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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 4, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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current desalination plants, such as this one in london, are expensive. it costs £270 million to build and they use a lot of energy, though the technology is improving. the graphene based filter could be a much cheaper and greener solution, but the big question is whether it works just as well in real situations as it does in the lab. pallab ghosh, bbc news, at the national graphene institute in manchester. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's kirsty. ken livingstone will be here in the studio following his suspension for two years from the labour party after he said that hitler supported zionism. is he sorry? join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with kirstie coming up. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello. you're watching bbc news, i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre. zlatan saves the day on his return to the side, but it's another old trafford draw for manchester united. sunderland say they still support their manager after he threatened to slap a reporter, but another defeat won't have strengthened his position.
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and heather watson isn't exactly making a smashing defence of her title in monterray. good evening. there were four matches in the premier league this evening and if you had to bet on one of them ending in a draw it would probably be manchester united against everton. it was 1—1 this evening, united's ninth draw at home this season and they had to wait for the last few seconds of the match to earn their point as well. tim hague reports. april is a month to make or break his season. nine games in total, and this they really needed to win. just
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as well under the old trafford lights, jose mourinho could call zlata n lights, jose mourinho could call zlatan ibrahimovic after suspension and he had a chance spoiled by a block. but everton had motivation, they lost the merseyside derby on saturday and looked ready for redemption. from that resulting corner, they went ahead. captain, philjagielka scoring. corner, they went ahead. captain, phil jagielka scoring. manchester united pressed on. joel robles belied them, as did the crossbar in the first. paul pogba on as a sub, rattled the bar in every sense of the word. but persistence paid off. zlata n the word. but persistence paid off. zlatan ibrahimovic levelling things up. or not, according to the linesman. but there was drama until the end, stoppage time, a packed penalty area and a handball. and a red card for ashley williams and
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then appoint for united. if april is a make or break a month, it was more breaking point than making point the night. we scored two goals. we scored two legal goals. you see a smile on my face because we are not upset with the linesman. the difficult situation for him. in the future, we would win this match 2—1, but not today. it was a difficult game. we controlled it well at 1—0. we had chancesin controlled it well at 1—0. we had chances in the counter attacks in the second half. not always the last ball was a good one. but i was confident because the team was defending perfectly. ok, iwas disappointed we don't get the win
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because of the penalty. it is the right decision, but it is really ha rd right decision, but it is really hard to take. sunderland were always going to be bottom no matter how they got on tonight against leicester. but they lost again. it was 2—0 at the king power stadium. islam slimani and jamie vardy with the golas to make it six wins out of six for craig shakespeare in all competitions since he took over as manager. we'll have more on david moyes position in a just a moment. burnley have eased their relegation fears as well. george boyd scored the only goal of the match as they beat stoke at turf moor to end their seven—game winless run. watford survived for half an hour with ten men as they beat west brom to earn back—to—back league victories. m'baye niang and troy deeney had put them two up before miguel britos was sent off for a second booking. west brom couldn't take advantage though and it finished 2—0. there are six more matches tomorrow, we should see a bit more movement then. no change in the top eight places but watford and leicester are both up into the top half of the table
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after their wins tonight. the top four are all in action tomorrow night. chelsea against manchester city is the big one. sunderland are in all sorts of toruble. if swansea beat spurs they'll be 11 poinst adrift of safety. burnley have jumped three places to 12th and will be feeling very confident of staying out of trouble. the title race is done and dusted in scotland with celtic already crowned premiership champions. and aberdeen are strong favourites to finish second — they're now 13 points clear of rangers after beating inverness i—o. ross county have jumped above dundee to eighth after beating them 2—1. just returning to the premier league, before toniught‘s defeat sunderland released a statement to say they fully support their manager despite last month's exchange in which he threatened to slap a bbc reporter
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after disagreeing with her line of questioning in a tv interview. they say they dealt with the matter appropriately at the time. the fa are still investigating. here's our sports news correspondent richard conway. they say that it was unacceptable, the exchange between david moyes and the exchange between david moyes and the bbc reporter, vicki sparkes. they say his actions are not condoned or excused, but they go on to say that swift action, as they called it, meant it was dealt with by the utmost seriousness at the outset and they have ensured it was resolved to the satisfaction of both vicki sparkes and the bbc. they say it was their priority. they conclude the statement by saying the appropriate action they believe has been taken and therefore they continue to back david moyes as their manager. this is in the end of
