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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  April 3, 2017 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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hello, i'm nuala mcgovern, this is outside source. we begin in st petersburg, russia where ten people have been killed and 47 injured in an explosion between two underground stations. the russian president was in the city at the time. law enforcement and special services are working and will do all they can to try and find the cause of what's happened. the prime minister has called it terrorist act. we'll bring you the latest. we'll also be live in washington where president sisi is visiting the white house. after a difficult few years, president trump says he'll "reboot" us ties with egypt. we are very much behind president el—sisi. he's done a fantasticjob in a very difficult situation. theresa may laughs off talk of war, but the uk remains at loggerheads with spain over the status of gibraltar after brexit. and don't forget you can get in touch using the #bbcos. ten people have been killed
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in an explosion on the underground system in st petersburg. the explosion happened between two stations sennaya plos—chad and tekhnologichesky institut stations. richard galpin has the latest. in the immediate aftermath, passengers tend to the dead and injured, who have been laid out on the station platform. while others mill around the scene, smoke from the blast, hanging above them. it is reported the explosion happened as the train was travelling between two stations. and this is the damage it caused at 2:40pm local time this afternoon. a carriage, mangled by the force of the explosion.
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those who had been inside and survived, very lucky to still be alive. translation: there was a deafening explosion. i was standing by handrail and i think that saved me. everyone fell, the carriage crumbled. translation: there was a deafening explosion. i was standing by handrail and i think that saved me. everyone fell, the carriage crumbled. it was very good that the train didn't stop. it flew along and i was thinking, dear lord, let us make it out of here. this is the first incident of its kind on the metro system of russia's second city, st petersburg. it happened as president vladimir putin was in the city, translation: there was a deafening explosion. translation: i want to express my sincere condolences to those close to the dead and injured. the law enforcement agencies and special services are working and doing everything to find out the causes of what has happened and completely evaluate
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what happened and the city authorities and the federal authorities are taking necessary measures to support the families of those of our citizens who were killed and injured. the emergency services ferried dozens of injured people to local hospitals, some in a serious condition. the entire metro system was closed down with investigators then finding an explosive device at another station. what happened here in this city today has already been described by the government as an act of terrorism. and one theory is, it could be linked to moscow's recent bombing campaign in syria. which it is said was targeting
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terrorists who have been working alongside the so—called islamic state and al-anda. but as people mourn those killed today, it is still unclear who is behind the attack. we wanted to find out about what the security services in st petersburg would be looking to now. frank gardner is at the bbc. in 2010, there was an horrific attack in moscow that was blamed on jihadists in the north caucasus. even though the russian authorities have been cautious about where they apportion blame, suspicion will fall on the north caucuses because there isa on the north caucuses because there is a track record there. is this domestic terrorism, the beef being from chechen border pakistani nationalist militants against
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russia, or is this something inspired or possibly directed by so—called islamic state in response to russian air strikes in syria?” was surprised how quickly they came out —— the prime minister came out calling it a terrorist attack. how difficult will it be for them to try and pinpoint what group may be behind it? it won't be too difficult because they have one device intact. their word two devices. even from the first romper went off, the explosive ordinance people will be able to scrape the residue of explosive residue that didn't com pletely explosive residue that didn't completely burned. they can do that from the carriage, from the book old remains of the carriage. then they have the device that didn't go off and theirforensic have the device that didn't go off and their forensic departments will be taking it apart to see what kind of explosives are in it, what are the digital fingerprints on this. they will be questioning a lot of
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suspects in the underworld as well, who have connections. so it shouldn't take them too long. such a scary thing, but there was a debate about whether security was tough enough within st petersburg and the metro station? it was probably tougher in moscow than st petersburg. if a terrorist attack hasn't happened, you tend to think it will happen to somebody else. it is difficult to combine the free flow of passengers, commuters and ordinary people with tight security. if you want 100% security, you will have people coming through at a trickle and that is unworkable and terrorists know that. people say that metal detectors are there, and people walk through and they bleep and people just walk through. egypt's president, abdul fattah al—sisi, is at the white house meeting with president trump. let me show you some of the pictures.
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this isn't the first time the two have met. mr sisi met donald trump during the election in september. they spoke briefly to the press just a few hours ago. we agreed on so many things, ijust wa nt to we agreed on so many things, ijust want to let anybody know in case there was any doubt, we are very much behind president sisi, he has done a fantasticjob in a difficult situation. barbara plett—usher is in washington for us. such warm words flowing between president sisi and donald trump. but did they get down to any of the difficult issues? i think they will have spent a lot of time on the issue on which they agree, which is a hard line in the fight against islamist violence. this is something president trump has talked about. he has said president sisi is doing a fantastic job has said president sisi is doing a fantasticjob in has said president sisi is doing a fantastic job in fighting
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has said president sisi is doing a fantasticjob in fighting islamist x:..n..m e n a. 1:9 jim. .r.i.. e.“ 5.3 has {if "72:7: 1.3, a . fee about, .:t:jzz : -= -m ”$515 2 has q‘esis thousands e" ’ 2 has kids thousands of " ’ regime has imprisoned thousands of lives are ,,,,:, according lives are good prisoners, according to human rights groups. and barack obama tim at arms length because of various human rights concerns. but it is clear mrg not do f——
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