britain over the gibraltar eu row and tells it to calm down. tackling soaring credit card debt. the financial watchdog says firms should do more to help customers persistently in the red. why more than 20 million adults in the uk are classified
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