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their manager. this is in the end of the matter, as much a sunderland and david moyes wish it was the case. the football association will write to david moyes asking for his observations, his side of the story, effectively. they must decide if a rule breaches have taken place and what, if any action they will take. the chief executive of women's aid polly neate, has urged the fa to send out a strong message, that there is no place for sexism and misogyny in modern football. she says... "the ingrained sexism at the heart of mr moyes‘ remark epresents something much darker." tottenham will be without harry winks for the rest of the season. he damaged ankle ligaments during their win against burnley on saturday. this has been wink‘s breakthrough season, the 21—year—old midfielder has made 33 appearances in all competitions. the republic of ireland women's
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football team have threatened to go on strike saying that they have been treated like fifth class citizens and the dirt on the shoe of the football association of ireland. a group of 12 players went public today with their grievances and will refuse to train tomorrow ahead of monday's game against slovakia, unless the fai begins mediation with the players‘ representatives. the association says it's deeply disappointed because they claim to have made repeated offers to discuss payment and compensation with members of the squad. in the past, we have been getting changed in the public toilets at airports on the way to matches. been given a market there, having to open oui’ given a market there, having to open our personal bags, put our kids in. then we have met girls on our final destination to london. a few had to go off and get changed in the toilet. and on the route back as
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well. it highlights probably the lack of disrespect and it is not a lot we are looking for, it basics. we need to recognise that the women's international team is not being treated as a second—class citizen, but a fifth class citizen. they are the dirt on the fai shoe. that is how they see them. heather watson is the defending champion at the monterray open but she's finding it tough going in her opening match after easing to the first set against nina stojanovic, watson then squandered two match points in the second set tie break and her racquet bore the brunt of her anger. she has gone a break up in the second set with her serbian opponent struggling with injury. danny willett will start the defence of his masters title alongside the american matt kuchar and the australian amateur curtis luck. it's been a tough 12 months for the yorkshireman who's struggled for form after becoming the first
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englishman in 20 years to wear the greenjacket. getting back on now to a place where we can get into positions where we are there on a sunday. there have been ups and downs, but to be masters champion for the last 12 months has been amazing. take the green jacket to places and wear it with pride and for people to see it and the expression on their faces when they see one in the flesh, is something special to see. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are kate proctor, political correspondent at the london evening standard and the broadcaster, john stapleton. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. the times leads with the apparent chemical attack that killed at least 58 people in north—west syria. the i leads goes with the same story, noting that a hospital treating the victims was bombed. the metro also goes with the attack in syria, saying children were gassed as they slept. the financial times reports women are under—represented at the top of the finance industry. the express claims that an increase in the number of people eating ta ke—aways could lead to a rise in diabetes. the telegraph leads with news that the government will help people who brought diesel cars and are now facing higher tax bills.
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the guardian reports on dangerously high levels of air the daily mail has the same story and shows a spanish ship leading a smaller boat away from gibraltar. the guardian reports on dangerously high levels of air pollution near schools. john, perhaps he would start is with the awful story from syria. the picture from the metro says it all with a small baby with a mask on its face. we have got used to these horrific images from syria. but these pictures are amongst the worst we have ever seen. these are people, including at least 11 children who we re including at least 11 children who were murdered in their sleep. one
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expert i was hearing early in the day, a british doctor who has worked out there said 58 deaths so far, but in opinion he could be over a thousand given the ferocity of these chemical agents, in circumstances like this. syria denies any involvement. russia says it wasn't them, but we know this has happened before. syria was told some time ago to clear its factory, as it were, of these agents, apparently it appears it didn't do so. all the papers are covering it, kate, but the telegraph saying deadly chemical strike in syria puts pressure on us position and that is the complication about the story, people conned them quickly, but where do we go from here? it will be a test of obama -- donald trump because obama didn't
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act previously. we don't know what the red lines are. he has used strong language condemning the attack and no one should access this ina world. attack and no one should access this in a world. in terms of what he's going to do next, it is unknown. and his relationship with putin, that will be a test of that. he has made such a big play about how he admires putin in some sense and putin can put that pressure on assad. it will be interesting to see how he reacts, whether it is through military means ora whether it is through military means or a test of his diplomacy skills. whether it is through military means or a test of his diplomacy skillslj don't know what we do about this. we have the opportunity a few years ago to do it militarily and we decided not to do so. most people would have agreed with that because they didn't wa nt to agreed with that because they didn't want to repeat a rack. but as that cannot possibly continue to
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governess country, given what has happened, but how do you get rid of him?i happened, but how do you get rid of him? i don't have the faintest idea. john, let's go on to ken livingstone. you have a long history with him, you are telling us? yes, i have the dubious distinction of being the first person to


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